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There was a survey conducted on blog, which tried to capture what readers feel about JagoInvestor and what are their suggestions/expectations from Blog in Future. Please have a look and share your views. Thanks for every one who took the survey. I personally called random 5 people over phone who took the survey and had a talk in detail about what are their suggestions and what would they like to see here . Note ; I am changing the blog layout/design in 1 week time , please share your suggestions in comments sections .

Some Suggestions from Readers

  • One real life case study in financial planning like done by many financial magazine
  • More specific product reviews basis the various discussion tracks
  • Collation of information from “comments” section either through a separate section or separate article or otherwise
  • Online personal finance consulting, with reasonable price tag for individual consultancy.
  • Be neutral while criticizing
  • Keeping the web site simple.
  • More authors contributing
  • reduce overall content size in terms of images, or have low-bandwidth version for mobile users
  • Articles are too long.. difficult to hold attention
  • Some moderator manning the replies.. some replies are immature and shallow
  • Just a suggestion you should develope better search capabilities in jago.(I don’t know how)
  • Jagoinvestor is not putting any utility/tool (as few other sites do) for computing different parameters needed to invest/save tax etc.

Some Updates about Blog

  • Jagoinvestor Crossed 1.1 Lac pageviews for month of March which is grand Success .
  • Blog Layout/Design getting changed very soon , probably this week , give suggestions please
  • LIC Wealth plus review is read 10,000+ times
  • Jagoinvestor Alex Rank is now less than 75,000 Worldwide
  • Comment Policy and Subscribe to Comments Introduced this month
  • Total comments on blog crossed 7,000
  • Mumbai surpassed Bangalore in Highest number of Readers this month
  • 65% Readers coming from Search Engine (Google)

If you have not participated in Survey , This is your chance to contribute 🙂 . What are your views  ?

22 replies on this article “JagoInvestor Survey Results/Updates”

  1. Rupali says:

    Hi Manish,

    Thank you very very much for providing this useful info till now.
    Secondly a heartiest congratulations to you for this blogs and your triumph.
    Your articles are always been helpful to understand not only personal finance but also the products specification of it.
    I especially appreciate Your reply to each and every comment.
    One suggestion from my side is you can bring little colors in this blog which will be more attractable. And also if you can make a different pages for particular products like commodities, MF’s, equities etc. wherein you will have a separate page for your articles and if you have any queries related to particular products like MF,s, Equities you can go and ask the questions. Also this will reduce the searching time for the same articles; you don’t need to tell the readers that you have already published it they can find it on their own.

    1. Rupali

      I am chaning the blog looks in some days , it will get better .


    2. Thanks Rupali

      Have noted down your suggestions , lets see how many can I implement .


  2. S S says:

    Is there any chat option available on the blog site itself? I was not aware of it.

    1. I guess it was present at some article 🙂 . Not now

  3. Mithra says:

    Great going man..
    Keep it up

    1. Mithra

      thanks 🙂


  4. Rakesh says:

    Hi Manish,

    Way to go….
    Keep up the good work.


  5. Jagbir says:


    Hearty congratulations for crossing 1 lac pageviews mark. Honestly, you are doing hard work and you deserve more. I’d be glad to see your blog crossing 1 mn mark in near future.

    One point here to consider is that you need to transform this ‘blog’ into a personal finance ‘website’ having multiple things.. like blog articles, subscriptions services, online purchase of your recommended insurance policies, some calculators, a good discussion forum (I know its already there but needs to blend more in site so look like a part of site), personal area for regular users so they can login and create+track their financial plans. I think you are different and now heading towards becoming no. 1 personal finance blog in India but keep in mind.. retaining top position is more difficult than chasing for it.

    All the best!


    1. Jagbir says:

      for punch line, here are some suggestion from my side:

      “making your investments more intelligent. ”

      “awakening common man for financial freedom.”

      “because only earning is not enough! ”


      1. Jagbir

        thanks for your suggestions and wishes . It will take time to go there . Lets me see what all can I do this year 🙂

        Nice quotes from your side , good one ““because only earning is not enough! ”


  6. shekhary2k2000 says:

    Hi Manish,

    I agree with the Survey Results
    The Blog features should also include the print layout features
    which would be features to work / improve

    I personally like to print the artcile & read them,
    the print format on policy bazar website is really good
    while printing it elminates all the Add & prints only the article…
    can try to follow the same or better


    1. Shekhar

      Let me find out how to achieve it 🙂 . I will try


  7. Vikas says:

    In Nov/Dec 2009 I was searching for some options to invest in different assets and was searching for a site where I could get some valuable suggestions. I googled and happened to visit your blog. I must say, since then I really wait for your posts. I and my wife read-out your articles at home and really find them worth discussion. E.g Your article on how women should also think about investing is literally discussed everyday 😉
    Frankly, I had only invested in fixed assets before and wanted to check on investing in equity/debt instruments to diversify my poftfolio. I have inverted in couple of MFs and will continue to invest regularly … I would like to congratulate you for all the work you do for us. Your blog is great and would like you to cover some fixed return assets too (Post office schemes/Kisan Vikas Patra etc..). I know you have covered PPF. thanks

    1. Vivek

      Thanks a lot , I would be covering some of them in future 🙂 ..


  8. khalid says:

    Hi Manish

    I am your blog’s subscriber since Sep 2009. In my SMS inbox i used to see the headings of your articles and then go live for them. Nice original articles by you. Keep it up, congratulations for success of passing a milestone of 1 lakh page views.


    1. Thanks Khalid

      great to have old readers 🙂


  9. Shatrughan says:

    Hi Manish,

    I am regular reader of jagoinvestor.. I am very much agree with the survey results that posts are easy to understand along with very good in content .

    I feel the frequency should be 1 day as i always wait for your newer post.

    Shatrughan T

    1. Shatrughan

      Thanks . 1 post per day is not possible at this point 🙂


  10. Suhasini says:

    The results are fine for your blog and one thing I want to add is I find your blog looks typical DIY looks, do try to change it as this itself has many options to change.

    1. Suhasini

      Yea .. I am changing the layout very soon


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