An ideal portfolio for Someone in this market

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What should be the ideal portfolio for someone in this market for long term ?

As far as i think , A good portfolio now will contain stocks which are beaten down because of panic selling , but still they are fundamentally sound .

My Recommended portfolio would be:

For Safe Investor (assuming time horizon of 3+ years)

Tata Motors
– Reliance Communications

For Risky Investor (assuming time horizon of 5+ years)

Jaiprakash Associates
Chambal Fertilizers
Praj Industries

People who want to trust someone more experienced and more knowledgeable should read Sudarshan Sukhani recommendation at

Sudarshan Sukhani is a well know and respected Technical Analyst of India and often talks on CNBC .

To get a better view on markets read my earlier article :


9 replies on this article “An ideal portfolio for Someone in this market”

  1. susanta panigrahi says:

    Sub:- Portfolio Management

    Dear sir,
    My name is Susanta Panigrahi living at Sambalpur Orissa.I am 32 years old.I am investing Rs.8000 every month through SIP starting from july 2010 in the following 8 mutual fund schemes(Rs.1000 in each fund).

    1. HDFC Top 200 Fund
    2. Reliance Regular Savings Fund.
    3. SBI Contra Fund
    4. HDFC Equity Fund
    5. Reliance Eqity op. Fund
    6. SBI Emerging Business Fund
    7. HDFC Prudence Fund
    8. SBI Comma Fund

    Kindly give your valuable suggestion on my portfolio,Whether to exclude any fund and concerntrate on other funds.Please comment.

    Best Regards,

    Susanta Panigrahi

    1. Susanta

      There is nothing much to comment here . Most of your funds are equity funds and 8 is too much considering most of them are alike . You can just buy 2-3 funds , thats all ..

      Check you asset allocation and see if you are fine with that ratio .


  2. Harikrishnan says:

    Hi Manish,

    I saw in few comments that you are doing financial planning job. Could you send me detail about the fees and services offered ? I am from chennai looking for financial planner.


  3. Prakash says:

    Hi Manish,

    I am looking for a good financial planning, i mean a complete financial planning. (term coverage, insurance, investments, mf, stocks). Can you suggest me where can i get the financial planning done?



  4. Manish Chauhan says:


    Its a mix of both fundamental and technical analysis .

    According to Fundamental analysis : the stocks looks long term players , sound company , one of the best players in there domain and blue chip .

    According to Technical Analysis : Most of them are beaten down a lot from there peak and available at attractive valuations .

    Once the bounce back happens these companies will be the first one to increase .


  5. Vic says:

    Hi Manish,

    I’m new to your blog, great posts. I need to read some more here.

    1) What’s your criteria for picking these stocks? In what way is it different from Rohit’s (Company analysis on his Blog)?



  6. Manish Chauhan says:


    Your portfolio looks good .

    – manish

  7. Anonymous says:

    I would suggest a mix of large and mid/small-cap.

    Large Caps:
    RIL / L&T / BHEL / RCOM or Bharti/ ONGC /

    Small / Mid-Caps
    Suzlon / IDFC / R.Capital / Praj / Opto Circuits / Bartronics

    Nitin PIllai

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