What is the worst advice that you have ever received?

Are free advises costly ? A lot of people in their early life get lots of advice from friends , family and relatives regarding money and other area’s of life . Some of those advises are great, but some are disastrous and you might have the “why did I take that advice ?” kind of […]


Why HUL has become Hindu Unilever Ltd

Do you know of any stock in India which has not moved in last 10 yrs ? Hindustan Unilever is one of them ! . Successful investors like Warren Buffett always advocate the importance of investing in stocks for the long term and not just getting in and out of the stock. But more than […]


What are different sectors in stock market

Which one among Reality sector and Banking sector has given more returns in last 5 yrs and 10 yrs with lump sum and SIP way of investing ? Have you ever tried to find out which sectors among indian indices are doing well and which are not ? In this data-oriented article will take you […]


Silver prices vs Gold Prices in India

Imagined what gave maximum return in 2011 or 2010? Well, was it Gold, Equity or Real estate? Nope! Hold your breath, it was SILVER and it gave huge returns! It is almost unbelievable that the price of silver as on Aug 2008 was around Rs. 20,000/ Kg, and it went to Rs. 72,000 by the […]


Pune Readers Meet & Workshops in Different cities

Did you miss meeting other jagoinvestor readers and our team ? I am sure many did in Pune, where we did an offline readers meet recently. On 30th Apr (Saturday) we conducted an offline readers meet in Pune and it was well attended by 20+ readers . There were some last-minute cancellations, buts its part […]


How RBI rate hike impacts your financial life ?

Few days back, there were some changes announced in repo rate and saving bank account interest rates by RBI. Do you want to know how you as an investor would get impacted with the recent changes done in interest rates by RBI? I have seen that a common man always ignores this kind of news […]


Conversation with a Financial Coach

Today I am going to share with you a financial coaching tip called “Opportunities in your financial life” , which intends to show you that there are already opportunities in your life which at times you dont look at and feel as if its not there and you have to work hard to find one […]


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