Noida Extention Flats in Problem

Is your under-construction flatin Noida Extention in danger? No! But there are thousands of buyers who have invested their hard earned money in flats that are being constructed at Noida Extension. In this article I will talk on the issue of Noida Extension and what learnings can we take from this whole issue. For people who […]


7 basics of Personal Finance you should know

Today I am going to write on a simple topic which will highlight some basics of personal finance, which you can see as axioms or the core rules of personal finance. If you understand these simple rules then you can probably build lot of understanding and strong knowledge about money. Some days ago I heard […]


What is CIBIL report ?

What is CIBIL report ? Are you looking to check your credit score and want to know why your loan application was rejected ? Yes, if you are misusing your credit taking capacity, you are being watched at like never before in this country. I am talking about CIBIL here and in this article let […]


Personal Finance Workshop for IAS batch 2009

JagoInvestor did the first workshop on Personal Finance. Guess where? It was at Mussoorie and the audience were 120 IAS officers who graduated last year and are posted at various parts of the country. This workshop was done by Me and Nandish at LBSNAA , Mussoorie . I would like to thanks Nagarajan, who is our […]


Endowment Effect affects your financial decisions

Do you know that you are holding some of the bad financial products in your portfolio? Also you are not clearing some of this mess because of a very well-known behavioural concept called “Endowment Effect”. Did you know that this same behavioural concept is used by the sellers to make more sales! I will talk […]


How to file your income tax returns online in 6 easy steps

What is the best way to File your income tax returns online ? Tax filing season is on and most of us will still wake up after few days. I will talk about efiling your tax returns with govt website and also private websites like taxspanner, taxsmile and investmentyogi which are autorised by income tax […]


How Chit Funds Works

What are Chit funds and how do Chit funds work ? There are lots of chit funds in india like shriram chit funds , margadarsi chit funds and I would like to show you how chit funds exactly work and what are pros and cons in Chit funds. Over the past many years there has been […]


What is Expense ratio in Mutual Funds

Do you know how expense ratio can impact the returns on your mutual funds returns ? We often hear that expense ratio of a fund is 2% or 1.8%, but we never put lot of thought to understand its impact on our mutual funds returns and our own wealth! Lets touch this topic today in […]


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