CIBIL Report Online – Get your credit score in your email

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This article will teach you how to apply for your cibil report online . Some months back, I had written an article on CIBIL report which was well taken. A lot of readers applied for CIBIL score and were shocked to see their CIBIL report was messed up because of some past sin committed in area of credit card, home loans, personal loans. A lot of you applied for CIBIL report which took some time, energy and lot of commitment, but majority of readers didn’t take any action and just told themselves “I will apply soon” .. that “soon” never happened and seems like CIBIL heard your prayers. CIBIL scores are now available online. Fill a form and make the online payment in 10 minutes, authenticate some questions and get your CIBIL score online in your email in next 4 days ! . I applied for my personal CIBIL score and I got it in just 2 days in my email . My score was 835 ! . yippee !

Procedure to get your CIBIL report online

Note that you can only get your CIBIL TransUnion Score (Including CIR) by paying Rs 450. You cant get CIR alone .

1. Fill up the online form

The first step is to fill up a form online here . It asks Name, address, Phone details along with Identity and address proof. At the end it would ask your Loan account number (credit card number in case of credit card) . Make sure you fill up the form correctly and also double-check that you are putting correct address, identity proof related number like PAN number , Passport number etc. Once you are done with this step, you move to step two, which is payment online.

CIBIL Report online

2. Make an online Payment

Once you have filled up the form, and click on “Make Payment” button, you will be redirected to the payment gateway where you can make the payment of Rs 450 by credit card, NetBanking or other ways . I would suggest making a payment using net banking , because I used credit card option myself two times and it failed , but with Net banking option, I didn’t face any issue.

Make sure you do not close the page after making the payment, it will redirect you to a CIBIL page where the 3rd step will be performed. Note that before you move to 3rd step , you will get an IDENTIFICATION ID number , please make sure you note it down properly.

Tip : The reason why we keep getting transaction failures (with payments getting deducted) is because of the way the CIBIL website handles cookies. Its always better to clear off everything in your browser before attempting to pay for your report. I found this the hard way after my payments were deducted a couple of times (1 refunded and 1 waiting for refund). Thanks to Vijay for this finding

3. Authentication

Now from security point of view, now you will have to answer 3 questions which would be related to your credit history. Once you answer these questions, your authentication will be successful and you will get your CIBIL score card in your email in next 4 days. You will get this message once authentication is successful

We will e-mail your CIBIL TransUnion Score (Including CIR) within 4 business days*. The On-Line Payment Confirmation is emailed for your record. For any queries on the status of your request, you can write to us with your Transaction Id at after 4 business days.

You will get a receipt of payment which you can print right away and you will also get an email with PDF copy of your payment and other details.

What if authentication fails ?

Incase the authentication step fails while applying for cibil report online, don’t worry .. all you need to do is take the print out of the payment receipt (you get it in email also) , self attested photo copies of the required documents (identity and address proof) which you had put in the form in the start , and send it to CIBIL address. You should get back your CIBIL score in next 10 days.

Documents Required & CIBIL address

1. Online Payment Confirmation
2. Identity Proof – PAN / Passport / Voter’s id (Identity proof should be valid and not expired)
3. Address Proof – Bank Statement / Electricity Bill / Telephone Bill / Passport / Credit Card Statement (Address proof should be not more than 3 months from the date of application and should be in your name)


Consumer Relations – Disclosure Request,
Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited, Hoechst House, 6th Floor, 193,
Backbay Reclamation, Nariman Point, Mumbai 400 021.

Data Security ?

While CIBIL says that the whole process to apply for cibil report online is secure and there has been rigorous testing, I personally realised that it’s not 100% secure. First the email id where you want to order the CIBIL score can be any email id , all i need to know is your important documents numbers and your credit history and some numbers , which I feel a lot of people share with their close friends and relatives sometimes . So the real security would happen when you do not disclose your credit related data to anyone .

In last few months we have seen that there have been many complaints from hundreds of people on how they could not get a loan because of their low CIBIL score or some bad past record . Banks are seriously looking at these scores now and make sure you at least have a look at your CIBIL score once . So if you have any credit card or loan , you should apply for CIBIL score and have a look at it.

Try out ordering your CIBIL report online and let me know if you were successful or not . Also share your experience with CIBIL in comments section.

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  1. KIRAN R says:

    Hi Sir,

    I have home loan running and my two EMI’s were bounced in May-2016 and June-2016 later i re-paid all EMI’s on Sep-2016 with all dues.Also I have one PL and one Auto Loan without any bounces also I have three CC and two Bajaj durable loans but paying EMI’s regularly but when I applied for the CIBIL in Nov-2016, I got to know that my score is 689.

    So sir I would like to ask you when my score will get increase and also is there will be any impact for my two bounces, will I get any CC or any loan in future?

    Please suggest.

    Kiran R

    1. Yes, the bounces will surely have negative impact. It will show up in your DPD section. However we cant say that a company will give you a loan or not based on this information.

  2. Tamajit says:

    Hi I recently moved to a new city, while checking the score should I give my new address or the last address. It has been exactly 2 months since I moved to this new city. Thanks.

    1. You should give old address itself, as its more of the authentication of your records in banks

  3. Mahesh says:

    Required cibil report

    1. Jagoinvestor Admin says:

      Hi Mahesh

      I am not clear on what is your question. Please repeat it with more clarity


  4. Chandrashekhar says:

    i have failed in authentication question no online payment confirmation receipt receive no mails received any confirmation of payment which i have made online through net banking what should i do tell me

    1. Check with CIBIL customer care ?

  5. vasanthkumar says:


    I have submitted the documents for 3months now, but didnt get any report or mail. sending repeated mails but no reply. what to do?

    1. Contact the CIBIL customer care

  6. CyrilMathew says:

    i wanted my cibil report through an email which i did not get yet i was only able to see everything online but i need it on my email … how to go about it?

    1. You generally get the CIBIL PDF on your email. How did you not get it !

      I am talking about INDIA

  7. bsuthar says:

    i had paid the Rs500/ online payment and got the Score by SMS CIBIL SCORE 869 But didn’t got any ID – Pass and Report ….what to do to get them ?

    1. You should get it in next few hours !

  8. Pankaj says:


    Have you ever conducted any survey on CIBIL Score on this site (What is score of different ppl, how many ppl fall under high, moderate, low range, etc)?
    If so, would you please provide link of such article?

    1. I have not yet done that !

  9. D.Praveen says:

    Sir, I have applied for cibil score onine, after entering details I got a reply that ” your information is not available in our records”. what does this mean and How should I proceed further. I need to know my CIBIL score since I am planning to take a home loan ?

    1. Do you have any kind of credit card or loans in past? If not, then it does not exist !

  10. MANIKANDA says:


  11. MANIKANDAN says:



    1. Pankaj says:

      It must be mentioned in an email through which you would have received pdf report. The password to view your CIBIL report may be first four alphabets of your name in lower case and year of birth.
      example: If the given name is Arun Kumar & year of birth is 1985, the password will be arun1985.
      This is what I got in my email.
      (See how email addresses your name, like Dear Mr. Arun Kumar or Kumar Arun, accordingly, password will be arun 1985 or kuma1985)

  12. ganesh says:

    pls tell if the cibil score is 739 means it is how poor or low or good

    1. Its an ok score. Not great, but not bad either!

  13. MOHIT says:


    1. If you didnt have any loan in past, then your report wont be there!

  14. John says:


    Can u help me with cibil authentcation questions?

    1. How can I do that ? Its your data and you only have answers !

  15. CharlesM says:

    I got my CIBL Report. it says PAN Number along with DOB is the Password to open Report. I have given the same and a its not opening. Please suggest me.

  16. Prasanth says:

    Hi, My Cibil score is 600 🙁 it went down bcoz i delayed emi of my credit card. Now i m about to clear my credit card. So after tht how can i improve my CIBIL rating.

    1. YEs it will improve .. but it will take some time !

  17. Puspak says:

    Hi I m got a score it a good score? Can I get lone.

  18. aravindha says:

    Hi i got my CIBIL report, but what if i want to check my Score after some days ? do i need to pay again or is there a process to login and check my score online when ever i want? Please tell me.
    Thank you

    1. You need to again pay for the report

  19. Pulkit says:

    what is the password to open the CIBIL report

    1. Its mentioned in the email you must have got !

  20. aswathkumar says:

    hai iam aswath Manish, just wanted to know from you if you could advice or help on any matter i have credit card in hdfc bank my high credit is 179000 and my curent balance 105000 this may affect my feature proposing for new loans for apply new loan means cibil score how much want pls tell if the cibil score is 760 means it is how poor or low or good

    1. 760 is good. However focus more on the remarks rather than score. Read this –

  21. Mehul says:

    Hi Manish,

    I paid Rs. 500 for CIBIL report after which failed to meet authenticity criteria. Now I will get report through express delivery. Is there any way to do authenticity test again to get report on email.


    1. Hi Mehul

      This is very specific query which you should follow up with the concerned authority only. We wont be able to comment on that


  22. sriharsha says:

    I just received my Cibil report, But i seem to not understand it. It doesnot have a score in the middle. it says something like No hit or something. And also i donot have any indicator. Can you help me understand this?

    1. That means that you dont have a score at all, because there is no enough data for generating score.

  23. Rajesh says:

    Hi Manish,
    Can you pl let me know on what basis the CIBIL score is calculated.?

    1. Its a secret with CIBIL . No one knows that !

  24. ram says:

    hi what s my cibil pdf password
    my name is ram kathadbhai variya
    pls help me

    1. It must have been mentioned in your email which you got from CIBIL

  25. Karthikeyan says:

    Hi. I have applied 2 Personal Loans,3 Credit Cards,2 Consumer Durable Loans. All are failed. Is all these information will show in CIBIL report?

      1. Karthikeyan says:

        ok. But how to remove all entries ? . May i send mail to CIBIL?

        1. You cant remove them as per your wish. It will only get removed later by CIBIL after many years !

  26. yogesh tiwari says:

    maine apni cibil cri report online mangaai or pdf file download bhi kr li. but file open karne ke liye password chaahiye but mujhe koi password nahin bhejaa gayaa. plz bataayen ki password kaise milega??

    1. Mail padiye .. usme likha hai

  27. Vikaas says:

    Hello Sir, I took one credit card from Standard Charted bank, Delhi in year 2004. It was given to me free of cost and. I never used it and not renewed it next year. They put unnecessary a large fine amount on it and never closed this card. This year, in January, 2015, I paid around twenty three thousand rupees to get it clear from Cibil and got the NOC certificate from bank. Yesterday I came to know that my Cibil account is still not clear. Please let me know what is the issue and how to resolve this, when nothing is wrong from my end.
    My Credit number- 4541 9823 3937 0907
    Account number- 5546 2329 0742 7081
    Regards / Vikaas Verma / 9818503330

    1. You need to check this with the lender only

  28. Raja says:

    Hi Sir,

    Fifteen days before I have downloaded my CIBIL report, there is some mistake in my report. So I request for dispute.
    I have my existing report control number. Can I download my CIBIL report again using this control number or Should I pay again?


    1. You will have to pay again .. but if there was some issue from CIBIL side, they should send a new report to you .. Check with them

  29. Yogesh says:

    Sorry sir in my comment i have made mistake to write amount 10000 instead of amount Rs. 1,00,000 that i have paid in Fulltron

  30. Yogesh says:

    Hello Sir,

    i want some advice from you related to loan account and CIBIL
    I have paid my PL from Bajaj but only i have remain bounce charges 1750 from PL amount 24000 with interest i have paid 36000 on loan end date since year 2012.
    with also one other PL of 50000 i have paid 10000 but only last installment left out only 3900 amount is due but after pass few month they contact me and told me that i have to pay amount with interest on due amount.
    Please guide me for same so i can improve my CIBIL record

    1. You will have to make the final payment also .

  31. Ranjeet says:

    I dont remember anythng about my old loans…but still i want to know my credit score….is it possible????

    1. May be, if you can answer those questions which they ask, you should be able to get it

  32. Prithviraj says:


    In my CIBIL reort under Account details Lender Name And Account No are identify as NOT DISCLOSED. what i should if i know the name and Account no.. My ownership is Guarantor.

    1. You should talk to CIBIL on this and get that info

  33. bhaskar says:


    I applied for cibil score card but after paying my payment its get was deducted from my account.
    can you please tell me how to proceed further.


    1. You should contact customer care for this .

  34. Rahul says:


    Could y pls help me out to get PDF file access, as i am unable to login….or open.

    1. Did you pay to CIBIL ?

  35. ravi dulare kannaujia says:

    Hi sir,
    Please send me my cibillreport at my email id.


    1. Did you pay to CIBIL ?

  36. pankaj says:

    Dear i unfortunate delete email which was sent by cibil department, how I can get cibil report again. As well I don’t have transaction id while generate by system. My cibil score is 845 as per SMS i received from department.
    Kindly guide

    1. Tell them you never got it and they should send it again . May be you get lucky 🙂

  37. Vijaya says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have filled online application for Cibil report and paid Rupees 500/- for the same. As soon as the payment is done I was unable to process because of technical error. I wanted to know whether I will get a refund and what will be the usual time taken for it.
    Thank You.

    1. Hi Vijaya

      You should be emailing CIBIL about it and I am sure they will resolve it

  38. Sumit says:

    Hi Cibil,

    Although I had given my correct first name and the right year combination, the way its mentioned in the mail. Still I am unable to open my cibil pdf file. What should I do ? Is there a way to get generated the password correctly ?

    1. I suggest get in touch with CIBIL on this issue

  39. Deepak says:

    I was reading the Religare Health insurance review on the website and accidentally found information regarding the CIBIL credit score. So I applied for CIBIL Report via online and found that I have a credit score of 840.

    Considering that I had only one housing loan, which I paid off within 2 years (original tenure 15 years) and I have no other credit exposure, why is the rating less.

    1. Deepak says:

      Just to add on to the earlier message, my housing loan was disbursed in November 2011 and I repaid it in October 2013

    2. It depends on tons of factors so you cant pin point why its less

  40. Jegan says:

    Hi Manish,

    Good Morninng. I had applied for CIBIL Report via online and got the below report in mail.

    we would like to inform you that we have processed your CIBIL Report request. We were not able to generate score on your report due to either of following reasons.

    * Account information is not avaitabte with us
    * Your report has only enquiries and account information is not available
    * The last date reported or date closed in your report is older than 24 months for all accounts
    * consumer is an ‘Authorized’ user for all the accounts in the report

    Since they had not shared / provided any score and only this explanation, what is that mean. FYI, I do not have any loan account, personal loan and creditcard etc. since am looking for Housing loan in coming months, want to check my CIBIL Score.

    Since I do not have any accounts with Financial institutions related to loan or credit card etc, is that update from CIBIL is correct?

    Kindly help to understand the details in the CIBIL report.



    1. Hi Jegan

      In that case, you wont have any report at all .

      1. Jegan says:

        Hi Manish,

        Thanks for your comments. Is that mean, the financial institutions have clear go ahead on CIBIL report for loan sanctioning since I do not have any loan or credit card history at all.

        Is CIBIL does not share any score for the persons who does not have any loans or credit history with Financial Institutions?


        Jegan R

        1. Yes, CIBIL cant share any report or score with banks for those who dont have it , because it does not exist at all ! ..

          1. Jegan says:


            Thanks a lot. Have a nice day.

  41. mohammed says:

    actually i have tried to get my cibil report and have done the payment also ,, then i was trying to open by pdf but its asking for the password ,,, plss help me to open it..

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Sir,

      Your CIBIL report is a confidential document and therefore password protected. The password to view your CIBIL report is the first four alphabets of your name as appearing in the on-line application form in lower case and year of birth. There is no salutation (Mr, Ms, Mrs, Dr, Capt etc), dot, hyphen or space in the password.

      Eg :
      If the given name is Arun Kumar & year of birth is 1985, the password will be arun1985
      If the given name is A. Kumar & year of birth is 1985, the password will be akum1985
      If the given name is A. Arun Kumar & year of birth is 1985, the password will be aaru1985
      If the given name is Dr Arun Kumar & year of birth is 1985, the password will be arun1985

      Please note that to view your CIBIL report, you need WinZip & Adobe Acrobat Reader.


    2. You have clear directions in the email itself on what would be the password

      1. Shiv says:

        Hello Manish,
        I need a little help. I read all the instructions to put my own password in the email but it still is not allowing me to open the document. Could you please let me know if there is any other way or any default password.


        1. Hi Shiv

          As per CIBIL mail, here is what is written

          Your password protected report is attached with this email. The password to view your CIBIL report is the first four alphabets of your name as appearing in the on-line application form in lower case and year of birth.

          For e.g.:
          If the given name is Arun Kumar & year of birth is 1985, the password will be arun1985
          If the given name is A. Kumar & year of birth is 1985, the password will be akum1985
          If the given name is Dr Arun Kumar & year of birth is 1985, the password will be arun1985

  42. Bsatyanarayana says:

    Dear sir,
    pls send se coibil score my pan no AHZPB1025E via my email id

    B satyanarayana

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Sir,

      In order to access your CIBIL score and report, you need to fill in the score request form on the below given link

      This process will be an online process and you will receive your report online. In case if any KYC provided by you is not matching with CIBIL’s database, it will request you to send self attested copy of your KYC details for verification


    2. It does not happen that way ! .. One cant send you your CIBIL just by knowing your PAN

  43. Rahul says:

    Hi Manish,

    I am Rahul, i have to give request for Cibil report. but i dont remember my loan a/c no & credit card no. is that compulsory for same. pls reply


    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Sir,

      You can access your CIBIL score and report by filling the score request form on the below given link

      Loan account or credit card numbers are additional details. They are not mandatory fields. You can leave them blank in case you do not remember them.

      This process will be an online process and you will receive your report online. In case if any KYC provided by you is not matching with CIBIL’s database, it will request you to send self attested physical copy of your KYC details for verification.


    2. Hi Rahul

      Yes – Its mandatory !

  44. Sreedhar says:

    Hi Manish,

    I downloaded my CIBIL report and shocked to find someone has used by credit limit and good score to avail hefty home loan from a private bank. The loan is there for the last two years, (I have requested any thing like loan or CC after my last car loan in 2011), I have posted an online query to CIBIL, but I believe it’s an insider job of the Bank. How do I prove, is there any legal action I can take on the bank ?

    1. You check with bank what documents and proofs are given ? If its yours , then there is some issue, where are the original documents verification etc etc , but if its not your documents, then its fraud by bank

      1. Sreedhar says:

        Thanks Manish,

        I am following up with both CIBIL and Bank, will post updates.

  45. sahil says:


    there was delay in bill payments for my credit card bills while i was using and after some months i closed the creditcard by paying complete amount but when i applied for hdfc 2 wheeler loan it got rejected

    2ndly i applied for hdfc personal loan in 2012,that verification person came to my house but it was under construction that time as he couldn’t find me in that place and there was a remark that he doesnt have own house and loan got rejected

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Sir,

      We would suggest that you obtain your credit report and check for any discrepancy or error. Also, check you credit score and ensure that it is up to the mark.

      As an industry practice, a score of 750 and above is considered to be a good score, but having said that lending institutions would also consider their internal credit policies and will have their own credit score cut off. We would suggest that you do not make any further applications until there is an improvement in your credit score. The rejection would only increase the number of enquiries appearing on your credit report which indicate a credit hungry behaviour and is viewed negatively by lending institutions.


  46. madhu says:

    Hi Manish,

    Thanks for valuable information. I never used credit cards only debit cards are with me and has 1 home loan running. Now I want to take another loan for plot, but plot generally gets only 60% as loan amount. But I want as much as possible like 75% or 80%. To make this bargain with banks, i need to have a good score i hope. So, i immediately checked online and got score immediately as download and also as mail. My score is 844, so i hope now I can talk to them without any problem.

    For every one who thinks what are authentication questions. They are simply the history of yours.
    Q1. Match the loan type and month and year it has started. (so keep all your loan documents with you before applying cbil)
    Q2. Different types of loans you have like home loan, personal loan, auto loan etc

    no third question for me as i perfectly answered first two. So, if you are genuine and keep records of all your previous loans, getting cbil is very easy.

    Thank you,

    1. Madhu

      I think even if you have great score, you cant negotiate on this , as this is like a RULE of bank to not give more than 60% on plot ! .. try your luck !

  47. gaurav arora says:


    My cibil score is 804 and presently i have 3 loan consumer durable or personal loan but at the time of apply for a credit card my request always rejected due to cibil score pls suggest what can i do.

    pls reply
    thanks in advance

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Sir,

      804 is a decent score. Although credit score is considered to be one of the most important tools used by lending institutions to evaluate an individual’s credit worthiness, it would also consider other factor basis their internal credit policies.

      The major factor that contributes to your score is your payment history. In case you have late payments reflecting against your credit accounts, it could be viewed negatively by the lending institutions.

      Also, negative remarks like “written off” or “settled” (in case you have any) are viewed negatively by lending institutions despite of a good score. Such remarks typically indicate your inability to repay and can hinder any of your future credit applications.

      We suggest you to be patient and not apply for new credit facilities in near future. Please inquire with the lending institutions their credit policy with regards to Credit Scores and then apply.


      1. Gaurav arora says:


        i just checked and found,
        i had apply for credit card on 2005 as per my knowledge my credit card request is rejected due to some internal policy but as per bank credit card issue on my name and same is used (single swapped) and after that no payment made . but bank not provide me any merchant copy or statement for the same and i had never received any card pls suggest what can i do bank ready to settled my outstanding but i had never received any card pls pls reply as soon as possible

        1. Credexpert says:

          Dear Sir,

          The non payments against this credit card would have impacted your credit score and report. Also, a negative remark of “Settled” or “Written Off”, in case there is any, would be viewed negatively by the lending institutions. Settlement/Written Off indicates your inability to repay and can hinder any of your future credit applications.

          Since your card was rejected you must have received a written communication from the bank informing the same. We would suggest that you first write an official email to the bank raising this issue and mentioning each and every statement of facts, as verbal communications cannot be used to validate the facts in future. Await their response as the further course of action would depend on their reply. Also since this issue has resurfaced almost after 10 years, continuos follow up with the bank would be required.

          In case you do not have the written communication from the bank regarding the rejection, you can approach the bank stating that you never received the card and that it was rejected. You can ask for any documentation pertaining to this credit card showing that your application was accepted and you received the card.


        2. Talk to bank on this and get all information , complain to banking ombudsman

  48. solaikannu says:

    Recently i applied for a personal loan , they rejected my file and told me that your cibil score not satisfied,then i checked with the CIBIL about score,there giving score of 777. then i go to the bank for demand clarification. they told me that yourscore is good but ur name in default list, due to your last loan status “Settled”it’s supposed to be in “CLOSED” state, anyone please tell how to change my status from Settled to close

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Sir,

      777 is a decent credit score. Although credit score is considered to be one of the most important tools used by lending institutions to evaluate an individual’s credit worthiness, it would also consider other factor basis their internal credit policies.

      Also, “Settled” accounts may be viewed negatively by the lending institutions despite of a good score. A settlement typically indicates your inability to repay and can hinder any of your future loan applications. The only way to remove this remark is by repaying the complete outstanding amount against all your credit accounts, provided your cash flows allow you to do so.

      Once you pay the complete outstanding amount, ensure that you obtain the “No Due Certificate” from the lending institution. Also, lending institutions usually report the updated information to the bureau in a cycle of 30 – 45 days. Once you get the written communication from the bank, you can check your report after a month. For complete outstanding amount payment without any settlement, the “Date Closed” should be mentioned in your credit report indicating the closure of your credit account.


    2. It means that in past you had some loan which you didnt pay fully, you paid only partial amount .. So now you better close the full loan and in few months, your status will change !


  49. Krishna says:


    I got a cibil score of 800 but i have a credit card settlement in yr 2011 and they mentioned in credit intormatio , can i apply fr any loans… plz help me

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Sir,

      800 is a good credit score. Although credit score is considered to be one of the most important tools used by lending institutions to evaluate an individual’s credit worthiness, it would also consider other factor basis their internal credit policies.

      A credit report with negative remark of “Settled” would be viewed negatively by the lending institution in spite of a good score. The only way to remove this remark is by repaying the complete outstanding amount against this credit card, provided your cash flows allow you to do so.

      Also, you can approach a bank which gives more weight-age to the recent payment history rather than the past remarks.

      We would suggest that in order to clear your CIBIL report of all past negative remarks you can make the remaining outstanding payment towards your credit card, this will give a positive impact towards your credit score.


  50. Anu says:

    Can anyone who never possessed any card/loans get cibil report?

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Anu,

      You can obtain your CIBIL report from the CIBIL website. However, since you have never borrowed any credit facility till date, your credit score would be NH i.e. No history.

      A score of NH (No history) means that you do not have enough credit history to build your credit bureau score. A lending institution with a conservative risk appetite might look at it negatively whereas a lending institution with aggressive risk appetite might approve your credit application.


    2. Ideally there should be no report for that person

      1. Anu says:

        I have beecn harassed by a certain bank for some outstanding which never belonged to me. No proper details/clarification is given to me inspite of repeated requests, CIBIL is the only song they are singing. I have to get the CIBIL report now to see what mess has this bank done..

        1. Credexpert says:

          Dear Anu,
          You can access your CIBIL score and report by filling the score request form on the below given link:

          In case there are any errors in your CIBIL report you can raise dispute with CIBIL.

          Also, we would suggest that you send a written complaint to the bank regarding the harassing calls. Written communication can always be used for future validations.


  51. Pawan Gupta says:

    Hi Manish,

    just wanna to check i have applied for cibil report to check my score and i have reecived the report as well but nowhere is mentioend my score ….. instead of score they have mentioned that this is under dispute…… i think this is happened why becauce few months before i checked my score and it was 544 and i was in doubt that there is something wrong so few days before i esclate the same in cibil department….

    so just to check will it be a reason of not getting my score if yes then how can they deduct my balance from my account. please suggest thanks

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Pawan,

      It is possible that your credit score is not mentioned as some section on your CIBIL report is under dispute. We would suggest that you wait for few days till CIBIL reverts back on your dispute and then check your score. If the score is not mentioned even after dispute resolution, it would be advisable that you contact CIBIL and check with them regarding your score.


    2. Did you buy the full report with score or just the REPORT ?

      1. Pawan Gupta says:

        yes applied for Full report. and paid 470 INR for the same. thanks

        1. In that case check with CIBIL , why it does not have the number . It should be there

  52. SATHISH says:

    after i paid online payment the link is broken what to do please guide me
    Thanks in advance

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Sathish,

      Please provide more details regarding your online transaction and the related issue. Based on which we will be able to help you further.


  53. David says:

    Hi Manish,
    I wanted to know, i had my salary account with the bank, then i changed my company and i got a new salary account, but i did not closed my old salary account it is been almost 2-3 years now. Will it make any problem in future

    1. Credexpert says:

      Hi David,

      After you changed your job, your account converted to usual savings account. Please ensure you either close the account or maintain the minimum balance required for a savings account if any. Other than this there should be no issue in keeping this account open.


      1. David says:

        Thanks for the info. I have not gone to back to bank for any enquiry abt closure of account or anything else related to it. But will be there any legal issue, if i am not operating the account and it is been kept as such without using.

        1. Credexpert says:

          Dear David,

          There should not be any legal issues for not operating the account. However, it would be advisable to check with the bank regarding the same.


    2. Thats not a problem !

  54. kareem says:

    Hi Manish,

    I have Four credit cards from past one year

    Standard chartated – 20K limit
    ICICI bank – 35K limit
    SBI Card – 60K Limit
    HDFC Card – 60K Limit
    CITI card – 50K Limit

    All are outstanding used more than 80%. I was paying all cards minimum EMI. from past three months they i gave checks which were bounced due to insufficient funds.

    I am getting calls from all banks daily to pay atleast minimum amount.

    I assured that from next month my business (Online advertising) will grew and will make payments. Meanwhile, I asked a friend in credit card agency to know my score. It is 575. Is is appropriate, I was assuming it to be much low as per my credit history. If i regularly pay minimum amount to all the banks for next 2 years, will my credit score increase?

    Please advice, I should have not given my card to my relatives and friends.



    1. 575 is a low score .

    2. Credexpert says:

      Dear Kareem,

      575 is a low score. In order to improve your CIBIL score, make sure that you pay the entire amount due on your credit card. Do not pay only the minimum amount due, as this will negatively affect your CIBIL score. If you pay only the minimum amount, high interest rates will be charged on the outstanding amount and balloon into high dues and result in a debt trap for you. A small amount will balloon at an interest rate of 35% – 40% p.a. (depending on the credit card).

      Also, utilize your card properly and make your payments on time. This is a time consuming process and eventually your score will improve once you have built a good credit history.

      You should also contact the bank and get a complete picture of your outstanding amount for all your credit cards. We would strongly suggest that you repay the complete outstanding amount. You could try and arrange for interest free/low interest borrowings from friends/family to repay the high outstanding balances.


  55. Sunil Kumar says:

    To add, at the time, of authentication, its important to keep information ready in hand of all the various lenders from whom you have taken loan/credit card along with the loan amount/credit limits.

  56. Vijayakumar Balakrishnan says:

    Dear Sir I have received CIBIL Report wherein I have not availed one Personal Loan with the value of Rs.16286/- where as in Highmark report shows Rs.16286/- personal Loan pending Rs.8346/- and it has mentioned as LOS.

    How do I get the details of such personal Loan details which is appearing in Highmark.

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Mr. Balakrishnan,

      To raise a dispute for the CIBIL credit report, you will have to fill the on-line dispute form which is available on CIBIL’s website. You may also click on the following link to get the on-line form:

      To raise a dispute for the High Mark credit report, you can send an email consisting of the facts mentioned by you to
      To know more please refer to the link:

      Please make sure you raise the dispute within 60 days of receiving the report.


  57. Karthikeyan says:

    Hi Manish, I just used the online tool to check out my CIBIL score, I was asked 3 questions related to my credit history, which were easy to answer. Only tip is to note down the start & end date of your loans, and the name of all the institutions from where you have ever taken a credit card in the past. I got a credit score of 815!

    First action taken after “Design Your Financial Life 2.0” Workshop!!

  58. Gaffar says:

    Hello Manish,
    Pls help me clearing my below doubts.

    I took HSBC credit card in 2007 and used twice. But didn’t pay the amount for the longtime. After few years, by 2010 I have paid the whole amount which was outstanding amount without any settlement. I paid it fully with fine.
    Now,I purchased my cibil report from cibil. Got the report immediately which is appreciated.


    HIGH CREDIT 19,962


    The above is the info I got it from cibil.
    Later I applied for personal loan in ICICI,still they rejected it.
    I had a chat with debt doctor representative and they asked me to share my cibil report. Is it fine to share cibil report to others?They assured me that they will get me personal loan from Ing Vysya irrespective of this cibil score.

    One more question is , you suggested to get the secured credit card in your blog. Whether all banks give secured credit card without checking our cibil report?
    After taking Secured Credit Card, how much will be my score immediately?
    Pls reply…Thanks in advance!

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Mr. Gaffar,

      Firstly, is the HSBC credit card the only credit card you held? If yes, the NH (No History) is because you may have very little credit history. This is not negative in any way, but the approach by lenders may be different.

      For a personal loan every lending institution will surely check your credit report and score and depending on the policy of the lending institution they may or may not give you the loan. Lending institutions that have a lower risk appetite may not give you the loan whereas lending institutions with bigger risk appetites may not be as hesitant as NH is not a bad score.

      There are some banks that offer a secured credit card but it is best to take a decision after comparing the interest rates, annual fees, etc. from a well known bank. Since secured credit cards are against a security, lending institutions will view it positively and not be as hesitant to give you the loan. Thus secured credit cards will help build the credit score.

      Building a credit score is a process that takes atleast 6-8 months and therefore may not have any immediate effect on the score.

      Please be careful with whom you share your credit report. Do not fall for companies that ensure you a loan irrespective of your credit score as it is an important aspect of credit policy for all banks.


  59. Krish says:

    Hi Manish,

    I have taken a personal loan from Bajaj Finance in the year 2004. All along, I have been thinking that I have paid the loan. To this effect, Cibil report also says, there is no balance outstanding and the account is closed on 31.12.2008. I don’t have NOC. Today, I have received a call from a Lawer saying that he has a summons to arrest me and I need to pay the balance amount of Rs.3750/- and that too I need to pay before 3 pm.
    Could you please responsd me as to what should I do. My question is will he really have Summons or just he is threatening. I can pay, but he is asking me to pay beofre 3 pm. That’s what I am not able understand.

    1. This might be just a prank or a fraud thing . I think you should anyways take a NOC from bank if you have completed it !

  60. Vinod Sharma says:

    Hi Sir,

    I would like to know that, If 1 Emi is late by only one day how much it effects on my Cibil Score, I took personal loan for 4 years but this month my salary got delayed by one day. Please Manish sir give me some advice.

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Mr. Sharma,

      Given there is only one instance of late payment and that too by 1 day only, the impact on your CIBIL credit score would be negligible.


    2. I dont think its a big issue . Its actually bank decision if they want to consider it as default or not and then inform CIBIL

  61. Suresh says:

    This Suresh i don”t Have any ICICI Credit Card Recently i Applied for icici Credit Card After that i got icici Credit Card But Its Very Less Crdit Limit , Due to less limit I Raised Service Request To Icici Bank They Given Written Mail Conformation Previously You Used ICICI Credit Card that History is not good Due to That Only Icici Team Offred Very Less Limit … But Till Date i did”t used any icici Credit Card how ever it is possible… (My CBIL SCORE ABOVE 850 As Per AMERICAN EXPRESS TEAM CONFORMATION)
    I Would really Appreciate if you could help me with this Thanks in advance…

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Suresh,

      We would suggest that you obtain your credit report and score directly from the credit bureau and not rely on the Amex confirmation.

      From the case detailed by you above, there could be a possibility that an erroneous credit card account is being reported in your credit report. Such account could hinder your loan/credit card applications and hence should be removed immediately.

      In order to take these further steps, you would first have to obtain your credit report and score.


    2. Final decision is with bank only . If they dont want to increase, you cant do much !

  62. Sanjay Kumar W says:

    I have applied for car loan in SBI but have received a call stating that ther is a loan of 52500 Rs so please can i know for which i have taken the loan.

    1. I didnt understand your query ? Where is loan of 52500 ?

  63. ANAND K SINGH says:

    Now in case of authentication failure the requisite documents can be uploaded (the upload link is given on the payment confirmation page). If the message after uploading says “upload successful” then no hard copy of documents is required to be sent through courier to CIBIL. However the three required documents viz: payment confirmation, identity proof and address proof (as declared when filling the form) needs to be self attested.

    1. so whats the question ?

      1. ANAND K SINGH says:

        Most of the comments I read said that in case of failure the documents have to be couriered. I was simply trying to enlighten that it can be uploaded online also which I feel is simple and hassle free. As for myself I failed the authentication test (which is tougher than the UPSC exams, I feel) and have uploaded all the documents and am waiting for the score (which I hope is not as poor as the CA Final pass percentage!!!)

        1. ANAND K SINGH says:

          My credit score has been received. It is 831.

        2. Great .. at the time of writing this article, there was no facility to upload the documents online !

          1. ANAND K SINGH says:

            Thank you for your informative article.

  64. Priya says:

    Hello Mr. Manish.

    I had over limit in my 2 credit cards of 5000 and 4000 but have been paying minimum correctly but couple months had missed on time payments. I was not aware completely of this CIBIL score. I have a pre-approved personal loan running too which I have clear record without any default payments from March 2010. In 2013 March I applied for a personal loan and it was rejected saying my credit card over limit from HDFC where I have a credit card and personal loan already. So I cleared the 2 cards and using same card until now with proper timely payments. I got a call from HDFC of preapproved loan of 3.5L and I applied for same in June 2013, again it was rejected saying my existing loan has check 3 bounces, which is absolutely false. I checked with HDFC loan department with my loan account number if I have any bounce, they gave me a report telling no bounce so far. Then I checked ur blog and I checked my CIBIL score, it was 689 and then after few months I checked last month that is Jan-2014 again my cibil showed 766.

    Which I was happy and I again got a call from HDFC saying pre approved loan in my account to avail it., I walked to the personal loan dpt branch and spoke to the concerned person saying my previous rejection of loans and told them I need to apply a loan now. They processed my request and said Its rejected due to low CIBIL score of 480…which was tooooo low and I was shocked, coz I checked it 10 days back it was 766 and they say this…and that they told me givn my good record of repayment on existing personal loan they will talk to credit manager and process again, and they got it approved and told me it will be credited to ur account tomorrow…which im waiting still…Here my problem is What is this CIBIL being soo low 480 but wen I checked it showed 766 online by paying 470 rupess. and I had parallelly applied for axis bank also today he says its rejected due to ur credit score being 240….wat the heck is this now I duno… wat is CIBIL and crdit score. is there any difference in them….are these ppl playing fool with me? whom do I contact to get all mess cleared and get bck my credibility. Please help chaos 🙁

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Priya,

      You have been accepting and applying for all the pre-approved Personal loans offered to you. Please understand that Personal loans are high interest loans and should be availed only if genuinely needed .

      About your CIBIL credit score being 480 and 240, whilst 480 is a possibility, your score cannot be below 300 since CIBIL score ranges from 300-900. Our advice would be that you ask for a copy of the credit report that each of these banks have been referring to.

      Given the facts that you have been repaying your loans on time, there ideally should not be a reason for your score to drop from 766. Examine and check the accuracy of the details appearing on your credit report. Any erroneous information could also negatively impact your score. You might need an expert advise on the same.

      Continue making timely repayments against your existing loans and check your score when you plan to apply for the next loan. Refer to this link to understand CIBIL credit scores


    2. The first thing you need to do is understand everything about CIBIL , Its something you need to get very serious about .

      Banks will go as per your CIBIL score only. I suggest that you should read this –

  65. Rajendra Singh Rathore says:

    I have requested for my CIBIL report on 3.01.2014 and uploaded the required documents alongwith payment confirmation receipt duly signed. but till date i have not received my CIBIL report instead of that i received mail from CIBIL marked as “Insufficiency Cases” on 14.01.2014. plz advise me what to do. I have uploaded all the documents correctly.

    1. Hi Rajendra

      You will have to contact CIBIL customer care in this case.


  66. Brahma says:

    Hi Manish,

    I have applied for Cibil report today, but authentication failed. Do I need to send hard copies or send by mail… ? If I send hard copies, when will I get report… ? Thanks…

    1. You can send it by Email I guess, its accepted these days !

    2. Credexpert says:

      Dear Brahma,

      If the authentication is unsuccessful, you would have to upload your KYC compliant identity and address proof along with the online payment confirmation form on

      The online payment confirmation will appear once you complete the authentication process indicating if you passed or did not pass. Post verifying the documents, the Credit Report and Score should be mailed to you in 7 business days via Express Delivery / Speed Post / Courier.


  67. Ajay Agarwal says:

    Hi Manish ,
    Last month I applied for a Credit card with HDFC bank which is my salary account but bank says that i am able to full fill the criteria then i applied with Standard charted later on i came to know that application got rejected due to the same reason. i have no loans no credit card or any late payment which can effect my score .
    guide me

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Mr. Agarwal,

      There is only one way to find out the reason of your rejection, accessing your own Credit bureau report, and analyse the same.

      Analysing a credit bureau report and understanding its implications on your future application could be a task, an expert analysis and review of your credit bureau report is advisable. Our service “Credit Report Analysis” will be of a help to you.


    2. First you apply for your credit report and then may be we can have a look at it !


  68. Santosh says:

    How it is FREE then?

    1. Where did I say that its FREE ?

  69. nilesh gupta says:

    Very bad experience with CIBIL, I just casually request for online CIBIL report, everything goes well…but didnt received my report. I applied on 8th october, 2013, received email confirmation as well…but no report till date.

    No body is listening there…5th reminder and 15 phone calls remain unanswered.

    details are given below:
    Name: Nilesh Gupta

    Designation: Partner

    Company: N.Gamadia & Co, Chartered Accountants

    City: Ahmedabad

    State: Gujarat

    Contact No.: 9825205794

    Nature of Query: Non receipt of my CIBIL report….registration no. SCO1013738842


    Query: registration no. SCO1013738842 I had applied for my CIBIL report online and paid the fee as well on 08.10.2013, however till date I have not received my report on my mail id. reminders are being given…still not got my report.

    1. You should complain to consumer court on this now and claim back your money !

  70. Bhuwan says:

    I had applied for a credit card which i had not received ever .
    but i am stilling getting message for dues(joining fees + late payment charges).

    Will it impact my credit score?

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Mr. Bhuwan,

      Yes, this would impact your credit score if the lending institution has been reporting this credit card against your name to the credit bureau. This account on your credit report will reflect late payments and outstanding amounts.

      Our suggestion would be:
      • Contact the lending institution immediately informing them about the non receipt of the card
      • Request for the reversal of the joining fees and the late payment fees charged against this account
      • If you wish to continue the card then, ensure that the lending institution rectifies the information submitted by them to the bureau. This will ensure that your credit report does not reflect any negative remarks against this account.

      Are you receiving any statements on this credit card? If yes, then check whether any other transaction amount apart from joining fees + late payment charges are reflecting in the statement. If you see any transactions which are not done by you then there might be the possibility that your card is been used by somebody else.

      Warms Regards,

    2. Surely it will impact. The card is in your name, and may be its used also , but by someone else. Enquire more on this

  71. Kalpesh says:

    Hi Manish,

    Read your article, and am lil surprized here, in United States if you get denied for a loan, you may apply for a credit report for free and the credit bureau has to furnish the consumer with free report, again they don’t provide Scores with those reports, just the accounts on the report and if they are in good standing or bad. if you need scores, only then you pay for the report. again every consumer is entitled for free report once a year to best of my knowledge . so can you tell me is that the case in India with Cibil ?

    I remember 5 years back when I applied for a credit card, and I was denied in India, I requested them to furnish a denial letter so at least I was sure if the application was rejected or misused. currently I am in no need of loan or any kind of denial, however since watching lots of advert and shows, made me take a step ahead and look for forums and found yours.

    looking forward for your response.

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Kalpesh,

      Currently in India, there is no such practice of providing a free credit report to the consumer. However, as per the Credit Information Companies (Regulations) Act, 2005, in event of rejection of a loan, a consumer has the right to get a copy of the credit report from the lending institution bases on which his credit worthiness was evaluated. This report is charged at a nominal rate.

      We have released a guide for all our viewers on “Credit, Credit Bureaus and all that..” The main purpose of this guide is to make all our viewers understand the basics as well as the nuances of credit bureau reports & scores.

      Our proactive initiative to facilitate our viewers on the topics related to credit, credit bureau, implications of credit bureau decisions, and much more are covered in this guide.


    2. Kalpesh

      Credit Beureu in India is very new thing and its evolving right now , so it will take time in India to be where US is right now

  72. tamilselvi says:

    i want to know the cibil status, please guide me

    1. You can follow the procedure given in this article to cheque your CIBIL score !

    2. Credexpert says:

      Dear Tamilselvi,

      You can access your CIBIL score and report by filling the score request form on the below given link

      This process will be an online process and you will receive your report online. In case of any KYC provided by are not matching with CIBIL’s database it will request you to send self attested physical copy of your KYC details for verification.

      Get your credit report analysed by our experts and get a comprehensive and simple understanding of your credit report and score.


  73. Halappa says:

    Hi Manish,
    I saw your suggestions on many issues its excellent. I am also in some problem. Please help me in resolving my issues.

    I had Standard Chartered Credit card and had balance of around 80k in 2011, due to some financial problems i could not make the payments regularly and SC Bank offered me to covert the whole balance into EMI, i paid some 6 to 7 EMIs and later i have closed the card by paying the remaining balance of card (including all EMIs) in July 2012. I did not know that they will update the CIBIL status as RESTRUCTURED LOAN, recently when i applied for the loan its got rejected, then i checked my CIBIL report and came to know the status. I have send e-mails to nodal officers of standard chartered bank and they said “We wish to confirm you that you have availed the restructured plan towards your card account. The same reflects in CIBIL Records. We regret our inability to amended the CIBIL records”. Please can you suggest me to how to remove the RESTRUCTURED LOAN status my CIBIL report. I am waiting for your reply.
    Thanks in advance.

    Best Regards,

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Mr. Halappa,

      Banks opt for this restructure scheme when you are not able to make regular payments towards your credit card, or the outstanding amount is so high that you cannot pay it in one shot.

      Since your credit card account repayment was restructured into an EMI and the account has been fully paid and closed, this status cannot be removed from your credit report. CIBIL records reflect factual statements given by the bank.

      777 is a decent score, but lending institutions have their own internal criteria for evaluating any credit application. However, you can build your score by making all your credit card and EMI payments towards your loan accounts on time. Overtime your score will improve and lending institutions will consider your applications based on this.

      We suggest you to be patient and not apply for new credit facilities in the near future. Even if necessary, please inquire from the bank their credit policy with regards to Credit Scores and then apply.



    2. You cant remove that remark . Its true that EMI converted loans are marked as restructured loan .

  74. Mahendra says:

    Thanks for Sharing Very informative fact


    Dear Manish,
    last month 10th august i have applied for Personal Loan in HDFC Bank. they have rejected my PL because of low score. i understood the problem with my old car loan. i have paid overdue amount last month 23rd august. Now i need PL. can i go for new PL? i cleared my all past pendings. can i go for new personal loan?

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Mr.John,

      Firstly the late payments are recent and secondly personal loans are unsecured in nature. Its a good step you have taken by repaying your complete outstanding loan amount. However, even after the repayment the late payments would reflect on your credit report and this could be viewed negatively by lending institutions.

      Hence the lending institution would be more cautious in approving your application.

      We would suggest that you start making timely repayments against any other active loans/credit card and depict a disciplined repayment behaviour for the next few months. Do not apply for any other loans/credit cards unless your score improves since the rejections would only indicate a credit hungry behaviour.


      1. BENNIYAMIN K JOHN says:

        my current score is 700. how many months i should wait for a loan?

        1. If your report is clean, then you can apply for loan anytime !

    2. It will not be so easy now . What is your current score ?

      1. BENNIYAMIN K JOHN says:

        MY current score is 700. How can i increase my score? how many months i should wait for loan.?

        1. Credexpert says:

          Dear Mr. John,

          A 700 is a decent score. However, lending institutions have their own internal policies and checks for credit appraisal, of which a CIBIL score is one of the parameters. Other parameters with required credit documents are also taken into consideration to check your credit worthiness.

          The major factor that contributes to you score is your payment history. If there are no negative remarks on your report and you have regular payments on your existing accounts, your score will improve.

          We cannot comment as to how much time it will take for your score to increase, but we suggest you wait for a period of at least 3 months before checking your score again. In the meantime, please do not apply for new facilities till your score has increased.


  76. Raveendar says:

    Got a score of 837!
    Surprised that the report was available immediately for download from the pop up, they have also mentioned that it will be mailed with in 24 hrs to my mail ID.

    1. Yea . Now they are available instantly !

  77. Michael Dias says:

    Can someone advise what is the format for the password that is used to open the encrypted CIBIL report? I have the report but have deleted the email by mistake. If i can get the format, i should be able to open the file. Thanks in advance!

    1. Michael

      Here it is

      Your CIBIL report is a confidential document and therefore password protected. The password to view your CIBIL report is the first four alphabets of your name as appearing in the on-line application form in lower case and year of birth. There is no salutation (Mr, Ms, Mrs, Dr, Capt etc), dot, hyphen or space in the password.
      Eg :
      If the given name is Arun Kumar & year of birth is 1985, the password will be arun1985
      If the given name is A. Kumar & year of birth is 1985, the password will be akum1985
      If the given name is A. Arun Kumar & year of birth is 1985, the password will be aaru1985

      1. divakar says:


        So many thanks ……..

  78. Rahul says:

    Why I have to pay to get my own details… The data stored by CIBIL is taken without any official concern by Bank. I have taken or apply for loan but not given concern to store my data for future reference and anyone is doing it is wrong and CIBIL being US based company why storing personal and financial data of Indian citizen…India has access to US citizen financial or personal data of any individual? It is big threat to Indian Economy also. Now CIBIL make personal data of Indian citizen as profit center as charging money to give credit report which is true or false need to verify as there are cases CIBIL is not reporting correct information and it became fight between Bank, individual and CIBIL. Why US citizen getting credit report free?

    1. Hi Rahul

      I think you have given permission for all this . When you open a account with bank or take any loan , its clearly mentioned in the agreement that you give them consent for all this .


  79. Mythili V says:


    I applied for a cibil score ,I got a message to my mobile that my cibil score is 802 & the report was sent to my email ID. I not yet received my report as of now.

    Can some one suggest how to get the report.

    Mythili V

    1. You should get it in 1-2 days . Contact customer care ,incase you dont get it

      1. Mythili V says:

        thx for the reply

  80. pranab dutta says:

    i don’t know my civil i want to know it.kindly give me a feedback………..

    1. Did you apply for it !

  81. Sujit kumar says:

    I have made full payment with my Axis bank credit card but it was updated as a Written off in CIBIL also they not close my card but it was in blocked status.

    How to re active my card or close my card. Bank denied to closed the card since i made full payment every month am receiving Zero balance statement

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Mr. Kumar,

      Were you late in making payments against your credit card resulting in the bank “Writing Off” the card? If yes, and you repaid the complete outstanding balance after the card being written off then the status has to be updated on your credit report.

      If no, then ideally there should not be a Written Off remark on your report. Also, if you have requested for the closure of the credit card, then the same should be processed by them.


    2. First check with bank if you owe anything to them , did you talk to them ?

      1. SujitKumar says:

        Yes Manish,

        I have spoke with Bank and they are confirmed i don’t have any pending amount. But i have received reply as below

        “Dear Mr. Kumar,
        We acknowledge the receipt of your E-mail for No Due Certificate and Cibil record.
        We apologise for the delay in responding to your query.
        We observe from our records that, your credit card account has been permanently deactivated which is same as cancellation due to irregular payment of dues.
        As per the Reserve Bank of India guidelines, the credit card issuing bank is required to furnish information pertaining to its credit card holders with Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited (CIBIL) on a monthly basis. In view of the above, your credit card details are available in CIBIL.
        Hence, we regret our inability to edit or delete CIBIL records.
        Request you to kindly write to for further assistance.
        Further, as on date there is no outstanding payable on your credit card account.
        We regret to inform you that, we are unable to provide you the No Due Certificate from our end.
        Further, we would like to inform you that, as you have cleared your outstanding dues pending towards your credit card account, you will receive a credit card statement which will indicate Nil Balance and the same is equal to no due certificate.
        We have sent the soft copy of your credit card statements (Nil Balance) for the month of February 2013 and June 2013 in your registered email ID.
        Assuring you of our best services.
        Rasika Kharnare
        Customer Service – Cards
        Axis Bank Limited”

      2. SujitKumar says:

        I have raised query with cibil on 09-07-2013. Still they not replied my query

        What i need to change the written off status in CIBIL.

        1. How many times have you tried ?

  82. Sathsih says:

    With out my knowledge so many enquires are made in CIBIL. Like sales person call ask Pan Number and enquired CIBL with out my permission.

    How to remove the un applied Enquires in CIBIL. Did the Enquires will affect my score. Please answer me

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Sathsih,

      Each time a lending institution obtains your credit report from the credit bureau to evaluate your credit worthiness; an enquiry appears on your credit report. If these applications were not made by you resulting in an enquiry appearing on your credit report then they have to be removed from your credit report.

      High numbers of enquiries affect credit score as these indicate a credit hungry behaviour. Similarly many other factors like high outstanding balance, balance between secured and unsecured loans, no. of open and closed account etc. also affect credit score.

      We would suggest that you do not divulge your personal information like your PAN etc. as this could result in identity theft.


    2. You cant remove them , if they were made on your name with your PAN ,then they will be there. Yes lots of enquires are bad !

      1. Sathish says:

        Thanks manish,

        Tell caller asking Pan Number and applying CIBIL without my knowledge. Even if i refuse they are applying with my past data base. How i can handle this situcation and keep my score as high. Now am 628. last December it was 632 and Citi bank and SBI bank with out my permission they applied and rejection. Even i not submit my documents.

  83. Anoop says:

    Last few month back my CIBIL score is 839. i have apply for vehicle loan RS.8,70,000/ my loan sanction and disbursed in 2 working days . today i have checked my score is 786 is good or bad for future.

    1. Any score on higher side is better. 786 is still fine !

    2. Credexpert says:

      Dear Anoop,

      As an industry practice any score above 750 is considered to be a good score. High outstanding balance, balance between secured and unsecured loans, high no. of enquiries etc. are some factors that negatively impact credit score. One or many such factors could have impacted your credit score resulting in the score drop from 839 to 786.


  84. kunwar pal says:

    dear sir i need halp mene sbi main loan k liye try kiya tha par meri cibil report main mere uper loan overdue hai or 3 a/c so kar raha hain sir 2 a/c mere hain jo close ho geye hai par 1 a/c jiski opening date 09/11/2004 hai vo mera nahi tha mene us a/c ka a/c no. nikalwaya jo (03647510000091) ye obc bank ka tha or ye november 2012 main close ho geya hain . par ye cibil report mein abhi tek update nahi huwa hai .or ye mere uper so kar raha hai . jis se bank ne mera loan rok diya hai ….. or sir mene 26/07/2013 ko dispute resalution bhi kiya hai par abhi tak koyi report nahi aayi .
    sir report kitne dino mein aati hai or ye abhi tak update kyo nahi huwa hai plz aap mari halp kare . mera control number -62705769 hai
    thank you sir

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Mr. Pal,

      The erroneous account appearing on your credit report could negatively impact your credit score and needs to be rectified immediately. Rightly so, the next step to be taken is to raise a dispute with CIBIL which as mentioned you have already taken. We would suggest that you wait to check for their reply and follow up on the same.

      For more details kindly visit


    2. BEtter pay off the existing loan first and then try for another loan

  85. ashish says:

    Hi Manish,

    Great Artical ,i have got my credit reports which 769 .. how good it is .. for applying any loan or credit card … earlier i had tow credit cards which i got settled .. now i would like to have one credit which i applied from Kotak… which got rejected because of my Cibil Score .. can you Please help .. how should i clear my name form there .. as i may need to require to have home loan in near future


    1. Ashish

      This article shall guide you on next steps which you should take to improve your report –

    2. Credexpert says:

      Dear Ashish,

      769 is a good score for applying for a loan or credit card (secured or unsecured). Although lending institutions consider credit scores as on of the important factors for evaluating the credit worthiness of an individual they would also consider their internal credit policies.

      Your settlement of 2 credit cards in the past could be one of the factors that have hindered your credit card application.

      Lending institutions as per Credit Information Companies Regulation Act, 2005 have to submit all borrowers’ credit information to credit bureaus on a periodic basis. The bureau based on this data calculates a credit score. This data is stored with the bureau and would reflect on your credit report. So there is no way through which your name can be removed from the credit bureau data base.


  86. Rahul Bhatia says:

    Dear Manish,
    Thx for the nice article.
    I applied for my Credit report with my address which is different from my credit card address. Now CIBIL is asking me to send the documents pretaining to the address which should be simillar in my form & with banks. how can i correct this.


    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Mr. Bhatia,

      The bureau stores borrower’s credit information that has been reported by the lending institutions on a monthly or a quarterly basis. The address that would appear on your credit report is the address that was provided by you the last time you applied for credit facility.

      Did you make any credit application after availing this credit card? If yes, then was the address submitted the most recent one?

      If the address provided by you to CIBIL is different from the address that has been provided by you to the credit card issuer then CIBIL would not be able to locate this data in their system as this is a KYC mismatch.

      We would suggest that you update your current address with all the lending institutions and avail a credit report after 45 days OR upload the address proof that matches the address submitted to the credit card issuer.


    2. Correct . The thing is you need to have the same address which is there in all documents . At times you never update your new address with your banks etc .

  87. john says:

    Hi Manish

    i bouth my CIR and the SCORE says 829, but there is a credid card non payment for past 7 years back which is available in my report .if i go thorugh CIBIL Market place can i get a CreditCard ? When i login in market place i see indusland is having an concern is if i apply will it get Rejected ?

    couple of months back i applied for a carloan and its got rejected ..

    i would like to know if i go throguh cibil market place can i get a CreditCard ?

    your suggestions grealty appreciated

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear John,

      829 is a good credit score for a credit card (unsecured loan). Although credit score is one of the important factors considered by lending institutions for evaluating credit worthiness of an individual, they would also consider their internal credit policies. Hence, we would not be able to comment on the approval or rejection of your credit card application.

      The best way to find out is to apply and wait for their reply.

      In case, you are rejected, then there could be some negative factor in your credit report that has made the lending institution view your credit report negatively. In this case we would have to analyse your credit report to comment on the specifics.

      We offer a service under which we analyse each section of an individual’s credit report and list down the factors that have impacted your score. Additionally, we also handhold individuals and guide them in correcting any discrepancies appearing on their credit report.


  88. Ramakrishna R V says:


    I had some 9 CC’s, that I got cleared Jan 2013. I mean not all some I did it in 2009 and some in 2010, finally all of them got settled in Jan 2013.All of them are settlements. I know that my score is really bad.Am looking to take a home loan. What are the chances of getting this and is there any workaround for this.??


    1. No chances , and no workaround . You will be asked to pay everytihng to rectify things !

    2. Credexpert says:

      Dear Ramakrishna,

      Settlement is a negative remark and any lending institution would view this negatively as it indicates your inability to service the loan/credit card. Also, settlements of credit cards would have a higher negative impact on your score since they are unsecured loans.

      You have settled 9 credit cards in the past 5 years, some of them being recent settlements i.e. in 2013. This definitely will hinder your Home loan application. Also the fact that you settled 9 credit cards hints that you could be possibly cash strapped. Home loans are long tenure loans and hence require proper planning.


  89. Debasis says:


    I have applied for the CIBIL report online. My authentication was successful and also the payment got credited but still now i have not received the report in email. When asked for the same they replied back stating due to the confidential in nature the report can not send online.


    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Debasis,

      Ideally you should be given your credit report online; however you could contact the customer care and request them to provide you with a tracking id enabling you to track the courier status of your credit report.


    2. Talk to customer care on this .

  90. Ajay says:

    i want know my current cibil score my name Ajay Parida

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Mr. Parida,

      To apply for your CIBIL report and score, you may follow this link,, and complete the application form and submit it online with the payment.


    2. Why dont you apply for it

  91. Vineet says:

    I guess now you do not even need to send the documents over mail if the online Authentication fails, you can upload them online. The link is mentioned in the first line under where it says “Your Authentication was not successful”

    1. YEs, its changed now !

  92. Rohith says:

    Hi Manish,

    I recently applied for CIBL score and my score is 791. From the report I observed that only my credit card payment details are reflected on the report. I have a car loan from State Bank of Mysore which is not reflected in the report. So I contacted the branch from where I took car loan. They told me that CIBL takes all the data from their (bank’s) central database and they can’t send any information to CIBL.

    So now what should I do so that my loan repayment details are reflected in CIBL report. I need this because,
    1) I have paid all my EMI’s on time, so this will have a positive effect on my CIBL score
    2) When I apply for a home loan in the near future my CIBL score will be even more better than what it is today.

    Please share your thoughts on this.

    1. You bank should be able to communicate it with CIBIL, but its not taking extra effort . If its a PSU , then use RTI for this and anyways tell them that you will complain to banking ombudsman

      Also you can tell CIBIL on this and recheck it with bank !

    2. Credexpert says:

      Dear Rohith,

      Lending institutions send borrower’s credit data on a monthly or quarterly basis to the credit bureau. Rightly so, the details of your State Bank of Mysore car loan should be reflecting on your credit report with your regular payments details, as this could boost your credit score.


  93. Vijay Zanvar says:

    Thanks! I read this and immediately applied, and received the report within 2 minutes! My score is 844!

    1. Great 🙂 . However I would suggest check it back again after few months

  94. amit narain says:

    Hi I am Amit, i have applied for PL in month of feb-13 and was rejected due bad cibil score of 642, later i have applied for cibil report and followed up with all the banks to update the same, later the same was updated and now my score is 765, now i am really need of money because of my family problems, i have applied for loan but still it got rejected and the statement given by the bank personal was my track record was not good in one of my loan which was taken in 2007 so we cant approve it. kindly help me in this regard so that i can get a PL and i can end my family problems.


    Amit Narain

    1. Hi Amit

      Sadly , your past mistakes and bad credit use is not going to mess up . I am afraid if there is any way out of this situation .

    2. Credexpert says:

      Dear Mr. Narain,

      765 is a decent score for a Personal Loan (unsecured loan). Although credit score is one the important tools considered by lending institutions for evaluating a credit application they also consider their internal credit policies.

      We would need to analyse your credit report in order to comment on the specifics that could have led to the rejection of this Personal loan.

      We offer a service under which we analyse each section of an individual’s credit report and list down the factors that have affected his score. We also point towards the next steps to be taken to increase his credit score.


  95. Sam says:

    Hi Manish,

    Being guarantor to friends home loan will affect my CIBIL Ratings?

    1. YES , I suspect you have invited trouble for yourself if you have become the guarantor for someone and he/she has defaulted. You will pay for their KARMA 🙂


    2. Obviously . Why do you think it will not ? Being a guarantor means you are taking responsibility of paying off the loan incase your friend cant !

  96. Meet says:

    I have Applied for the Axis Bank Personal Loan,and in my life i never Applied for any loan & all.But i don,y know why they have Rejected my Loan Application.I am using the Credit cards,Sometimes delaying the payment but paying it.As i am living with some monetary terms,so Accordingly seeing the Expenses.Can Anyone help me to get Rid out of this?
    Just Today Applied for the CIBIL Score,Got the Response Authentication was Not Successfull.Don,t know what to do in both of the Case?

    Thanx & Regards,
    Meet Sidhu

    1. If you have delayed in payments, then surely its going to be tough for you to get any loan very soon . First get your report and see all the remarks !

  97. Abhijit says:

    Hi Manish

    I have done payment part and was about to answer the three questions,and to my fate there was a power outage and couldn’t complete the process how should i go forward to complete the application process and get the credit report.

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Abhijit,

      Contact the customer care executive of CIBIL to know the next steps or retry registering.


  98. Killi says:

    I ordered a credit report during Jly-2012 and received 793 score. I again checked in Mar-2013 and received 784 score.

    During this period I had applied for two credit cards(now total=5 credit cards). I was surprised to see my scores have lowered. I pay all my dues usually before due date.

    I am planning to apply for home loan in near future. Will this score affect my home loan approval ?

    Is more number of cards affecting my score ?


    1. Yes, too much credit is affecting your score. Keep a balance !

    2. Credexpert says:

      Dear Killi,

      Whilst payment history is considered as one of the important factors for credit score calculation, various other factors like outstanding balances, no. of secured and unsecured loans, enquiries etc. are also considered. You have 5 open credit cards and as these are unsecured borrowing coming with high interest rates, this could be a one of the negative factors affecting your credit score, but the regular repayment history towards these unsecured credit cards will work positively towards your credit score.


  99. Shreesh Shingarey says:

    Hi Manish – the CIBIL is pathetic. The delivery of the report took 9months & they delivered the OLD report & not the updated. We with low score are treated badly but what about people like Malya ? Whats their history ? Why banks are behind him to give loans ? This sheer madness. What is the CIBIL score of Kripa Shankar Singh with 2 PAN cards ?? Its one more way to get more money from normal citizen, this helps Bank & NBFC to use their rule instead RBI .

    1. Yes , thats the issue actually. You can tell them that you will complain to RBI on this and consumer court if you are not satisfied

  100. Ajay Thapa says:

    Hi Manish,

    Hope you doing well.
    I got my Cibil report as 746 point but i was shocked to see my personal details there.It is showing that 15/10/1986 which is totally wrong as i dont have any identity proof with the details.and whatever was the due amount (i.e 30000)i do have with HDFC bank its been already settled down year ago.I have applied for the credit card and they had reject my application saying my name is with CIBIL.
    Please let me know what should i do to take further step.

    I do have all my original Identity Proof with me and i don’t have any identity proof having above details.Just let me know the next step for here.

    Prompt reply will appreciate.

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Mr. Thapa,

      The errors on your credit report need to be rectified and/or updated immediately as this could be a possible ID theft and can have a negative impact on your credit score. 746 is a decent score but the lending institution could have rejected your application depending on various factors wrongly appearing on your credit report.

      We would have to analyse your credit report in order to comment on the specific areas that have made the lender view your report negatively.


    2. Now talk to CIBIL on this and find out which bank has reported it and then contact the bank

      1. Ajay Thapa says:

        I had a word with CIBIL and HDFC bank has reported that but i dont know how would start all the procedure because bank will not address me until or unless i dont have anything against them.Because i know that everything mess from their end and they have to solve it.My freinds is working on other bank and ask me to claim your loss to my loss to the bank and file a complain.

        Is this the right way to process?

        Please assist me asap.

        Ajay Thapa

        1. If its a bank mistake, it has to be proved , you cant just say it and others will believe. So file a case with the consumer court.

  101. eassa hashim says:

    Hi Manish,

    Today i made online payment to view my credit score in cibil, unfortunately authentication wasn’t successful, so now they have asked me send the details by post, i’ve all the details only thing am confused about is my driving license has my permanent address details and my bank account statement has my office address details, and my passport has permanent address details, what details should i send?

    Awaiting for your response



    1. The address you gave has to be same which matches your cibil records , otherwise they will not give you the report

      1. eassa hashim says:

        How do i know which address they have got, what do u suggest?

        1. It will be in CIBIL

  102. RupyaGyan says:

    Nice Information. Thanks. I will apply for my CIBIL report soon.

  103. Kapil Satija says:

    Dear Manish,

    I was searching about CIBIl and landed here … and find a hope that i can found some solution of my problem here.

    Sir, I took a Loan on Credit card of SCB with out any documentation in 2011, after paid 16 emis there was some disputes between me and bank regarding late and interest charges.

    So i decided not to pay EMIs (at that time i was not aware about CIBIl score)

    Its been 3 months now i have not make payment except 500 rs in FEb 2013 after insisting from a guy from SCB.

    Now bank wanted me to settle the account or pay full payment they dont want to reverse the interest and late payment charged. I asked to EMis but they are not ready.

    Kindly suggest what to do as i want to apply home loan in future.


    1. Kapil

      What was the dispute all about ? Did they charge interest or late payment as per rules and conditions or not ? If yes, then you have to pay it , unless you do that your cibil report will be totally messed up and mostly you will not get the loans . Right now its a small amount I guess , so better pay it off,if its your mistake . Even if its not, still pay and fight with them later !

      1. Kapil Satija says:

        Dear Manish,

        It was late payment charges which i was not paid and they again n again made charges on that now DPD is 120 days bucket and total outstanding is 301000, and i had already paid 205000 against 350000 of loan…which they are not ready to convert into EMIS and its not possible me to pay the whole outstanding in one shot.

        1. Why didnt you pay the late payment charges ?

    2. Credexpert says:

      Dear Mr. Satija,

      Credit report is one of the most important tools that lending institution use to evaluate the creditworthiness of an individual. Any negative remarks on your credit report can hinder your home loan application in future.

      In interest of the same we would suggest that you repay the entire outstanding amount (assuming your present cash flows allow you to do so). Do not opt for a settlement as this would be just a temporary relief from the debt burden and will negatively impact your credit score.


  104. Amar Swaroop says:

    Dear Manish,

    I had made a settlement with ABN amro credit card almost 2 years back (Rs 7500 against the 20,000) due to finiancial crisis and they had also promised that they would refresh my cibil score. After that i dont have any other defaults other than max of 2 – 3 late payments of my credit card. However now my CIBIl score is still showing 620. I called up the bank executive and asked, they suggested that i pay the remining amount (Around 15K) and the CIBIl score would be refreshed.

    1. Is it really possible that if i pay the remaining money that my score would improve? and by how much ?

    Kindly help as i am in a better position now then wat i was 2 years back financially and i am not getting loans anywhere due to this.

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Mr. Swaroop,

      Yes, if the bank has confirmed that they would remove the “Settled” remark from your credit report post the acceptance of the outstanding amount then, you should repay. Ensure that you obtain a written confirmation from the bank stating the same.

      We cannot comment on the increase in your score, as a score is built of various components like late payments, outstanding amount, credit mix, enquiries etc.


    2. Yes, if you pay the full amount, then your report should improve . Its your right . I feel how could you believe the bank will imprve your status if you SETTLE !

  105. Venkat says:

    Hi Manish

    Before two years back I took HDFC Credit card and its end date is Dec 2013. It has a Credit Limit of 80,000. But sometimes I used above credit Limit and I paid minimum due and Over Limit fee also

    Moreover from the last one year my total due is full, i.e 80,000. Every month I paid only minimum due and again I used the credit card. So the next month statement shows full Outstanding amount 80,000. Due to some problems, every month I paid minimum amount due+ Over limit Fee + some times Late Fee.There is no Last month Dues in my statements

    My due date is 2nd of every month and my bill generated date is 12th of every month and usually I paid minimum due on 5tth..But I paid it every month before the next month bill generation. I planned to pay full outstanding amount80,000 before the cards end date

    Does this effect my CIBIL Score. Manish Please help me

    Thank you

    1. “Does it affect my CIBIL score” ! ..

      Venkat, It would be messed up fully ! .. You have done everything wrong . You were late to pay (2nd is last date), you never paid in FULL , your debt kept on growing .. THis would have serious impact on your report and score .

      Your DPD section would be very much messed up due to your minimum payments . Just check your score/report once and then come back .

    2. Credexpert says:

      Dear Venkat,

      Owing to the high interest rates charged on Credit cards, paying only the minimum due amount can result in a debt trap for you. Also your payment behaviour on your credit card can hinder the renewal of your card as well as your applications to any other card issuer.

      Yes, these late payments would have affected your credit score. The best option is to obtain your CIBIL credit report and score. Apart from these late payments there could be various other factors that could have possibly affected your credit score.


  106. asr says:

    hi manish,

    i am defaulter for more than 1000 days with icici bank.due to my financial turmoil i could not do the the 2 a/cs one is PL and another one is credit card.expecting to pay the due in a month as i have some o/s is 2lkss.i think the guys calling me are the DSA people.

    kindly clarify two things
    will the bank or DSA had the authority to send any communication to my present HR dept about my defualt ?
    is there any law from cibil with regard to the above doubt.


    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Asr,

      The bank by communicating to the HR department of your company is violating their code of conduct as they are sharing your private and confidential information.

      As banks are regulated and governed by RBI, CIBIL is not the concerned authority to issue laws related to recovery process. Check for the recent circulars issued by RBI which states the code of conduct for banks with regards to the recovery process.


    2. Generally they do not inform your HR , but the guys can do that , what stops them !

      Also your CIBIL should be totally messed up !

  107. Sirisha Reddy says:

    I have applied for the CIBIL scroe online and as the authentication failed I will have to send the hard copy of the documents, which I will do tomorrow.
    I have applied for HDFC credit card in 2012 which got reject and no reason was given.
    I have cleared the outstanding credit card payment of Barclays Bank which was due for about 3 years in May 2011. It was not a settlement but a completed payment in 2 parts which was the option given by them. I have received a NOC also for the same.
    But my doubt is did my HDFC credit card application reject due to the above reason which was closed 2 years back.

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Ms. Reddy,

      Firstly, as per the Credit Information Companies (Regulation) Act, 2005as a consumer you are entitled know the reason for the rejection of your application along with a copy of the credit report basis which the bank evaluated your credit application.

      The best option is to wait for your CIBIL credit report and score as it will provide further clarifications on the remark / status appearing against the credit card account of Barclays Bank.


    2. Only they can tell the rejection reason , ask them

  108. Siddharth Iyer says:


    I had applied for Cibil report and got 548 score. I had taken a personal loan from HDFC bank for Rs. 1,50,000. I had an installment date of 4th and my salary date which initially was 1st, had changed to 7th, with new job, I had requested the bank to shuffle the date to 7th but they didn’t and the result was every month I had a 30 day late installment for 3 years. I didn’t realise it would affect me this badly.

    Now, I earn in 7 figures and also have a part time business, however my credit score seems pathetic, any idea how to improve it and how long will it take to be atleast an average score.

    Thanks & Regards

    1. the problem is its not a NO PAYMENT issue , you paid it , but late , so your history is bad now , but you now will have to wait for 3 yrs to this to pass on .. it gets captured in DPD section

    2. Credexpert says:

      Dear Mr. Iyer,

      The late payments for whatever reasons have impacted your credit score negatively. Your payment history (good / bad) would reflect on your credit report.

      Whilst there are various generic steps to improve your credit score, we can comment on the case specific steps only after analysing your credit report.


  109. shankar says:

    Hi Manish,

    Before 2 years I took a credit card and PL after that and due to financial crashes I was unable to play both loan emi and CC outstanding. From this January I started paying my loan emi and CC (suspended) minimum amount. Now my credit card outstanding is 30,000 where the outstanding is 20,000 and the penalty is 10,000. I would like to know if it is okay to do a settlement of my CC by paying 20,000? Will it affect my credit score badly? Because after a year I wanted to top up this loan for my marriage.. Please advise the best way handle this..

    Thanks in advance.


    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Shankar,

      We would suggest that you repay the entire outstanding against the credit card instead of opting for a settlement. Settlement will impact your credit score and thus there could be possibility that your loan could be rejected.

      You could also opt for an interest free personal (family) borrowing to fill in the gap of ₹ 10,000. Making this complete payment on your credit card will boost your score and will help you avail the loan you are planning to take in future.


      1. shankar says:

        Thanks for the information. Is there any other way to improve my credit rating in next 12 months. So it will be really helpful for me to get the PL top up..

        1. Credexpert says:

          Dear Shankar,

          While there are various generic steps that could help in improving your credit score, we would be able to advise case specific steps only after analysing your credit information report.


    2. Yes it will affect . You need to pay the penalty also .

  110. Vikram says:

    Hi Manish,
    I made a blunder by defaulting a credit card payment of Rs. 9000/- since year 2009, due to some dispute with the interest charges/penalties, which now has become Rs. 15300/- including interest as per the statement I received in my email.

    I am also having a home loan since 2009. Till now I have made the regular payments of home loan EMIs except 3-4 times late by few days each time.

    I know my credit score will have been impacted badly due to credit card non-payment which I am planning to pay it at the earliest. Therefore, I tried to buy a credit score online from CIBIL a couple of times but the transaction was declined both the times inspite of the amount being deducted. I have spoken to the Bank for refund regarding this.

    I want to know, now if I clear all the dues claimed in the credit card statement will it improve my credit score and within how much time?

    How can I request the credit card bank to improve my credit score in CIBIL, and how long will it take as i want to apply for another home loan ASAP.


    1. You can pay off the full outstanding and ask your credit card to update your info with CIBIL , the report and score is not controlled by CREDIT CARD COMPANY , its a CIBIL thing . It can take some time for things to get updated . You should ideally look at 6 months to 1 yr , before applying for the loan

    2. Credexpert says:

      Dear Vikram,

      Paying the outstanding against the credit card would not improve the score immediately. The credit card issuer cannot improve your credit score. We would suggest that you wait for your credit report and score as we can comment based on the specifics.


  111. Vikram says:


  112. Benny says:

    Hello Manish,

    I have submitted the application to check CIR online yesterday. I have provided them with my PAN Card and Voter ID. I am waiting to receive the report. I am paying Rs 5000 every month in Recurring deposit in Federal Bank and also have a PPF account. I do not have a credit card or a loan. I have applied for a credit card and it was not approved by Kotak bank. I have also applied for a credit card from ICICI Bank and HDFC Bank and they were not approved. I was never given an explanation. I visited Kotak bank and I found that they did not have my resedential address. I have also updated my Resedential address. I have salary account with Kotak bank. They have also provided a free Demat account which I have never utilised. I also have salary account with some other bank’s which were associated with my previous organization. I do not maintain any money in those account. I also have a saving account with Indian Overseas Bank, I do not have any money in that Account. If I keep these account’s open, will it hamper my credit score. I understand that Often Applying for credit card will show me credit hungry. I am not credit hungry. I never had one, so I applied for one..
    I also pay some money in PACL. It is like some money back policy. Do you know whether they will check that tooo……. It is associated with my PAN card.
    Please Advise.

    1. Till now , all the things which you have will not get your a credit score . I suggest opening a FD and getting a credit card against it , its called SECURED CREDIT CARD .

    2. Credexpert says:

      Dear Benny,

      We would suggest that you close all the dormant accounts. Recurring deposit, PPF, Demat, Salary, Saving or PACL A/C are not credit / borrowings and hence would not affect your credit score.

      About the rejection of your credit card application from Kotak Bank, ICICI Bank and HDFC Bank, as a consumer you are entitled to get a copy of the credit report basis which the bank evaluated your application.

      As rightly said too many random applications will indicate a credit hungry behaviour and you should wait for your credit report and score before applying for any new credit facility.


  113. Mahesh says:

    Hi Manish,
    My Cibil score was 828 when I applied in 2011. I reapplied it yesterday, the score has improved 865. Is is possible to reach 900?
    By the way Cibil Market place hasn’t open yet for the Home loan, that feature would be highly useful.

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Mahesh,

      865 is a good credit score, continue with your positive credit behaviour and you could possibly get a score of 900.


    2. I dont think you can reach 900 .. thats like getting 100 in english in your board exam , theoratically possible , but practically not !

  114. Chandra says:

    Hi Manish,
    Recently(Dec/2012) I had settled one HSBC credit card and I am having Settlement letter and NOC from JM Financial(who took over HSBC). How much time it will take to update the same in CIBIL? Because recently I applied for a PL and got rejected. I asked them reason for the rejection and they told me that there is some Outstanding balance is there and not the “settled” status in CIBIL report. So when it will update the settlement status in CIBIL.

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Chandra,

      Lending institutions usually report the updated information to the bureau in a cycle of 30 – 45 days. Since you settled the HSBC credit card in December 2012, we assume that the same should have been updated in your credit report by now.

      However, considering that the bank you have applied to has rejected your Personal Loan due to the outstanding amount; we do not see a possibility of them approving your application if there is a “Settled” remark, more so because the settlement is recent.


    2. You mean you paid less than the outstanding ? Then it will have SETTLED remark , which is negative

  115. Chandra says:

    Hi Manish,
    I have paid Rs.470/- to know my cibil score thru online, but transaction has been failed due to some authentication details. I got a mail from CIBIL stating that upload ur Address Proof document for verification. I uploaded my Address proof. But again I got a mail from CIBIL stating that mismatch in address. I dont remember the exact address that I have given at that time of applying loan(before 5 years). Please help me how to get it resolve in this.

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Chandra,

      CIBIL would be able to generate your Credit Report only if the KYC provided by you matches their internal database. The loan application document would help you determine the address which you had submitted while applying the loan.


    2. CIBIL needs your address to be same with the banks data , so first check with bank which address was given .

  116. Nag says:

    Hi Manish,

    I have ordered for my CIBIL score first time ever and I couldn’t believe my self when my score came up at 838. Last time when I applied for a Car Loan it was rejected by SBI – reason CIBIL score of only 730 and a card account in settled status. Now after two and half years it shot by over 200 points. I have scanned the entire report three time and found that my card account (that was settled 10yrs ago) does not show settled status. How is this possible ? Is there a mistake ?

    1. Yes, it is possible that SBI has not yet reported it to CIBIL , When you had checked back long back , did that settled status appear in the report ?

      1. Nag says:

        I had settled my HSBC card account in 2002. I didn’t see the CIBIL report when I applied for a car loan with SBI, but the loan guy had said that my HSBC card is showing as settled and hence SBI had rejected my loan application. Now, my HSBC card account on CIBIL report is blank against all fields in “status ” section with nothing mentioned for settlement amount. Since its been 10 years, has HSBC stopped reporting my card details ? Or is it a mistake by HSBC ?

        1. If there is any payments you have been doing recently, then HSBC bank has to report it to CIBIL

    2. Credexpert says:

      Dear Nag,

      Any closed or settled account could be reported by a lending institution for a minimum of 7 years. As rightly said by you, since it has been 10 years, HSBC could have stopped reporting your data.


      1. Nag says:

        How would banks react if I approach for a loan (Car/Home) ? Would they have visibility to 10 year old data and make choices or look at my score alone ? Should I clear the settled status in my HSBC card which I was planning before I looked at my CIBIL score.

        1. Credexpert says:

          Dear Nag,

          In the normal course, this should not happen – that is, the account continues to appear in your report, but, for no reason, the status has changed. As we have already specified closed or settled account could be reported by a lending institution for a minimum of 7 years – and CIBIL would continue to display this account.

          If you apply for a loan now, yes the bank would see the past data as well but since the settlement is 10 years old the impact on their decision making process should be minimal and as you have specified that the status is blank, we do not see any hindrance in your application. However, we would suggest that you obtain your CIBIL credit report and score after few months just to ensure that the settled status does not reappear on your credit report.


          1. Nag says:

            Exactly what I thought. Thanks very much for all the guidance and motivation. It was only after continuously following your site that I realized the importance of positive credit behavior and glad it is showing results for the time being.

  117. Ankit says:

    Hi Mr. Manish,
    I had a cc of Citibank , issued in 2005. I did not pay the O/S amount of Rs. 13,000 or so in the year 2006. I can recollect bank once sent me a list of recovery agencies nearby to me and asked me to contact them. But I ignored and kept silent. After a few months bank stopped sending me any bill or any kind of correspondence. The story ends here. Now i am planning to go for a settlement as i am worried about the future chances of availing any loan from any bank.

    I got my CIBIL report recently. The score says- ‘NH’. The a/c shows as ‘closed’ in 2006. Date reported and certified: 2010. High credit: 71,000/-, Enquiry amount: 25,000/ with date of enquiry: 2005. The written status is : POST (WO) SETTLED.

    I need your guidance on the following points:

    What is the amount (high credit or enquiry amt), bank wants me to pay them?

    Whether for settlement i need to contact the bank directly or one of the recovery agencies they once informed me about in 2005. (i dont have that list though).

    ** pls note- in the enquiry information section of my CIBIL report the member name is shown as ‘CITIBANK’.

    Pls suggest me what to do next…

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Ankit,

      The settlement will further minimise your chances of availing a loan from any lender in the future. We would suggest that you pay the entire outstanding amount rather than opting for a settlement. Contact the bank directly to know exact details.

      A score of NH means one of the following:
      a) You do not have a credit history or you do not have enough of a credit history to be scored, i.e. you are new to the credit system
      b) You do not have any credit activity in the last couple of years
      c) You have all add-on credit cards and have no credit exposure
      The second point above could be the reason for your NH score.

      The enquiry section states the Member name as Citibank because they had obtained your CIBIL credit report and / or score to evaluate your credit worthiness when you applied to them in 2005.


    2. You should contact the bank directly and also check with them on the amount . do is asap

      1. Ankit says:

        Thanks a lot for the directions. I just want to know if I call up citibank to know my exact outstanding amount, will they in turn keep harrasing me for an early payment. Thing is that after knowing the amount I may take a month or so to pay the amount.


        1. Ankit says:

          Called up citibank. They are not ready to tell me the outstanding amount. They said they are not authorised to give any information about my account and gave me one phone no. which is of Delhi. as I googled for this no i learned it to be a citibank collection agency no.
          the following are my assumptions..

          As i initially said the The written status is : POST (WO) SETTLED, means the bank has already done the ‘write-off” action.

          Bank, after the ‘write-off’ action, sold my debt to the collection agency already…

          Even if I pay the collection agency full or partial amount they are not going to clear my CIBIL report before 7 years…

          What is best thing I can do next.. pls guide..


          1. Now you need to deal with the collection agency directly . However the bank is suppose to give you right directions and if they dont do , you can complain about htem .

  118. Navneet Gupta says:


    I have tried too times to submit the Online form but both the time transaction was sussesfully, and now it 2 month my money was not returned from bank or cibil , i tried to call there customer care no one response the phone call , now i am totally lost with this service can any one help you guys help Me.

    And what is Payment Confirmation Form and where can i get that .If some third party want some fees for processing i can pay that.

    Navneet Gupta

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Mr. Gupta,

      Contact CIBIL on +91 -22 6638 4600 and wait for their response or else you can try the alternative of writing to CIBIL and sorting out the matter.


    2. Are you not able to reach to the CIBIL customer care ? Did you mail them ?

  119. Vinay kumar J says:

    Hi Manish,

    Thanks for all the knowledge that you are sharing about Cibil.
    I have a query. I have approached Axis bank for home loan for Rs 20L. It is sanctioned but not disbursed yet.
    Due to unforeseen expenses, I am also having to take personal loan from Citibank of about 4L.

    Will the taking of personal loan affect the disbursal of my home loan? Please advice.

    1. If your home loan is already sanctioned, then it should not . but if you are going to apply for home loan later, then it might have some impact, because how much loan you are already having in your life is a criteria looked upon before giving any loan , and if your EMI burden is already high, then your future loans might be declined.

  120. Sid says:


    I have history of credits, mix of good and bad, had 3 credit cards from ICICI, Barclays and HDFC, ICICI and HDFC – Settled and Barclays – Closed after paying all the dues.

    I had taken a personal loan of Rs. 150000 and have paid off the entire amount however there were some cheque bounce charges along with some late payment fees of Rs. 10,000, I settled that amount by paying Rs. 5000 on it.

    I am awaiting my ordered report from CIBIL (Ordered 12 hours back) got the message from CIBIL that the report has been dispatched on 20/03/2013.

    I am now well placed both business wise, and financially, and I do not have any other credits available.

    My question:-
    Since I wouldn’t get any credit facility any time soon, will the money sitting in my Savings bank accounts, Fixed Deposits, Equity shares in my Demat account, Insurance, Mutual fund and PPF accounts help me in any way to increase my credit score?


    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Sid,

      Credit bureau stores, maintains and updates information only related to the “borrowings” of an individual. The scores are then calculated based on this information. The money you hold in your Savings bank A/C, Fixed deposits, Equity shares in your Demat account, Insurance, Mutual fund and PPF accounts are not borrowings and hence will not be reported to the bureau.

      The 2 settled Credit cards of ICICI and HDFC Bank and the late payments on your Personal Loan would reflect on your credit report and also would have affected your score. As rightly said, you would not be able to get any credit facility soon as these negative factors would make the lender view your report negatively.

      Since you have already applied for your CIBIL credit report and score, the best is to wait and then comment on the specifics based on the score and other factors.


    2. The only way to to improve your score if to pay off any outstanding loans if you have .. and if you do nt have any loans or credit card, better take a secured credit card against a FD to start with and pay the dues each month on time , it will help you improve your score.

      1. Sid says:

        Thanks Manish,

        Appreciate your time and advice.


  121. khushi says:

    Hi Manish,
    my cibil score is 640. I know it is quite bad! Learning from your website, i have taken secure credit card and trying to improve my score. In the meanwhile, along with my husband, we are planning to buy an apartment. My husband has no credit history (no loans, no cards ever!). and we are taking loan only on his salary eligibility. Bank insisted including my name as a co applicant as, i’m the co owner of the property, but they said they wouldnt use my salary details or anything. Even in this case, will our loan get rejected because of my credit score?

    1. If you are applying for loan , then your credit score will be looked at, and why are you getting your self involved if you are not going to pay EMI ?

    2. Credexpert says:

      Dear Khushi,

      As you are co – owner of the property you have to be the co – applicant as well. If the bank has assured that your salary would not be taken into consideration then the loan amount you would be eligible would come down by that extent. The bank could take your Credit score into consideration to evaluate your application. The best way to find out is to make an application.


  122. Anil Bhardwaj says:

    Hello Manish G,

    I am a regular reader of your blog and I am glad that I reached your blog while I was searching for the information on Term Insurance. Now I read it regularly. After reading your blog I thought I should ask for my CIBIL credit score and I one day I paid for it and hoping that I will get My credit score. And now I believe I am in serious trouble and kindly give me a chance to explain the entire situation to you:

    1. I am a permanent resident of a village of Haryana. And all my address proofs, identity proofs belong to my village address.
    2. I work in Noida with an IT Company.
    3. I live alone in Gurgaon in a rented accommodation. And I do not have any address proofs for this and I never needed one.
    4. I have never used or applied for any kind of Credit Card or a Bank Loan.

    A. I applied for my cibil score on 4th of Feb 2013 and payment was successful.
    B. I received an email stating that my verification was pending, so I should submit the document.
    C. I uploaded My Electricity Bill, DL and PAN Card on the website (All of these belong to my permanent address)
    .D. I waited for 1 week and received a reply from them that states that non of the proofs I sent them match with my details which they have in their database. They asked me to send the Address Proof which I have used while applying for a Loan or a Credit Card. (which I have never done).
    E. I sent them three emails stating that I never applied for any loans or credit card so I do not have one and I need my score to check the same and I requested my Credit Score, Which were never replied by CIBIL.
    F. I called them several times and was never able to talk to a live human.
    G. Than I received three AUTOGENERATED emails back to back from CIBIL stating that they need the proofs of the address which I have used to apply for a loan or credit card.

    It seems like I am back to square one and no one is there to listen to me. Your blog is an eye opener to my, I am trying hard to manage my personal finance so that I can lead a decent life and it seems like I am stuck on the very first step. Please guide me what to do next. I will be waiting for your reply Sir.

    Warm Regards,
    Anil Bhardwaj

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Mr. Bharadwaj,

      Since you have never applied or availed a loan or credit card, there are possibilities that your score would be -1 or NH (No History). However, you should confirm the same by obtaining your credit report.

      Try contacting CIBIL on +91 -22 6638 4600 to sort out the matter.


    2. The thing is you dont need to do all this (uploading of docs etc) when you are applying online . the uploading of docs is to be done when the payment is unsuccessful . Did you try applying online ?

      1. Sid says:

        Unfortunately, its not the truth these days, they randomly ask for documents to be uploaded online, they did this to me. It will provide a Transaction ID and inform that the authentication has failed (they would ask a few questions and check if you know the correct answers regarding your previous credit transactions), in this case we have to upload 3 documents at the Website.

        I’ve followed the procedure and they’ve mailed me the Credit Report at my Perm Add.

        1. Ok , in that case I have old information .. this is the new process it seems !

          1. Anil Bhardwaj says:

            Hello Manish G,

            After calling and sending emails to CIBIL so many times, at last I got a reply from CIBIL which is more confusing. it was very hard getting a reply from them.

            Sir, the issue is I just do not understand what exactly this reply means, I think it is creating more issues than resolving the problem. I am pasting it, please guide me what to do next:

            ” we would like to inform you that we have processed your CIBIL Report request. However, we regret our inability to generate a score on your report due to the following reasons:

            . Account information not available
            . Your report has only enquires and account information not available
            . The last date reported or date closed in your report is older than 24 months for all accounts
            . Consumer is an ‘Authorized’ user for all the accounts in the report”

            Warm Regards,
            Anil Bhardwaj

            1. Contact them on phone and get it sorted out .

  123. Nadeem says:

    I had applied for CIBIL Report after filling relevant data. Payment is done but the next step shown error. Could not able to proceed further. No emails sent from CIBIL with registration id to me. I have sent an online complaint but don’t know if it helps. The bad thing is there is no toll free number to resolve these issues.


    1. Nadeem says:

      I tried again and its failed to proceed in different browser (crome). Payment is done but shown error again. Is anybody help me to provide CIBIL customer care number to resolve this. I lost 940 = (470 + 470 ) and there is no email from CIBIL. Please Help.

      1. Just check cibil website , and you will get customer care numbers

    2. Credexpert says:

      Dear Nadeem,

      You can reach CIBIL on +91 -22 6638 4600


    3. Contact the customer care who can help you on these matters . now you might be required to send them docs !

      1. Nadeem says:

        Thanks Manish & Credexpert.

        I have tried calling multiple times to the phone number given in website. Received IVR reply but could proceed further to lodge my complaint. Its a STD call and CIBIL just keep on hold (that to on IVR). According to me CIBIL should have a toll free number & a email id to keep the record for the customer. The process is also need a change, they ask you to pay first and ask for validation in next step, why is that so?

        1. Nadeem says:

          Just now i received a mail which is reply to online complaint. . CIBIL has provided me the transaction number and asked to upload KYC documents and the report will be sent in next 7 days once they receive docs. Also they have found the other transaction number ( i did not had the Reg number in first case) & the excess payment of Rs 470/- will be refunded to your account within 5 business days.

          In my opinion its better to contact online (better than CC ) and put your grievances , they will take sometime to reply.


          1. Ok great to hear that Nadeem .. so you should get the report in few days !

  124. Santosh says:

    Hi Manish,

    This is very informative, I have one question that Is all private and co-operative banks uses CBIL score or only nationalized and Big private banks uses this report?


    1. Every one used CIBIL 🙂

    2. Credexpert says:

      Dear Santosh,

      All lending institutions have to provide all borrower information to at least one bureau i.e. CIBIL, Equifax or Experian. Also, to evaluate the credit worthiness of an individual’s application, they have to obtain a credit report from any one of them.

      So yes, all lending institutions use credit reports but not necessarily CIBIL credit report.


  125. Ankur Singh says:

    Hi Manish,

    I just got introduced to your site, I must say it is highly informative.
    I have a situation and would really appreciate your expert advice.

    I just got my Cibil score (via online form) as you explained in above article. And my score is 760+; however during my young age I made some stupid mistake of over-duing my Credit card and an auto loan, however later I did settled both of them. This settlement is not reflecting in my credit score/report card.
    Recently I applied for loan, which got rejected as they said I have Cibil issue (which led to this investigation).

    I want to know,
    – Should I ask Cibil to close and reflect my old settled loan and credit card in Cibil report card? Can you please guide me how to do it.
    – If above is done, will my score drop down from 760+?

    Thanks in Advance

    1. Ankur

      The first point is . if you have settled the loan , means if you have paid less than what you had to pay, its something wrong and negative for your financial life and it will be reported to your CIBIL report, looks like your bank has not done so .. once they do it, your report will be more messed up and look bad. You have to ask your credit card company to report it to CIBIL

      To get out of this, you will have to correct your mistakes and now will have to pay those amounts which will take your score up !

    2. Credexpert says:

      Dear Mr. Singh,

      Is the account not appearing on your report or is the settled remark not reflecting against this account? If the settled remark starts reflecting in your report then yes it will affect your score negatively. The only way to remove it and thereby increase your score is by paying the outstanding amount against this account.

      760 is a decent score and the there could be other factors other than these settlements that could have affected your score. We need to analyse your report n order to comment on the specifics.


  126. raja sekhar reddy says:

    Hi Manish,

    This is Raja Sekhar reddy.C, perviously i have hdfc credit card and missuse that. credit limit is 35000rs. few months total dew amount is 55980rs. last January 22nd i paid entire amount not for settlement. and another thing one of my friend has taken my checks and put my signs . he submitted into the banks. but those are check bouns(4 checks (2 in axis and 2 in Standard charted)).

    present my credit score is 680. how to improve my credit score.

    i applied credit card and personal both are rejected. without out loan and credit card how could i improve my credit score. Give me some tips i have to go that way.

    please send as soon as possible.

    Raja Sekhar Reddy

    1. Sadly .. all these reasons are not going to help you . The fact is you settled and your cheque bounced .. thats all .. Now take corrective measures by paying back the amount .

    2. Credexpert says:

      Dear Mr. Reddy,

      The late payments on your HDFC Bank credit card would affect your credit score and will make lenders view your report negatively.

      The cheques that bounced were pertaining to repayments towards credit card0, loan or expense? If they were towards the repayments of credit card or loan then they would reflect on your report as late payments.

      680 is an average score and since you do not have any open loan or credit card the repayments on which could have helped improve your score, we would suggest that you opt for a secured credit card. Do not apply randomly for credit facilities, repay on time, have a balance between secured and unsecured loans and your score will improve gradually.


  127. vinod sudhakar pawar says:

    give my cibill report

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Mr. Pawar,

      You would have to obtain your credit report and / or score from Kindly visit their website to know more about the price, online process etc.


  128. Vijay says:

    my credit score is 729 . 8 years back i had a credit card which i couldnt closed it and in CIBIL it is showing as 20000 rupees outstanding still . now i have got a call from HDFC stating that i have a pre approved loan of 5 Lakh rupees. i would like to know what are the chances for me to apply to get this loan ? my current salary take home is 65000 PM.Will HDFC bank able to give this Loan or they will reject looking at my credit history..your valuable comments on this would really appreciate

    1. Vijay says:

      Will the bank still check the CIBIL ?

    2. Credexpert says:

      Dear Vijay,

      729 is a decent score, but since you have not made repayments on this credit card, there will be late payments reflecting against this account. This could make the lender view your report negatively and yes HDFC Bank will consider your past credit history before approving the loan.

      Also please note that a pre approved loan need not necessarily mean that the same will be sanctioned. Opt for the pre approved loan only if you genuinely need it as the high interest rate could affect your cash flows.

      Though the late payments would be reflecting on your report even after the outstanding balance is repaid, we would suggest that you repay the same because if unpaid this amount will balloon further.


    3. Pre approved loan does not mean anything .. its just a trap for you to apply !

  129. Vijay says:

    Hi ,

    my credit score is 729 . 8 years back i had a credit card which i couldnt closed it and in CIBIL it is showing as 20000 rupees outstanding still . now i have got a call from HDFC stating that i have a pre approved loan of 5 Lakh rupees. i would like to know what are the chances for me to apply to get this loan ? my current salary take home is 65000 PM.Will HDFC bank able to give this Loan or they will reject looking at my credit history..your valuable comments on this would really appreciate

    1. Robin says:

      Yes, The Bank would still go ahead and check your CIBIL for eligibility. Its a Pre Approved offer what you have got, but not an Approved Loan. You would have to go through all the approval process which may include submission of all or minimum documentation along with CIBIL score review.

  130. NAW says:

    Hi Manish

    I have take 2 commercial vehical loan from MAGMA FINN.I have made timely payment.I want to know whether it is considered for CIBIL.If yes how can I submit the relevant document to boost my CIBIL score.


    1. Yes .. if you have made all the payments on time, then your CIBIL score should be good enough , assuming there are no other issues !

    2. Credexpert says:

      Dear Naw,

      Yes, both the commercial vehicle loans would be reflected in your credit report. If you have made timely payments on these two loans and any other loans you have availed then, your CIBIL score would be good.


  131. Uday Kiran says:

    Dear Manish,

    I took housing loan from LIC HFL and my payment option is through ECS. In recent past due to change in utility code of the bank my ECS was not recovered in time (as long as for 3months) and still the bank never called me for repayment (i too got little lazy and waiting for a call from bank for repayment). Later i paid all 3 EMI’s in single cheque and cleared all dues.

    Now after a year when i applied for HDFC-car loan, it got rejected due to bad score and i was advised to take a clarification from the LIC HFL.

    Is it possible to change the bad status from CIBIL for which i was not responsible in change of bank utility no?


    1. Sadly , this is the issue with your DPD section , which is not going to change like that .. it will only remove as the years pass by , read about DPD here –

    2. Credexpert says:

      Dear Mr. Kiran,

      The fact is that you as a borrower you are responsible to make the payments to the lender. If you knew that you were late but were still waiting for the call from the bank, then you should not have been lazy. Also do you have any other loans / credit cards? If yes then, how are your payments them?

      Many other factors could have affected your credit score. We would need to analyse your report to comment on the specifics.


  132. Rajan Ghadi says:

    HI Manish,
    I have different experience and does not know what to do now.

    I got credit report generated on Feb 26th 2013. Now I have 2 months for dispute of information. I disputed for one of the items.

    Dispute was regarding SBI not showing all inforamations about my EMIs of home loan.

    When I tried follow-up with dispute # given to me,
    1. CIBIL said they are following up with bank and waiting for reply. Once SBI provides full updated information, they will update their records and resolve dispute request.
    2. SBI said CIBIL has direct access to our systems and CIBIL has not updated information. Infact branch manager informed me that CIBIL do this purposefully to get money for further follow-ups. So SBI says it is not party in default but its CIBIL.

    both information are oral and nothing in writing. Shall I write written letter to SBI and request them to give me in writing that they have given all information to CIBIL. If they give such confirmation, I can ask CIBIL further why they have not updated this information, or the other way round if I get confirmation from CIBIL on email, I can ask SBI?

    What do you suggest? how I should proceed?

    1. Yes. .you should ask it in writing from SBI , if they do not, just tell them they will have to give it anyways when you file a RTI .. And if they dont, then really file a RTI, they will not be able to do anything then ..

      Note that Banks take around 30-45 days to update CIBIL with the latest date , make sure you factor in that point

    2. Credexpert says:

      Dear Mr. Ghadi,

      The lending institution submits updated borrower information to CIBIL on monthly or quarterly basis. Your CIBIL report would reflect the information if submitted by SBI. We would suggest that you wait for the reply from CIBIL and then follow up with SBI.


  133. Naresh says:

    Hi Manish,
    My Cibil Score is 777.
    I did some mistakes in past. Please help me in follwoing issues:
    1. I used one credit card from 2006, which did all the mess. I paid all the outstanding amount (including charges & everything) & got the NOC on Feb-2010. But the “DATE CLOSED” section is still blank. Please suggest me that does it matter & should I talk bank & report this issue?
    2. In the above credit card, DPD section is messed up:
    DPD/AC 000 900 900 900 00 XXX 900 886 855 825
    MONTH-YEAR 03-10 02-10 01-10 12-09 11-09 10-09 09-09 08-09 07-09 06-09
    The last entry is of March-2010, which is 000. Is it okay? If not, is there any way to improve it?
    3. There was one more card which I failed to pay. I paid full amount in June-2011 & got the NOC. For this, DPD section is clear, but the “DATE CLOSED” is again missing. Please suggest me that does it matter & should I talk bank & report this issue?


    1. You can not correct DPD section like this, it will get corrected on its own in few years . Regarding the date closed, it should have the date , talk to the credit card company about it on why they have not updated that ?

      1. Naresh says:

        Hi Manish,

        Thanks for your reply. But I still have some query:
        1. As I mentioned my DPD,
        DPD/AC 000 900 900 900 000 XXX 900 886 855
        MONTH-YEAR 03-10 02-10 01-10 12-09 11-09 10-09 09-09 08-09 07-09
        I understand that it will get corrected on its own in few year. I know that CIBIL maintains 7 years history. The last entry is of March-2010 (3 years old) is 000. Does it mean that it will take another 4 years to get corrected?
        2. For one of my current credit card, “CREDIT LIMIT” & “CASH LIMIT” is blank. Should I raise a dispute report to get it corrected or it doesn’t matter?


        1. 1. Yes.. it can take 4 yrs .. also CIBIL maintains minimum 7 yrs of history . So maximum is not defined, it can have it for more than 7 yrs also

          2. Yes . Raise an issue with it .

          1. Naresh says:

            Hi Manish,
            I notices one more interesting thing in my CIBIL report. I defaulted in 2 credit cards. I paid the complete amount (including charges) of one card in 02-2010 & received the NOC. (This is the above one). Lender Reported my DPD in next month (03-10) as 000 & then stopped reporting to CIBIL. The DPD for this card looks like:
            DPD/AC 000 900 900 900 000 XXX 900 886 855
            MONTH-YEAR 03-10 02-10 01-10 12-09 11-09 10-09 09-09 08-09 07-09

            For second card, I paid in 2011 & received NOC. They are reporting to cibil till date with 000 (Which is good for my DPD section). The DPD for this section looks like:
            DPD/AC 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000
            MONTH-YEAR 01-13 12-12 11-12 10-12 09-12 08-12 07-12 06-12

            For the lender didn’t mentioned the Closed date.

            So my question is which lender is doing it wrong, since both have issued me the NOC (in 2010, & 2011 respectively) – one which stopped reporting after giving NOC or the one which is still reporting?

            Thanks a lot.

            1. Naresh says:

              Can anybody please help me in the above query. I’m really wondering that which bank did mistake. It will help in contacting the correct bank.

              Thanks in advance.

            2. Once the loan is stopped, then DPD does not make sense ..

        2. Yes. raise the issue with CIBIL on this , and that 7 yrs is MINIMUM .. not maximum ,. It can go to 15 yrs also !

    2. Credexpert says:

      Dear Naresh,

      Yes, if any loan / credit card is paid completely and closed then, there should be a date closed against this loan. Raise a dispute with the bureau for the same.

      Since the credit card was closed in February 2010, the payment history reported would be up to March 2010. This account would be reflected in your report for a minimum of 7 years but the credit history reported would not change even after 4 years.

      No, a wrong credit or cash limit could have affected your score. Non- reporting should ideally not matter.


  134. Shiva says:

    I have applied online, but in authentication step 3, not moving further.
    What i have to further to complete the process.

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Shiva,

      If the authentication was unsuccessful or unavailable then, you would have to upload the KYC documents online. Alternatively you could also call the customer care to know the next steps.


    2. Check with customer care of CIBIL on this

  135. nagaraju says:

    Hi manish
    Good day to you. Recently i came to know about the CIBIL scorings when my loan got rejected by citibank.yesterday i tried twice to apply for cibil scoring online i am not successful. Money 470/Rs is getting deducted twice from my account but i am getting a message stating that transaction failed. When i checked my debit card account the amount of 470/Rs + 470/Rs (2 times ) got deducted. This i have done by taking the advice from one of debtdoctor agent only. now he is saying to wait until il get a mail from cibil with transaction id, then he is asking me to forward that email to him. so that i can get your scoring.
    so please suggest me how to go about now. can i call up citibank customer care and ask for reversal or is it something like i need to wait till cibil reverts.

    somehow i want to clear my bad history in cibil. please suggest.


    1. This is a CIBIL related issue not CITI . DO one thing , better talk to CIBIL customer care directly and tell them about this, they will resolve it for you !

      1. nagaraju says:

        Thanks manish.. sure i will call up cibil customer care and explain the issue.

    2. Credexpert says:

      Dear Mr.Nagaraju,

      Did you get any transaction id or registration id? If yes, then we would suggest that you contact CIBIL customer care and sort the matter with them following which you can contact Citibank for reversal of 1 payment of Rs.470/-. For security reasons, the bureau communicates with the consumer directly, hence in interest of saving time we would advise you to communicate with CIBIL directly.

      Did Citibank mention the reason for rejection of your loan application? And have you been making any late payments?


  136. Amartya Ghosal says:

    Hi Manish,
    Two questions.
    1. 3 years back, one of my credit card application request got rejected as I did not have any credit history then. (no loans, no card etc.) I believe this does not have any effect now in my credit score?

    2. I have no due in my credit cards but once I paid the due amount 1 month late (was charged interest on that due) and also converted some spending into EMIs. Does this affect credit score?


    1. Amartya

      1. It does not effect your score

      2. It will appear in your DPD section , but its a minor issue . Converting loan into EMI gets recorded into report saying “ReSTRUCTURED” .. does not have a very big effect, bit still it can point out that it was tough for you to service the loan , so you converted to EMI .

      1. Amartya Ghosal says:

        Thanks Manish for the reply. But now a days all the credit cards and even some merchant sites offer EMI’s. Is it a trap then?

        1. Hehe.. you got it 🙂 .. Its like they create the SUPPLY , DEMAND automatically happens !

      2. Abhay says:

        Depends on which bank is reading the report. A bank like SBI will outright reject/delay (by 1-2 months) the application if it sees the word ‘Restructured’
        They go by CIBIL blindly and will refuse to understand why the word has been mentioned..

    2. Credexpert says:

      Dear Amartya,

      Below are the answers to your queries;
      1. No, the credit card rejection would not have any effect on your score as we assume that it was the only case of rejection.
      2. The only instance of late payment would not affect your score, however there would be a “restructured” remark on your report as you converted your payment into EMIs. Restructured remark could be viewed negatively by lenders as this indicates your inability to repay the outstanding. Yes, now a days lenders also offer EMIs facility but in that case the payments are structured in that way at the initial point of sale and hence does not affect your score.


  137. Anand says:

    Hi Manish,
    Inspired from your forum, i purchased my Credit Report, It is showing my score 721, how this score will be seen by Financial Institutions, I have 2 Credit Cards, only negative thing I noticed in my report is high utilization of my credit limit, does it really matters. I have never skipped ‘minimum amount due’ of my credit card. how can I increase my score.

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Anand,

      721 is an average score. High credit utilization does affect your credit score and we would advise that you start making the entire amount instead of paying the minimum due amount. You will have to be a prudent borrower and reduce your utilsation.

      These steps would help improve your score but other than these are there any other negative factors on your report? Are you making timely repayments? We would need to analyse your report to comment on the specifics that has affected your score.


  138. rakesh says:

    Hi Manish,
    In my cibil report for citi bank credit card WRITTEN-OFF STATUS is POST (WO) SETTLED and urrent balance is zero. how can this line item be removed from cibil report ?does it affect my credit score?

    1. Did you not pay the FULL amount ?

    2. Credexpert says:

      Dear Rakesh,

      Yes, the Written Off remark does affect your credit score and would be viewed negatively by lenders as it shows your inability to service the loan. Also your report would reflect the late payments.

      What is your credit score? How many loan / credit cards do you have presently? And are you making timely repayments on the same?


  139. Raghavan says:

    Hi Manish,

    My CIBIL score is 805!!! When I tried for a personal loan in Citibank, it seems that my details provided doesn’t meet their Credit Parameters and hence got rejected. But the amount got added in the Enquiry Information under CIBIL Report.
    Can you advise me how long will it get displayed in the Enquiry Information as my application is getting rejected when applied for Personal Loan.

    1. Just because your score is 805 does not mean a lot . Also check the report ,what does it contain , is DPD section messed up or not ? Is your past payments on track or not . Is your usage of loans appropriate or not ? All matters . Did the bank tell you the exact reasons for not approving the loan ?

    2. Credexpert says:

      Dear Raghavan,

      805 is a good score. But we assume that there are other factors in your report that is making lenders view your report negatively. We would have to analyse your report in order to comment on the specifics.

      About the enquiry information, they remain on your report for a minimum period of 7 years. Do not make any new applications as this will only result in increased number of enquiries.


  140. Sridhar says:

    Dear Manish, I am planning to apply for a home loan. I checked my credit score in CIBIL report, I got a score of 794. My first question, is this score valid for House Loan from LIC Housing Fin? I observed in my report that one of the SCB Credit Card Status is showing “WRITTEN-OFF STATUS : RESTRUCTURED LOAN”. What it means? I have paid my total due in long back and they have given a settlement letter also. Is this bad status? If so, How can I get rid of this status. Please help me.

    1. First point is there is no score, which can tell you have its guaranteed to get a loan . A score is just an added advantage , More than score, focus on your report and what all it contains . Did you pay the full outstanding amount in past or settled it by paying a lower amount ? Or you converted your loan on EMI ?

    2. Credexpert says:

      Dear Sridhar,

      794 is a good score to apply for home loan but the decision would be at the discretion of the lender / credit provider.

      If you had paid the entire outstanding against the SCB credit card then, why did the bank issue a settlement letter? Settlement is a negative remark as it shows an individual’s inability to repay a loan. Request you to clarify the above point enabling us to guide and advise further.


  141. Kumar says:


    I got 771 score from CIBIL. Manish., Is this a good score to apply for loans and credit cards?

    1. THere is no formula which can tell you like that .. but if your report is clean, 771 is a decent score

      1. Kumar says:

        thank you Manish….

    2. Credexpert says:

      Dear Mr. Kumar,

      771 is a decent score to apply but the final decision to approve the loan would be at the discretion of the lender.


      1. Kumar says:

        thank you Credexpert…

  142. Ajay Kumar says:

    Hi Manish, Greetings!

    I have purchased a consumer loan for laptop 3 years ago and could not pay 4 payments as i lost my job and also told the company that till i get my job give me time. and after 2 years i cleared it off. I now have a gold loan of 50000 purchased 4 months ago which will be cleared off within a month. 6 months back i applied for axisbank credit card which was been rejected due to cibil score. So What are the step that i can take to improve my score and get a minimum loan or credit card?

    And also suggest me about instant credit cards on F.D and gold loans will they qualify for the Cibil score. long does it take for a company to update score with the cibil.

    1. Ajay

      Seems like your DPD section is messed up because of that 4 months delay in payments .. it will only get removed in 1-2 yrs now .

    2. Credexpert says:

      Dear Mr. Kumar,

      Do you mean that these late payments of 4 months are the only late payments made by you? What is your credit score and are there any other factors besides these late payments that could have affected your score?

      Credit cards are unsecured loans and hence the lending institutions are more cautious in approving the same. If there are no other late payment and negative factors on your report then, we would suggest that you apply to some other lender. Also secured credit cards are always a good option as they help in improving your score. Yes, credit scores are one of the factors considered for gold loans.

      Lastly, lending institutions report the data to the bureau either monthly or quarterly.


  143. Dharmesh says:

    Dear Manish,

    I had a Credit card and personal loan from a Bank. I had issue with both the bank as below

    Loan on Credit card (Year 2009): Service tax on Interest has been charged to me and also at the time of repayment, prepayment charges has been levied to me. I fought with the bank for service tax on Interest as the service tax on Interest is not applicable. Since I have not made payment towards Interest bank has debited me for several penal charges i.e. Rs.450/- each month, which I dint paid. I fought with bank and got all the charges reversed.

    Personal Loan (Year 2010): I took loan in 2006 and at the time of closure bank has demanded additional Rs.2500 (Aprox) as compare to loan repayment schedule given to me at the time loan was availed. On going through my loan statement I observed that the bank has taken the credit on my Installment on 16th of the month where as I got ECS Debit in my bank on 10th of every month and since bank is crediting there record with dealy my Interest cost has gone up. I issued several letter to the bank and finally i got the loan closure letter.

    I was under impression that my both the above loan account is clear but not i got to know that its showing me as defaulter in CIBIL which was actually due to the bank default.

    I would like to know what course of action available with me?

    Please help me on above to get my CIBIL clear as early as possible. You can also contact me at 8898507555.


    1. If both the things are amicably closed in your favor, then bank has reported CIBIL , which is wrong ,get it clarified by bank again and if they dont budge, you need to move to consumer court

      1. Dharmesh says:

        Thanks Manish

  144. Harleen says:

    Hi Manish,

    After clearing the outstanding amount of credit card, how much time does it take to refresh the cibil score.

    1. Should take 30-45 days !

    2. Credexpert says:

      Dear Harleen,

      The credit score would be updated as and when the lender submits your credit information to the bureau which usually happens on a monthly / quarterly basis.


  145. Stalin says:

    Hi Manish,
    I have been a regular follower of your blogs on insurance and loans and CIBIL. I have a strange question and would surely be more than happy to know the answer. I know the good and average and excellent scores, but would like to know what is the highest CIBIL score achieved by an individual. I would certainly like to break that record LOL! Happy hunting.

    1. Stalin

      If you want to know, I have seen scores like 860 till now .

      1. Venkatasubbarao Kuchi says:


        I was curious too to know the same. I checked my cibil score a few days back and it turned out to be 860. This was not just a random number and I have done every bit to ensure all my loans are paid off on time. Feel like getting a distinction in exams.

  146. karthik says:

    Hi Munish,

    My pre approved personal loan rejected due to CIBIL. Is there any possibility to transfer the personal loan to my name if someone can get, using their account?

    If so, will they verify my CIBIL score just to my accept the loan responsibility from other?

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Karthik,

      No, it is not possible to transfer a loan in your name if someone else avails it using their account and “score” as the liability will be of the other individual and based on his score the loan will be sanctioned.


    2. Karthik

      I dont think even a loan transfer is possible .

  147. Lakshminarayanan says:

    I tried to register and pay for CIBIL report today
    Did that using my netbanking and the amount was debited.
    But the next page in the authentication process showed technical errors and I am now stranded inbetween.
    No confirmation mail from CIBIL nor reversal of payments.
    Has anyone else faced the same problem?

    1. This happens at times, just call their customer care and they should be able to help you out !

      1. Lakshminarayanan says:

        Thanks for the directions Manish.
        I got their direct number (Which was not shown in the site) from the main number.
        Just in case someone can use this information for future.
        the direct number is 022-61404300
        Dial 1 and then dial 9 for support executive.
        I got my confirmation email just now and filled up.

        1. thanks for sharing that 🙂

    2. Credexpert says:

      Dear Lakshminarayanan,

      This is a technical problem. The customer care of CIBIL will help you for the same.


  148. Raja says:

    Dear Manish,
    Some one stole my Identity and procured a credit card in HDFC Bank some 3 years ago and defaulted on it.
    Who is liable for that amount Me or the Bank.
    Pls suggest the action to be taken.

    1. If you can show that it was a fraud done by someone, then you can fight a case against them. And better make sure you keep your documents properly!

    2. Credexpert says:

      Dear Raja,

      When did find about the identity theft? When did you initiate action and what exactly did you do? Is the card still active? What are the outstanding amounts against this card? Did you have any evidence to show that it was not you who either applied for or used this card? The options before you will depend on some of the answers above.


      1. Raja says:

        Dear Team,
        I came to know about this by this month only when banking agency called me for the delayed payment the Amount Spent is around 15oo (Before 3 Years)and they are demanding payment nearly 1.5 lac.
        I have not intiated actions but asked for the entire documents like Application forms, Details of expenditures.
        I did had 2 of the cards from same HDFC Bank and closed it 2 Years ago without any pending and I am using a New Card from same HDFC Bank which i bought 4 Months ago.
        Pls suggest the course of Action.

        1. Credexpert says:

          Dear Raja,

          Yes, asking for the detailed expenditures would help you to some extent. Is the credit card that the bank agency is demanding money against still open? We would suggest that first you apply for your credit report and score. Your credit report will point out the exact details of this HDFC Bank credit card.


        2. First of all find out how its 1.5 lacs now . If its as per terms and conditions , you need to clear it

  149. ramakant says:

    Dear manish
    i have apply for personal loan but rejected bcz of cibill then i serch about cibill.then after i about informatin about cibill,i want to know how to remove the cibill neg.scoree & i have credit card limit is 45000k i have use 35000k but couple of month i am not paid proper time my credit payment.that effect to my personal loan so how i can get resovle my problem.if if i will paid all the amount at that time then my cibill scores improve after some day ple guie me how to handle my this problem.
    thank you

    1. If you have any unpaid amount, you will have to clear that.

    2. Credexpert says:

      Dear Ramakant,

      The late payments have affected your credit score. Personal loans are unsecured loans and lenders are cautious while approving the same. There is need to improve your score to minimize the chances of rejection of your application.


  150. SURAJ says:

    Hi Manish

    I am suraj. applied for credit card & lender rejected my application due to low cibil score so, I applied online for my CIBIL score either I have never took any kind of loan and credit card. please suggest

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Suraj,

      Did you ask your credit score? As a consumer you are entitled to ask the lender a copy of the credit report used for evaluating your application.

      We can comment on the specifics only after your score is known to us.


    2. Suraj

      First apply for your report and check how much is score and other issues.

  151. Vivek says:

    Hi Manish

    But the problem is i am unable to get the details of the bank from where that person has taken loan and who is that person.
    So let me know how to get details and from where.

    I have taken a loan from SBI Bank and they showed me this credit list and there i found this ISSUE and they didnt help me further and mentioned me to contact info@cibil for the details.

    Can you please help me how to get the details or from where?


  152. Sanjeev says:

    I just tried to apply for cibi report. MOney got deducted and nothing happened. Igot an error. How to get the refund now.

    Below error which i got

    Dear Consumner you have been redirected to this page possibly because you have pressed the browsers back button. If this redirection happened because you submitted your form,the transaction was not successful.

  153. Sanjeev Ranjan says:


    I just tried to apply for CIBIL report . Money got deducted from my account and nothing happened. I got below error. What to do now? Please help

    Dear Consumner you have been redirected to this page possibly because you have pressed the browsers back button. If this redirection happened because you submitted your form,the transaction was not successful.

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Mr. Ranjan,

      This seems to be technical error. Contact the customer care of CIBIL to know the next step in this case.


  154. Sanjay Sharma says:

    Dear Manish,
    Kindly inform me about the procedure of removing case from CIBIL.
    I took a loan from LIC Housing Finance Ltd and promosed to pay EMIs on time but due to some reasons I made some default and my cheque were bounced. Last year I fully paid the loan and got the letter from LIC. This year I applied in HDFC for a car loan but they rejected on the basis my case registered in CIBIL. So what is the procedure to correct my credit rating in CIBIL.

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Mr. Sharma,

      The history of your late payments would be reflected on your credit report inspite of making this payment. Was this loan written – off? If yes, then did you check your credit report to check if the written – off remark is removed from your credit report?

      We would advise that you obtain your credit report to check the score and the factors that have affected your score.


  155. Arun says:

    Hi Manish,

    I have purchased CIBIL report twice in last 6 months by paying Rs. 470 each time and i noticed that my score is 651 in both the reports with one of my PL account shown as “Written Off” with very bad DPD. After this i approched the bank and closed the entire amount for this particular account which is shown as ‘Written off”.

    Now after 45 days i again purchased the report my score is still 651, however the PL account is now showing as closed with “0” balance. But i could not see any changes in the score. Please let me know is this normal or only in mycase.

    Will my score not increase even after getting the dues closed ?

    Thanks in advance


    1. The score should increase a bit , but there is no rule like this that it should always increase. wait for few months and you should see a jump

      1. Arun says:

        At this stage will i be able to get “Home Loans” ? what chances you see as i have nothing negative in my report now, except for my score being 651.

        1. The score is not good enough .. its just average .. Depending on home loan company parameters, I am not sure if they will approve !

    2. Credexpert says:

      Dear Arun,

      Ideally your score should increase post the payment of a written off account. Monitor your score after a few months to check if there is any increase in your score.


      1. Arun says:

        Thank you for your reply.

        Will check the report after few months again however i have one query here. Since my DPD for the written off account is too high in the current report and will any ways cannot be corrected, only difference in the current report is “written off” account is now showing as closed but will this DPD stop from my score getting increased in the coming months ?


        1. Credexpert says:

          Dear Arun,

          Yes, now your report will show a date closed against the Written Off account. Also the Written Off status would also be removed from your report. The DPD which cannot be changed would “affect” your score increase but would not stop the increase.


  156. Karthikeyan says:

    Hi Manish,

    I have pre approved personal loan sanctioned by my bank. Did they verify my CIBIL score, before approving the loan? Or will they verify after I apply for it?

    However, today I applied for it. Curious to know the result in order to take next step if this fails.

    Your quick reply is highly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

    1. Pre-approved loan just means that you have lot of cash in bank or are into a job and bank is able to see a regular supply of money. They dont do any checks before hand. When you apply for loan, everything starts fresh !

  157. Kiran Jonnakuti says:

    Dear Mr.Manish,
    i have some issues with 3 credit cards and one personal loan in past , due to jobless for some i couldn’t able to pay the dues on time , but at the end i have negotiated and settled ICICI,HSBC,HDFC,SBI Credit cards, now there is no due , but the mistake i did was instead of paying total dues ,i have requested banks and negotiated and settled , at that point of time i dont have any other option, due this i have not got car loan from axis bank even though i have a salary a/c with them in the year 2011 ,so i have taken car loan from Magma finance(kolkata based) with high interest compared to other banks and last 24 months paying on time and i have CITI bank credit card paying on time every month , but recent past i have applied SBI railyway credit card & axis bank ( salary a/c transaction per annum 6.5L above) got rejected , now how can i develop my credit rate from bad mode to good mode….i was told all my settlements are more than 3 years old now i can hire a lawyer and get the clearance from cibil through court in the from no objection kind of certificate , it is possible , kindly guide me how to get good score.

    1. The only option is to pay the dues now .. ask your banks how much you need to pay now to clear everything .

      1. Kiran Jonnakuti says:

        Mr.Manish the cibil score is 789 as on 05.02.2013

        as i mentioned that i have settled and now i got the settlement letters a couple 5years back and a couple 2 years back

        after getting cibil score i just checked into cibil market place but it is showing only personal loan offer and remaining zero ……how to improve the score from 789 to better score and current score 789 is better or worse please suggest

    2. Credexpert says:

      Dear Kiran,

      Approach the lenders and check if they are ready to accept the outstanding payments towards a settled account and remove the settled remark from your report. If yes, then make the required payment (assuming your cash flows allow you to do so).

      Also ensure that you have a written confirmation of the same from the bank before making the payment. Your score will improve post these payments.


  158. Krishna says:

    Hi Manish… I ve taken one personal loan frm a pvt bank 2yrs back .. i repayed all the amount including interest whatever they have charged.. but still my name is there is CIBIL default list..Can you please advise… which helps me to proceed further..

    1. Check your cibil report first and find out what is the status ? Only the bank will be able to explain for the status !

  159. subhash chander sharma says:

    dear manish,
    first of all i would like to appreciate the efforts you are doing.i never applied for home loan in my life as per best of my knowledge but i am surprised to see it is reflecting
    in cibil report when some finance agency esquire about my cibil credit report. so pl. help me out of this false report.i feel this cibil agencies is spoiling the life of innocent peoples &there is no authority which can check the misdeed done by cibil agency.

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Mr. Sharma,

      Did you check your CIBIL score? Is the enquiry made by “x” lender the only erroneous information appearing on your credit report? These errors need to be remove from your report to improve your score.


    2. Which bank is it ? You will have to check with the bank about it.

  160. Deepu nerusu says:

    Dear Manish,

    My CIBIL score is 713. I need Personal Loan.
    where can i get it.

    1. Haresh says:

      Sir. You are not supposed to dsiclose your score outside. It prones to your identity theft.

      1. Haresh

        Thats a good point, however the score keeps on changing each month .. Can you explain how it can amount to identity theft , suppose I tell you my score is 803 , how will you take advantage of it ?

        1. HAresh says:


          I dont know. I thought of US Score scenario and I gave my opinion here.

          1. Thanks for that Haresh !

    2. Not sure if a lot of banks will be ready to give you the personal loan at that score, is your report clean ?

      1. Vivek says:

        Hi Manish,

        I went to apply for a loan for my car and when i filled all the forms related to it and then i came to know from the Bank people that there is some loan is tagged to my PAN card and in my name and that too a Auto Car loan from last year Feb 2012 and i really don’t have any idea about this.
        And the bank person told me to drop a mail to and i already did that but still i havent got any details about this loan or any feedback from them.

        I am confused and shocked how that loan is linked to my PAN card and i asked all my close friends and they are also not aware and havent taken loan.

        Please help me how to go ahead with this.


        1. I am not shocked to hear this, this is a identity theft issue and happens in India 🙂 .. Some one managed to get your PAN card xerox and used it in wrong way.. you know how strong things are checked in India. better contact the bank from whom the loan is taken and ask them for details ..

          1. Vivek says:

            Thanks Manish for the quick response…..
            But the problem is i am unable to get the details of the bank from where that person has taken loan and who is that person.
            So let me know how to get details and from where.

            I have taken a loan from SBI Bank and they showed me this credit list and there i found this ISSUE and they didnt help me further and mentioned me to contact info@cibil for the details.

            Can you please help me how to get the details or from where?


        2. Credexpert says:

          Dear Vivek,

          We would suggest you to obtain your credit report and score as it will reflect the details of the lender name of the Auto loan. There is a possibility that some other individuals credit history is reflecting on your credit report due to the de-duping logic of the bureau.

          Meanwhile wait for the reply from CIBIL.


    3. Credexpert says:

      Dear Deepu,

      Personal loans are unsecured loans and lenders will be cautious in approving the same. It is difficult to comment on whether 713 is a good score to apply for a personal loan; having said which you should apply for a personal loan only if you are in crisis.

      There are websites like Apna Paisa and Bank Bazaar that will give details of Personal loans offered by various lenders.


  161. Radhika says:

    Hello Manish,

    I would like to know if a CIBIL report shows details of the liabilities or mortgages where I am a guarantor and neither an applicant nor a co-applicant. The reason is – a few years ago I agreed to sign on the loan application of a friend as a guarantor and then a few days later, realized the liabilities and requested the bank to revert my guarantor status. The bank got back that since the loan was not yet disbursed they could easily accommodate, not otherwise. However, this communication was over the phone and although I requested a confirmation in writing, I never received the same. I obtained a CIBIL report last week (your step by step guide was very useful!) and I don’t see any details of me being a guarantor for an outstanding credit account. Do I assume that all is fine or is there any way to obtain a report which also has guarantor related pointers?

    Thank you for your advice!

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Radhika,

      The CIBIL report will show the details of all ownership type i.e. Individual, Joint, Guarantor and Authorised user. As there are no details about the guaranteed loan on your credit report we assume that the lender considered your verbal request to free you from the obligation.

      However, for being 100% sure we would recommend that you verify the same with the lender as there could be possibilities that the Guarantor remark was not reported on your credit report due to the De- duping logic at the bureau’s end.


    2. If your CIBIL report does not mention about any loan, then you are safe .. but better do not do it in future !

  162. Chandra Sekhar J says:


    I’ve just made the online payment and got the message ‘The CIBIL TransUnion Score (Including CIR) has been emailed to you’ but not yet received the email. It looks like the delivery of the score is not same for all requests. I’ll wait for 3-4 days and send a mail if I still do not receive the score.

    1. Yes .. better put a mail to customer care anyways !

  163. REETA says:


    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Reeta,

      550 is a bad score and there could be various factors that have impacted your score negatively. We will need to analyse your credit report to comment on the specifics.

      We offer a service under which we analyse an individual’s credit report and provide counselling to them on how to improve their credit score and steps to be taken to correct discrepancies appearing on credit report.


  164. sheri says:

    HI Manish,

    I had applied for the personal loan last month (dec 2012) in some bank, and the request got rejected because the banker executive said that, my cibil rating is low so not possible for loan. Hence, I thought of taking the ‘ Online Credit Score Request Form’ through CIBIL website, I did, and got the complete detail of my cibil report (jan 21st 2013), and my cibil score is 779.

    I have two Qs here-
    1. the format (Online Credit Score Request Form) what cibil will send us, and what banker will have or gonna look at in cibil record, is the same or there will be any difference in format for consumers or bankers
    2. what could be the reason to reject my personal loan request in couple of banks.

    Looking forward to your advice. thanks


    1. Sheri

      1. There can be the look and feel in format, but eveyrthing else will be same
      2. Did you ever had a bad credit record ? Or you settled some loan or you used too much of credit close to your limit ?


    2. Credexpert says:

      Dear Sheri,

      The format is the same, except a few details are not disclosed in the credit report obtained by the lender; however they do not affect the lender’s evaluation process.

      Also as a consumer you can ask the lender to provide you a copy of the credit report basis which your application was rejected and also ask them the reason for the same.


  165. Raj says:

    Hi Manish,

    I have been following your forum for quiet a long when i applied for car loan which was rejected because of bad CIBIL score.

    I received my CIBIL score and it is 737. Which i personally consider a poor score.
    To let you know that i got car loan from A U Financiers. However at high rate of interest. 14.5%.

    I have some queries.
    1. Now that it is 8 months i am paying my car premiums regularly without fail. How much time would it take to build up a good score.

    2. The cibil report shows 38000 Principal Amount which is due on my Credit card which i had settled in 12000. should i pay the remaining amount? If i pay will it improve my score immediately within 45 days?

    3. I went to CIBIL Market and it only had one offer 🙁 that was of Credit card from Indus Ind bank. No Home Loan offers!! Should i be concerned?? (Planning for Home Loan Soon in next 6 Months)

    4. The PAN Card Number is incorrect on my CIBIL Report as well my date of birth hence, i have informed CIBIL online about it by filing a Dispute.
    I wonder CIBIL has got the date of birth details incorrect because i was a minor when i was given a credit card and i misused it. The bank agent must have changed the date of birth and pan number in the xerox which might be affecting.
    What should i do?


    1. Raj

      1. It should take few montsh .. you can never say that it will happen in X months

      2. Yes, it will improve .. but you never know the quantum of improvement …

      3. No , that product is still in testing and not yet officially launched. Wait for more time

      4. CIBIL gets all the data from bank , so your issue is the BANK DATA , find out and talk to bank

  166. Saurabh says:

    Hi Manish,

    I am regularly reading your page and want to thank you for such important
    information. There is only one thing I want to ask, do we need to pay 450 Rs
    for each time we need to know our CIBIL Score or is it a fee for an year or so.

    Kindly reply to this query, it would be very helpful.

    Thanking you in anticipation,


    1. Its to be paid each time

  167. Aish says:

    I got score of 730, got this report from credit card company. is this low.

    Also I not understood the meaning of “STD”, “000” and “XXX”.
    it wil be helpful that what they mean.

    1. Its in DPD section.. you dont have to worry if its STD, XXX or 000 .. will do an article on this soon

      1. Aish says:

        Thanks for confirming.
        its all STD, XXX or 000 in report for all of them but still score of 730 only !
        Also 1 bank called and asked if I had problem with 1 bank in payment. Not understood why they asked this if there is no problem in report.

        is there separate reports for general public and Banks !

        1. I am putting across a detailed article on this very soon .. watch for it

  168. P Navare says:

    I was on authentication pages – and it just did not move ahead. I believe I selected the right option of Lender and Loan reason, but it still did not move ahead.
    Finally, I had close the window.
    Now, I have paid Rs 470/- and also don’t have the score (I believe that scores are delivered immediately in most cases).

    What do I do? It is not also easy to get any easy help on the authentication pages. Thanks

    1. Call up customer care .. they might ask you to send the bank statement or credit card statement showing the debit .

    2. Credexpert says:

      Dear Mr.Navare,

      You can call up the credit bureau’s helpline number to know the further process. Your case looks like a technical failure which we assume can be resolved.


  169. Jiju says:

    Hi Manish,

    I applied for CIBIL rating paying Rs.470/-, the amount is deducted from my bank, but the message from CIBIL site says your Authentication is not successful, you can upload the confirmation form and Address proof online, i uploaded as mentioned and received message from CIBIL site, thanks for uploading. Can i expect a reply through mail from CIBIL with my CIBIL report within a week or do i have to send the hard copy as well to the address mentioned in the CIBIL report?

    Kindly advise.

    Best Regards,

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Jiju,

      If the Payment confirmation, Identity proof and Address proof are successfully uploaded, then there is no need to resend or mail the hard copy.


  170. John says:

    Hi Manish,

    Thank you!! I read your article and immediately went on the mentioned website to get my score. You recommended not using credit card but i went ahead with the same and faced no problems. I guess we need to have a sound internet connection and may be not access this website during peak hours (I used at 2AM).

    To my surprise, as soon as i completed all the pages i got the final page that your CIBIL report has been emailed to you. I didn’t believe it but when i checked the email was there in my junk emailbox. Didn’t believe that this happened instantaneously (no need to wait 2-4 or more days).. 🙂

    CIBIL shows me 761 though i was expecting something north of 800. Anyways, i would like to ask you the following questions-

    (1) How good is the score?
    (2) When do the re-apply for my CIBIL score to see if the numbers have changed (higher god willing)? Like after 6 months or a year or sooner?
    (3) Last but not the least, they pulled up everything correct from the details i furnished but in the CIBIL report my year of birth was wrong, 1982 whereas it had to be 1985. Was this a typographical system error? Also, i wrote them an email about the same. Do i expect a response?

    1. 1. Yes this is a good score, but not the best ..

      2. After 4-5 months

      3. Check with CIBIL and file a dispute resolution with them on this, it needs to be corrected –

      1. Credexpert says:

        Dear John,

        761 is a good score, but a higher score is always advisable. Monitoring your credit report is always good to ensure that your credit report reflects a true picture of your credit history. We would advise that you monitor your credit report 3 times a year.

        And about a wrong DOB being reported, there could be a chance that some other individuals credit history is being reported on your credit report because of the de-duping logic at the credit bureau’s end. You can raise a dispute with the bureau and rectify this error.


  171. Vijay says:

    Hi Manish,

    The money that is paid to CIBIL (Rs. 470/-, I believe) report is valid for How many days? How many times can I generate CIBIL report in an year? How often can I check my credit score? Please help.

  172. Guru says:

    Hi Manish,

    Just wanted to know i have done 2 settlements of credit card out of 3 i have closed one at 2009 and another at 2010 and third one at 2011.

    I received an zero balance statement from SBI and there is no letter from HDFC and barclay Card.

    As per the above scenarion does my credit score get affected is it worth of spending Rs/ – 450 to get the report from CIBIL or any other report which can give a overview clarity about my credit score.

    @ Bloggers: Does any one faced these types of situation or any idea to get the credit score increased.

    Thanks & Regards,

    1. Guru

      Obviosuly your report will be BAD , the settlements will be on that report and will stop you from getting any loans in future. Better check it once and see whats written in there !

      1. Guru says:


        I have just taken out the report from CIBIL and found that my score is 765. is it really a good score as per my above scenario.

        Will am eligible to get loans.??

        Pls guide..


        1. Your score is good, however you cant never declare that you will get any loan. It will depend if bank consider that score good or not , also along with good score, you also need a good report with clean history . Just spend some more time reading your report and then come back

    2. Credexpert says:

      Dear Guru,

      The credit cards which were settled will reflect a “Settled” remark on your credit report. This remark shows that you have made a partial payment of the dues as you were unable to repay the same – lenders view this remark negatively.

      You should also request the lender to provide you a zero balance statement for the other settled credit card.

      Your credit score is definitely affected because of the settled remark and the idea of having a healthy credit life is above the Rs.470/- spent to get the report from the bureau.


  173. alok says:

    Manish ,

    So much to learn from the previous mail..thx Manish
    Recently I applied for Amex Credit card .
    they reverted that due to Cibil score they can’t provide me the same.

    I am in the process of applying home loan as well. I have never defaulted any payment, but yes, I do have a habbit of late payment of credit cards .
    My question to you is : What are the chances that I get a home loan ? because AMEX has very high standards . I have applied for cibil score today only.

    1. the problem is your late payments .. You can visualize it , when lender sees your report which shows that you have this habit of not paying on time , then what goes into their mind, no one wants to deal with people like you who do not pay on time (no matter what are the reasons)

      I think you need to seriously reconsider post poning your decision of house loan for some time and pay on time for next 6 months to 1 yr and only then apply for loan , else if your loan is rejected now, it will again go to your credit report !


  174. Sunil P says:

    Hi Manish,

    I have around 5 credit cards. out of which i use only 2 actively. rest i dont use at all. they have been given as complimentary with SB account by banks.

    Will not using some credit cards impact my CIBIL credit score?

    FYI i tried 2 times online to get cibil score but amt gets debited and i get txn failure. i have given up and asked for offline report.


    1. Sunil

      First point is that when you open a saving bank account, you are asked if you need a credit card or not , if you say YES (tick mark it) , only then they give it , its not given like that .

      Those unused credit cards will not affect your credit score . Better read this –

  175. Raj says:

    CIBIL website asked me to upload KYC complaint ID and address proof and given the following instruction.

    4. The address on the application form should match with the address proof provided.
    5. The address on the application form should be same as the address provided to the Credit Institution at the time of applying for credit.

    On top of these they say the proof should be from last 3 months – so if I have relocated I will never be able to provide a proper proof.

    I wrote to them 2-3 times telling about this situation. No responses so far, so how to get your money back now?

    1. Then you cant get it . Think from CIBIL point of view .. they want to take all the measures that your report does not go into wrong hands . If you are giving some address, then obviously your address has to match that .

  176. Venkat says:

    I did settlement for couple of loans and credit card in 2010/11. For sure I know that I have a very bad credit score but would like to know how long they will be stored in the CIBIL Database ?

    When can I start new life ? is there any way to start getting the score ?
    For the last one year I am in USA and when I tried to apply the home loan from here, it got rejected.

    Please suggest

    1. Venkat

      You are in trouble then .. CIBIL data is there for years and years if you dont do anything about it , I would say 10-15 yrs for sure . You have no option other than paying back the outstanding amount !

      1. Venkat says:

        I have paid the amount (settlement was done).

        1. You mean full or partial ? , both are different !

  177. Hey Manish,

    I just got my CIBIL score IMMEDIATELY online. No waiting time 🙂

    Made the payment and it allowed me to Download the PDF immediately.

    My Score: 835

    Guess its good enough for me. I had never realized it had all the information since last 8 years when I opened my first bank account and got my first credit card!!!

    1. Good to hear that 🙂 .. I am sure you will make sure your score does not go down much from here

  178. Srinivas says:

    Hi Manish,

    I need an help from you, Earlier I have settled my credit cards around 2 years back, when will it be deleted from CIBIL history? because of the settled Loans I am not getting PL now.


    1. It can take anywhere from 10-15 yrs .. The only option you have to to pay off the full money now , banks will then update your status with CIBIL . no other option !

      1. Srinivas says:

        Can I pay the remaining amount now also? becuase they have closed it after settled.

        If yes, I will proceed with customer care.


        1. Yes you can do that, just contact your bank and tell them the issue and your willingness to close the accounts cleanly !

  179. Ajit JAdhav says:


    I had applied for a loan on home appliance and a two wheeler , my two wheeler EMI going on time since last 6 months . now for the home appliance loan i missed my first EMI, how much do you think it will affcet my score.? and how can i improve it back ? Please suggest


    1. You can not improve it back , it will go into DPD section . But as its just one instance .. just dont take it so much seriously .. just try that it does not happen again !

  180. Ajit JAdhav says:


    I had applied for a loan on home appliance and a two wheeler , my to wheeler EMI goes on time since last 6 months . now for thehome appliance loan i missed my first EMI, how much do you think it will affcet my score.? and how can i improve it back ? Please suggest


  181. Ravi says:

    Hi Manish

    In past years 2001-2004 i have used 4-5 Credits cards back to back, initially payments were done in time, later on after 2004 till 2009 , i have make settlements for all the cards. During 2001-2004 i had a personal loan which was cleared on time every month. Now in the month of dec 2010 i have purchased a car on my mothers name and i am the Co-owner , every month EMi is being deduted from my account itself.

    If i go for a Home loan in future, what will be impacts of CBIL report


    1. At that time, if you credit report is clean and your score is good enough , then you can get the loan , your timely payments on your car loan will help . But the settlements done on the card earlier in life will always be there. I think that will act as negative thing !

  182. Mayur says:

    I had a Citibank Credit card which I unfortunately misplaced and had to cancel it. Since I did not have any details regarding my credit card , they could not send me the E-statement and hence i could not pay the amount of 2700. This was in 2010, July.

    Since then I have checked my CIBIL score in Nov 2011 . It was 816. I checked it again in Dec 2012 . it was 808. The Current Amount for the credit card is showing as 5016, but there is not Written off or any other details. Only Outstanding amount and Current amount can be seen. Also Actual payment amount shows 15,000 ( I dont know what this is ). There are no DPD’s or any other bad remarks on my report.

    What I want to know , is Will Citibank mark Written off for my credit card ? How long does a bank take to put Written off into the CIBIL report?

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Mayur,

      We assume that the bank is informed about the misplacement of the said credit card.

      If yes, then the outstanding amount should have been repaid completely before closing the same. If not, then inform the bank about the same and repay the complete outstanding amount against it.

      The outstanding balance if not paid can balloon into high dues and result in a debt trap for you. Also there are possibilities that the bank might write off the amount on account of non recovery from you.


  183. manish says:

    Hi Manish,

    What about NRI’s..Do they get a score and what address proof would be required

    1. Manish

      Note that you dont need to submit anything when you apply online, when when the online verification fails , then you need to send your address proof . You need to choose the credentials you had last ! to do the verification !

  184. pranav says:


    My authentication step was unsuccessful. Will i be able to get my report in my email account? i have uploaded the KYC documents.

    1. Yes , they should be able to send it , talk to customer care on this

  185. Punit says:

    i would like to above how many points is a good score

    1. Atleast 700 is good in general

  186. ponbhaskaran says:

    PLOT LOAN A/C NO. 41227395
    SANCTIONED DATE 31/03/2003
    SANCTIONED AMOUNT Rs. 24,75,000.
    LOAN CLOSED DATE 02/11/2012.

    When I happened to see my CIBIL Report 4 months back, in the status column, it is mentioned ” Suit filed” Now I have closed this plot loan and received back my secured documents. please advice me what i have to do to delete the suit filed word from CIBIL which will help me to increase my score. if you want proof for this loan closure, can I mail the same for your proceeds.

    1. Did you close this loan and didnt take a LOAN CLOSURE NOC ? Take it from the bank !

      1. PON BHASKARAN says:

        I have received loan closure NOC and also got back original Documents please advice me what i have to do to delete the suit filed word from CIBIL which will help me to increase my score.

        1. If you have the NOC of the full debt paid, then first ask bank how they are reporting your status as NOT CLEARED

  187. nilab deka says:

    Dear manish,
    i applied for a PL in HDFC bank which was rejected as the CIBIL report says that external two wheeler loan bounce, but not a single time a cheque was bounced. i have repaid the loan and i have received the NOC from BAJAJ auto finance as well. KIndly advice as what to do to get the PL sanctioned.

    1. I am sure there is some confusion , either there is a cheque bounce and you are nto aware about it or bank has some wrong entry on their side which they have updated with CIBIL ! , check with Bajaj auto on this !

  188. Rajesh says:

    My application for credit card was rejected by SCB and they were citing “CIBIL/Credit bureau history-does not meet bank credit norms” as the reason. After lot of calls and persuasions , they shared with me a copy of the credit Report.(For those of you who are not aware of this, Please understand that as per RBI Regulations , a customer is entitled to get a copy of the credit report from the credit institution ). They explained me that one of the loan accounts mentioned in the report, is shown as “Restructured(RST)”. Actually that was a wrong info as I had never any default/settlement/problems with any of my loans. Then I contacted CIBIL customer care and they are telling, now my loan account is not showing as “Restructured(RST)” but it was there when SCB had obtained the report.

    SCB is telling they can look at reopening my case if I get them a new report from CIBIlL. But CIBIL is asking me to pay for it. They are not ready to give a corrected report free of cost.
    Am I legally entitled to get a report free of cost? Why should I unnecessarily pay for something which is not my fault?

    1. Rajesh

      Not that CIBIL has no relation with Bank in that way , I mean if you want a report from CIBIL, then you need to pay them , They are under no obligation to provide it to you free of cost, regarding your matter with bank , its totally between you and them now , you can wait and reapply with bank for loan after X number of months defined by them when they will again access your report .

      I would say rather than getting stopped by Rs 470 , better go ahead with the main task !

  189. Nilab Deka says:

    Hi Manish,
    Few days back i applied for a PL in HDFC, but today the banker told me that the file got rejected as one of my EMI towards purchase of a handset which was bought from a shop got bounced due to insufficient fund. But the other day i paid it off along with thier bank charges. The shopkeeper actually sells home appliances and other gadgets in finance. But i have repaid it and cleared the installments. but just because it bounced once, i think the record got bad. Kindly advice as what to do. My loan application got stuck now.

    1. Yes , it would get stuck because its not a small incident from bank angle , giving a UNSECURED LOAN to someone who once bounced his previous loan is a DANGER ZONE 🙂 . Note that from your angle you paid it next day , and you might feel ,come on that not a big issue , but put yourself in the shoes of the lender and imagine the kind of feelings they will have and you will understand what I am saying 🙂 . All you can do now is to apply for a loan at some other lender or try to convince the current lender 🙂

  190. Makarand Mohandas says:

    My score was obtained in 10 mins.
    I have a CIBIL score of 812 and guess what. my home loan has been rejected 4 times in the last Jan 2010. 2 times by HDFC, 1 time by CITI and 1 more time by Tatacapital. 2 loans settled so far. A 2 wheeler loan which was settled by waiving on Rs 1200 in Dec 2006 and a 4 wheeler loan which was settled by waiving off Rs 12000 in May 2008. Had I known this Rs 13000 would have cost me so much…..
    I had later got a 4 wheeler loan from a Co-op bank for 4 Lacs in May 2009 which I have paid off completely. I had taken a personal loan of 1 Lac in May 2008 which I have paid off completely. couple of consumer loans (for washing machine and LED TV) worth 1 L which I have paid off completely. I enjoy 2 credit cards with limits of 5+ lacs credit limit. But lending insitutions love my older track record.
    What can I say. home loan which is the most securitized loan one can get. Bank can confiscate my home in case of default but no…. my settled history haunts me and dont seem to find a way out. Is there any light at the end of the dark tunnel.

    1. Does not matter if you have a high score, your report should be clean ,thats the main thing .

  191. sivakumar says:

    CIBIL report is now sent immediatly if the online authorization is successful. I got in less than a minute. The message is also now changed to “Your report has been sent” instead “You report will be sent in X working days” up on successfull payment. Atleast CIBIL has improved in this front.

    1. Good to know that SivaKumar !

  192. Alok says:

    Hello Manish,

    Thanks for all your help through this blog in getting the cibil report. I have been reading all the responses so far and got lot of valuable notes.
    My cibil score was 650. I worked with banks and got two cards closed which increased by score to 670. But as said mistakes are mistakes cannot be cleared from Cibil. I was struggling to get the score increased by any means but this is not possible. After lot of research i thought of this..

    For everyone who are trying to increase the score: You need to get an instant credit card which is on a FD and start using this card. Once you pay your outstanding on the desired date and keep doing this. After few months your score will increase. I have been using this credit card from last few months and got the report now, my score has been increased by 10. I am short of few more points to get to 700.

    I have a small problem with one of the credit cards. Bank has given be 10000 has to be paid to nullify my credit card. Meanwhile i spoke to Debt doctor which is one of the institute which helps you in closing such credit cards. Problem is that they have asked me to pay 30000. Now i am not sure what the actual amount is?

    How do i go about this.

    Kindly advice.


    1. Who has asked you to pay 30,000 ? debt doctor ?

      What you are doing is right direction !

      1. Alok says:

        Hi Manish,

        Yes the Debt doctor has asked me to pay this amount, Bank people are not ready to tell the outstanding amount on my card.
        Bank has been dragging this for a long time, every time i call them and ask for this they push me to call some other department and this moves on. I am unable to get any more details on this.

        I have decided to write an email to the bank including the top management where my concerns will be handled in a better way.


        1. Also Debt Doctor has asked to pay this amount to them or to the bank . Is 30k your outstanding amount ?

  193. Thomson says:

    Dear Manish,
    Thank you for your prompt response to my previous query. I really appreciate it. I have one more question. I have never been a defaulter; thank God for it! In the previous month, I used my credit card a little more and I was not in a position to pay the outstanding amount completely. I have made 50% of the payment and I will make the remaining 50% of the payment during the next cycle. Does this affect my credit score? It would be nice if you could please let me know. Thank you.

    1. Yes, this will go into your credit report , but this is a minor thing and a one time issue, should not be a very big impact thing ! , clear it off next month and try it does not happen again . Not much to worry !

  194. M Upender Joshi says:

    Dear Manish,
    I had applied to CIBIL on 15-03-2012 for my CIBIL Score. The payment is also acknowledged by them. I was asked to submit my id and address proof but due to my heavy official work could not submit the same. Now I came to know that the CI BIL score can be obtained online. Could u clarify whether the payment made earlier stands good as on date or do I need to pay again to get the same?

    1. You need to pay that everytime you want a report !

  195. Shreesh says:

    My score is bad as I have done settlement of the few cards ( Thanks to recession). Now my score is very poor, how can I improve on …

    1. All you can do is pay them off back , no short cut here !

  196. Thomson says:

    Is it true that everytime we request for credit score from CIBIL, our rating goes down by a few points? I heard this from someone but I am not sure if this is true.

    1. Its not true ! .. I think you got confused with “enquiring for Credit” ! .. When you enquire for Loan or credit from banks , that goes into credit report and that might affect your score if done excessively !

  197. rajeshmanepalli says:

    Before applying for my CIBIL report, Can you confirm these.
    If any of the bank given a negative rating in CIBIL without having any evidence
    Can I file a case against them?
    I applied for SBI and HDFC creditcards, but in the verfication call itself I said I am not interested. but they dispatched the cards before the the verfication call.
    So I called them and told them to block the card without using a single transanction with the card(both the banks)
    They given wrong statements while applying the creditcards and when I asked the same in verfication call, they did not confirm the same and dispatched the cards.
    I have a mail proofs also and can I ask them the recordings of the calls?

    1. Yes you can sue them and you should .

  198. Himanshu says:

    Hi Manish,

    I am a permanent employee of PSU.

    I have queries.
    1) Will CIBIL rating affect by my credit score enquiry?
    2) I applied home loan and got rejected due to cheque bounce. Will it be shown in my CIBIL report of Cheque bounce and hamper me to get home loan from other major lender?
    3)I had education loan which i paid in 4 months three years back and then I took 2W loan which i paid in 1 year. Then i took 4W loan which i cleared in next 17months. Now, I have applied for Home loan and applied in HDFC first which got rejected due to above reason mentioned in (3). Can this good Credit Record improve the chance of getting the home loan over Credit Inquiries from HDFC again or any other major lender. Please reply fast.


    1. No , your enquiry for credit report will not affect your score. Cheque bounce is an issue, but depends on the quantum .

  199. Gaurav says:

    I have asked for my CIBIL score in month of August 2012 and got that by Post. After that I have taken a personal loan and also settle a small credit card due.
    How can i know my latest score now? Do I need to apply again for CIBIL score and pay again?

    1. Yes ,now you can pay online

  200. Dhanu says:

    I had two CC earlier. due to my financial problems I could not able to do the payment. If I clear the amount now, will my credit score increase?
    If yes, How much time it takes. Plz respond.

    1. Yes it will increase in 60-70 days !

  201. NITHIN says:

    Hi Manish,

    Bit confused. Which address should i give while requesting for report. Present or previous? While filling online form, its telling that address should match with the address provided at the time of taking credit?

    1. It should match with the bank records . SO if you have given old address at bank , then it might be reflecting in CIBIL , so if you have changed address, first change it in bank and then within some days it will get changed in cIBIL, and then you can apply for report with new address

      1. NITHIN says:

        Thanks Manish for your prompt reply.

        Having one more doubt. Taken credit card from 2 banks and settled the amount also long back i.e approx 5 yrs back. At present no credit card no loan. So can i give present address for report?

        1. I dont think so , CIBIL will only send to that address which is with the bank record , this is to make sure the report does not go to wrong hands .


      2. NITHIN says:

        With continuation of earlier sent msg- My name reflecting in bank a/c is NITIN while in all other documents like passport,pan card etc is NITHIN. So by which name i should request for report. In case authentication get fails than i have to send hard copy of documents, it would be a problem.

        I approached bank also for change of name but they didn’t proceed my request.

        1. Thats another issue then , your name has to be SAME at both places .

  202. Ranjan says:

    Dear user,

    if one have a bad CIBIL score what should one do to make it a good score even if he dont have any credit card and loan running right now.
    Please suggest.

    1. If you do not have a credit card or loan, then how does your cibil report and score exist ? Were you guarantor for someone ?

      1. Ranjan says:

        Dear Manish, in past I had 3 credit cards 2 personal loan and 1 consumer loan. I have cleared all the loans and credit card dues but one credit card due is still pending as the bank never contacted me in that case. I dont know the exact balance amount that I have to pay for that particular credit card. The credit limit for that card was 25000/-. In the past I applied for a personal loan but the loan was rejected due to bad CIBIL score I suppose. Now how can I improve my CIBIL score if I had a bad score. I have all the documents related to the loans and credit card that I settled and paid fully including NOC. Please suggest.

        1. All you have to do is contact the bank and pay the full amount .

  203. Pratap Maharana says:

    Hi Manish,
    i am pratap , requesting you to guide me to get my CIBIL report

    1. What guidance you need ? All the steps are mentioned in the article itself !

  204. Amit says:

    Hi Manish,

    i was googling out and found a sample report –

    could you suggest
    – what is xxx
    – what is not disclosed in member name
    – what is 000


    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Amit,

      Lending institutions report borrower’s data to the bureau on a monthly or quarterly basis. XXX means that the data has not been reported by the lending institution to the bureau in that particular month. 000 reflects the DPD (days past due) status, hence 000 reflects that you have been zero days past due for that particular month.

      We believe, you are referring to the copy of the credit report that is obtained by lending institutions which is different from the credit report that an individual obtains.

      Certain fields are not disclosed in the report obtained by lending institutions. You should obtain your report from the bureau on


  205. Kripa S says:

    Hi Manish,
    First of all Thanks for the Article this is very usefull,
    I have few important query can you please help me into this, so that i can get out of myself from messup or wrong dission,

    Question- 1
    I had Credit card from SBI in 2006 i used it then payed also but deu to small knowladge. after that i used some rs. 10000.00 and did not pay in the same time i joind another company in other city so the SBI is not able to contact me and i did not pay the money.

    it pending till date.

    my surname and sign was diffrent that time now is new from last 6 yrs.

    what should i do- i want plan my invesment now in insurance or saving it will effect after if they trace me they will diduct from my saving with interest.

    Question -2

    Afetr that i taken personal loan in 2010 from HDFC- 2Lacs.
    i regulary paid the EMI for 1 year and after of rs 7081/pm
    then for 1 year late the payment for 5-6 days in every month deu to salary date.
    so total approx 15 ECS payment was bounced and payed late.

    then again i regulry started paying my EMI on time.
    rigth now i have painding only 3 EMI + interest of 15 cheque bounced charge, late fee ect is 10000.00 approx.

    Its closing time i realized this now befor few day when i pland for a piaggio vespa by finance now they are not given me the loan becouse of that.

    I started recerching all kind of credit and cibil problems.
    I realized i was going wrong way.
    I was not aware about credit score, bad credit will effect with the littile late EMI and disorder the cheque.

    Its closing time so how will i plan for final setelment, i herd from your article never do setelment. so how will i close the account now.
    please help the procedure of closing or NOC. I dont know where i go.

    Also please help me to improve my Credit Score for my Future.

    it will be great help
    Thankyou Very Much in advanced

  206. ZaK says:

    Hi Manish,

    my Credit card got settled after the Grievances readdresal of team Barclays but status says written off, while communicating to the Grievances readdresal team after the settlement so reply i have received over the mail is ” We wish to inform you that since account was in Written Off status before settlement, we will not be able to remove the written off status even if the remaining outstanding is paid.

    May we explain that once account is in written off status the same will be updated with the credit bureau as a process. Please be informed that we cannot rectify or update the status otherwise.

    Manish I really need your advise in this !!

    Also sharing with you that there was one article from RBI which says “Bank can not seek written off dues” kindly refer this link to read the complete article and advise… thanks Zak >>

    1. Zak

      I have seen cases where banks update the CIBIL with clean status after the person has paid off the rest amount (balance is NIL) , So even in your case it should happen . I suggest raise a query with CIBIL also on this and also complain to RBI and banking ombudsman on this issue

      1. Zak says:

        Thanks Manish for the revert, also update you that I have paid 8000 of 20k and they (bank) had given me the Full and final NOC against the payment now I’m trying to contact them to remove my name from CIBIL but they are unable to help me. I have requested my CIBIL CIR which is expected in next 2-3 days (Offline). I hope you have seen the article , kindly advise next please as Barclays has stopped the operations in India as well.

        Kind Regards

        1. The article you had put is an old one , not sure if it still applies or not . You should check with CIBIL also on the next thing you should do .

          1. Zak says:

            Hi Manish,
            My CIR has been delivered and the score is 813 ! hope it’s a decent 1.
            Need to understand that what is the meaning POST (WO) SETTLED under the Status of COLLATERAL.

            Dates : Opened : Disbursed : 17-10-2007
            Date Closed : 30-03-2010
            Date of last payment : 29-12-2008
            Date reported and certified : 31-07-2012

            As per my report :
            Written Off amount (Total) : 19069
            Written Off amount (Principal) : 8689
            Settlement Amount : 8000.

            Can I pay rest amount to the bank can get the clear this statement ? Since this is already written off so I don’t think this status can be changed ? anyways I already raised dispute so will keep you updated. Pl give any suggestion if you have. Thank You.

            1. Yes, you need to pay any outstanding amount to bank !

  207. Chetna says:

    Manish is it possible to talk to you for some suggestion? if yes, can i have the number please

    1. Hi Chetna

      Incase its regarding a personal query, you can ask it on our forum –

  208. A Rajasekar says:

    Hi Manish,
    I got my score thro mobile but I’m not getting the report by mail. They claimed to send the report to my email ID twice but I never got it. Even I gave them an alternative id but still didn’t get any.

    I keep calling the customer care for weeks and nothing happening. how to go about this

    A Rajasekar

    1. there is no other alternative here, check with customer care once and ask them you want to talk to someone above them . and you are complaining to RBI on this. This might speed up things .

  209. Ash says:

    Hi Manish,

    I have got my Cibil score, it is 823. I am looking for a home loan of 50+ L. How do you see possibility with this score.


    1. the score is extremelly good . Just make sure you understand that score is just primary level . After that it depends what is your loan eligibility as per salary .

  210. Kiran says:

    Dear Manish,

    I had a credit card with HSBC with credit limit 25,000. I had defaulted the full amount of 25K and never paid anything since 2005 when I had used up 25K (100% of my credit limit) due to my pathetic financial condition in 2005. Otherwise I have a good record in my credit score. My CIR score as of October 2012 is 850, however, the outstanding as of now on my 25K credit limit is around 4 lacs. Currently I have a housing loan of 7 lacs and paying EMI of 7K and no other loans. The HSBC credit card history shows as written off. Now JM Financial is behind me to clear the outstanding. I know I cannot do anything regarding the written-off status. Now my immediate concern is not CIBIL score, but to stop recovery agents from knocking on my door (so far nobody has come). I cannot pay the current outstanding amount of 4 lacs. Please suggest a way to settle this account and what is the minimum I will have to pay to settle this account (I cannot afford more than 30,000). Can I get the settlement in an amicable way. Your input will be most appreciated.

    1. Kiran

      I dont thikn there is a great solution here , the 25k payment has grown with all the interest and charges in a legitimate way , so legally you are bound to pay .

  211. sarabhjeet says:

    Dear Manish Ji,

    I had taken a PL from HDFC Bank, which I settled paying some amount (not full) in April-2011.. Recently i checked my CIBIL Score; for Persona Loan it is showing 755 and my Transunion Score is 755…

    My question is, is that enough score to get a Car Loan or Home Loan ?

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Sarabhjeet,

      755 is a good credit score for a Home or Auto loan. Although credit score is considered to be one of the most important tools used by lending institutions to evaluate an individual’s credit worthiness, it would also consider other factor basis their internal credit policies.

      A credit report with negative remark of “Settled” would be viewed negatively by the lending institution in spite of a good score. The only way to remove this remark is by repaying the complete outstanding amount against this credit card, provided your cash flows allow you to do so.

      We would request you to make the remaining outstanding payment towards your personal loan, this will give a positive impact towards your credit score.


  212. Hi Manish Ji,

    I got my cibil report. The score is 755. is it a decent score? Another question is i have been paying my HDFC PL properly. But the report shows DPD as 025 for the past 10 months. When i checked with the bank they said i have been repaying properly and there have never been any overdue amount logged. They are asking me to contact CIBIL. But wont they put it on bank again as it is the bank that sends the details?

    Please advise me Manish Ji

    1. Yes , the change has to happen on Bank side, mostly you talked to soemone on customer care side who dont understnad how it works , HDFC will update bank on this . Also to be safe better open a dispute resolution with CIBIL too and inform that –

  213. rocky says:

    does it make sense to check my CIBIL score as I have started sing credit cards last year onwards and have not taken any type of loan till now?

    one more thing…the link you provide doesn’t open in new window/tab but on same page..”1. Fill up the online form The first step is to fill up a form online here”…

    1. Yes ,it makes sense to check it .

      Just click on the link while pressing CTRL , it will open in another page

  214. mkshekar says:

    “Manish Chauhan October 12, 2012 at 3:27 pm
    Yes , there might be an identity theft case againt you and some one has misused your details . you need to enquire on all the loans which are not taken by you”

    Ya . But I enquired with a all the branches of the member bank which apparatly made the enquiry. But all of them negated making any enquiry in my name.
    and you havent replied to my second query wjy would my score drastically rfeduce by over 100 points?

    1. Where is your old reply , I cant locate it now

  215. riyaz .a.wadiwala says:

    my question is i do i repair my score because iam not getting any card so plz answer as sooon as posible

    1. Take a secured credit card .. and use it

  216. Thanks Minesh.. I really appreciate the instructions u sent across.. pasting the same for other’s reference. i was able to reach CIBIL finally.

    Dial the number 022-66384600 . It will ask you if you want any information on cibil report etc and ask you to dial 1 , else directly press the extention number .

    So press 1 , then it will ask for language , again press 1 for english and then it will give many options , and final option will be 9 for speaking to any customer care executive . Then press 9 . after 2 min , I was greeted by one lady Shruti who asked me if I had any issue 🙂 .

    So after dialing the number , follow this sequence 1-1-9

  217. Harish says:

    Hi Manish,

    I have applied for personal loan and credit card from different banks and it was rejected from all banks due to CIBIL issue. I did not take any loans and even any product on EMI Basis, I dont know what is the problem exactly. Where can I get my report and how to apply for that, please help me in this issue and is there any office in Hyderabad to know the details about my CIBIL Issue and how much I have to pay for this if want to apply in online.

    1. Did you have any credit card earlier ? Or have you been someone guarantor for any loan ?

      First check your cibil report . apply online for it , follow this –

  218. Ranjani says:

    Hi Manish,

    I have applied for CIR and payed 470,, the process was successful, I have received an sms in my handphone that the details were emailed on 8-10-12. But till date i have not received any details in my email. How do i contact them to get the details.
    Please suggest.

    1. Contact on the customer care .

  219. Ranjani says:


    I have applied for Cibil report online, I have not received the details n email, but i have got a message in my handphone, how can i get the detailed report.

    1. WHy are oyu not getting it on email , contact the customer care !

  220. Dhruva Pathak says:

    This is one of the best articles I have come across for cibil. Does buying and selling of
    Mutual Funds tracked by cibil?

    1. No , mutual funds investment are not tracked by CIBIL

  221. mkshekar says:

    Hi I need to know a few things

    I got my cibil report in my mail and found my score was 823. fine. I discovered so many inquiries which were not mine from various banks. This report was dated 25-09-12 .But again when my bank took a fresh report on 4-10-12 when i submitted a loan application I found the score drastically reduced to 713. what could be the reason.? could it be because of the latest unauthorized inquiry i found from a bank and it was dated 11-09-12.Is it because somebody has taken a loan in my name and it is yet to be updated in my report? so many doubts I have. how do i dispute this inquiry which is not mine? in cibil

    1. p.pasupathi says:

      kindly give handphone no-

    2. Yes , there might be an identity theft case againt you and some one has misused your details . you need to enquire on all the loans which are not taken by you

  222. Sanjay says:

    Cibil did not issue my report after submitting scan as well as hard copies of my details. They just want to eat our money. They did not authorised Axis Bank statement address proof. They just want to cheat people, they belong to same category who just work for their own gain on general public money.

    1. Sanjay

      Did you talk to the customer care people on this , what are they saying ?

      1. Sanjay Shiyalwala says:

        Dear Manish,

        I had contacted them and what they exactly want is that one of the Bank should send their personal executive to my house and to verify the same address which is on my bank statement. And why any bank will do this, as already they have verified my address before updating into their system with all my address proof documents submitted to them.

        Cibil just collecting money and later starts harassing, so that we don’t ask them again and they will gain that money.

        1. Is your address with banks same as your current address, I doubt ! ..

          Because CIBIL only sends the report if your address proof matches with the one with your bank . If its not same , then you should first change it on bank side.

          1. Sanjay says:

            Dear Manish,

            I had updated the address as per my current residence, and had got updated with Axis bank for address proof while giving them my telephone and gas connection bill. But still they told that my address is not matching as per their records, so may be they have old address in any of my credit card. I am living in rented house so used to change house every 2 years as per I find good and suitable house. I have not updated my address to my credit card.
            For report delivery I also requestd to send me via email, but that also they didn’t agree and wanted to have address proof from any national bank whose executive should visit my house and then send them report. Its not possible so I just dropped that idea and understood that I got into wrong place for CIBIL report.

            1. Yes, its all done to make sure only right person gets the report . The point is , your all banks records for address and other things should match ! .. with your current records. if not, then make changes in the bank side

            2. Sanjay says:

              Dear Manish,

              I agree, but I had many credit cards earlier and all I have closed, and it is not possible to get all the address changed. Also I have given bank statement with my present address with transactions in that month to prove that I am the right person on the correct address. Its not possible to go to each bank and change my address accordingly. For my identifications I had submitted the bank statement, telephone bill and gas connection with all same address and with transactions in that particular month. What more they need for ID proof.

  223. Purnendra says:

    i applied to car loan on this monday and on wednsday they took my CBIL report and score was coming 688 and so they asked to check it and there was one overdue on my credit card which is i have already cleared 5 months back in April and that card also is expired and i got new card with new number . this card is also there in CBIL report .

    so i have 2 account in CBIL one for expired credit card with overdue
    other with new card number without any overdue. i dont able to under stand as i have clerd my due amout still it is showing overdue.
    and one intresting fact i applied for my personal CBIL report today and my score os now coming 769 but it has same history with overdue as bank have . How can these two score differ in two dyas as i havnt did any thing?

    1. Looks like your credit card company has not updated with CIBIL , ask them to do it !

      1. Purnendra says:

        but can you please explain in 2 days with the same history
        how my score is coming different.
        it was 688 2 days before in bank’s report(i have seen this myself) and it is coming 769 in my personal report ?

  224. Purnendra says:

    I applied for car loan . and i got to know that there is some 2090 INR rs overdue
    will this amout impact my SCORE badly?
    on my name for some credit card but as per my knowledge i am using only one credit card and that i am paying on time but some time back citi bank issue me on credit which i hv neve used and even i dont knw its number . i am still not able to know how this due is coming in my name?

    1. Yes it will affect your score .. better enquire more about it , order your credit report !

      1. Purnendra says:

        will report tell me clearly abt card numbers and bank detail? as i m not aware about to whom i need to repay that ?
        as i just got to know due to this my score is around 650

        1. It will not give the bank name, it will give you the amount outstanding and type of loan, you will have to follow up with CIBIL on that.

          1. Purnendra says:

            How to follow up with CIBIL on that ?

            1. Purnendra says:

              this is not dispute i just want to know the details of default accounts so that i can pay the respective accounts in my case this is credit card number will it have this number in place of account number column?

  225. Kunal says:

    Hi Manish,

    I have total of 7 credit cards of different with credit limit of around 9-10 lakhs. 2 credit cards were never used & were closed by the bank.

    Only once there was a delay in payment & late fees was charged which was reversed by the bank.

    My monthly credit card bill is around 25-30 thousand & is always paid in full. Never defaulted any payments.

    Also I have a housing loan, EMI for which is paid on monthly basis through ECS. (no defaults)

    My questions

    1 Does the number of credit cards affect Cibil Scores ?
    2 One of late payment fees charged by bank & later reversed in same bill affect the Cibil scores
    3 Paying Housing loan in timely manner without any default affect the credit score.

    If answer to any of my questions is yes please advice to improve the score.

    1. Pradeep Bhandari says:

      Reply of 1. No. …..NO
      Reply of 2. No…… it may affect if you are negotiation is not acceptable by bank example: if not acceptable late payment charges will keep reflating in your bill or your card will closed after limit
      Reply of 3. No …… your scores will be good …….. as low is 300 (as per your income and bank transition your score gets increased )

  226. Kunal says:

    Hi Manish,

    I have total of 7 credit cards of different with credit limit of around 9-10 lakhs. 2 credit cards were never used & were closed by the bank.

    Only once there was a delay in payment & late fees was charged which was reversed by the bank.

    My monthly credit card bill is around 25-30 thousand & is always paid in full. Never defaulted any payments.

    Also I have a housing loan, EMI for which is paid on monthly basis through ECS. (no default)

    My questions

    1 Does the number of credit cards affect Cibil Scores ?
    2 One of late payment fees charged by bank & later reversed in same bill affect the Cibil scores
    3 Paying Housing loan in timely manner without any default affect the credit score.

    If answer to any of my questions is yes please advice to improve the score.

    1. Kunal

      1. NO , its not the number, but the quantum of unsecured credit out of the total credit you have .

      2. No , only the outstanding dues in a given month is reported !

      3. It will affect in POSITIVE way and help build credit score !

  227. Shaik says:

    Hi Mansih thanks for helping us as u said to apply CIR report so i got my CIR report.

    In the report i came to know about ICICI credit card as overdue of 60,000 unfortunately i didn’t received after applying and also informed to ICICI that I have not recieved to ICICI in 2008, In short it was received and misused by someone i called to ICICI customer care after seeing the CIBIL report,they said they will contact the branch and get back to me tomorrow.

    So please suggest me the correct procedure to remove this dispute
    1. Do i need to go through ICICI bank
    2 or shall i complaint to CIBIL

    1. Wait for ICICI response .. it might happen that it was misused, there nothing CIBIL can do here, its a matter between your bank and you .

  228. Shaik says:

    Hi Manish,

  229. Amit says:

    Hi Manish,

    I have applied for home loan.This bank is saying i am gutanter for two persons.
    Can i know the name of persons through CIBIL report ? or is there any other report which can tell me the persons name to whom i am the guranter.

    1. Have you never been a guarantor to someone loan ? If not, then its mostly a identity theft issue . Better check your report first

      1. Amit says:

        I was guarantor but i am not remembering the names of person.
        Whether i can get the name of that persons or other details from CIBIL report.

        1. You dont remember ? Are you serious !

  230. Baskar says:

    Hi Manish

    After reading the above comments (few) you are doing a great job.

    I have taken a pl in Citifinancial and I have not paid the last 2 installments for some personal reasons. It was more than years pending. How long my name will be in CIBIl?

  231. Amit Mohanty says:

    I applied for AMEX card and it got rejected recently.The reason was that my cibil score is not above 700.I bought the CIBIL Report.I am kind of confused after seeing the report.

    1.I have not missed a single payment from last 4 years.
    2. I have never done late payment
    3.I have never settled any account/written off
    4.I have 2 credit cards and both are almost unused.

    Still my score is low.However I have seen 2 things
    1.I have taken an education loan from SBI and was closed in 2010.I have the closure document but in the report it does not show closed.
    2.My Annual Income is wrongly quoted.They have missed a ‘0’ Zero.Bringing down my salary 10 times below my actual 🙂

    Can these 2 points be the reason for my low score?What needs to be done?How long does it take to correct the mistake and get a revised score.

    ** I did not see any posts regarding a low score because of wrong income.So was curious does that mistake actullay messes up the score or not ?Also the frequency shows ANNUAL so i assume its my CTC.

    Please help

    1. Actually your income does not matter, but there can be relation between your income and your loan , like outstanding loan in comparision to your income, so that would be 10 times ! .. Your education loan seems to be the issue , what is the status in the report for that loan ?

      1. Amit Mohanty says:

        Its hows Rs 2400 due and last payment received inJuly,2010.There is no closure date/I have raised a dispute for the same.Is it possible that this single point messes up my report ??

        1. Yes, it can mess up big time . it will be mentioned as WRITTEN off in your report and banks will not give loan looking at that !

          1. Amit Mohanty says:

            The strange thing is that the report does no show WRITTEN OFF.Infact it does not show any status for thr edu loan shows ‘-‘ . .Just that there is no closure date and in the due amount Rs 2400 is shown.What does that mean?If there is no WRITTEN OFF mentioned yet some amount is due then does it still affect?

            1. It means that they have not closed that account, I suggest pay off 2400 and close the matter, if its not your mistake, then pursue it later with bank

            2. Amit Mohanty says:

              I had already paid Rs 2400 in 2010 and have obtained the NOC after closing the account.They have not updated the details in CIBIL.I have raised a dispute with CIBIL and they replied that they will resolve the issue in 30 days.Even if the status is ‘-‘ and the amount is due then it will affect my score?The reason I am asking this is because nothing else looks bad in my report.All my credit cards are unused,all loan accounts closed,no settlement/written off and not a single late payment.So if this issue is fixed my score will be improved?
              Sorry for bugging you but I do not know who else to ask questions.

            3. Yes it will improve your score, but not much , because anyways this is a small issue .

  232. Pavan says:

    Hi Manish,

    Can you please let me know the difference between these two reports?

    1). CIR
    2). CIBIL TransUnion Score

    Should i go only for CIR report OR we must have to go for TransUnion score report?

    My only concern is that if we can get sufficient information only on 145/- rs in CIR then can go for CIR report twice or thrice in a year to track our credit history.

    Any suggestion?


    1. 1. CIR is just a report containing your information like different loan accounts and past info

      2. Score will have a number called as CIBIL score along with CIR , if you do not want to know your Score, then you can just order CIR

  233. Shaik says:

    Hi Manish,

    First I would like to thank you very mush for helping us.
    I was working in Citigroup and I had 2 personal loan and 1 OD account from Citibank and also 1 personal loan from HDFC bank.
    I have a problem
    I have used Citibank OD amount and converted to EMI
    I had closed all the 3 personal Loan and 1 OD on 2011
    but now after 1 year I want to apply for the Car Loan in ICICI Bank but the ICICI bank is telling that there is a due in Citibank But when i check with Citibank they said every think is closed but the Citibank is not able to give me the NOC or Closer letter for the closed OD account
    Could you please help me
    How can I know what it is pending ?
    How can I know my detail of all the bank status ?
    How can I know how much it is pending in which bank ?

    1. I think there is some thing which was written off by citibank and your case is closed, thats the reason why they are saying there is nothing pending and its closed, but instead of a clean closed case, its a dirty cloased case . I suggest opening a dispute resolution with CIBIL

  234. Anuj Mittal says:

    Hi Manish,

    My score is 560. Do I stand a chance of getting a home loan (secured)? Does pre-paying a loan helps in improving a score in comparison to paying all EMIs in time without a single delayed incident ?

    Looking forward to your reply.


    1. Thats a very bad score. Did you have any past loans which you didnt not pay in FULL ?

      1. Anuj Mittal says:

        There were 2-3 disputed credit card payments 4 years back which I didn’t clear. After that, I went abroad for 3 years so banks wouldn’t have been able to contact me. Currently, I pay my EMI and cc bill absolutely in time.

        But home loan is secured loan. Suppose, I borrow only 50% of the cost of the property, will it still be difficult for me to get a loan ?


        1. Simple Fact – Unless you clear off the full amount of past loans, your credit report will mention those loans as WRITTEN OFF and no lender will lend you , even a paisa ! .. Just clear it off .

  235. Dharminder Singh says:

    kindly check my cibil my pan -awqps9509n
    send my email

    1. You have to apply for it on cibil website, by paying Rs 470

  236. Romil says:

    Hi Manish,

    I have a problem, recently I have applied for a car loan but when the bank called my CIBIL report it mentioned a credit card unpaid amount of R. 70k. I have only 1 credit card and its very regular. How can I correct this in my report as the bank is not ready to listen my justifications.

    1. Which credit card is it ? Did you have another card ? Check your report once and look into the matter, there might be a fraud case againt your name !

      1. Romil says:

        On the report nowhere the name of bank / issuing authority name has been mentioned. I do not have any second card. When I tried to inquire for the same with the bank who has rejected my loan request they were blank with a simple reply that the detail of such is not mentioned in the report so whatever is mentioned whether correct or wrong they are imposed to believe it and work accordingly.

        1. then raise a dispute resolution with CIBIL and ask them which bank is it , if you feel that the data is wrong .

  237. Sam says:

    Hi Manish,
    Any Idea will CIBIL report have data of HSBC credit card settlement which i had in year 2003? I didnt even have pan card those days. I might have given my passport as proof.

    1. Its in CIBIL report, because it was settled and not paid in FULL , settlement goes into CIBIL , you are in trouble !

  238. Raj says:

    Plaese tell me my cibil score

    i have taken a mail of cibil report and also a request forward to improve it with all docx. an dpayment

    how can i understand my score who is in hand to me and my mail.

    help me

    1. What is your score as per the report ?

  239. Raj says:

    please tell me my cibil score

    i have given to improve it as on 4thsep.2012,

  240. Rahul says:

    Hi Manish,

    I applied for a personal loan with HDFC bank but they rejected because in past i had a bike loan and Although i have paid all the installments now, yet there were 5 cheque bounces during the repayment period. When will i again become eligible to apply for a loan and successfully get it.

    1. first apply for your credit report and check what is your score ? Is it very low ?

  241. RAJA says:

    Hi Manish,
    I got a pl loan of 20000/- in the year 2008 from ficcl but i got 18200/-loan by cheque & i have paid 12 installment without failing after paying 12 th emi i stooped the payment due to some unavoidable reason.I recently got my CIBIL report on payment from CIBIL in that report there is written-off (principal) report was there by ficcl against a payment overdue of 15,994/- after that i visited ficcl office & made all the due payments payment details are -12453/-,loan prepayment charges of the principal loan amount outstanding as on date of prepayment 4% (498/-),service tax for 4% (62/-),interest arrears -3541/-, penalty charges-3371/- on 18/9/2012 TOTAL AMOUNT PAID TO FICCL – 19925/- now I want to know from you that how much time it will take to remove the written-off status. please let me know the new status it will reflect in CIBIL report & for getting new loans is there is any bar if yes then for how much time. Looking forward for valuable reply.

    1. Raja

      the bank will now update it with CIBIL in 45-60 days . and then the written off status will get removed , but the point is the DPD’s status will still refelct some part of your dues , and that can the issue while getting the loan

  242. Jacob says:

    Hello Manish,
    How many times in a Year that we can apply for CIBIL Score online without getting affected to CIBIL Score.
    Best Regards,

    1. Jacob says:

      Dear Manish,
      My new query is on DPD entries in my CIBIl Report. I had a CC with a bank on 2007 and closed with full payment on 2008. There is no Overdue exists also.Please find the details below:

      Date opened: 06-08-2007
      Date Closed: 08-04-2008

      Account Status
      Credit limit::12,000
      high credit:20,201
      Current Balance:0
      Amount Overdue: –

      Every thing is blank(No written off or Settled)

      DPD/AC 797 767 736 …..
      Monthly-Year 05-12 04-12 0312………

      But then why there is this many Days as DPD comes against this account as shown above. Is it a Mistake for against I have to raise a Disput at CIBIL? Or else, Is it fine to be like this in Report.

      Thanks in Advance!

      1. DPD generally mean that for any given month how many days of debt was not paid . Now that should be last 36 months of data. AS you are saying that there is no dues on your name now, it should not be such a high number in DPD’s , you need to talk to CIBIL in this case

    2. You can get it any number of times . There is no impact because of that in your report

  243. Rajat Goswami says:

    Hi Manish,

    I want to apply for a home loan.

    I have following credit details:-

    HDFC P/L – Closed by prepayment (15 days back)
    StanC Credit Card – 20000.00 (out of this 8000/- paid yesterday)
    HDFC Credit Card – 12000 (5000 paid yesdterday)

    Do i have a chance of getting loan.

    1. I dont think you will get a loan with these many loans already . Also even if you close all of them and apply for loan , you might not get it immediately , because there has to be a gap between two loans

  244. Tarak Nath Singh says:

    Hi Mr Manish,

    You are great and helping us nicely.


  245. Tarak Nath Singh says:

    Hi Mr Manish,

    Request you to help me on below said problem and mail me your advise and idea to get rid off.
    1. I had taken a car loan from ICICI in Aug-2008 and it was already been completed in July-2011 within stipulated time, so there was no delay in payment.
    2. Recently I have applied for personal loan from ICICI but it was declined. ICICI officials told me that my CIBIL record is not good enough to lend me and because 10-12 ECS was bounced during my payment for car laon.
    3. I have contacted in CIBIL institution and purchased CIR report by paying 470. I have already got my CIR report on 30th Aug-12 and I found that my credit score is 780,then also my personal loan was declined. Personally I met with ICICI officails many times but not approved.

    Pls advise me and request you to send your valuable advise and suggestion on my personal mail


    1. most of the banks looks for more than 800+

      1. Tarak Nath Singh says:

        Hi Mr Manish,

        Here is my total credit history, pls advise me.
        I have applied for personal loan of 2 lac from ICICI bank and it was rejected due to CIBIL report.After inquiring I came to know the following points:-
        1. I had taken CAR loan in Aug-2008 and it was closed in July-2011 within stipulated time and there was no delay but as per ICICI officials my ECS was bounced 10-12 times during EMI payment as it was auto debited from my ICICI’s salary account, but they are providing me the details.
        2. Then I purchased CIR and also received the hard copy and the credit score is 780.I have shown my CIR report to ICICI officials but nothing happened and their RM not approved my personal loan.
        3. One more thing I would like to share with you that presently I am not bearing any credit card but I had used SBI & AXIS Bank credit card till 2007 but due to some unavoidable circumstances the due amount of my credit card was unpaid for long time and it was settled in 2011 after paying Rs 40,000 and Rs 34,200 respectively and also got NOC from SBI.
        4. After that I written many mails to CIBIL and asked the reason that why my PL was rejected and I got a mail from CIBIL and they stated that they have done an in-depth analysis of the dispute raised by me and it was observed that the information pertaining to another individual’s credit report was inadvertently mixed with my report. And they have immediately taken corrective action to separate the information.
        And they assured me that the disputed account is removed and will not appear in my report going forward.
        5. Then again I talked with ICICI bank and forwarded the said mail which I have received from CIBIL and asked them to process my PL but this time also they denied.
        6. Now again I have applied for PL from Axis Bank as advised by somebody. So is there any possibilities to decline my PL again.
        I request you to help me in this regard.


        1. there are two things you need to check , report and score..

          After removing the disputed account info , is your report still clean ? I dont think so , the debt you had done settlement for, it will be marked as SETTLED in your report and it must be causing the issue, unless you pay it off back , it will not be removed. talk to the bank about it

          1. Tarak Nath Singh says:

            Hi Mr Manish,
            Thanks for your reply.

            Again I have to purchased the CIR to know my revised report & score or is there any other process?

            Pls advice.


            1. You have to pay again !

  246. H Abdul Azad says:

    Dear Manish,
    I had vehicle loan with Indusind bank for 18 month tenure from August 2010. I agreed to pay EMIs through my ICICI Sal SB a/c. My first EMI not debited in ICICI, I checked with them, they told my signature is mismatching like that. In the meantime Indusind bank approached me and got my first EMI by cash. Like that every month I made payment by cash through the collection agent. But my mistake I have not taken any steps to check the signature in ICICI. The collection agent not regularly collecting cash from me, he took his own time to collect the cash, that time I have not bothered about that whenever he comes I made payment. (It delayed two months because of the collection agent not came to my home he collected 2 months payment at one stretch) But I made all my payment within 18 months. While getting NOC the banker told I have to pay 1500 for late payment(s). But I told it is not my mistake it is because of your bank. And he convinced me and collected 350 as late fee, to get the NOC, I paid and got the NOC. Last week I applied personal loan, it was rejected due to low CIBIL score, and the loan person told the score is 540. It highly disappointed me. I don’t know what to do, could you please help on this.
    Note: I had personal loan with HDFC for 3 years from 2007 successfully pre-closed the loan before 6 month of actual closure. And I had personal loan with Axis bank from 2008 ~ Sep 2012 successfully completed recently (This loan was repaid through the same ICICI Sal SB a/c ECS)

    1. I wont say its bank mistake totally. while its collection agent lethargy , but you should also have been a little proactive to make sure the payment was done on time, you should have better paid that small payment and got things clear !

      1. H Abdul Azad says:

        Dear Manish,

        Thanks for your reply.
        Could you please tell me how to correct my CIBIL score in future, or is there any possibilities to approach Indusind bank to correct the same. I am planning to take home loan also, but all the sudden everything collapsed. Please advise….

          1. H Abdul Azad says:

            Dear Manish,

            Thanks for your reply. The site which you referred is very useful. Sure, i will manage my existing credit cards carefully and get my score up.

  247. priya says:

    Hi Manish,

    I had taken credit card and loans in past however now i dont have any dues pending….i had applied for CIBIL score which is 836….Now i am planning to take home loan….Wil i get the home loan

    1. Yes , 836 is a great score.. you should be accepted for home loan , but finally it will depend on your salary and how much you are paying in debt right now !

  248. priya says:

    Dear Manish,

    I had taken loan and credit card in past however currently i dont have any dues…i had applied for CIBIL report and my score is 841. Now i am planning to take home loan….what do you think will i get a loan

    1. Yes, its a good score

  249. jitendra says:

    Please send my credit score detail against my personnel loan taken through SBI.


  250. Sat says:

    I am unable to pass ID authenticator, it keeps on asking lender question. Highest lender question answered and now lowest lender question is not getting passed. No matter what I select. That page is still there from half an hour.

    Payment has been done successfully though.

    Please suggest.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Sat, thats a little strange , can you get on call with customer care for this and resolve ?

  251. Manish says:

    Have Small doubt..
    If a take an account of 470 will I able to access my information/report any time or this 470 Rs is a fees for only one time access of CIBIL TransUnion Score (Including CIR)?

    Thanks In advance

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Manish,

      Rs. 470 is a one time fee to access the CIBIL credit bureau report and score.


  252. Vinodhkumar says:

    Hi, manish,
    I used last 10years creditcards more then 20. On the time the transaction and making payment ontime for all cards. But, unfortunatly i can’t able to continue to using 20 cards. Last two years i can’t able to make payment. Now , i tried settled one by one. now still pending 6 cards. May be i settle by this month to all cards.
    Only one card still iam using properly.
    f, i close to all bank credit card, when i try to apply housing loan?

    1. No , you will not get any loan unless you pay full amount on all credit cards . Settlement is not a solution , it will be reported to CIBIL

  253. praveen kumar.P says:

    Hi sir, i have a doubt, a week ago i applied for my Credit Score with the help of my friend who works for a private bank in Hyderabad by paying Rs.800,inspite of knowing the charges,still i went ahead with him.after a week my got my score which was yesterday my scores show as 539 & personal loan score 549. but the thing is that,its show total no# of account as 6,overdue 2,zero balance 4,but i can’t see any bank name with whom i owe money or not. when i contact my friend he says they wouldn’t provid any bankname it would be showing only Loan opening and closing date. see my concern is that i want to clear all the debts then i want to apply for a home loan,will it be possible.??? and when i went through the CIBIL website there are two ways to get know our score one is by paying Rs 150 and another Rs.450. is their any way by which i can come to know about bank names.

    1. Praveen Kumar.P says:

      Hi sir, please help me…!!!
      i have a doubt, a week ago i applied for my Credit Score with the help of my friend who works for a private bank in Hyderabad by paying Rs.800,inspite of knowing the charges,still i went ahead with him.after a week my got my score which was yesterday my scores show as 539 & personal loan score 549. but the thing is that,its show total no# of account as 6,overdue 2,zero balance 4,but i can’t see any bank name with whom i owe money or not. when i contact my friend he says they wouldn’t provid any bankname it would be showing only Loan opening and closing date. see my concern is that i want to clear all the debts then i want to apply for a home loan,will it be possible.??? and when i went through the CIBIL website there are two ways to get know our score one is by paying Rs 150 and another Rs.450. is their any way by which i can come to know about bank names.

      1. Praveen

        You must be knowing the bank names yourself right ? Why do you want to know it by others ? You had those loans , so you must be knowing the bank names . No ?

        1. praveen kumar.P says:

          Thanks for your reply, sir one more doubt when i checked my loans documents i was surprise to see those were paid in full & they were not settled, i do have bank loan closure letters with me,so what should i do know,shall i raise a complain with the bank people…???? in my CIBIL report one bank black listed my name just for Rs.290 interest Rs.45 total Rs.335, as per your suggestion i checked all my old documents finally i came to know it was with HSBC personal loan,then immediately i called up Cust.serv she said yes their is balance of Rs.335,i clear stated her that i took the loan in Sep 2006 it got ended in Oct 2008 for an amount of Rs.20k,but nobody contact me or sending any mail or atleast a SMS that their is a balance she said we have sent a letter to you,later on i went to the bank there i spoke to one lady & she asked me to pay the amount due,which i did and asked me to send a mail with the receipt scanned to she promised me that within 3 working days i will get NOC later they will inform CIBIL people. my concern is that why is that my name still appearing in Black listed when i made the payment in full,i do understand their are some cheque bounce’s,but that was in the year 2006 to 2008. why they still informed my name to CIBIL when i paid back their money in full..what should i do now should i go to other bank with the closure letters and asking them to remove my name from CIBIL,will that be possible..

          1. Calm down first .. It might happen that you made a late payment in last month (not sure on this) , which might have envoked a late payment which you didnt knew ! . Now as you have paid it, check your report after 45-60 days, but then , it must have got updated !

            1. praveen kumar.P says:

              Hi manish,
              Even if they take out my name for CIBIL defaulters list and will there be any great impact in my Credit Score, i mean to say is there any chances of getting my score increased.

            2. There is no “defaulter” list . There is just a report , your status will be changed , thats all , the score will improve , but not drastically !

            3. praveen kumar.P says:

              Thanks a lot manish

            4. praveen kumar.P says:

              hi sir, as i discussed it earlier about my HSBC which i took it in 2006 got completed in 2008,now when i checked my credit report i found that they had reported to CIBIL for not paying rs.300 & it is showing as 900 days delinquency,i still remember when i took loan i gave ECS to pay my EMI,so my question to you is that,when i gave them rights to withdraw money from my bank for there EMI’s & they did it for entire loan tenure,so why is that they did not take out money from my bank for those Rs.300,instead of that they reported to CIBIL, so on this bases can i fight with them that mistake is from there side as well as they didnt contact me or sending any due amout mail,email or sms to me. now i got the NOC from them on 21st sep as they promised what shoud i do now…?????
              one more question i took one more loan from HDFC in 2006 for Rs.15k,i paid all the EMI’s on time,just once i miss the payment, so why is that they informed to CIBIL when i made the payment on time got the NOC in 2008 & balance is showing zero, when i spoke to there customer service they said someone will get back to you& day before yesterday i got a call from HDFC chennai & they said we didnt report anything bad ab my loan repayment track,sd ur payments were standard,so can i ask them any written letter stating that my loan track was took just because its appearing in CIBIL inspite of showing zero balance..what do you suggest for this one,pls advice me seperately for both the bank…thanks in advance

            5. What I would suggest is that as of now, better pay it off and let it get correct in CIBIL and later file a case against them

  254. Rupesh Naik says:

    Hi Manish,

    I have an outstanding payment of Rs. 2200 for Airtel Postpaid. Do telephone bills records get updated in cibil? The payment is outstanding from last 9 months? What should I do?

    1. Right now its not counted, but that data is always there, it might start affecting you later in life .

      1. Rupesh Naik says:

        Thanks a lot for the reply. It helps. Hmm..that means I should clear it off and I will. Future is uncertain, you never know when a small mistake may lead to a serious problem 🙂

        1. Yes .. thats exactly what happening with most of the people . better have a clean record !

  255. Manjunath says:

    Hi sir i have applied for kotak creditcard as i am already holding HDFC credit card last 2 months but they rejected my application stating…
    Your credit history information with Credit Information Bureau of India Limited (CIBIL) is for a duration lesser than as required by us.
    We regret to inform that your application has not been approved. Please note that this is no way a reflection of your credit worthiness.
    How much duration they required to apply new card on basis of old card?
    Please confirm on priority.

    1. Not sure of how much tenure it is needed for minimum . I might find out that and make a post on that, why dont you directly ask CIBIL about it

  256. mkshekar says:

    Hi. I asked a friend of mine to check my cibil data before proceeding to apply for a home loan. I found to my horror that two suits were filed against me from I dont know where and 3 outstanding loans. I have only 1 outstanding loan as on date. and another one was closed way back in 2009 prematurely (In order to avail the present outstanding loan)please note that the receipt with me states that it is towards final and full settlement.)How do i proceed to rectify all these and regularize my cibil record at the earliest and help me go for a new housing loan. please guide me.

    1. So you are saying that you never defaulted or there was no issue from your side, then your cibil should be clean . Please get in touch with those credit card and loans companies to understand how it appeared with them on your name when you have not taken it at all !

  257. Rakesh Kumar says:

    Hi Manish,

    I have got my CIBIL Score today it is 744. i need to register my Flat so i need funds. I am looking for a PL from ICICI my salary account. I earn 65000/- per month. will it be possible to get 3 lac loan considering below liabilities. i paid 84k of Citi bank cc yesterday. will it improve my score in next 1 week or not.

    i have below liabilities.

    1. Citi CC – 94k (paid 84k yesterday)
    2. Axis CC – 30k (28k overdue)
    3. StandardC CC- 20k (19k overdue)
    4. Citi PL – 325000 (265000 overdue)
    5. Axis Home Loan – 1828000 (1816000 overdue)

    please suggest. Thanks

    1. I dont see any chance of you getting a further loan, you already have so much of loan and no bank would be willing to lend more by looking at your current outstandings . Also your report will get updated only after 45-60 days !

      1. Rakesh Kumar says:

        Ok Manish thanks. then i would not apply for it. I will manager from some other sources for my registration or savings.. and yes you are doing a great job keep it up.

        1. Yes , thats the best thing

  258. Eshwar says:

    Thanks a lot for the information Manish. I have become an avid reader of your posts. I applied for CIBIL score and got it via post in less than 10 days. My score is 799.

    1. Good to know that , are you planning to apply for a loan ?

      1. Eshwar says:

        No Manish,

        Wanted to check it just to make sure that there are no surprises. I am saving to buy a home.

        FAN MAIL:

        Manish I wanted to let you know that you and your blog has helped me gain a lot of financial literacy.
        I read and re-read your book multiple times. I wish I had read it sooner. I completed 5 years of my career before I discovered it.

        I have used your posts on LIC and term insurance to surrender my Jeevan Anand and buy term insurance online.

        I have lost the fear of MFs and started investing in it.

        I am now looking at it for Health Insurance selection.

        Pretty much any financial question that I have, I google it with appending jagoinvester to the search.

        Thanks a lot Manish. Wish you a lot of successes.

        1. Glad to hear it 🙂 . Can I earn a “Flipkart review” of my book by you 🙂

  259. Rajbir Singh says:


    I would like to inform you that the CIBIL REPORT has been generated by Member
    ID BS00118888 with Control No 000554420028 in which loan accounts as
    stated below have been shown in my name which does not belong to me
    but due to these loans shown in your report my bank is demanding
    clarification for the same accounts. You are requested to please give
    me the details of the same loans and please remove the same from my
    CIBIL REPORT. Detail of the Loan accounts are as under :-

    Sr # Account Open Date Account Close Date Loan Amount Current Balance Name of Bank Account Number Type of Loan Ownership
    1 07/06/2011. 05/03/2012. 8000 3960 Consumer Loan Indivisual
    2 07/06/2011. 05/02/2012. 18000 0 Consumer Loan Indivisual
    3 01/03/2007 – 400000 142578 Auto Loan (Personal) Indivisual

    My PAN No is BDAPS0668A

    Looking forward for your prompt reply in this matter.

    With best regards,


  260. Premila says:

    HI Sir

    I had three types of loan in the year 2005 – 2007 with different banks (between 25,000.00 to 50,000) not exceeding more than that, due to my personal probs, i could not maintain sufficient cash in bank for all 3 ecs, obviously my cheques got bounced…

    I settled, out of which 2 bank NOC is received, one more ididnt receive, becoz the collection boy taken final settlement of Rs, 4k to 5k sumthing and vasnished, by jst giving me the receipt.

    Now, in the year 2009 i applied for personal loan, and the bank personnel told me that my CIBIL Score s too bad, and i need to wait for a year or so, to procure a new loan, since it has been 4 years am planning for loan.
    Sir, i hope u have understood my situation. PLease give me guidance and advise to how to go about it..

    1. Did you pay less than the outstanding and “settled” the loan, if thats the case, you will have to pay back each and every penny , that the first step.

  261. jacob says:

    Hello Manish,
    Thanks for your initiative for this awareness and clearing our concerns!!
    I have a concern too.
    I have done Full and Final payment on my credit card around 60 days back in expecting that there won”t any ‘WRITTEN OFF’ or ‘SETTLED’ remarks in the Status of CIBIL eport. But,i have got my latest CIBIL report today and it is shown as ‘SETTLED’ against the credit card account.
    What should i do now?
    Shall i call Bank directly ? but what should be my approach?
    How long they need to update the Status in Cibil report?
    Please help me too in clearing this concern!!

    1. I think you could have waited some more days , but till now generally the change should have happened. Now coming to the point, are you sure you have paid the full outstanding amount and again not paid the lower amount ? If you have paid full money, then it should not be SETTLED, raise a dispute resolution with CIBIL and tell them about this, they will check with bank once –

      1. jacob says:

        Thanks for the guidance Manish!!
        But before i got your response, i have called to the bank asking them that why it has come as SETTLED when i am sure that i have paid in full towards my credit card.They also said that it is not settlement that i have done and asked me to call back after 3 days since they want to see the repot fom CIBIL. They also said that, if there is any comment as “SETTLED”, then they will update it in 16 days.
        But i have got chance to read your guidance now only. Shall i raise a dispute to CIBIL now or should i wait for the action from Bank?
        But it could have been great,if the report gets updated soon.
        Thanks in advance!!

        1. Let bank do its job , mostly it will get rectified, but in the meanwhile , also raise a complaint with CIBIL , anyways it takes 5 min and its FREE 🙂


          1. Jacob says:

            Thanks Manish!!
            I have raised a Dispute at CIBIL site as per your suggestion now. I have got copy of my raised dispute also at mail. Now lets wait for the action from Bank.Hopefully everything will get recified!

            1. Yes . lets see how it turns out to be !

            2. Jacob says:

              Hello Manish,

              As i mentioned earlier I have raised a CIBIL Dispute for the wrong ‘SETTLED’ remarks with proper information.And I am waiting for the status from CIBIL.
              But I was looking at the SAME report today and have found two more issues.
              1.Towards my existing Personal Loan Account, DATE OF LAST PAYMENT is shown as 19-04-2012 and is not updated till this xx-09-2012. In this period,i have payed the EMI’s ontime.
              2.Under ENQUIRY INFORMATION,Two enquiry entry is shown against ICICI for Personal Loan on 23-11-2007 and 24-11-2007.
              I have requested only once, then why it is two enquiry by Bank on two times.

              Can I raise a CIBIL Dispute again for correcting these two issues now?Please note that i have already raised a Dispute over this CIBIL report.
              If these Issues gets corrected, is there any chance on the improvement over my CIBIL Score.
              Thanks in Advance!

            3. Yes you can raise more requests and if these things will get corrected, there will be some improvement in your score, but not “drastic”

            4. Jacob says:

              Thanks Manish!! I have raised a new Dispute at CIBIL. Thanks for the guidance and surely I will update you on the resposnses.

            5. Sure .. let us know the progress !

            6. Jacob says:

              Hello Manish,
              I have got response from CIBIL against my Dispute of removing invalid ‘SETTLED’ remarks and Making the Account as close.
              Please find my raised Dispute below:
              “It is regarding the invalid SETTLED remarks under the following report in CIBIL Report. Memeber
              Name:XXXX Bank, Account Number:XXXXX,Account Type: Credit Card I have maid Full and
              Final Payment towards this Account on XX-XX-2012 at XX Branch,Bangalore. Receipt No: is
              XXXX.This Full and final payment was based on the Account statement that i have received on
              XX-XX-2012 and on checking the balance with branch at the time of Payment.I have received a No due
              certificated from XXX bank on XX-XX-XX by stating thath my Credit card has been Deactivated since
              XX-XX-XXXX with no Amount as Outstanding.Ref.No:XXX/SRXX/C I have cross-checked with
              XXX Customer care on XX-XX-XX after seeing the CIBIL report wrong remark and they have(Person is
              XX, at XXam) told me that it was Full and Final payment only that I have done.Hence I request CIBIL
              Authority to do the needful to remove the SETTLED remarks from the CIBIL Report and Show the ACC as

              Please read the CIBIl Response as below:

              “We had written to the relevant Credit Institution to confirm accuracy of information provided in your report. Based on the findings as provided by the Credit Institution, we would like to inform that the following particulars are updated in our records.

              Member Name Account Number Corrected Particulars
              XXX BANK XXXXX00XX Date Closed: XX/XX/2012

              We had also written to XXX BANK for Account Number XXXX00XX to confirm Account Status provided in your CIR. Based on the findings as provided by the Credit Institution, we would like to inform that the information provided in your CIR is correct.”

              My doubt is that whether the ‘SETTLED’ remarks will be still there in CIBIL report? My dispute was to prove that ‘SETTLED’ remark is wrong since I have done full and final payment.
              Please clarify me.

            7. Yes, it will be removed if you have not left even a single penny on the table, but the update will take some time . CIBIL will check with bank and bank will agree to it , only then the change will happen !


    Hi sir i have applied for kotak creditcard as i am already holding HDFC and SBI but they rejected my application stating
    Your credit history information with Credit Information Bureau of India Limited (CIBIL) is for a duration lesser than as required by us.

    We regret to inform that your application has not been approved. Please note that this is no way a reflection of your credit worthiness.

    will you suggest me how to proceed further

    1. How old are your other credit cards and why do you need more credit cards ? Why dont you ask your current cards to increase your limit

      1. NARASIMHA REDDY says:

        Hi Sir,
        Thanks for reply and i am having hdfc from 2months and sbi from a month only

  263. rakesh says:

    waiting for ur response

  264. rakesh says:

    Hi manish,
    I got my cibil registration id and moving to next page for payment I have paid rs 470/ via net banking and payment successfull and deducted from my bank…after landing on authentication page..i got message page expired..pls suggest what to do since amount already deducted

    1. Just contact the customer care . they will take care of it !

  265. sunil says:

    Hi Manish,
    Today I got a soft copy of the CIBIL score.
    It said that my score was ‘NH’. The CIBIL report does say

    I am planning to go for a personal loan and credit card soon.
    Do you think that this might affect the personal loan and credit card ?
    I already apply personal loan and credit card in ICICI bank but they rejected due to low score in CIBIL.
    So shall i apply personal loan and credit card into other bank or wait .

    Actully i am not understand my cibil report.


    1. It means you dont have any score . Did you have any loan or credit card in past ?


      1. sunil says:


        I don’t have any credit card, but i take loan for laptop from bajaj finance.
        When i take laptop then it was different which i purchased, i am trying to change it multiple times ( Starting 2-3 Months).
        Vendor give me accused stock is not avialable once stock is avialable then he can change laptop,
        But after 2-3 months he was refused that he cann’t change lapto, so finally i had surrunder my product to bajaj finance and take NOC.
        So in this way my name is avialable in CIBIL from Bajaj Finance.

        1. Obviosuly .. once you took the loan , your responsibility was to pay it off , irrespective of what happened with your vendor, unless you pay it off completely, your report will not be cleaned!

          1. sunil says:


            I accept my fault, but now what I can do for take loan or credit card from bank.
            Any suggestion which can help me to take loan.

            1. You will have to take a secured credit card now , do a FD for 20k or 30k and take a credit card against it .


            2. sunil says:

              Thank-You very much your valuable suggestion.

  266. RD says:

    Applied for CIBIL and got the report on my mail within two days. Good service. My score is 763 that is good but not very good. I will make it more better. Thanks Manish for such usefull article and also for your replies..

    1. Good to hear that .. just make sure you dont do wrong things 🙂

  267. S Manikandan says:

    I Have applied credit card and it has been rejected that your CIBIL Score is very less. and after that, i have checked with CIBIL, my score is -1 and showing INSUFFICIENT HISTORY TO SCORE.
    1.Sir, previously i did not taken any loan or having any credit card, then how it became -1 .
    2. when it is in -1 , i will not be eligible for getting any loan or credit card in my life, because banker’s are checking with CIBIL and they will not approve my case. kindly tell me, how to get 900 points score.


    1. Dont Panic

      You dont have a score , because there is no history , its like banks are not giving you any credit card or loan , because they cant judge you , there is no history ! .. Better get a secured credit card , read

  268. Sumit Srivastava says:

    Hi Manish,
    Thanks for the informative article.I got my Cibil report via email & SMS & my Score was 799, just one short of 800.Is it a considerable score for Loans (specially home loans).Can you tell what is the frequency when Cibil updates the scores of individuals.How good is it to check my score again & in what time frame? Also I have just taken a Personal Loan, does that affect my Score?I am not getting the formula/calculation to arrive at Cibil score?Any ideas would be appreciated.
    Many Thanks

    1. 799 is a decent score . Banks update the CIBIL in every 30 days . Personal loans are UNSECURED loans and will negatively impact your score (not too much but) , It shows your dependence on unsecured credit , thats all .

      Credit Score is not that easy thing to calculate , its generally hidden 🙂

  269. Pari says:

    i closed my credit card on 2009 with excess amount of Rs.320. now i applied a CAR loan, they are telling your name in CIBIL with due Rs.320 for credit card.
    Note: i dont know my credit card details.
    pl help me friends.

    1. Credexpert says:

      Dear Pari,

      You can find out the credit cards details by obtaining your credit report and score from CIBIL. Although, the outstanding amount is low, it is always advisable to have clear balances.


  270. sairam says:

    Dear Manish,

    This is Sai here again.My score is 640 but however my report is clean.There are nil outstandings and there are no written off accounts..

    Can i approach any bank for any loan.My report is clean though my score is low.

    1. BEtter not approach banks , your will be rejected, will any score below 700, they dont even look at it . Your score might be low, because there is no activity or bad activity, no payment on time . Did you see the accounts section and 36 months of activity , What is the DND values in it ?

  271. Anil kukreja says:

    Pan no AIIPK1412E

    1. Anil kukreja says:

      H D F C LOAN

  272. Abhay says:

    My CIBIL score is 616. I know its a bad score. I am desparately looking for home loan. Am i not eligible at all? as you have mentioned CIBIL score will can not be improved immediately. what options do i have?

    1. Abhay

      sadly there will be no short cut, you will not get a home loan immediately . 616 is a bad score and to improve it you need to take some major steps which will not be easy and quick . Have you looked at your report, what exactly is your case ?

      1. Abhay says:

        Manish, I am terribly sorry for this late reply. Thanks for your support.

        I had taken few personal loans in my bad times. Towards the end my financial condition deteriorated. I had taken 3 personal loans in total. ICIC, Citi and IndiaBulls.

        I settled this loan back in Feb 09. But I recently (after 2 years) learned that ICICI didn’t close my account. They kept me charging the EMIs. Pending amount went on getting bigger and bigger. Just in last week I went to their branch and explained them the situation. Asked them to waive off all the charges after Feb 09. They have sent the request ahead. Once this is done I will pay the amount which was due when this loan was closed in Feb 09.

        I settled this back in Apr 09. CIBIL show status as ‘Written off’. I will pay the remaining dues and will close the account with Nil Dues

        I settled this back in Apr 10. CIBIL show status as ‘Written off’. I will pay the remaining dues and will close the account with Nil Dues

        Besides above I am holding few credit cards. For 2 of them I have been paying minimum amount due every month for more than a 2 years now. Do I need to take any action on this part too?

        Please advise to what extent and by when my score will improve after taking above actions.

        Abhay Kadam

        1. Once you pay back all the outstanding amounts, your score should bump up with a good margin !

          1. Abhay Kadam says:

            Hi Manish,

            Thanks for your reply. as mentioned above i got in touch with India bulls. I informed them that i want to pay the remaining dues to close the account with Nil Dues. They however not accepting the payment. this is what they are saying

            This is in reference to your request regarding the updation of CIBIL
            with reference to your loan account number:-S000072088.

            We would like to inform you that in the CIBIL report, your loan
            outstanding reflecting as NIL, moreover contains the date of closure
            as well. However if during the loan repayment it moves to
            default/legal stage, it will come under ‘WRITTEN OFF’ status which is
            unaltered and hence cannot be changed at our end

            Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

            can you guide me here.

            1. Generally lenders take the outstanding and change the WRITTEN OFF status , but not sure why Indiabulls is saying like that !

            2. Abhay Kadam says:

              i also went to their local office but they advised same. I somehow dont agree. Can you advise to whom i can escalate. i tried writing to RBI ombudsman but couldn’t find India bulls option there.

            3. I have asked credexpert team to reply to you , lets see what they say !

            4. Credexpert says:

              Dear Abhay,

              Credit policies of certain banks/ lenders do not allow them to accept the payment made towards a Written – off account and Indiabulls seems to be one of them. There is some ambiguity on this but when we checked with certain banks they all seem to indicate that once a case is classified as Written Off , they do not accept any offers to pay the non paid amount. It seems odd, but seems to be the current stand. We at Credexpert will get more specific clarity and hopefully update everyone.

              Indiabulls is a NBFC which is regulated by the RBI, but there is no Ombudsman where complaint can be registered against NBFCs. However, you can use the Right to Information Act, 2005 to register a complaint.

              You can click on this link and in the “List of CPIOs together with E-mail ids, Addresses and Brief Description of the Departments”, send an email to “Department of Non-Banking Supervision”. Await their response and see if it helps you.

              Unfortunately, other than this, there is not much that can be done in this regards.


  273. Pankaj Agarwal says:

    Hi Manish,

    This a very informative article and good read as well. Thanks for posting it.

    I got to know my CIBIL score by a bank exectuive to who I applied for a Personal Loan last year. This is after I asked him the score. (I am not sure whether it is right on Bank’s part to let know its customers the score). But we can always try out this option rather than putting time, energy and money on it. Just my thoughts. 🙂

    I currently have 2 Credit cards, 4 Personal Loans and the payment to it is done on time. 1 Auto Loan was closed 2 years back(Preclosed it with all the Interst with in 10 months). I also tried to get ICICI Credit card once, but was rejected.

    My CIBIL score is 750 + is what the bank person said me.
    My question is:-
    1) Does the preclosure of any loan tend to decrease the CIBIL score.
    2) Are the number of attempts made by us to get a Loan or a Credit card gets captured in this report, this is because when I applied for ICICI bank Credit card I got to know that i was rejected for this card three times before and was rejected again.
    But i never applied or enquired about it earlier.
    (Again i got this info from the person who collected my documents, but he said this should not be disclosed).

    1. Pankaj

      1. NO
      2. Yes , it does, more the number of enquries , the more you look like “credit hungry”

      1. Pankaj Agarwal says:

        Is my CIBIL score of 750+ good, I am planning to take a Home Loan in next 1-2 years. What should i do to increase my score. ?

        1. 750+ is good, but better target for 800+ . Just keep paying your credit card and other loans on time, and it will increase . Dont make dumb mistakes, thats all

  274. balu says:

    hi manish,
    i saw this thread and applied for my score. It turned out to be 820. But I would like to understand why it is 820 but not the max..
    I only observed the following points:

    1. All my DPDs are either 000’s or XXX’s.
    2. I never took any loan and never missed the payment last date in the last 8 years..
    3. There only 5 enquires listed i made.. 3 credit cards (i got all 3.. last one was compulsory corporate travel else I wouldn’t need it)…. 1 auto loan and 1 overdraft (I never asked for these two from CITI bank.. what best way to get them deleted?)..

    so with this profile, getting an 820 is OK?

    pl reply.

    1. Your score of 820 is good, dont worry on that.. note that your score will not be 900 as you think , because your situation is still not ideal . Credit card is a unsecured credit which you are using , there should be a good mix of credits like home loan, auto loan , credit card etc , only then it increases, given your situation, your score is ideal . You will not be able to remove those 5 enquires, they are not negatives marks , its just for mention .

      Stay cool .


  275. Rajesh says:

    Hi Manish,
    I have defaulted 3 credit cards and a Car loan 6 yrs ago. For the credit cards i have settled the outstanding payments by negotiating on the figures. For car loan i’ve just surrendered the car to bank. All of this happened due to the loss in my business but now by god’s grace all is well. But now the problem is i’m getting diqualified for the credit card and other loans. I’ve barely managed to get a housing loan approved from a co-operative bank due to influence which i’m repaying regularly from last two yrs. All of this was been setelled by sept 2009.

    Now my question to you is:
    1. When my bad records in CIBIL will get wipe off? i mean what is the default duration.

    2. Is my regular repayment of the existing home loan will improve my score at CIBIL ratings? and how long will it take to do the same?

    1. Rajesh

      1. It will take many years.. minimum is 7 yrs and maximum can be more than that , like 15 yrs ! ..

      2. Yes, your existing repayment will increase your score, but your report is still messed up with mention of those settelements, I dont think banks will approve your loan unless that is wiped out , which can happen only when you clear the due amount.

  276. sudhank says:

    Manish Bhai Very Informative Article as we are little bit unaware about it and so much unaware about its impacts. We only got interested when our loan application got rejected. I am using 5-6 credit cards and didnt know about such impact of CIBIL score. Now applying to know this secret score.

    Little Update : Buy your Credit Score (Including CIR) now for Rs.470/-

    If you wish to purchase only your CIBIL CIR for Rs.154/-.

    So what’s the difference in both reports of Rs 470 & Rs 154 ?

    1. The report will just be report , The score will come with score + report .

  277. Hemanth says:

    Hi Manish,

    I got my detailed CIBIL report but the report has 15 credit accounts of which 4 belongs to me and i am aware of but the rest of the 11 accounts doesn’t belong to me….I raised a dispute with cibil but this seems to take time..i am in urgent need of correcting the report because it is delaying my home loan…can you please help me out..

    1. Hemanth

      the sad thing is that it will take time, you need to accept it. There is no short cut solution to it . You need to file a dispute resolution first with the CIBIL and they will check it with the bank , and then update it if banks agree to your claim!

  278. Deepak says:

    Hi Manish,
    My cibil score is 822..& I had done credit card settlement in 16-11-2010.My defer amount is RS-15785.

    So let me know should i need to pay these 15785 rupe to get clear my name from bank data.
    Or It’s OK.?


    1. Yes you should pay that !

  279. nimesh says:

    Hi Manish,

    Neither have I used any credit card nor taken any loans so far. I m 31. Most probably i have nor credit score. What is better if I go for nay loans or credit cards, no score or low score ? Should I take a credit card and use it to just build my score. ?


    1. Yes Nimesh

      You should get a credit card, just to build up your credit history and score !

  280. Manideep kumar says:

    Hi Manish,

    I have a bike loan and i missed 2 times to pay ECS and also two times bank also delayed to take money because of technical problem so finally in my CIBIL history have 4 check bounce . so how to improve my CIBIL score, because i am planing to apply Personal loan.

    The bank missed two times to take ECS then why that remark got in my CIBIL History. could please help me out for this reason and help me out for how to improve my credit history

  281. Manideep says:

    Hi Manish,

    I have a bike loan and i missed 2 times to pay ECS and also two times bank also delayed to take money because of technical problem so finally in my CIBIL history have 4 check bounce . so how to improve my CIBIL score, because i am planing to apply Personal loan.

    The bank missed two times to take ECS then why that remark got in my CIBIL History. could please help me out for this reason and help me out for how to improve my credit history

    1. Manideep

      What does bank say about it , did they accept their mistake ? If yes, ask them to correct that in next Cibil update !

  282. Srinivasa Murthy says:

    Hi Manish,

    I had taken C.Cards and Loans from ICICI bank and I failed to pay for some loan and C.Card, But later on I made 100% payment against my loan accounts. I have cleared all the dues. 3 months back I applied for CIBIL Score and Transaction Report, In that report I can see all accounts closed with closed date. But there is no much difference on my score. its showing 600. Please suggest me how to improve my score, and I want apply for Home loan, I am not sure Iwill get loan on that score. Can you please clear my doubt how I can improve my score.

    1. You will not get loan on that score .. you should target for atleast 750+ . Note that just paying off your loan outstanding does not increase your score, you need to have a repayment record for that, do you hold any other credit card or loan ? If yes, better keep using it and pay your dues on time each month. Do this for next 8-10 months atleast.

  283. Alfred says:

    After reading your article I did apply for my CIBIL report last night at 9 pm. Today morning voila!!! I had the report in my mail!!!

    My score is 826.
    I have three credit cards. I had a auto loan which I finished in 2009.
    I have one home loan from HDFC. I cleared one from ICICI last year. But somehow it does not reflect in the CIBIL report. I wonder why so?

    Also I have been paying my dues in time. Much before time infact and have not defaulted on payment.
    Then why is the rating so low?
    Except paying dues on time, how can I improve it further?

    1. The rating is very good and infact something you should be happy with , while there is score of improvement always, but dont feel its low by any standard, you are one of the best .

      Credit report at any point of time has “open” loans , and somethign which is closed long back will not appear in report unless its still outstanding!

  284. Ram says:

    Recently I applied for CIBIL score and got mailed in hard withih 7 days. It was 602.
    I understand that some details were not updated in the report. I just contact the bank and asked for NOC and requseted to update CIBIL regarding the same. Some a/c has small due and paid them in the bank. For this too I asked for NOC and requset to update CIBIL. I think it takes 6 wk to update. Do you think the score will improve? How much increase can I expect? Please advice.

    1. this should not increase your score by a very big margin , you should expect just a small increase. Score increase when there is a regular activity and payment

      1. Ram says:

        Thanks for your reply.
        If that is the case, why I have to pay the due and close a/c (setteld one) and get NOC ? Can I ignore making the ‘Settled’ comment to reflect as ‘Closed’ in my CIBIL report? It was the a/c operated between 2005-2009.

        I read that score depends on 2 yrs payment history…setteled cases (if any) older than 2 yrs can be ignored ! ? Is this a good idea?
        Please reply.

        1. Ram

          But any lender will look at your credit report first , the score comes next. If you have any settled or written off status on your report , the rejection will happen without looking at your score !

  285. Vinay says:

    Hey Manish,

    As described above, I have filled in the form for me and my girl and paid the amount to get the repoty. And yesterday we have received an SMS asking us to send the payment confirmation form, id and address proof. However, at the end of the payment I did not get the payment confirmation page for both the transactions, yet the charge has been put on my credit card. Please advise how would I be able to get the form now.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. You can send the snapshot of your bank statement or PDF to cibil , talk to their customer care!

  286. Nageswara Rao says:

    Dear Manish

    my cibil transunion score is 744
    i have written wrongly in my earlier message
    i want a housing loan with this score is possible?
    N.Nageswara Rao

    1. Which earliar message are you talking about ?

      1. Nageswara Rao says:

        i have 744 score in my cibil transunion score
        and also would like inoform you that my 3 personal loans which are closed earlier are showing in the report for which i have requested cibil to
        rectify as it is showing still balance to be payable

        now can i get housing loan with this core.

        1. 744 is a ok score, but dont expect to get a loan just on the basis of that, in the past have your paid full amount for your loan, or you settled by paying a less amount ?

  287. Sai Krishna V V R says:

    Hi Manish,

    I am sai krishna from hyderabad.
    After seeing all the conversations above , i wanted to tell about my credits.
    I applied for 3 loans from HDFC, FULLETRON AND BAJAJ ALIANZ.
    Loan tenure – 36 months.
    For all the 3 loans..i paid the EMI’s for 15th months correctly and from their onwards lot of issues in families…So i failed to pay the EMI’s through ECS system, but cleared the payments every month by paying the BANK EXECUTIVE by hand.

    Now my questions is…

    1. Does the cheque bounces reflect the CIBIL score.
    2. I also have a credit card which was been settled through bank..Does it also has an effect and how many days or years it would take to remove from CIBIL REPORT.
    3. If i pay the loan amount totally ..will the record in CIBIL Report would be clean within days / Months.

    Kindly please let me know the required queries.
    Thanks in Advance.

    1. 1. Yes
      2. Yes , its marked as “SETTLED” and is a negative remark. It will be there for minimum 7 yrs and maximum , no idea
      3. Yes , but your score will not go up very fast, it takes time

      1. SAI KRISHNA VVR says:


        i planned to pay the loan amounts totally.
        i had a talk with the bank representatives and they told that the loan related details will be removed in 45 days from the time of payment done.

        Now can u plz confirm..

        I wanted to apply a HOME LOAN after opaying all the loan and plan for a home loan on JAN 2013.

        1. Will i be eligible for it.
        2. What kind of score will i get if i clear all the loans and a card which is settled

        Thanks in advance

        1. Yes generally banks update cibil in 45 days about the new status .

          But your score will not just increase astronomically ! .. it will improve by a good margin , depending on how much is the due .