Personal Finance Workshop for IAS batch 2009

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JagoInvestor did the first workshop on Personal Finance. Guess where? It was at Mussoorie and the audience were 120 IAS officers who graduated last year and are posted at various parts of the country. This workshop was done by Me and Nandish at LBSNAA , Mussoorie .

I would like to thanks Nagarajan, who is our reader and an IAS Officer himself, who invited us for the talk. His stand for his community is commendable and worth appreciation. He took a lot of effort in gathering all the officers, organising the talk and co-ordinating it with us. It won’t have been possible without his involvement and dedication towards Personal Finance.

Jagoinvestor workshop personal Finance for IAS Officers

Offline Workshops in Different cities

We have been collecting data of all those readers who are interested in paying a fee and attending our 1-2 days workshops in their cities, we will now start our offline seminars/workshops starting next month in different cities. We would really like to provide the value in these workshops. If you are interested in attending these workshops and want us to intimate you about fees and content before we do it, please register your details here . You can also fill up the form if you can gather a group of 20+ people .

I would like to hear from you what you think about these offline seminars/workshops, please put your suggestions and expectations in comments section. Note that these seminars would be a 1 or 2 day premium seminar which will take care of lot of your financial life related doubts and also give you a proper direction.

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  1. Sahil Bhatia (v-2sahb) says:

    Awesome going Manish, Nandish and JagoInvester Team !
    I am very happy for you guys. I am very much interested in these workshops and with this video you have given a small treat to all of us (Although I just wished that this video was a bit more in length so that I could have got the real feel of these Workshops).
    I have high hopes for your team and I am personally promoting your blog where ever I find people interested in Personal Finance. BTW Any plans to come to Delhi ?
    You guys rock ! Keep educating and helping others.

    Thanks And Regards
    Sahil Bhatia

    1. Sahil

      Good to hear that 🙂 . thanks for your wishes . We will soon do things which will make you proud !


  2. Gaurav Kumar says:

    Congratulations Manish!
    It looks like you have made a very energetic and convincing start, beginning with teaching personal finance to those who will shape the course of future Indian policies – financial and otherwise. I wish that the spirit spreads throughout the country and the wisdom that you gain from these countrywide workshops will eventually benefit those that do not have the opportunity to attend one of the workshops.

    Manish, there is one request that I wish to make and I did not quite know how to put forward to you. Since this is a general post on Personal Finance, I take my chance here. Being a government servant who has joined recently, the government wants me to save for my retirement using NPS (New Pnsion Scheme) wherein the money is distributed over govt. securities as well as invested in the market. Could you summarize what NPS is all about, evaluate its efficacy (especially the market based component) as per your understanding and present it in your unparalleled simple way. I especially want to understand if there is some way I can take more risks with my investment from NPS and stand a chance of gaining more over a period of time.

    Hoping to be able to attend one of the workshops in the coming future and maybe even inspiring my colleagues to organize one of them in our city, Jodhpur.

    Warm regards,

    1. Gaurav

      THe issue with NPS is that you dont know at what rate you will get pension , its not defined yet , what if its 4% ? You will not be able to do it . Also you cant withdraw from NPS if you want it for some other purpose before your retirement .

      For detailed article on NPS :


      1. Gaurav Kumar says:

        Dear Manish,
        I somehow seem to have missed the post in my past scouring of your excellent site. But even after reading it I note that:
        * Since the scheme is relatively new, there is not much clarity to it.
        * Much of the information was in the comments, I do not what part of it was reliable.
        * Unlike old govt. employees, NPS is not a matter of choice for me. Only investing NPS Tier II is a choice.

        So I guess, it is best for people like me- who are new govt. employees, that is what we have- whether we want it or not- to make the best of options like switching of fund managers and fund redistribution in market and securities in NPS.

        I understand that NPS is too young to merit a thorough investigation of its performance as of now. I wish I had some pointers to understand the annual performance of the various fund managers and their portfolios. And you seemed to be just the perfect person to bug in this light. 😉

        Maybe, someday I will get to ask this to you in person and you will point me in the right direction. Or maybe you will surprise us with a post on it again.

        Warm regards,

        1. Gaurav

          If NPS is a choice for you at the moment , I dont suggest investing in it at the moment , you are better off with a balanced fund instead of NPS


          1. Gaurav Kumar says:

            Dear Manish,
            As I said before… for the old Govt. employees NPS is a matter of choice. For the new ones (I guess for those who joined after the coming of the VIth pay commission ), NPS Tier I is compulsory. Tier II is optional.

            And this, precisely, is the reason that makes it very important for the massive group of people entering govt. services now. The number will only grow and as old people retire, NPS will become a major thing to watch out for. We have to learn to make the best of it and so, we need the help of people like you who understand the technicalities rather well and have the acumen to translate it to us.

            Warm regards,

  3. Mayank Gupta says:

    Hi Manish,
    I havent attended your offline sessions. But as a suggestion, an offline workshop should include
    1. Financial Planning of each participant and educating them how they can make changes with the changing situations
    2. Showing participants about past performance of Mutual funds. My favourite notion “Reliance Growth Fund has done the money 20 times in last 10 years” which a lot of ppl are not aware. Infact they dont even realise it.
    3. Basic knowledge of almost all financial products and the various sources on internet where they can gather more info from time to time

    I ma not too sure whether my kind suggestion can be of any help to you!!!

    1. Mayank

      1. We are planning to have that . But it would be limited to a basic plan and not a very comprehensive plan
      2. Yes its a good idea
      3. Yes this will be there ..


  4. Arudra Kumar says:


    Awesome. All the very best to U and your team. Any plans for coming to Hyderabad.


  5. Rakesh says:

    Manish & Nandish,

    Congrats. Way to go……


  6. My heartiest congratulations to Manish Chauhan and he whole team of Jago Investor

  7. Balaji says:

    Hi Manish

    Any plans for coming to Bangalore in the near future? Keep up the good work going.

    1. Balaji

      Yes bangalore will be on our list top . As highest registerations are from bangalore itself . Wait for it 🙂

      1. Smart Singh says:

        I’ll see you in Bangalore 🙂

        1. We will do some workshops soon in Bangalore


  8. Ganpat says:

    Hi Manish,

    Do you have any plan for Pune investors?

    I am from Pune and a regular reader of Jago investor.

    Ganpat Bagal

    1. Ganpat

      Yes , Pune is one the list . We will do it very soon . Hope you are already registered so that you can know about it


  9. Giridhar says:

    Great Manish. It shows peoples confidence on your blogs. To put it in simple words, your blogs are so simple and basic that ordinary people who are illiterate about finance jargon feels comfortable (rather than intimidated by high-fi analysis of other blogs). Keep going and educate us more

  10. Ujjwal says:


    Very happy for you. Great going. It is not easy to quit a IT job and start a new Business in the so far untried field of Personal Finance. But I feel you will succeed in your new venture.

    Hope more and more people will benefit from your services.


  11. Mithlesh says:

    Great dude!! keep it up dear…. upcoming big bureaucrats learning lessons on pf :)-

  12. Raja says:

    Congrats buddy!!

    1. Raja

      Thanks , Can you share how you look at offline workshops and when will you consider as valuable ?


  13. MG says:

    Did Manish quite full time job to make jagoinvestor commericial ?

    1. MG

      I had quit full time job in the Dec month itself . The blog will continue as it is and we will offer offline and online services also in coming times . We are already into online services and here is something you can read on :

      Do share what you expect from any offline workshops !


      1. MG says:

        Very good on following on personal interest with aim of making some difference in People’s Financial Life..

        Since you asked what to expect from offline workshops. Below are my thoughts..
        1. Makes sence to get all the trainers in your org Financial certified eg. CFP which makes your org kind of Professional group which gives some authenticity to grab more attention, more customer, more corporate.
        2. Need to bring in something unique/signature financial plans. Make a Financial Plan, Invest in SIP, Take Term Insurance, Equities for Long Term, Dont take Endowment/ULIP, is an USUAL ADVICE. How does your workshop or org is different from others ?
        3. If I ask what is it needed to take Customer from A ( Save/Investor ) to B (High Rich Individual ) in terms of financial by making full user of resources, leverage, Taking Caculated risk, i got a vague answer from one of your partner in one of the forum.

        1. MG

          1. Yes .. we are workiong on that , but is it your personal preference or condition to attend such events ? Are you putting more emphasis on certifications rather than the knowledge and value you will get out of the program ?

          2. It can be usual advice for a small section , one the blog if you see, even there is group which wants all this information , more than generic advice we would love to talk more on aciton oriented things and get people in action .

          3. What was that vague answer . may be we didnt explkain things in detial


  14. Mayank Gupta says:

    How to educate “Personal Finance” “Toh koi inseeee sekheeee” (3 idiots dialouge)

    1. Mayank

      Thanks 🙂 . Can you share what do you expect to learn from offline workshops ?


  15. Jason says:

    Wow! Go JI, go!

    Very happy to see you guys on the up & up!

    1. Jason

      Thanks for your wishes 🙂


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