Secure Your Family , Risk Management Part 2

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Why do we invest ?

Answer : For ourself, for our Family, for there better future , for our kids , for there better life , for financial independence, at last the answer comes down to Our Family.

But, before investing, do we make sure that , do we secure our family at first place against any risk and problems which may arise. You can invest in great things, whatever it is like Mutual funds, ULIPS, direct shares, gold, blah blah blah …

Why Do We Invest

But what if some bad things happens to you and your family is left behind with no money at present, what is your wife, kids or your parents meet some accident and go to hospital. Is that more important or creating your wealth for future.

What is more important is to first concentrate on “Now” and if everything is taken care of, only then think about the future. How do you secure your family.

There are two things :

1. Life Insurance for yourself (assuming you are the bread winner)
2. Health Insurance for your entire family, especially if your have old parents, or going to become old in some years 🙂 .

1. Life Insurance : Read for understanding it better .

2. Health Insurance : Read

Let me talk about a case study .

– Robert is in his 30’s earning 5,00,000/Annam. He is married and has 2 kids .

Robert needs life insurance of around 50 lacs to secure him Family . also he should take a health cover of 4-5 lacs each .

He can take a term cover of 50 lacs for 6367 . He can also take Health Insurance of Rs 4 lacs each for him , his wife and his 2 kids (family floater plan) @Rs 5000 (Check for these quotes) .

Means , he can take both of these things at 21,000 / year . It comes out to be 4.2% of his yearly Income.

Now think , can you spend 5% of your yearly salary for safety and coverage of your Family ? I thing YES !!

Once you do this , you are free of any tension , and now you can use your 95% money to generate long term wealth for your family and there security . You can effectively use your 95% , only if you use your 5% for your risk management .

There can be many cases when you dont cover your family and things can go wrong, like

1. You invest heavily in Mutual funds or ULIP’s or what ever and in 2 years you die in an accident, what will happen then …

2. You invest your money in ELSS (tax saving mutual funds) for last 2 yrs and have life insurance also , but suddenly you wife meets an accident and you require 5 lacs for an operation , but you never took Health Insurance .

Investing your money is important, Covering your risks are Vital !!

Live in the moment, “now” is the truth … Keep you family happy with covering then and yourself now .

Some tips :

– Take a life cover ASAP if you have not taken it yet.

– Buy a family floater plan if your family has spouse and kids, for Parents you need to take a separate individual policy, as parents are not covered in Family floater plans.

– You can also claim tax benefit for this under section 80D.

– Don’t feel that life insurance from other companies (other than LIC) are very risky and anything like that . Insurance sector is now getting mature enough and govt is taking all measures to confirm that the companies which enter Insurance Industry are from great Business families and conform with the guidelines . But its true that LIC will always be the safest (100%) .. but 99.999% is also safe …


Its more important to cover your Life risk and family Health risks first before any investments for future , when you put your money in Insurance and Health Insurance you are already taking steps for strong invesments for future which is safety of your family , which is of supreme importance . Dont ignore it … Take appropriate cover .

19 replies on this article “Secure Your Family , Risk Management Part 2”

  1. Mallikarjun says:

    most of my friends around here suggest that in term policy if we pay 15000 for 20 years and all goes well , we may not get any returns while we have paid in 3 lacs during the period ,while in SIP we may get returns from insurance

    1. Yes that is true .. You will not get returns in term plan , but thats a better thing

  2. Messi says:

    Its great and realize me how important is life and health insurance ..

  3. Sachin Raheja says:

    Hi Manish,

    Can you please send me an invite for the blogspot at so that I can have more information on this subject.

    Many thanks.


    1. Sachin , Its the same blog as , you can subscribe by email to it , incase you want

      1. Jitendra Sachdeva says:

        Hi Manish ,

        On accessing this blog this message is coming

        This blog is open to invited readers only
        It doesn’t look like you have been invited to read this blog. If you think this is a mistake, you might want to contact the blog author and request an invitation.

        May be the blogger has changed the permission.

        1. JItendra

          It was an old blog . not accessible now ,, what do you want to read ? Its now


          1. Jitendra Sachdeva says:

            Okay no problem .. I was referring to the links in the post. Btw.. Thanks for your posts on health insurance related posts.. They were eye opener for me 🙂

  4. anand says:

    Hi Manish,
    My age is 28 years and i am Single.My annuval income is 4.5 lacs. A part form company provided insurance i don’t have any personal insurance. I am looking for Pure term insurance, but i don’t know how much coverage i required and which is the best policy and how much it cost me. Can you please suggest me good policies so that i can enroll.I am not intrested to invest in ULIP plans and i have done investments in ELSS funds and EPF and PPF.


    1. Anand

      You can take a pure term plan onjly , dont invest in ULIP

      Explore Kotak , Aviva


  5. avdhesh says:

    How is Maxbupa fimily first policy??

    what i found good with them is:
    1. no tpa
    2. guaranteed lifetime renewal.
    3. no age limits.

    rest is more or less same.
    i stay in metros only so even if their network-hospital
    is smaller, if at all, i’m fine with it.

    1. Abhijit says:

      Recently bought ‘Max Bupa’ health insurance for my parents-Father 62 & mother 52.
      Overall Max Bupa is good when compared to the other competitors in health insurance segment.

  6. Saurav Sinha says:

    Hi Manish, my wife n me are already insured through DHS for amount 5 lacs… It covers my Parents as well… Yearly premium is Rs. 5100… Do I need to further take any Health Insurance policy?

    1. Saurav

      5 lacs look a good amount , however you are always at risk if the costs runs for a higher amount .


  7. sandeep says:

    very nice article with a good emotion tossed in…..

    1. thanks sandeep 🙂

      Keep commenting 🙂


      1. S Kotrappa says:

        Manish, still you have not answered my question about ICICI Health Saver Plan Rs 27000/ per year premium and now i am aged 49 yrs and Is that good policy pay premium for 5 yrs .

        1. I dont think you should invest in this plan , its more or unit linked i guess . Better go with pure health insurance


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