Auto Sweep Account – Enable it in your Saving Bank Account

Do you have a Bank Account? Off-course you do! How much money do you have in your account? 5,000? 20,000? or a few lacs? If you have a lot of cash, lying idle in your Bank Account, and at the same time you don’t want to commit to long-term investment, you need to enable the […]


JagoInvestor launches its Paid Services

Firstly I want to thank & acknowledge each reader of for their immense love and support from the bottom of my heart. Each reader is like an extended family to me. It is clear because you read my articles I write, the more you read the more I get connected to you. I am […]


How to plan for retirement and think about retirement in India

How will your retirement look like? Have you thought about anything on retirement planning ? This is something, which you should spend some time on. Our parents and grand-parents might not have given much importance to their retirement, they might have just took it as it came to them, but can we also afford to […]


Goal Visualisation or Goal Setting ? – Which one is better ?

Do you know how to write your financial goals? How many lines or words does it take? Think about your retirement goal for a moment. Now if you thought, “I have to generate a corpus of 5 crores in next 30 yrs” is a goal, you are mistaken… to a really large extent! While this […]


How Interest rate and Bond prices are related ?

Bond prices go up when interest rates go down! . Have you ever heard that and wondered how is it possible ? What goes behind the scene which makes it happen? It’s important for you to know this, because now a days there are enough financial products which depend on interest rates, for example Debt […]


Will your children marriage be simple or grand ?

Marriages are made in heaven! But what about families who have to fund the marriages by taking loans? Those, who sell their assets and properties for these, at the most, 1-2 day events? Does it make sense at all? You, as parents have goals for your children education sometime in future. Despite the pressure you […]


How will Budget 2011 affect you ?

How much will you benefit with this budget ? There are some direct and indirect effects on a common man due to this budget which we will look in this article point by point . There has been not a major changes on exemption limits, but there are some changes which aim to simplify the […]


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