How Builders are Not keeping their Promises in Real Estate

Deepak Shenoy came up with a very nice article on How Builders are not keeping there promises while delivering the Residential Properties. He shares his views on Why it does not make sense to buy Real estate currently at idiotic prices level currently . He also links to another article of this where he compares […]


ULIP charges restricted to 3% by IRDA

Does God Exist? I don’t know, but IRDA surely does!!! And hence finally it has acted as GOD to the investors 🙂 . On 22nd July, IRDA capped the ULIP charges at 3%. Let us see in this article how this will affect Investors and the implications on Investments and Insurance Sector as a whole. […]


6 Steps of doing Retirement Planning by yourself

In this post I will teach on how to plan for retirement. We will use simple tools like Mutual Funds and PPF for building Retirement Corpus. We will also see what factors you should take into account when you plan for retirement. There can be other ways of doing this and it can be very […]


Understanding the art of Asset Allocation and Portfolio Rebalancing

What is better? Equity or Equity + Debt In this article I will show you how always maintaining your Asset Allocation with Discipline helps you in long term. We will see examples of Asset Allocation with Portfolio Rebalancing with Charts and a small Presentation. At the end we will conclude that Having A small part […]


How much Risk you should Take ?

Are you a High Risk taker? In this post we will talk about risk-taking in your Investments, be it share investing or mutual funds investing or just any kind of investing. Taking low risk can be equally disastrous as taking high risk. So in this article we will discuss how much risk you must take […]


A Perfect Example of ULIP misselling

Recently I saw a perfect example of ULIP misselling. One of my friend’s parents gave their money to a close friend who was working for some Investment firm and assured them of doing great investments on their behalf. The total money involved was more than 10 Lacs. I don’t know what else he did, but he […]


A beginners guide to start investing in stock markets – Stock market strategy

This is the 4th and last part of the series on Stock Markets articles Newcomers. In other parts we discussed some important things which newcomers should know when they enter Markets. In this article we will see how a new comer in stock market should start. Go through other 3 parts before this to get […]


Why it is mandatory file Income Tax Return even if your taxable income is below tax limit?

Filing Income Tax Return  is an important thing and as the date for filing ITR is approaching you should have a clear idea about how to file ITR. But is it mandatory to file Income Tax Return? A lot of people are confused about this simple question of when to file your tax return, In […]


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