Personal Finance for Starters [Video]

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There are many newcomers in Personal Finance who have no idea of very basic things . So I thought of doing a video presentation covering topics like Section 80C ,  HRA , HRA Example , LTA and Medical Exemptions , Tax Calculations , Tax Slab and example , Power of Investing Early , Understanding Equity and Debt , Investments Options , What is Insurance , Insurance Options , 4 most important things in Personal Finance . Lets see how everyone likes it . I would love to hear your views and suggestions so that I can create much better video tutorials in future .

Personal Finance Presentation Video

Here is the presentation

Comments please , can you give suggestions on what topics can I cover in video presentations and how can I improve upon it ? Did you like it ?

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  1. Abhay says:

    Hi Manish,
    Thanks for the wonderful information in such a small ppt.
    I am 27 and havn’t invested money anywhere yet. But now i am ready to invest. But i am wondering for right options.
    Need a mentor for financial guidance !!!!!!

    1. Abhay

      Thanks ,. You go through all the articles , you will gather much knowledge , for personal guidance in detail you can apply for your paid services .


  2. Manjunath says:

    Hi Manish good work /Can you please refer one textbook which deals with Indian tax system regarding personal finance.
    I meant to say how can I save the income if i am doing business or can I actually save maximum and how much minimum I have to pay.

  3. chandra banerjee says:

    Hi Manish,

    I have started reading your blog a few days back. I really appreciate the way you try to explain complex problems in a simle and imlementable manner. I really need one help from you. In many of your articles you have emphasized the need of a paid financial planning consultant. Can you pls come u with name of some real good planners / organisations. That may be helpful for all readers.


    1. Chandra

      Its tough to name , because they are rare . You should first try to learn things on your own and then try to find FP by reference .


  4. Kannan R says:

    Hi Manish,

    This video covers almost everything to be known for a beginner investor who has started to earn but has no idea of investing. Keep up the great work.
    I suggest you to create similar videos on how to handle one’s investment assets based on a person’s different stages of life and their responsibilities. I know each person will have different goals in life. But may be you can create some scenarios which would make good sense for a typical indian investor who is getting to know about share market, equity, debt and other kinds of assets.

    1. Kannan

      Good point , will keep in mind 🙂


  5. Srinivas says:

    Appreciate your effort. Keep it up 🙂

  6. Sivakumar says:


    I can’t able to see the video in this article. Please guide me how to see the video or do i require any s\w to see this.

    1. Sivakumar

      You might now have the flash installed , Here is the youtube link


  7. Gouri says:

    Dear Manish,

    thank you very much for elaborate info..
    recently i came to know about this blog, am planning some investiments as discussed in this site. but when i read early investor article i was so dipressed that i haven’t started early.
    all the best to u n to blog..keep going..

    1. Gouri

      Hey , no you dont have to feel like that . We all make mistakes in life, starting late is not good, however realising that you should not be doing the investments property itself is an achievement and you are ahead of millions .

  8. Vinayak says:

    Hi manish,
    Its a very nice post.
    From past few days am reading your old postings. All are very nicely explained by you. I hv started implementing such kind of advice. I regestered for fundsindia .com in last week.
    I hv one request if you prepare e-book of all your postings then it will be easy for readers to read it when they have time. Not necessary to be online for the same purpose.
    I hope you will make it possible.
    My best wishesh to you


    1. Vinayak

      Yea .. i have written the ebook version also ,however its tough to create it with all the posts again now , do you know any software or online service which can do that ?


  9. chandra says:

    Hi Manish

    My wife earns Rental income around Rs.10800 pa from the property which she received through Gift deed from her father.

    My question is
    1) Does she need pan card and
    2) need to submit Income tax returns for this incoming?

    Please let me know

    Thanks & Regards

    1. Chandra

      – Pan card is no way related to this , if she wants she can get it .
      – She does not need to submit Income tax , as the yearly taxable income is not within the limits .


  10. dr kishan says:

    excellent video post. very apt for the newcomers to th finance world. i have already sent the link to my younger brothers and sisters. hope to get some more video posts like them in future.
    thanks for educating india
    dr kishan

    1. Dr kishan

      thanks a lot , do you think more of these videos will be helpful ?


      1. dr kishan says:

        i really think that the video posts are better. the human mind has a better picture memory tha the textual memory. anything which u communicate by pictures and figures is generally understood well and remebered for a longer time. so keep up the show and do more of video posts. u’ll become still more famous.

        dr kishan

  11. manika says:

    this website is of great help for people like me who are new to financial matters but want to learn the tricks off investing.

    I have a question ” apart from a separate saving-account for saving for the emergency funds (which provide little interest, is there any scheme or fund through which I can get more interest and can also withdraw the sum whnever any emergency need arises”.

    1. Manika

      Thats not recommended . Its always better to have your emergency needs in safest and most liquid place , you should not at all look at the returns over this money , however you can open sweep in account which acts as savings + FD . read more on it .


    2. Manika

      Thats not recommended . Its always better to have your emergency needs in safest and most liquid place , you should not at all look at the returns over this money , however you can open sweep in account which acts as savings + FD . read more on it .


  12. khalid says:

    nice video manish, it become very easy to understand by having a look on this slide show. thanks for your hard work and sharing with us.

    1. Khalid

      thanks, please suggest more ideas for me to work on ?


      1. Kunal says:

        i’ll be waiting for same kind of slide show which can give some insight on Mutual Funds Selection as your one of post did.

        1. Kunal

          I have already done one video on that subject, however I need to make it more better .


  13. Kavita says:


    Very nicely done video for beginners. Keep up the good work.

    1. Kavita

      Thanks , what else would you like to see video for ? give suggestions


  14. Guruprasad says:

    Hello Manish,

    Thanks a lot for posting such a great video . I would be happy if you could elobarate on Insurance content like, should one go for return of premium options so that one could get part of the amount invested after the maturity (say after 30 years ) ? Because I feel surviving in this world is a great challenge wrt to finance .

    Please suggest and advice .


    1. Guruprasad

      Its not advised to go for return of premium option in Term insurance, read :


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