Silver prices vs Gold Prices in India

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Imagined what gave maximum return in 2011 or 2010? Well, was it Gold, Equity or Real estate? Nope! Hold your breath, it was SILVER and it gave huge returns! It is almost unbelievable that the price of silver as on Aug 2008 was around Rs. 20,000/ Kg, and it went to Rs. 72,000 by the end of Apr 2011, which was a 300% absolute rise in less than 3 yrs. But don’t get too excited, Silver in just 1 week has fallen like anything. From the peak of 72,000 in Apr 2011 end, it went down to Rs 52,000 in just 1 week. Can you believe that? A 28% fall in the prices of silver in just 7 days! Let’s explore more on this.

Silver prices vs Gold Prices in India

Gold vs Silver returns ?

Now a days there is a big debate going on different TV channels as well as newspapers that what should a common man buy? Gold or Silver?

In our country, Gold is something which every family buys because of the attraction we have for this metal. On any occasion, gold is the obvious choice. But Silver is not seen the way gold is looked upon. It’s generally limited to not so well off section of the society. This is one of the reasons why middle class or even richer one’s never considered looking at what’s happening in silver and if it can have some potential in future as an investment option. Gold, Gold and Gold was the only option when it came to buying some precious metal.

A lot of people are surprised to hear and see how gold has given fabulous returns year on year in the last decade, but now you would be more surprised to know that for most of the years silver has outperformed gold with good margins in terms of returns. For example, everybody knows that Gold gave 25% return in 2010, but not many know that Silver in the same year gave 80-85% return.

Silver has given 24% absolute return in just one month of April 2011. I don’t think it’s anything other than speculation because that rise was short-lived and in just 1 week (May-‘11 first week), all the gains made in Apr disappeared and prices fell by 25%.

Below is the chart which shows you the monthly price movement in silver for last 30 months. You can see how silver prices exploded in last 4-5 months (2011)

Silver Price in India

Factors affecting price of gold and silver

1 . Supply and Demand

One of the biggest and obvious reasons behind the price movement for anything is its demand and supply in the market. It directly impacts the movement in price. It is estimated that in 1950, the reserves of gold was 1 billion ounces, but by 2010 it increased by 700% to 7 bullion ounces (see the video below)

However on the other hand it is totally different with Silver, in 1950s there were 10 billion ounces of silver, but by 2010, it dropped by huge 95% and its current reserves are only 500 million ounces worldwide. A very obvious reason for this is that gold is mainly stored in form of bars, jewellery etc and its recycled again if required. However silver is also used widely in Industry in very smaller and thin parts which get lost and never reused. In fact, it is not possible to use it again because of its used in lesser quantity and in small parts.

Gold and Silver

2. Practical use in life

Gold and Silver are very different when it comes to its usage in real life. While both of them are precious metal and often used as jewellery, Gold has a very different image and can be considered as the undisputed king in this area. From millenniums Gold stands the most favourite metal for jewellery, in fact there is some kind of unseen connection which humans have with gold, which cannot be explained. May be it’s the way it has always been and it can’t be changed. But if you see gold as a useful metal, it does not have much to show off. It’s literally not used anywhere other than at a few places.

Silver on the other hand is also used in various industries and holds a very important position. In fact you can see it as “gold” for industrial use. Let me give you more info on this. Silver is used in Bandages, batteries, soldering process, cell phones, computers, satellites, high-tech weapons, laser and digital technology, electronics circuit board, solar cells, water purification, RFID chips and the list goes on.

Silver has more industrial applications than any other metal. A recent report by Hinde Capital says: “It’s the best conductor of both heat and electricity, the most reflective, and second-most ductile and malleable element, after gold.” The white metal is also being put to several new uses like-water purification, air-handling systems and a natural biocide.”

In last couple of decades, Silver is so extensively used in Industry that it’s reserves has drastically gone down. Just to give you an example, in the decade of 1990 – 2000, around 2 billion ounces of Silver was consumed. That’s a lot of silver!

3. Role as alternate currency

Precious metals are always considered as the alternate currency and wealth in pure form in any emergency situation. Gold is a universal currency and not dependent on country or any community.

In times of war, people fear that their assets may be seized and that the currency may become worthless. They see gold as a solid asset which will always buy them food or transportation. Thus in times of great uncertainty, particularly when war is feared, the demand for gold rises. That’s exactly what happened in Zimbabwe lately, where currency is worthless now and people are using gold as alternate currency to buy bread

Recent rise in Silver Prices

You might have heard lately about rise in Silver prices and definitely you might have felt that you “missed the bus”. Let me talk a bit on that. You have already read about the reasons of price rise in silver above. One of the biggest reasons is fundamentals of silver, it is a valuable asset and over a long-term, it’s going to be much valuable because of its use in industry, every industry requires silver!

But other than fundamentals, there are elements of speculation also involved, otherwise I don’t see any reason for 150% rise in its prices in just 1 yr and then a 25% fall in just 1 week. It’s going to be volatile.

To know why the price of silver fell recently , read this article . Please share your comments on Gold and Silver as an investment .

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  1. aini says:

    hi mr minash..
    thank you for your help me to complete my final year project..

  2. Vijay says:


    Buying physical silver seems safe & easy than e-sliver after NSEL scam. However few clarifications that would help me:
    1. Is there a way to test purity of physical silver – bars/coins?
    2. What is the best shop to choose? with price varies across cities and outlets
    3. How to sell after we buy for best price and with comfort.

    1. I think this needs a full article 🙂

  3. Kapil says:

    Hello , Good Morning

    I am thinking of investment in physical Gold or Silver at current rates, which should give me the best returns locked period of atleast 5 years.

    1. Is it a question or a declaration ?

  4. Vicky says:

    Hi Manish,

    Firstly i want to thank you for coming up with such a good blog.

    I believe investment in Silver is a very good option. As i can see in the past 7 Years (Since 2004) Silver has also given equal enough returns as like gold. And I feel it will continue to give good return in future also. Since the industry usage of silver is increasing day to day also the investors are getting more awareness about investment in silver. As an investor we should look for long term (Say 3 to 7 Years)…

    What do you say Manish???

    1. I agree .. but the issue is again you can never be sure of price movements in short term !

  5. NishitH says:

    as in on any topic presented can we have a summary. So those who dont want to read a detailed, can just have a look at the summary.

    1. Thats not possible with all articles 🙂

  6. NishitH says:

    Thanks. Continue the good work. Can v hv a brief and detailed report on the same topic?

  7. Nnd says:

    I’m a complete novice at investments and hence was looking up the net for advice. I’m looking at investing a decent amount in either gold/silver or both. At current prices would you recommend it? It’s intended to be a long term investment. What would you recommend?

    1. We cant give any investment suggestions like this , You can invest in it if you are ok with the volatility and the risk factors !

  8. Kapil says:

    Hello Everyone, Good Morning

    I am thinking of investment in physical Gold or Silver at current rates, which should give me the best returns locked period of atleast 2 years. Please advise

  9. Vikram says:

    Hey Manish,

    Is their an ETF for silver in India? After reading your blog I think I should have a portion of silver in my portfolio.

    1. Vikram

      There is no silver ETF in india at the moment , the only way to invest in silver is either physical or e-silver :


  10. Soumya says:

    Yes, I think investment in gold is best in this point of time. Inflation is high in emerging markets and developed markets failed to attract investors as recession continues. I read a good article and I am sharing the link. Hope this will be helpful.

  11. Alok says:

    I seriously think that there could be an alternate to silver that could be developed, for industrial consumption. Petrol/Diesel…. everything will vanish by this logic, but substitutes will be invented.
    I can have silver as part of my portfolio, but not as a commodity to speculate and make big money on.

  12. Gaurav Kumar says:

    Dear Manish,
    I, a 29 year old central govt. employee, have been an admirer of your blog for nearly an year now even though I am taking the step to comment for the first time.

    I always wished that someone would take care of my money like Tim Robbins in ‘Shawshank Redemption’ who says ‘Do you want your sons to go to Harvard… or Yale??’…to a guy who comes to him for financial advice in the jail ;-). But over time I have realized that one has to make their own informed choices. And I take my hat off to your efforts in helping people like us.

    I will just put my 5 paisa worth of thought in the light of the post about silver. I had been noticing the leaps and bounds by which silver has been growing and only understand it better after reading your post. For the past few months, I have decided to follow an old school method to save in silver. I went ahead and bought a clay piggy bank. I have been putting 5 silver coins in it on around 10th of every month. I see it as my SIP in Silver. I understand the risk about purity of silver used and I intend to trade the pot with a silver bar once it gets full.

    It feels reassuring to think that the general rising trend will most likely continue. Please let me know if I am overlooking something obvious.


    1. Gaurav

      Thats great way to invest , truely .

      In todays world of digitalization , we are so much into internet banking and online transactions , that we have lost the touch with traditional way of saving things which I think was a great way .

      the best part is your discipline to act every month and thats what makes it great. You are not missing on much things , the only thing is security of the silver (theft , mishandling etc) and purity offcourse .

      I think each 4-5 months once you have enough in the piggy bank , you can trade it with the big bar and keep it in locker or your safe deposit at some place .

      Also accept the risk that silver after so great upmove , can also have some months of downturn , check the reasons for your investments and be with it


  13. Sundar says:

    The way Silver rose parabolically during the last one month, it was inevitable that any such rises will bring crash. Remember Nasdaq in March 2000.

    My gut feeling tells me Silver will slide all the way to low 20 Dollars before coming up. Gold on the otherhand will not fall so much and will recover before Silver has a chance to catch up to it’s recent peak.

    If someone is more inclined to take risk consider investment in AIG World Gold Fund or DSP BR World Gold fund. They are falling even sharply than Gold prices, since they are invested in Gold/Silver Mining Companies. I will wait till Silver touches low 20s before investing in one of these funds.

    1. Sundar

      Can you explain more on technical side for the fall ? Is it just a correction because of high rise ?

      1. Sundar says:

        You can get a good hang of technicals from this link:

        I read this article on the 28th April and immediately shorted Silver on MCX and made huge gain in 5 trading days and now I am waiting for reentring Gold or Silver at low 20/Silver.

        1. Charan says:

          Sundar, If you know Gold and Silver Prices always fall in a ratio 37:1 then you would not expect silver at
          $20 at the current demant and the silver reserve. You are saying that gold will recover but silver not. I do not see any loguc behing this. The fact is Silver is still consumed in large quantities in both domestic and industrial use. If its true that Price increases ad demand increases then falling of silver price back to $20 will be a dream. oh! common even Steel prices are increasing… I am not saying that silver prices will go so high but it will continue to give decent returns if not exraordinary.

  14. Niketa Agarwal- says:

    Silver prices plunged over 28% in the week to 5 May 2011. While the recent margin increases by the CME have been cited as a reason for the pullback, the volatility highlights the huge influence of speculative forces in the silver market.

    You might want to think again and know more before investing in this safety zone! For more information on invetsments in this safety zone check out the link below:

    1. NIketa

      THanks for that article . I agree that speculation is one of the major reasons for high volatility


      1. Niketa Agarwal- says:

        Yeah Manish! 🙂

  15. Bala says:

    Hi Manish,
    Are there any currencies that are backed by silver? I know Indian Rupee used to be backed by silver and US Dollar was backed by gold.. What is the situation now and will this change in reserves affect global currencies?

    1. Bala

      I am not sure, but it could be true that for milliniums currency had a close relation with silver , Infact even the word Rupee is derived from Sanskrit word “Raupya” which means SILVER 🙂


  16. hi Manish
    I think silver will never be considered as good for investment purposes as do we have for gold. As you have said that silver is highly being used now, but then why did the prices of silver after getting so high it went drastically down?

    1. Ujjwal says:

      When the price of a particular asset rises sharply there is always a chance the a bubble is created and once the bubble burst the prices crash. As silver supply is limited compared to its use prices were driven up by the speculators. As the process go up more and more people get involved in the speculation and then it is question of finding the greater fool. Once the search for the greater fool fails the prices crashes. This happens in all assets. It will happen in future too. So beware and increase your knowledge. Do not invest in anything just because it is hot today. Ask yourself do i have sufficient knowledge to invest in this. Remember the great Investor Warren Buffett does not invest in ICE ( IT, Communication and Entertainment) stocks as he says he cannot predict their earnings for the next 10-15 years with a measure of certainty.

      It is not important for us to invest in all asset classes as long as we can learn the intricacies for a few asset class and then apply our knowledge.


    2. Why do you think so , Silver will never be considered as good investment only from those who do not understnad it , for people who understand it , have taken the pain to understand its potential , they have already acted on it and made money 🙂 .

    3. Charan says:

      Hey i will call that as ignorance…Its now catching up…Silver has proved that its worthy staying invested, thought all the eyes have only now turned on the while metal. We are so much used to gold and we are not ready to accept silver as an investment i guess that the mindset. Silver is certainly being viewed as another investment worthy commodity. To simplify things NESL has already introduced e-Silver at a time where there are no Silver ETF’s people who wan to invest in silver but not comfortable about physical silver for they have storage problems can invest in e-silver. I think soon silver ETFs would come in to picture. There is a huge amount of silver being consumed in china and india by Consumers, industrial consumption is any way known to us. Its true that there was a recent bubble and prices were volatile however over a long term perspective its still good. As a matter of caution it may not give 50-80 % returns yoy. However it has potential to give us good returns adjusted with inflation.

  17. Krish says:

    Retailization of the silver is not as much as Gold be it Jewellery or Investment products. Unlike Gold, I am not sure whether the central bank of any country is buying silver as substitute for currency.Most of the consumption of silver is in the bulk segment i.e industrial use with little statistics.

    However the retail segment is catching up and soon the consumption figures would emerge as research picksup. I believe the hay days of steep rise are over for silver and we could be seeing the rise in price at par with inflation if not reverse.

    With little information on demand, supply and growth, it would be difficult to take a call on investment into silver in any form.

    1. Krish

      Over the long term , you can expect inflation linked growth in silver or gold , but its very long term , sometimes every 15-20 yrs


  18. Nikhil says:


    Thanks for this article , but all these facts like
    – Supply for Silver being less
    – Practical Usage of Silver being high

    were even true for past 5-10 years.

    So what drastically changed in 2010-2011 for prices going so high ? Did people realise it now due to global uncertainity ? Did people started to look for another metal ( other than gold ) because cash could devaluate as it happened in Zimbabwe ?

  19. raj says:

    hi Manishbhai

    06 months ago, I have lot of money but dont know investment.I just put my money in LIC & FD.When I read your blog,a new view/ideas develop in me regarding investment.
    Thanks..Thanks.. thanks .. 1000 times to you.
    pl.write in the same way for common readers.

    Lage raho manishbhai


    1. Raj

      Great to know that you liked what I write and learnt from it 🙂


  20. Saurav Sinha says:

    Manish … Ur site followers like me know wat U r & the noble motive behind this work …. just ignore guys like Gautam who dont want to take any responsibility ok … move on …. dont entertain them…

    N thanks 4 replying 2 my query on money-sights, few more points:
    1) When I enter the value against “Months remaining for SIP”, it gives an error… moreover I cudnt understand everything that U explained …. can U Plz clarify?
    2) It wud be better if money-sight gave details of mutual-funds like returns on “Since launch” basis as well n not just on 1/2/3/ 5 years only…
    3) Is this site Ur brain-child??


    1. Saurav

      thanks .

      1. Let me connect you with Santosh of moneysights and he can take more info and question from you on moneysights error .

      2. they can reply on this better .

      3. Yes , its mine


  21. Kumar says:

    Hi Manish,

    I have only heard of Gold Mutual Funds like Reliance Gold Fund,Axis Gold Fund, etc, Do we have Silver Mutual Funds ?

    thanks and regards

    1. Kumar

      No , we dont have silver mutual funds or ETF , the only way to invest in Silver through electronic form is e-SILVER from NSEL :

      1. raja says:

        is it possible to sell silver immediatley in nsel when i want many days it takes for nsel to deliver physicalsilver after sellin g my units with nsel.


        1. Raja

          Yes , you sell it whenever you want, its traded in markets anyways . But there has to be enough liquidity , which I dont have data about . It should not take more than 2-3 days to give the money back and not more than 15-20 days for physical delivery


        2. Charan says:

          Hi Raja,

          eSilver is just like your stock. The moment you want to sell you can and get the money back in T+2 days. Intrestingsly this is for everyones knowledge ESilver can also be redeemed in to physical form by paying little extra handling charges. sadly this facility is limited to few cities at the moment.


      2. kumar says:

        Manish bhai,

        thank for answering my question,

        I read couple of article on the website and found to be very informative
        to non finance guys like me.
        Keep up the good work!.

        it would be great , if you can come up with book on a beginner’s guide to managing personal finance


        1. Kumar

          Yes … very soon !


  22. I am disappointed! You have NOT answered the question your post raised. All you have done is spout statistics about the Silver vs Gold debate. You failed to answer the question you yourself raised – Is Silver a better investment than Gold? Also as an extension I, as a regular reader, would expect you to answer – how does the retail investor invest in Silver? Investing in Gold is easy – ETFs, Physical Gold etc. But what of Silver? Are there any ETFs for Silver? How have they performed? If you wish to be the best financial advisor India has then you should pay more attention to your own questions and reader’s expectations from you. I am disappointed for I follow your blog regularly, though silently. So far 🙂



    1. Gautam

      I will start by thanking you to put your honest comment , Its good that you spoke your mind.

      I must say sorry that you felt disappointed, but i want to convey to you that I am equally disappointed with your comment . I take it as a general comment from many readers and not just you because I feel many others feel like you . Let me tell you why I am disappointed .

      This blog was never meant to offer answers . It has always aimed to make its readers more knowledgable and empowered and make them self sufficient in thinking at a level where they can take decisions themselves.

      I would like you to ask you , do you truely think there is any answer for “Is silver better than gold as an investment?” . If i knew the answer I would be a billionaire in no time . But I dont want to give any answers , and no one can , because there is no answer , there can only be speculation and nothing else .

      All we can do here is to share whatever knowledge we have and then discuss it out what makes sense. Some one can say it makes sense to invest in silver and some can say it does not , based on the same information given above . I never claim that I have some secret answer . I just like every other read with a bit more of passion , thats all. I am as plain as one can be .

      Most of the people i meet today have messed up their financial life just because more than getting insights or knowledge about how some thing works , they want answers .

      I would really suggest everyone , never find solutions for atleast these kind of things which turn out to be speculative . There can be answers to thing which can be found out based on logic and maths . nothing else .

      Next thing , “How to invest in Silver in india?” . As a reader , did you try to find it out yourself first ? There are two very basic and small things you could have done , search on google “How to invest in silver in India” :

      This would have given all the links which gives a solution and thats what even i will do when you ask me . It would not take more than 10 sec .

      Apart from that you could have searched “Invest in Silver” on the searchbox above on this blog . Did you try it out ?

      Next and last thing is you could have asked it on the comments section and it would have been answered soon . Anyways I am sure it was not a topic to be covered in the article as focus of the article (read the title) was not to find ways to invest in silver , but it was to analyze things and give you some knowledge .

      I would truly suggest everyone that dont build expectations, it only leads to disappointments . Lets create a community only which can share what ever they have to offer and if its missing , lets find it out together and share again , till the point we are all complete with information we are looking for .

      I apolosize if you were disappointed, but from readers , I also expect some things and I truely spend lot of time in giving out the best , please help me in improving it , not complaining .

      I would love if you dont take it as a negative comment and just a reply to what you felt , it was how i felt about it . Nothing against anyone per se .


      1. Ujjwal says:

        Very good answer. In the age of instant coffee and T20 everyone wants to know what is the sure shot way get rich quick. Guys please get real. In life it takes patience , knowledge and discipline to achieve anything. It is the same qualities that make you successful in your job and same hold true for investment. You will read new things , experiment with money, win some and lose some and through the process you will learn. No one can do it for you. There is no pill to become rich. It is a painfully slow and boring process. If you want to believe in some other way then you have to be the inventor of next Google or Ebay. You cannot do it by following the hot tops in CNBC or Money Control.


        1. Ujjwal

          Thanks for the support 🙂


        2. Vanga Rajendra Prasad says:

          There is no pill to become rich. It is a painfully slow and boring process. – UJWAL, u mentioned great truth

    2. amol says:


      You should not get disappointed as this blog is more into the side of knowledge sharing than pure spoon feeding. I think, that’s how it is different and unique from other blog sites.
      I am follower of this blog from last one year and have immensely benefited from the knowledge sharing we have on this blog. But any blog or information site is not a substitute for your home work.

      I always think that person like Manish must be working hard to give such a good knowledge to all the fellow readers like us. Lets be thankful rather than criticizing him.

      This does not mean we should not give our suggestions to him about our likes or dislikes but they could come in positive spirit which will be helpful for him too.


      1. From the replies to my comment it seems obvious that I didn’t do a good job of explaining my thoughts.

        I am not looking to be spoon fed! I am fairly literate in matters financial and do not need that kind of help.

        I was commenting on the quality of the post itself – calling a spade a spade. This blog or portal, call it what you may, is self professed to be a platform for dissemination of India specific financial information to it’s readers. Now it must be noted that the same information is available from a few thousand other sources on the web. Manish and team have done a good job of collating all that information, adding their own brand of Indian-ness to it and packaging for all of us.

        In the process they must make sure that the quality of the articles they write are such that somebody like I will come here instead of looking elsewhere for information. It is not sufficient to simply re-iterate what other “experts” have already said. There must be value add.

        Also, criticism should be taken with the same gratitude as appreciation. Perhaps even more for I can simply walk away and not criticize. The fact that I have expended time and effort in giving critical feedback should immediately tell you that I value what I see enough to try and help improve it.



        1. Gautam

          I understand your point , but I think there are many readers who expect these kind of articles too and many have liked it too and appreciated it . This article can one of those article which did you suit your taste , I request to just ignore it and read other one’s .

          I hope you will agree . And thanks for comment , I take your views in constructive way , but may be you didnt put your thoughts as clearly as you did in this comment of yours 🙂 (as you said) .


  23. Jerry Jose says:

    Silver can be best investment than gold. But gold has its own dignity and power. both metal can be considered as an investment device. But for siliver we have to buy in larg quantity than gold and more storing space is rquired. The demand of gold is more high than silver and we can sell the gold eaily than silver. So I will say gold is better investment than silver.

    1. Jerry

      I agree with one point that silver is not so easy to save as its huge in quantity compared to gold . But I still dont understand why its tough to sell silver compared to gold , is it that tough in magnitude ?

  24. sagar godse says:

    hi manish!

    Nice artical! specialy regarding the complete era of silver as commodity. But can u please illustrate more on current ups n down of silver? Which factor influence the most?

    1. Sagar

      I have already mentioned 3 main things which affect the prices of gold and silver, the current upmove is also because of those 3 things and some more like Oil price movement .

      1. sagar godse says:


        currentiy i am invested in reliance gold saving fund. And i am thinking to invest in silver. So i just want to know that what is the difference between silver as commodity n silver as SIP or ETF? What will u suggest regarding invest in silver at this stage?

        1. Sagar

          There is no ETF in indian for silver, there is much difference as far as price of silver . Both moves in the same way (physical and online) .


  25. raj says:

    Manishbhai Namskar,

    I have received an e-mail on the sub “Simplify your Investments with moneysights”. Can I register myself to moneysight as a jago investor reader?


    1. Raj

      yes , it was meant for the email subscribers only and you have the special link for registering . Go ahead


      1. Saurav Sinha says:

        Hi Manish, I tried Moneysight… looks better(user-friendly) than moneycontrol… but 1 nagging problem … while entering details about my funds, it asks for “Months remaining for SIP.” What does it mean actually?
        Is it like no. of months remaining for SIP(say Im SIPing 5k for 30 years starting from 04-11-2010, then Months remaining for SIP = 360- no. of months till date for which SIP is done??)

        1. Saurav

          Yes , its means that only . But more than what is hte exact duration as per documentation , i think you should right , what is the time frame you are looking for .


        2. Santosh Navlani says:

          Hey Saurav,

          i’m glad that you found us user-friendly. In “Months remaining” field, you are supposed to enter the number of months for which you will continue in future.
          We will auto-calculate the units whenever the SIP date comes. And in case you miss the SIP for whatever reason, you can also come & update the month for which you missed.
          Hope this helps.


  26. raj says:

    Manishbhai, nice article!

    I am buying gold ETF (goldbees) regularly. Is there any way to buy silver like gold ETF? Whether buying silver via commodity market is safe and better way?
    I have no idea regarding commodity market, please suggest steps of buying silver through commodity market and tips/strategies for getting profit.


    1. Raj

      You can invest in e-Silver through NSEL , look here :

      I cant provide tips, because I dont have it 🙂


      1. Charan says:

        Raj, In India we do not have Silver ETFs yet, if you are looking to buy it only in e-format. Then e-Silver is the only way. NESL is comodities Exchange just like stock exchanges BSE/NSE. Commodities exchange is offering e-serives on 1. Gold 2. Silver 3. Copper 4. Zinc. So you can buy any of these metals in demat format. You can deal with them just as you deal with stocks. The only Thing with e-series is thesr are bought in lots. For Ex: e-Gold Can be boughe in 1 Gm denomination and multiples of 1 gm. eSilver can be bought at 100 grams denomination and multiples of it. eCopper and eZinc can be bought in 1kg denominations. To invest in e-gold/silver you have to open a demat/trading acct with a DP of Comodities exchange. Hope that info was useful

  27. Kedar says:

    Hi Manish,
    Nice article.
    Rapid fall in silver prices should be only a temporary situation and holding Silver will give better results in long term is what I think…


    1. Kedar

      I also think that , but over the last few years , silver has made exceptional move on the upside , my human mind says , the upside should continue over long term to medium term. But my trader mind says , it should be in a range 🙂


      1. Kedar says:


        As you rightly pointed out, following are the points I would like to state in support of my opinion –
        1. Tradition values for Silver in Indian’s mind
        2. Huge amount of use of Silver in industry
        3. And hence silver is getting used and is not available for re-cycling unlike Gold
        4. Limited amount of Silver available with earth

        These reasons increasing the value of demand to supply ratio and hence making Silver fundamentally strong and support for higher prices.

        Thanks and Regards,

  28. Nagarajan Santhan says:

    Hi Manish

    Good article mainly on the time 🙂

    Nagarajan Santhan

    1. Nagarajan

      Thanks 🙂 . So what do you think about investment in Silver ? Do you think it can outperform gold in next 5-10 yrs ? Your thoughts ?


      1. Nagarajan Santhan says:

        Yes Manish. I hope silver investments is better than gold.

        – Nagarajan

      2. Prateek Mishra says:

        Yes Manish you are right, investment in silver is better than gold.

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