Paid Jagoinvestor Workshop in Pune (25th Mar)

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We have planned a 1 day paid workshop across different cities in India, starting with Pune. The first workshop will be on 25th Mar (Sunday) in Pune and it will be a full day event. It was not easy to decide what should be covered in the workshop, but we really want to make sure it is of extremely high value and should leave an experience. So, after a lot of discussions and brainstorming we designed the workshop which we are calling as “Design your Financial Life”.

Contents of Design your Financial Life

The workshop will start at 9:00 am and will go up to 6:00 pm in the evening. The focus of the workshop is, that any one who attends has a clear understanding of how he should lead his financial life. The talks will be a rich mix of mentoring on how to think about money and what mistakes to avoid (coaching aspects) and it will also have some talks on how one should look at various dimensions of their financial lives and get the ground rules clear about them. There will be 2-3 group activities and exercises which will enrich the program. Here is the table which gives a full day time line.

Jagoinvestor Workshop Details

Pune Workshop Registrations are Closed now

Who should attend the workshop

This workshop is targeted at those who are beginners and have made a start in area of personal finance and they would like to spend a full day to hear and experience rich conversations on money and learn the ground rules of most important area’s of personal finance.  The workshop will assume that participants are beginners/moderate knowledge about money related matters and they would like to build on it from that point. The session will be a mix of mentoring & insights on how to think about personal finance related things.

By the end of the session you should be capable of charting out your Financial Roadmap and be self-sufficient in basic level of thinking in personal finance.

You can register for workshops in your city here

What this workshop is not

This session is not for experts who know it all. This session is also not for those who wants any stock or mutual funds tips or any kind of get rich-quick kind of tips. Financial Planners or advisors should also refrain from attending the workshop.

43 replies on this article “Paid Jagoinvestor Workshop in Pune (25th Mar)”

  1. roopesh says:

    plz organize it in pune for yr 2013

    1. We will try that !

  2. Sofy says:

    Hi Manish, I am already booked for 25th March but is it possible to give the next tentative date of the workshop where I can enroll.

    1. Sofy

      the next event in Pune will take more than 6-8 months . You can join Mumbai workshop if thats fine . Kindly register for it

      1. Sofy says:

        Not possible with children around. 🙁

        1. Sofy

          It all depends how badly you need and how committed you are for that . While I understand your issue (children) , but if you are assured you will get a stock tip there which will 100% make your money double in 2 months. Will children still be an issue 😉



    respected sir,

    i want to know that i am working for birla sunlife ins. as a insurance advisor for last 5 years. now i want to transfer my licence in LIC. so i will get my renewal commission from BSLI or NOT?

    1. Baldev

      I am not sure on that . please ask it on our forum :

  4. MEHTA SANJAY says:

    I am waiting for workshop on financial planning at Surat.

    1. Sanjay

      We have not planned anything in Surat at the moment

  5. Ganesh says:

    any plans for goa?

    1. Ganesh

      No , as of now – now plans in GOA

  6. bhausaheb satpute says:

    hi.. goods programme, is it planning in Aurangabad?

    1. No , we are planning in Pune and Mumbai for Maharashtra

  7. Kautilya Vora says:

    hi.. also do you have something for those who are trying to safely invest retiremental dues,to cover up inflation and lead comfortable fufure life?

    1. Kautilya

      You have options like Senior Citiezen saving schemes and normal FDs for safe investments


  8. Suresh Mahawar says:

    Hello Manish,

    I just read the details of the workshop which is scheduled for 25th of March in Pune and i am curious to attend this kind of workshop in mumbai.

    i am an educational consultant by profession and it has been around 2.5 years of my financial career, but still i am unaware of the wizard of finance.
    i would definitely like to get a direction and guidance about planning my own financial life.

    Manish, i would appreciate if you could tell

    (1) when and where will the Mumbai workshop be conducted?
    (2) what is the basic homework to be done by an individual (before the workshop) to get maximum advantage of the session?
    (3) who all are going to address the sessions? (their names and their background in brief)

    1. Suresh

      The session will happen in Mumbai, but not very soon . First we are doing it in Pune , then we are planning in Bangalore and may be after that it will happen in Mumbai . You can see the brochure of the workshop here :


  9. VIKAS DEEP says:

    I hate the so called GUARANTEED or SECURED plans But it’s the obsession of (risk avoiding/aversing) Indian mentality that makes it easier to fool them; in the name of GUARANTEED/ SECURED returns. In fact a lot of so called RISK is simply imagined/ spread by sellers of GUARANTEED plans.
    I want a workshop in Bangalore, so that It can open the eyes of my wife and neighbours, friends and other family members who hate markets/ mutual funds/ term insurance policy and like Bank Fixed Deposits/Traditional Endowment ploicies/ Guaranteed return schemes etc

    1. Yes . we will be doing it in bangalore soon

  10. Naveen Kumar says:

    Earlier I was not aware of these things. Anybody whatever was telling was believing on that. But believe me friends, after getting the regular mantras from JI, I go thoroughly with any silly plans which r flodded in the market to make fool of u, I try to understand all the depths. But lots of things r needed to be understood. This kind of workshop is really required. Please plan to do in Ahmedabad and I hope the response u will find find here will be more than anywhere.

    1. Naveen

      We will do it in all the cities very soon !

  11. VIKAS DEEP says:

    Please organize in BANGALORE

    1. Ram Mohan says:

      yes please need one in bangalore!

      1. will do that soon in bangalore too .. please register for workshop in bangalore

  12. Arudra Kumar says:


    How abt Hyderabad? Any plans for JI for visiting Hyd?


    1. Yes we will be doing a session in Hydrabad as well , The best thing would be to register yourself at

  13. Tushar says:


    I am young IT professional , one and half year of experience , can/should I attend this workshop.

    1. Yes Tushar

      If you are a starter , It would be good idea to attend a workshop . Do book the tickets online or let me know if you have more questions on this ?

  14. bhushan says:

    Yo! Congratulations. Waiting for it to happen in Chandigarh too…

    1. Bhushan

      The nearest place where we wil do this is Delhi :

  15. Mayur says:

    When are you planning this workshop in delhi?
    Please let me know.
    Thank you

    1. Mayur

      We will be doing this in Delhi too .. but the dates are not yet confirmed , it will take couple of weeks for sure. Please register your self at so that we can intimate you when its planned

      1. ODD says:

        Hi Manish,

        I would be interested in attending the event if and when it is held in Delhi.
        I have given my details on the site that you mentioned above.

        Please do let me know when the date gets finalized.

        Thanks for doing this!

        1. Sure .. it will take some time but !

  16. Ashok kumar says:

    I hope this workshop will organise in delhi thank you

    1. Ashok

      We will be doing this in Delhi too .. but the dates are not yet confirmed , it will take couple of weeks for sure. Please register your self at so that we can intimate you when its planned

  17. Sathish says:

    I am expecting in Chennai!!

    1. We will be doing this in Chennai too .. but the dates are not yet confirmed , it will take couple of weeks for sure. Please register your self at so that we can intimate you when its planned

      1. Surendar Madasamy says:

        Excited! We eagerly look forward to meet you and your team @ GREATER CHENNAI!

        1. Surendar

          Yes we will be doing a session in Channai as well , The best thing would be to register yourself at

  18. Pallavi S says:

    This is very interesting… Any tentative workshop dates for Mumbai ? We can block our calendars accordingly 🙂


    1. Pallavi

      Yes we will be doing a session in Mumbai as well , The best thing would be to register yourself at

      So that we can intimate you once its planned

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