Agents commission in Insurance Policies ?

In this article we will see the commission structure of Insurance Policies . We will look at Endowment/Moneyback/ULIP plans and how much commission an agent earns per year out of those policies. As per Insurance Act, 1938, The insurance companies are allowed to pay a maximum commission of 40 per cent of the first year’s […]


Common Mistakes in Personal Finance [Part 2]

Unrealistic returns Risk free returns, in our country are amongst the highest in the world. In countries like US, the interest rates are 1-2%. Equity markets in our country continue to provide 12-15% annual returns (Find Why) . But how much do investors expect from equity these days? A lot! No one is ready to […]


Common Mistakes in Personal Finance [Part 1]

Spending more than you should Sometimes, people spend impulsively, on things which they do not really need. Just because, your plastic card is in your wallet and you “might” need it in future makes you believe that you need to get it right now. A brand new camera, with a 100 megapixel sensor and a […]


Investing sensibly in the stock market

The common view of the stock market is that, it’s a place for gamblers and risk takers. Only if you have the capital, and the nerve to take risks, should you invest money in the stock market. Otherwise one is better off staying away from the stock market and putting money in safe fixed deposits. […]


Implications of the SEBI & IRDA issue for Financial Planning

In my opinion we are going to see far-reaching long-term consequences once the SEBI-IRDA issue gets resolved for Financial Planning profession. I base my fact & assumptions that SEBI is on a strong wicket rather than IRDA. However we need to go to the origin of this situation. In this article we will see what […]


What could trigger the next financial crisis?

There are many areas which we talk about regarding financial awareness, however there are things which a retail investor is never aware about and that’s “International finance”. It’s equally important to understand what is happening at national and international level which can hugely impact a common man. With financial markets becoming increasingly complacent about the […]


What are Different ways of Buying Mutual Funds

There was a time, when mutual fund investing was limited to calling an agent and investing through him. He filled a form for you, and only bothered you for signatures; This was called as “convenient service.”.  Things have changed now though. With entry loads abolished by SEBI and with so many technological advances, we have […]


Are Company Fixed Deposit Safe ?

Today we will talk about Company Fixed Deposits. There are many investors who are very much impressed by the Corporate fixed deposits and feel like they are as good as Bank Fixed deposits, but one has to understand that if company deposits offer higher interest rates, It is bound to be more riskier than normal […]


JagoInvestor Survey Results/Updates

There was a survey conducted on blog, which tried to capture what readers feel about JagoInvestor and what are their suggestions/expectations from Blog in Future. Please have a look and share your views. Thanks for every one who took the survey. I personally called random 5 people over phone who took the survey and had […]


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