Importance of your Child’s Education plan in coming times !

So, what’s your biggest financial goal in life? Your Child’s education?  Their marriages? Planning your own retirement? What is the strategy you’ll follow to reach these goals? What if I tell you that in the coming times, your way of looking at these goals needs to change? You can’t look at goals the same way […]


4 Home Loan rules most of the investors don’t know about

Can you claim a tax deduction for your under-constructed house? Can you claim tax for the home loan taken from your friend and not from Bank? These are some of the questions which are not generally discussed over and a lot of investors have no idea about actual rules. In the video below I will […]


SBI bonds @9.95% , Who should buy ?

SBI retail bonds or SBI bonds are the latest offers from the State Bank of India. These savings bonds issue will open from 21st Feb 2011 and closes on 28th Feb 2011. These bonds are offering attractive interest rates to investors which are better than even fixed deposits, however, it does not suit every kind […]


Calculate returns from your Insurance Policies [Video]

How many times have you come across a situation when you wanted to know the returns from your Policies , It can be Endowment Plans, Money-back plans, Pension plans or a ULIP plan . You might be some money going out of your pocket in some years and money might be coming in your pocket […]


LIC Bima Account Policy [with Return analysis]

LIC Bima Account is the latest product launched by LIC of India on this festive tax season (generally known as JFM, JAN-FEB-MARCH, Tax saving season). There are mainly two varieties of this insurance plan called LIC Bima Account 1 and LIC Bima account 2, which differ a bit in terms of premiums, tenure, etc. No […]


Is Stock Market Crash on the way ? [ 4 charts ]

Did you invest in ELSS recently for tax saving? If you have done that with the intention of getting quick great returns in 3 yrs and then liquidate the funds, you might not like this article. Indian stock markets are seeing some serious sell-offs in the last 1-2 months and there are some reasons for […]


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