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What is the equity and debt exposure of your portfolio? How many different companies have you invested in through mutual funds? And do you know of any tool with great UI and simple features that can help you analyse your mutual funds and stocks in detail? If you wondered that there is no such website which can do such analysis and that too for FREE, I am happy to introduce you to It does it all that for you and much more…

moneysights review

From a few months, I am in touch with moneysight’s team. At that time they were still building their product and were trying to solve some key issues which investors face today and I knew from beginning that users will like their product when it goes live. Just a month or so back when their product was in beta mode, all the Jagoinvestor readers on email (see sidebar for subscription link) received the beta invitation from moneysights and they got a chance to use their tool exclusively and in advance than others.

The reason why I want to know about moneysights is because they aim to solve 3 key problems that is faced by common investors in India. These problems have played a crucial role in ensuring that Mutual Funds & Direct Equity investments remain under-penetrated as fas as mass market retail investors are concerned. I have described these problems below from Mutual Funds point of view –

Problem 1 : Choice & Suitability

There are 4,000+ of Mutual Fund schemes in the India today. If one includes the variations & scheme options like Growth, Dividend, etc. These schemes are broadly classified in 10+ types like Equity, Debt, Balanced, MIPs, ELSS etc. Most of the average retail investors don’t understand or demand so much of choice and option. A large number of schemes not only adds confusion to the decision-making process but also often results in postponing our investment decisions (i.e. taking actions).

If the quantity of schemes in the market is the first problem, then knowing the suitability of the scheme to an individual is another problem to be cleared? Not every scheme is suitable to every type of investor. An ICICI Prudential Discovery or IDFC Premier Equity may have given great returns & hence they command a 5-STAR return rating but how many of us know that both of them primarily invest in stocks which most often may not be Large-cap stable businesses. And hence they may not be suitable for someone who is risk-averse or someone who is just beginning to invest. Wouldn’t investing purely on return ratings may bring-in a surprise to the investor when the markets go into a downward trend?

Problem 2 : Construction of Mutual funds portfolio

Reading my previous posts on how to create a Mutual Fund Portfolio or How many funds are ideal to have in a Portfolio, you would have realized that diversification in the Portfolio is very important. But then, why how does one construct a diversified portfolio of 4-5 different Mutual Fund schemes. There is so much information needed to construct a diversified portfolio that it’s definitely a cumbersome task to construct one manually.

For example having a HDFC Top 200 & a Birla Sun Life Frontline Equity isn’t diversification but duplication. They are 2 similar funds & having both of them doesn’t make sense in a diversified portfolio. Look at this jagoinvestor forum question of mutual funds portfolio review and moneysights helping him.

Problem 3 : Tracking of Mutual funds portfolio

After someone invests in a set of Mutual Funds, is there a way to track, monitor & manage the Portfolio in a seamless manner? Most websites do offer tracking services. But then, again people like Venshu had asked about  how to get annualized returns so as to compare portfolio performance, sector allocation, etc. so that one can get actionable insights to manage the Portfolio on an ongoing basis that minimizes portfolio risks & optimizes returns. I have used their tracking tool myself and it looks simple and good to me.

Some more good features

Some of you who would have registered on may be able to relate to what i’m talking here. However, if you have not tried it yet, let me summarize quickly on what stood out for me –

1. Fund’s Performance Report Card

moneysights review

Moneysights allows you to get more information about a specific mutual fund scheme in a quick & simple way. Just go to the Find Mutual Funds section where you can search or browse for specific Mutual Fund schemes. Opening the detail page of a Mutual Fund scheme like HDFC Equity Fund would allow you to see –

  1. A unique way of portraying Fund’s Performance through Fund’s Performance Report Card – also notice the no-use of financial jargon
  2. Performance Comparison with fund’s benchmark, SENSEX or NIFTY – notice the lack of importance to NAV & prominence to performance chart w.r.t. various benchmarks
  3. Return Comparison with SENSEX, NIFTY, Category Average, etc. in tabular format during different time periods
  4. How much your money would have grown had you chosen to invest in this scheme – notice the actual amount of dividend you would have earned
  5. Mutual Fund Category Performance comparison within different time-frames
  6. Portfolio composition of the scheme in terms of asset class, market capitalization, sector exposure & underlying stocks

So, all the information you require for knowing how good or bad a Mutual Fund scheme is available within a single-page interface.

2. Portfolio Health

Now this is another valuable feature. Many a times, readers have posted questions on forum about specific funds that they have invested in. Questions like shall I stay invested in (say) a Reliance Vision Fund or Sundaram SMILE Fund which probably used to be good performers at some point in time but are not the best ones today. Does it make sense to redeem & divert the investment in some other fund in similar category? Portfolio Health answers this.

Moneysights review

The way I understand moneysights is doing is they find a scheme which belongs to same category as you have & check if there is a scheme which has performed better – i.e. taken lesser risk but has offered more returns. If they are able to find a better option, they show these options. Let me know what you feel about this in comments section.

3. Get a Portfolio

This is going to be useful for readers who want to start their investments from a scratch all over again or re-align their portfolio to their risk appetite. All you have to do is select a risk profile you can identify with & moneysights displays a portfolio of Mutual Funds which is appropriate to the risk profile selected along with how much exposure you should take in a specific scheme. I personally spoke to moneysight’s team & they mentioned that they give more importance to downside protection capability while choosing the funds & portfolio is constructed following best practices of portfolio management that control portfolio concentration risks. They also recommend funds which have proven history of performance & have a minimum AUM under their belt.

Moneysights review
If you play around with this engine you would notice that higher your risk score more is the allocation to Equity. You would also notice that the resulting portfolio is always diversified across schemes, fund houses, sectors & stocks. They also show portfolio’s break-up & its past performance against SENSEX & NIFTY that help you understand why the portfolio is being recommended to you & how it’s good.

Other Small but Significant Features that you may like –

While the above 3 stood out for me, you may also like the many things they do differently like –

  • Letting you enter the amount of Investment & SIP day for accurately tracking your SIP investments.
  • Annualized returns of the schemes you invest in as well as the Portfolio when your investments are more than 1 year old – a very handy feature for readers who have been looking for XIRR returns.
  • Dividends that you may have received for your investments.
  • Updating missed SIP details – You can also update if you missed investing in a specific month for one of your SIPs. Doesn’t it happen sometimes intentionally or unintentionally with us?
  • By allowing you to redeem Mutual Funds partially or fully, they also let you build history of your booked past profits/losses.

Wishlists for moneysights

There are some of the things which I would personally like to see in future releases . They are

  1. An advanced comparision tool which can show the past performance of the current portfolio
  2. Comparision of two or more mutual funds/indexes in much more detail.
  3. I wish if a user can create his own strategies and run it over the portfolio and see how the strategy would preform over long term.
  4. I also wish if there was a download your Portfolio report in xls and PDF format which I can download and keep it for my record from time to time or just offline viewing . That report can give the overall Report in nice format which is just awesome to look at and worth showoff .

Area’s of Improvement

  1. For most of the return analysis and comparision , it can be done only for the last 5 yrs , I hope if it can be maximum possible .
  2. Their UI is great and neat , but I still feel there are much more things on UI than required and some of them can be displayed on demand (on a click) . What do others think ?


To conclude, if you have feel that you can relate to even 1 of the above problems that I mentioned at the beginning of the post, you would agree after using moneysights that it’s an answer to those problems. I would love to know your opinion on this. Please share it in comments section.

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  1. Maulik says:

    I will also suggest’s also a good site..

  2. name says:

    Surprising to see no response from Manish/Santosh on this… there were so many opinions/responses about moneysights when it was being recommended, but not even one now, when its closed and ppl are wondering why its closed so suddenly.

  3. Chaitanya says:

    I was about to open an account with them, but glad that I chose fundsindia instead as just got to know that moneysights is closing the online transactions business?

    Any one knows why moneysights is taking that path (hope Santosh Navlani clarifies)?

  4. varun says:

    today i received mail from moneysights that they are closing services.

    Hi Varun Pandey,

    This is in reference to your Online Investment Services Account with moneysights.

    We deeply regret to inform you that moneysights would be terminating the Online Mutual Fund Investment Services offered by us. This means that while rest of our services & features continue to run as usual, our Customers who hold an Online Investment Account won’t be able to transact online after a few days from now.

  5. Jeetu says:

    I am about to open my account with Moneysights…. (I have to send them few documents to make the investment account ready)

    In one of Doc titled “Letter of Permission”, one clause reads as:
    “To share the details of my/our Bank Account(s) to a third party service provider or to any of the affiliates/subsidiaries of MONEYSIGHTS
    by virtue of I/We using/subscribing to any of the facilities/services provided either by MONEYSIGHTS, or through a third Party service
    provider or to any of the affiliates/subsidiaries of MONEYSIGHTS. To do all such acts, deeds and things as may be necessary for or
    incidental to provision of services and facilities to me including giving intimations, confirmation, etc. on my/our behalf.”

    Now, why we need to share the bank details to third party service provider???
    I am sharing the details to moneysights isn’t sufficient?
    And what they mean by bank details? Is it bank account number? IFSC Code? MICR No? They should specify, what exactly they mean by bank details…!

  6. Jayachandran says:


    Please accept my apology for my previous comment about delay . I was under wrong assumption that it’s just a email. You folks are having such a helpful system .

    Now I understand that it’s a verified , clear PDF with easy to fill format . Really nice . Especially for some one like me taking the first steps into the chaos of investment /money management 🙂

    Looking forward for a long happy journey with money sights .


    1. Santosh Navlani says:

      No issues. Don’t bother. i can tell you that we have the simplest, the fastest & smoothest sign-up process with loads of improvements possible 😉

  7. Jayachandran says:

    This is my first comments here . I was amazed by Reading the review
    About money sights last night and immediately tried to open an account .

    1.i did not get any email when I registered.
    2.even after filling up the formats submit I am yet to to get the next email with details shortly .

    Is this normal? In the web3.0 era it’s quite surprising .
    Can some one advice this newbie ?


    1. Santosh Navlani says:

      Hi Jayachandran,

      Apologies if you felt that it was very long lag between you filling form post mid-night & getting the form 1st thing in morning.

      You may appreciate that sending the form may not take time as things are automated. But what may be the rightful proess is “verification” if form got filled properly. We avoid cases where people fill forms wrongly & then send their signed version only to get rejected.

      Somebody needed to check the details to “approve” the application & that has to be manual.

      i can assure that there would be nothing to wonder on why everyone has only appreciated moneysights’ service once you start experiencing it :).

      Hope this helps.

      Santosh Navlani

  8. Santosh Navlani says:

    Hi Ram,

    No need for an apology here. All is well that ends well 🙂

    i’m glad that you spent time & discovered the uniqueness of moneysights. Your suggestions on Fund Comparison is taken….it is something thats a must-have now given so many users’ demand.

    i’m sure you would find suggestions/ recos & other features more useful as you start using them more. Keep the suggestions flowing…we will keep doing our best. In not so distant future, all feature requests would be implemented. Its a matter of time.

    Thanks again for the appreciation & clarifying your stand. It helps everyone involved here.

    Santosh Navlani | moneysights | making investing simple

  9. Ahmad Zaib says:

    Hi there,
    I am relatively new to the world of investments and started in a time when there was FundsIndia for our online purchase needs.
    Then came moneysights and being a techie myself I could see the vast difference and the freshness they brought to the world of online investing. Day-by-day they have been adding features to their portal and all of them are anything but “useless”.
    Also they are a new entity as compared to MoneyControl or FundsIndia and considering the pains and efforts required to make a successful and usable product are simply unthinkable of.
    I would like to send kudos to Santosh and his team for their excellent efforts. And I am pretty sure sooner or later these small things like entry/exit loads WILL be included in their system.
    One just needs to have patience. After all its one’s own choice.
    To put it in my words, “for smart investors there’s moneysights, for everyone else there are others!” 😉

  10. Santosh Navlani says:

    Hi Ram,

    i’m sorry if your experience wasn’t anything to cheer about. This is an exception for us….let me address your points 1 by 1 –
    1. Matching of your units with CAMS/Karvy –
    This will never be the case unless you have been subject to entry load. So, if your investment was made prior to Aug 1, 2009 the actual investment would vary & hence you are seeing a difference. i would strongly recommend that you enter the inv amount net of exit load. You will be able to see the net amount invested in your CAMS statement. And just to clarify, our system understands that appicable NAV dates are dependent on holidays, etc. & we take that into account automatically.

    2. Regarding ICICI Pru Life Top 100 –
    This is the case of name change in scheme. At times, it happens an old scheme gets merged or name gets changed. These kind of issues are not always easy to handle as this calls for some intervention from our data providers. We will be able to solve this…however, it takes time.

    3. Why don’t we allow entering units –
    Simple. Because most people don’t remember. One remembers that s/he has a SIP of Rs. x in y fund…and thats the best way to capture. In fact, i’m surprised that you found it difficult….its very fast to enter data in moneysights…its actually the fastest & easiest. Use all the tools available to you on the box which opens up & you will experience it yourself. Also, entering units will actually deprive our users of the XIRR calculations & intermediate redemptions or missed SIPs that normally happen in real life.

    Hope i have answered your queries.

    Santosh Navlani | moneysights | making investing simple

    1. Ram Mohan says:

      Hi Santosh,

      Thank you for taking time out and explaining things to me. Since I’ve been investing for a long time (from probably 2005/2006), I don’t have the “original” account statements to really enter the NET amount. Firstly I don’t know what is this net amount you’re referring to.

      For example, I opened the CAMS active statement and here is what it says:

      1) Purchase (Continous Offer) of 12.297 units acquired at a price of 57.813 per unit on 06-Nov-2008, current balance of which is 17.297 units with age of 340 days.

      Now 12.297*57.813 = 999.99 which is equal to the Rs. 1000 SIP that I entered. Now, can you tell me how I will be able to fix this in your platform? Also, I don’t see where the entry load is a problem here. Looks like I invested Rs. 1000 and all 1000 has been allocated to me in terms of units…

      We can agree to differ, but if you’re able to show on your system how the calculations work and how my fund’s value is x amount after so many SIPs, then I can manually correct any entries that are wrong. I’m talking about something similar to Moneycontrol portfolio where you can expand out the individual SIPs under each MF and edit or delete or sell.

      I still am unable to understand how I can correct my entries on your site

      1. Ram Mohan says:

        To add further to this point, let me take a 2nd example:

        FUnd Name – Principal Tax Saver (G)

        SIP 1 — Amount:5000, Date of first SIP: 07/08/2008, SIP day in month:15, SIP expired on July 2009

        SIP 2 — Amount:3000, Date of first SIP: 13/08/2009, SIP day in month: 15, SIP expired on Jan 2010

        Now as per your site, the amount invested = 78,000 (correct).

        But current fund value = 114,xxx (wrong) — it is only equal to 110,407

        Which brings me back to your point. The applicable price and units bought for this SIP is wrong. Remember that the amount is still 5,000 and 3,000 but the entry price is different. How can I change this on your platform?

        Many thanks,


        1. Santosh Navlani says:

          Hi Ram,

          Net amount is = Your cheque value – Entry Load, if any.

          You can delete all the entries made. Just bring your mouse to fund name. An action option will appear…under this action 1 of the option would be “Delete”.

          Santosh Navlani | | making investing simple

          1. Gowri says:

            I can’t reply on specifics of the issue that Mr.Ram is having, but here is a different perspective as a user of Money Sights (with no other affiliation whatsoever). Take it for what its worth – your mileage may vary considerably.

            I use services like Money Sights for tracking my investments, and I consider it to be fine if by this nuance of entry load or holiday etc, the fund value is off by a small amount. I am looking for a macro picture of what my investments are worth, how much have they appreciated etc, and small amounts don’t make too much of a difference to me (for eg, I don’t care about a difference between 8.46% vs 8.52% because of this small amount difference). And the reason I take it easy on this is because money sights is not my bank or CAMS. I would expect these entities to keep perfect accounts.

            However as Money Sights wants people to buy funds through it, the expectation of precise accounting will be there and is very reasonable.

            And I agree with Mr.Ram’s comment that the site should allow for editing values for single SIPs for whatever reason. Easy should not mean less capability or loss of capability.

            1. Ram Mohan says:

              Hi Gowri,

              I’m not talking about 0.5% difference. I’m talking about close to 4.5% difference in just 1 investment (actual value is 110,xxx vs 114,xxx as shown by moneysights). Why should I as an investor put up with a sight that has about 5% difference in the fund values?



            2. Gowri says:

              Ram, you don’t have to put up with it. No one is forcing you to.
              As I said, you mileage may vary considerably. And, I am just another user, like you. You don’t have to justify anything to me or others.
              I am done replying in this thread.

            3. Ahmad Zaib says:

              I agree with Gowri, no one is forcing you to do anything or use anything.
              You can keep using whichever product you are satisfied with.

            4. Santosh Navlani says:

              Hi Gowri,

              Thanks for taking an unbiased stand here. As always, its appreciable.

              Coming to the specifics here, i think i addressed the concept of the investment amount w/o getting into numbers. Putting numbers there wouldn’t have changed my answer’s basic premise. If someone is entering data accurately like the applicable NAV date & actual amount invested net of charges, then there is no reason the Investment Value is different. Unless ofcourse a decimal point here & there which as you rightly said is of little consequence. Further, those come in because of rounding off methods followed than anything else. There is a chance with very less probability where our NAV of a specific scheme is slightly different in our records or isn’t available for a specific day – because our data provider CRISIL have done some manual error – which again is ok because its not affecting things in large number, ofcourse we have strict SLAs but we can’t chase every insignificant thing down here. And there is no solution available for that….as long as we are offering the right picture & ensuring for your ONLINE PURCHASES thru moneysights, things are super-accurate (again there is no chance of going wrong here)….simply because we replicate CAMS/Karvy!

              Regarding modification that you suggested, i believe we have certain flexibilities like updating missed SIPs, adding partial redemptions, etc., which are hard to build & not available anywhere but super-useful & utilitarian. We will certainly keep it improving….and adding to them.

              As i have always been saying, we would concentrate on solving 90% of use cases & once we finish, we will move on to remaining….again unfortunately, a few people want everything from day 1. Not possible given the real-life situations.

              Once again, many thanks for putting your thoughtful comment.


            5. Ram Mohan says:

              Hi Santosh,

              I believe I may have been a little harsh with my earlier comments. After using your site for a few days, I do find it quite useful. Off course my specific problem isn’t yet solved, but that’s ok as I’m using the site for other things (mutual fund discovery, portfolio health check and recommendations etc.)

              The graphics are very nice and attractive too. One suggestion is if we could compare returns of different funds or stocks manually. Currently it is automatically showing related funds, but if you could add that feature, it would be very useful (maybe it is already there and I haven’t found it?)

              I hope you accept my sincere apology for the hard words in a public forum and wish you all success with your venture. But I would also like better customer support because I reported this as a problem, but till date I haven’t received any acknowledgement or nobody contacted me to find out more about the problem.

              Gowri:> Many thanks for pointing out the other things I can use in the site; I guess it’s true that just because some specific problem of mine is unsolved, I cannot just bash the whole site. Then it just becomes my loss



  11. Ram Mohan says:

    HI Mr. Santosh,

    I was trying out your website last night and I must say I’m disappointed with the way you can enter mutual funds into the site.

    I tried entering a few different mutual funds from my portfolio onto your site and I must say I was very disappointed with the results. Not once did the final number of units and cost price match what I had actually bought. I don’t know if your system has the past market holidays fed into it which makes the NAV fall on the next working day. I’m talking about 2007, 2008 etc. which I can only guess is not fed into your system correctly. It must be taking the SIP date NAV which is the previous working day’s NAV

    Next to make things simpler, I tried a very simple test — I tried using “ICICI Prulife Top 100 Fund” which is my simplest investment — 7 SIPS. Unfortunately your system doesn’t recognize that this fund exists in 2009. It kept complaining the the NAV start date is before the fund came into existence.

    Why can you not give me a simple way to enter mutual fund details? I have the average price and number of units, why can I not enter this just like stocks? This will make my life simpler and will let me use your site.

    I have been investing in mutual funds for the past 8 years. So, asking me to fill in SIP after SIP dates along with redemption dates and missed SIPs is absolutely a horror for me and as such makes your site unusable to me in the current format.

    Looking forward to hearing from you on this,



  12. Aseef says:

    hi,can u please recommend articles online where i can study mutual funds basics..i am a beginner..thanks

  13. Chander Kant Goyal says:

    My point is its OK to not to rate FMPs sense and ultrashort term debt funds extensively in competitive,
    But while calculating debt and equity ratios correct classes should be assigned, which is very basic of wealth management and the same you have corrected thank you very much for that

    I agree if you want to say that the problems should be submitted to your site first before posting to review blog posts, but that makes your website beta kind of service, I did not see beta sign on your website so I thought it as a matured offering

    I really appreciate your prompt response on the reported problems and wish you success in providing simple and easy investing to are really doing a great job


  14. Chander Kant Goyal says:

    The website doesn’t recognize FMPs and rate your portfolio considering them as equity funds, more ever it doesn’t take into consideration your gold funds while calculating your portfolio scores, Overall I am not happy with recommendation on get portfolio tab, I entered my mutual fund portfolio on site and got recommendation to invest in HDFC Prudence fund , I acted on the recommendation and switched few of my Units to this scheme , very next day I got recommendation to sell HDFC Prudence fund, what a sham recomendations

    1. Gowri says:

      As an investor, it is your responsibility to research your investments before you make them. Blindly following some recommendation from any site is bound to lead you into trouble.

      To be clear, I am not trying to defend moneysights — it is indeed strange how the recommendation switches in a day. But it is also true that the same fund can be recommended for one person or one composition of portfolio, and not recommended for a different portfolio. For eg, if you had switched many funds on a single day, the composition of your portfolio has changed and the Prudence fund may not make sense for you anymore after those changes. You have to really look at what changed from your end.

      1. Chander Kant Goyal says:

        Mr Gowri,

        I do understand responsibility of my own portfolio, I think this post is to review money sights services not bashing people for the honest reviews.
        I am not from the class of people who follows any website recommendations , or any tom dick harry free advisor or agents.
        I wanted to try moneysights to see what it can recommend to diversify my portfolio since I had only 2 equity and 3 FMPs as debt fund , I switched to HDFC prudence fund to diversity my folio and do not regret the decision it actually do give diversification to the folio, but I was surprised how random is the website’s recommendations that without even a slight change in folio and acting on the recommendation the recommendation reverses in one day
        The whole point of the post was that Money sights really need to do extensive work of rating and weighting all the funds if they really want to come up in serious wealth management business , the all groovy features don’t help investors until the features are backed by regressive research and unbiased advice.

        No offence if you are among owner/developer team of the business, Its my review and it is upto you or anyone to take it or leave it

        1. Gowri says:

          Mr.Chander, I am just an occasional user of moneysights. I was just commenting on why possibly the site could have changed recommendations. I have no affiliations to them!!

    2. Santosh Navlani says:

      Hi Chander,

      Your above comment is completely MISPLACED. i’m sorry to say but by putting this wrongly found conclusion here you are only harming the trust that our users place in our end-to-end services.

      First things first – We don’t rate FMPs. They shouldn’t be. They are close-ended. We will be wasting our energies in rating them as new investors can’t invest in an old FMP. And the ones who have already invested can’t do anything but to stay till maturity. Ofcourse they are listed but that doesn’t mean everyone can exit/enter at a price one wants. We also don’t rate gold funds but again that doesn’t mean we don’t take into portfolio score consideration. Our portfolio scores are dependent on ones current asset allocation. Just to let you know – we show best portfolio for current risk scores. And ON THAT SCREEN we never ask for specific replacements. We just say what is the best portfolio for the current amount & leave at that. Also, as far as replacement reco are concerned, THEY ARE always from same category & similar funds. Needless to say, it is again NOT possible to get replacement for FMPs as we don’t rate them!

      Regarding, HDFC Prudence – What you have said above again – IS IMPOSSIBLE. The fund that you will be asked to invest can’t become a reco to sell next day or a even month or a quarter. Unless you change your risk score, but thats a different case altogether.

      i would request you to please clarify your doubts before going out & maligning the reco engine. And mind you, we do an awesome job of it. And most JagoInvestor readers who are well-read people on these things like us for what they see. Its not that there is no scope for improvement….we welcome your thoughts on it for us. We would love to work on them & benefit everyone. But this is an undesirable behavior on your part.

      Santosh Navlani | moneysights team | making investing simple

  15. d.chatterjee says:

    where is faq section in your website?

    1. Santosh Navlani says:

      Hi D. Chatterjee,

      You can email your queries on We will be able to assist you. We typically reply instantly to emails. At times, it may take upto few hours.

      Santosh Navlani | | making investing simple

  16. mnd says:

    when will moneysights introduce equity trading.? any prospective date/charges?
    absence of equity trading is the only reason withholding my shift to MS.

    1. Santosh Navlani says:

      Hi mnd,

      All i can tell you is we are working on it. Can’t promise a date now…but i don’t see a reason for you to not shift for MFs to begin with.

      Santosh Navlani

  17. Chander Goyal says:


    If you can add option for clubbing family portfolios, that helps seeing an segregated view for family investments

  18. kalyan says:

    Can I buy gold ETF using your account..?

    1. Kalyan

      NO , moneysights does not have equity trading at the moment and ETF’s are kind of equity shares only (in a way) , but you can invest in gold funds which are nothing but mutual funds


      1. suri says:


        1. can’t i buy gold fund?I can’t see buy button.
        2. if it is possible please put whether fund has SIP option available or not .
        3. Can’t find SWP and STP options

        UI is good

        1. Santosh Navlani says:

          hi Suri,

          As Manish mentioned, you can’t buy ETFs…however, investing in Gold Fund of Funds like Reliance Gold Savings Fund is enabled.

          We will try to incorporate the info-request in your 2nd suggestion. We will be introducing SWP/STP shortly.

          Santosh Navlani | | making investing simple

          1. suri says:

            Please try to add more gold fund.

  19. newinvestor says:

    Hi Mr Santosh Navlani,
    Thanks for ur reply, yes i was convinced by your earlier reply to my MF query. Now I wanted to ask about the equity. On MS u rate the stocks on two counts financial strength and upside potential. My question is if I select stocks which are rated as 5 star both in financial strength as well as in upside potential then is it good enough to have a fundamentally strong portfolio or I need to do some more analysis and select the stocks. I hope now question is clear to u. Thanks

    1. Santosh Navlani says:

      Hi @newinvestor,

      Thanks for the quick one.

      While we personally don’t analyze too much after checking moneysights ratings for investing in stocks, i wouldn’t recommend the same for users. Specifically, in these days of ultra-volatility & policy flip-flops from Govt. For example, if Tata Steel as a stock looks good on moneysights ratings & many “unbiased” analysts are recommending buying at current levels. But if one’s own view of Metals sector is grim, then i doubt any kind of +ve ratings would convince them of buying. So, in essence, we don’t actually factor in News/ Rumors & Sectoral Policy Actions in the ratings. And still, 1/3rd of stocks which were 4 & 5-star rated a year ago, have actually given +ve returns ranging from 100+ % to 5%+, while there are others who have given -ve return of 30% as well.

      To answer in brief, we DON’T “mean”, you go & buy the 4 & 5-star stock blindly. Look at the sector, your risk profile & then make the investment. moneysights objective of ratings is to “assist” our users in decision-making & NOT offer tips! We would ideally go out & say buy 4&5 star rated, but then we are putting ourselves in an undesired territory. And hence treat this as a standard disclaimer.

      Stock ratings are only on fundamentals. And not on news. So, pick a style that suits you.

      Disclaimer: i hold Tata Steel personally & bought it in recent downfall.

      Santosh Navlani | | making investing simple

  20. newinvestor says:

    Still waiting for ur responses to my earlier comment

    1. Santosh Navlani says:


      Couldn’t understand your query clearly. Hence didn’t reply earlier. Please elaborate . i shall be happy to respond. Also, 1 more thing – am i right to assume that you were convinced on my earlier reply or you are changing the question altogether??

      Santosh Navlani | | making investing simple

  21. newinvestor says:

    Now regarding stock selection, just selecting stocks with 5 star both in safety as well as in upside potential buying it and thats it, we have made a fundamentally strong portfolio which is bound to give good return in long term or again it require further analysis….crux of the question how to convert star rating of stocks into action!!

  22. newinvestor says:

    Money sights has to go a long way if it wants to provide one stop solution for MF tracking so as to provide actionable input. If Switch, SWP and STP options are missing then investor doesn’t get the complete picture. For example I invested in SBI blue chip trough SIP for a year in 2006 and later switched entire amount to magnum taxgain. MS doesn’t have a solution here to provide YOY return in case of switches.

    1. Santosh Navlani says:

      Hi newinvestor,

      Thanks for your comment. As the saying goes, “Rome wasn’t built in a day…”. While i don’t want to take refuge in the statement, “product development” is always a gradual process.

      Personally, if there wasn’t any time lag between thinking features, planning them, prioritize them, developing & then making available then, moneysights would have been already a complete product! But unfortunately, in reality things take time. And HENCE, one has to solve problems OR create solutions which are wanted by 80% of prospective users first before building the rest 20% solutions which have less demand.

      If you ask a Mutual Fund company, they will tell you that STP, SWP Switch are not the most used facilities….come on, we as a country have barely got used to adopting SIPs! So, once we “satisfactorily” complete what we have already built, we won’t be expanding to cover the rest 20% of use-cases (as we call it).

      i think i answered the first statement you made. Coming to your specific case of SWITCH, you can easily enter a sell transaction & a new lumpsum purchase for your SBI MF investment. All it would take is 2-3 mins, if you have all the data required available :). And in that case, your entire MF portfolio as well as your individual investments would show up the YOY return as well. 0.25% STT paid for the SWITCH would not get factored in though, but still you have enough info for what would show up with very 100% accuracy.

      Please feel free to comment/ respond, if there is anything else i can assist you with. Thanks!

      Santosh Navlani | | making investing simple

  23. sameer says:

    Hi Santosh,
    Had a look at your sight. It is simply Great and Very intutive. I learnt a lot about mutual funds just by visiting your site.
    I have been following your site regularly and now i see that you have added an option for buying MF’s as well.

    But is our data like Bank Account Number,PAN Card no. etc safe at your site and Database. Also, what if i use moneysights for buying mutual funds and God Forbid, moneysights closes or something like that happens , Will the customers not face hardships?

    I must really appreciate your site which is neat and clean than moneycontrol and valueresearch but it Would be great if you can clear my apprehensions.Hope there is nothing wrong in my query 🙂

    1. Santosh Navlani says:

      hi Sameer,

      Thanks for the nice words & your interest in knowing more about the newly launched online MF transactions facility on moneysights. Let me answer 1 by 1 –
      1. Safety of your bank account number & PAN card –
      Yes, your data is absolutely safe. All the data that we collect is encrypted & then stored. Further you may have noticed the “green address bar” that comes when you are on moneysights – thats the proof that all the data that is getting exchanged between your computer & our servers while you use the site is protected using 256-bit SSL layer. Not even all banks use this level of encryption. Its practically impossible for someone to get access to that data. Also, our servers are scanned by McAfee Inc. everyday to keep undesired entities away from our servers, if at all there are any.

      One more thing – you may have noticed that if you were to forget your moneysights password, we DON’T ever send password in your email. We send you a reset link where you can go & choose a new password. Thats again, extra layer of security that nobody can get fraudulent access to your information.

      Further, from moneysights, you can only invest from the bank account that you share with us while opening your account. So, even if some fraudster does get access to your account (which is possible ONLY IF you share the password with him/her OR she/he getting access to your email inbox), the lumpsum purchase still CAN’T happen as that will require your online banking credentials (i doubt anyone would ever have it, except you!) OR if the fraudster sells some of your investments, the money will be credited to your bank account! So, there is no harm even in this worst case scenario (unless the fraudster wants to take revenge by selling your junk Mutual Fund units & booking a loss :-))

      Also, you may have noticed, nobody on earth can do anything to your money by just knowing your account number except sending money into it (and thats also not easy as one needs to know more details like bank branch details that you have the account with). So, to say the least, first the details are not accessible to anyone. Second – if they were to be fraudulently accessed, the loss scenarios doesn’t exist!

      i hope this addresses your question of safety. i have practically covered every scenario & its impact in above 🙂

      2. What happens if moneysights shuts down?
      Nothing. Yes. Absolutely nothing.
      This is because, your investments don’t lie with us. They are always with the AMC. We just display the exact information of your investments & help you transact. At any point in time, you can go to CAMS/ Karvy or the AMC, & redeem the investments that you made through us. OR even purchase more. So, the loss that you will have when we aren’t around, is only one – YOU LOOSE the SIMPLICITY of TRANSACTING in MUTUAL FUNDS. You don’t loose money 🙂

      And after working hard like donkeys for 2 years to build moneysights from scratch, we will move the earth before calling it quits :). And the chances of the worse happening today are reducing to negative as we are living each day!

      Hope i have addressed both your queries. Feel free to comment, if you need any further info, whatsoever. i would love to have you on board as our customer, soon!

      Take care,

      Santosh Navlani | | making investing simple

      1. Gowri says:

        Mr. Navlani,

        One reason I am still cautious is the fact that transacting is free in your site. I don’t see the business model to sustain you in business for a long time. If I buy MFs through your site, losing that convenience and having to track them from AMC to AMC is a big deal if you were to shut down. I would be tempted to buy once I see you charging or once I see how you will make money to stay in business.

        Also, it is not true that the only thing we lose is the simplicity and convenience if you were to shut down. We lose access to the data of what all investments we have made (folio numbers, date of purchase etc etc). Do you allow your customers to export all our data in a standard format out of your site? Until then, again, I cannot transact in your site.

        One request: a mobile app: esp an ipad app would be greatly welcomed.


        1. Santosh Navlani says:

          Dear Gowri,

          i always appreciate your thoughtful replies/comments.

          If you are based in Bangalore, i invite you to our office in Koramangala & see for yourself on we work or make the business run and talk my heart out on how we are planning our next 3-5 years. To discuss that in public, which may convince you or may be not, here in public forum doesn’t really make sense.

          Oh your last point – You don’t loose the info. All your data always remains accessible thru CAMS mailback…also, if the undesired event were to happen, it won’t happen overnight. There will be a plan to it. Not just for helping users get all other info. After all, as entrepreneurs, we do have certain goodwill. Right? And in our case, we do have that already simply because of the team that we are at moneysights.

          Regarding iPad – we ourselves want to launch it as of yesterday! But if the time lag between what we think in our minds for product & when it happens in reality was a little lesser, than you would have been accessing moneysights on all types of mobile devices. Unfortunately, things take some time to plan & build. It will for sure soon. If not for anything else, it will happen for the background my co-founder & myself come from 🙂

          Santosh Navlani | moneysights team | making investing simple

        2. Chander Kant Goyal says:

          I think portals like moneysights and fundsindia raise revenue from trail commissions paid out by MF houses, and charged back to investors in form of expense ratio, but nevertheless there are only few MFs which charges below maximum allowed expense ratios to its customers(So buying from these portals is best option I think),

          but owners can clarify on it better

          regulator SEBI stipulates maximum it can charge its investors for portfolio management based upon the size of the fund

  24. Santosh Navlani says:

    Hi nJoy/ Jig,

    Thanks for raising this queries. We will definitely incorporate in the upcoming faq section.

    Answer to query 2 & 3 –
    We are not yet open to NRIs. But expect that in a few months (o). Once we open to that, we will be able to give you all the details

    Answer to 1, 4 & 5 –
    Without comparing with specific names here, i would like to address all your queries from perspective of what our vision is (some of which is already manifested in our product/offering so far & what can one ).

    moneysights is for prospective investors who find existing sites/offline environment for evaluating, planning, investing, tracking & managing way too complex. If you have been a user, you would have already experienced the aspects of “simplicity” that we have in the product.

    Needless to say, the technology, depth of data & planning algorithms + the unmatched User Experience that we have built & would be continuing to enhance – costs time, efforts & ofcourse money.

    Our offering, is NOT just a transaction platform – we are solving the problem in entirety. And while we are doing all this for our customers (not just 1 thing), we want to ensure that we are able to survive as an economically viable business – a sound, sustainable business for long-term that creates value for everyone by solving/ removing the bottle-necks that plague the financial services industry for retail investors. And i’m not saying pay us because we have costs, pay us because we deliver value 🙂

    The numbers – Rs. 1200 transaction charges you mentioned – are variable in nature – it depends on how many SIPs one has. If SIPs are 2-3, then its Rs. 40-60 only! Don’t get me wrong, but do you think Rs. 40, 60 or 80 or even 100 per month are charges which someone intending to generate long-term wealth without headaches of paper-work should be bothering about?

    Other point, i would like to mention is – almost everyone here is aware what kind of commissions MF agents get. They are so abysmally low that number of agents have gone down from 100,000+ agents to 40,000-odd in last 3 years. Even Govt. owned Postal Offices across the country stopped selling Mutual Funds in 2010! i’m sure that banks, stock brokers, many offline agents, etc. who continue to sell & charge are definitely aware some websites are offering this for free. To each, his/her own equation of economics & value :). Btw, buying from DMAT would incur charges as well – on both buy/sell transactions.

    We are confident & clear that we are building a valuable product & service. We think we have made it affordable. Rest, let the market-place decide 🙂

    Many thanks again.

    Santosh Navlani |

    1. Jig says:

      Hello Mr Santosh,
      Hope Market decision now cleared to you. 🙂 dont mind just kidding…
      You guys are offering excellent services at no cost.

      I am waiting when you guys are Opening the services to NRIs?

      Thanks & Regards



  25. Jig says:

    Wow, that you are on the track of online investing platform now.
    Some ques:
    1. How it is differ from Fundsindia?
    2. Is it possible for NRI too to invest through your platform?
    3. Joint Account opening is possible ? Myself & my wife has different NRI single holder Account. If i want to open one account only with MS for investing , what will be the procedure?
    3. Why we choose to pay for each transaction even though fundsindia is there who is offering the same platform for free. dont me take in negative way. I just wana to know for which services i am going to pay?
    4. Monthly 5 SIP means 100 Rs per month . 1200 Rs per year and 450 annually charges. In such case, Is it not advisable to Invest through Demat or even FundsIndia?

    Finally for your info i am writing this ques here as you can add it in your FAQ or you can share the same with many users of JI at one place.

    Thanks Buddy and good luck

  26. singh says:

    Dear Santosh your site indeed looks nice. But I have a few queries. Kindly answer them for me.
    Here are they –
    1. Option available if someone has weekly SIPs.
    2. Option available if someone changes his SIP date from 10th to 15th after being invested for one year. Also can individual entries be modified?
    3. What happens if I increase my SIP amount in future?
    4. Also what is the usefulness of details about Folio No.? How it would be useful to users?
    5. When one of my friend tried your Tax Planning Tool & got it by mail, it had the following post script. Kindly explain what do you mean –

    [P.S. While investing in these funds, do opt for online performance tracking of these funds on Mutual Fund Company’s website. You will then be able to seamlessly track the performance of these funds on]

    6. Lastly what about Reports as Manish has wished. Please provide in both the Excel & PDF Reports. It will be really helpful to keep an offline record (say quarterly) because when one login, he/she gets to see only the current position.

    1. Santosh Navlani says:

      hi Singh,

      Glad that you liked moneysights….answering your queries below –

      1. Option available if someone has weekly SIPs.
      [moneysights] – no, this isn’t available.

      2. Option available if someone changes his SIP date from 10th to 15th after being invested for one year. Also can individual entries be modified?
      [moneysights] – you can always enter the tenure of 10th as 1 year & then add further buys of different date.

      3. What happens if I increase my SIP amount in future?
      [moneysights] – similar case as above. the option to enter data is available as & how you want it.

      4. Also what is the usefulness of details about Folio No.? How it would be useful to users?
      [moneysights] – as times people buy same funds under different folios for the purpose of doing goal-based investments. redemptions made, if any, would then be done folio-wise. the same case is also applicable if someone has bought 2 same funds from different brokers/agents.

      5. When one of my friend tried your Tax Planning Tool & got it by mail, it had the following post script. Kindly explain what do you mean –

      [P.S. While investing in these funds, do opt for online performance tracking of these funds on Mutual Fund Company’s website. You will then be able to seamlessly track the performance of these funds on]

      [moneysights] – isn’t is self-explanatory :)? we ofcourse would love if our users track all their MF investments on moneysights, whether present ones, past ones & even future ones!

      6. Lastly what about Reports as Manish has wished. Please provide in both the Excel & PDF Reports. It will be really helpful to keep an offline record (say quarterly) because when one login, he/she gets to see only the current position.
      [moneysights] – we don’t have an option right now.

      Hope this helps. Feel free to comment/ ask any further queries you may have.


      Santosh Navlani | | Making Investing Simple

  27. Manu says:

    Thanks very much for introducing moneysights.

    One request..I think we can fairly assume that the mutual fund statement provided by cams is in fairly standard format. If they can support input of cams statement as input ..and load the details in the uploader portfolio that will be great help in creating portfolio for a person in moneysights.

  28. Sid says:

    Hey Santosh!
    You guys at Moneysights have done a great job! I remember having set up multiple xl sheets to analyze the %age of stocks which the MF’s held, with your website it has just become so ridiculously easy! A job well done!
    I do however have a suggestion!
    Your sight currently updates the MF NAV at 12 in the afternoon on a weekday, which becomes misleading if you are comparing day returns before that time! and this needs attention because a site like moneycontrol updates the MF NAV well before (at least before 9:30 around which time I generally check).
    And if that is not enough the Friday closure NAV is updated on Monday on your site! so the whole weekend is a no go on any analysis one needs to carry out because the site is not updated with the MF NAV but is showing the Sensex returns for Friday evening! and guess what to make matters interesting Moneycontrol has the MF NAV update on saturday morning itself.
    Please get the NAV update times up to mark!

    best regards,

    1. Santosh Navlani says:

      Hello Sid,

      Thanks much for the appreciation 🙂

      Yes, your suggestion is justified. However, there are some practical limitations to implement this suggestion. Our data vendor is CRISIL & they have some strict quality checks that ensure we ourselves don’t receive the NAVs before next working day morning. Hence friday NAVs come on Monday & a weekday gets updated around 11 am.

      i can assure you that we have already taken up this issue with them but we may just take some more time for this to get implemented. Hopefully, you would find enough reasons to bear with us for this limitation 🙂


      Santosh Navlani |

  29. Gowri says:

    I registered in the site, setup all my MF portfolios etc – took me an hour. But when I tried to login the next time, it says “please enter valid email” in the “Sign In” page. I am sure the email address I am entering is fine… If I enter some other email id, that message goes away. The email I used for registering has a “-” (dash or hyphen) in it — not sure if it is because of that. Emails with “_” (underscore) seem to go through fine.

    Due to this issue, right now, the site is unusable for me… I hope they fix it asap…

    1. Gowri says:

      Mr.Santosh Navlani

      You seem to be reading through these comments… I hope this reaches you. Your site does not accept “hyphens” in a email address – it is being rejected as invalid even though it is a valid character in an email address. I have confirmed this by doing a “view source” and checking the javascript for email validation. Annoyingly, it is being allowed when you register. So after spending an hour setting up my portfolio I cant login now… I request you to fix this problem asap…

      BTW, I found your site very useful in the one-two hours I have spent on it so far…. I would continue to use it in the future (if I am able to login!!)

      1. Ahmad Zaib says:

        Yeah, it seems they need to modify the regular expression 🙂

        Mr. Santosh, please take a note…

        1. Gowri says:

          Correct… here is the relevant code snippet from your signin page:

          emailRegEx = /^[A-Z0-9._+]+@[A-Z0-9.-]+.[A-Z]{2,4}$/i; if( == -1){

          1. Santosh Navlani says:

            hey Ahmad,

            Thanks! The team here will take care 🙂

            Santosh Navlani |

          2. Santosh Navlani says:

            hi Gowri/ Ahmad,

            This issue has been resolved. Thanks!

            Santosh Navlani |

      2. Santosh Navlani says:

        Hi Gowri,

        Many thanks for notifying us on this problem. It will be taken care of immediately. If you mark me a test email on santosh DOT navlani AT Gmail DOT Com, i shall inform you once its fixed.

        And, thanks for trying moneysights. Feels great after your initial apprehension 🙂

        Santosh Navlani |

    2. Gowri

      I have told Santosh about it on phone , they must work on it asap


  30. ramachandra says:

    Firstly congrats to for creating a beautiful website. There was 1 issue i noticed today while trying out the website was while adding multiple stocks at 1 go. But overall its a very good site and very good recommendations are being provided.
    1. Accept Debt related information also like one should be able to add bond info, FD info, bullion info etc etc so that the user has a complete picture of his investment
    2. In the MF section few people might have a Divided-ReinvestOption, this option is not provided [else they must be told to enter their MF details as Growth option]
    3. Currently you take the money one would like to invest to save tax and you give recommendations, you should also be taking the amount one would like to invest and based on his risk appetite give him options of debt/equity or mixed.

    Anyways everyone has their own wishlist keeping that apart, its a great site for people who know less about financial planning.
    Great job guys!!

    1. Santosh Navlani says:

      Hi Ramachandra,

      Thanks for the appreciation. What was the issue while adding multiple stocks? If you can elaborate, we can investigate & resolve.
      On your wishlist –
      1. Other asset classes will be available in future. Though, honestly, its not possible for me to put a date today. As you may have read here that we are launching online investing in MFs & that is going to take a lot of work from us for sometime to come.
      2. Yes, Dividend Re-investment option is a missing piece & shall be available sooner.
      3. i didn’t understand what you meant by 3rd point. If you meant recos for non-tax, then you can log-in, add your portfolio & get suggestions in “Get a Portfolio” section

      Shall look forward to hear more details on stocks addition and 3rd point.


      Santosh Navlani |

      1. Ahmad Zaib says:

        Hi Santosh,

        Even I feel that apart from the tax-aver portfolio recommendation tool, you should also provide the same for a general portfolio recommendation without the need of being an existing investor.

        I was yesterday demonstrating your website to some of my colleagues and found the need for this. Anyway I had to show them the tool from within my portfolio.

  31. Arudra Kumar says:


    Firstly, Thank you! Manish for letting us know about this website.

    @ team,

    Thank you guys for building such a nice site which is very user friendly. I have created a portfolio and already tried the mutual funds section. I am yet to try the Stocks section though. After using your website, I have only one word for it. Its Awesome!

    I have a query here. Is it possible to have multiple portfolios for the same login?


    1. Santosh Navlani says:

      Hi Arudra,

      Thanks for the appreciation. At this point in time, we don’t plan to have multiple portfolios immediately. It will be introduced after 3-4 months. Hope you can bear with us till then 🙂

      Santosh Navlani,

    2. Arudra

      Thats a nice wishlist . I think one should be able to create their own lists of portfolios . Like If I have stocks , then I should be able to create my own lists like

      1. Risky – In this I can include the stocks which are small cap or with lot of volatlity
      2. Safe – All stocks which are safer as per my assumptions
      3. Retirement – all stocks which I have bought for my retirement.

      Same thing can be done for mutual funds as well .

      If user defined list is not possible , then alteast there should be some logic from the tool which can seperate out the portfolio in differnet ways , like if I choose “Risky” , then it should show me all the things which the tool shows now , only for the risky mutual funds . etc etc .

      I hope the idea is clear ?


      1. Santosh Navlani says:

        Hey Manish,

        Thanks for adding on to Arudra’s suggestion. Can you elaborate on “there should be some logic from the tool which can seperate out the portfolio in differnet ways , like if I choose “Risky” , then it should show me all the things which the tool shows now , only for the risky mutual funds . etc etc .” Didn’t understand it clearly.

        Santosh Navlani,

        1. Santosh

          You guys are already having internal logic of defining what a safe and risky mutual fund is . And similarly you can build a definition of a risky or cheap or volatile stock !

          Like for example , you can define a “volatile stock” as a stock whose price has deviated from its last 1 yrs average by 20% or someone whose standard deviation is above XYZ ..

          another example is defining large cap fund as “Market cap” with more than ABC . Now when a person has a portfolio , you can breakup his portfolio into 4 parts (exampole).

          1. Risky Part
          2. Secure Part.
          3. Volatile Part (can have an overlapped funds)
          4. Dividend giving funds

          Now he can choose any part and can analyse that part seperately or track it .


          1. Santosh Navlani says:

            interesting Manish. i got confused with Mutual Funds. Definitely possible for stocks as well. We currently classify stocks on Fundamental Strength now…which is not assessment of risk. But, we can go a long way into checking certain things.

            So, we have this list getting endless now 🙂

            1. Arudra Kumar says:

              Manish & Santosh,

              Thanks for those responses.
              However, by multiple portfolios I meant for different individuals in the same family. For example. With the same login, I want 2 portfolios. One for myself and the second one for my daughter who is a minor. This way I dont have to club all my and my daughter’s investments. The tool clearly will define the Health of each of our portfolios individually. That will help me balance our portfolios very easily. Hope I am clear.


  32. Swami says:

    Updated my portfolio details of both stocks & mutual funds into moneysights.

    Few queries:
    1. I am having Gold ETF Equity SIP. I am not purchasing for fixed amount every month, instead I am getting 1 unit every month. How to update these details?
    2. How to add the entry load for SIP?

    1. Swami says:

      Also after update my MF portfolio when I clicked “My Investments”, it recommends 1 fund as a High risk fund (Tata Equity PE Fund – Growth) and mentioned to Sell.

      Now, if i click My Investments -> Mutual Funds -> Performance, the Fund Return of the same fund (Tata Equity PE Fund – growth) has beaten the Category and Sensex Returns. (Got the symbol for this fund under Fund Return column)

      Why at one place it recommend to Sell and at other place it mentioned that it beaten the Category and Sensex Returns?

      1. Santosh Navlani says:

        hi Swami,

        i’m glad that you spent so much time evaluating these things. Let me address the confusion, that you may have –

        When you see better alternatives for your portfolio – Sell/Buy are part of Portfolio Health section – This entire section is built on premise of recommending better alternatives. For e.g. if we find a MF scheme which has taken lesser risk but given more returns than your scheme, we give you options. And you would also notice that there are 3 sets of color codes – Green, Orange & Red. Now a Green is a fund where there is no option which has performed better in a significant way. Orange is an option, where there are some funds which have performed better than this but the gap is not very high. Hence you need to be cautious. And Red is a clear sell!

        Now, Tata PE Equity Fund falls in Orange zone. We need to do a good job to explain this point which i just mentioned above….point taken, and we should address this soon.

        On your 2nd point – Performance section purely tells 1 thing as mentioned – “This section helps you understand how your mutual funds have performed in the market”. On various time scales. The intention of showing that fund is beaten benchmark as well as category is just to tell you this fact. There is nothing about recommendations, whatsoever. The objective of this section is to assess how your funds are performing against their respective category peers & benchmarks, thats it. Its again just a simple way to do this analysis rather than checking out 10 pages of information for 10 different funds 🙂

        Hope i have clarified what everything means here. i take it that we can do a better job of explaining this….but then there are always ways to improve even perfect things 🙂

        Thanks to bring this to our notice though.

        Santosh Navlani |

        Hope you

    2. Santosh Navlani says:

      Hi Swami,

      For entering SIP, we don’t have a provision for entering units. It has to be an amount. i would suggest that you can enter it a lumpsum amount every month. Though it will not be an automated way like it would have been for a SIP, it would definitely solve your problem.

      On entry load, we have specifically mentioned that we don’t take them into account. As you may notice, at moneysights we have built the simplest way to enter details – more fields like entry load, brokerage, etc. while help in enhancing accuracy but the obstacles/hurdles/resistance for a larger section of user-base. If you want to ensure entry loads are taken care of, you can enter the SIP/Lumpsum amount net of entry load as your investment amount (e.g. a SIP of Rs. 1000 in entry load regime, would have resulted in Rs. 975 getting invested).

      Hope i have addressed your concern.


      Santosh Navlani |

  33. deepak says:


    I have been using VRO for a fairly long time now and am quite happy, but some of your features are interesting. while I can understand, appreciate with the work which must have gone into this, there are just too many bugs… I have BNP paribas equity ( the erstwhile abn amro fund, which then became fortis and is now BNP) details for which dont get picked up, many times it says date cannot be greater than current date when i give dates in 2005, 2004, dividend reinvestment option not being there and many such which make me uncomfortable to jump in – but this is an extremely useful addition and I will keep looking out. I suggest you start a page where people can write in to say what they have noticed as bugs, or where u can indicate what you are already trying to resolve – so that there is a good conversation going and you are crowd sourcing and improving the website utility. All the best to your team… keep the goodwork going

    1. Santosh Navlani says:

      Hi Deepak,

      Glad to know that you found some features interesting & also appreciate the work gone behind it.

      i’m sure since you said we are good on certain things, please take the liberty to assume that moneysights is intelligent enough to know these name changes & incorporate them in the system 🙂 i just checked entering this fund as an investment & it went pretty smooth. In fact, if you enter any date from 23rd September, 20o4 onwards the system will accept it as thats the first day when NAVs for this fund started getting declared post NFO. Probably, there was some other problem. i would be happy to know details of the exact values/inputs you entered & see if there is actually a bug :). You may send me a screen-shot of the page with dummy values directly on santoshDOTnavlaniATmoneysightsDOTcom.

      Your suggestion on creating a page where we can crowd-source the inputs is welcome. We would definitely evaluate it 🙂

      i thing i feel the need to explain here to explain what has been the thought process behind shipping out the version that all the users are using today –

      There are somethings which are bugs & some are limitations. While bug is a very strong word to use for dividend re-investment option. When you build a product which tries to bring in paradigm shift in what is available in the industry, you choose to solve specific user cases which address (say) 80% of the problem while leaving 20% for future, if at all. So, there are “limitations” that we are ready to live with – dividend re-investment, STPs, SWPs, Quarterly/Weekly/Daily SIPs are some of the “use-cases”
      thats been purposely left for future. If we try to solve everything, moneysights would have taken probably further 3 months or more to ship out…and still some people would have come & said that “this feature isn’t available. this makes me uncomfortable”.

      So, while i take that these limitations need to be addressed & we have pretty responsive over emails users send us or voice out the concerns they have. And we would continue to do…after all, this is the only way to improve, isn’t it? But, then moneysights offers 100 actionable things for average retail investor that are not available anywhere else, for 10 things which aren’t “show-stopper”, we will live another few weeks to make them available.

      Having said that, we owe a lot to the readers of JagoInvestor who have been providing feedback, highlighting important limitations. And we shall do our best to address them as we move along as soon as they report it.

      Hope i have tried to highlight the position of moneysights here.


  34. ATS Preeth says:


    I have been using VRO for long-time now and tried moneysights which seems fine as far as the GUI is concern.

    Few things which are missing are..

    1. Switch Option [ from Dividend to Growth ..vice-versa]
    Remember : with DTC, this going to be there and many are changing from Dividends to Growth
    2. Additional surcharges, if any
    Say: someone buys via demat account, they pay brokerage or charges, which needs to be updated manually.

    Still analysis moneysights, will update if I find any which can be improved better.

    1. ATS

      I would recommend explore more on moneysights , There are many features these guys are coming up with in future.


  35. Gaurav Kumar says:

    Hi Manish,
    Having spent the majority of last year in trying to represent data and statistics through an online application, I highly appreciate the amount of effort that has gone into the creation of The steps for creating ones account and updating with investment details are pretty lucid, self explanatory and complete.

    However, I have two things to point out. Maybe they can be explained somehow, are plain oversight on my part or they are outright bugs:

    1. I purchased the NFO for SBI PSU fund- Dividend on 7-7-2010. But the input method does not allow me to enter me a date before 9-7-2010, by which date the NAV has moved just a little bit.

    2. Why do I get recommendations to invest ONLY in tax-saving MFs when I try to explore the investment opportunities through the ‘Plan Investment’ option. I chose a very high risk profile of 9.5.

    I highly commend the service being provided nonetheless and would love to see you guys get better with time.

    Best regards,

    1. Santosh Navlani says:

      Hi Gaurav,

      Thanks for the appreciation. Clarifying your points –
      1. For SBI PSU Fund, our records show that first NAV date as 12th July. Maybe you can add from that date. You may have invested in NFO period, but the actual unit allotment may be from 12th. i understand slight change in NAV, but that shouldn’t be too big a difference to your investment value today.
      2. On planning investments bit, the Plan Investments which is available without login is focussed on Tax-saving investments only. The non-tax saving Mutual Fund investment planning engine is available when you sign-in in your moneysights account….you would see it under “Get a Portfolio” tab in your Mutual Fund dashboard.

      Hope i have clarified your issues. Feel free to comment in case you need more clarification.


      Santosh Navlani |

      1. Gaurav Kumar says:

        Dear Santosh,
        Thanks for your quick response. I understand about the NFO issue and yes, the change in NAV is very minor and can be overlooked. But it is an issue nonetheless.

        But the second issue still stands. I was able to find the ‘Get Portfolio’ tool and I had used it right after I created the account and filled in the details, but I do not find that it serves my purpose. The ‘Get Portfolio’ tool seems to suggest what I can do with my money that is already invested somewhere else- I say this because the amount in my portfolio totals upto the amount I have already invested. While this may be a good way of seeing where my money can be parked better, it is not always possible to reinvest the money. Especially with schemes like Taxsaving ELSS, that have a lock in period.

        I think it’d be better if a tool similar to the ‘Tax saving investment’ was created to suggest where I should put in my next investment- with my risk appetite in sight. It is here one could make use of tools to virtually analyze what-if scenarios had I put my investments in these suggested funds.

        I know it might be complicated to create and be usable with ease but you guys have already worked wonders and I am sure you could come up with such things – if, of course, I have been able to present my idea lucidly and it deserves some merit.

        Best regards,

        1. Santosh Navlani says:

          Hi Gaurav,

          Your point is taken. Completely. Expect to see “Get a Portfolio” feature available like Tax-planner application in a month from now.

          However, you can still use “Get a Portfolio” feature by putting the respective new SIP/ Lumpsum amount. Atleast, your work would be done.

          Hope we are on the same page.


          Santosh Navlani |

          1. Gaurav Kumar says:

            Thanks Santosh,
            I really think such a tool would be well taken and useful.

            Of course -just as you said- there are workarounds. I could even create an account just to understand my ‘what-if’ scenarios. But then it would not consider my existing investments and there would be a chance for fund duplication. The tool that you create should highlight such common mistakes.

            Looking forward to seeing moneysights become the most comprehensive and sought after tool for novices and professionals alike.

            Best regards,

            1. Santosh Navlani says:

              Sure Gaurav. Be rest assured to have these things available. Lots of updates underway for some positive surprises in July. Stay tuned 🙂

  36. Venshu says:

    Moneysights is indeed a very good site. I have been using it ever since they launcehd thier limited alpha version in Nov-Dec 2010. I take this opportunity to thank Santosh Navlani and his team for doing what they have done and opening up thier site for everybody and without a fee!! Keep up the good work Moneysights Team.

    I too have my portfolio details on Value Research as well as Moneycontrol however, I am of he opinion that Moneysights and its features will compliment the features that are available on the other two sites. This has in fact helped me get a lot of detailed analyses and in the way I want it. I am eagerly looking forward to the changes / value aditions that the Moneysights Team will be making to thier site and wish them all luck.

    The more feedback the Moneysights Team can get from users like us the better for them and the site and for the users!

    1. Santosh Navlani says:

      Thanks Venshu. Your encouragement has always helped us. Appreciate it.

      Santosh Navlani |

  37. Jagadees says:

    Hi Manish,
    Nice post. Although am using their stock platform to check the company fundamentals, i never know/tried their mutual fund platform. Thanks for bringing to everyone’s notice. Very nice and clutter-free & would be really helpful for taking informed decision for the retail investors. Especially their portfolio check-up will answer lot of questions asked in the Jago forum.
    Hearty wishes for having awesome clutter-free platform for retail investors. Mighty impressed. My wishlist
    1. Fund expense ratio – Although it does not get much attention as funds are raking returns of 15%. But in long run when returns plateau at 7-8%, this would weigh in investor’s mind before selection.
    2. Portfolio turn over rate (Request from a value freak).
    3. Comments section at the bottom – The reason why am asking is today i ran a portfolio checkup of my portfolio. You guys suggested HDFC balanced instead of prudence. This suggestion gave me a chance to dig more about the fund and indeed found the fund to be suitable to my requirement. I just wanted to say “Thanks for the suggestion :)” But there was no provision for that.


    1. Santosh Navlani says:

      Hi Jagadees,

      Thanks for the nice words. Couldn’t have asked for a better compliment than your 3rd point wish-list :). To be honest, it was not a part of our list of features and i can assure you it would be there for the benefit of everyone!

      On your other 2 points – Expense Ratio & Portfolo-turnover. Yes, they are important. But then the only reason its not a part of existing info-set is – we are focussed on 1st time & not-so-savvy investors. i’m not aware how many people in this very segment understand the meaning of these terms…but point taken and we shall look to fit it in a way thats simple to understand rather than just a number. Every number when presented on moneysights has an “interpretation” to it & we would solve for this.

      Please feel free to write in any other wish-lists you may have….our creativity anyways may hit a wall. And in any case, whatever you see on moneysights has only come from user-insights & wish-lists. So, we will continue he process, forever.

      Thanks again,

      Santosh Navlani |

  38. sid says:

    My first time on this channel! I have my portfolio on Moneycontrol, and was looking for an option where the SIP for my ULIPS could be added but I guess nobody has that option or do they??

    1. Sid

      I have not come across that . Its not there in online versions , but there are few portfolio management softwares which can have it for you .


  39. Ankur says:

    @Manish: Hi Manish, I like for my online portfolio. They provide great comparisons of two or more mutual funds, your stock/sectoral level analysis of portfolio…i will try to spend some time on

    1. Ankur

      I also use VRO for comparision of two funds , I expect a more than obvious data and insight which requires some manual calculation to be done automatically which can wow the user . Just a tabular comparision is a passee .


  40. Anindya says:

    I was just about to write the same 🙂

  41. Santosh Navlani says:

    Hi Manish (i mean Chauhan here),

    Thanks for this great perspective you have thrown here for readers & more importantly finding moneysights worthwhile to share us with your passionate readers.

    In the midst of this flood of valuable comments from jagoinvestor readers, i am only getting a chance now to respond to the great areas of improvement & wish-list you mentioned here. Let me address this 1-by-1:

    1. An advanced comparision tool which can show the past performance of the current portfolio –
    There is a performance chart of your current portfolio for last 3 months. And we do have the data to show it from the day a fund was bought by the investor. Just that for some reason, this is limited to 3 months. Look forward to a max time graph soon.
    2. Comparision of two or more mutual funds/indexes in much more detail –
    This one definitely is on the agenda…but may take some time, given the exhaustive product roadmap thats lined up. But we hear you…and this would also be a part of one of the future releases.
    3. A user can create his own strategies and run it over the portfolio and see how the strategy would preform over long term –
    Again, this is part of making the planning of portfolio interactive. And this would also be introduced in future. But the 2nd part calls for future guessing, which is not what we plan to do. Also, its against SEBI guidelines to show future return projections.
    4. Download your Portfolio report in xls and PDF format –
    Not a part of roadmap as of now…however, i don’t rule out the possibility 🙂

    Areas of improvement –
    1. Return analysis and comparision –
    Yes, i recall this is something you have voiced before to me. This would be taken up soon.
    2. Some of them can be displayed on demand –
    i’m open to know what you may feel should load on demand. We love simplicity & less information…so would be eager to incorporate your suggestions on this one for sure!

    i would also request the readers of JagoInvestor (who have been so kind over these comments as well as emails that they have written) that they should feel free to write to us/ comment here on this post that on how we can make this offering more useful & simple for them as far as Stocks & Mutual Funds are concerned.

    Thanks again, on behalf of entire moneysights team,

    Santosh Navlani |

    1. Santosh

      Thanks for the updates . We are looking forward to see those features soon . I am not sure if you also plan to add more things other than stocks and mutual funds , but if you can also add , FD’s , PPF and other debt instruments with Real estate (just the basic’s for adding info and tracking) . You can also get into being a tracker which can be good for users .

      I will let you guys know about what all information can be hidden and what can be put on demand .


      1. Santosh Navlani says:

        Hi Manish,

        We do plan to have all asset classes. You may some of these coming up gradually over next couple of months. We do have some firmed up thoughts on how we can add real value to it but implementing it would take some time. Right now, all focus is on how can we make online transactions possible on MFs in fastest way…once that goes live, lots of interesting things would start to happen to moneysights on an overall level.

        Would keep you posted 🙂

        Santosh Navlani |

        1. Thats a good news . I am sure there can be tons of things which can be included , but again my suggestions would be to include things which are really solving problems which a common investor faces in the best way and affordable way .


          1. Santosh Navlani says:

            Couldn’t agree more…when it comes to web-products, its a never ending incremental innovation at work. we look to make small feature updates at a rapid rate as we move along. And yes, we would do our best to stay true to our USP – simplicity & actionable info.

            Santosh Navlani |

  42. Anand says:

    What about Div Reinvestment?

    I entered the details of my mutual fund investment in this site. But after entering the details, I find that number of units you showed and the account statement I have differ.

    It seems that you did not account the units I received though “Div reinvestment”.
    While choosing Dividend plan, you did not ask whether it is div payout OR div reinvestment. Why is that?

    Am I missing something?

    1. Santosh Navlani says:

      Hi Anand,

      No, you didn’t miss anything. Actually, we have not handled the case of dividend re-investment. It will soon be introduced.

      Please bear with us till then 🙁

      Santosh |

  43. Sundar says:

    I have used many of such websites but none of them are able to compute long term capital gains for debt mutual funds using Indexation. That is a disadvantage for computing your Tax Liabilities.
    Moneysights seems to have some server problem. When you try to input some fund details it takes time to indicate the chosen fund.

    1. Santosh Navlani says:

      Hi Sundar,

      There doesn’t seem to be any problem….probably there may be connectivity issues. Check it out again when you get a chance.

      Santosh |

  44. Lucky says:


    A very easy to use and good GUI, will like to mention few addition
    1. If you can have a tool which can calculate the short term and long term gains for the portfolio, it will save lot of work to be done at the end of financial year.

    2. Based on above you can show the tax to be paid.

    3. Also you can add color’s like green when a stock is eligible for long term capital gain

    hope you will consider them.

    1. Santosh Navlani says:

      Hi Lucky,

      Thanks for the appreciation & inputs. This is definitely part of future list of features…so yup, it will happen. i will not be able to say how soon, though.

      Santosh |

  45. sunil says:

    I would like to put forward few suggestions(information required).
    we as a team of fundamental analysts here find it very difficult to get the
    1. analysis of ANNUAL and QUARTERLY RESULTS, which if provided in detail with the share addd would serve a world of good.

    2. Once Quarterly/Annual results are announced it should be very useful to use your experts work on shares which are likely to have a very good growth prospects and discuss the same under recommendations…

    Please consider the above two points whihc should really add value to the website.

    1. Santosh Navlani says:

      Hi Sunil,

      Yes, appreciate the inputs. We would look to incorporate this…but to be honest, not as detail as you may expect. If you expand the report card of a stock, you would see the 4 different buckets of information – Efficiency, Cash generation capability, liabilities & valuation. It does provide a good numerical analysis but we don’t have any plans as of now to add qualitative parameters to them as of now.
      Would suggest if we can get on a call or exchange a few emails, we may be able to understand what can we do w/o diverting our focus. The call/email is for me…just to understand better. My email id is santosh DOT navlani AT moneysights DOT com.

      Thanks for your inputs again 🙂

      Santosh |

      1. Jig says:

        I would like to know the sources of valuation calcuation and the data used for calcuation is last updated?

        I found discripancy in MS & equitymaster Stock Valuation. I cant take name of stock but found it.

        Overall after started MS i never open VR and sometimes only seeing the MC for my Family Portfolio. MS should include Family portfolio system.

        Lovely site and i like to use its GUI.


        1. Santosh Navlani says:

          Thanks nJoy. Happy to know your shift to moneysights.

          To answer your question, we sources of data are specified in the site itself – refer the foot note on every page. There can be difference between our analysis & other companies as basis of evaluation would ofcourse differ.

          i take your input of family portfolio system…we will look into that. Thanks again.

          Santosh Navlani | making investing simple

  46. sunil says:

    The first thing i have checked in here the measure of your portfolio Health, and explaining the factors they have used.. its fantastic.
    Second, i like the way they portray stocks… defining their fundamentals, for any one (like me) who are starting to study fundamentals this should be very useful.. i do understand that Money Control does all these for for beginners, who are confused with too much knowledge, this site is ideal..

    I like the way it portrays the Mutual Fund section…. overall its GOOD.

    Thanks for introducing us to a wonderful website.

    1. Santosh Navlani says:

      Thanks Sunil.

      The team here at moneysights is delighted with your comments. You got it right…we are for beginners, for people who want to reduce the confusion. As we always say, “investments need not be complex, boring & stressful”.

      Santosh Navlani |

  47. Hitesh says:

    Hi Santosh,
    I have started using moneysights and it was very easy to enter all the data and once done , i got to know about the different parameters for my portfolio.
    One thing i would like to know is that if my sip date is 10th of every month, then when can expect it be updated on moneysights ?
    keep up the goodwork.

    1. Santosh Navlani says:

      Hi Hitesh,

      Thanks for the nice words. They mean a lot 🙂 To answer your question, YES, it would be updated automatically. If by any reason, 10th is a holiday, it will automatically take the date on which units would be bought properly. Also, the Friday SIP would start reflecting only on Monday after 10:30am. Hope you can bear with this delay….but don’t worry about the automation even 1 bit…your portfolio will be on auto-pilot from hereon 🙂

      Since you mentioned about ease of entering data – i would like to comment here that we have taken a lot of effort to make it as simple as it was for you. And after using other sites, some people may not even realize that things can be made “super-simple” using technology & design. i just hope that other readers who find entering data painful (i don’t disagree with them) on other sites…will find moneysights as smooth as it can get.

      1. Ahmad Zaib says:

        Indeed! 🙂

      2. Ahmad Zaib says:

        Indeed! 🙂

        And Manish, it would really be great if you stared using the Facebook Comments plugin or Disqus.

        1. Ahmad

          What does Facebook comments plugin provide which the normal one does not ? I thought we should keep it as simple as this one is


            1. let me look at it 🙂

  48. Rakesh says:

    I have been using ValueResearch for years and am very satisfied with it.
    I just needed a basic tool to track my portfolio.


    1. Rakesh

      If its just Mutual funds which you want to track , then you can use moneysights , I personally track my mutual funds with moneysights and I am liking it .


      1. Santosh Navlani says:

        If you were using a facebook social plug-in for comments, i would have definitely liked this comment 🙂

          1. Ahmad Zaib says:

            To be honest, VRO portfolio manager sucks big time. I used it in the very beginning when I started investing and I had purchased Reliance Banking Fund.
            Later after some 1 month and a half as I tried to add SIPs to it, it wasn’t accepting the name of the fund from the drop-down itself 😀
            I had it PWNED 😛

            Since that precise moment (wish I had remembered the time & date 😉 ) I stopped using VRO portfolio manager.

            Then I somehow found MoneyControl and were they good? Yes they were but still the UI was a bit confusing in spite of having a refreshing look. I used it for sometime until I got an invite for MoneySights.

            Since then I’ve never looked back. Its like VRO + MoneyControl greatly simplified and in one place, to be put simply 😀
            Plus, I got to get my hands on quite some new features which I never found earlier in any of the online tools!

            Well those are my personal views, let me know if others agree with this or not 🙂

            1. Ahmad

              I have not used MC or VRO , but I can be sure that moneysights is more simpler and effective, because of it being a technology company and not a media company


            2. Ahmad Zaib says:

              Very true indeed! And I was replying to Rakesh’s comment above 😀

            3. singh says:

              Hello Manish!
              Is this the first time that you have started using Mutual Fund trackers? Please let me know which tool you used to track your portfolio before migrating to moneysights.

            4. Singh

              I used excel to track it earliar


            5. singh says:

              Can you please share the Excel Tool (format) with me. I t would be really helpful for me to track my portfolio offline. Thanks. And I have another query down the line.

            6. Singh

              I was no formatted one .. it was a simple simple where i just had thee units numbers and NAV values

            7. Santosh Navlani says:

              Thanks Ahmad…i’m delighted to know this!

              Santosh |

            8. T.S.ASHOK says:

              Hello Santosh, I read many of your blogs in moneysights. And I tried to write my comments on it. But only comment column is there.But I am not able to write anything in it. I thing beacause of that only number of comments for many of your blogs(useful and informative blogs ) are low.. please try from outside and find out the solution.. I read all your blogs and all are very very nice..

            9. Santosh Navlani says:

              hi Ashok,

              Thanks for the nice words, Ashok. Glad to hear this.

              i just did a test comment. it went fine….did you put comment first & then clicked “Post as”? or you clicked “Post as” first?

              1 question – which browser you are using?

              Santosh Navlani |

            10. T S Ashok says:

              my browser is IE. I typed commend and clicked on Post As..

            11. Santosh Navlani says:

              ok. will check if disqus comments that we use has some problems with IE. thanks for pointing out 🙂

      2. Rakesh says:

        I have SIP’s which are going on for the last 5 years.
        I don’t think moneysights have that option to import such a huge data.


        1. Santosh Navlani says:

          Hi Rakesh,

          You would be POSITIVELY surprised that you can track your SIPs beginning from January 2001 onwards!!!

          Not even that, in case you opted for Dividend Plan (pay-out option only), you would also get to know all your dividends received. Even if you have redeemed partially, your investments would be adjusted appropriately.

          Have a try…and let us know 🙂

          Santosh Navlani |

        2. Rakesh

          Did you try moneysights and came to the conclusion that it cant add your SIP’s for 5 yrs or you just assumed that ?


  49. raju says:

    Hi Manish,
    Nice to get informed.

    I use both Money control and Value research.MC is gud at Look and interface,while VR is gud in analysis and faster updates.
    But both of these concentrate more shares and MFs only.They dont have facility to monitor small savings like term deposits,PPF,especially PF.

    I dint try Moneysights.

    I felt Perfios looks to be good in providing all these together for complete family
    portfolio management.


    1. Santosh Navlani says:

      Hi Raju,

      Just for your information, moneysights value lies in offering insights which are actionable & personalized recommendations. All the sites that you mentioned don’t offer that…and i would say for look & feel, speed & updates, moneysights wouldn’t disappoint you. In fact, you may come out delighted.

      Santosh Navlani |

      1. raju says:

        Hi Santhosh,

        I will try moneysights.
        Thanks for your offer.I had mentioned it already that ,I dint try it.


  50. Sidharth says:

    Its better then moneycontrol but need 2 do lot of work to match with VR.

    1. Santosh Navlani says:

      Hi Sidharth,

      While we are aware of some wish-lists of some users & we would keep the offering evolving as we move along in the journey…i would like to know what you think specifically that would increase the utility & value to match up of VR??

      Looking forward to hear from you.

      Santosh Navlani |

  51. Atul says:

    Hi Manish,

    I am using the same for a month now .
    First its free and I like the MF section data.However on the stock front the recommendations are based purely on technical and one cannot go with the same



    1. Santosh Navlani says:

      Hi Atul,

      Glad that you liked moneysights. But i would like to inform that our stock recos are based on Fundamentals & Relative Valuation to peer group. There is no technicals involved….in fact, moneysights stock recos are only useful for long-term investors & not for short-term trading activity.

      Is there anything which gave you a feeling of “technical-based” recos?? Please feel free to comment & elaborate here.

      Santosh Navlani |

  52. Mayank Gupta says:

    Yes Manish…It is far better than moneycontrol software.

    1. Santosh Navlani says:

      Thanks Mayank 🙂

  53. Parag Shah says:

    Dear Manish,
    Thanks for suggest very good site for studying . I used to moneycontrol from last 2 yrs. but rather than this it easy to use both portfolio of MF as well as Stocks. It is very useful for beginners who wants to search, invest interdependently. I think team of moneysights doing a very great job. Thanks

    1. Santosh Navlani says:

      Hi Parag,

      Thanks a lot for the nice words. It really gives us a lot of encouragement 🙂 We would keep you delighted as we move along.

      Santosh Navlani |

  54. Enn says:


    wishlist follows (will make it better than moneycontrol)

    1.When adding a stock there should be an option to say which date i bought it on, so that performance graph can be created, i did not got that option when adding. I tried editing, did not got that there either.
    2. Graph should have a comparison option with indices (if not already there)
    3. Since you seem to be focusing on financials than technical a basic financial screened would be great.


    1. Enn says:

      for 2 i implied more than sensex, particularly nse indices.

      1. Santosh Navlani says:

        Hi Enn,

        Thanks for the wish-list. All i can say that we want to do all the stuff as of yesterday….but then there is always a lag between thinking, planning & doing. We are committed to provide the best & most simplistic experience of managing investments…keep using. Incrementally, all the stuff would be made available!
        i didn’t get the 3rd point, would you like to elaborate?

        Santosh |

        1. Enn says:

          Sorry, my bad, faster typing implication.
          3. So far I have noticed that there is particularly unique focus from your end on the financials of the company. It is my thinking that for this purpose you must be scrapping the data from NSE/BSE websites or some other source. Apparanetly you can easily create a screener which allows stock screening based purely on financials.

          1. Santosh Navlani says:

            Hi Enn,

            Thanks for clarifying…we have a stock screener already. In case you missed, we have 2 screeners! Advanced & Simplified. Once can choose based on what works for him/her. Here are the quick links –
            Also, you can directly reach these pages by hovering on “Find Investments” to reach basic view of stocks & then choose to go to simplified or advanced.
            Also, we have this data licensed from Religare-Technova on a commercial basis – we don’t scrape this!
            Give it a spin & i’m sure you are going to love this.

            Santosh |

        2. Enn says:

          My bad, i think you already have it @ . I missed seeing it earlier may be you should make it more explicit. Since screener is more familiar term. just my thoughts.

          1. Santosh Navlani says:

            sure Enn…lots of feedback from many users so far. we will look to incorporate them as early as we can. Till then, enjoy the experience & feel free to write/comment on any issues you may face.


            Santosh |

  55. vijay says:

    A good website. Still at budding stage. I like money control.
    There are many websites like this that give good overview of product.
    I also like valueresearchonline for the vast information they have on
    thier site (absolutely free)

    1. Vijay

      Did you try moneysights ? Did you register and try out their features ?


      1. vijay says:

        Hey Manish,

        I did register on this site. i have added this on to my Fav list. If it gets better from here, this site can one of the options for people who do research/analyse stocks or mutual funds. Probably couple of stuffs might attract viewrs ” PICK OF WEEK” or “PICK OF THE MONTH” with target and detailed analysis. Am i expecting too much? I have seen sites getting popular if they can generate money to investors.

        1. Vijay

          I would personally want them to focus a lot of pure personal finance which is for 100% people and not get into stock market related stuff which has just 5-6% of market .


  56. Ninad says:

    I wish I could import my portfolio details from where I currently maintain my portfolio.

    Feeding all the data again is quite a pain.

    1. Santosh Navlani says:

      Hi Ninad,

      While i appreciate your pain here, there is a reason we don’t import today from other sites…Here is a non-technical reason –

      If you would have noticed, for us to show all the insights/recos/analytics, there is a lot of transaction data required – SIP/Lumpsum, Date of Transaction, Number of months, etc. If all we were to do was import from other sites, we will never be able to get transactional info that allows us to calculate Dividends received, XIRR, Partial Redemption data, Profits/Loss booked, etc.

      To enable this, we have to take manual input, and i would like to highlight that the way of entering data is super-fast, fluid & stress-less….try it out & i can guarantee that you wouldn’t be disappointed 🙂

      Santosh Navlani |

      1. Vineet says:

        It would be nice if you have feature of excel or csv upload of transactions in whatever format suitable to you. I have SIPs running for 8 odd years and I would like to analyze this portfolio. Entering these transactions one by one is not 5-10 minutes of job. I can download data from ICICIDirect or Fundsindia, massage it to be suitable for your excel template and then upload it. I was looking same for ValueResearch online however they also don’t provide such interface. has such facility but it is not very user friendly. (If import fails, it does not tell exactly why it failed.)
        It would be really nice and helpful to have this feature.

  57. gowri shanker says:

    in what way scores better than
    their service is widely recognised in the industry and their rating is most unbiased and followed widely in the industry including PF magazines
    all that you had written and above that is offered by the site – are you aware of this

    1. Santosh Navlani says:

      Hello Gowri,

      While this question is addressed by Manish in a detailed way in the entire post, he may want to clarify more thru a comment.

      Being part of moneysights team, i would like to put up my 2 cents here –
      1. We are not a VROnline or a personal finance magazine.
      2. While nobody disputes their usefuleness, we are only doing 1 thing as – Rating sites do a great job…but what we bring to the table is “helping people take decisions that suits them rather than buying the best or most rated fund”. While this is completely missing in most of the sites.
      3. On the whole, we are obsessed with finding simplistic solutions to the 3 problems that Manish mentioned in the post.

      Give moneysights a spin & you would notice where we score above other sites…Thanks!

      Santosh Navlani |

      1. Jig says:

        Dear Manish/Mr Santosh,
        Well if a person has already build portfolio on ValuereasearchOnline( VROL) , does he really need /get more add on by this site?

        Frankly, i wana see advantages of Moneysight over VROL.

        Mr. Santosh , wish you a good luck and keep it up for helping others.


        1. Santosh Navlani says:

          Hi Jig,

          Thanks for your wishes.

          i guess lots has been talked already in the post and comments about what are the “advantages”. The decision to try out moneysights would be entirely yours.No amount of telling here is going to help ;)…but one glance each – on main things in the post & on our home page slide-show will help you arrive at this decision yourself!

          Hope you wouldn’t mind giving your 10n mins to it 🙂


          Santosh |

        2. Jig says:

          well I will sure try as so far i have used MC & VROL both. There are lot of reasearch feature in VROL but sometimes i feel it conjusted and i hope Moneysight will not come with same UI.

          Bad point that i have to manually transfer complete PF to it.

          well , good luck guys.
          keep moving and yep updating with user wishlists.

          1. Santosh Navlani says:

            Hi Jig,

            Inputting data will be smooth…i bet you wouldn’t have seen such a UI in Indian websites. If you have all your info/ statements handy, i will be surprised if it takes more than 10-12 mins.

            Thanks…you would be kept posted for sure.

            Santosh Navlani |

            1. Jig says:

              Why your PF recommendation is calculated based on Tax.

              Well, many NRIs who doesnt fall in tax slab would use this site and they supposed to get the Recommended PF for the whole amount they wish to invest.

              I hope i have not confused you.


            2. Santosh Navlani says:

              Hi Jig,

              moneysights is today focussed only on Indian market. We aren’t serving NRIs. And the PPF recommendation comes only in Tax-saving Planner.

              If you have noticed, we are offering Stocks & Mutual Funds only. And from Portfolio Creation point of view, we first decided on an asset allocation plan limited to Equity & Debt. Unfortunately, there is no debt mutual fund scheme in country which offers tax-exemption for the investments in them (thanks for Govt. for this)….so we don’t have an option but to fill in the debt component thru PPF, etc. If you use the non-tax saving planning application available inside registration, you would notice the debt part gets met only thru MIPs, Income Funds, etc.

              Hope i have clarified.

              Santosh Navlani |

            3. Jig says:

              I must appreciate the efforts you have put to build such wonderful site.
              Few points you might be considering for improvement with example :
              I have HDFC 200 ,FT India PE Ratio & HDFC Midcap Opp in folio. all together is for 12000 pm. Now i wana add more 10000 investment in SIPs and when i am trying to get portfolio it will give complete new funds with allocation.
              should it consider the existing and give combine portfolio which is suitable as per asset alocation & risk number.( In short New recommendation should consider my existing MFs in count)

            4. Santosh Navlani says:

              Hello Jig,

              Thanks for the appreciation. i’m glad you are converting to moneysights 🙂

              Your suggestion is completely valid. We need to get there as a company where we allow you to not change your portfolio significantly. While this is possible, but its extremely complex to do it on the fly keeping moneysights’ stringent diversification practices intact….i can only say, we will get there (without promising the date, though).

              What i would suggest is – you can keep good funds (check moneysights safety & returns grade). You can choose to continue in them as well (if you continue to be comfortable with their performance) without necessarily changing the entire portfolio. However, if you plan to invest for a new goal, you can use the moneysights reco engine.

              Hope this helps.

              Santosh Navlani | | making investing simple

  58. prabeesh says:

    I have the initial invite from them and have tried to add my stock and MF portfoilio..with automated input from fundsindia and my ICICIDirect. There is lots of flaws which they need to address.

    After seeing this article i tried again…now they dont have option for adding accounts like fundsindia and ICICIDirect…

    I tried adding stocks manually but it gives me error sayin wrong stock name and invlaid average price… the worst part was i selected the stock name from their dropdown options..

    If they can clear these issues..this should be better site than money control and others i believe

    1. Santosh Navlani says:

      Thanks Prabeesh for bringing the difficulty you faced in adding stocks. This issue has been identified & you found see this solved for by tomorrow, Tuesday. Feel free to try it…i can personally inform you once its up, if you can mail me your email id on santosh DOT navlani AT moneysights DOT com.
      On importing portfolio from other sites, we have discontinued the feature. As most of the insights/ recommendations, etc. that we want to show wasn’t becoming possible with the limited data that we get while importing.

      If you spend some 5-10 mins uploading your Stocks & Mutual Funds, you would notice that these are 1-time activity…and post this, as Manish mentioned above – you would spice up your MF analysis!

      Feel free to write back or comment in case you need further clarifications.

      Santosh Navlani |

      1. prabeesh says:


        Thanks ,i tried again and its working well so far.. the User Interface is impressive when it works fine…and the graphics used is also excellent..

        I still liked the importing options which you had earlier..the main problem people will have is the manual entry to move from other sites like moneycontrol and VRO to this site.

        I also see i can’t add ETF to my stocks does that come under MF?
        Wishes for success

        1. Santosh Navlani says:

          Hi Prabeesh,

          i appreciate your wish & the reasons. this is a constraint as of now…but all i can assure at this stage is that we will work towards mitigating this.
          Yes, the ETFs would come under MFs. You can add them from MF section/dashboard.
          Looking forward to have you as a user 🙂

          Santosh |

          1. Amit Patel says:

            Thank you for ETF clarification.

  59. Dr Prashant Dahire says:

    Hi Manish
    very nice website, i also got invitation for moneysights. I am also not aware of what is the equity and debt exposure of my portfolio? How many different companies had i invested in through mutual funds? but after using moneysights i got all the details at one place.
    Thanks for introducing such a important website

    1. Santosh Navlani says:

      Thanks Dr. Prashant. i’m glad that you found it useful & valuable 🙂

  60. Abhishek Chanda says:

    This is a good site indeed. But all these features are available in portfolio. I am using that for some years and I am quite satisfied with that. Nevertheless, I will also try

    1. Santosh Navlani says:

      Hi Abhishek,

      Glad that you liked the site. Its also great that you are happy with moneycontrol and you don’t have any problems with that as of yet.

      However, if you notice that Manish was trying to say the problem moneysights is trying to solve, you would agree that the solutions to them aren’t available unless you are a financially savvy.

      Further, we do have some unique things which i would personally like you to discover – Look at our Portfolio Health section, Get a Portfolio section for Mutual Funds. Or for that matter the break-up of Mutual Funds which would give you key insights on if there is some concentration in your portfolio to a specific sector, stock or market capitalization.

      Every aspect of moneysights is designed from the perspective of helping people take informed decisions – while investing, knowing problems in their existing investments & managing the investments in a way which is simple, intuitive and less stressful. Give it a try in your free time….i’m sure you would “discover” the USPs yourself 🙂

      Santosh Navlani |

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