What is mean by Instant Gratification? And how does it affects your Financial Life?

Do you understand the meaning of Instant gratification and its affect on your financial life ? We will learn that today. How did we become a generation that “wants things now!” no matter what? Think about this – both, our parents generation and ours, save , invest and spend. What then, is the difference between them […]


Term Insurance Plans – 20 different policies compared with charts !

Which is the best term insurance plan in India ? Which Insurance company has the best claim settlement Ratio? Should you buy online or offline plans ? These are some of the questions which comes in the mind of every insurance buyer! . So are you looking for Term Insurance comparison at one place ? […]


3 categories of Investors, which one are you?

Suppose you have 3 buckets, and you have to put each kind of investor into those buckets!. What would be the criteria you will use? In my experience of dealing with hundreds of readers and dozens of clients till date, I can categorize them in a very interesting manner which shows their knowledge and attitude […]


Personal Finance doubts and their answers on Forum

Even if you are not participating on discussions at our questions and answers forum, I want to make sure you do not lose out of the valuable things  members are asking and all the valuable learnings which come out by participation of other members. There has been discussions on variety of topics like Real-Estate , […]


How you can create huge wealth by small savings?

Small is Big? Are you worried, about how will your financial goals be achieved, because you are not able to save more? Do you feel that small savings will not help you much to reach your big goals in life? If that’s the case, you are mistaken! While it’s true that small savings won’t be […]


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