A short guide to Hire a Good Financial Planner in India

Are you looking for Financial Planner? If you are, you should go through this article that talks about almost all the necessary information you need before hiring a financial planner. Most of the clients are confused on simple things like, where to find a good financial planner, what they should expect from financial planner and […]


What is 80/20 rule and how it applies to Financial Planning

Let us first understand what is 80/20 Rule? It means that 80 percent of your outcomes come from 20 percent of your inputs! It’s also called “law of the vital few” or Pareto principle. This rule applies to almost all the areas of life, even though it’s called 80:20 rule the main idea of this […]


How to Miss your Income Tax Returns (ITR) Deadline

Did you miss your deadline for filing the tax return by 31st July? Most of us pay the taxes before the deadline of 31st Mar, but when it comes to filing the return we are lazy people and many times we make mistakes in hurry. However very less people know that even if you have […]


Top 10 tricks used by Agents for misselling financial products

Buyers Beware. This is the mantra one has to follow in Indian financial markets. From last many years agents and so-called “Financial Advisors” are using fancy words and tactics to lure investors and sell them inappropriate products like wrong Mutual funds, ULIPS, ULPP’s and Endowment Policies. In this article we will see what are the […]


List of Different Asset Classes for Investing

Below is the list of different Asset classes one can consider for investing in Indian markets. For building a successful balanced portfolio one has to understand different asset classes and as per their risk appetite, one has to build his/her portfolio so that it’s optimal from his risk return point of view. In this post you […]


How to save and invest money for your Child’s Education? – Ready 5 easy steps.

Child Education is one of the biggest goals of parents these days because of the tough environment and high expenses involved. Most of the parents start saving for Child Education right from the birth of Child, which is a great! In this post we learn how you should evaluate the target cost of Children Education […]


Introduction to Health Insurance in India

How many accident you need to realise that you need Health Cover? It takes just one visit to a hospital to make us realize how vulnerable we are, every passing second. For the rich as well as poor, male as well as female and young as well as old, being diagnosed with an illness and […]


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