9 most asked questions about Term Insurance

How does claim settlement work in case you have more than one term insurance policy? Does term insurance provide cover outside India? What if I suffer from some major illness or start smoking after buying a term insurance policy? How easy is it to get a claim from a private insurance company as compared to […]


Ask your doubts at Questions & Answers Forum

From long I could see that their is a need of a good platform for you all to ask questions and get them answered . We have a lot of smart people on this blog and why not utilize their knowledge in answering everyone else doubts. So I was working from last few days on […]


Register Complaints to IRDA regarding Insurance matters

Do you face issues while dealing with your Insurance Companies ? Do they dont answer you on time or dont entertain your genuine concerns on time ? Are you having a problem with Claims or other issues with an insurance company ? Should you Complain ? Incase you are facing issues like unsatisfactory answers , […]


EPF interest rate increases to 9.5% for 2010-2011

On 15 September 2010, the Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) raised the interest rate for EPF accounts by 1% for 2010-11. The organisation increased the interest rate to 9.5% for 2010-11 from 8.5% in the previous year. This 9.5% is the highest in the last five years. However, one needs to understand that the 1% […]


Invest in Gold and Silver through E-Gold and E-Silver

The traditional, age old ways of buying gold have been ways like gold ornaments from jewellers or coins, bars, biscuits from banks or jewellers. However, since the last few years, new ways of buying gold have emerged. These include buying gold in demat form (electronic), through gold futures, gold ETFs and the latest one is […]


Two awesome and hidden Health Insurance products

Today, I will discuss about two  Health Insurance policies which are not very known or popular. However, these policies are unique and reasonably priced. These policies are sold by National Insurance Company Ltd and Oriental Insurance Company Ltd. The insurance policies, which I am talking about, are not single products but a combination of two […]


3 thought provoking questions before you buy real estate

We have discussed Buying vs Renting in previous articles. This post is not about saying which method is superior. While buying a flat/house is everyone’s dream, there are some very important questions one needs to think about before buying real estate property. Most buyers aren’t putting in enough thought, about some critical points (which they […]


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