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Ever thought of a Social Investing community website in India . I am glad to review today which has grown to a popular stock investing community in last couple of months in India . is one of the best online places you can get education, stock tips , great links for other financial resources (mainly stock market related) . Let me point out main features of this website which you can use to increase your knowledge and also contribute . There are different sections in Stockezy , Below is a short description of each of them .

Stock Picks : You can stock picks from members on different stocks in indian stock market . With every stock pick there are important things like  target price , target date , Stop Loss . There are picks for Buy and Sell both .  Link

Opinions : This is a section where you are read opinions of different members on variety of topics from market outlook , stock movement , Short term view , Long term views about something . In short this is a place where you can get to know what a person feels about a topic . There are different categories for opinions so that its easy to find out some opinion . Link

Questions & Answers : You can consider this as a forum for questions and answers , If you have any question on some stock , market direction or any other similar thing , you can just post a question and anyone who wishes can reply to your question . You can see it as a thread which discusses some idea . Link

Portfolio Tracker : This is one of my favorites , this is a place where you can test your investing skills and buy and sell in real time, Its a great platform to test your abilities before you enter the market . You can get your statement which shows your Profit/loss and all the transactions summary in short . So if you are a new investor who is going to enter the market , its an ideal place to test out your strategies and skills . Link

Share Links : This is a very nice addition recently on . You can view this as a twitter of Financial Markets . Different Financial blogger post links to variety of topics here with different categories . Even I post my personal Finance posts there .  Link


Other Features

  • You can subscribe to RSS feeds of any particular sub features like  Stock Picks | Opinions | Answers .
  • You can watch out different top traders for different Time frames like Top day trader , Top medium term Investors etc
  • Gives you a list of Most active investors and top pickers , which gives you a good idea of whom to listen and whom not .

Stockezy is a fast growing Investors community with close to 1 million page views a month , You can get lots of great bloggers like Nooresh Merani , Arun the Stock Guru and other famous bloggers.  If you wanted a platform to show your investing skills , Stockezy is the place you belong to . Register to Stockezy using This Link

Further Improvements

There are couple of things which can make its much better . they are

  1. An online  technical Analysis Software system which users can use if they wish . There are many investors who like to technically analyse a stock and hence its a much have .
  2. More data on Derivatives segment . there is lack of quality data on F&O segment , so it can add the segment for that .

How should you use Stockezy ?

There are different ways you can use , if you are new to stock market and want to learn how to to trading , learn the basics, you should join it and start doing the mock trading and see your porformance over a period of time , there are so many great people with knowledge out there who can give you some wisdom , listen to them . Before that you would like to read my ebook on How a newcomer should start in Stock Market .

Comments, Have a look at it and tell me if you like it , Feel free to give your negative and positive feedback .

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26 replies on this article “Review of , A Social Investing Community”

  1. sunil says:

    f%o free trial

  2. Raj says:

    awesome, never knew that we have such a beautiful place to get educated on stock market… thanks for letting me know about Stockezy.. hope this one is going to be helpful for me..

  3. Arun Singh says:

    Hi Tushar
    I am also saying what you are saying. Stockezy is not a social networking but some people are having their paid services, which they are marketing through stockezy that’s it.. and now from the disclaimer of JagoInvestor it looks like they are part of stockezy blogger network.. I Still can’t come out of Mudraa family and try something else… Completed more then 3 years at Mudraa.. So pardon me..

    1. Arun

      I was part of their blogger network , but didnt contribute much and now i am inactive..


  4. Tushar Makhija says:

    Hello Arun,

    This is Tushar Makhija from
    Thanks for your thoughts and comments. Let me try to give you our perspective behind paid v.s free and social investing.

    99% of is a free site. It provides range of features; Just to name a few ..
    Stock Picking,
    Q&A Forum,
    Blogging Tool,
    Social Networking like facebook.

    The Stock Picking feature is an open canvas for all stock pickers to share their recommendations, stockezy rates each recommendation to generate 2 distinct lists –

    Top Performers (based on success of their recommendations):

    Top Rated Stocks:
    This is an aggregation of community sentiment and rating for all stocks, where stockezy then generates a collective lists of Most Active, Top Bullish and Top Bearish Stocks as rated by the community.

    Now let me talk about the Stockezy Gurus – Paid Subscription Service.
    Agreed this is the 1% of which is paid, but feature is complete in the spirit of social investing. Let me tell you how.

    The Gurus at stockezy are committed to help new investors and get them started on the path of informed and intelligent investing. With each recommendations comes a summary as to why this stock is a buy or a sell. ( Yes Gurus do give a rationale behind why a stock is a buy or a sell)

    Next Stockezy tracks performance of each and every call. There is a performance sheet for all Gurus. Yes they are kept accountable.

    The biggest differentiating factor is the care and hand holding which the gurus provide to each investor. They are available to answer all questions regarding stock picks. Not just new recommendations, but if you have a stock in your portfolio and you need advice to hold, sell or buy more, gurus are there to provide guidance.

    With each stock recommendation or F&O Trade recommendation the guru updates the subscribers, when to buy, and also when to sell. Suppose in a 3 month pick, the market event changes the Gurus will come and immediately send a SMS to all subscribers to liquidate the positions.

    This is social investing. Where your Guru is not just a TV or Mobile Phone or Newspaper, he/she is a real person you can connect with and seek guidance from at will.

    I invite you to avail of a free 2 week trial of the guru of your choice. Select guru at

    If you have any further questions for me. Feel free to connect at

    Best Regards,
    Tushar Makhija
    CEO & Co-founder

  5. Arun Singh says:

    Hi Manish
    I think you not fair to . I am visiting that site from almost 1.5 years. And there are very good analysts there. On your recommendation i visited stockezy also but could not get that feel. I think mudraa is having more content. They claim they have users running into thousands. There is future and option section, Techincal call section, Fundamental calls, intraday section, commodity section as well as learning section. There is one unique thing which is not present in stockezy that is their stock scanner section. Well both sites have portfolio tracker. The basic theme of mudraa is social nertworking. You can make friends their. There is one more unique feature you can follow any particular person like tweeter. That means if you want to view five six people ‘s action you can just see at one place. So i think it will not be fair on your part not to review
    Well it seems Stockezy have some paid calls section also. Where some gurus are asking money to give calls. The fundamentals of social networking is it shoulf be free for all. This is the only part where StockEzy is lacking and is winning. As is totally free site.


    1. Arun

      I havent checked , I am sure will have different type of things which Mudraa does not .


  6. Hemant Morajkar says:

    Hi Manish,

    Thank you for a very informative review of a social media point of view there is a huge opportunity for niche social networks where the community conversations are more focused and enriching by virtue of collective knowledge sharing in an selective domain. certainly seems to have the potential which may make it one of the most sought after platforms by the finance community in time to come.

    Best wishes to Tushar in taking this interesting initiative ahead
    Wishing all Jago Investor readers a Very Happy New Year!
    Happy Investing! 🙂

    Hemant M

    1. manish says:

      Thanks for your comment Hemant

      What other sites do you visit apart from Stockezy . please share other materials here 🙂


      1. Hemant Morajkar says:

        Hi Manish,

        Was currently evaluating different niche social networks which have been relatively successful in garnering a core user base. iDiva (women centric) (parenting) tech tribe (technology & it), (students & educators), Indyarocks (entertainment) and so on. I couldn’t find a pure social network in finance and investing, until i came across!

        Would like to know your views on scope for social investing in India… Was a little skeptical about its practical application in actual investments made by investors in India…

        Hemant M
        .-= Hemant Morajkar´s last blog ..Facebook Adds Anniversaries To Relationship Statuses =-.

        1. Hemant Morajkar

          I would say the socail networking will be a big hit in coming days as the financial markets these days is confusing for investors and forums like stockezy would be good.


  7. I joined stockezy in June 09 and have been using it since then. Also, just to let the readers know, Tushar is a great person… You mail him with any concern and he replies to it ASAP.

    I liked this as the best part as there are very less entrepreneurs doing that… and the level that stockezy is achieving is the outcome of the relation that Tushar is maintaining with the people. 🙂

    Good going tushar… You are an inspiration for EquiTipz also… :):)
    .-= Amandeep Singh´s last blog ..The best gift for your children on the New Year 2010!!! =-.

    1. manish says:

      great !! .. Nice to see that you are associated with stockezy from long time.

      Thanks ..

  8. Dr Mohammed Ali Khan says:

    I already registered in it..
    Thanks for the link Manish
    Wish you a ” Fröhliche Weihnachten ” and Happy New Year

    1. manish says:

      Happy New year 😉


  9. vivek says:

    hi manish
    can u explain wat is stop loss?

  10. Tushar Makhija says:

    Thanks Manish for reviewing I highly appreciate you reaching out to your readers and sharing information about stockezy.

    To the readers of, on behalf of the stockezy team, I would like to wish a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We look forward to all of you being part of the growing stockezy community.

    Thanks & Best Regards,
    Tushar Makhija
    CEO & Co-founder
    .-= Tushar Makhija´s last blog ..modaram: Buy Reliance Capital Ltd above 853.00 with 1200.00 target for 6 Months =-.

    1. manish says:

      Thanks for providing a nice platform to Indian users


  11. Anjani Singh says:

    Hi Manish,

    Every blog of yours, i read many times as they are informative and lucidly written.

    Very informative site and you have provided crisp detailing about the
    I have registered and take the benefits from the seniors there.

    I have another request, could you evaluate/review This is another site which is quite useful and growing at a larger rate.

    Anjani Singh

    1. manish says:

      Thanks Anjani ..

      Can you describe in simple words in this thread only how this website is useful for readers of this blog ? I would then decide if I can spend time to review it .


    2. Rajesh Malik says:

      Anjani, how did you determine that Mudraa is growing at a larger rate? you comparing to Any one who has spent time on stockezy and mudraa would know the difference between the 2 sites. Let me take time to explain:

      Type of Features? Stockezy has Discussions, Q&A, Stock Picks, Tweets, Portfolio, Blogger Network, Social Networking like facebook. Mudraa is only a discussion forum, similar to traderji. The new wave is to build social connections and effective collaboration. I hope you can determine the difference. Looking at the User Interface & Site design only one can make a decision.

      Would like to know your thoughts.

      Manish, great work on the blog, I am new, got connected via the stockezy blogger network.

      1. manish says:


        apart from better Alexa Rank , Mudraa does not have much to show in comparision to Stockezy . However please explain what it has to offer to users and then we can think of reviewing it 🙂


        1. Rajesh Malik says:

          Nice point Manish. Mudraa is in 5k, and stockezy is in 6K range.
          But stockezy also had B-School competition, where some 18 B-Schools competed. Now that’s an easy first for any website in India, dealing with the social place. Alexa has always been a mystery to me. It does not make too much sense. I usually look at, but many india sites do not go there.

          Disclaimer: I am not associated with I am a user for the site and admire the web 2.0 and social platform that has been brought forth by them

    3. srinivasu chennapragada says:

      indeed very good site.
      my seasonal greetings to all the readers.

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