JagoInvestor Mumbai Meets and Presentations

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We recently had JagoInvestor meets in Mumbai , not just one time , but two times , the first meet was on 26th June at Powai and 2nd was on 24th July at Andheri (minutes of meeting , thanks to JP) . It was amazing to see so many people coming in and participate in these meets. In the first meet we mainly introduced each other, discussed the purpose of these meets and Nandish Desai gave a talk on how our psychology governs our decision making in Personal Finance and why we do mistakes in our personal life when it comes to money. That talk was exceptional and everyone liked it a lot.

The group in Mumbai was enthusiastic and so motivated that it started preparing for the next group meet on its own and with the leadership of Jayaprakash (reader) and some other folks “JagoInvestor Mumbai Chapter” was formed. They arranged for the second meet in Andheri and we had great session again, Gajendra gave a very nice presentation on Mutual funds which was in detail and covered all the aspects of Mutual funds Investing. Then there was group interaction where people listened to each other queries and gave their experiences if any. There was a nice video named “Armed with Hope” shown. It was raining that day very heavily so some readers could not make it, however the turnaround was great and an achievement in itself. I would like to congratulate Mumbai team and every participant who is related to this for this effort, This is going to bring some great change in our society as far as financial literacy is concerned.

We are scheduling the 3rd meet now on 28th Aug in Andheri itself. So who ever is in Mumbai are invited to Join JagoInvestor Mumbai Chapter Facebook Group and Register for the Meetings, I will mail you all for the next meet details. For other cities, we have collected the contacts, But it can take some time to conduct the meets. Bangalore has amazing 85 registrations.

First Mumbai Meet Pictures

First JagoInvestor Mumbai Meet

First JagoInvestor Mumbai Meet

First JagoInvestor Mumbai Meet

Second Mumbai Meet Pictures and Clips

second JagoInvestor Mumbai Meet

second JagoInvestor Mumbai Meet

Presentation on Mutual Funds (2nd Meet)

11 replies on this article “JagoInvestor Mumbai Meets and Presentations”

  1. dhiraj says:

    An Excellent presentation of mutual funds. Thanks Manish

    1. Dhiraj

      Thanks , keep commenting ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. rupesh manore says:

    Hi Manish ,
    I am one of the fellow investor and wanted to thank you for valuable information you shared.
    I have some querry regarding of missselling of HDFC PMS by my of the relation ship manager . Can u plese let me know either this is the proper place to discuss about the topic or it should be some where ? And if soem where else where it should be ?
    Thanking u …

    1. Rupesh

      You can definately discuss it here .


  3. pattu says:

    Nice to hear abut the meetings. Must have been interesting. We should have one in Chennai too. I think you should persuade Shubra to talk to the gathering (pro bono!) at Mumbai or at Chennai

    Slide 39 in the presentation. Its a very nice idea to invest the return from Post office MIS into a MF. However I thinks its best to peg Equity MF returns a little lower say about 15% (I use 10% only!). It also says this is Zero risk route which everyone knows is not true.

    Disciplined investing with realistic (or lower!) expectations should create good enough wealth.

    1. Pattu

      Well said ๐Ÿ™‚ . once we have these meets going on regular basis , we will definately invite prominent speakers ๐Ÿ™‚


    2. kanakaratnam.G says:

      if u have any meeting in Hyderabad pl let me know

      1. Yes , will let you know , please register , else I wont remember ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. JP says:

    Hi Manish
    Thank you for preparing an excellent compilation of Mumbai group meets and with your guidance and support from Nandish, we will take this forward to new heights.
    We will create a big movement to educate people on financial literacy and help them to move towards financial indepedence

    1. JP

      Its great to have enthusiastic people like you in the group . Wonderful


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