Investing and Wealth Growth Presentation

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  1. swathi says:

    thanks manish, those were simply superb.

  2. swathi says:

    Hi Manish,
    I don’t have access to sharing sites from my office. Can u please e-mail me the ppt? my id is

  3. Manish Chauhan says:

    Thanks Krishna

    Yes , It includes a time span which was end of a bull market (2000-2001) , then a bear market (2001-2003) , then a bull market again (2003.5 – 2008) and then start of a bear market (2007 onwards) .. There can obviously be people who can time markets better, but the main idea to show that how common investor can use markets to generate wealth over long term without knowing and understanding whats going on in markets .

    Btw , Does anyone know where can we get Mutual funds NAV in a clean form for any date we want . I got all those NAV from after 76 clicks and my fingers were crying with Pain .


  4. Krishna says:

    Thanks Manish.. The presentation becomes more relevant as the time span taken for case study is from year 2000….the period 2001-2003 was a lean patch and after that our mkt had a tremendous bull run till January 2008.
    You have really done a very good job to open eyes of investors like me by considering both lean & strong phases of stk mkt for case study which further highlights the "POWER OF SIP".

  5. Manish Chauhan says:


    ULIPS are great product if you know how use them . If you can have discipline of practising Asset Allocation , and can take advantage of Switching and all . ULIPS can perform better than mutual funds in long run . Because by readjusting your portfolio in euqity to debt , you dont have tax implications which you may have if you buy and sell mutual funds in short term on your own .


  6. Anu L says:

    Yet another rocking article from Manish. So does that means, for very longterm goals (retirement, child marriage etc, 20yrs+) Ulips are better or equal to mutual funds?

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