JagoInvestor Mumbai Meets and Presentations

We recently had JagoInvestor meets in Mumbai , not just one time , but two times , the first meet was on 26th June at Powai and 2nd was on 24th July at Andheri (minutes of meeting , thanks to JP) . It was amazing to see so many people coming in and participate in […]


Changes in New Direct Tax Code (DTC)

The Government has come out with new revised Direct Tax Code (pdf) and there are many changes which might look good to investors finally. Most of the people were not happy with the old tax code as it made some products taxable like PPF , Endowment Plans etc, which investors were totally worried about. Now […]


Is Gold worth Buying ? A shocking Study

To understand this Study, we have to go back to years when human civilization started. Surprised! But yes, lets go back to those times where human civilization just started. Those days, economic activity was bare minimum and there were few trades between humans. For example, if a farmer wanted to build a home, he used […]


Review of HeartBeat Health Insurance Policy from Max Bupa

Max Bupa Health Insurance Company Limited is the latest health insurance company to join the ever-growing list of health insurance companies in India. It is a joint venture between Max India (promoters of Max New York Life Insurance) and Bupa (the UK based Health Insurance Company). Max Bupa has come out with a Family Floater […]


Controversial Debate on Buying vs Renting a House

There is a very good debate going on in the previous article I wrote about EMI and how it can change your decisions regarding Home loan and other Loans. A lot of readers have put their thoughts about the Home loan and whether they prefer Buying or Renting, we got a lot of readers who […]


Let’s Decode Warren Buffet Rules of Investing

In this article, we discuss two rules of Warren Buffet and understand their essence. A lot of people in the stock market quote these two rules of his, but the majority of them don’t even understand what they mean exactly, and what Warren Buffet actually tried, to communicate with his rules. He mainly stressed on […]


The EMI Disease

“A dog held a juicy bone in his jaws, as he crossed a bridge over a brook. When he looked down into the water he saw another dog below with what appeared to be a bigger juicier bone. He jumped into the brook to snatch the bigger bone, letting go, of his own bone. He […]


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