What is CIBIL report ?

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What is CIBIL report ? Are you looking to check your credit score and want to know why your loan application was rejected ? Yes, if you are misusing your credit taking capacity, you are being watched at like never before in this country. I am talking about CIBIL here and in this article let me show you how your current behaviour related to credit card, personal loan, home loans are going to affect you in future in a good and bad way. Also see 2 real life cases where a person’s loan application got rejected because of Bad CIBIL report and how they didnt even knew about it ! .

CIBIL Report

What is CIBIL and why you should be concerned ?

CIBIL is Credit Information Bureau of India Limited, which acts like a central repository of credit information in India. As many as 500 different banks and financial institutions are CIBIL’s clients and they report each of their customers (like me and you) actions to them.

So if you take a credit card from ICICI Bank, then ICICI bank reports to CIBIL about it. If you enquire about car loan to HDFC Bank, hold your breath! as even that enquiry is reported to CIBIL, if you can’t pay your EMI for home loan with SBI Bank for a particular month, that also gets reported to CIBIL.

Not just your bad actions, but even your good actions like paying EMI’s on time, paying credit card with punctuality also gets reported with CIBIL. You can see that this way, a history is maintained at CIBIL for each person, which can be good history or bad history depending on the case and this information is very useful for banks to decide if they want to give loan to you in future or not. All the banks are now looking at CIBIL report before taking the decision.

Good and Bad credit Report

CIBIL report is not always bad. It’s an extremely good concept which is now taking shape in India recently. If there are two people A and B and A is a good guy and B is a bad guy, obviously A should get better rates of interest, faster processing, first right to loan. Whereas, guy B should get loan at higher rate of interest (because he is risky) and may be banks can even deny entertaining him at all.

CIBIL gives us the power to build our credit report. So if you become responsible and use your credit effectively and with planning, you can build a good credit history with CIBIL, which will help you in long run. Also note that taking a lot of loans without having the capacity is also a negative thing and that can affect your credit report.

CIBIL Report

I would like to warn you that you have to be super sensitive and careful with credit card and loan repayment, because one small mistake or being lazy in this area can cost you a lot. I would like to share some instances of readers who faced a lot of issues in area of getting loans and finally they checked their CIBIL report and found that they were having bad history

Some bad experiences from readers

Rajaram mentions on our forum how his home loan payment was rejected because of his credit card late payment issues

I had two credit cards one from HDFC and other one from ABN AMRO.

In case of ABN AMRO, salesman told me that if I do purchasing of Rs.1000 within 1.5 month then the annual fees will be waved off. As per his instructions I did purchasing of Rs.1000 within that stipulated time frame. But still I got a bill with annual fees after a month. Hence I complained to the Call center executive gave the brief about my complaint. I also told him that I will be paying the amount which was spent by me and according I paid it through cheque. No further transactions done through the card and subsequently told them that I am returning it to them. But later on bills started coming with annual fees with charges. I again informed the call center executive and told him that I am not going to pay the annual fees which wasn\’t there. Later on bills stopped coming.

In HDFC case I had used this credit card for one year and in one month while paying the dues I dropped my cheque in their drop box 3 days prior to due date. When next month\’s bill received it came with late fee charges. I contacted to call center executive and told him that I had dropped my cheque 3 days in advance then how come this charges. He said it received 2 days later than my due date as was not having any proof I could not prove it. I paid the amount due to me excluding the charges. 2-3 month they sent the later but later on they stopped sending bills.

Above two instance happened to me and had forgotten also. But this year when I applied for Home loan from one of the housing bank then suddenly they put down one condition to give clarification about Credit card issues. They got this information from CIBIL which I was unaware of.

Now I need help to come out of this issue so that my housing loan clearance will be faster.

How Nihal credit report got messed up because he gave his pan card to his friend

One of my friends took a car loan from a nbfc 3 years back and he wanted a reference for this loan (i now realize there is no such thing as a reference for a loan) i obliged and gave him a duplicate copy of my pan card.

For atleast 2 years i have been applying for credit cards and getting rejection letters from all the banks. I finally was fed up with this and decided to get my cibil report and was shocked to see that i was the co-applicant for the car loan my friend had taken 3 years back. He had defaulted on this loan which was reflecting on my cibil report and that being the main reason for me not getting any credit card.

Like i mentioned earlier i had given my friend a copy of my pan card but i had never signed any loan application form, so i followed up with my friend (who still claims that i was supposed to a reference for this loan) and also with the customer care at the NBFC (who i must say were extremely rude). I managed to get the loan application form from the NBFC and i’m a cent percent sure that my signature has been forged on the form. Now my friend (would not want to call him a friend anymore) claims that the person who gave him this loan never told him about me being a co-applicant and he always thought i was only a reference.

How Ganesh faced issue with CIBIL report because of his credit card outstaning bill

Yes, I checked my cibil report last month because i had a suspicion and it was proved right.i had a c/card from icici which for a meagre sum of rs.2000 which i lost track because i was transferred to different city and didnt notice the bill. i also didnt use the c/card at the new place, as i had another card with c/limit of rs.45,000 which i started to use(sbi).

after 7 months, when i tried using the card again, it was getting rejected. when i checked with icici, they said the card is blocked. then only i came to know of the card outstanding, which by this time due to interest, and fine/charges etc had come to about rs.4000. Immediately, it was settled in full and closed the c/card a/c.

Now my cibil report shows “810″ with “history of more than 6 months outstanding 7-12 months back”

i feel cibil should consider the fact that the outstanding was settled in full – including fine/interest/etc…. and give a good score….

so i feel the system is flawed and i am paying a price for it.

my other loans – 2 wheeler loans and other sbi c/card a/cs – was showing prompt payment, either payments finished or under regular payments.

i dont know why i am still given a defaulter score when i have settled in full.

is there any way to reset my score with cibil.. pls advise…

How to get your CIBIL Report Offline

There are two kind of reports which you can get from CIBIL . The basic one is called CIR Report which is nothing but a basic information on how is your credit history and what kind of information is there with CIBIL . This is called CIR report and it costs Rs 142 . This is good enough if you just want to check your status with CIBIL .

Update : Now you can also apply for your CIBIL Report Online

The second thing which you can get from CIBIL is your Credit Score which is called as CIBIL TransUnion Score and ranges from 300 – 900. This is number which scores your credit ranking . A lower number means your credit score is bad and you will be considered as Risky ! . If its 900, you are doing great, Higher the better . The cost of CIBIL TransUnion Score along with your CIR report would be Rs 450 . I would say this is not at all expensive if you can get this vital information at such a cost . If you are facing any rejection for loans or if you fear that your past history can haunt you , then its a good idea to check the CIBIL report each year and find out how does it look like. I have created a step by step procedure for you on how to apply for CIBIL report . Have a look

CIBIL Report

Can you fix the CIBIL report have wrong Information?

A lot of times Banks makes mistakes in Cibil Report and it is mostly manual mistakes or lot of times delay in communicating the details . If you check your CIBIL report and find out any problems , please ask your bank to communicate it to CIBIL as soon as possible . Also if based on your CIBIL report, if you clear some loans , make sure you ask your bank to communicate to CIBIL that you have cleared the liabilities , so that it can get updated in CIBIL report. CIBIL report is your lifeline for future , don’t do anything which makes its dirty, else that will affect you in long run .

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  1. dipak says:

    when you’re in problem… here is solution

  2. KoushikDas says:

    great article..learnt a new thing today. Thanks

    1. Thanks for your comment KoushikDas

  3. shah says:

    …i got credit card from icici bank somehow my friend used my card and didnt make the paymnt in 2008 now after a long time i have paid whole amount in full including everything. my cibil score is 587…i want to improve my cibil score kindly help me to go about it..

    1. There is no other way other than following some rules which are discussed here


  4. Gagan says:

    Hello Manish,

    I have a different experience and related question for you.

    I went to onsite on my project assignment and my company had opened an USD account for me for my daily expenses at onsite. That USD account was loaded by a particular USD amount every month my a third party.

    On my returning, I had some balance left in my USD account which I asked third party to transfer in my local Indian account into equivalent INR.

    Later, I went to similar trip couple of time.

    Recently, I got a email from the third party, saying that 1 year back they had transferred balance USD into my local Indian account in INR but they forget to deduct equivalent USD from my USD account.
    Which was added as a balance in my next trip.

    Hence now they wanted me to return that USD amount to them. Actually it was 1 year old story and I am not sure whether it is correct or not. I tired to find out on-line but still I am not sure.

    My question is since I am not sure about this, so if I don’t do the payment of those USD account, will it going to impact my CIBIL score?

    I hope you got my question.

    1. Gagan says:


      Would appreciate if you can provide our views on this?

      Thank you.

    2. I dont think this is going to impact you at all, because you never took any loan by yourself ! .. So dont worry !

      I think its the mistake of that company and they should bear that brunt now !

      1. Gagan says:

        Thanks for your reply Manish

  5. gopal says:

    I recently applied for bajaj Finserv EMI .. but it was rejected.
    i dont have any loans and not at all using any credit cards.. may i know the reason why they rejected and what are factors they consider ?… going to apply cibil score soon

    1. First apply for it and see what are the remarks !

  6. Naresh says:

    Hi Chauhan,

    Thanks for your valuable article and I have one query, I applied for Credit card for the first time, It get rejectd due to bad cibil score.

    Till now i donot have any credit, So i want to apply for credit card, How have to follow and get credit card.

    1. The first step for you is to check your CIBIL report .

  7. Vijay says:

    Hi chauhan,

    I have applied for 2 wheeler loan for50000 and my CIBIL score is 609. I just wanted to knkw whether the same will get apprived or not

    1. That cant be answered as it depends totally on lender

  8. pukhraj says:

    when i went to UCO bank for a short term loan they told me that i have a outstanding amount of 1 Cr. which is showing with my PAN No. Now what to do.

    1. Ask them for more details on this … what else you can do ?

  9. Chenrichy says:

    Hi Manish,

    I am new Credit card, now I having HDFC Money Back CC for past 3 months, and pay all the dues, whether can I apply for the CIBIL report, whether it’s having data or empty. Previously I don’t have any loan or any pending dues with the any banks.

    1. Try it once.. if you get it then you have the report , else not !

  10. RAJ says:

    Hi manish,
    i have a very bad cibil score right now, but it happened without my knowledge, reason was late payment of my bike loan but later i got to know i had a fine charges and i cleared all the amount, i cleared that loan, it will be more than 7 years back but now if i apply for car loan i am not able to get it,,, does cibil delete old record more than 8 years from their report???please guide me how to improve my cibil score and what are the ways to do that,, i heard that i how to clear it without mistake… but because of this bad score i am not able to get any loan…plz help me out


  11. Ravi says:

    Dear Manish,

    I have a Cibil Score of 788 with a track record of more than 8 years. i had settled my HSBC CC in 2008 and it is showing settled in my TransUnionscore report. since how long it will reflect there as “settled” it is more than 7 years now. does cibil delete old record more than 8 years from their report???



    1. Yes, they might keep it even for more than 7 yrs !

  12. Prakash says:

    Hi All,
    My previous company salary account is linked to Demat account of edwelsis, I am keep on getting some unwanted mails. today i have replied to them saying please deactivate this account as i don’t want this. They replied back to me as u have to pay 2500 rs as the annual charges due of the account. The executive who came to me open the account has opened demat account at that time. will this effect my cibil score. i have applied for a credit card it got rejected.

    1. No , it will not affect your CIBIL .

  13. Jithu says:

    Team – I am in a dilemma here..

    So in 2004-2005 I had many cards and few loans… I went through multiple personal issues including a DIVORCE and death in family due to which I could not pay few cards regularly.. Slowly but surely I used to close out the cards/loans one by one as and when banks reached out to me. All this while I had no idea of CIBIL etc.

    Later in 2009.. a friend of mine from bank suggested to get a different PAN card with different date of birth.. I applied and miraculously I got the new PAN number with new Dateof Birth.. I used this PAN and took 1 loan and 4-5 cards… and I have been using all of these very well.. no over dues or outstanding and very well maintained…

    In 2015.. when I pulled my CIBIL report… using the initial date of birth and initial PAN number…. in the report I also see the cards and loan taken using the new PAN number and new date of birth..!!

    How is this possible?

    1. The first thing is you did an illegal thing by applying the new PAN . Its not allowed and amounts to fraud. Another point is there are various other ways to find out if you are the same person or not who applied for new PAN or not. So I am not going in detail , but what it shows is reality and you cant do much about it. YOu will have to check with CIBIL on how its appearing there, they will be able to share the exact reason

  14. Feroz says:

    Hi ,

    I had a HDFC credit card which i lost and got it blocked. As there was due amount, i was unsure whether i can pay the due amount to a blocked card , so called the customer care but there was no response. Meanwhile the due got increased to 46000, which i cleared in a single payment in June 2014. Since March 2015, none of my credit card and loan applications are being approved.I sen the CIBIL report to HDFC personnel and asked them to rectify this. For this, they issued NOC and told they updated the CIBIL also and there will be no further problem regarding application.Recently i applied for HDFC credit card,which was rejected again.My CIBIL score as of July is 750.Not sure how to get this issue rectified as i am not able to any loan.


    1. You need to check with old credit card company only and if they have updated the status or not. Even if they have you will face the issue

  15. Dileep Singh says:

    Hi Manish,
    I have CIBIL transunion score of 773 and all my payments are there on time. But one credit card is showing Post (WO) settled. How his will effect on loan application.

    1. Its not a very good remark. It means that first you didnt pay and later you made payment very late. Some lenders might not like that status !

  16. laxman singh says:

    My cibil stats


    I have not taken any credit card from any bank, but cibil report show that i have taken a creditcard in 2007 and amount of rs-8603 is due in my creditcard account .so i request to cibil kindly solve my problem.

    1. Hi Shiv

      You should check with your lender first on how they have reported the name when you have not taken the loan at all !

  18. kamlesh says:

    Please let me know in how many years credit scores gets reset?

  19. Ashi says:

    How to check my cibil report

    1. Its already given in the article

  20. Bharath says:

    Hi manish,
    i have a very bad cibil score right now, but it happened without my knowledge, reason was late payment of my bike loan but later i got to know i had a fine charges and i cleared all the amount, i cleared that before 6 months back, but now if i apply for credit card i am not able to get it,,, please guide me how to improve my cibil score and what are the ways to do that,, i heard that i should get another loan and clear it without mistake… but because of this bad score i am not able to get any loan…plz help me out

    1. the best way is to open a FD of Rs 30,000 and take a credit card against that and keep using it over long period of time. This will improve your score /.

  21. Pankaj says:

    Hi I have query,
    I applied for ICICI credit card and a personal loan and both got rejected. I checked my cibil report and it says that I don’t have a cibil score yet as I have never taken a loan/CC, but I have been using a Citibank CC from last 4yrs and never did default except once last month and I have not paid outstanding yet. Now can I ask Citibank or cibil that my cibil score should include me citibank CC? Will the default that I did last month will effect my Cibil score in major way that i will have problem with another load/CC?

    1. Hi Pankaj

      Yes, you should ask your citibank why they are not reporting your transactions to CIBIL . Your last default will be recorded , but just one off case wont effect much to your score !

  22. Mayank says:

    Please tell me details about CIBIL ,its procedure etc

    1. Pankaj says:

      Hi Mayank.. Log on to https://www.cibil.com/online/credit-score-check.do to check your cibil score and get a report by paying Rs 500 online. Most of it is self explanatory.

    2. What do you mean by that ?

  23. praveen says:

    my credit score is 565 and i have some back logs also, it is long back 5 years i need to increase my credit score. some body told me to take FD against credit card to increase the credit score is it correct or can you please suggest me

    1. Yes that is correct .

  24. Venkat says:

    I just downloaded my cibil score report … my score is 791, but the main issue is, there are some personal loans listed there, that I have never applied for … I have no idea how it got inside my cibil report … there is also an someone else’s email ID listed in the document I have no idea who this is. I have contacted the respective banks’ customer care.. they want me to go to a head branch and resolve this there …

    I am confused now … how could this have happened … Is this normal ?

    1. Venkat says:

      I just applied for a dispute resolution at https://www.cibil.com/file-consumer-dispute/

      lets see how useful that is.

    2. Then you should contact the lenders about it and check why those emails are mentioned !

  25. Vivek says:

    Hi Manish,

    I applied for a Credit card. Now i am planning to stop the application from processing. Will this affect my Credit score/report. I haven’t received the Credit card, the application is still in processing, is it safe to Cancel it now as i noticed few terms of the credit card are not right for my spending. Your help will be greatly appreciated .


    1. Yes it would affect in a samll way. That an entry of application will go in the report. Not vert major though !

  26. vvsgiri says:

    i had 2 cc ,those cc shows written off in cibil report, and other settled cc and pl, gold loans also showing, report with lot of pgs,
    what i do to improve my score

    1. Pay off the outstanding amount !

  27. Mahesh says:

    I had used credit card bearing number 4339485102193809 from Barclay’s and for which i made settlement for rs 15,000.00 in Oct 2011( i had paid only used amount excluding the hidden charges) for i which received full and final settlement letter. Since then i am not able to apply for any sorts of loan or credit cards. Every bank is rejecting my application for low CIBIL score, Now Barclays has stopped its operation in India and now whom i should contact for removing this bad remarks mentioned in CIBIL and also please advice how should solve this and improve my credit score.

    1. I think you should check with CIBIL on this on who is issuing them all the updates !


  28. anvesh says:

    Hi manish,
    My friend given his credit cards and loans to his business partner . He taken so many loans in his name and finally given hand to my friend. He lossed his c bell score totally .And now he is trying to make a new CIBIL account is it possible.
    And i want to know on what basis cibil no give .
    Plz let me know now he is changing his old company to new company .is there any possibility to apply for new CIBIL number


    1. There is no concept of new cibil number. I think he cant do much here !

  29. Rajesh Patel says:

    I have debit 5000 of brokerage company and i dont want to pay… Will this effect my cibil report?

    1. I dont think its debt ! . How did it went to negative 5000 ?

  30. Rajesh Patel says:

    I have demate account in karvi stock brocking company. They did many trade without my permission for the purpose of to earn brokerage. And last my account balance is -5000, means i have debit balance 5000, and now i don’t want to pay 5000, so this issue will effect on my cibil relort? Because i have required home loan in next 6 month. My age is 25 years and currently i have not taken any loan

    1. You should definitely pay for this .

  31. arun says:

    Hi Manish,

    I have one small query,

    I was applying to get a credit card to many of the banks form past so many days but all the banks are rejecting my applicaiton. Then some of the source have said to check the CIBIL report then i applied it through online and i have recived it, after looking at the report i am shocked that there a barclys creditcard issued on my name in 2007, but fact it is i never used a credit card from barclys. Today i have recived a call form kotak mahindra saying that regarding this barclys card payment when i asked for the information about the address prof provided while taking the card, he has provided me the address over the call is Delhi addres but fact is i never been to delhi in my life time. Now Kotak mahindra guy says pay the least amount and go for settlement or else it will reflect on your CIBIL and you wont get any loans for further.

    Please help me what i can do now??

    If i filed a case on whom i have file??? will filing a case will help me any more??

    1. Hi Arun

      I think first step is to contact the barclyas and check how come it was issued in your name/PAN etc. I think it might happen that they are referring to some other ARUN , I mean some other ARUN took it and it mixed with your report. It happens at times. In that case you can sue CIBIL and Barclays both for the mental agony !

  32. amit says:


    I took one loan from city financial in 2006. I paid 2 or 3 installment and never paid after that. In this year I got to know that my cibil score is 614 and I am defaulter. Someone said that you should get one cibil online report and check why it’s showing that low. This is the only mistake I made in my life that I didn’t pay them amount as it was needed to be paid. When, I checked my cibil report. I got to know about that loan. That loan was completely erased from my mind. But now I want to make this payment. Someone is saying that I should not make this payment. Because they will write settled or they will write written off. And it will not help you. My actual loan sectioned amount was 22000 thousand and because I paid some installment they showing 7500 Interest due on that. So they mentioned 26000 INR is due. But I am not sure that they will ask this amount. I am just worried about the fact that if they ask me to pay more than this. Then I won’t be able to make this payment. If they ask to make this 26000 INR payment then I can make this payment. Please guide me. I am fully confused now. Can you please write email to me and send me suggestion on this. It will be great help if you can guide me on this issue.


    1. Note that first , as you have not paid that amount earlier , a lot of late charges (valid charges) must be added to it and now your outstanding amount might be high . Thats what you owe to the lender .

      If make your full outstanding payment , then your report will become CLEAN and it will help in future, but if you do not pay full , then your cibil is going to be messed up for a very long time . I suggest better pay it off !


  33. SDG says:

    Dear Manish

    I was holding a Smart Credit account from SCB and during 2004 i had missed a payment of <1000/- which came to my notice very late and also the penalties of 500/- Flat per month. The smart credit facility of SCB charges 500 Flat per month.

    My transactions with any bank is decent always. I was sad to note the kind of charges by the bank and called up the customer care to settle the account. the charges had reached Rs. 6000+ I finally decided not to use the smart credit any more. In a fit or rage and by then i had no idea about Credit score / cibil etc. I settled the account at 6000/- and have the settlement letter issued by SCB.

    Now i see that my score is too bad with 900+ 150 days overdue and written off may 2014. I got to know this when i applied for a home loan from hdfc and had a question regarding this account details. I have sent the details about this and the settlement letter to hdfc for further processing my home loan application.

    My questions to you:
    1. will my credit rating remain same? if so for how long?
    2. when will this improve (my financial transactions are very good – no personal loans for last 7-8 years, usage of credit card is clean(i use it and pay on time) )
    3. How should i get this data changed at CIBIL
    4. Should i contact SCB or Cibil for this

    Appreciate your support answering my questions above.



    1. The main problem is that you left the outstanding for many months, and thats what is showing up .. and giving an impression that you do not settle things on time, even if it was accidental . Truly speaking its bad luck to be in this situation . CIBIL has no structure to capture the accidental situations like this and everything is seen as if it was intentional . However this whole thing is not a very big thing and should be considered a minor one .. Regarding temporary solution , you should meet with HDFC branch manager and explain him your situation , they know the game and might consider your request

      Also , you should check with CIBIL and SCB on this parallel


  34. Bharat says:

    Hello Manish,

    I bought my CIBIL score and it says 780 .In the account information I see ICICI credit card status as ‘settled’ and other CITI bank status as ‘Written-off’ ,Written off amount (total)-26023 and written off (principal)-15956.What does that mean Now I applied ICICI credit card what will be the chances of getting the credit card approved.Please help !!!

    Thank you

    1. Written off means that you have NOT AT ALL PAID the amount due .. SETTLED Means that you paid less than due to close the matter. both are very bad things on your report and will haunt you forever ..

  35. krishna says:

    Hi manish,

    Today I got my CIBIL report with 2 scores.
    1) Cibil Transunion score – 743.
    2) Personal loan score – 791.

    How good these scores are? Please advice..

    Thanks in advance.

    1. These are decent scores .. But what matters is your report , not scores !

  36. bharat says:

    bharat April 28, 2014 at 7:03 pm
    I have used a credit card in 2008 & not paid 10,000 till now, I got a call from Phoenix (collection company for Barclay) they said if i will pay 10,000 then they will put the status “settled” in CIBIL, I want to pay the total dues till now with Barclay , Phoenix people are saying that if i am paying 23500 then they will put the status “CLOSURE” in CIBIL , Please guide me what should i do, Should i pay them 23500 , as Barclay Bank is closed now in INDIA.

    1. Yes, thats what you owe them .. Why do you want to pay only Rs 10,000 ? You took 10k and then there is interest and late charges on that, so you need to pay full amount

    2. Credexpert says:

      Dear Bharat,

      In interest of having a healthy credit report and score, you should repay
      Rs. 23,500 to Phoenix ARC. It is an Asset Reconstruction Company (ARC) which purchases defaulting portfolios of various credit institutions with a intention of reconstructing them.

      Since Barclays has closed its operations in India, it has sold its portfolio to Phoenix ARC. You should go ahead and repay the same and ensure that you get the NOC after making the payment.


  37. KRaj says:

    Hi Manish,

    I had an outstanding for my SBI CC ,So I went for settlement last month.
    So my question is if I will pay remaining outstanding after few months, will bank allow me to pay the remaining amount for my CC?,will i get the CC in future if i will pay whole amount for my CC?,will the SETTLE remark remove from CIBIL?will i get the lone from the bank? and how to communicate with bank for this?

    Please help me for resolving this queries sir

    Please advice Sir


    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear KRaj,

      Yes, you can repay the outstanding balance in future.

      Your credit report currently would reflect a “settled” status. Once, the complete dues is cleared, you would have to follow up with your bank for the NOC and request them to update the status (i.e. remove the “settled” remark) against this loan in CIBIL.

      Regarding your future loan applications, this would completely depend on the credit policies of the bank.

      We assume that you were late in making payments towards your credit card and then eventually opted to settle the same. In this case, the late payments reported on your credit report would stay even after the settled remark is removed.

      These late payments indicate your servicing capacity and hence could be viewed negatively by banks.


  38. KRaj says:

    Hi Manish,

    I had an outstanding for my SBI CC ,So I went for settlement last month.
    So my question is if I will pay remaining outstanding after few months, will bank allow me to pay the remaining amount for my CC?,will i get the CC in future if i will pay whole amount for my CC?,will the SETTLE remark remove from CIBIL?will i get the lone from the bank? and how to communicate with bank for this?

    Please help me for resolving this queries sir

    Please advice Sir 🙁


  39. KRaj says:

    Hi Manish,

    I had an outstanding for my SBI CC ,So I went for settlement last month.
    So my question is if I will pay remaining outstanding after few months, will bank allow me to pay the remaining amount for my CC?,will i get the CC in future if i will pay whole amount for my CC?,will the SETTLE remark remove from CIBIL?will i get the lone from the bank? and how to communicate with bank for this?

    Please help me for resolving this queries sir


  40. KRaj says:

    Hi Manish,

    I had an outstanding for my SBI CC ,So I went for settlement last month.
    So my question is if I will pay remaining outstanding after few months, will bank allow me to pay the remaining amount for my CC?,will i get the CC in future if i will pay whole amount for my CC?,will the SETTLE remark remove from CIBIL?will i get the lone from the bank? and how to communicate with bank for this?

    Please help me for resolving this queries sir

  41. Biju Dhar says:

    I want to know my civil report

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Biju,

      To obtain your CIBIL credit report and score online, kindly visit https://www.cibil.com/online/credit-score-check.do

      In case you want to obtain your report offline, https://www.cibil.com/sites/default/files/pdf/consumer-request-form.pdf


      1. KRaj says:

        Hi Sir,

        I had an outstanding for my SBI CC ,So I went for settlement last month.
        So my question is if I will pay remaining outstanding after few months, will bank allow me to pay the remaining amount for my CC?,will i get the CC in future if i will pay whole amount for my CC?,will the SETTLE remark remove from CIBIL?will i get the lone from the bank? and how to communicate with bank for this?

        Please help me for resolving this queries sir

        Please advice Sir


  42. Rajiv says:

    Hi Manish,
    Can you please guide me as I want to avail a personal loan and my cibil score is 768. Only default I did was in repayment of a personal loan taken in 2009 which I settled in 2012. After this no more loans except a car loan which I had taken recently in Dec 2013. I do not possess any credit cards or any other loan. My monthly net take home is 95k.

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Rajiv,

      Given the fact that you have settled a personal loan in 2012, 768 is still a decent credit score.

      Also, you have successfully availed a auto loan in Dec’ 2013. In case of auto loans, the car is hypothecated to the bank and hence their risk is covered. This is not true in case of personal loan, since the bank’s risk is not covered by any form of security.

      Hence, there could be possibilities that your past settlement hinder your personal loan application. We would suggest, that you repay the balance outstanding amount and remove the “settled” remark from your credit report (provided your cash flows allow you to do so)


  43. Kunsang says:

    Hi Manish,
    Thanks for this informative article. I have a credit card with citibank which is overdue. They are ready to settle the amount for Rs 80000 which is half of my total outstanding. They say it will be reported as settled account to CIBIL. Should I go for the settlement, what are the documents or proofs that I ask from the bank to prove, I have made the payment and there is nothing due ?


    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Kunsang,

      If you opt for settlement then rightly so a “settled” remark would be reflected on your credit report.

      This remark is viewed negatively by banks as it indicates your loan servicing inability. This could possibly prove to be a significant hindrance for your future loan applications.

      You could try and arrange for some low/interest free borrowing from friends or family. Take the decision after analysing your cash flows.


    2. Settlement is not a positive thing . when they say it will be marked as “settled” in CIBIL, its a very negative remark . and you cant do anything about it . I do not suggest you do this, because its going to be a big issue for you in future if you need further loans , this one mistake done by others have ruined many lives ! .. I have seen them each here in my blog , when they comment .

      Better pay back all the money , pay 80K right now , ask them to convert the rest in EMI and then pay it all !

      Read this – http://jagoinvestor.dev.diginnovators.site/2012/03/loan-settlement-hurts-cibil-report.html

  44. dinesh says:

    HI manish,

    Hope your doing good,

    could you please help me with the below quires,
    Presently my CIBIL score is 503,
    and i have 3 credit cards with outstanding and did not pay from last 5 years,
    can you please let me know how to act on this and if i pay the amount now there are any chances to increase my cibil score for the home loan,
    if i want to clear the amount from the bank, what all documents i have take from the bank and what status they should update in cibil,
    is there any improvement in cibil if i pay the payment now.

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Dinesh,

      503 is a low credit score.

      The non – payment of your credit card dues since the last 5 years has had this significant impact on your score. Repaying these balances is a good move, however do not expect a sudden increase in your credit score.

      Improving scores is a gradual and slow process and you would have to make timely repayments before it impacts your score positively. Ensure that you collect the NOC from the banks and that the outstanding balance is updated to “0” in their records and updated to CIBIL.


      1. dinesh says:

        hi manish,

        i have cleared the outstanding amount of the credit cards so now how i can increase the score, like shall i take the Fixed deposit credit card which is giving by the sbi bank,
        i have taken the noc from the bank (they have given me that no outstanding as of now for the card),
        so shall i take the credit card from the sbi and use and pay on correct manner so my score will increase ,
        please help me as i am looking for the home loan,
        actually in the CIBIL report status shows me Written off, i have paid the amount so it will change to BLANK,
        there is any score increase for which i have paid the credit card if yes how much score ?
        so recently one week before i have paid all outstanding so when shall i take the credit card on fixed deposit after 45 day or right now,

    2. Yes you should be paying all of them in FULL , over the time it will get better. Make sure you take a NOC from bank on closure of loan

      1. dinesh says:

        HI Manish,

        Thanks for your reply,it is very helpfull,

        actually i did not pay the HDFC credit card since 5 years credit limit 48000/- and i have applied for the cibil report showing me outstanding as 66000/- so i visited the bank and ask for the outstanding of the CC he told me 150000/- so after disussion he gave me a offer that need to pay 66000/- and he told he will be update in the cibil as blank and ‘0’,
        so is this is fine if i pay as per the cibil report or i need to pay 150000 to bank as bank accepted for the 66000/- and for updating as blank in cibil and gave the noc as no outstanding for this cc.
        please help me

        thanks in advance

        1. yes , but make sure u take this in writing from hdfc

  45. Sujitha says:

    I took a personal loan from hdfc book 2.5 years back. 3 months emi is paid on time. other all EMI’s are overdue means around 2,5 years emi’s payments are paid with penalty . Now I have closed my loan including penalty charges. Is any possibility to take another personal loan from any other bank or same bank. I have salary account in SBI bank. please inform me the solution urgently

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Sujitha,

      Repaying the complete outstanding amount and closing the personal loan is a good move taken by you. But the late payments against this loan account would be reported on your credit report and this might hinder your loan application.

      Personal loans are unsecured loans and hence the lending institution would be cautious while lending the same to you. Again, the interest rates charged on Personal loans are high and hence we would suggest if you could arrange for some interest free/low interest loan from friends or family.

      The decision of the approval of your Personal loan would be at the discretion of the lending institution and hence we would be unable to comment on the same. We would suggest that you check your eligibility for the same by applying to the lending institution of your choice. In case of rejection, kindly improve your credit score before applying further.


  46. Shehanaaz Syed says:

    ths is my frndz pan no ahhpg1671r does he free from d debts ??? eligible to get loans??? he said he made payments in settlement reg credit cards, whts his status now to get home loans ? Is he clear???

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Ms. Syed,

      Suggest your friend to obtain his credit report from CIBIL. Visit https://www.cibil.com/online/credit-score-check.do for the same.

      The credit report and score would help to check his payment behaviour, outstanding dues, defaults against all loans and credit cards. The approval or rejection of his future loan or credit card applications would be based on his credit report and the bank’s internal credit policies.


  47. Arghya says:

    Hi Manish, my CIBIL score is 783 and I want to know whether it is good or bad? ANy suggestions on how can I improve it to over 800?
    Also, based on the information given below, will I be able to take a 30 lakhs home loan by the end of this year (Longer tenure or whatever to keep the EMI at about 25K-30K)?

    Additional info:
    1. I have a personal loan running with 4406/- monthly EMI (15 EMIs pending, but I am planning to pre-close it within 4-5 months). My monthly EMI outflow is about 8% of monthly take home.
    2. I have 4 credit cards with about 4.4 lakhs limit (but utilization of about 6-7%). 3. Problem is, except two consumer durable loans fully paid off, I have history of unsecured loans (two personal loans, one paid off in 2010 and the other one running, none in DPD) only, which are all paid on time and there is not a single DPD in my CIBIL score.
    4. Bought a bike recently but paid in cash rather than taking a token loan. Further letting go a chance of having a credit mix.

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Arghya,

      From the details mentioned by you above, you definitely have a disciplined credit behaviour. Your credit score of 783 is a result of the same.

      We do not see any hindrance in your home loan application as far as your credit report and score is concerned. Also, since you are planning to avail the same in December 2014, you could build your score further in the given time period.


  48. Maheswaran says:

    Hi Manish,

    They said my CIBIL report will be posted by speed post to me if my address proof and other documents are valid, but till now i did not get the report. I have applied it before 10 working days. Can you help me in getting the report.

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Maheswaran,

      We would suggest that you directly contact CIBIL’s customer care to track
      the status of your credit report.


    2. Can you check back with them on customer support ?

      1. Arghya says:

        Hi Manish, my CIBIL score is 783 and I want to know whether it is good or bad? ANy suggestions on how can I improve it to over 800?
        Also, based on the information given below, will I be able to take a 30 lakhs home loan by the end of this year (Longer tenure or whatever to keep the EMI at about 25K-30K)? My take home salary is about 50K and my wife’s about 17K.
        Additional info:
        1. I have a personal loan running with 4406/- monthly EMI (15 EMIs pending, but I am planning to pre-close it within 4-5 months). My monthly EMI outflow is about 8% of monthly take home.
        2. I have 4 credit cards with about 4.4 lakhs limit (but utilization of about 6-7%). 3. Problem is, except two consumer durable loans fully paid off, I have history of unsecured loans (two personal loans, one paid off in 2010 and the other one running, none in DPD) only, which are all paid on time and there is not a single DPD in my CIBIL score.
        4. Bought a bike recently but paid in cash rather than taking a token loan. Further letting go a chance of having a credit mix.

        1. Hi Arghya

          More than Score, you should concentrate on the remarks in Report .I can see that your report must be clean enough, Only the Loan part is there, which you will pre-close soon as you said, so I dont see much issue in getting the loan .

          1. Arghya says:

            Hi Manish, thanks for your reply. I have gone through my CIBIL report. The only negative that I can find in my credit report is that there were quite a few enquiries for personal loans and credit cards (8, it seems HDFC has the habit of multiple queries before issuing a personal loan. I took one for 50K in 2010 and against that there are 4 enquiries!) in 2010. After 2012, there has not been a single credit enquiry listed in my name. Before availing the personal loan in 2011, (the one for which I am paying 4406/- pm EMI), I applied in quite a few places, which shows up in enquiries section. Apart from these unsecured loans, there is an enquiry for a two wheeler loan in 2012, which I decided not to take. There has never been a single DPD/settled/overdue or anything that the CIBL report says may go against high score in my entire 5-year credit history. I never topped my cards and never crossed the 30% threshold in Credit Card outstanding (for the last 2-3 years, it has not even crossed 8% since I have the habit of making full payments every month, I pay off all my bills as soon as I receive my salary, then stash fixed amount of money away for investment and then whatever is left, I spend!). However, I am surprised to read in the comments section that there are people with over 800 scores with settlements / defaults. How is that even remotely possible?

            1. Arghya says:

              Just now noticed one interesting thing, HDFC has 3 credit card enquiries against my name! These align with times –When I first got a silver card for 13K, when it was upgraded to gold with 46k (the query is before I got the offer from the bank to upgrade the card!) and another when I got that gold card upgraded (my own application) to platinum with 1 lakh limit. Even Citibank did that once in 2012, although I was already holding two cards from them. It seems banks have the habit of tracking their existing customers during the first 2-3 years!

            2. Thanks for sharing that. Was not aware about it !

            3. You never know how the score is calculated. If the report is quite new, it can still happen that there are some remarks (bad) , but score is good. Note that score is calculated from various parameters , so bad score -> surely means bad report, but not vice versa !

  49. Deena says:

    Hi Manish,

    Does negative balance in the saving account affect the cibil score?

    I have a saving(salary) account and few fixed deposits(linked with saving accounts through sweep-in facility). When there is not a sufficient amount in the primary account, still we are able to withdraw money if we have enough money in the swept-in FD account. But on the given day(when we withdraw money) it shows negative balance in the account, the sweep-in happens on the next day only.

    In the above scenario, there is a negative balance in the account, does this affect the cibil score?

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Deena,

      CIBIL score is only linked to your past and current credit / loan accounts and is calculated based on the re-payment behaviour on the same. Hence, the negative balance in your savings account is not linked and will have no effect on your CIBIL score.


  50. Anil says:

    I had one HDFC Credit card which had some dues and paid them recently, but the CIBIL score seems to be very low even now.
    Kindly let me know the status of the credit card and the status of the same in CIBIL Score. The details of my card are as below:

    I have paid the full-and-final credit card bill and the details are as follows:

    Pay HDFC Bank Credit Card Bill Complete
    Reference No.: 3866A1

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Anil,

      Lending institutions typically update borrower’s credit information on a monthly basis to the credit bureau. We would suggest that you obtain your credit report and score after a gap of 1 – 2 months to check if the details of your credit card account are updated on your report.

      Improving credit score is not a quick process and you would require to depict a disciplined credit behaviour over the next few months. Ensure that all your payments are made on time, credit utilisation limit is up to 30-40% of the card limit, do not make any random loan applications and keep a balance between your secured & unsecured loans.

      You can obtain your credit report online from CIBIL by visiting https://www.cibil.com/online/credit-score-check.do


    2. Just because you have paid in full, that does not mean that your score will be back very soon . You will have to wait for it for couple of months

  51. Atul Mittal says:

    Dear Manish

    Regarding CIBIL report , I remember there used to be two options for purchasing credit report from CIBIl ( one with credit score which costs 470/-, and second option was to obtain CIR Credit Information Report without score which used to cost 154/-) .
    But from CIBIL website I am now unable to find only CIR option. It is now giving option only to buy score which costs very high.

    Do you have any clue from which link to buy only CIR without score, then please help.


    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Mr.Mittal,

      CIBIL still has the option to obtain the credit report without the score.

      The link below will help you access your credit report without the score, please follow the link – http://www.cibil.com/can-i-purchase-only-the-cir

      Hope this addresses your query.

      Warm Regards,

  52. mohsin khan says:

    free me kar do cibil checkl krne ki site

    1. Its not going to be free

  53. akash jain says:

    hi, i have fallen into a peculiar situation. I follow CIBIL v diligently and regular take out my CIRs and score. My last score (1st August 2013) was 806 with 1 settled secured loan a/c. i have one PL running for last 8 months with only bounce (which was paid up within 15 days). I had applied to the same bank for a top up. Now the bank has come reported about the existence of a 2nd Pan Card with a score of some 400+ and also default on 1 PL and CC. The bank also infrmd that there were other PLs but all closed. I had received a PAN Card from my CA (who is my 1st cousin) who asked my to kindly apply me to close it was a duplicate wrong card which i duly did some 6 months back with NSDL. On getting this report from the bank i figured out the the no was same as the cancelled card. Morever my cousin admitted to having used my PAN card and payslips to get the wrong card made and take PLs and CCs. As he was my CA he had all relevant papers like payslips and bank statements with him. However he has now committed to close all O/S within this month. My queries is how do i get the CIBIL report in the wrong PAN closed and all reporting transfered to my existing and authentic PAN card ? Any other solution

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Mr. Jain,

      Firstly resolve the issue with NSDL. Only based on the positive response from NSDL that the 2nd PAN was a fraud PAN used by your cousin to avail loans/credit cards can you approach the lending institutions.

      Lending institutions based on this confirmation from NSDL would update their database and report the same to CIBIL. Since as per the Credit Information Companies (Regulation) Act, 2005, a credit bureau is not allowed to modify/amend any data unless approved by the lending institution, CIBIL would not be able to modify/amend its records.

      This will be a tedious process, as NSDL and CIBIL are two different entities. The records in CIBIL will be updated only when the lending institution confirm the PAN number.
      Apart from your resolution process with NSDL, we suggest you also take up a dispute resolution with CIBIL by submitting your original PAN card copy.

      We would suggest that you resolve this matter step by step. We offer a service under which we handhold individuals in rectifying any discrepancies appearing on their credit report. Our experts guide individuals and co-ordinate with lending institutions and the credit bureau enabling the individual to restore his credit life.

      Kindly visit our website http://www.credexpert.in for more details.


  54. Sunil Aggarwal says:

    Hi Manish,

    First of all, I appreciate your efforts for helping people in sorting out their CIBIL issues.

    A month back, I requested for CIBIL report and found that two default accounts were listed in my report which were not related to me. I started communicating with banks to get them removed from my report. HDFC bank removed the account from my report after 20 days and same is updated in CIBIL as well. But real fight was dealing with LICHFL, although they have sent me an email with clarification that this account in not related to me and they have sent correction request to CIBIL 10-12 days back. But CIBIL is saying they haven’t received any request from LICHFL even after 12 days. Now, LICHFL is not responding to my emails. I have already applied for home loan in some bank and they are saying that they will not sanction until it is updated in CIBIL . I am stuck here and no way to go. Builder is pressuring me to relase money.

    Who will bear losses for this mistake?

    Sunil Aggarwal

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Mr. Aggarwal,

      The 2 default accounts that were reflecting on your credit report must have impacted your credit score negatively. These erroneous accounts had to be removed from your credit report immediately and you have successfully removed 1 one of these accounts.

      Try contacting LICHFL personally as they have stopped responding to your email. Since you have the email sent by them stating that the account does not belong to you, this can be utilized to validate your case in case they fail to response immediately.


    2. Yes. this is serious . Go to LICHL and tell them that you are now filing an RTI and also complaining to Banking Ombudsman for compensation because your deal is at stake !


    Hallo Manish,

    I had taken an educational loan and settled it on march 2013. Then i planned to take a personal loan from Hdfc. So i take a cibil report from online with the score of 759. But the loan which i closed is not updated in cibil. I approched the Hdfc bank loan executive for pl with the NOC certificate and cibil report. The executive accepted and start the loan process. But the application got rejected. When i ask the reason, they told the data is not updated in CIBIL. I approached the bank which i got the educational loan, they told that we are not updating in cibil, but if u need any support we will give it like this.

    So can you pls guide me to update my data in cibil.

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Mr. Balasubramanian,

      Under the Credit Information Companies (Regulation) Act, 2005, all lending institutions have to provide borrower’s credit information to credit bureaus on a periodical basis; typically monthly.

      Ideally, the educational loan details should have been updated to the bureau and the same should have been reflected on your credit report. There could be possibilities that the data provided to the bureau is from a centralised department of the lending institution and hence the branch/office could not help you with this regards.

      Contact the bank or raise a dispute with the bureau for updation of the details.

      Also, the recent settlement of your education loan could be one of the factors that could hinder your personal loan application. Settlement affects credit score and is viewed negatively by lending institutions as this indicates your loan servicing inability.


    2. Bala

      Ask them how can they not update in CIBIL ? Also check with CIBIL on this .

  56. Rohith says:

    Hi Manish,

    I recently got my CIBIL score to be 791. When I see the report I observe that they have only captured my credit card transactions and it does not reflect about my car loan. I have taken car loan from State Bank of Mysore and when I inquired, they suggested me that CIBIL takes report from bank’s central database and bank cannot send information to CIBIL. I want my car loan transactions to be reflected in CIBIL report because I have paid all EMI’s on time. So that this will have a positive effect on my score. So I apply for a home loan in the future, my CIBIL score will be better than what it is now.

    Please suggest me on what should I do in this regard.


    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Rohith,

      Rightly so, your car loan details of State Bank of India should reflect on your credit report. Your timely payments against this loan would help in boosting your credit score.

      Contact the bank’s central database and request them to send all the details against this loan immediately or raise a dispute with the bureau.


    2. Yes, you should enquire on this . A good thing is that its Bank of Mysore , so they come under RTI , use it !

      1. Rohith says:


        Can you please tell me how to inquire in bank’s central database?




  58. Aravinda Rao says:

    Hi Manish,

    I had 2 Credit card settlements back in Dec 2011 (SCB and HDFC). I have settled both the cards and currently have a personal going on from Dec 2011 from HDFC. My Credit score is 788 . Whenever I apply for credit card or personal load it is getting rejected. I understand 788 is a decent score , however the status in Cibil Report is : WRITTEN-OFF STATUS SETTLED and POST (WO) SETTLED for SCB and HDFC respectively.

    I am not sure what is stopping me from getting the Loan or credit card. Please advise

    Aravinda Rao V

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Mr. Rao,

      “Settled” and “Written Off” are both negative remarks that impact credit score of an individual and is viewed negatively by lending institutions. Although your Credit Score of 788 is a good score, these two remarks are posing as a hindrance in the approval of your loan application.

      We would advise that you stop making any further applications until the remarks are removed from your credit report. Rejection of your applications would increase the number of enquiries appearing on your credit report. High no. of enquiries indicates a credit hungry behaviour.


    2. The status is stopping you .. The score means nothing if the status is messed up ! . Work on removing that !

  59. karnan says:

    Dear Manish,

    Thank you for your great&clear about for CIBIL & to Select The Best Credit cards

  60. Rajandran R says:

    HI manish,
    My CIBIL report shows some other person name and account has been included in my report and that really degrades my credit score below 750 raised a dispute to CIBIL on that issue is there any faster way of resolution as iam taking a housing loan shortly?

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Rajandran,

      Incorrect information can affect an individual’s credit score and has rightly affected your score as well.

      Disputing these details with CIBIL is the correct step and the initial way of resolution. We offer a service under which we not only counsel but also guide and handhold individuals in coordinating with lending institutions and/or bureau for correcting any errors appearing on their credit report. Since you have already taken this step, we would suggest that you first wait for the bureau’s reply. In case you require our guidance further then, we would handhold you in coordinating with the lending institution and/or the bureau for the same.


  61. Sharath says:

    How CIBIL tracks credit score? Is it based on PAN number? A person may have multiple bank accounts, credit cards from different banks, loan from different banks etc.

    I had credit card and closed it around 2 months ago, while filling up the CIBIL form do I need to give this information? Also what about multiple bank account information?

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Sharath,

      All information related to borrowers is provided by lending institutions to the bureau on a monthly or quarterly basis. The bureau which is a repository of all such information generates a score based on the credit history of an individual. This is tracked basis the KYC submitted by the individual while applying for the credit report and score.

      When you apply to CIBIL or any other credit bureau they will require minimum details on you to locate all the credit history in their database provided by the lending institutions. These details will then become the basis of generating the credit bureau report and score.

      Our request is that you provide accurate details as possibly available with you to the credit bureau while you obtain your credit bureau report so that your credit bureau report is accurate and reflect your credit history.


  62. Madhusudhan says:

    Hi Manish,

    I had a weird experience, When I bought the CIBIL score almost a year back it was 812 and when I bought it again now in the Month of May 2013 its showing 735. I’m surprised to see it going down. Because during that period I haven’t bought any CC or loans instead I had paid off my full PL outstanding and Edu loan outstanding.
    But When I now try applying for loan its getting rejected saying ‘doesn’t meet the company credit norms’. Please let me know what might be wrong. If you need any further details on my CIBIL report I’ll provide you.

    Thanks for all your hardwrok!

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Madhusudan,

      Credit score is calculated based on various factors like no. of secured and unsecured loans, outstanding balance, credit utilisation, no. of open and closed accounts etc. 735 is a decent score and whilst credit institutions consider credit scores in their lending decisions, they also have their internal credit policies basis which they can accept or reject an application.

      We can comment on the specifics only after we analyse your credit report. We offer a service “Credit Report Analysis” under which we analyse each section of an individual’s credit report and list the factors that have affected his score. Our analysis also points the next steps to be taken to improve credit score.


  63. Chandran M says:

    What XXX represents under DPD/AC in CIBIL Report?

    1. That its not reported !

  64. Mehul says:

    Hi manish

    i goted c-bil report with 855 credit score. Even i have two auto loan from last 12 month i goted that score. is it mistake ? or is it for my good repayment history ?


    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Mehul,

      855 is a good score and your timely repayments against your 2 auto loans have helped you build this score over the past 1 year. Continue making timely repayments to maintain/boost your score further.


    2. I didnt understand what is the meaning of “goted” ?

  65. Sushil Kumar Jain says:

    I Am Sushil Kumar Jain
    My pan no is AEMPJ4040D & MY DOB IS 01-may-1969. I have went to take home loan they had tell me that I am a defaulter by cibil .I want to know why u have made me defaulter. According to which f company u have made me defaulter. plz tell me & tell me the name of these company plz. And plz tell me how can i be removed from defaulter I can get my home loan.

    1. Who made you defaulter ?

      1. Sushil Kumar Jain says:

        cibil made me defaulter. HDFC bank has tell me that i am a defaulter. according to cibil report.
        My pan no is AEMPJ4040D & MY DOB IS 01-may-1969.

        1. Ok , so how can we help you in this case ?

          1. Sushil Kumar Jain says:

            tell me how can i be removed from this defaulter and and get my home loan soon. and also the due money of bank which have made me defaulter.
            My pan no is AEMPJ4040D & MY DOB IS 01-may-1969.
            my mobile no :- 9414386874

            1. You can pay the outstanding loan and in some years your report will be clean

  66. Sushil Kumar Jain says:

    i am Sushil Kumar Jain. i want to know why u have made me defaulter. according to which f company u have made me defaulter. plz tell me & tell me the name of these company

    1. Who has made you defaulter Sushil ?

  67. udhay says:


    my score is 761 now, and i am tryng for a home loan , will this score be eligible for a home loan???

    i am drawing nearly 1 lakh pm as on date.

    pls advice.


    1. You cant be confirm on this . It would depend if there is any negative remarks on your report or not !

      1. udhay says:

        thanks manish,

        how do i find out my negative remarks ,,if any !!!!

        1. Apply for your report on cibil.com

    2. Credexpert says:

      Dear Udhay,

      761 is a good score to apply for a Home Loan. We do not see any hindrance in your Home loan application with this score; however depending on their credit policies, the final discretion would be of the lending institution.

      Credit report can be difficult for a lay man to understand and interpret each section. We offer a service, “Credit Report Analysis”, under which we analyse an individual’s credit report in a simplified yet comprehensive manner. This analysis would help you understand your credit report and the factors that have affected your score.


  68. Shree says:


    I have been working for the last 7 years and have had several credit cards.
    The first one from citibank – I got it cancelled after paying the total amount.
    A deutche bank card was settled for and then cancelled.
    Currently I have an HSBC bank credit card for which i have been paying monthly dues regularly but I have not been able to clear it off completely yet.
    Also I have an HDFC card which I maintain till now – though there have been some late payments.
    I had an SBI card which I paid off completely and then got it cancelled.
    I have a car loan from SBI which I pay regualrly and there have been no misses for past 2 years.
    Now I plan to take a heavy education loan where my dad will act as the person who guarantees the payment and we will perhaps have to keep the house as a mortgage.
    I wanted to know will this education loan be affected by my cibil rating if its low.
    My dads cibil rating is very good and if his rating is considered it would not be a problem.
    Please help.

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Shree,

      The settlement of Deutsche bank credit card, late payments on the HDFC Bank credit card and SBI Car loan would have impacted your credit score.

      Since you would be the primary borrower of the Education loan your creditworthiness would be checked and evaluated by the bank. As your father is the Guarantor, his CIBIL score could also be checked. Depending on the credit policy of the bank, your low credit score could impact their lending decision.


    2. If his score is very good, then great .. but what will more matter is your personal credit score and report .

  69. kamal says:

    hi manish,
    I had bad debt (2.60lks) for more than 3 yrs with icici bank.bank people telling that i am in the defaulters list and my name will be reflected in chronic defaulter list very soon.they also said that my present company hr dept will be informed through mail.am in a deep financial crisis.told them to wait for 2 months for settelement.

    kindly clarify whether there is any chance of ivolving hr dept about my credit rating.


    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Kamal,

      The bank by communicating to the HR department of your company is violating their code of conduct as they are sharing your private and confidential information.

      As banks are regulated and governed by RBI, check for the recent circulars issued by RBI which states the code of conduct for banks with regards to the recovery process.

      We assume that the bank should consider your request of waiting for 2 months. However, we would suggest that you do not opt for a settlement and rather repay the entire outstanding amount as this settlement will impact your credit score and will also hinder your future applications for any credit facilities.


    2. They can inform them, but what will happen due to that ? Your HR dept has nothing to do with your personal life .

  70. Sony says:


    My CIBIL Score is 772. And in the DPD section it says 000 000 00 000 00… did not understand what this means.

    I am now applying jointly with husband for a Home Loan.

    What are the possibilities to get the loan sanction with this Score?

    1. DPD section for you is clean , if there are no bad remarks on your report, then its safe to go ahead with applying , read the DPD articles here – http://jagoinvestor.dev.diginnovators.site/2013/01/days-past-due-dpd-meaning-cibil-report.html

    2. Credexpert says:

      Dear Sony,

      DPDs stands for Days past due and it represents the no. of days by which the payments are late in the past 36 months. Your DPD of “000” means that you are making a regular and timely repayment.

      772 is a good score to apply for a Home loan but the final decision would be at the discretion of the lending institution.


  71. Deepak Bisht says:

    Dear Friends,
    I have a CIBIL score of 775 as on 01.04.2013, i have a personal loan for which i pay my emi timely and also make the payment of my ICICI bank credit card atleast 10days in advance of the due date religiously.
    1) Is this CIBIL score of mine a ok one or poor
    2) Also how to increase my score in future

    please reply

    1. Deepak

      1. then your score should be good enough
      2. Just keep doing what you are doing and it will keep rising !

      1. Deepak Bisht says:

        Thanks a lot for the reply,
        Now i am planning to go for a home loan. is the CIBIL score which i have of 775good enough to apply. Just wanted to check that my application for the same should not get rejected, as again it will affect my score.

        please help clearing my doubts. because banks just take application and never disclose the process of acceptance or rejection.


        1. Credexpert says:

          Dear Mr. Bisht,

          Yes, 775 is a good score to apply for a Home loan. But each lending institution would accept / reject an application depending on their credit policy.

          The lending institution would not disclose the “process” of acceptance or rejection; however as a consumer you are entitled to ask the lender a copy of the credit report basis which your application was evaluated along with a reason for the rejection.


        2. You can apply if you do not have any bad remark in report, if your DPD section is clean , 775 is a decent score

  72. Piyushi says:

    hi manish,

    i have 3 savings a/c with hdfc bank, wherein i want to close them.. but i might be charged for closing the a/c before 1 year, so i am withdrawing my entire funds without closing the a/c, will it spoil my credit history. i don’t want to pay the charges. how will it effect me & my relation with the bank in future?

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Piyushi,

      Savings is not borrowing / credit and hence would not affect your credit history. We would suggest that you pay the penalty charges and then close the account in order to maintain a cordial relation with the bank.


      1. Piyushi says:

        hello credexpert,

        I was a former employee of hdfc bank.. i have a life time free credit card.. If i don’t close my sb a/c will that affect my future re-issuance of C/card? & also i want to know if i don’t close the sb a/c & the next company i join who has corporate tie-up with hdfc bank, will my non closure of the a/c affected me in getting a new salary a/c?

        1. Credexpert says:

          Dear Piyushi,

          Assuming that the credit card was offered to you since you were an employee of the bank; we would suggest that you check the terms and conditions of the credit card agreement which would clarify if the card is a life time free credit card even after you have left the bank and would also clarify your other doubts.

          About the salary account, it depends on the protocol of the next company you are planning to join. Hence we would not be able to comment on it.


    2. It will not affect your score per se .. but it might happen that if you have any dues with them, they might have your old records and in future when you apply for loans , credit cards, bank accounts, they might reject it . I am not sure why you do not want to pay a small charge , why to mess up with future for such a small thing ?

  73. Ashwani Babbar says:

    Hi Manish

    I applied for Home Loan and the day my proposal was to be sent I got to see the CIBIL Score and on checking I came to know of 1 of the account the status was reflecting as ‘Account Sold’.

    Can you please let me know what this status is and how to get it corrected.

    Appreciate your prompt response over the same.

    Ashwani Babbar

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Ashwani,

      “Account sold” means that the lender you had originally borrowed from has sold the account / portfolio to some other lender. Firstly this status cannot be removed from your credit report and secondly this need not be removed from your credit report as the remark only indicates a change in the ownership of the portfolio.


      1. Ashwani Babbar says:

        Thanks Credexpert for the response. I checked with Cibil today over the call by quoting them the Control no. and they told me that card was of Barclays and provided me with the account no. but unfortunately Barclays credit card division has been shut down and has been transferred to Kotak/Standard Chartered. When I called Barclays they asked me to send them an email at service@barclays.com which I’m waiting for reply and when I called up Standard Chartered they were not able to pull my details when I quoted them the Account no.

        Also, as can be seen in my Cibil report corresponding to the control no., outstanding amount is reflecting as 0, which possibly means that I don’t have any liabilities. Still my lender wants a written proof from Cibil which would take another day or two.

        Your expert advice needed here.

        Ashwani Babbar

        1. Credexpert says:

          Dear Ashwani,

          Barclays Bank sold out its credit cards portfolio to Standard Chartered Bank (SCB) and its non performing credit card portfolio to Kotak Mahindra Bank.

          We would suggest that you wait for the reply from Barclays Bank which could possibly provide more clarity. Also understand why the bank is asking for a written proof from CIBIL.


          1. Ashwani Babbar says:

            Thanks Credexpert for the same. I have already sent an email to Standard Chartered to get the clearance by sending out the Barclays bank name and the Account no. stated by Cibil. Awaiting their revert over the same. I’m still waiting revert from Barclays.

            Also understand why the bank is asking for a written proof from CIBIL-answer to this is you must be knowing SBI is too strict regarding Cibil Report, as soon as they saw ‘Account Sold’ in my Cibil report they asked me to get the details from Cibil. I explained them that if we see that Current Balance is reflecting as zero, even then it was the same. Yesterday I forwarded the email received from Cibil stating the Bank name and Account no. to SBI guys, lets see if it works.

    2. It means that means that your credit card company sold its business to other company .

  74. Siddharth Karthik says:

    Hi Manish,
    First thanks for a valuable information. It may sound silly, buy anyways, I took a SBI mutual fund and didnt pay for more than 10 months. whether that is associated with my CIBIL score ?


    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Mr. Karthik,

      No, payments towards Mutual Funds are not reported to CIBIL and hence are not a part of CIBIL score.


    2. No it will not be reported to CIBIL

  75. sanjay says:

    hello sir i am sanjay i wont check my civil report but hoe can u help me my pen card. no. chbps1563J

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Sanjay,

      You can check your CIBIL score by visiting the website http://www.cibil.com. Complete the online process, provide the required KYC along with the required payment and your credit report and score will be sent to you.


    2. Apply for it on cibil website

  76. James says:

    My CIBIL score is 682 ,
    I am applying for a personal loan ,
    I could not see any bad remark in my CIBIl report .
    Only thing was that there were some late payments and amount due on my ICICI credit card is 90 % of credit limit.
    Right now I’m also having a home appliance from Bajaj Fin .
    What should i do immediately to improve my CIBIL score ?
    Will paying off complete out standing amount in credit card help me immediately ?

    1. That should marginally help, but dont expect things to turnaround just because you pay off the liability on credit card. The late payments will be there on your report for 2-3 yrs !

  77. suman says:

    Manish, I hjave 797 cibil Trans Union Score. Isue is in one of my citibanck credit card there is a written off status though I paid them back full OS amt, infact I had some payment issue with them becuase of my liquidity crunch in 2009. I paid them full and got NOC too. Now im applying home loan. will that written off status create issue in spite of I have paid them fully in 2010 and got NOC. OS in cibil report is 0 too.pl advice…Im little anxious.

    1. So you are saying that you had not left any outstanding amount . In that case the status they have reported to CIBIL is incorrect . You will now have to follow u with them on this and check with them to have it corrected . It will take overall 45-60 days to reflect !

      1. suman says:

        thanks Manish but I cant get in touch with citi bank grievance cell. any ph no or email id u have? also if I show NOC to my bank showing that I paid full OS, can I get a help out of it? pl advice.

        1. Yes, you can show them the NOC letter, but it also have to be removed from your cibil report

  78. Sirish says:

    Hi Manish,

    My score is 787 but I have one Settled Credit card (indisland) acount in cibil report.
    I am ready to pay the all dues with intrest but Bank is not readt accept they are telling your accont is zerozing and no payment required and we can not hane the Status “Settled ” to Null because your account -no pending amount

    please help me Manis… currently I am applying for Home Loan and my score is 787 with this settled staus.
    Please guide me


    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Sirish,

      The credit policies of certain banks do not allow them to accept the outstanding amount against a settled account. IndusInd Bank seems to be one of them.

      However you could show your communications with IndusInd Bank stating your willingness to repay the outstanding amount to the lender you are planning to apply. This could help you in the approval to certain extent and 787 is not a bad score after all.


  79. Syed Saqib Ahmed says:

    Does CIBIL share the information with other banks, if yes what all information does it share ?
    And what if i dont have a bank account in that case how CIBIL will account for any information for loans and approvals ?

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Mr. Ahmed,

      All lending institutions have to provide the borrower information mandatorily to at least one credit bureau i.e. CIBIL, Equifax or Experian. Basis this information the bureau generates a Credit report and score and shares it to any lending institutions who want a report or score to evaluate the credit worthiness of an individual.

      Information about saving / current accounts is not reported to the bureau but any loans taken are reported. So, there is no link between savings / current account and the bureau having the information of your loans.


    2. Why do banks need your bank account .. all they need is your loan account 🙂

  80. Hitesh says:

    Dear Manish,

    Queries regarding cibil score :

    1. I have two credit cards hdfc and standard chartered. Out of this standard chartered has an annual fees. During the renewal for second year, the annual charges were waived off on my request by the bank ( reply is on email) . So will this affect the cibil score ( like in the case where the loans are settled ) ?

    2. I would like to close my standard chartered credit card so again will it have some impact on cibil score.

    3. Also i have signed as one of the guarantor for my friend for his home loan. i was not knowing the consequences of this when i signed. Now in case he has defaulted or made late payment, will it have an impact on me ? also is it a case where i will made to paid the balance loan on his failure for payment ?



    1. 1. No impact

      2. Not like that, there can be indirect impact but dont get into it . If you want to close it, you can do so !

      3. YES SIR . Thats what the guarantor is ! as per law. If your friend does not pay , you will then be paying on his behalf and you will be marked as defaultors . There are tons of cases on this !

      1. Hitesh says:

        Dear Manish,

        Thanks a lot for the reply.

        Also in point 3, can i come to know the status of my friends repayment and loan without asking him ?


    2. Credexpert says:

      Dear Hitesh,

      1) No, this waiver of the annual fees will not affect your score.
      2) How many credit cards do you have? And are you carrying high outstanding balances on them? Closing of credit cards could improve your score if you have too many of them with high balances. On the other hand, if you have few credit cards then it’s a better option to keep them open as closing them could affect your credit utilisation negatively.
      3) Yes, as a guarantor you are liable to repay the loan in case he fails to do the same. Also his late payments would be reflected on your report and will affect your score.

      Read the article on “Before you turn a guarantor…” on http://epaper.timesofindia.com/Default/Scripting/ArticleWin.asp?From=Archive&Source=Page&Skin=ETNEW&BaseHref=ETM/2012/11/26&PageLabel=45&EntityId=Ar04400&ViewMode=HTML published by Economic Times to understand the liability and implications of being a guarantor.


  81. sapna says:

    hey how can i download the cibil report from the site? n wats the procedure for that…???

  82. tonmoy says:

    I swiped my credit card for 2.5 lack, and paying 50k each and every month to credit card. I didn’t convert it to EMI option. Just wanted to know how much cibil score gonna be deducted.

    1. There is no formula to tell how much credit score will be deducted, but for sure you will be defaulter for 5-7 months . It will all go in your DPD section

    2. Credexpert says:

      Dear Tonmoy,

      CIBIL score would not get affected because you used your credit card for a purchase of Rs. 2.5 lacs. The score is based on various factors like late payments, outstanding amount, no. of secured and unsecured loan.

      The best way to find out your score is by applying for one.


  83. sarit says:

    i have got a typical problem …where the person is saying in his village he and another guy has same name and same address. the other guy took a loan of around Rs. 40,000 ONLY for a 2 wheeler and now he is in a position of starving so in the CIBIL defaulter list. But the problem with the 1st guy is whenever he is going to BANK asking loan bank is saying his name is defaulter list as both having same name and address. U know in India village address are like that . and no bank manager is ready to provide him loan & it’s not a police case as the 2nd guy did not forge anything.
    How to solve such a problem ?

    1. Sarit

      Hmm.. interesting issue . Is the postal address exactly same ? Because then its a issue . There is tons of scope of identity theft here . I am not sure if there is any way one can solve this. But surely there is scope on banking side to redesign their way of KYC ! .

    2. Credexpert says:

      Dear Sarit,

      Similar personal details can result in the merging of two different reports due to the de – duping logic of the credit bureau.

      To solve such cases, you will require to co-ordinate with the lender and the bureau and clear the errors in the report.


  84. saravananp says:

    Dear MANISH,
    Your advice and guidance is very much appreciated and million thanks to you for useful information.Please help me also, recently i took CIR my score is 589 i had credit card i did settlement in 2006-2007, now some cards showing settled,post(wo)settled and another card shows written-off principal rs. 5990,total rs.11084 . kindly let me this is good or bad if negative please give me advice to clear this problem.

    1. Its negative . It will be tough to get any kind of loan unless you pay off things !

    2. Credexpert says:

      Dear Saravananp,

      Written off / Settled remarks affect your score and are viewed negatively by lenders. 589 is a bad score and to improve it there has to be a gradual change in your repayment behaviour.


  85. Subrata Roy says:

    I applied for a Auto loan.But as per CIBIL report some dispute arise in my report.nw tell me how I get help from the problem

    1. First check what is the issue there ?

    2. Credexpert says:

      Dear Subrata,

      What is your score? And what exactly is the dispute on your report?


  86. Krishna says:

    Hi Manish..

    I saw all your comments for helping the friends here.. i would like to know abt something which i need to confirm. I lended a personal loan 2yrs back and now i have closed fully with the interest paid and received a NOC certificate frm the bank. But still i am unable to apply for any further loan..? what is d procedure and whom shld i contact further ?
    pls advise…

    1. First check your cibil report and what is the status of those loans ? Is it SETTLED OR WRITTEN OFF ? If yes, then there is the issue .. contact the bank on it . Also check if your DPD sections is messed up ?

    2. Credexpert says:

      Dear Krishna,

      Do you have any other loans / credit cards? If yes then how is your payment behaviour on the same? As a consumer you are entitled to ask the bank the reason for rejection of your loan application along with a copy of the credit report used to evaluate your application.

      We would suggest that you approach the bank and get a copy of your credit report.


  87. Kiran Kumar says:

    Hi Manish,

    I have settled 4 credit cards long back. They had status like 2 were post (wo) settled, 1 settled and other one was restructured loan. I recently checked my CIBIL Score it shows 849. Now will i be eligible for any loans or creditcards. If not how many years it would take to clear the information in CIBIL. IS there any way i can clear the report from cibil by approaching the concern banks.

    Thank you,
    Kiran Kumar

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Mr. Kumar,

      When did you settle the 4 credit cards?
      849 is a good score but there are possibilities that lenders reject your application based on the “Settled” remark.

      We would suggest that you repay the outstanding amounts against these settled accounts (assuming your cash flows allow you to do so). This will minimize the possibilities of rejection in spite of a good score.


      1. Kiran Kumar says:


        I have settled them 3 yrs back. what is exact time frame CIBIL will have my information about settlement. So whom should i approach to repay outstanding amounts. And if i pay my outstanding amounts how soon the remark will be removed from CIBIL by the bank. Have anyone done this earlier. What is success rate. I have flooded you with many questions sorry for that. I really appreciate your effort to eduacte people about the finance management.

        Thank you,
        Kiran Kumar

        1. Credexpert says:

          Dear Mr. Kumar,

          The bureau will report the settled information for a minimum of 7 years. However, the history of your late payments would stay on your report. You can approach the lender and repay the entire outstanding but ensure that they agree to remove the settled remark from your report post the payment. The remark will be removed as and when the lender reports the data to the bureau, which usually is on monthly basis. And yes, there are individuals who have repaid the outstanding amount against a settled account.


    2. You will have to pay back the full outstanding now .. looks like your past history is not factored in for score, but in future in few months time, it might be..

  88. Rajesh Ramdas Sakpal says:

    pls give me my report

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Mr.Sakpal

      You will have to obtain your credit report and / or score from the credit bureau of your choice i.e. CIBIL, Equifax, Experian.

      The details of the KYC, payment and process are available on their respective website.


    2. How can we give it to you ?

  89. Siba Prasad Choudhury says:

    Hi Manish,

    I desperately need your advise on my problem… my cibil score 4 months back was NA/NH, with that i applied for a credit card and i have got one from HDFC and Kotak..after 4 months also my score remains NA /NH even though i pay all the outstanding on my credit card fully… How and when will my credit score be generated.. and if it generates what would be the starting score..

    Please help me….

    1. How new are you in your job ? When was the loan taken ? Was it very recently ?

  90. Phani says:

    Hi Manish,
    I recently got my CIBIL score and it is 765. In my college days, I am a C/C default of BOB and I settled it later in 2009. Now, in my CIBIL report it is showing as willful default. What does this mean and does this impact me in applying any loans.Also,should I need to do anything in this from bank side ?
    Currently, I am having 2 CC’s Axis, HDFC and I am paying full paytime on time.So,
    is this help me in increasing my CIBIL Score.

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Phani,

      Wilful defaulter means an individual who is defaulting intentionally i.e. default even when he has the capacity to honour the obligations. 765 is a good score but this remark although not recent could impact your loan applications.

      Check with the lender if they are ready to accept the outstanding payment against this credit card and remove the remark of willful default – assuming you are willing to pay.


    2. Yes , its like a black spot on your history

      So better resolve it with BOB and pay the remaining amount ..

  91. Karthick says:

    I have asked a question here and you have deleted it…Please help me

    1. It might have got deleted because it didnt had a description . Was it the case ?

  92. Karthick says:

    I have asked this question in your Forum..Could you please help me?


    Please please help me

    1. It will be answered !

      1. Karthick says:

        Manish it is not answered…

        Here is the question

        Hi I explained my issue here….could you please help me?

        I got a personal Loan from Fullerton India by July 2010 and it got deducted from my bank account till march 2011. My company changed my salry account to HDFC Bank. The old account will be active for only three months. I paid the amount through cash to Fullerton without fail. After 3 months they told me your ECS payments is bouncing in your old account and you have to pay fine. I shouted at them and paid the fine for 4 moonths. They told to cancel the ECS payment in the old bank account and transfer to HDFC or you can pay the amount by cash before 5th of every month. I told them that I will pay by 4th of every month and I did without fail till now without cash.

        My questions are as follows

        1. For the three months which are bounced in my account whether the CIBIL score will be less

        2. They haven’t told anything about this and they only get the payments from me. what can I do?

        Second Scenario:

        By Jan 2012 HDFC bank DSA contacted me and told me that we are offering PL and to give me the proof. I am not in need of money and they forced me that it is an offer for corporates and you can avail. I gave the documents and no one contacted. within 2 months another DSA contacted and they told me that they will arrange and I gave the documents. Then they told that I
        has to get a letter from HR and I told that they will not give me and left it. On Nov 2012, another DSA contacted and told that they will arrange and got all the documents. I told them that my post paid is not with the current address and I need to change it. THey told that they has to submit the file within three days and they will take care. They also dint reply. When I applied for home loan along with my brother. They told me that I have changed the address in Post paid bill and submitted the documents on November 2012. I dint do that and I have all the proof for my home. They told that my name was black listed
        inside HDFC. I was shocked. My questions are as below:

        1. Whether my name will be entered in CIBIL as that I changed the bill? I contacted my branch and they sent an email that they will not enter this in CIBIL and the records will be kept internally? Is that true?

        2. I applied for home loan with my brother in India bulls and they are telling me that it has been entered in CIBIL

        3. I contacted the DSA number and it is switched off and no one exist? TO whom do I complain.

        4. Also I heard that I wont get any job if it is listed in CIBIL? Is that true?

        5. ALso I planned for a home loan after two years and How it will affect me?

        6. What are the ways to get everything in a perfect manner?

        I promise that I dint do any malpractice and I only got Loan from Fullertron and It is going to over by this april and paying all the dues perfectly. I am having proof for all the bills

        Please Please Please Please anyone help me…….

        1. 1. Yes, any defaults info goes to CIBIL ..

          2. What didnt they tell you ?

          Second secnario

          1. If you didnt change any address , then things should not go to cibil, but you gave your documnts, never do that , people might misuse the documnts in your name

          Please ask small and precise questions . I am lost in your case totally .. Ask less and small question .

          1. Karthick says:

            Manish, I got a mail from bank that for change of address my name is not listed but they are telling that it will be listed in CIBIL

          2. Karthick says:

            Manish, I have sent an email to HDFC and they told me that they havent reported to CIBIL in terms of the changed address in Postpaid bill….But one of my freind in finance sector informed me that they have marked it in the CIBIL. I want it to be removed….What can I do? They also told me that I cant get any loans here after and my name is black listed as a fraud…what can I do?

            1. ALready told you that it must be reported by the telecom company ..

        2. Credexpert says:

          Dear Karthic,

          As per RBI, the payment records of all individuals who have availed a credit facility should be reported by the lender to any 1 or more of the 3 credit bureaus – CIBIL, Equifax or Experian on monthly or quarterly basis. The answer to your 1st and 2nd scenario is below:

          1) Yes, if the ECS bounce cases are reported by the bank to the bureau, it will impact your credit score negatively

          2) As you have availed a Personal Loan from Fullerton India, your name will appear in CIBIL. You need not worry if your name is reported in CIBIL, unless you had any negative repayment behaviour in the past.

          3) Any applications made by you for a new credit facility will also be reported to the bureau and will be reflected on your credit report. Do not apply randomly for new credit facilities unless you genuinely need one as these affect your score negatively.

          4) You can lodge a complaint against the lender in the grievance cell listed on the website of the lender.

          5) No, if your name is in CIBIL it won’t affect your job application unless your payment records are negative.

          6) Do you know your current credit score? Obtain your credit report before you apply for the Home loan.

          7) Repay on time, do not randomly apply for new credit facilities, keep a balance between the secured and unsecured loans. These steps will help you maintain a healthy credit score


          1. Karthick says:

            The main concern of me is the change of address in post paid bill which i dint do…I sent an email to HDFC and they told that they dint report it to CIBIL…One of my freind told that it will be reported to CIBIL…what Can I do?

            1. HDFC wont report to CIBIL .. I guess its the phone company which would have … now telecom companies are also sharing data with CIBIL

            2. Credexpert says:

              Dear Karthick,

              The address change will not be reported until you update the bank with the same or until you have availed a new credit facility from any lender where you have specified that address for your KYC proofs.


  93. kahnu says:

    Dear Manish,

    I have applied for CIBIL report online and mailed them the required documents on 10th Jan 2013. a conformation mail also received with an acknowledgement of 5 days span require to generate the report. but still I haven’t received my report.
    Neither they are replying to my mails.

    please suggest what to do..

    1. Kahnu

      Did you talk to the customer care again ?

      1. kahnu says:

        I have mailed them too.

  94. G S Mahajan says:

    Hi Manish,

    Thank you for yet another a very good article. I’ve tried to apply for a CIBIL score, it was a positive number between 780 to 790 on a scale. What does that mean ? Is it good or bad ?

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Mr. Mahajan,

      Credit score between 780 -790 is a good score. Continue with your positive repayment behaviour and you can improve your score further.


  95. Aish says:

    I took 1 education loan which was processed as personal loan (even interest free)

    I guess personal loan is understood as bad by other banks. How I can correct it. Please suggest.

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Aish,

      Personal loans are not considered bad by other lenders. They are just riskier as they are unsecured loans with high interest rates. If you are repaying your personal loan on time, there is no need to worry.


  96. Nilabh says:

    Hi Manish,
    Based on the valuable info. about online CBIL report provided by you, I have applied for the same and received rgn/payment confirmation nos. i have mailed the documents . Do i also need to send the hard copy of the documents required as i have not received any mail for my CBIL report.

  97. rahul sinha says:

    how much time will it take to get your score in email if online authentication is successful

    1. It generally is sent very fast , some people have got it instantly and some get it in 2-3 working days !

  98. Venkat says:

    Hi Manish,
    My present CIBIL trans Union Score is 810. and I dont have any overdue amounts. Except one credit card, still its showing some over due of 10,000 because bank didn’t update cibil.I have proof from the bank that I have no dues to pay.But Iam not getting any loans or credit cards.Suggest me what shall i do.

    1. From how long it has been happening , the bank is suppose to update CIBIL within 30 days . If they have not done it yet , you have 2 things to do here

      1. Open a dispute resolution with CIBIL and tell them about this issue, they will cross check with bank and in that case they will have to give the real update .

      2. Talk to bank again and tell them straight that next month you are moving to banking ombudsman and asking for 1 lac compensation because you are emotionally shattered by this incident and would ask for compensation ! .. they should move !

  99. Shahnawaz says:

    Hi Manish,
    I really like the way you are spreading awareness related to people’s financial health
    i do have a question here i just started working 3 months back and prior to that i have never taken any loan any credit card from any company i applied for an icici credit card and i did not receive any communication from bank related to it. when i inquired myself about it bank informed me that card was declined because of credit rejection
    plz help

    1. Shahnawaz

      Wait for 3-4 more months .. you have just started . any bank will be a little hesitant to give you one so fast ..

  100. Roopam says:

    Dear Manish

    I have gone through your comments and extraordinary service you are selflessly offering to the society.

    Actually I too have a simple query.

    I received my CIBIL report online last week and it says I have a score of 761.
    On careful analysis of the same, I found that all my accounts – three credit cards SBI, Amex and HDFC; and two consumer durable loans from Bajaj FinServLending and one cross-sell PL from Bajaj, – are all in very good standing – paid always well in time (on credit cards, the minimum amount due is always paid in time but utilisation is >80% in 2 out of 3).

    But, I have `SETTLED’ written for one old 2004 PL from Standard Chartered which I am 100% sure was fully paid and not `settled’. It is 8 years old account and my personal visit to Standard Chartered to sort it out, this week, remained futile as they were not interested to sort out this old issue (to cut long story short).

    How can I target a score of >825 in next 12-18 months as I know that these days even the corporates have started taking CIBIL report for candidate reference check (financial health check), even though I might not be interested in any fresh loans in near visible future.

    Thanks a lot!


    1. You better contact the bank and ask them the reason why they updated it with SETTLED remark ?

    2. Credexpert says:

      Dear Roopam,

      761 is a good score but higher score is always advisable. We would advise that you should sort the Settled status with Standard Chartered even if the account is 8 years old now. If you have all the documents to validate that this account was not settled, then we see no reason for this matter not to be sorted out. After all having a clean and healthy credit report will always work in your favour.

      Also, start paying more than the minimum due amount on your credit cards and reduce your credit utilisation ratio.


  101. bemoneyaware says:

    We have tried to collect Frequently Asked Question(FAQ) regarding CIBIL CIR report at one place with answers. Questions such as
    How can I know my CIBIL rating?
    I am a guarantor on the home loan of my brother. If my brother defaults on this home loan payment will it also negatively impact my credit score?
    Does settlement of loan affect credit score?
    Have a good credit score still not able to get loan?
    You can check it out at FAQ on CIBIL CIR Report and Score

  102. Aman says:

    Dear Manish,

    Your blog is very informative. I applied for CIR on Nov 16 & after many calls & repeated emails, today I got reply from CIBIL. But I could not understand the reasons for not processing CIBIL SCORE. Here is the reply from CIBIL

    Kindly look at 1st & 4th point.



    1. Aman says:

      We refer to your request to purchase your CIBIL TransUnion Score (including CIR).

      In this regard, we would like to inform you that we have processed your CIBIL Report request. However, we regret our inability to generate a score on your report due to the following reasons:

      1 Account information not available
      2 Your report has only enquires and account information not available
      3 The last date reported or date closed in your report is older than 24 months for all accounts
      4 Consumer is an ‘Authorized’ user for all the accounts in the report

      In view of the same, we have processed refund of Rs 68/- (Cost of CIBIL TransUnion Score) on 13/12/2012 (date) via Online Payment mode.

      1. Ashish G says:

        Dear Aman,

        It seems you do not have credit history record in recent past. As I understand, you may not be having any credit card, loan etc. going on or in recent past. Therefore there report was not generated. As far as I know, CIBIL report is about the Credit history of an individual.

    2. Where are those points ?

  103. Senthil Ranganathan says:

    Hi Manish,
    I raised disputes regarding some information in my cibil report. Cibil sent me email that after some in depth analysis , they observed that the information pertaining to another individuals credit report has been mixed with my report. They would remove those accounts which are not belongs to me and that will not appear in my report anymore. I receive this email on 12 Nov’12. So how could i know whether they removed those accounts. Will they send me the updated report to me or again i should apply for the same. If i want to apply again , is there any certain period i should wait for things to be updated. When applying, should i mention the control number for the continuity . Please guide me

    1. Yes, you should wait for atleast 30 days . I would recommend 45-60 days personally and then apply for it , just ask them for a report if they can give you , tell them it was messed up because of their mistake , but at end you might have to order it on your own

  104. Raj says:

    Isn’t the fee for for credit score / report bit high considering Indian standards. Think about a common man who is applying for a loan of 2L from SBI has to pay 470 rupees to know why his loan was rejected. In US selling credit scores has become a kind of money extortion by always keeping the customer in fear of identity theft etc. It is hard to believe it is becoming a reality in India, it shouldn’t cost more than fee of simple RTI application – after all its your information and in a democratic country like India you should have the right to know it.

    1. Raj

      But its not a govt organisation . its a private body . they can decide the fee, you can order it if you wish . there is no compulsion ,. you can also complain to RBI on this

      1. Raj says:

        I’m fine with ICICI or HDFC using information in CIBIL report to check risks of granting credit to a customer. I’m not sure if nationalized banks use CIBIL service as of now. In my opinion SBI or any nationalized bank / insurance institution for that matter they shouldn’t use a third party service that charge exuberant amount on customers to see their own data. Its good to have a centralized credit reporting agency, and in my honest opinion Govt. should own it.

        After all Transunion/CIBIL makes money proving service to banks, after all its banks who get benefited by credit checks not the customers. AFAIK banks are paying Transunion/CIBIL for using their service – but CIBIL has projected themselves as if they are a service to customers. So why we pay for it – yes it works in that fashion in US where lobbyists play key roles in market decision making.

        1. Raj

          CIBIL is created by Banks only ! .. and they are share holders into it !

  105. Senthil Ranganathan says:

    Dear sir,
    I raised disputes regarding some information in my cibil report. Cibil sent me email that after some in depth analysis , they observed that the information pertaining to another individuals credit report has been mixed with my report. They would remove those accounts which are not belongs to me and that will not appear in my report anymore. I receive this email on 12 Nov’12. So how could i know whether they removed those accounts. Will they send me the updated report to me or again i should apply for the same. If i want to apply again , is there any certain period i should wait for things to be updated. When applying, should i mention the control number for the continuity . Please guide me.

  106. Taju Abraham says:

    Manish- greetings.
    Can you please clarify how can I get a NO DUES letter and CIBIl clearance incase the lending organisation does not issue the No dues and get a CIBIL clerance after i make the payment. This organisation is SHAHA Finlease ( they acquired the bad debts of SCB Credit Card). . My CIBIL report shows a outstanding dues towards this organisation. SHAHA finlease is asking for a about 1300 extra from what is shown in the CIBIL, saying that the report is two months old.
    My CIBIL score is 790/900. except this payment I do not see any other remark. please clarify.

    1. Obviosuly the money would have increased in those two months, there are charges each month right ! .. Better make the payment for now and not think much over it .

      First take in writing from the SHAHA about the NOC and CIBIL updation and once they agree, then pay the money . Check your report back in 60 days !

  107. Kiran Bhavikeri says:

    Hey Manish,

    Thanks much for re posting this article. It made it easier to get the CIBIL score.

    Thanks again!!!


  108. Ashutosh says:

    I work for an MNC in Bangalore. I required some financial advise, hope you will be able to help me. I saw your blog and thought of contacting you.

    Few months back I required a personal loan so I applied in several banks but all of them rejected it saying I do not have a credit history since I do not have any previous loan or credit card. Now I tried applying for a credit card but unfortunately even this is getting rejected saying the same thing that I do not have a credit history.

    I wanted to ask that if banks do not give me loan or credit card, how will I have a credit history?

    Recently citibank replied to my credit card application with a CIBIL report which says my score is -1.

    Please suggest me how to get a positive credit score when I am not having any loan or previous credit card.

    Your valuable suggestions are welcome.

    1. Ashtush

      You need a credit history ! .. PERIOD !

      Now the question is how to get a credit card ,you will not get one is the answer !

      BUT , you can get a secured credit card. You can make a FD and then take a secured credit card against that , use it for 4-6 months . and then apply for report and see your score is generated or not !

  109. Thilak says:

    Manish, Can you please let me know your number, I have some clarification and hope you can help me.

    Thilak P

    1. We dont have calls facility , you can ask your queries on our forum http://www.jagoinvestor.com/forum/

  110. Sandeep says:

    Hi Manish,

    I have a problem which was not answered in the comments above.
    I generated my CIBIL report recently and saw a score of 790.
    All my accounts are in good shape.

    The only issue is: Below the score in the header, the following information is written:

    But, there is no written off account in the detailed report. I have contacted CIBIL but I have not received a satisfactory reply. All they say is that it will be resolved in 30 days.

    Can you please tell me what “Exclusion Code” means?
    I am planning to apply for a loan. Will this Exclusion Code thing affect my application?

    1. This is a general comment i guess, its not about some loan item in your credit report .Its just a general statement.


    Dear Manish,

    I applied for CIBIL report. in the report loan account status was showing “BLANK” there is nothing. I had a loan with BAJAJ FINANCE in the year 2010 it got cleared.

    I need to know “BLANK” indicates what?

    “Is the loan is pending”? Or
    “settelled”? Or
    “written off”? Or

    Please provide a suitable solution from above.

    And other thing i want to know that having loan status blank is good/bad for CIBIL Trans union score?

    If other financial institution see my CIBIL report then what will be their perception regarding my loan status as “balnk”?

    Awaiting for your valuable response!!!!!

    1. Blank means closed and clean . Do not worry !

  112. Nithyanand says:

    Hi Manish,

    I just had a clarification on the cibil report i.e. how frequently the cibil report get’s updated.

    2) If say for example i see my name listed in cibil as a “Defaulter” in three various credit transaction. Example: Credit card Outstanding, Personal loan Outstanding and consumer durable cheque bounce charges.

    3) for all the above three I have got the clarification (No objection certificate) from consumer durable loan i.e. cheque bounce charges have been waived. And after which i spoke to the department concerned of consumer durable loan team. They say that, they have already send the details to cibil regarding the cheque bounce charges waiver. However when i look at Cibil CIR it shows when all the cheques where bounced. Does this effect me in near future in approval of any loans?

    A) If yes how long it would should the details.

    3) Now that i am able to see the outstanding due’s from various finance. If i call up them for the payment. Once they give the No objection certificate, can i approach with all the details for any loan approvals?

    4) And should i have to Updated the details (no objection certificates) to CIBIL, obtained from various finance ltd (in which i am shown as defaulter) and by what time(specific over months i.e. 6mnths or 1year) it get’s updated.

    I am thankful to you, for all the assistance you give me over my queries.

    Nithyanand Rao

    1. Banks update CIBIL each month . So it should take 30-60 days !

  113. Potnuri Ganesh says:

    Dear sir,

    Pl. send my CIBIL Report

    1. how can we send it ?

  114. Krishnan says:

    Hi Manish,
    You said, “CIBIL report is not always bad. It’s an extremely good concept which is now taking shape in India recently.”

    CIBIL takes only one way, ie, from banks only. Is there a way for individuals to take CIBIL to task if they maintain erroneous or biased information? Any incidents to share?

    Unless there is a way for individual to take action on CIBIL, I will see this as a group of organisations who join hands to threaten individuals who are in need of financial help.

    CIBIL is good or bad will depend on the above. Please share your experience.

    1. But CIBIL is designd that way only , its created by Banks . And its not something which is unique . Credit bureau works like this only everywhere.

  115. Ganesh Rao says:

    Hi Manish ,

    Recently my loans were getting rejected due to bad credit history reflecting in CIBIL Report. The reports are of 2 credit cards one which shows settled and other written off way back on 2006. Since then its been 6 yrs of good credit history for me without missing any loan payments or credit care dues. Recently i got my cibil score and it shows 628 points.
    I will be talking to the bank about this soon to make them understand that it was their mistake because of which i am suffering now.
    Even then if the bank says they will not do anything regarding my status or gives me a false promise that they will communicate to CIBIL , is there any way that we can get a letter from bank saying they have accepted their mistake or communicated to CIBIL?
    Is there any ombudsman similar to insurance , to drag these banks for not communicating to CIBIL ?
    Waiting for your reply
    Thanks a lot

    1. Ganesh

      it might happen that banks mistake is there, in which case banks will accept and update the CIBIL , they will only reject your point, if there is something really against you and in that case they will not update you, if you are very sure that you are right , then you can complain to banking ombudsman and then finally to the consumer court

      See this – http://jagoinvestor.dev.diginnovators.site/2011/04/banking-ombudsman.html

  116. Naveen Sharma says:

    Hi Manish,

    Thanks for all your suggestions and make people aware for same. Keep up the good work.

    I am having one question, Basically i Had one HSBC CC and PL and not able to pay dues from last 2-3 Years. When i contact HSBC they Said for all the closures you need to contact JM finance.

    Can you please suggest is this correct if I contact JM Finance for Re-payment..

    Also in MY CIBIL report total outstaning is134000 and 46000. Respectivly Can you please suggest how much i should pay or I should pay completly.

    IF i pay complete then how much CIBIL Score will be increase. Curreently it is 514.

    And how much time it will take.

    Please suggest.


    1. You need to pay complete amount ,else it will be reported again as “SETTLED” . Now contact JM finance . Your score should drastically imporve with this .

      1. Naveen Sharma says:

        Thanks Manish,

        How does if impact score, if i pay Them By installment.

        Or One time payment will improve score more as compare to installment.

        Please suggest.


        1. If you make a one time paymnt, then you have not taken any loan, then CIBIL does not come into picture at all, if you take a loan and pay them in installments it create a credit history and shows that you are capable of repayments.

          1. Naveen Sharma says:

            Hi Manish,

            Thanks for information.

            In My case i am talking about total due amount. Should I pay them in one go or ask them to allow some EMI on ooutstanding amount and close the CC and Loan.

            how does it impact Currect CIBIL score if in EMI or one time.

            Please suggest.


            1. Just pay the full amount , dont ask for discounts . They dont exist !

  117. Binod Kumar says:

    Hi Manish,

    First of all, I would like to thank you for such a wonderful work. Its really helpful.

    I applied my CIBIL report last week and received it yesterday. My credit score is 737, and I am quite disappointed. I have about 6 credit cards (since 2005 – HSBC, Citibank, SBIx2, HDFC, and SC) and I have been using them on regular and rotational basis. Have never ever missed any payments, all payments were on time. There were few instances where i dropped cheques before due dates, but banks received it after the due date and they charged late fine (but after speaking to CC, they revered back the lat fee amount– but it happened only twice or thrice).

    Also, I had a personal loan from HDFC which I pre-closed during mid last year (paid in full). Took another personal loan from HDFC this year (march) of amount 4,95,000. Loan got approved and have been paying regularly (ECS).

    Another strange thing i noticed in my report that there are dozens of false credit inquiries which i guess made me look credit hungry. There is one entry from HDB bank (HDFC?) that I applied for a personal loan of INR 2 Crore!!!! I don’t remember applying for a personal loan of INR 2 Crore and which bank gives PL of 2 Crore???

    BTW, what could be the possible reason for such a low score despite of regular usage of credit cards and payments ? Also, is it important to contact bank or CIBIL for removal of false credit inquiry from my profile?

    Thanks in advance!

    -Binod Kumar

    1. Few reasons for low score can be

      1. More presence of unsecured credit like Personal Loan and Credit card

      2. Those credit enquiries.

      I clearly see cases of identity theft here , better manage your documents well in future. and talk to CIBIL and banks on these enquiries and see when was it applied and what document was submitted .


  118. sarabjeet says:

    Dear Manish ji,

    I had taken a PL from HDFC Bank in 2007, which I settled in April 2011 paying some amount (not full).
    I have 5-6 running Credit Card Accounts, payments are made timely.
    Recently I checked my CIBIL score my Persona Loan Score is 755 and Transunion Score is 777.

    My question is – Is it enough score to apply for a Car Loan in a year and Home Loan in 2-3 years time ?

    Please comment


    1. Note that your score can move up and down over the montsh , so dont rely on current score for future .

      Now coming to your point, your score is decent . But some lenders might ask for more than 800 score and also will look at your report . So all you can do is check with lenders on this .


  119. Jitendra says:

    I have not taken any loan till date, also dont have any credit card on my name,
    But applied for credit card 2-3 times, it was rejected , dont know why.

    Any relation with past IT return filing ?

    any suggestions ?

    1. It might be related to your income , if you income is low ,then it might be rejected

  120. Flower says:

    Hi Manish,

    I received my CIBIL report yesterday and the score is 834. I had 2 personal loans previously (HDFC & ICICI) and there were couple of check bounce. I paid all the payment and both the personal loans were paid in full and closed as of August 2011 . I applied for new personal on Nov/Dec but my loan was rejected saying I had some check bounce earlier. I don’t understand the reason. Yes, it was my default for earlier mistake but now I have all the loans completely and settled why my new loan is rejected irrespective of my score (834).

    FY…ICICI was closed on Apr 2011 and HDFC was closed on Aug 2011. New loan applied on Nov 2011.

    Ques 2: In my report, I see DPD:AC as XXX, 025 & STD. What these stands for?

    Appreciate your quick reply

    1. Its mostly happening because of your past mistakes, the DPD shows that in past how many months due was there in any given month and thats making banks reluctant in loan giving . Note that just because you have rectified past mistakes does not make you clean ,the fact is it happened !

      1. Flower says:

        I had a personal loan earlier and it was paid if full with zero balance now. As I said above, I had some payment default for few months. Payment history in the cibil reports is from 09-2008 to 08-2011 (36 months). In these 36 months, I have DPD – 025 for 6 months.


        Q is, I already paid the loan but how can I remove these DPDs from my Cibil reports. I do not have any loan pending to pay and improve the scores better or get out this dpds. Can I pay my credit card bills ontime and remove this dpd or it should be only from this particular loan ( as said, it is paid in full already(

        1. You cant not remove DPD ! , no matter what .. they will keep moving for each month

  121. MVADITYA says:



    1. sivakumar says:

      Dear Aditya, It is only for one transaction. Every time you need the report you would be required to pay the amount.

  122. Ashok Zachariah says:

    Hi Manish,
    First of all a very big thanks for all the gud work being done by u. Am from chennai. I had a credit card with SCB way back in 1998, as there was some wrong entry in my monthly statements, which even after repeated request to them for having it cleared, they had not done it. I stopped making my monthly payments, after which they came for a settlement, and they had issued me a settlement letter for Rs.25,ooo/-. I had paid it by cheque drawn on ICICI bank. I had recently applied for a Home Loan as a co-applicant from HDFC. They now inform me that, I am being listed in CIBIL as a SCB credit card defaulter for a sum of Rs.13,00,000/- (Rupees Thirteen lakhs). I had shown the settlement letter of SCB and my ICICI Bank monthly statement of Dec 2001, which shows that my cheque to SCB has been cleared by them way back in Dec 2001. I had gone to the local SCB Credit Card office, wherein a staff over there informed me that they had in fact received my payment of Rs.25,000/- in Dec 2001 itself, but have not reversed the balance amount in my credit card account. I have also mailed and also sent Registered letters to SCB with all the proofs attached, but they have still not given any reply. Should I write to CIBIL and to banking ombudsman about this. Can I file a case against SCB with the consumer forum. Pls do suggest what has to be done further on this issue. Thanks n Regards. Ashok Zac.

    1. Yes, you can now file a case with Consumer forum and also inform banking ombudsman on this , but was that 25k payment the full payment or it was a lesser payment than the outstanding , because even in case of settlement , the rest of the balanace is reported to CIBIL .

      Also open a dispute resolution with CIBIL on this – http://jagoinvestor.dev.diginnovators.site/2012/01/cibil-credit-report-mistakes-correction-steps.html

  123. Rahul says:

    Hi Manish,

    I had applied for my CIBIL score and have got it yesterday. I have a score of 718. I am in an urgent need of a personal loan. I had a bike loan which is not closed but had 5 cheque bounces in it. have made all payments with penalities. my other loan has no defaults at all. recently HDFC rejected my pl application saying i had 5 bounces. can u plz suggest me wat to do and whether i can still go to some bank and get a PL

    1. Rahul says:

      i am sorry there is a slight mistake in the second line regarding bike loan. I have already closed the loan. Instead of “not closed” i wanted to write “now closed”

      1. Thats ok , still your cheque bounce is an issue . If that happened due to your not paying things on time, then its an issue

        1. Rahul says:

          So wat do you suggest. should i apply or talk to some bank now for a PL or will it be a futile exercise. i do not wish to apply again and get rejected. are there any banks who would entertain me?

    2. Rahul

      It will be very tough for you to get any personal loan at this moment. Your score is not that great (its just ok) . So You might want to wait for some more time and pay some existing debt to build your credit history.

  124. sandeep says:

    I have taken home loan as well as car loan 4 months back and i am paying each EMI in time.
    Apart of this, I have given advanced payment checks to my friend’s owner as a monthly rent payment.
    My friend did not have checks, so i gave in behalf of him. The checks given to owner bank is different from loan account bank.
    Till now, 2 checks have been dishonoured for the owner because of insufficient balance.
    I have paid the amount by online transfer to his owner, and he has not the issue.
    It is simple check and no relation with my loan account.
    Will it effect my CIBIL score or if it affects, how can i solve this.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. No it will not affect your CIBIL report and score

  125. SANGRAM SINGH says:

    I want to know my all out standing dues of respective loans.

    1. Apply for your CIBIL report then

  126. Shaan says:

    Hello Manish,

    I had few defualts about 5 years ago due to Job issues. Later I settled all my accounts(loan+Credit Cards) with various banks at principle amounts. I have recently realized that my CIBIL Score is currently at 610. Would you be able to advise if there was an impact due to those settlements and what is necessary to help my score get better.


    1. Yes , settlements are taken as negative action and are reported to CIBIL . Read this – http://jagoinvestor.dev.diginnovators.site/2012/03/loan-settlement-hurts-cibil-report.html

  127. Mayank Gupta says:

    Hey Manish,
    I had some dispute with HDFC bank credit card which was later resolved. I tried to apply for consumer loan but it got rejected thats when I figured HDFC guys have not made correction in CIBIL. I asked them to do so and send me my report.
    It says credit score of 628
    Is this a decent score to apply for PL? I don’t have any credit cards now or any loan , Is there anyway this score can be improved?
    What are my chances of getting a new credit card with this score so that I can start paying it off on time and improve the score?

    1. Mayank

      PL is a unsecured loan, and unless you have 800+ , i think it will be tough ! .. Check with your bank why your report was not updated and once it does (it will take 45-60 days) , your score will go up , but i doubt if it will move more than 750 .

      You can always take a secured credit card against a FD !

      1. Mayank Gupta says:

        Hi Manish,
        Thanks for that, but would the score go up automatically or my bank needs to do the same?
        They said they have already cleared the outstanding amount in CIBIL and that’s the max they can do. I am not sure whether they can increase the score too.
        Can you also tell me if this score is good enough to apply for credit card if not PL?

        1. Banks can only update CIBIL , finally CIBIL only calculates Score !

  128. Rajesh says:

    I have got sanction letter of home loan from LIC HFL but it is not yet disbursed.Meanwhile after getting sanction letter I applied for personal loan an got disbursement also. Does this affect on credit score & disbursement of Home loan ?

    1. Should not be much issue , as you have already got it done !

  129. Awadhesh Gupta says:

    Hi Manish,

    I got my Cibil score as 680. Please suggest, can i get personal loan?
    As all my dues are cleared still i got only this much score, i understand in past there was few late payment but does that mean that i will not get any credit in future ?
    Also suggest how much time it will take to cross 750 score?

    1. Your score will get better in future if you keep making some kind of repayment . But with 680 , you dont have much chance of getting a loan !

  130. Ganesh says:

    Hi Manish,

    May i know how the bank’s report goes to CIBIL. I had a education loan from a Govt Bank, which i did not pay the EMI for last 6 months. I gave all my tenth, twelvth mark certificates, ration card to get that loan. I did not have PAN at that time.

    Now i have applied for personal loan at HDFC bank 3 months back and it was approved on time. This time, i have given my license and PAN, and employment details to the bank. My query is , how the personal loan got approved while i am having a education loan due in a govt bank.
    So will the bank, update to SIBIL only with PAN/License number?
    Non repayment of my educational loan did not have anything to do with my future loans?
    Non repayment of educational loan did not have anything to do with the credit history?

    fyi, im paying my personal loan EMIs on time.
    Kindly clarify my doubts.

    1. Ganesh

      Its all about how well they can establish the relatinship and identity , The new bank could not get your information from CIBIL , becasue you did not have your PAN and other info .. but now it will go to CIBIL

  131. Sam says:

    Appreciate you for very good information. I have a question. I had a consumer loan from bajaj finance 7yrs back and paid all inst (3adv emi and 7cheques) and all got cleared. now they are saying it was 1adv emi and 9 cheques and they are expecting two more payments. I told them to show my remaining two cheques i will pay that amount (Rs.750). They could not show because, I never gave them 9cheques. currently, my personal loan got rejected.
    Question : Now, if I want to check CIBIL report by providing my current address proof, will they publish my address to them? Because, there is a chance that some third party agencies may start nuisance at my current address.

    1. No – you can apply for your cibil , the address will just be a creditial to check, it will not be included in the CIBIL report . Regarding your case, did the number of debits which happened from your account equal to the requirement or not ?

      1. Sam says:

        Thanks for reply. Yes all those 7 cheques got cleared from my icici bank and i showed them the statement. When i asked them remaining two numbers, they just gave some serial numbers. But those cheques were not given to them. Only problem from my side was, I was not in a position to prove that i paid 3 adv emi’s. i didnt have proper bills. They were not able prove that I am two emis pending becuse, they dont have my cheque details. Finally, it went to write off. Then I ignored it.
        My worry is if I provide my current address for CIBIL report with PAN/Passport, these details will not be shared to Bajaj guys right? If yes, they again start troubling by calling, coming to home and my parents will be irritated. I wont be staying at home as i work on deputation in some other place.

        1. yes if you give your current address, the chances are high that they will come for recovery , I think you should pursue it with the banking ombudsman now

  132. Rohit Shah says:

    Hello Manish

    I took Personal loan 30k from GE Money and 26k from HSBC before 3 years ago and Education Loan from SBI on Security. For GE Money I paid 70% ECS on time through bank on regular base. After that due to few problem my last 8 EMI was bounced and I paid all those bounced emi month by month but I did not pay the bounced fees like 350rs per emi. Now I went to GE Money and they told me that you need to pay 11,600 with 2.5% interest and you will get the NOC Letter at the same time of payment and Cebil data will clear within 45 days and our executive will come to you with NOC letter you do not need to visit the bank. I also visited the HSBC for second loan and I got call from some private agency and he told me that come to my office with closer amount 12k and at the same time I will give you recipt of the payment and NOC and for cebil clearance it will take approx 90 days.

    I am going to close this two personal loan not a settlement but going to do the full payment in this week. Education is still going on. I have few due amount in SBI also but that I am also going to pay the due amount within a month and after that bank manager told me to pay due amount and after that you can pay your regular emi.

    So I just wanted to know that
    1. how can I trust that person and how much time take to clear the cebil record as no due?
    2. Can I apply for new Personal or Mortgage loan or credit card with NOC letter?
    3. Why bank is not taking the amount and providing the NOC, Can we trust?
    4. Education loan is going on it was not regular but its against my property so before make it regular can I apply for any kind of loan or credit card?
    5. Is there any doc should I aksed to bank when I am going to close the loan and paying the full amount of loan so that doc can help me to take other loan.
    6. How can I increase the score?

    I have no other loan or any kind of credit card.
    Please reply me as soon as possible

    Have a great day ahead
    Rohit Shah

    1. Rohan

      Here are answers

      1. Check his Icard , check with customer care if he is the employee of the bank , If its possible better go to the bank directly and make the payment there, make it through cheque , and on company name, not on a person name

      2. You can try that, but note that banks will be reluctant to give a loan immediately, it matters how many loans you have taken earliar , dont behave credit hungry

      3. They will

      4. Bank will ask for a income proof , which you will not be able to provide, so it will be tough

      5. NOC is enough and also ask for a written letter which says they will update CIBIL on this

      6. Read – http://jagoinvestor.dev.diginnovators.site/2012/04/tips-to-improve-cibil-credit-score.html

      1. Rohit Shah says:

        Hello Manish,

        I really appreciate your quick reply. Thank you very much for all the answers of the questions and help. You cleared my all doubts, now I am just looking for 1Lakh rs loan and My monthly income is around 56k, So I think its enough income to get 1lakh rs loan. But as per your advice I will go with first to check my credit history and after that I will apply for the loan so hope it will not affect to my cebil score. Even in past 3 years I din’t apply for any kind of loan or credit card as I know that I din’t pay loan and it will reject 100% so there is no meaning to apply for any loan or Credit card=, But now Want to apply for loan so before that I am going to clear all the debt and check the cebil record and apply for loan or credit card with you advice.

        Really thank you for your help

        Have a great day ahead

        Rohit Shah

  133. Umesh says:

    Hi manish,
    I had taken 3 LIC policies ( Jeevan Anand) in 2009 for 20 years. I had paid two premiums for 2009 and 2010 and in 2011 I decided not to go with these policies so I stopped paying premiums. Now the status of all three policies is “lapsed without surrender value”. Will this affect my CIBIL score? I am planning to take home loan from SBI so need help for above query. Thank you in advance!

    1. No , it has nothing to do with your CIBIL

  134. John Ray says:

    Hi manish,

    I had a settlement with Credit Card companies, but that was 4 years back. After that I had a car loan which I have paid off completely. Still my application gets rejected for a credit card.

    plz help.

    1. vishal says:

      u have to wait for 7 years now.
      Cibil keeps record for 7 years and then delete it.

      1. No vishal

        Thats wrong . 7 yrs is minimum , not maximum , in worst case the data can be for 15-20 yrs also

    2. Yes ,because seems like your report contains that SETTLED remark for the past loan, you will have to pay it off to get rid of that status !

      1. John Ray says:

        so shud i contact the credit card companies and pay the amount in full.

        also if I do that how soon can I get a new credit card now

        1. Yes you should do that .. just keep a big gap between two loans, i would say wait for 6-8 months at least !

  135. My score in CIBIL is 628.
    Credit card payement was due of HDFC & ICICI bank which i have paid.
    I am not geting any type of loan.
    Pls help me how to improve CIBIL score.

    1. Right now , is there any thing outstanding , did you settle in past ?

  136. Sathish Chandar R says:

    I have applied for a Home loan. I got a call from the Bank saying one of your credit card account says “Account Sold” But no pending dues.

    I had never had any late payments or pending dues till now.
    I had few credit cards which I had never used in the past. I have only one credit card which is valid now.

    I worried what might be the reason for this status. Will this affect my application to home loan.

    SathishChandar R

    1. akhilraj says:

      Dear Sir,

      dont worry god will solve all ur problems… 🙂
      i thnk ur going to build ur home in chennai 🙂

      best rgs
      akhil dharmajan

      1. Sathish Chandar R says:

        Thank you for your prayers.
        Good guess I have planned to get a house in Chennai only.

    2. It means your credit card company sold your account to someone else, because they thought the other company can recover the loan in a better way . What is your credit score ?

      1. Sathish Chandar R says:

        My Credi Score is 827. I dont have any current balance mentioned. So what will there be a need for a Account been to sold to a another company? Its with Barclay’s Credit Card Account.

        1. In that case , I think there was some kind of balance there, not sure about this actually , you should discuss this at our forum – http://jagoinvestor.dev.diginnovators.site/forum/

          1. Sathish Chandar R says:

            Hi Manish,
            Thank you for your responses. I got my problem solved when i enquired about the issue directly with the bank. I have pasted below the reply which I got from bank for the all the people in the forum for reference.

            “As you may be aware we have transferred your card account ending XXXX to Standard Chartered Bank on 05 Jun 2012 in your best interest to help you avail better product proposition and quality of service Standard Chartered Bank offers. Hence, the status has been updated as “Account Sold” in CIBIL records accordingly. Also, we wish to clarify that this status will not have a negative reflection on your credit bureau report.”

  137. Sumit Vasdev says:

    Hi Manish,

    Can you also list down the options for people with poor credit score.

    How can they work on improving it and how can they get loans or cc even with a bad score.


  138. Abdul Mukheed says:

    HI Manish,

    Really nice info thanks for it.

    I have taken CIBIL report on August my score was 737, and one account with RBS NV showing written off amount as 12000. But i have made the payments for the same. I have talked with Bank people and cleared it from there end. after i talked to cibil Customer care they told me that now it has been removed from my cibil report. Now again i applied for another CIBIL report on 21st August. If i cleared dues then it should have positive impact on score i.e it should improve. But to my surprise new score was 733 :(. in between i have 2 enquiries for CC and PL so 4 points removed. But still there is no effect on score of the payment i have made to RBS NV. but status is clear now it show nil balance.

    1. Its a myth that your score should drastically improve by paying off the bad payment . It depends when it happened and what is your last 24 months of activity . Your score will improve only when you make some kind of loan payment , atleast a credit card payment .

  139. technology says:

    Hello to every body, it’s my first visit of this weblog; this web site includes amazing and genuinely fine data for readers.

  140. Avyaktanand Tiwary says:

    Hey Manish,

    I recently got my CIBIL score which is 778 (which is good I guess but not excellent). I have 5 active credit cards ( 2 Citibank, 1 HDFC, 1 ICICI, 1 SC). I also got a SBI Card recently but got it closed in just a month; also I had closed a Citi card earlier. However, I have never defaulted on payment and have always made full payment of my outstanding. I also have a SBI educational loan for which I regularly pay EMI. I want to apply for a personal loan in coming 1-2 months, so I just wanted to confirm whether high number of Credit cards can lead to rejection of my application for PL?

    Also, recently I have got calls from IndusInd for a lifetime free credit card and I personally want to apply for another ICICI Bank credit card as well. So, if I apply for few more credit cards, will it negatively impact my score or lessen my chances of getting PL in coming 1-2 months?

    Do you have an idea what is the optimum number of credit cards one should hold above which it negatively impacts the score? I have just opted for these cards because of the various offers/ privileges each offers not that I make a very high use of all the cards (except for Citi & HDFC). And I have never defaulted on payments.

    Please reply with your expert opinion 🙂

    Looking forward to hear from you.
    Thanks & Regards,

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Avyaktanand,

      It is good that you have been making timely repayments against all your credit cards. But is there a genuine need to hold so many credit cards? Have you considered the option of increasing your credit card limit on your preferred cards and then closing the balance cards?

      High number of unsecured loans/credit cards has an impact on the credit score and can also be viewed negatively by lending institutions. We would suggest that you do not apply for any additional credit cards unless required.


  141. Madhusudhan says:

    Hi Manish,

    My CIBIL Transunion score is 812, Is this score good to get any loan in the future?
    Becasue, I have tried applying for a CC but its been rejected twice.

    1. 812 is good, but your report should also be good enough . Is there any loan you didnt pay in FULL earliar ?

  142. Aryan says:

    Hi Manish,
    First of all.. This is amazing.. You’re doing an excellent job on this website. You’re not just answering each and every post, but also educating a lot of us about Cibil.
    This website has given in depth details about it and also is very helpful to get any info. Well… I must say, after reading and going thru each post one by one, I decided to order my cibil as well. And guess what, i’m also sailing in the same boat as others who’ve posted either a wuery or the trouble that they’ve been thru with loans/credit cards and cibil.

    Anyways.. The bottomline is… I submitted the form online and scanned my documents and emailed them too. And i must say, the response from them was very prompt.
    I was notified that my cibil report will be dispatched in 7 working days. However, earlier today i received another email from them,(which I didnt understand). I have pasted the same email below,. Please read thru and tell me what it means and what should I do. I’m salaried and I’m having difficulties in getting loans and credits cards as well.

    Dear Sir,

    We refer to your request to purchase your CIBIL TransUnion Score.

    In this regard, we would like to inform you that we have processed your CIBIL Report request. However, we regret our inability to generate a score on your report due to the following reasons:

    . Account information not available
    . Your report has only enquires and account information not available
    . The last date reported or date closed in your report is older than 24 months for all accounts
    . Consumer is an ‘Authorized’ user for all the accounts in the report

    In view of the same, we have processed refund of Rs 316/- (Cost of CIBIL TransUnion Score) on 13/09/2012 (date) via Online Payment mode.

    Your CIBIL Report is processed and despatched on 14/09/2012

    Thanking and assuring you of our best services.

    Best Regards,

    Consumer Relations.

    Note: Please add ‘info@cibil.com’ to your contact list to prevent future mails from going into Spam / Junk folder.

    Manish, your help will be much appreciated, awaiting your response.


    1. Aryan

      Thanks for appreciation.

      Do you have any loans or credit card in past? If NO , then there will be no credit report or score . Also if you have any loan or credit card, but its not very old even then the credit score will not be there, because it has not been too much time so that it can be generated . Its like saying there is no much of quality data on which you can be judged. Just the credit report will be there.


      1. Aryan says:

        Hey Manish,

        Thank you for replying promptly to my post. However I’m not convinced with this. I do not have any loans and credit cards, unable to get any from any bank either. Its very frustating and sad to know that though I’m eligible for loans and cards I cant get any just because my cibil is messed up for some reasons. Is there anything that I can do to fix this???

        Once again, your help will be much appreciated.

        1. Aryan

          Its very clear that there is something because of which you are not eligible . Its not always the case that each and every person is automatically eligible for loans just because he does not have any past loan , did you check your report ? What does it say ?

          1. Aryan says:

            Hi Manish,

            Thanks again for replying to my posts. Finally I received my Cibil Report, but it was very disappointing. The Cibil TransUnion Score states NH. Which means.

            A Score of “NA” or “NH” is not a bad thing at all. These mean one of the below:

            a) You do not have a credit history or you do not have enough of a credit history to be scored, i.e. you are new to the credit system

            b) You do not have any credit activity in the last couple of years

            c) You have all add-on credit cards and have no credit exposure

            It is important to note that while these Scores are not viewed negatively by a lender, some lenders’ credit policy prevents them from providing loans to an applicant with Scores of “NA” or “NH” (applicants with no credit track record). Hence, you may have better chances applying for a loan elsewhere.

            Wow!!! Thats sad situation for someone who’ll be in need of a personal loan or a credit card, I have salary account with Icici Bank, They have declined my personal loan, credit cards and even a virtual credit card. Not just that, HDFC declined a two wheeler loan where i requested them to fund only 60%. That means I would never get a loan ever again!! I have no clue which financial institutions will offer loans/cc’s to NH Scorer.

            Hats Off to this kinda system..

            I’m perplexed, I guess I’ll have to work hard and earn money for my living and not get into all these loans and Credit cards and break my head behind this.

            But whatever you’re doing, continue with the same, You’re doing a good job.
            Take Care Mate!!

            1. Aryan

              Yes ,thats how it is , but most of the banks will have a policy these days that one needs to have “some kind” of credit history . The past 4-5 yrs have been extremelly disappointing for banks , a lot of people are not repaying their debts, so now banks have made it extremelly strict to get a loan .

              Thats one reason why I have so many times suggested that one should apply for a credit card , atleast a secured credit card and start using it . Else in future it can be an issue . So better you do that.


            2. Aryan says:

              Hi Manish,

              Finally, relieved from all the cibil trouble, My scores were shown as NH, and after getting the report I applied for a PL and CC in Icici Bank, first they declined it stating that the scores were bad, later I convinced them that it wasn’t right thing for a bank to decline a loan just because there’s no credit. I told them I have a very good relationship with them as I have Savings, Demat, Online Trading, Salary A/c, Insurance, Child Plans and one FD so they just cant deny me a loan, they checked my records and found that I never had a cheque bounce for last 5yrs from either of the accounts and finally they approved the loan and cc.

              These blogs and posts on your website really helped and gave me the right direction. Thank you one and all for posting here.

              Good Job Manish!!

            3. Hey thats a great news .. good luck and try to help others who are in this CIBIL mess !

      2. Joydeep says:

        Hi Manish,

        I also got the response from CIBIL “inability to generate a report”. Am I eligible for getting a loan?


        1. It will finally depend on bank , your report can not be generated , means there is no enough data. Now if bank says that they can only give loan to someone who has some positive history , then you cant do much !

  143. Was says:

    Dear Brother,

    I am in a confusion state now, i had CC few years back which i did not pay regularly and the bank reported to CIBIL, now after few years bank started to call me again for the repayment, the total outstanding is somewhere 1lac, but the bank says if i pay 31k they will be giving me a NOC and my rating will also increase, currently it is 640. I had a doubt on the bank and argued with them if they are planning to settle the total amount, but they say no. Said both the parties can record the conversation and they will clearly say the name will be removed and will hand over the NOC. I did asked them for the NOC template and this is what they dictated to me and i made a note of it.

    We wish to inform that there is no outstanding as on date…….. on your Credit card accnt no……………, Please be informed that we have arranged to update the above card details in CIBIL database and the same would be refreshed within 45 working days.

    We confirm that the card account ………has been invalidated for further usage.Please do get in touch with our xxxxxx department on the following numbers.

    Now brother can you please help in this situation how do i trust this bank if they are not settling and closing the entire amount? i know settling makes no point. But bank people are repeatedly saying they will give an NOC on the above format.

    Awaiting your soonest reply. Thank you very very much in advance.


    1. Was

      Seems like the are correct. They might be ready to take lower amount and give a clean chit to you . You can record the conversation , keep all the offical mails and take the NOC from them . Also ask them that they will not update it with SETTLED or WRITTEN OFF status . Seems like a new trend to me !


  144. Sunil Synis says:

    Hi Manish,

    I submitted the CIBIL On-Line Request Form recently for my credit scores. All i got was a CIBIL registration ID : SCO0912366742. How do i go about checking its current status.
    Also, i made the payment through credit card and the transaction was successful. As per the bank if the merchant fails to acknowledge this amount it would be credited back to my card. If i do receive the report will it come to my email id or the residential address?


    1. It will come to your email .

  145. rajbir singh says:

    please provide helpline number to get the status of online cibil report..

    1. There is nothing like that . you have to apply your report by paying online .

  146. Rahul Sharma says:

    Dear Manish,

    My CIBIL score is 739 .Is it bad to get loan in future.What can i do to improve it?Please suggest.

    1. It is an ok sure, generally banks look for atleast 750+ . but the final decision is on bank

  147. Raamanathan Paul says:


    I have a Written off status in my CIBIL. If i do the full paymet, how long will it take for the CIBIL to update the status? Can you please clarify?

    Thank You
    Raam Paul

      1. Raamanathan Paul says:

        Hi Manis,

        I had 2 credit cards with citibank & HSBC. 1 year before i got it settled negotiating with the Bank. After a year, recently when i opted for a credit report, i see the HSBC CC status is alone as Settled. Can i talk to the HSBC Bank to get the Settled status in the CIBIL cleared, as citibank did it for me? Is it possible?

        Raam Paul

        1. You settled it right ? Hence the update status will be settled only. If you have not paid the FULL amount , then it will be SETTLED only .

  148. priya says:

    hi manish,
    i applied personal loan and it was rejected last month.i am using 2 credit cards and right now there is nill due,but in the past due to family probs i used to pay the minimum due only but later i paid completely.now i need to know about my cibil score any idea about my cibel score(manish can u pls guess my cibel score)….


    1. It would not be possible to predict the score . Better you apply for it , mostly due to your past behaviour , you loan was rejected

  149. MANU VIKRAM SINGH says:


    Recently I had applied for a Citibank CC but was rejected on grounds of POOR CIBIL score. The CC was for my personal use, and it was my first ever credit card application with any company. Although, I do have a Corporate CC, which I use when I travel on business purposes.
    However, on enquiry I came to know that my CIBIL score is poor and the person told me that it is because of my corporate credit card.

    My question here is that since thousands of people working in an organization may have the corporate credit card provided to them by their organization, so how can one keep track if their corporate credit card is bringing their financial score down.? And how can one justify to CIBIL the same so that their personal scores are healthy.


    1. What do you mean by Corporate credit card ? Is the bills paid by Company or is the expenses are for company purpose ? I suspect that its a normal credit card , just you took it while you were in the company .thats all .

      1. MANU VIKRAM SINGH says:

        Yes, the bills are paid by the company. I use it to pay for expenses while I travel abroad for company purposes.

        However, it is the responsibility of the company to pay back the bank. Still somehow, it has affected my personal CIBIL score.

        1. But is the credit card on your name or company , if its on your name , then officially its your credit card. No matter who pays it

  150. Jayashankar says:

    I have apply many bank CREDIT Card, but every bank reject my application,then apply online my CBIL Score,but as till today i have not taken any credit card or loan there is no CBIL score in my name as below which is send by CBIL,I have good salary as well working in listed company as a Civil Engineer.How can i got a credit Card in mumbai

    Dear Sir,

    We refer to your request to purchase your CIBIL TransUnion Score Report (Including CIR)

    In this regard, we would like to inform you that we have processed your CIBIL Report request. However, we regret our inability to generate a score on your report due to the following reasons:

    . Account information not available
    . Your report has only enquires and account information not available
    . The last date reported or date closed in your report is older than 24 months for all accounts
    . Consumer is an ‘Authorized’ user for all the accounts in the report

    In view of the same, we have processed refund of Rs 316/- (Cost of CIBIL TransUnion Score) on 30/08/2012 via Online Payment mode.

    Your CIBIL Report is processed and will be despatched on 31/08/2012.

    Thanking and assuring you of our best services.

    Best Regards,

    Consumer Relations.

    Note: Please add ‘info@cibil.com’ to your contact list to prevent future mails from going into Spam / Junk folder.

    1. Yes, you dont seem to have any report, how much is your income right now ? Get a secured credit card against a fixed deposit

      1. Jayashankar says:

        Without fixed deposit what is the process to get credit card

        1. I dont think any bank will be ready to give you a unsecured credit card, means without any security .

  151. goutam prasad kar says:

    sir,how i did know my cibil score andhow clear my cibil report

  152. Bhargav says:

    Hi manish,

    I dont have any credit card and moreover as i mention above in my post i missed only 2 emi of my loan i.e. 1st emi in December 2011 against the loan i had taken in mar 2011 and 2nd emi in feb 2012 against the loan i took in feb 2012 infact 1st emi of 2nd loan so both emi are of different loans. There is no such status as setteled or written off in my account info related to my loans.i am stuck and dont know wh
    at to do ??

    1. Just 2 misses should not affect your overall credit report much .

      1. Bhargav says:

        So what can be the reason as the banks are also denying to give cards and not giving any specific reason ? is there any other way to get card ?

        1. then you should get a secured credit card against a FD

    2. You better try it on your own. dont ask customer care. if it works, good , else there might be something which will not let it work .

  153. A suresh says:

    HIGH CREDIT 34,892
    As i cleared the total outstanding amount without settlement and closed the account , written off status is displayed as POST (WO) SETTLED,what is meant by POST (WO) SETTLED,is this positive or negative for my cibil report.

    1. Is it showing for a particular loan or is it just a info note ?

  154. Bhargav says:

    Hi manish,

    As i mention you about my problem on post no 746 i got my cibil score and it is 779, so is it low score and due to this my credit card application are getting rejected, and in score sheet i am not able to see what is my exact status as it is showing under status tab various status like,



    A kind request to you, just let me make understand what exactly my status is ?? further what should i do to get the eligibility of getting the credit card ??

    1. Your score is ok , not very bad . Above 750 is good actually. But the problem can be your report . Under your Accounts section , is there any loan which is SETTLED or WRITTEN OFF. Or in last 1-2 yrs , you have defaulted/late on many credit card or loan repayment ?


  155. pons says:

    Dear Manish,
    After applying CIBIL report,i got reply from cibil.Below i paste the reply.pls explain this.

    In this regard, we would like to inform you that we have processed your CIBIL Report request. However, we regret our inability to generate a score on your report due to the following reasons:

    . Account information not available
    . Your report has only enquires and account information not available
    . The last date reported or date closed in your report is older than 24 months for all accounts
    . Consumer is an ‘Authorized’ user for all the accounts in the report

    In view of the same, we have processed refund of Rs 316/- (Cost of CIBIL TransUnion Score) on

    1. Seems like you have not taken any loan on your name . All you have are add-on cards !

  156. Jai Prakash Kushwaha says:

    I have close my account since 2007 but my account is stand right now

    1. What exactly is your case ?

  157. R Srinivas says:

    Hello Manish,

    Good information that you are sharing with everybody.

    I have taken the CIR Report online and see that I have some settlements which were done 2-3 years back. I have all the letters provided by the Banks. They were around 5 Credit Cards and 1 PL. Due to some issues, I could not pay on time. But I have cleared all of them and have been provided with Settlement letters and in some has been mentioned that it will be updated in CIBIL report in 45-60 days. But it has already past 1 year and nothing has happened. Now if I apply for a loan it is getting rejected.

    Could you please guide me how I can get my name cleared in CIBIL. I have been maintaining my bank accounts very well and my 2-wheeler loans as well. I assume that the score need for a Loan is above 750. Is that Correct.

    Also can I contact Bank Ombudsman. Will they be able to clear my Name ?

    Thanks !

    1. I am not clear , did you make settlement (paying less than outstanding) , or you completed the loan by paying 100% dues . If you have SETTLED the loan (paying less than outstanding) , then it wll be reported to CIBIL and only option here is to pay it off completely.

      You should have around 750 score atleast. Most of the banks look for more than 750 .

  158. R Srinivas says:

    Hello Manish

    Good information that you are sharing with everybody.

    I have taken the CIR Report online and see that I have some settlements which were done 2-3 years back. I have all the letters provided by the Banks. They were around 5 Credit Cards and 1 PL. Due to some issues, I could not pay on time. But I have cleared all of them and have been provided with Settlement letters and in some has been mentioned that it will be updated in CIBIL report in 45-60 days. But it has already past 1 year and nothing has happened. Now if I apply for a loan it is getting rejected.

    Could you please guide me how I can get my name cleared in CIBIL. I have been maintaining my bank accounts very well and my 2-wheeler loans as well. I assume that the score need for a Loan is above 750. Is that Correct.

    Also can I contact Bank Ombudsman. Will they be able to clear my Name ?

    Thanks !

  159. A suresh says:

    hi manish ,
    my CBIL score 619 . and CBIL report shows :-
    two of credit card’s status – settled
    overdue – 0
    current balance – 0
    i paid all the EMI’s of aut0 , personal loans which i had ever taken of all the accounts on time . but in only 2 accounts of credit cards of namely HDFC and ABNAMRO banks are settled two years back and my CBIL report shows the same,other cards and loans are paid in time. At present i dont have any credit cards and loans.
    please help me , how should I increase my CIBIL score . present i want personal loan or credit card, is it possible . how can i increase my score will u please suggest me or instead of this , please suggest me some procedure to solve my problem . so that i get cc’s and loans easily .
    thank you .

    1. Suresh

      You will have to first accept that there is no immediate solution to this, and you will have to wait few months for sure. The settled credit cards will obviously go to CIBIL , because its not the end solution, When you pay any thing less than the outstanding , the matter is closed for that time , but the incident is reported to CIBIL and other credit beureau . You will have to pay off those amounts which you didnt pay and only then things will improve. You should make an FD, get a secured credit card and use it for months to improve your score. This will take longer than you can imagine. May be the whole thing will take 1 yr.

  160. addepalli suresh says:

    hi manish,
    3 yrs back closed all my cc’s and personal loans,Present my cibil score is 619,at present i dont have any credit cards and loans,as i setteled 2 credit cards 2 years back,how can i improve my credit score.
    Am i elgible for credit card or any loan now.

    1. You will have to first pay off the balance amount or the current amount and only then things will improve !

  161. Bhargav says:

    Hi Manish,

    i have few questions…. as whenever i am applying for any credit card its getting rejected and banks are not replying with reason except citi and ICICI bank told as its due to cibil………in 2011 i had taken personal loan of 1.5 lakhs from HDFC and in 2012 i took other personal loan of less than lakh from hdfc so 2 parallel loan are running in hdfc….of 1st loan i missed 1 emi in DEC 2011 and of 2nd loan i took on feb 2012 due to miss communication i missed 1st emi i.e. of feb month only……rest of all emi are paid reguraly apart from this 2….i want credit card but every bank rejected it…..i already applied for cibil report ……above what range is cibil score can be said good ?? further what should i do ?? how can i improve and how much time it will take to make score strong ? its a very really nice article after reading article i applied for score……..thanks a lot for being mentor for all of us !! very nice move taken by you….really appreciated…!!! really you are spreading awareness !!! thnks again !!!

    1. Bhargav

      I guess your score is low, note that you have two unsecured loans and unsecured loans are not taken in a very positive way.. 2 personal loans in parallel shows your over dependence on credit and if you apply for more personal loan or credit card, it will ideally be rejected. First you need to complete those personal loans and only then I guess you will be given other kind of loans , you should have atleast 800+ to get a loan in your case.

  162. anant says:

    Hi Manish,

    Is there are any time frame to update the CBILL data.

    Means if any loan taken from bank, then what is the time frame required to upload these data into CBILL??


    1. Its each month, but to be safe , better take it as 45-60 days !

  163. Rahul says:

    Hi Manish,

    I recently recvd the cbil report, the credit score reflected was 795, however, I have made settlement for 2 credit cards, Barclays and Icici. For Barclays it shows WRITTEN-OFF STATUS POST (WO) SETTLED

    For ICICI it shows:


    I dont know what does it mean

    Also, under employment section it shows income 12000 that not correct its 29000 how can I update the same


    1. Rahul

      You have done settlement of credit cards, right ! .. so that what is mentioned in that . the rest money which you didnt pay was written off by them , which they could not recover from you .

      The data which is there is actually the data with Bank . So they have your old income figures !

      1. rahul says:

        Thanks Manish.

        Just want to confirm do I need to contact bank in order to update the information regarding updated income

        1. You can tell CIBIL about it and they will contact the Bank , bank will confirm it with them, update your data next time to CIBIL . So either you contact bank, or to cibil

  164. faridabad convent school says:

    faridabad convent school has taken demand loan from canara bank ballagarh-121004 in the year 2001 and full & final payment was made in the year 2005 bu still cibil stands and faridabad convent school does not apply another loan due to cibil . pleas help us and give mobile number of cibil

    1. In that case contact CIBIL , you can get their email address from their website and also phone number

  165. Anand says:

    Dear Manish,

    My CIBIL score is 743, I am planning for home loan…I had loans which got delayed due to my economical position those time…but now those loans are paid (actually i foreclosed it….though it was delayed within tenor)

    I am really worried that those delays will make any issue in getting home loan?

    1. Anand

      743 is a acceptable score, but higher the score , higher the chances , so you can never say .. Also if you had delayed a lot of payments, that would be reflected in your report and might be looked as a negative factor .

  166. Pushpinder says:

    Hi Manish,

    I had a citibank credit card in 2006. Till 2008 i used to pay all my bills on time. Due to some difficult situations, i could not pay the bills in 2008-2009. The principal amount was around 22k and the total outstanding (including late fees & interest) was around 40k.

    In 2010 i paid 20k to the bank as a settlement.

    Assuming my rating would have been good by then, I applied for credit cards but never got one.

    A few weeks back Citibank called me up and told be there was still some dues left.

    I opted for full settlement and paid around 7k to setlle all dues.

    Now they have told me that:

    We would like to confirm that there is “ Nil Outstanding” on your card as on date. Further, we have arranged to update your credit record pertaining to the card with the Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited (CIBIL) to reflect as “null” with nil outstanding. We wish to inform you that records are updated with CIBIL on a monthly basis. However, we have requested them to update your record on priority. We shall keep you informed on receipt of a confirmation from them.”

    What does this mean?

    Will my rating be better now?

    1. Yes, now your balance is NIL with them and it should get better in coming months , but note that SETTLEMENT done by you for 20k when your outstanding was actually 40k was a negative act and was hampering your score . I am surprised that later how come they only asked for 7k !


  167. subhash warde says:

    Hi Manish,
    Regarding Write off personal loan.
    i want to do loan settlement. my loan a/c no. is 16110870 i paid all the EMI’s of auto , personal loans which i had ever taken of all the accounts on time but i paid to all loan amount directly close. They should do it ! . So yes if you settle my personal loan, it might happen. pls replay to my email id (subhashwarde@yahoo.com) & pls contact this no-9757018548


    1. Your question is not clear to me ? Do you want to pay less amount than outstanding ?

  168. suman says:

    Dear Manish

    I have gone through my CIBIL report recently. it is showing one of my personal loan which i repaid in full in 2011 and my credit card but not showing my education loan which is outstanding for 4 years. Now the bank is follows up for repayment of education loan. My question is that

    1) If i settle my education loan which i taken for my studies in year 2004 from UBI will they inform CIBIL and effect my score?

    1. Suman

      All your loans and credit cards should be reported to CIBIL, if it has not happened , its a fault from bank side. They should do it ! . So yes if you settle your education loan, it might happen that bank updates it on cibil side , which will affect your score !

  169. Kumar Sethuraman says:

    Dear Manish,
    My CIBIL score is 762 as of 21st March 2012. I have settled SCB Credit card around June 2008 with NIL balance but it has been stated as “SETTLED” in the “WRITTEN OFF STATUS” And also I have cleared my PL from ICICI bank and noticed that the nothing was mentioned in the “WRITTEN OFF STATUS”. I have been trying avail Personal Loan and Home Loan for the past few months but got rejected. FYI: My take home salary is in 6 digits. Please clarify my following doubts.
    1. In case if I approach SCB and clear the balance amount if any, would it help me in future?
    2. Will I get any loans in the future as my credit score more than 750?

    Thank you
    Kumar Sethuraman

    1. Kumar Sethuraman says:

      Dear Manish,
      One more doubt I need to add to my list.

      3. I have got my “CIBIL CONSUMER CREDIT INFORMATION REPORT” by paying 450Rs online. My question is that even the bank will get the same CIBIL Report as the report which I got from CIBIL r they will get a different version of report.?

      Thank you
      Kumar Sethuraman

    2. Kumar

      Generally settlement means “paying less than the outstanding” and closing the matter. If you have done that earliar, then

      1. Yes, if you pay off your outstanding amount, your score and report will improve in future
      2. Yes , if you can increase your score to 750 and clean your report also , you will get the loan in future!
      3. Bank will also get same kind of report, but may be in different format , as banks are direct clients of CIBIL

      1. Kumar Sethuraman says:

        Dear Manish,
        FYI: My is already more than 750 that is 762.
        Please clarify my following doubt too

        I have got my “CIBIL CONSUMER CREDIT INFORMATION REPORT” by paying 450Rs online. My question is that even the bank will get the same CIBIL Report as the report which I got from CIBIL r they will get a different version of report.?

        Thank you
        Kumar Sethuraman

        1. I cant confirm that, but they should be getting same kind of report !

          1. Kumar Sethuraman says:

            Dear Manish,
            Thank you very much for information. You are doing a wonderful job, please keep it up.

            Thanks Again.

            Kumar Sethuraman

  170. rajesh says:

    Hi Manish,
    I appliled for SCORE online but after making payemnt my browser got stuck and after 7-8 minutes, “Page error: was displayed.
    I also called the customer care (card payment), they confirmed that payment was successful and now it is reflected in card statement.
    However a dialog box appear with CIBIL registration no. which i have noted.

    I have received a sms to send payment confirmation form and address to cibil, but payment confirmation form was not displayed.

    I called CIBIL customer care many time and after pressing “1” (for CIBIL score) no one pick it and disconnect after 5-6 minutes.
    Kindly assist me.

    1. Rajesh

      Dont panic .. try to contact them again and tell them about the successful payment . In worst case you will have to send the documents to them and this will become offline procedure now !

  171. srinivas says:

    hi manish,

    i have already 2 credit cards , i applied for another credit card from kotak , but card is not approved while i checked in online line i got the below msg.

    (We were unable to verify/ contact you at the residence address as provided by you in the application.
    We regret to inform that your application has not been approved. Please note that this is no way a reflection of your credit worthiness.)

    but actually executive has contact me on phone and taken complete address of residence , even though that exe. has not came to my house, after 2 days i checked in online application status , i find the above msg.

    if this is also update in CIBIL ,for this any impact in my credit score , please revert me

    1. Srinivas

      This will not have impact on your credit score , but if it gets misused , then it will have , better look into matter and ask the credit card company to block your card untill you get it

  172. Sonu says:

    Hi Manish,
    In my CIBIL report it is showing one credit card overdue around 130000 and then write-off (Year 2008) for the same amount and two personal loan, One is showing overdue 10000 and balance 0 ( Year 2009) another one is overdue 23000 and in comments it is showing settled.

    And currently one consumer loan is of 10000 which is regular. One more credit card overdue balance is showing 32000 from 2007.

    Please let me know after clearing 32000 of credit card my CIBIL score will get improved and can i apply for home loan if no then what i need to do to improve my score in CIBIL. And what is the impact of Write-off on CIBIL report.


    1. The impact of write off on cibil is that not lender will give you loan when they see it . You need to contact your credit card and loan companies to find out what is the outstanding amount you need to pay to clear those loans fully ! , this will improve your score!

      1. Sonu says:

        Hi Manish,
        Regarding Write off credit card i did,t made an purchasing from that card at all because at the time for applying credit card they told it is free and after one month without any purchasing they send statement with 200 rs balance after that i didn’t use it at all, And bank had made balance for that around 130000. latter on they stop sending statements for that and no any discussion for the write-off also. Now how their write-off can impact my CIBIL score.

        Can i go to the consumer court regarding this case i.e. spoiling my CIBIL score.

        1. I dont think so , the person who sold it to you might have said False , it must have fees, which grew bigger because you never paid it

          1. Sonu says:

            Please reply can i go to the consumer court regarding this case i.e for spoling my CIBIL score.

            1. Sonu

              Yes , if your case is strong, you can go there, but its not CIBIL , its the bank which has messed up , CIBIL is just there to give you that report !

  173. c uma maheshwar says:

    hi manish,
    This is mahesh. i had not taken any loan till now and from last 5 months am using credit cards. my payments of my creditcards is clear and having no dues.

    Recently i ahve applied for personal laon and it got rejected due to my cibil score.
    am unable to understand, pls help me

    1. Uma

      May be your score is still low because its just 5 months as of now of your history , kindly apply for it and have a look and come back !

  174. SRINIVAS says:

    Dear manish,

    i have 2 credit card i am cleared total outstanding every month , i have another two wheeler loan for that first month Ecs has got bounced because my due date is on 5th , i deposited amt on 5th that the reason ecs got bounced,but my savings account there is no bounce reason, but loan statement it is showing as due to insufficent funds Ecs got bounced , should i pay the bounces charges to hdfc bank , for that my cbil score will effect .., please suggest what i have to do.


    1. Better pay whatever bank is asking for and clear the issue , dont deposit the cheque or money on last date !

  175. krishna says:

    Hi Manish,

    i have checked my CIBIL Score & it is 750 now. i had 4 Credit cards & 2 loans. i was paying well for almost 2 years. however, due to some issues, i had to resign from my Job & got the payments delayed. though after 1 year i have paid almost 70 % of each CC or Loan. still my CIBIL score has all that information. i need to know, when it will be removed from my cibil history. also, is my score good to get any loan or credit card.
    awaiting your soonest response.

    1. Contact your bank ,they have not updated cibil about your payments ! , your score is ok , but the report must also be clean , which is not !

      1. krishna says:

        Thanks Manish for Reply.

        as i have settled my 3 CC as well as 1 loan. this information is showing as settled. shall it be removed from CIBIL. if not then how much time it takes to be removed. i have heard that it takes 7 years. also i am planning to take educational loan. will this score help.

        1. that 7 yrs is the MINIMUM time, it can take upto 10-20 yrs also . Better clear that loan and only then it will be removed !

  176. Ramesh Pujari says:

    Please advice me how much time require to remove the name from CIBIL and what is the procedure to get Cibil Report

  177. Ramesh Pujari says:

    Please advice me how much time require to remove the name from CIBIL

  178. Manisji..I have one doubt missing to file the IT in on-time goes to CIBIL or what?Does it affects the score??If I am not paying IT at all then what will happen??

    1. Its not reported to CIBIL

  179. I have known the information very late and at least now due to your article..Thanks for writing informative..

    1. Welcome 🙂 . Spread the knowledge

  180. Satyanarayana says:

    Hello, Recently I have taken a loan from a Govt Bank. During my loan process, Bank ppl have told me that in my CIBIL report there is 1 Lakh due. I haven’t taken any loan before and I don’t have credit cards also. In the CIBIL report apart from due amount and date nothing much mentioned. How can I trace out this. Can some one help me on this.


    1. It must be mentioned that which bank loan is it , check your report yourself , the one which bank gave is seperate . I guess there is somekind of fraud done on your name

  181. Mubarak says:

    HI My credit score is 782 I need to know whether its a good score or bad score Kindly reply

    1. Its a good score !

      1. Mubarak says:

        actually i applied for Private bank Credit card got response like due to cibil report we rejecting your application. Why ?

        1. Did you not pay your dues in some previous loan or had a bad payment record ? Apply for your report first and have a look at it !

  182. dear CIBIL ,




    1. You need to do it on cibil website and you need to pay fees for that !

  183. Manish says:

    The main culprits behind the credit card issues are sales man, whose only purpose is to attain the targets & once they found a some fat prey to stick their policy/cradit card shit with, they can do ant thing & convince with wrong & fake informations/commitments/offers which doesn’t exist at all, & as victims (unfortunate customers) who got into the traps of fake words of card/insurance policy sales men, they can not help out with their future, as actually their was no need of these, but, these instruments were sticked to them, in future, they gets frustrated with the unfair billing, even if the penny remains, it grows to thousands & the victims has to suffer mental stress & experience blocks in the path of their future establishment. The ways these credit card & policies are sold, is a not less than any severe crime, the companies/institutions who are generating these kind of jobs must be sued for their way of working & setting business, as they are looting it by indirect cheating.

    The one who really need policy/credit card they will go to the institution of their linking, how these guys are draining brains through these fraud activities by divert the decision of customers. They may advertise online offline by banners or advertisement on any broadcast, but, not by catching peoples outside their company premises & market or public places or frustrating telephone ad calls o spam/bulk messages on cell phones, isn’t it ridiculous?

    1. Yes Manish

      Agree that lot of selling is happening just to meet the targets , but as of now there is no alternatives of being responsible investor and taking caution

  184. malay guha says:

    Hi manish
    I am applying for a job in a private bank in india but i am a credit card defaulter.can they check my credit history before offering me the job.
    Pls reply

    1. No , credit report is not seen for job purpose

  185. joe says:

    then manish tell me how did I get my home loan 2yrs back…since its 2006 is there a time frame that it goes out of cibil… I did get my loan 2yrs back… good amount… how sir ?

  186. gurcharn singh says:

    I am confused for my cibil status please guide me How can i remove my bad record

  187. syed shabaiz pasha says:


    I wanted assistance, when ever i apply for a credit card my application gets rejected, i dont event know what is the reason, nor i had a credit card nor i had taken any loan. only once i had bought a post paid connection due to more charges i dint pay my phone bill will that be any reason to get my CC applications rejected.


    1. It might happen that your name is in CIBIL and some one might have taken a loan on your name using your documents , this happens ! . Check your CIBIL report first, see if it exists !

  188. Ritesh Kumar says:

    Hi Manish,
    My CIBIL Score is 534 which I know is bad. I am not defaulter of any bank but settled the amount with some banks.Currently there is no outstanding of any Bank. Currently from last 2 and half years I had not applied for loan in any bank and also have no requirement but wanted to improve my CIBIL so I shall become eligible to get Housing loan in future. Hows it possible?

    1. Ritesh

      You are living in myth that settlement is not same as being defaulter. When you do settlement , still you are defaulter , just for a partial amount in that case, but you are a DEFAULTER , dont you think so ? think from common sense point of view . If you are a bank , i take your 1 lac and I am not able to pay you back fully , but just 30k , what am I then ?

      Settlements are reported to CIBIL and the status is SETTLED, you need to first clear it off , and opt for a credit card (secured against a FD or Rs 20,000) and start using it and pay the dues each month, this is the only way you can increase your score ! over next 1 yr

  189. ajay chaudhary says:

    hallo there.
    I have been planing for car loan since last 1 week.
    now when i have completed all documentation work and go to Bank Manger for final Verification for documents , Bank manager make a final review and verify my details from CIBIL ,when report come i was totally shocked by observing what was in the Report.
    There were 220000 Due on me and was granted in late 2006 .
    I have never ever applied for any kind of Loan.However Bank manager was unable to provide any further details like Name Of Bank who Granted me Loan, etc.

    Help me and Guide me what should i do as many of here might have faced such a problem……Thank You

    1. Ajay

      Seems like there is some wrong data in your CIBIL report , or may be in reality some fraud has happened on your name, You should first apply for your CIBIL report and check the details from there, come back again once you get your report !

      1. ajay chaudhary says:

        Thankz Manish.
        ok 1st i am going to pull my CIBIL report and then will return to you.

          1. ajay chaudhary says:

            hey friend i just pulled out my CIBIL report actually there was some mistake in the report generated then i contact to bank and again verify all the details , then we find out that the account was added in my report wrongly .
            i just complete all the necessary steps and now my report comes clean.

            Thankz for your support bro…….

            1. Good to hear that Ajay !

  190. Bittu says:

    Hi Manish,

    I have not paid the outstanding for almost 5 of my Credit Cards due to some personal problem, I have requested for a Cibil Report and came to know that I have a score of 520 🙁 I know this is quite bad, Now I want to increase my credit score and I am ready to make the desired payments to all the banks, problem is I have already made a settlement with HDFC bank and now I have no idea that should I make the complete outstanding amount to all the banks or should I do the settlement, If I need to pay the full amount then what will happen for the HDFC settlement ? will it be negative in my report for life time ?

    Manish Please suggest me the way out as now im in trouble as I need a home loan and no bank will give me that, I am ready to pay the complete amount but I want to know how fast it will improve my credit score.


    1. You are really in bad situation . NOte that if you do not do anything about this situation , you can expect to have that “SETTLED” remark on your CIBIL report for 7-20 yrs ,you never know !

      Settlement of loan (paying less than the outstanding) is as bad as not paying at all , its reported in CIBIL . You shoudl accept that you will not get a loan for atleast next 2 yrs . First you need to clear all the outstanding (contact bank) and then work on your repayment (like credit card or some existing loan) to build your credit history .

      Check the progress of your score every 6 months . and please be more responsible . We have a section called as “Mistakes you do today which affects your future” , this credit behaviour is one of the things we talk there !

      1. Bittu says:

        Thanks for reply Manish,

        I am now confirmed that I will have to pay the complete 100% outstanding amount with is approx 2.96 Lac, and unfortunately I have to pay it off.

        Information provided by you is very helpful.
        Thanks again


  191. Kranthi says:

    Hi Manish,

    My CIBIL Score is 610, In the month of January I settled my CITI Bank credit card and last month I settled one more HSBC card due to my financial problems. In previous i have one personal loan, that is completed in January 2011 and I paid regularly without any late or due, from last 1 yr I am taking loans form BAJAJ finserv for consumer durables. I am paying regularly without any delay and due. In few months I will close all my loans.

    Is there any chances that I can get loans in future. Please give me suggestion or your opinion. Thanks in Advance.

    1. There are two things . Score and Report .

      If you keep on paying your dues on time and regularly , your score will go up and it might get better beyond 700+ . BUt the problem is SETTLED Remark on your report . That will really not allow you to get a loan , all the banks will hesitate and reject your application . Its very simple logic . If you are a bank , why will you give a loan to some one who was not able to pay off his loan in complete and went for settlement , He is a risky person , there are chances he will replicate the whole episode again .

      Think from bank point of view .

      Unless you get rid of those settlements , it will really become impossible for you to get a loan .


  192. ajay panwar says:

    hello, I am ajay pawar , actually i have applied for a loan from citi bank . and then the bank check the cibil report . so someone has taken loan from my name of RS 461268 + interest = 505341 . i want the cibil report becoz it makes our track record bad. and i want the person’s name and pen card numder who has make us fool. i want all the papers of the report . and i also want the bank report of that person.
    i want the immediate reply.

    1. Ajay

      First check your cibil report , you should apply it online , see this : http://jagoinvestor.dev.diginnovators.site/2011/12/get-cibil-score-online.html . You might not get the real person name and address , because its a fraud .

  193. SYEDFAROQ says:




    1. When a person applies for any loan , banks ask for his report from CIBIL and CIBIL shares his score nad report . Based on the score and report , banks decide if they want to move ahead or not .

  194. loka Reddy says:

    e improvement will happen only when you pay on time, by 2013 end I can see that your score should improve and go above 750 if you dont make any other mistake

  195. Senthil says:


  196. Prashant Kumar says:

    Hi Manish,

    Thanks for replying to my Post.

    I also appreciate your initiative for this discussion. CIBIL policy and procedures still look amorphous and RBI/responsible regulatory authority need to provide a structure to it in order to ensure better transparency. As of now, it looks like a one sided affair. If the Banks refer the CIBIL data for Loan approval process, then CIBIL should make sure that the data is authentic before sharing it with Banks.An individual cannot check his CIBIL report everytime and raise a dispute on the inappropriate data.I understand there are millions of customers but that does give a reason to CIBIL to be complacent on the reponsibility of providing authentic data. The irony is Banks have number of policies on the data securtiy and theft but when it comes to validating a consumers CIBIL report, they blindly believe the CIBIL data despite the fact that they face a number of dispute cases from CIBIL. Business.


    1. Yes thats an issue and we can expect to get it better in coming years …

  197. Prashant Kumar says:

    Hello Friends,

    I missed to mention few critical information in my earlier post.

    I also had 2 personal loans (availed in 2006-2007) worth 1 lakh and 2.5 lakhs and one consumer finance loan . There were no delayed/missed payments on the EMIs on these loans. This discipline might have contributed ( to a certain extent ) to the improvement in the score.


  198. Prashant Kumar says:

    Hello Friends,

    I just wanted to share my experience with the credit history.
    In 2004-05, I was holding 5 credit cards of different banks. I used couple of them on high credit and at the same time I was not disciplined enough to pay the outstanding dues on time. I ended up paying a huge money at the end in order to settle the accounts. But that did not make my life easier.

    After few years i.e., year 2011, I applied for a personal loan and found that it was rejected on account of bad credit history and low credit score. I tried with 4 private banks and 2 NBFCs as I needed the money desparately but the loan application was rejected everywhere for the same reason. I got my CIBIL report in Aug 2011 and found that my score was 604. It included all the enquiries as well.

    I thought it would take ages to reach above 800 and immediately thought of taking a secured credit card i.e., against FD. But before that , I realized I should clear the outstandings reflected in the CIBIL report. I paid a total of 1 lakh to 3 banks for the outstanding and got the accounts closed within 3 months i.e., by Oct 2011. At the same time I got the receipt and the confirmation of the closure of the account from the respective institutions. Then I thought of taking a secured CC but before that I again ordered for CIBIL report in May 2012. I was surprised to see that my score improved drastically i.e., 832 despite the fact that one of the banks did not provide my latest payment data to CIBIL to which I raised a dispute.

    My sincere apologies for this vast literature. I just wanted to convey that if the score is low, do not panic, try to clear the outstanding, have the confirmation letter of all such transactions, give yourself sometime and then get the report after 8-9 months. It should not be a surprise if you observe a drastic spike in your score.

    Cheers and Good Luck

    1. Prashant

      Your recent credit behaviour has lot of weightage on calculating your score .. so clearing off all the loans later might have jumped your score .. but my suggestion would be to look at it once again after 6-8 months .. thanks for sharing your case . it shows that credit report and score can be improved by paying off the outstanding and taking responsibility in that area !

  199. Gurpreet Singh Walia says:

    Hello, Manish,

    I have purchased one Consumer loan, i have pay all the money to Bajaj Finance Comany. But till there are some out standing dues are there.

    please let me know the actual fate for the same.

    1. If you have already paid it to Bajaj Finance, then there will be some error from their side in updating the loan details , can you share the exact details ?

      1. Gurpreet Singh Walia says:

        Dear Manish,

        Thanks, I have received your mail, I would like to give my loan details as follows:-
        My Loan Proposal no:- 51428 date of Purchase September 2007 & and i have paid all my installments to Bajaj Finance Ltd. But Still they are showing Rs. 3080/- is dues on me. I want to know that is these is the same company in which CIBIL has rejected my another loan from any other BANK.

        1. Gurpreet

          You should first ask for the explaination from the company that how is there an outstanding , what are they saying ?

  200. Trilok Malhotra says:

    The Cibil is totally a non sense /mess up. If you apply for your cibil report, they should send a hotch potch report mixed with some other’s report, name should be yours but the data will be of some one else and in one’s report name and pan card no. of some one else appears. It appears that they are doing their job casually without any seriousness, without considering the impact of it on someone credit /financial goodwill. I am surprised why most / all the banks are relying on CIBIL report and consider it as bible of credit worthiness of a person.

    1. Trilok

      Its because CIBIL is created by Banks only .. and these mistakes are rare , not with all .. did it happen with you !

      1. Trilok Malhotra says:

        Mr. Manish, it happen to me. You may be aware about the working of Public Sector Banks, the people sitting there are unaware of new circulars / guidelines issued, and main thing is they are not serious about their work and want to avoid the work. For example my wife take a loan for applying for a home in DDA when she take the loan her data was entered by Punjab National Bank in CIBIL record, as the she was not successful in the draw, the amount was received back by PNB, they adjusted the amount and closed the account but could not feed the necessary changes in CIBIL record, when she again went to Bank of Baroda for housing loan, they said that as you have not repaid earlier loan of PNB you are not entitled for loan and you are a defaulter in repayment of PNB loan. If CIBIL has no check on it then why they are operating? Suppose any bank made mistake in entering PAN No. against a loan, the person whose PAN No. is entered wrongly should not come to know it, there should be a system where any PAN Card holder can check the status by simply entering his/her PAN No. without paying any fees. The CIBIL charges for getting one’s status report are very much higher and CIBIL takes a lot of time to send status report and its correctness is also not guaranteed .There are so many other instances about CIBIL. Hope you understand the justification of my grievances / negative comments against CIBIL.

        1. Yes .. I can understand your negative comment about CIBIL . I have seen a lot of cases like this in CIBIL . You are liable for compensation if you go to consumer court on this .

          Another point is that CIBIL is new in India and this whole concept of credit rating is evolving .. it will take some time and by then these kind of issues are bound to happen and there will be few people who might suffer due to this, you can reach to Bank and consumer court to sort out the matter and demand compensation

  201. Jagan says:

    Hi Manish,

    After going through this forum , I applied for CIBIL credit report last month, I got the report from CIBIL.

    My credit score is 742 and I took two personal loans and 3 credit cards. All the loans and credit card outstanding amounts are celared on time except HSBC creadit card payment. It shows in CIBIL as written-off.

    I made total payment in 2008 and unfortunately there was 800 rs/- due since 2008 and it is around 20,000 now with late payment and interest charges.

    I wanted to go for settlement, will this effect my loan approval going forward.

    Can you please advice me somthing pay less other than paying 20,000 rs just for 800.

    1. Jagan

      You are in trouble . That Rs 800 why didnt you settle at that time , Bank is not wrong here , that Rs 800 has grown to 20k because each month the interest charges were added and heavy penalty each month and due to that a small amount grew . “WRITTEN OFF” is the worst remark you can have in your report . Sadly you will have to pay off that 20k now , only then the bank will update the remark to CIBIL . Better not to apply for any other loan unless you get the report clean , your score is ok i would say ..

  202. Aranya says:

    Hi Manish,
    First of all… thanks for writing about this issue and secondly appreciate that you have answered every one 🙂 that’s really kind of you !
    I also have defaulted in paying one of my HDFC credit card properly years back due to lack of knowledge & had a personal loan of 90k back in year 2008 and lost track of payment due to super bad financial loss and job loss. Now I have recently settled the credit card and yet to clear the personal loan, which is why I am not getting any loans now. One of my friend, working in a bank told me that even if I pay and clear all the remaining debts (the amount shown in CIBIL for CC & PL) I may have difficulty getting any loans in future or it may take years. Is that true?

    1. Yes Aranya

      Just make the payment for past dues , does not take your score up , however dont feel that its not to be done , thats the first step . Unless you do that, dont try to increase the score because lenders look at report also as first step , only then they see score .

      Once you pay past dues , then you need to work on your score . Get a credit card and start paying the dues ,your score will get better in 1 yr

      1. Aranya says:

        Thanks Manish …. 🙂

  203. dinesh says:

    Hi Manish,

    I am having ready credit account linked with my savings account and I have to settle some amount for the ready credit account. Will that affects my cbil score?

    1. I didnt understand your question

  204. NIshant says:

    Hi Manish,

    Ur bolgs n provided info are vry helpful for us.

    I have a query, its regarding my ICICI credit card, which was issued in may 2007 wth the credit limit of Rs 10000. I had dues pending of around 9000 till dec 2007 and it got settled in MAy 2008 , by paying Rs. 5000 , to a third party recovery sent from ICICI bank. he gave me a receipt and told that I would getting the settlement letter via email, which i never got. It was my first job, through which i got the both debit n credit card and wasnt aware much abt the credit n all.

    Months I got a call frm the ICICI bank stating that i hve outstding of Rs 29000 and they can settle in Rs 12000. I was amazed n shocked that how come it happened ? on asking the ICICI bank they said that they never received any sum from my end. and also told that they have stopped hiring the 3rd party for collection n recovery now.

    Now i am worried abt my credit score. they said as they are settling in Rs 29000, e’thing would be fine. But i am pretty much sure that even after after paying Rs 12000, it wil hamper my credit score. one question that also arises that why did they contact me after 3 years or so ? where was the ICICI bank in past years ? were they asleep or was willing to cheat the customer, so that they can generated more interest towards the principal sum and extract more money from customer pocket ? On asking all these questions , they had no answer.
    please guide me shud i pay 12000 or not ? whether it gonna clear my outstding ?

    Many thanks,

    1. NIshant says:

      correction in statement : Now i am worried abt my credit score. they said as they are settling in Rs 12000, e’thing would be fine.

      1. NIshant says:

        WOuld my name listed under defaulter’s list ? do i need to apply for CIBIL Report ? please guide ..

    2. Niks

      You are in bad position . Mostly the guy who collected money (5k) from you was fake, he must have got info from somewhere about this and fooled you . You should have taken some kind of receipt from him , which you failed .

      Now your outstanding is 29k and unless you pay each and every penny , your remarks in your credit report will be either WRITTEN OFF (if yuo dont pay anything) or SETTLED (if you settle) . This is impact your score badly , and more than that you will never get loan if those bad remarks are there .


      1. NIshant says:

        shud i apply cibil report online ?? doesnt bank showed negligance.. y they contacted me after 4 yrs or so … advice plz

        1. Nishant

          If you are clean and have no issues from your side ,then you can sue the bank and get compensation , else you are equally responsible

  205. vishal says:

    Dear Sir ,

    i have a credit card from BOB, i want to settlement of my card, but i have no idea please help me in this matter that how to settle my card and i dont want my card more.

    1. Settling the card will be a negative thing for your credit score ..

      1. Vishal says:

        Dear Sir,

        So please tell me what can i do in my matter.cause i have no more amount to high intt. of credit card.please give me suggestion.

        1. You should contact the credit card company and explore how you can pay off all the outstanding loan

  206. Mohit Montu says:

    Hi Manish,I have applied for a home loan from SBI. Yesterday I got a call from the bank saying that my loan application has been rejected as I have a credit score of 654 in CIBIL.
    I had a credit card from ICICI which was used for Rs.40K by one of my friends saying that he will pay back to me (which never happened). After a lot of calls from the bank I paid the amount (40K) and settled the credit card.
    I have had a 2 wheeler loan, and 2-3 other credit cards where I have never defaulted and everything is fine.
    Is there a way I can improve my credit score which will help me in getting the home loan.? Need your help…

    1. You are in a bad situation , more than you can imagine . I do not want to scare you , but unless your score is more than 750 and your report is clean , you dont stand a chance to get any kind of loan .

      1. What was your outstanding amount in your credit card, the amount used was 40k , but did it grow to more in few months and later you settled the loan (i mean paid less than outstanding) , In which case your report will have remark of “SETTLED” .

      If this is true , then you first need to pay off the outstanding amount , and only then the first hurdle is clear .

      2. Right now what do you have ? Do you have any loan / credit card ? If not ,then you should get one and pay off the dues each month . Within few months to 1 yr, you should get a better score .

      I am sorry to say but in short term you will not be able to increase your score 🙁


  207. Sundari C says:

    My father due to his loss of job became credit card and personal loan defaulter and was reported to CIBIL.I am residing in the lower portion but with the same address.Now I want to apply for the home loan.I have never applied for credit card or loan in the past.Will I get the loan. Thanks sir

    1. Sundari

      This is tricky .. I dont think there will be much issue , but because of the same address there can be some issue , very small chances, but i cant deny it .

      1. Sundari C says:

        Manish thanks for your quick reply.

  208. Sunil Gaikwad says:

    Hi Manish,

    In my CIBIL report words are seen like ACCOUNT PURCHASED, WRITTEN-OFF what actualyy it menas

    1. You should concentrate on WRITTEN OFF , it means you had some loan which you never paid and company has declared it as BAD LOAN and marked it as WRITTEN OFF , its a negative thing , and impact your badly

  209. Balasubramaniam says:

    Hi Manish,
    450 Rs is only one time fee for seeing ur Credit score or every time if u want credit score u need to pay 450?
    Suppose if accessing my credit history in Jan 2012 by paying 450 & on aug 2012 Again i want to see my credit history so i need pay 450 once again?

  210. rakesh says:

    hi manish,

    is cibil strictly been followed ?

    1. Obviosuly .. not just strictly followed, its a standard , Its a part of the process now . You cant escape it

  211. rakesh says:

    Hi manish,

    nice information. what is the minimum score we should have in cibil to get the loan from sbi. Also is it really sctictly followed.

    1. 750+ is good enough

  212. Karthikeyan S says:

    Dear Manish
    i got an ICICI credit card and my total outstanding was rs.47,000/- and the usage amount was Rs.29,000/- , now i spoke with ICICI and they informed me that if i pay my usage amount(Rs.29,000/-) as 6 instalments means my CIBIL report will become positive in 3 to 6 months time from my last instalment, is this true. Pls advice.


    1. No , the bank will in all probabilities tell CIBIL that its a “settled” case . and this will impact your score badly in future . better pay all 47k , after all its created by you only

  213. Sagar says:


    2 years back I had done settlement for credit card ,. I took cibil report and have score 812. But under this credit card ..they have made Post(wo)settled. Now the balance is showing under this card is 53000RS.. I want to apply loan now..shall I get loan or not?

    1. Sagar says:

      6 months back , when i have applied a credit card,it got rejected..So shall i get loan by having credit score of 812. how can i proceed further for CIBIL Issue.

    2. It will be tough , just a good credit score is not going to help you , that “settled” remark will impact badly , most of the banks will reject the loan to you . You need to first make the outstanding balance payment and get rid of that


  214. Anirudha says:


    I took a personal loan (PL) from fullerton India a year back at 18% ROI (Rate of Interest), since last 3 months I have been getting calls from one of their executive for a top up loan but I didn’t give any response to her, this month I applied for Tata Capital loan beacuse they are offering 16% ROI, so I thought to pay off my earlier loan and pay the captial loan with less ROI, I have never missed a single EMI of my current loan or any other loan I had in the past, my credit card amount is also well below permittable limits, the TATA guy who is working to get my loan done told me that I have made enquries in the last 2 to 3 months to banks about PL and got rejected as per CIBIL, of course, I have a good memory and I know I didn’t call a single bank in last 1 year with any such enquries, not sure how my “alleged” enquries are showing in the CIBIL report, I am anyways going to get my report but do you think the executive calling me for top up loan and not me to her will be entered in this report?

    1. Anurudha

      First check your CIBIL , Someone callling you should not be reporeted in CIBIL . I dont think so !

  215. Rajesh says:

    My cibil score is 816. 2-3 yrs back i had settled 3 credit card and same are shown as settled in the report. Even though my home loan was approved by axis at competive interest, still my credit card application gets rejected.
    Kindly help.


    1. Rajesh

      That can happen .. “settled” is a negative thing .. the credit card section might have rejected it based on your report (unsercured loan) , whereas Home loan is more or less a secured loan (house is mortgaged) , so it was approved , thats how I am looking at it !

      1. Rajesh says:

        Dear Manish,
        Thanks for the reply. i wish to clear off the settled amount, but banks are not responding. How should i go about it. kindly advise.


        1. Rajesh

          It will be tough now .. Once they close the matter as written off, they generally dont open it . Meet some high official at bank , may be bank manager to understand the next action

  216. maan singh chauhan says:


    sir we have a sbi credit card long time back and also sattled for all out standing but now two wheeler loan time it’s reflect agin, pls advice to me how can i remove my name to cibil site, and also advice what’s step we take now?

  217. Amit Kumar says:

    Hello sir, My self Amit Kumar, in past i was using hdfc credit card and also used for some bajaj finance, but now no dues. now a days i want to take car loan , my hdfc bank says 6 bad match reported by CIBIL with mr. tejaswani, and mr. sachin bhardwaj, but i dont know any both people in my life,
    pls suggest me how can remove this name and while my CIBIL score is 797, but my bank is not agree for given home loan. pls help me.

    1. Amit

      Score is not everyting .. what remarks are there in the report matters more .. First apply for the report and have a look at it ! . Also follow this http://jagoinvestor.dev.diginnovators.site/2012/04/tips-to-improve-cibil-credit-score.html

  218. RAMASAMY says:

    Dear Manish,

    You are doing a wonderful job for the people to understand clearly about CIBIL. Like you mentioned I also applied for Transunion score online and got the same mailed to me within 4 working days as mentioned by CIBIL. Now I have got a score of 761. I found in the report that even a Jewel loan from Private bank also reflect in my report which is not a default. Is it neceesary for the banks to update the jewel loan also to CIBIL. Please clarify my doubts to understand the same better.

  219. vinay says:

    it is good we know some thing more on that to read

  220. satish says:


    I have two credit cards. One is from HDFC and other is from citi bank. Due to some emergency , i made a shopping(in june month 2011) and used all my limit (35000 + 50000). After that every month i paid only my minimum balance and could not pay complete outstanding amount. Its been around ten months. Today i paid of all my outstanding amount. Will it reflect as bad in cibil . how many days will it take to reflect that in CIBIL.

    1. Satish

      Actually this will not reflect in your credit report per se , there wont be mentioned that that you made late payments , but ultimately you finally paid all the outstanding amount , however your credit score might have taken a hit because of this , better check your CIBIL score !

      1. satish says:

        I have checked my cibil score it is 765 I wanted to know whether it is good enough to get home loan

        1. It is ok .. I would say you might get a loan given you have nothing negative on your report

  221. Gagan says:

    Well written article Manish.. Just a piece of advise for users –
    Issues can happen from both customer n bank side. Wherever – you have a dispute seems arising – do ensure to keep all correspondence records with the bank n acknowledgement receipts of payments done.
    Its possible that bank may show you with a delinquent payment pattern, and this you may only be able to know at the time of making a new loan application. Having, proper records of the issue can help you to appraise your loan with the prospective lender and the credit team may exercise deviation powers to sanction loan basis the correspondence records – once its proved that its no fault of yours in the issue mentioned in CIBIL

    1. Thanks for those tips and guidance !

  222. SANTOASH says:

    hi ,
    If bank put name wrongly in report then who will be the responsible. Is any way that bank should inform the custmoer about this default list in cibil

    1. Santosh

      NO one is responsible here , the bank has to rectify it ideally

  223. N Nageswara rao says:

    Hi Manish

    i had a personal loan and bike loan in 2009 which i was defauled for some emi s
    but leter on i was preclosed bike loan in advance and settlement was made with personal bank and paid balance amount. now whether i will get housing loan ?

    1. I dont think so , settlement (paying less than the actual amount) is just unacceptable to other lenders , and despite a great score , no one will lend you . The first thing you need to do is get rid of that remark by paying up the extra money

  224. praku says:


    I am in need of the CIBIL report to check the credit history. Checked in the cibil website and they have asked to to fill the online application form and paying the amount of 470/- rupees towards registration. Is this registration a 1 time process and use for taking report for lifetime or early renewal fess is there. or for getting a single report it costs 470 rupees.


    1. Praku

      Its a charge you have to pay EVERYTIME

  225. Purna Chander says:

    Dear Manish,

    Thanks for the article. I went on to submit a request for my credit report after reading this article and received it too. Got a decent score of 815.
    I have of a duplicate entry in my credit report. I had a car loan (from ICICI) which was closed on completion of the loan tenure and I received a NOC from the bank. My credit report has two entries for the same loan, one shows that the loan is closed and second shows an outstanding amount of 60K approx. I have raised a dispute on 23rd Jan ’12 using the process available through CIBIL. Even after multiple followups {to info(at)cibil(dot)com} my dispute is still not settled.
    Can you please guide me if there is any contact to whom I can escalate this matter to ? Or anyother way out ?

    Thanks – Purna Chander

    1. Purna

      DId you talk to their cc ? Do one thing , please mail them once again and this time cc to RBI mail also ,, that should help a bit

      1. Purna Chander says:

        Dear Manish,

        Thanks for a quick response. I’ll try to speak to their cc. also let me know the RBI email id that you are referring to.

        Thanks – Purna Chander

        1. THis RBI email is just to threaten them .. get it from RBI Website !

  226. vinodkumar govindbhai patel says:

    I am in defaulter list ?

    1. Check your CIBIL

  227. Anji says:

    Dear Manish,
    Recently i have checked my score in cibil my score is 604.

    i have 4 loans

    1.bike loan and – amount overdue 2415rs( but i have cleared)
    2.home loan – no due
    3.Gold loan SBI – amount overdue1470 rs( this i have taken 08-09-2010 i have paid 30-06-2011 the total amount is 14000 only i have paid to the bank but in my cibil report it was shows amount overdue is 1470i was shock )
    4.Citibank- over draft -no due
    two loans are due one is gold loan 1004 rs and one is bike loan 2014 but these tow are cleared for my side i need to go bank and i need to ask for this please advise…

    why my cibil scrove is 604 only?

    what i will do to improve the score?


    1. Anji

      You just need to make it clear with bank , why its showing due if you have cleared it, once you bank agrees that there is no dues, then ask them to update CIBIL about it .. Then it will get updated in CIBIL in few weeks time .

  228. Manish says:

    Dear Manish,
    I like to know something about CIBIL if you guide me some thing i will thank full to you….My brother taken many C/cards..from many bank when he was on good job and payment of that cards are very fine …while he was on job…but after he leave his job…many problems come across him…many due become pending…..after i came in we start business and …many due we settled..Now today all due from bank are cleared….but we make settlements…because bank charges very high charges,,,So we make settlement and cleared all due.. now in coming years we are planing to take home for that we have to take loan from bank ..So shall now i can used my brothers name with me for taking New loan..


    1. If the loans were “settled” , means the money you paid was less than the outstanding, then this will be reported to CIBIL and it will prevent you from getting any loans in future. You first need to pay all the outstanding balance

      1. Manish says:

        But now how can i contact to bank..n the main thing is that…bank charges many thing …some bank charge more then . actual balance what about that….
        Now i am paying behalf of my brother ….i paid as i can ..and i can pay more ..
        but how can i pay..that illegal charges which bank..put in my brothers account ..
        So please guide us …So we can go in straight forward .
        Thanks for replying .

        1. yes Bank charges many things , but they are not illegal , which charges was not as per terms and condition of the agreement ?

  229. Shaik Abdul Mazid says:

    Hi Manish,
    Recently I have seen your link.
    I have some queries. request you to suggest me on this.
    I have applied for personal loans and credit cards in 2007 and due to some reasons last one year payments got delayed and aI am paying the loan amounts to the collection executives from banks. Now my CIBIL Score is 540, (I know it is a very bad score). I have cleared all the loans and closed the credit card payments. Now I don’t have any loans or cards on my name. When I reach banks for loans or credit cards they are rejecting it stating that CIBIL score is not matching. I came to know that unless untill we have some loans or Credits cards and payments are running smoothly CIBIL score will not increase.
    Please suggest me how to improve CIBIL score with out any loans or Credit cards.


    1. Yes .. you made a mistake by closing all the credit cards .

      You should have kept atleast one . Now do one thing , this path is little tough , but you dont have a choice . Make a FD of 1 lac and then ask bank for a “secured” credit card against the FD , most probably you will get it because its against the FD and not unsecured.

      Then you start using that credit card to pay off your bill on time . Just make sure you dont utilize more than 50% of the limit of the card .. Do this consistenly and keep patience , you will get the score up in few months to 1-2 yrs .


  230. Sanjai says:

    Dear Manish,

    I would like to know how to get scores for oneself?

    1. Sanjai

      Its clearly mentioned in the article itself that how to order it . Did you check it ?

  231. Dr Anup Pramanik says:

    Hi Manish,
    Kudos to u for the great work! I have a query, plz help…
    I don’t have any credit card nor have I ever applied for any loan. Recently I needed to purchase a fridge for which the sales guy offered to pay by emi. During loan approval by bajaj finserv they cudnt login my request, reason they gave is cibil score less than 700.
    Cud u tell me how my cibil score is low?
    In future I need to apply for home loan etc . Will there Be any problem? Plz help…

    1. Anup

      The first thing you should do is check your CIBIL score .. I am sure if you have never taken a cc or any kind of loan, then you dont have any score at all .. but still check it , I think you should start with a credit card and using it (not misusing or over using) and start building your score and report

      1. Dr Anup Pramanik says:

        Thank Manish,
        I will follow the same. Recently I applied for hdfc platinum card and waiting to receive the cc. Let’s see…

  232. Ameer says:

    Hi Manish,

    Thanks a lot for the article it was a great help and i also applied for the CIBIL report.

    I got my report and it shows my score as 638, which i thought was a good enough score to apply for a credit card and i was declined.

    I had 5 year old loan pending which i could not pay up and in the report it stated as written off, it does not say in detail what should i do to clear it, as i had taken personal loans from 3 banks and i had paid 2 banks, but i am not sure which 1 bank is still pending.

    What should be my next step as i need to get a credit card to build my credit score and in about a year to 2 year would like to apply for a housing loan.

    What do you think would be the best practice for now.

    Will be waiting for your reply,

    Thanks & Regards,


    1. Ameer

      I feel strange how you dont know which one bank is remaining out of 3 banks , it was you only who took it , right ? Then how come you dont know yourself ? Now coming back to the point , your score of 638 is very low and not going to get you any loan , a score of 750 is required at least to get a loan , 800+ is what you should aim for .

      The first step is to make sure you pay off all the liability of the loan , and ask your bank to update the CIBIL about the complete payment , so that “written off” word is taken off .. Then you need a credit card , but it will be tough to get it , for that you better make a FD of 1-2 lacs and ask the bank to give you a secured credit card , then you use that credit card to make the payments regularly and build the credit history

  233. Arjun says:

    Dear Manish,
    Thanks to you for inspiring me to get my CIBIL report ( which i was avoiding since last year). bacause of my bad financial skills i thought my score must be below 500 as i had defaulted on 3 credit cards and one personnal loan in 2008 due to loss of job. last year i settlled all the credit card and it is reflected in my CIBIL report. For my surprize of score is 730. As i dont have any credit cards and also wont be getting at this score. please suggest how to improve my score?
    One more thing. in my CIBIL report i have written off status from SHAHA finance ( after googling i came to know its standard chartared CC collecteion agency). but that dispute i had resolved in 2007 . StanC has issued one demand draft on my name which i never recieved. i spoke to those guys when they started charging me. after some time they agreed on there mistake and sent me apology letter saying they will remove my name from CIBIL. i am not sure how to go about it, should I get that entry removed from my name (as this is the only wrong “written off” entry, i have other correct entries as settled and post(wo) settled). will it improve my score a bit? if so whom to contact? to CIBIL or to StanC?. Please help….


    1. Arjun

      Open a dispute resolution with CIBIL http://jagoinvestor.dev.diginnovators.site/2012/01/cibil-credit-report-mistakes-correction-steps.html

      Then if you have some FD etc , then ask for a credit card against that FD and start using that CC and start building some payment history ! . That would lift your score slowly

  234. sandeep says:


    i have applied for a personal loan and it got approved. I was a bit apprehensive about the cibil score as my credit behaviour has not been wise. Can anybody tell me what would my cibil score would have been ( indicatively).



    1. Sandeep

      Seems like your score is above 750 . But why dont you check it once ?

      1. sandeep says:


        Anyway i have asked my bank guy to share the report with me.

      2. Rajesh says:

        Thanks Manish…

  235. Rajesh says:


    Nice informative artilce. Eye opener on lot of points. my query, recently i applied for my Cibil score after reading your article and the score has come as 815 yesterday. I have applied yesterday for home loan from HDFC. How bad is my chances? one of the probable raesons for my low score could be that i was an co applicant for my father’s home lona, which during payment period of 6 years had defaulted in between for 2 or 3 times (means late payment) and in the last as he wanted to clear the entire balance amount, he dint paid 2 EMIS and finally cleared the entire balance. As a co applicant this has defaulted my score? Rest all could be because i use credit cards and i pay them fully but yes i use the credit limit to good%.
    Do give your valuable comments please….

    1. Rajesh

      Yes , your score must be impacted because of the loan you were co-applicant for .. but your score of 815 is really good .

  236. Jagan says:

    hi Manish,
    my CIBIL score is 750, planning to go for a home loan, is this score is enough to get my loan sanctioned? if not, how can i improve my rating?

    kindly suggest.


    1. The only way to improve a rating is to have a good credit behaviour , just keep on paying your dues timely .. that will take some time

  237. Arun says:

    all of you guys are pathetic and reading and writing articles like this .
    most of the educated people know what is CIBIL you should mention how to remove your name from the CIBIL report.

    you guys are just like Government employees . no one wants to do anything in favour of consumer .

    i never applied for any loan just 2 days back i applied for a consumer loan and i came to know that my report is negative .

    i donot even have any personal bank account as well all i used from last 10 years were different salary accounts. i changed the company closed the previous bank account and used a new one . now tell me how come my report is negative . if i never applied for any loan or credit card .

    the fact is this is INDIA anything can happen because of all these govt authorities . anyone can get anything with the help of someone else’s id . i just gave my id 2-3 times to get a phone connection and that to be self attested might be possible the person i gave the id to used my id to get a new connection or may be something else .

    noone knows what was happened .

    and you guys are just becoming heroes by writing all these unwanted or useless articles .

    so it’s better to stop all this bullshit and try to fix the problems we all facing with CIBIL .

    1. Hi Arun

      I can see you are really disappointed at your CIBIL report, but how does it help by venting your anger here. This is an information based site , thats all . How come we are personally related to your case ? Here is an article which might be useful for you : http://jagoinvestor.dev.diginnovators.site/2012/04/tips-to-improve-cibil-credit-score.html

  238. Ram Jasud says:

    Dear Manish,
    Is Rs. 142/- and 450/- is annual fees?
    How many times I can get report in a year once I pay money?

    If I need to check CIBIL report in next year, is it necessary to pay same fees again or it is one time fees only?


    1. Ram

      that is just a one time fees ,you will have to pay everytime you check your report (142) or Score + Report (450)


  239. GIRISH says:

    I Agree with Ganesh that this system has so many flaws which they need to improve. Also Banks should inform them about the recoveries as they promptly inform the outstanding
    In spite of clearing all the dues one of the Credit card issuing bank was showing some good amount as outstanding in my case After showing the proofs they finaly confirmed that ther are no dues. When they recover the amounts in full and with interest and penalty then it need to be considered

    1. Yes Girish..

      There are some issues on banks side also , that is true !

  240. Pankaj says:


    I applied for my first CIBIL CIR in Jan 2011, received it in Aug 2011. CIR was clean and without a single -ve remarks like Overdue, Written off etc. But, I was curious to know my credit score as I currently hold cards of 7 credit card issuing banks.

    So, Last week I again applied for CIBIL CIR + CIBIL Transunion Score; this time thru online route. Just today I received the CIR and score its 822 🙂

    1) Hope its a good score and I won’t have any difficulty incase I apply for a loan in future. 2) Is it possible to bring my score nearer to 900. 3) I have seen repeated inquiries by Kotak Bank, does this adversely effect the score


    1. Pankaj

      822 is a very good score .. you just need to keep paying your credit card bills , better close few cards and increase the limit of other cards ! .


  241. Rafiq says:

    Hi Manish,

    Can you let me know what should be the Idle CIBIL score we have to maintain in order to get any loans and what is the slab ( range ) …

    awaiting for your response

    1. Rafiq

      Ideal is above 750 , 800+ would be best !

  242. Vicky says:

    Thanks for your quick Response Manish.
    Paying back bank’s amounts and clear all the repayments will take time but I want to take Home loan in next few days.
    Home loan is secured loan which is very less risky. Even then Banks do not give loans of bad cibil score like 500+ in my case.

    Is there any other solution you can suggest?


    1. Vicky

      I dont think there is any solution for this , I dont think unless you pay off all the things and get your score above 750 , you have any chance to get loan


  243. harsha says:

    Dear Manish,
    Recently i have checked my score in cibil was 598. I settled 2 cc and 1 personal loan 3 yrs back.How will improve my cibil score and which month i can check my score every year?
    Thank you

    1. Harsha

      598 is really bad. You will first have to settle all that money which you didnt pay (remaining amount) and then over the years pay off some regular EMI to show them that you are capable of repayment .

      1. harsha says:

        Manish Thankyou very much for your reply

        I dosen’t have any loans right now to pay the EMI and when will check my CIBIL score every year(Which month).I will try to pay remaining amount to the banks to get good score.

        1. Harsha

          Check it after 6-8 months now !

  244. Vicky says:

    Hi Manish,

    I have a Cibil Score of 504. I got my statement last week. I have 4 Credit cards and had couple of loans earlier for which I paid principal amounts but couldn’t pay the interest because of some financial problems. Their amounts are showing written off on my cibil reports. Only one loan is still showing not written off.
    Whatever loan I am applying is getting rejected So what should I do to improve my CIBIL history.
    I am using my credit cards extensively and paying full payments all the time.
    I want to apply for home loan with my spouse so can it be approved as that loan is more secured and banks has no risks in that.
    Thanks in advance for your help.


    1. Vicky

      You have some serious problem here . Dont look for any immediate improvement . You will first have to clear off your existing written off loans back , so contact all the credit card companies ,check what was your written off amount and pay it in FULL . Once that is done, you will then have to keep paying your other debt like credit card on time to make sure you build some repayment history , it will take few years to take your score past 750 , Only then you will be able to clear the loan , else not !

  245. dhar says:

    HI ,

    I am also interested to share something , i was having a credit card in some where long time back where there was no cibil concept ( mostly cibil came in to picture after 2007 i guess) , i have used the card of about 1500 and i paid 5000 including interest genualy i tried to pay the amount by going back that time bank people said they dont take money depost for credit card , they asked me to drop a cheque. Later i forgot to pay that , and my name was there as defaulter , later i have applied for some credit card and was rejected by the banks , but after some days bank people called me and said that they wanted to offer credit cards , and i have accepted their offer , now they have given me the card with limit of 260000 and also i have the credit cards of world known America Express ( it is not corporate it is my individual personal card) ……..so what i mean to say is …Bank is a Business , when they want to reach their target the do have exceptions on providing ….and there is no business in the world with cheating or fraud …it includes IT companies , as IT companies are also do business and they do cheat their customers for business ….business rules are not standard they do change according to their benefit and profit…..of course CBIL is the one which we have to manage , my sincere advise is don’t do much credits …try to save what ever you are getting from your income , because CBIL is not directly dealing with you some one is there in between CBIL and you …..which means “someone pee in the pool ,all get punished in the pool” you are giving chance to some one to decide your financial fate

    1. Dhar

      Thanks for sharing your experience, but it was not clear to me that what is the exact issue you are facing , can you explain that in short ?

  246. Rajeshkumar says:


    Very good article.

    I would not recommend the online option. I got stuck at the authentication part.

    1. Fill the online form.
    2. Make the payment. (Upto here things were fine.)
    3. Authentication > Step 1 > couldn’t understand anything. Three sections with check boxes and radio buttons to select without any help. Select the bank information does not provide the name of the bank; but just Member Bank 1; Account type 1.

    Does not tell us what to do if we are not able to proceed. Is there a way to login again.

    Useless website. Now if we try to use the contact form in the main page, it asks for the company name and designation, which is not required in case of personal information.

    Thank you!

    1. Rajesh

      In your case you have already make the payment , so now all you need to do is take the print out of your documents + payment confirmation and send it to CIBIL , also check with their customer care

  247. Kumar says:

    Hello Manish,

    Your article is fantastic and really made me to think of the CIBIL report as a lifeline for the future. I recently applied for my CIBIL CIR, the score is NA. I have few questions, please help out.

    Not maintaining minimum balance in savings account is reported to CIBIL?

    Does that affect my credit history?

    What transactions are reported to CIBIL apart from loans and credit cards?

    Do the banks report savings bank transaction history?

    I have my first credit card now, it’s been 5 months I got my card. I paid all the bills up to date without any late payments. As am new to credit, please help we with some tips to get good score and maintain it.

    Thanks once again for such a wonderful article. YOU ROCK!

    1. Kumar

      Score is not part of CIR , its just report . For Score you need to pay 450 and get the score.

      Saving bank related things are not part of CIBIL , its only loans and credit which contributes in CIBIL


  248. Vijay says:

    Hi Manish
    Thanks for this article. My CIBIL score is just 634. Because of two credit cards, my credit history has been messed up.
    1. HDFC Card – When I had taken the card, I was informed by the agent that there would no annual charge on the card. When they charged an annual fee of around Rs.800, I protested and paid all dues except the annual fee and asked them to close the card. However after 4 years, HDFC people called me and said there was an outstanding of Rs5K on the card, which was the outstanding plus interest.

    2. SBI Card – This is a card which I hardly used. So I cancelled the card. I was informed that there was no due on this card. But it shows up in the report as “WRITTEN-OFF”. When I checked with SBI, they confirmed that there was no due from me. But they have not reported the correct status to CIBIL.

    Since I did not want my credit history to suffer further, I paid the full outstanding amount on my HDFC card and got a No Dues Certificate. For SBI, I have sent several mails to them asking them to correct the information with CIBIL.

    I am still pursuing with CIBIL on whether HDFC and SBI have removed the adverse comments from my account. My credit histtory has taken a beating because of misselling from HDFC and clerical error from SBI.

    One more point about credit reporting – banks only report to CIBIL when there is default or negative behaviour. I have a home loan from Union Bank and I pay the monthly EMIs regularly for the last 2 years. But the CIBIL report does not have any mention of this in my report. When I checked with the bank, they said they would report only defaulters. So even though I am paying my home loan EMIs regularly, that does not get counted as good credit behavior and does not help improve my score.

    CIBIL is always just one-sided and only looks at issues from the bank’s perpective. Even though they have a grievance redressal mechanism, it is not very effective and is quite frustrating. I hope some central (RBI or some other agency)regulator can step in and ensure that credit reporting agencies are fair to both the lender and borrower.

    1. Vijay

      Its very surprising to hear that the bank told you that they dont report to cibil about your all actions . Who told you this ? Was it communicated by some junior level employee there ? He might not be aware about it . All banks do report all the actions to CIBIL .

      1. Vijay says:

        I checked with the branch and they said they don’t report to CIBIL unless the borrower defaults a payment. Anyways I can clearly see that the home loan account does not even show up on my report even though I had taken this loan 2 years back.

        1. Vijay

          No this is wrong , your bank must be doing it . Wait .. there can be one thing , which bank is this ? Is this bank a member of CIBIL or not ? Check with CIBIL why the bank has not updated it ?

  249. Jeshan A says:

    Dear Manish,

    I have a score of 670 as i had a pending bill of a credit card of HDFC and they were message in the statement that it will be reported to RBI but as of now the bills are cleared fully and no settlement done and people of HDFC says that the card is permanently blocked so cannot reinstate the card again.Now the thing is that after clearing of all the bills how many score will be added to my reports after this.Also many were saying that mobile bills are also reflected in the reports which can bring down the score is it so as some time i get delayed while paying my mobile bills.

  250. T. Mukherjee says:


    I have a personal Loan from HDFC and I am willing to go into a settlement (not foreclosure or prepayment). I have no other loans.

    Just want to know, how long will it take for me to apply and get a car loan in future ? And, as HDFC guy said to me, that as CIBIL might show “settled account” or “not a normally closed account”, I might or might not get a loan…what are my chances to get another loan, say car loan ? Thanks in advance

    1. T. Mukherjee

      Once you settle the loan, you will not be able to get any kind of loan for next 7 yr for least and even after that you will not get it unless your score is good , which will not be good for sure unless you have a good credit behaviour


  251. Srinivas says:

    Unfortunately, I no longer leave in India – and after 7 Years after closing my old SCB credit card – one day received an email saying they could not able to reach me since 7 years and threatened a lawsuit for not paying the outstanding balance. After deliberately giving the details and the emails that luckily i have not deleted in these years – Thanks to gmail, SCB sent me response saying they are closing it now – which was supposed to be closed 7 years back and they will update the CIBIL in 45 days.

    The problem – until now which I do not know is – I am one of the defaulters in the CIBIL list.

    How can I make sure – my credit history in India is not corrupted, because of the half-baked credit system GOI and RBI has approved ? Legally in US – consumers have a right to get his/her own credit history once a year for FREE. Seems – we do not have this in India.

    Is there a PIL that can submitted for the good of all the honest people in India to maintain a good credit history ? Its a highway to identity theft as in US/UK and is multi-billion dollar industry to protect a person’s identity.


    1. Srinivas

      I am very much sure that your CIBIL score will be bad and it will be messed up , the thing is over the years your credit card must have accumulated all the late fees and interest on it and thats what they would demand from you . Now if they are saying that they will just SETTLE Your card or just close it down and update in CIBIL , it means that they will tell CIBIL that this guy Srinivas has to pay us X amount but now we are SETTLING or marking it as OVERWRITTEN. next 7 yrs , it will be on your report .

      Why dont you apply for it online , pay 450 and get it on email – see this : http://jagoinvestor.dev.diginnovators.site/2011/12/get-cibil-score-online.html

  252. Baig says:

    Hey Manish,I know you are advising all on not doing settlements with banks but unfortunately when I decided to do this I was so naive and ignorant.I have done settelments with almost all the banks like axis,Citi,Hsbc, Deutsche bank.So I will be in the defaulters list.Also my loans are now closed I haven’t done any settelments on them just paid all the EMI’s.My question to you is after how long will I be eligible to apply for a loan.I know its my mistake but it was the situation I was in without a job for several months.However I want to get rid of this and be a good customer.If I approach Private financiers would they help me.Please advice…

    1. Baig

      the thing is , in your case your cibil report and score would be surely messed up , for next 7 yrs it will be marked as “SETTLED” , so for next 7 yrs forget the chance of getting a loan at all , but even after that , unless you build your score , you will not get a loan .

  253. Ojal R. Pardesi says:


    Thank you you so much for your help I will compaint to consumer.



  254. anil kumar nirmal says:

    sir, last month i apply for cridit card to satndard charted bank he refused my applicatinn for resion for CIBIL. now i want to now my cibil cr. report

    1. Anil

      So why dont you apply for it ?

  255. psangani says:

    Hi Manish,
    I got CIBIL credit score of 823 which seems reasonable and now want to apply for home loan. Can I negotiate with the bank for home loan based on credit score? Kindly advice.. thx

    1. You will get the loan, however try negotiating , but generally in india the trend of giving lower interest to better cibil score holder has not started yet

  256. prasenjit says:

    Hi Manish,

    I have a HDFC credit card with credit limit of Rs:50000/- and i have taken so many things in EMI. Im very prompt in paying the EMIs. My bill gets generated on 5th and i always used to pay within 5 days of bill generation. Just wanted to know that do i need to check my CIBIL report in order to ensure that everything is updated correctly by HDFC bank? Coz in future i want some loans and i dont wanna get into problems because of any mistakes from bank side…..

    1. Prasenjit

      definately you should look at your CIBIL report and score and check if there is any issue or not !

  257. Vibhu Jain says:

    Hi Manish
    My question :
    I have a CC from Citi which thry promised free of cost and after an year the bill came with 500Rs as fees and 50Rs as Service tax.
    I sent an email to Bank and then after a lot of email chains(i have all with me) i paid my bill and not the yearly fees.
    Then after a month i contacted bank again and re-activated my same CC and paid membership fees and service tax.
    Now, will that affect my credit rating?

    1. Vibhu

      Yes .. but for the short term . If the bank has already communicated the issue with CIBIL , then your score might be low , but now as you paid it and now in future because of your proper payments, your score will get better in few months

  258. jisha says:

    Hi Manish,
    wanted to check about the maximum duration any record (good/bad) remains on CBIL because as far as credit reporting in US is considered it is for 7 years.


    1. Yes its 7 yrs in CIBIL

  259. MANAB PRAMANIK says:

    Some days ago,I have applied for a, car loan from SBI. After that bank says that I have some outstanding in my cibil report from my credit card.I know which is a wrong statement,because I have only FOUR credit cards which was free gifted by SBI,I will never used those credit cards ever.But ,bank says that they dont pass my loan for not paying that previous amount.What will I do now?

    1. Manab

      Check your CIBIL report . Either your credit card has yearly charges which have accumulated and you dont know about it or you are not paying thinking – “SBI told me they are FREE , now I will not pay” . Unless you clear it , you wont have a good CIBIL score


  260. Ojal R. Pardesi says:

    Hi Manish,

    II had two credit cards one from HSBC and other one from Barclays Credit Card.
    In case of HSBC, salesman told me that the firm I used worked in 2009 for that staff the credit card annual fees for a life time is free . But still I got a bill with annual fees after a month. Hence I complained to the Call center executive gave the brief about my complaint. I told him that I will be paying the amount which was spent by me and according I paid the amount with late fee charges and interest and annual fees . No further transactions done through the card and subsequently told them that I am returning it to them.
    In Barclays Credit card case I had used this credit card for 3 month paying the dues I dropped my cheque in their drop box 1 day prior to due date. When next month\’s bill received it came with late fee charges. I contacted to call center executive and told him that I had dropped my cheque 1 days in advance then how come this charges. He said it received 2 days later than my due date as was not having any proof I could not prove it. I paid the amount due to me excluding the charges. 2-3 month they sent the later but later on they stopped sending bills.
    Above two instance happened to me and had forgotten also. But this year when I applied for Two wheeler from my loan was rejected I asked reason for rejection they informed me that name is in CIBIL. Immediately, I called to the Call center executive one Mr. Abdul and he informed me to that my outstanding is approximately 3,587 I asked him that all the dues have paid on time and he told to visit Barclay at Worli office. I went at Worli office the executive asked to drop letter within a week time I will receive mail or a letter from Barclay from Chennai asking me to pay Rs, 4,600. After 10 days I received a letter and they informed me that Barclay will be not handle this case please contact Phoenix ARC Private Limited Dani Corporate Park, 7th floor, 158, CST Road, Kalina, Santacruz (E) Mumbai, Maharashtra 400098. I personally visited to the above address on 14 February 2012. I met MS Elvin and informed to call Mr. Chirag Mehta from Kotak Mahindra I called on his him immediately and he told me visit Mr. Akash Deep from Kotak Mahindra at Santacruz. I met Akash he told the amount is of 470 late fees I was surprised that I have received any instruction about it I paid all my principal amount on time than late charges is for what he forced me to pay the full amount and he will close my account. I told him to settle the amount Rs. 500 and I paid them the cheque on 14 February 2012. I requested the receipt of Rs. 500 he told me that I will directly receive mail and hardcopy on 15 February 2012. I got convinced.
    Till 16 February 2012 I waited and called Aakash for my settlement letter he told me the letter has already sent. Please check your inbox I requested them to send me hard copy he promised me that he will send. On 21 February 2012 I again called him and asked I have still not received the hard copy he told me that I will check and call you after reminding 4 to 5 times a day. On 22 February 2012 I called me and Aakash spoke with me very rudely that when the letter will come I will call and disconnected my call. I felt very upset.
    When I checked my saving account statement the cheque was not deposited in bank. Again I called Akkash on 24 February 2012 asking about the status he updated me that my letter is ready and I he will send it shortly. I informed him the cheque is not been deposited how will I get the letter he was surprised and he told me that I will check and he will informed me but after waiting I called him to ask for status again the same reply that he had already sent a query to their department when I asked him to mark myself in cc he was again rude and told me you not aware that the internal mails are not marked.

    Now I need help I don’t know how to tackle this.

    1. Ojal

      They are just making you run from one point to another point . .Nothing else . Better you get out of your comfort zone and threaten them for a complaint in consumer forum and nothing else and really you should do that . Please mail to http://www.akosha.com/ and ask them to file and complaint to them.

      Let me also see if I can do something


  261. DK Jain says:

    Hello Manishsir,
    ” Please Answer ”
    If I deposit rs. 100000/- each in same bank but in two different branches(i.e. one lakh in each branch) then how much money is insured is it rs. 100000/- total or both Rs. 200000/- because they are deposited at two different branches of same bank.
    In addition sir plz let me know how good is the Tamilnad Mercentil bank if I deposit my money in its two different branches . safest or not?
    Are there any sort of bonds or FD which are completely tax free just like the earlier RBI tax free 6.5% bonds.
    “Please Reply”
    Thanking u. Plz reply.

  262. DK Jain says:

    Hello ManishSIR,
    If I deposit rs. 100000/- each in same bank but in two different branches(i.e. one lakh in each branch) then how much money is insured is it rs. 100000/- total or both Rs. 200000/- because they are deposited at two different branches of same bank.
    In addition sir plz let me know how good is the Tamilnad Mercentil bank if I deposit my money in its two different branches . safest or not?
    Are there any sort of bonds or FD which are completely tax free just like the earlier RBI tax free 6.5% bonds.
    Thanking u. Plz reply.

    1. This is already replied when you made this same comments earliar !

  263. faiz khan says:

    Hi Manish,

    In 2008 i have credit card of citi bank, which has dues of 12000rs, completly cleared on 2011 & promise me that updated as nill in cibil. I have given only driving licence that time for card, is it possible to put name in CIBIL on basis of DL & can i check my credit score sending my DL details in CIBIL, not having pan card,

    plz tell me all this thing possible on DL details for bank & cibil, this is important for me.

    1. Faiz

      Yes your CIBIL report should be there .. try to apply it once

  264. Mini says:

    Hi Manish,

    It was a wonderful article. However i need a clarification. Almost 5 yrs back i took a PL and cleared it. However missed the due date for couple of months and paid it with the late fee. However when i tried taking a credit card last yr, it got rejected because of low credit score as i was a defaulter once. Kindly let me know how to fix up my credit scores to normal. I ve been paying my bike loan on time for the last 1 yr. Will that help in increasing my credit scores. Or should I need to do anything else to bring it back to normal.

    Kindly advice.

    1. Mini

      Your name should not be in defaulter list as of now . Because you have cleared each and every penny . I hope you paid 100% and didnt do settlement for a lower amount ? Right !

      In that case , seems like your bank has not updated to CIBIL the correct data , please raise a resolution request with CIBIL and get the wrong data removed : http://jagoinvestor.dev.diginnovators.site/2012/01/cibil-credit-report-mistakes-correction-steps.html

      1. Mini says:

        Thank You Manish… I also got a closer letter from the bank after the loan was cleared…. but when i apply for credit card it gets rejected… I will definitely chk with the bank..

        Once again Thank you for your assistance… 🙂

        1. Better check your credit report ! .. you will get better clarity

          1. Mini says:

            Sure.. Thank You!!

      2. Mini says:

        Nd Yes I settled 100%…

  265. Bhupendra says:

    Hi Manish,
    I had taken HSBC credit card in 2006 and minutely used it. they also gave me a add on card which I never opened from courier and swapped. Due to my health condition, i have to leave my job immediately. and couldn’t close the card due to some reason. there was some positive balance in card when I left. Now my problem is right now i forgot the card number and don’t have bills also which were only 3 bills.
    how do i respond to cibil since i don’t know what is my credit card number?
    Will they fine me too much since the annual fee was 1000 rs.
    Please help I am in deep stress. I haven’t take any other card or and never applied for any loan.


    1. Bhupendra says:

      Positive balance means I have paid more than What i had to pay so It was showing positive balance.

    2. Bhupendra

      You can talk to the customer care of the bank and from your name, dob and other details , they might be able to give you info on your credit card . As you had the credit card the charges must have compounded and now it must be few thousands for sure !

  266. manoj says:

    Hi Manish,

    Need yr help. Recently applied for a PL and discovered my CIBIL rating as 505. Have settled a credit card from HSBC which was pending from a long time. Now HDFC, AXIS and other banks are asking for a rating of 750+. Stuck bad, how do I make my move now. Any bank which offers loans to a bad credit rating? PL needed is around 4 lcks. Income 4.5lacks p.a.

    1. Manoj

      may be you are living with a myth that “settlement” is a good thing and it will not impact your CIBIL , but its not true .. Settlement still gets reported to CIBIL and its a negative thing . Unless you clear it off , it will remain in your CIBIL for next 7 yrs .


  267. Deepak Jain says:

    Hello Manishsir,
    If I deposit rs. 100000/- each in same bank but in two different branches(i.e. one lakh in each branch) then how much money is insured is it rs. 100000/- total or both Rs. 200000/- because they are deposited at two different branches of same bank.
    In addition sir plz let me know how good is the Tamilnad Mercentil bank if I deposit my money in its two different branches . safest or not?
    Are there any sort of bonds or FD which are completely tax free just like the earlier RBI tax free 6.5% bonds.
    Thanking u. Plz reply.

    1. Deepak

      Total Deposits of only 1 lac will be insured, but I think you are too much worried on that point . Dont think that much .

      These FD’s dont have any tax benefit unless they are 5 yr locking tax FD


  268. BASKAR says:






    1. Bhaskar

      Yes that will also reflect !

  269. Rahul says:

    Hi Manish,

    Thanks for this very informative article. It has been very useful. I’ve been wanting to know:

    Does CIBIL have knowledge of the EMIs one pays towards their loans. If yes, is this information shared with the bank when it raises a query about the status?

    Thanks in advance,

    1. Rahul

      CIBIL gets this information from banks

  270. Sugand says:

    Hi Manish,

    I’m also into this CIBIL issue now coz of closing 2 cards – Settlement. I had HSBC & ICICI cards. In case of HSBC, the credit limit was 21k initially and suddenly without intimatin they reduced it to 18K. Next month they said I have to pay the outstanding and late fee as well. So I decided to close it and I did it in the next few months. For ICIC also I did the same. But I was not aware or not been told that this would effect my CIBIL. Only information they gave was I cant apply for card in their bank again.

    But later ater the settlement & letters, I tried for a Personal Loan from my salary account bank – HDFC. They said it got rejected due to bad score and track. Also cannot apply any loan from now on.

    I’m in real trouble now. Please advice me what should I do about this.

    Thanks in advance.


    1. Yes Sugand

      You are in trouble .. Note that unless you pay each and every penny of both the banks which is as per their legal terms and conditions , your CIBIL score and report will be in trouble . Also note that settlement is something which companies do not like because it means taking less from you and taking some loss , but thats the last thing they can do , but they will make sure they make your life hell after that . I dont see anything wrong in that personally . Its business

  271. Swetha says:

    I have a personal loan and i have defaulted , my loan completes in the month of april the collction guys asked me to settle the loan for half the price of the remaning loan amount which is rs 44000 and he said the NOC will be mailed to within 15-20 days and also can i get a loan again . Please guide should i go for the settlement or payoff the whole amount

    1. Swetha

      Settlement is a temporary solution . But your CIBIL report will have this remark that you didnt pay off the loan and the settled it for a smaller amount (jugaad) . Dont do it !


  272. Manisankar says:

    Hi Manish,

    Thanks for the article and your responses for our queries.
    I finally applied for my CIBIL report and got a score of 815. Hope this is a good score. I found that 4 of my old credit cards taken in 2004 were not closed yet and the enquiry information shows exact date of all the loans and credit card applied dates for the last 3 years.

    1. Nice .. better close those credit cards now ..

  273. faiz khan says:

    i had a credit card in previous time of Citi Bank in 2008, which has some dues of 12000 rs, which is cleared whole by me now 2011, i have talked to bank & cleared all issues also about CIBIL, bank said that they have updated my status as nill in CIBIL.
    And important that when i have applied for credit card that time i has given only
    driving licence that’s it, i get card, so is it possible for bank to put my name in cibil
    as defaulter on basis of licence & how this time i will check my status in cibil,
    It will good credit score or not after clearing dues ?

    plz plz reply through mail, i am waiting for our valuable comment, plz tell me
    more about my situation & what have i to do ?

    plz reward me in mail


    1. Faiz

      Your score would be low as of now , but now as you have cleared you dues, and bank said that it has communicated it to CIBIL , you should check your CIBIL score in next 1 month and see if the CIBIL report says that there is NIL balance. The score will still be low and only with time it will come down !


  274. AL SHADAB says:

    Hi Manish,

    I really liked not only the articles but the question people have asked and the answers given by you, however in my case i had a mini Icici Bank Credit card worth 15K, which i got 6yrs back, some how i messed up with the card and also ICICI bank is not good at customer services so my quires were never got resolved to the satisfaction and i stopped all the payments and started getting n numbers of calls, threats, collection people started waking me up every morning but me being strong and delhite never bothered them and after 2yrs they started asking for 45K as full and final or settled amount of 13.5K which i didn’t pay till date neither i’ll pay. After this episode i got a personal loan of 1 Lack (HDFC) 1 Credit card of 1.4 Lacks , 1 used card loan for 1.5 Lacks (HDFC) and 1 New car loan for 10818 EMI (Mahindra finance), both the car loans have been paid in full and my current Pl tenure is 1yr and 4 months with an installment of 2886 for 4yrs….. now last yr i got into a company where they have a salary account with ICICI only and i had a doubt that they might take money from my salary account which never happened n i got a better opportunity i left the organization and forgot that salary ICICI account which was linked to my PL and due to my assumptions i bounced 4-5 PL emi’s and now i want to get a loan or top up on my current loan which i have applied in different banks and is not getting approved, however i have paid the bounces charges to the bank and all the bounce payments were made thru cash within 5-10 days of bounces. Still it has become a mystery for me kindly suggest ??

    2) Also does checking the credit score thru CIBIL effects the credit scores??

    and FYI
    – I got the Credit card after all the bounces on my PL and icici mess.

    – I got the Personal loan after ICICI mess.

    – Now i am not getting any PL even thru Fullerton.

    1. Al Shadab

      You got the loan earliar because at that time CIBIL score was not getting checked by banks, but now its getting checked. So now you will NOT get any loan unless you clear all the previous dues , including ICICI one .


      1. AL SHADAB says:

        Okies Thanks Manish for your time…

  275. shashidhar says:

    I wanted to buy a new car on loan in my sisters name but it has been rejected by the bank, since my sister was a defaulter in credit card they say. My sister had two credit cards which was used and due to some personal reasons she could not pay the amount in time and she did’nt notice that for a long time once the bank people turned back to her and offered her for a settlement she paid accordingly but the offer was half the present,it was cleared and she got a settlement letter also and this was more than 1 year back she had settled now the bank has rejected her application for a new car loan. So my question now is wont any of the bank give her loans pls do reply ASAP or what am i suppose to do????

    1. Shashidhar

      Even though your sister has “settled” with the bank , still the 100% money was not paid , so the bank has informed CIBIL that 100% money was not paid and this will NOT BE REMOVED unless your sister really clears the full loan . So you cant do anything on this . Your sister will not get any loan from any bank .

      Note that just because bank has settled 50% of the loan , does not mean everything was good . Bank didnt get all its money and that will be mentioned in CIBIL . tough time !


  276. Pallavi says:


    Does insurance is also shared in cibil?

      1. Pallavi says:

        Thank u 🙂

  277. KRaj says:

    Dear Manish,

    I got my second CIBIL report and now my score has changed from 731 to 767.

    So my concern is,is this much score is sufficient to get HOME loan approval?

    Is this score 767 is good as point of view for any bank for getting approval for HOME Loan.?


    1. KRaj

      You can never quantify a score like that .. a bank has full control on their decision , the score is just one factor,. you can get a loan with 700 and also get rejected with 825 .. But higher score is definately better.. 750 plus is very good i would say

  278. sunder kumar says:

    please tell me the process for remove the cibil records

  279. samuel surender kumar says:

    Hi Manish,

    I purchased the report online. I received a CBIL Req id. as S0212001145. However, I did not received any transaction ID. How do I get the ID also there was not e-mail address column provided. Could you please help me.


    1. Samuel

      Get clarity on this from customer care !

  280. Rajesh says:

    I had a bad credit history due to the negligence in my part. But, now i had settled all my pending dues/issues & from last one year have been very conscious in all the financial expenditures & payments. I currently have a credit card of which have been paying the full amount on timely basis. Also, i had received my CIBIL Report & currently mu score is 550. By next year, i need to apply loan for marriage. Can some one suggest what should i take measure apart from paying my all dues on time could help me to better my cibil score.

    Looking forward to hear quality inputs from you all.

    1. Rajesh

      Incase your CIBIL report is totally fine and does not have any wrong data/report , then all you can do from your side is keep paying your dues on time and do not overuse the credit . Check your reports once again after 5-6 months from CIBIL and it would be good idea to check your score from Equifax and Experian also ..

  281. arun says:

    Dear Manish,
    I had cc and overdue of 8000, after sometime i got the bill of 22000, i ignored to pay, after some time agency people called me and asked me to clear the due, i came to know that the amount is increased to 49999(final settlement), i shocked, and agency pepoles are asking pay atleast 25000 and get clear, please advice me what can i do to get clear for all…?


    1. Arun

      Unless you pay the full amount 49999 , your cibil will mention that you didnt pay the full amount and just Settled the case , thats all .. You might have to pay the price for your sins

  282. Hari says:

    Hi People,

    I have 6-7 bank accounts with different banks. I don’t usually use all of them. I use only couple of them regularly. I don’t even know if the unused bank accounts are still active or not. Having said that, I have a debit card for each bank account I hold.

    Does this mean that I have a bad CIBIL score?

    Pls share your thoughts.

    1. Hari

      It should not be the issue actually, but the debit cards sometimes have charges yearly .. if you have not even using it , the charges might be getting deducted and your balance might have become negative .. so better to close those accounts .. Take action

  283. vinod says:

    Hi Manish,
    Does paying long defaulted debt in full help in increasing cir score?
    What are the options to increase a bad cir score in case no bank is willing to give you a credit card or loan?
    Would really appreciate an early reply and thanks so much in advance. You really write great articles.
    Warm personal regards,

    1. Vinod

      Yea .. definately it will help .. It will help your score come down , but in long term , not immediately


  284. Dave says:

    Hi Manish,
    I have a question for you hope to get your help on this
    My wife is having 4 to 5 Credit cards with her she is a regular payer to the bank for her minimum dues what I have suggested her is we will settle the credit card payment fully and close it but what she says is she will pay the full amount and not close the credit card and will not even use it unless there is an emergency. What I want to know is closing the card would hurt her credit score? Should I negotiate with the bank and then pay in full cause my wife says that if we negotiate with the bank that goes as bad mark on the credit score…. Is it all true… Please Help… What would be the right way to do it. Thanks….

    1. Dave

      Definately if she does not pay FULL money , it will be a bad thing and she will be marked as “Defualter” and will never be able to get any kind of loan on her name . There is no reason why banks should not get their money back . So please act fast on that and clear all dues .. dont pay minimum balance if you can really pay all your dues on time .

      There is no need to close the credit card , you can really use it for proper usage , use it each month and then pay those bills on time, having said , please use it only for those things which you really want to , else dont use it


      1. Dave says:

        Hey Manish,
        Thanks a lot for your help. Will clear all the stuff on Monday itself.Thanks again.Take care and God bless…

  285. Prakash says:


    A good simple to understand and follow article.

    I have never opted for a loan. Some years ago I had a SCB credit card which subsequently was surrendered without dispute. I now have credit card from another pvt bank and have been using it very judiciously and importantly always paying up in time. I do not foresee any loan (neither car nor house) requirement in future.

    Do you suggest I go for credit score ? If so, which are other organisations apart from CIBIL ?


    1. Prakash

      Definately you should check your credit score and look into it just to make sure that everything is fine .. there are many surprises on this front . Now CIBIL score is available online also . There are other organisations for checking your credit score , but better wait for it at the moment ., on monday i am posting one article on that

  286. Prabhat says:

    is there any escalation level if response is not coming in timely manner.


    1. Prabhat

      As per RBI regulations , CIBIL has to make sure it resolves the dispute in 30 days .. when did you file the request ? Contact their customer care or write them back


      1. Prabhat says:

        I raise the dispute on 13th Jan and still no confirmation when to get the correct report from CIBIL.


        1. Prabhat

          Better call them and threaten them that you are complaining to RBI on this . This worked for one reader and he got the report in 1 hour . Try it


          1. Prabhat says:

            I tried and even send the legal notice but CIBIL people are not getting up.

            1. then let the legal thing happen , what legal action did you take ?

            2. Prabhat says:

              I send letter through Advocate,lodge in RTI and also complained in Public grievance addressal system

  287. C Subramanian says:

    I found ur site only now. Good articles.

    This article has confirmed my suspicion that the rude banks will henceforth influence and harass the customers threatening that any non-payment / non-agreement would affect credit score.
    This is happening in USA and the credit card companies invariably re-fix the interest rates without the knowledge of customers, as it has started in India also.
    Beware of western (cultured Indian) banks.

    1. Subbu

      Yea .. these things from west is now entering in India.. but are you in favour or maintaining the credit score or not ?


      1. C Subramanian says:

        Credit score is important in todays scheme of things. We never know when we would be in need of funds.. may be for emergency or investing in asset.

        Yes u r right. We also need to closely monitor all our financial laibilities and transaction.. may take a maximum of ten minutes in a week.

        This will go a long way in keeping or enhancing ur credit score and also find out if u r paying charges, with out ur yourself knowing !!!

  288. naveen says:

    hai sir,
    i want to know why cibil needs pan no ? because i have applied for cibil report 2 months back, still i have not received it,actualy i have 2 pan nos .1 i used for loans and credit card and lost it 6months bck after that i applied for new one .
    while filling the cibil form i have given new pan no, now i want to know the how they r going to give my score

    1. Naveen

      2 pan numbers ? Thats illegal ! .. Please cancel one asap .


      1. naveen says:

        ok sir, but what will be my cibil score it considers old pan or new pan no

  289. Prabhat says:

    I have applied my CIBIL Report when it will reach to me.


    1. Prabhat

      You can expect it in 10-15 days .. however you could have applied for online CIBIL score .. Now its available online .


      1. Prabhat says:

        I have applied online

        1. Prabhat

          then you can expect it in 2-3 days


          1. Prabhat says:

            I applied on on 28 th Dec and Registration no is S1211013037,I was not aware of authentication procedure and there was a querry of addrees proof.
            Again I send the scanned copy of address proof .However still I have not recieved the CiBil Report.Pls help

            1. Prabhat says:

              HDFC Bank has refuse for my Home loan as they are telling that inmy name several laons are pending.
              So far in my life i have not taken any loan in my life ,
              I saw there report my PAN Card and Passport some has used,
              parallely i have applied a seperate CIBIL Report on my oen
              please help

            2. Prabhat

              definately some one has misused your documents . Better apply for CIBIL report and talk to bank and CIBIL to rectify the issue


            3. Prabhat says:

              what to do whether to lodge a police complain or FIR is necessary.


            4. talk to customer care first

            5. Prabhat says:

              I talked to custemer care and raise online despute resolution also.They will take a minimum of 30 days .Meanwhile ,my homeloan has been stuckup without my fault.


            6. Prabhat

              after authentication fails, it can take 10-15 days .. contact customer care with this number


            7. Prabhat says:

              Finally after two months of continuous followup ,CIBIL people send
              my report of 26 pages disclosing bank details.
              The report even does not show my correct name and Date of Birth. CIBIL people is not doing any work correctly.I got clear report from Equifax and Experian
              Since I have not taken any loan or credit cards why CIBIL not giving the correct report.
              Do you have their higher Management contact details or mail id,now my mails also returning back showing ,mails not delivered due to policy details.
              completely fed up with CIBIL.

            8. Prabhat

              Did you talk to their customer care ? You can write to them that you will complain to RBI on this

  290. wajeerjan says:

    how can i know the cibil report in full history

  291. Pratiksha Shetty says:

    hey i just recently applied for credit card from hdfc which got rejected can i apply fir a credit with other bank now ? can people who live on rent gt credit card ?since application got rejected would it cause damage if i apply through other bank?

    1. Pratiksha

      There can be few reasons for this .. did you had any loan earliar ? Or your salary is too less ? Better apply for your CIBIL score and look at it ..


      1. Pratiksha Shetty says:

        i have a education loan which m paying on time

        1. Pratiksha

          Then apply for your CIBIL score and have a look at it , it might happen that its messed up because of some reason or there might be a mistake


  292. jai says:

    hw any bank will know thts the person credit is the same who is applying there r so many same name in the country,..,.,.,.,.,.,.,nd in cibil the persons DATA is full with addres and alllll

    1. Jai

      There are some unique things you will have like credit card numher .. Pan number ..


    2. Jai

      the search is done using things which are unique like PAN or CC number


  293. Kamlesh Raval says:

    Hi Manish,

    Good article to get information about CINIL report.

    I recently got my CIBIL report. Under inquiries column there are 3 entries.
    1. Car loan (6,70,000). Actual amount is 6,53,000/-
    2. Personal loan (2,00,000). Which I never borrowed !
    3. Credit card(1,000). I don’t know about this!

    Could you please help me how can I get detail for above history and can clear my CIBIL report?

    Thanks in advance!
    Kamlesh Raval

    1. Kamlesh

      Only CIBIL can give you this information .. kindly contact them only

  294. Rajesh says:

    Hi Manish

    Got lot of information through this blog, really informative.
    I had a query:
    One of my ex team member applied for a credit card with some bank. He got the card and used it to the extreme. Now he is not paying the outstanding with the charges and interest and now he seems to be absconding and not traceable.
    I am getting calls from various recovery agencies informing me that he has given my reference while applying for the credit card (He gave my reference without my knowledge – these agencies also informed me that I have signed on the application form as a reference which I am sure is a forge signature and I am also informed that some criminal case has been launched against that defaulter).
    Will this effect my CIBIL score or is their any possibility that bank may try to recover it from me?
    I have credit cards of various banks for which I am paying before due date. I had a car loan which I foreclosed after paying foreclosing charges. Also, I foreclosed my education loan. My repayment track is really good.
    Please guide.

    Thank You in advance.

    1. Rajesh

      Seems like your friend has taken advantage of yours by forging the signature and also the bank has accepted it without any verfication . thought this will have an adverse effect on your cibil score , you should try to really take some action about it and clear this mess. I know this has got into your life without your knowledge and its unneccesary headache , but its time to clean it up and think about it later .

      First ask bank about the proof they have that you are the reference ? and then lets see what happens


  295. santy says:

    hi manish

    pls comment on my request
    i had an issue with HSBC credit card, had lost the card and logged an complaint with HSBC, then they have sent an new card without my knowldge which was misused for which i had to pay the 36000 principle amount for an outstand ing amount 144000.
    Now i want to know, after paying this amount will i have a good CIBILL score or is their any other issues by settlement?

  296. Guruprasad says:

    Hi Manish,

    Thanks a lot for helping us to take step by step approach to manage our financial life.

    Trust me , it was from ur site , I realized that i was paying more premium to my endowment policy of LIC and this made me to surrender it and to go for term insurance.

    It was again ur site which forced me to buy Health insurance though i delayed for which am repenting now 🙁

    And again it was because of ur site , I applied for my CIBIL score , unfortunately its been 2 weeks now , I have not received my CIBIL score yet though I have sent them a reminder through the mail . Hope to receive it soon and I would surely update .

    Happy New year to you and all your readers .

    Thanks again Manish, please keep educating us….

    1. Guruprasad

      Thats great to hear .. keep taking actions in 2012 also 🙂 , happy new year


  297. soumya prusty says:

    i have apply a PMEGP LOAN at S.B.I,but they compliance to me about CIBIL report as aboutcredit card follows:-

    Month Status
    4.11 – Sub Standard
    6.11 – Doubtful
    11.11 – 061(days past due)
    12.11 – Doubtful

    I have two credit card 1st from union bank of India and 2nd from Bank of Baroda but i have not been using the same but some annual charges surcharges levy etc was debited on the c.card without my knowledge.
    When come to know the CIBIL report it rivals that may be (i am not confirm) some due was pending on the credit card of union bank and it was adjusted at UBOI at my local inter branch and no due certificate is issued to me.
    In the matter of BOB card i have contacted the credit card cell central office,Mumbai and it is revealed that there is no outstanding or dues against me.
    Again in the matter of union bank c.card i have contacted their credit card cell Mumbai central office and they advised me that an amount of Rs 1246.50ps is payable to me.
    so how will be reflect the default report in CIBIL against me.and please advice me how to revoke or delete my bed report in cibil database.

    1. Soumya

      You should clear off the dues of 1200 and get this settled and ask your bank to tell CIBIL that you paid it off .. Also the charges on credit card was not reported to you , why ? Dont you get a statement from them ?


      1. santy says:

        hi manish
        i had an issue with HSBC credit card, had lost the card and logged an complaint with HSBC, then they have sent an new card without my knowldge which was misused for which i had to pay the 36000 principle amount for an outstand ing amount 144000.
        Now i want to know, after paying this amount will i have a good CIBILL score or is their any other issues by settlement?

      2. soumya prusty says:

        i have avail the pmegp loan .but the bank undertaking from me that i will clear the cibil matter at coming days then after the big amount should release .

        1. Soumya

          Yea .. unless your CIBIL thing is resolved , you cant get the loan


  298. santy says:

    hi manish

    i had an issue with HSBC credit card, had lost the card and logged an complaint with HSBC, then they have sent an new card without my knowldge which was misused for which i had to pay the 36000 principle amount for an outstand ing amount 144000.
    Now i want to know, after paying this amount will i have a good CIBILL score or is their any other issues by settlement?


    1. Santy

      If the real money you had to pay was 144000 and you only paid 36000 , then the rest of the AMOUNT was WRITTEN OFF .. bank will definately report this in CIBIL , now this will make you ineligible for any loan for next 7 yrs, only after 7 yr this will be removed .. (incase you dont want to pay)


  299. umesh says:


    I applied a car loan for with HDFC bank. They told me that they can give the loan if i can provide the Fix Deposit of the same amount.

    The bank guy informed that this will help me to improve my credit history. Does Secured credit cards help in improving the credit history.

    1. Umesh

      There is nothing like that .. who told you this . Mostly the employee there is just lying .. there is no rule like this from bank .. ask him for clarifications , tell him that SBI or some other bank has no terms like that .. just say like that


      1. Umesh says:

        Thanks Manish

  300. umesh says:

    Dear Manish,

    Thanks for putting such a great article. In 2006 i took some loans and defaulted intentionally without paying even a single EMI and same thing i did with one credit card. Now things changed, I have family and need to buy a house and car but nobody is ready to lend me any credit.

    Now I am ready to pay all the dues for the personal loan and credit card just to make sure that my credit history become crystal clear. Is that possible.

    Thanks for your support.


    1. Umesh

      Actually this will be very tough thing for you .. You can talk to your bank and payoff the loan and then ask them to communicate to CIBIL about it .. hopefully things should get better .. but surely this chapter will haunt you for more years


      1. umesh says:

        Thanks Manish,

        For how much time this will be on report. Life long or & years. Yes I did check the my credit history and these are very much there.


        1. Umesh

          Incase you do not do anything about it , then it will be there for next 7 yrs .. if you pay off , then talk to bank and CIBIL and mostly it should be fixed


          1. umesh says:

            Thanks Manish,
            Now as I am ready to payoff of the amount as applicable, I would like to ask you few more questions:
            1. Although I already started the communication with banks but I am feeling insecure in the sense that if things does not work out for any reason, is there any chance the bank may harass my family. Back when i defaulted i was alone and i really do not care but now I have family and their safety is my first concern. Is there any chance of this?

            2. Before I handover the money to bank what are things I should make sure.


            1. Umesh

              Not really . Incase of you going to them and offereing the settlement there should not be an issue

              Before you hand over the money – Make sure

              – you have made sure that the collection person is genuine
              -make sure you get the reciept etc . better if you pay by cheque to the bank
              – Make sure you take NOC


      2. Umesh says:


        My report says current Balance INR 39000. Is that means this is the amount i have pay (Including interest and penalties applicable ) .

        1. Umesh

          I am not sure what means “current balance” . But mostly it should be the outstanding amount


          1. Umesh says:

            I read somewhare

            “Can a customer’s repayment track be overwritten in Credit Bureaus data base?

            Member banks report data to credit bureaus on a regular basis, thus in case of a delinquent customer, if a customer has cleared all of his/her over dues in the current month the repayment track in his/her credit report will be updated from current month onwards. Please note that the records for the previous period will, however, continue to reflect the past behavior.”

            Is that means even if i pay whole amount with interest the written off statement of past will be always there in report?

            1. Umesh

              A sin committed is a sin committed . You can clean it a bit , but because you did it , you did it .. So if you pay the amount with the charges .. the status might be changed to “cleared off” or “Loan settled fully” ,but that shows that you made some sin earliar in life and then fixed it .


  301. rakesh says:

    Dear Manish,

    Thanks a lot.

    Rakesh Bora

  302. Payel says:

    Hi Manish,

    I have had the similiar experience as Rajaram [1st example that you have posted]
    I have dealt with the bank and got my dues cleared.
    But the bank ICICI , saying that to update the cibil records it takes 30 days.
    Is it true?
    what is the reason for this delay?

    1. Payel

      Actually Banks update their info to CIBIL on a single day .. so it can take max 30 days


      1. Payel says:

        Thanks for the clarification 🙂

  303. rakesh says:

    Dear Manish,

    Sorry for bothering you again, but I gone through the blog you have mentioned somewhere settling account(Paying less than outstanding on offer of bank post providing NOC) would badly effect CIBIL Score,
    but in my above query you said :- ” (Settleing the amount means a positive thing for you and bank , it shows that you have cleared the bank money and it shows trust .. so it will improve the SCORE)”

    I am bit confused here please suggest, also if this settlement is positive to get updated on CIBIL in this case can we initiate process to update this with CIBIL by sending bank NOC to them, rather then waiting for bank to initiate and update .Thanks.

    Rakesh Bora

  304. Mahantesh B says:

    Hi manish

    today i paid the full dues of consumer loan & got the NOC, but how shall i contact CIBIL & request for updation of CIBIL report,

    Via phone i’ve to contact them or what?
    And how many days it’ll take?

    1. Mahantesh

      You need to open a request with them on their website .. go to their website .. you can expect it to be changed once cibil cross verifies from the Bank ..

      1. MahanteshB says:

        Hi manish

        There is no such Tab for request on there website,

          1. rakesh says:

            Dear Manish,

            2-3 Weeks back I got my CIBIL Score of 765 and Report where it shows outstanding on 2 Credit Cards since 2007, I checked those Cards were used by my brother and I didn’t know as I was out of India for long, now on my request He settled those amount with Bank by paying settlement amount Offered and Initiated by Bank, and processing to send NOC for the same, now my question is How would these Settlement Effect in my Cibil report Can this Score come down? and Can there be any problem in getting house loan? my all other Loan Accounts and Credit Card History is perfect (no Bounced EMI or Check), please provide your valuable Advice so that I can get house loan without any Hassle. Thanks in advance.

            1. Rakesh

              This default though done by your brother is actually done by you (because the card is yours and in yours name) , so giving justifications like your brother has done it and you were not responsible would not work with banks . As the amount is now settled , better ask to CIBIL to remove those things from your Report , CIBIL will contact to Bank and cross verify what you are telling them and once the bank confirms , those things will be removed from the CIBIL report . It would be good that you apply for loan only after its removed from your Report and not before that ..

              Because there has been cases that despite a respectable score , banks have denied the loans in these kind of cases .


            2. rakesh says:

              Dear Manish,

              Thanks a lot for your prompt response and prudent advice, also settling these account would that mean dip in my CIBIL score??
              As Bank had already updated these accounts on CIBIL with current outstanding, now when this outstanding will be zero with status settled with this give CIBIL score a DIP or will improve it.

              Thanks in advance.
              Rakesh Bora

            3. Rakesh

              Settleing the amount means a positive thing for you and bank , it shows that you have cleared the bank money and it shows trust .. so it will improve the SCORE


            4. rakesh says:

              Dear Manish,

              Many Thanks for your kind and very important Advice.

              Rakesh Bora

            5. rakesh says:

              Dear Manish,

              Sorry for bothering you again, but I gone through the blog you have mentioned somewhere settling account(Paying less than outstanding on offer of bank post providing NOC) would badly effect CIBIL Score,
              but in my above query you said :- ” (Settleing the amount means a positive thing for you and bank , it shows that you have cleared the bank money and it shows trust .. so it will improve the SCORE)”

              I am bit confused here please suggest also if this settlement is to get updated on CIBIL can this with CIBIL to push fast updation of same on CIBIL means not waiting for bank to initiate and update . Thanks.

              Rakesh Bora

              Rakesh Bora

            6. Rakesh

              No , in your case I meant “paying dues in total” when i said “settled” .. Settlement of loan is also used when company settles the loan for less because they know that the full will not come for sure .. so i used a different context in your case


            7. Ashish jain says:

              hi manish ,
              my CBIL score 640 . and CBIL report shows :-
              two of credit card’s status – settled
              overdue – 0
              current balance – 0
              I had total of six accounts .
              i paid all the EMI’s of auto , personal loans which i had ever taken of all the accounts on time . but , in 2 accounts of credit cards of namely HDFC and ICICI banks , the bills were left unpaid for a long time . now , the issue is settled and my CBIL report shows the same.
              please help me , how should I increase my CBIL score . some one suggested me that i should take up a personal loan or credit card against fixed deposit and maintain properly . will it help me to increase my score ? or instead of this , please suggest me some procedure to solve my problem . so that i get my home alone easily after about 6 months .
              thank you .

            8. Ashish

              640 is not the best score .. you need to have a better one .. do you have any credit card or loan right now ? because if you have , you need to make sure you pay the dues on time . also settle the loan incase there is any unpaid money . Other than this you cant do anything much


            9. Rajiv Nishal says:

              Hi Manish, I got my CIBIL Report showing 563 as my score. Its shows RBS, Barclay as Amount Overdue for more than 2 yrs. Plus, HDFC Card I already settled 2-3 yrs back but it shows as settled. Now, I have started repaying the overdue of RBS and Barclay in full and not going for settlements. Recently I got a credit card from ICICI against an FD of 30,000 only. Could you please suggest roughly how much time it would take to improve the score to make it reach 700+.

            10. Rajiv

              your situation is bad . You need to understand that settlement of cards (paying less than the outstanding and closing the matter) is a negative thing and is reported to CIBIL . So you need to get rid of all the dues by paying in FULL . Only then things will improve . Make sure you have your secured credit card with you and keep using it over long time , that will improve the score. I dont see your score going above 750 before 2-4 yrs

            11. Rajiv Nishal says:

              Thanks Manish, Yes I am paying Barclay(25000) and RBS(16626 out of which 12k already paid and rest 4k also paying in full). Apart from this, I had 2 personal loans as well but I paid them full so no negative over there. Plus, I have a home loan going on since three yrs from AXIS. Just wanted to check, as I am paying these two cards in full, u aware that how many points go up. I mean from 563 – how much it wil go up after paying these two overdue amounts. Plus, do oter bank provide credit cards basis the Instant Credit Cards?

            12. Rajiv

              If you pay the dues in full , then the first thing which will happen is your report will not have those words like “settled” . Now just because of this you cant get a credit card, you will have to secured credit card against some FD . This only can do some thing in long run to your credit score !

            13. Rajiv Nishal says:

              I got your point and I have got one secured credit card as well for which I wil make regular payments. My question is that For Example –

              Current Score – 563
              If I make full payment for the overdue amount – 16626+25000 of RBS and Barclay

              Then, By How many points my Score will increase?

            14. Rajiv

              making the full payment will not take your score immediately , but thats something you need to do anyways .. your remarks will be seen before the score, so just having a great score is of no help , if you have remarks like settled and written off in your report . So first step is to clear those outstanding amounts and then as next step wait for 1-2 yrs to see your score moving up

            15. Vinay Singh Chauhan says:

              Hi Manish,

              My CIBIL score is 665 and i am having 2 personal loans one of whcih will get closed on march 2013 and other in 2014.
              Recently i ahve applied for personal laon and it got rejected due to my cibil score.
              Apart from it i am holding SC credit card for there were defaults but now i have paid the full amount and remember i have not settled and infact paid each and every penny of the bank. I have got the NOC also.

              Please let me know after how much time my score will be above 750

            16. The improvement will happen only when you pay on time, by 2013 end I can see that your score should improve and go above 750 if you dont make any other mistake

            17. Savitri says:

              Hi ,

              i applied for cibil in june 2012. there was an issue with HSBC credit card. I cleared the issue with the bank and received NOC. I gave the fresh documents to the bank for loan and to my surprise the bank told me there is outstanding of 25 lakhs on me. They shown me the fresh cibil report, except pan number all other personal information as well other informations are wrong. Now there are 52 accounts in the report. total ovedues of 25 lakhs. none of them belongs to me. total advance of 1 crore and 22 lakhs are there in this report. in fact one housing loan of 51 lakhs was taken in 2005 itself, whereas my PAN card itself was issued in 2006. Also these details were not there in the old cibil report. I am unable to undrstand that in 2 months time frame how 52 banks can make same mistake.
              Now what should I do. Please help me.

            18. there is a goof up happened by bank mostly .. contact cibil and rainse a dispute resolution using this http://jagoinvestor.dev.diginnovators.site/2012/01/cibil-credit-report-mistakes-correction-steps.html .

            19. Nutan Kumar says:

              Dear Manish,

              I have cleared my dues from hdfc and citibank But still the bank is not sending the payment details to cibil it is still reflecting in my cibil, even i had complained to cibil but still no reponse from them , this happend six months ago

              pls suggest me how to improve my score


              Nutan Kumar

            20. Nutan

              Bank is suppose to update your latest info with CIBIL, what exactly is your case, can you share it here? also when did you raise the dispute resolution ?


            21. Nutan Kumar says:

              Below said mail sent to cibil on 25/01/2012, pls help me on below

              Dear Sir,

              Thank U Very Much I have recd cibil report.

              I have some queries in the report

              How can I improve my score

              Pls find the below details

              ACCOUNT NUM-9150522

              2) HDFC BANK

              Account Num-4346 7710 0546 3113
              3) GE COUNTRYWIDE

              Account Num-RHY000109801

              The above said 3 accounts got cleared but still it is reflecting in my cibil report

              pls check and do the needful for the said as am attaching payment receipts and sett letters

              To improve my score pls suggest me what to do


              Nutan Kumar

            22. Did you settle these accounts by paying less than outstanding ?

            23. ska azeem says:

              how i well chek the my cibil scor

            24. ska azeem says:

              sir steel you well not send the my comments pls help me sir

            25. KRaj says:

              Hi Manish,

              I had an outstanding for my SBI CC ,So I went for settlement last month.
              So my question is if I will pay remaining outstanding after few months, will bank allow me to pay the remaining amount for my CC?,will i get the CC in future if i will pay whole amount for my CC?,will the SETTLE remark remove from CIBIL?will i get the lone from the bank? and how to communicate with bank for this?

              Please help me for resolving this queries sir

              Please advice Sir


            26. KRaj says:

              Please reply Sir

            27. KRaj says:

              Hi Manish,

              I had an outstanding for my SBI CC ,So I went for settlement last month.
              So my question is if I will pay remaining outstanding after few months, will bank allow me to pay the remaining amount for my CC?,will i get the CC in future if i will pay whole amount for my CC?,will the SETTLE remark remove from CIBIL?will i get the lone from the bank? and how to communicate with bank for this?

              Please help me for resolving this queries sir

              Please advice Sir


            28. KRaj says:

              Hi Manish,

              I had an outstanding for my SBI CC ,So I went for settlement last month.
              So my question is if I will pay remaining outstanding after few months, will bank allow me to pay the remaining amount for my CC?,will i get the CC in future if i will pay whole amount for my CC?,will the SETTLE remark remove from CIBIL?will i get the lone from the bank? and how to communicate with bank for this?

              Please help me for resolving this queries sir

              Please advice Sir

              Waiting for your reply sir