What to do with your Junk Insurance Policies?

Do you hold any Endowment or Money back plans sold to you by any of your relative, Neighbor or were it bought by your Father for you for your “Secure future”. Most of the people hold Junk Insurance Policies which are of no much use to them . Policies like Endowment or Money Back Policies […]


Review of UTI Mahila Unit Scheme Mutual Fund , Excellent Mutual Fund

Have you seen a Diamond or anything equivalent to that ? No ? I will show you one today . I am going to review a fund which has performed so well that It despite being a Debt oriented Mutual funds has given returns which we expect from Equity over long term . Yes !! […]


What do Friendship and Marriage teach us about Investing?

Friendship and Marriage, are two important things in our life .. The principles of good Friendship and good Marriage also apply in Investing also. Whether its Mutual funds OR Direct Equity. key is having Small group of good friends (Mutual funds) and giving enough time and trust to your Partner to have a long lasting […]


3 stories that might change your perception about your own financial situation

Today I am telling you 3 short real-life stories. This is a random post, which I thought would be a good read for all the readers not because it gives you some knowledge or it teaches you some financial stuff. But It might change your perception of your own situation and how lucky you are […]


Mis selling by an LIC agent

Many people have been sold LIC policies without making them understand what is that policy and how is that structured for you. I have recently been informed by one reader how an LIC agent sold her a policy claiming it to be “a great opportunity” and gave her wrong information about the policy and the […]


Questions and Answers , Part 5

Here are a set of 5 questions and answers asked to me on “Ask a question section”. These questions are on the topics on ULIPs, General Investing and Achieving Financial Goals, Stocks. You can also look at other Questions and sections part here at Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4 Question 1# […]


4 Charts which will change your perception about Equity

“Invest in Equity for Long term” You might have heard this sentence from me and others numerous number of times, but have you ever thought, why I say so? Or what is the logic behind that? What is the authenticity of what I say? Why should you believe me? Hence, I came up with the […]


What is Dividend Investing and How to find Dividend Stocks?

How do we get a consistent income and good growth both at the same time from our investments? In this article, I have talked about, what is dividend Investing and what are the important things we have to consider for investing with the purpose to build consistent income from such investments. We will see the […]


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