“Someday” Is code for “Never”

I got an interesting question in my mail box – “Can you please coach me on How can I overcome my casual approach towards my finances and live a good financial life?”  The thing is that deep down we already know how to live a good financial life; the issue is that we are somewhere […]


Different Kind of Loans In India against securities

What are the different types of loans you can take in India ? Do you always think about Personal loan when you want a loan? A lot of people despite having different kind of assets go for personal loan even if they have other options where they can mortgage an existing asset and take a […]


Online transfer to your Public Provident Fund (PPF) account

Do you want to invest in your Public Provident Fund (PPF) account online without going to the bank physically? If YES, then there is a good news for you. You can transfer money to your Public Provident Fund Online netbanking. Whatever we are going to talk in this article is applicable to Public Provident fund […]


CIBIL Report Online – Get your credit score in your email

This article will teach you how to apply for your cibil report online . Some months back, I had written an article on CIBIL report which was well taken. A lot of readers applied for CIBIL score and were shocked to see their CIBIL report was messed up because of some past sin committed in […]


Personal Accident Insurance Policies in India – With Comparision

Did you ever know someone who met with an accident and he was the main bread-winner of the family? Mostly yes. A personal Accident Insurance plan is policies that cover a person from accidental death, accidental disability and several other features. There can be very bad consequences of meeting an accident like death or pause […]


what a fly can teach you about Financial Planning

Why some idiots don’t Plan out things in life? – Hey, we are not saying this but it’s a message from a “one minute fly” to all of us. The fly is here to ask you one question what do you want to achieve in the one precious, unrepeatable life that you have? Really go deeper […]


The reason why premiums of Online Term Insurance Plan are cheap !

So let’s just come to the point directly! Why the hell on this earth are these Online Term Insurance Plan premiums so cheap? Sometimes even 25-30% of what an offline term insurance plan costs. So now, think hard! What are the factors which make Online Term Insurance Plan premiums so cheap? You will hear most of the […]


Resolve your Consumer complaints in India in Personal Finance

Have you been mis-sold any financial product? If yes, then you must be confused about how to approach the consumer forum and talk to the company’s customer care to get justice. While there is no guarantee, neither there is any magical formula on getting justice. There are a few rules and some tips which you […]


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