Real Story about an Investor who Fought for 9 months with ICICI Bank

Can you fight back ? Really ? If you were taken for granted as a customer by some Bank or any institution and you were forcibly sold some product by officials at some Organisation assuming you are a weak customer who will not raise his voice and fall in trap , What would you do […]


New income tax slabs and its Impact on Common Man’s financial life

Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee on Friday announced revised tax slabs for individual tax payers and also said that the New tax rates would offer relief to 60 per cent of taxpayers. But looking at the below comparison between the tax payable last year and the proposed one it seems that the so called “Aam Aadmi”, […]


How many Mutual Funds you should have ?

Investment in how many mutual funds is enough? Though it depends on individual needs and situation, we can always arrive at a number or a range which should be optimal for a large chunk of mutual funds  investors. Many a times Investors invest in a large number of mutual funds which does not add any […]


Force Selling combined with other financial products

Can some one force you to buy ULIPs when you take a loan from the bank? I am seeing very unethical things going on in financial world these days in India. Lot’s of people are complaining that many companies are selling junk things like Endowment plans or ULIPs (which make big commissions) along with big […]


“Papa Kehte Hain” problem in Personal Finance

So I was talking to this reader and came to know that her husband’s investments are done by his father. I was curious to know the reason of this and to my surprise, the biggest reason that came up was that he (the husband) has no interest in Investments and personal finance and hence he […]


Prevention is better than Cure even in Personal Finance

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” I see that most of the people these days have bought wrong products like ULIPs, ULPPs, Endowment Policies and unsuitable Mutual funds (which they are not aware of most of the times) and then when they do come to know about it, they don’t have much […]


How to look beyond short term returns in Mutual Funds

Want to buy a mutual funds which has given 105% return in 2009? Go ahead… How do most of the people choose a mutual fund? Let us try it once! Go to and find Top 10 funds across all the equity funds with 1 yrs performance. Below is the example of the page I […]


How to Open a PPF account at SBI Bank

Most of us want to open a PPF account, but keep postponing it just because we don’t know the requirement of doing so? It seen that majority people open their PPF account with State Bank of India. Let us see 3 easy steps of opening a PPF account in SBI branch.  The whole process does not […]


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