Did you start your Health SIP ?

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I begin each day of my life with a ritual of receiving one sms around 5:30 am from my fitness coach Sanjay. The sms reads “I am coming at 6:00 am so get ready” I take a look at the sms and reply “yes”. Initially, I thought that my ritual is to exercise every day, but my real ritual is saying Yes to my coach because, the moment I say YES to him my laziness goes away, my reasons/excuses disappear and I look up to the ceiling of my room and say to myself “Get ready Nandish it’s time to invest in your fitness.” This ritual has had transformative effect on me. I know it is absolutely no fun to wake up in the dark and push ourselves to go for a tiresome run or to hit the gym. But if you really want to cherish your wealth in later years of your life start forming healthy habit of exercising. One of the best website you can explore to get yourself educated on various exercises and diet is http://exrx.net/.

Health SIP

We have a rule if you do not exercise you can’t become our coaching client no mater how much money you have. It is because health is your true wealth. Let me share what we ask to our coaching clients

One of the Questions that we have asked all the people who have worked with us is

Is your well-being on your priority E.g. Do you Exercise/Go for a walk or play any sports? (If the answer is no this will be the first thing we will ask you to start, this will allow you to enjoy the wealth that you are going to generate in life)

Here are some Real Life answers from real people that I have received; I am sharing this so that you can learn from other people’s sharing

  • Yes, I am health conscious and selfish when it comes to health
  • I don’t exercise regularly
  • I used to. I will be resuming soon
  • Yes, for the past 7-8 months I have been going to gym regularly and have a very balanced diet.
  • To somewhat no. I try to maintain a healthy life-style, but fail occasionally.
  • Yes. I am too occupied to start with any of the activities. I am currently working on this.
  • Yes. My wife is an athlete and she pushes/motivates me to stay healthy. I walk every evening and try to maintain weight. I very strictly believe that Health is wealth. There is no use of money at all if I cannot stay healthy. E.g. – Yuvraj Singh – what will be the use of so much money if cannot be cured.
  • Yes. I go to Yoga in my office, daily. I have started this since last 8 months and doing it regularly<90% attendance>.
  • Sporadic exercise. Swim and play badminton regularly.
  • This is exactly what I don’t do at all. All I need to do is start ASAP.
  • Yes. I used to walk daily till 2 months back. Due to back pain and monsoons now it’s held up for two months.
  • I keep doing exercises on and off. More than 3 months back I have taken up Karate. I do that twice in a week, and I am quite sure that I am not going to quit that
  • I hardly do the above, but I will try to make it as a habit very soon.
  • No. My physical activities have reduced
  • Yes, I believe it is. I have started to go on a diet plan and been on it for a couple of weeks now. I have also started to go to fitness centre (tread mill and weights) for a week now. I hope and believe I can continue this.
  • I thoroughly enjoy sports. I play tennis and walk quite a bit. I also do yoga fairly regularly.JMy biggest priority is stay healthy and fit – a fitness freak, if you will. (I wish I had the same drive for money, ever since started earning!

Here is what one of our clients wrote me – “I have reduced my weight by 12 kgs in 6+ months and my BMI is close to ideal though still a bit above. Feel so much more energetic. How is your health investment doing?”

Some Need Shock Therapy

In one of the readers meet held at pune one of our client shared his life changing experience with the group .Once he had to participate in check-up camp organized in his company. He got his tests done and the doctor gave him a very serious look and told him to move to a separate room and relax there for some time. Doctor came after some time and said everything is going to be fine, with this his tension was at its peak. Our client got restless and asked the doctor “what’s the matter?” and doctor said “Diabetes” Our client’s world got shattered in that moment, his heart sank and his throat got dry.

Doctor saw all this and then said, “You are not having diabetes my friend but you are close to having diabetes and so it was necessary for us to give you some shock Therapy.” Our client bought new shoes the same day and was all geared up to take charge of his health. The next day, even with heavy rains, he was jogging in the park…. Do not wait for important things to get urgent, act today, take the learning’s from this experience.

Here is something that I received from my father a few days back

The Dalai Lama, when asked what surprised him most about humanity, answered, “Man. Because he sacrifices his health to make money. Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health. And then he is so anxious about the future that he does not enjoy the present; the result being that he does not live in the present or the future; he lives as if he is never going to die, and then he dies having never really lived!”

Start your Fitness SIP

Sharing from my personal life, I avoided doing physical exercise for years. My reasons were bigger than my commitment. I broke my reasons 2 yrs back, I hired a Fitness Coach who comes to my home and makes me do a lot of work-out. The fee that I am paying him for his services, I consider it as my HEALTH-SIP. I am familiar with all the exercises and capable to do them on my own but those 5 extra counts that he makes me do is only possible with him. I take this opportunity to thank my coach Sanjay, his commitment is amazing.

Some people…

  • Take better care of their pet than what they do themselves
  • Take better care of their gadgets than what they do themselves
  • Take better care of their car than what they do themselves

Focus more on your health than buying health insurance

When I coach people I see that people are more committed to buy the right health cover and more laid back on focusing on their health! Your body is the only thing which is going to stay with you for the rest of your life. See that you take care of yourself because it is said that your body is the only place you are going to live in for the rest of your life. Connect with your true wealth first, we have heard this since childhood health is wealth but most of us forget this when we grow –up. Getting health cover is important but do not deviate focus from your health, make a commitment you will live your life in such a way so that you do not have to use your health insurance ever. (Unless it is an accident or some other major health issue)

Health Insurance for parents

We interact with many people who want to buy health cover for their senior citizen parents. It really becomes very difficult in getting health cover after certain age and even if you get cover it comes with high premium. More than health cover start giving time to your parents, put 2-3 lacs aside (you can put even more if you have) for them and you can have your own health cover designed for your parents. All they want is your time, your attention and unconditional love. Encourage your parents in doing light exercises or light yoga . One very powerful meditation is conducted by organization called vipassana Meditation, they have world wide centers http://www.dhamma.org/ . My parents have done the same and I think it is the greatest gift we can give to our parents. Enroll your parents for naturotherapy, see that they have proper intake of fruits and dry fruits. See that your parents are not feeling lonely and they are around their friends. Take steps that make them happy this is far far better than saying I am a responsible son I have bought health cover for my parents.


As people are turning towards term plans a lot of people also turning towards joining gyms, going for a brisk walk, hiring a fitness coach, taking advantage of fitness facilities provided by companies. This is your true wealth. I always tell people that at the age of 55 or 60 you might have a lot of money but what if your body is not aligned to cherish that money? Stay healthy, stay committed and stay FIT. Do share what message you got from this post, if you are one of those who are not exercising simply start from this moment. After you complete reading this article do 5 push-ups, climb a stair, just do something in this moment, take small steps, engage in activities that you enjoy doing and change your relationship with health and fitness.

This article is written by Nandish Desai 

This week action ?

  • Do you exercise? Yes or No
  • Hire a coach or join a gym in this week?
  • What one action you can take to bring more life in your parent’s health?

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  1. sudhank31 says:

    Quite Old article but read yesterday & went for walk today with my wife…feeling good.. Thanks to Jago Investor

    1. Great to hear that Sudhank !

  2. Ashok Kumar Bedanta says:

    A healthy breakfast provides the body with key nutrients and energy.

    Thanks for your wonderful article. I like to add few points for healthier life.
    1. Good Nutrition.
    2. Enough Exercise.
    3. 1 ltr of water for each 20 kg of body weight.
    4. 7-9 hrs of sound sleep.
    5. Positive thinking.


    1. Thanks for that comment 🙂 . good one

      1. Asheesh Joshi says:

        Love your website and articles Manish. Wanted to write that I am fortunate to have lost 28 kgs in last 8 months. I weight 115 kgs on 1st of Jan, 2012. Then I took my health seriously,and today I weigh 87 kgs. Trust me, no amount of money on this planet can give you a healthy life. Health is Wealth !

        1. Ohh man .. teach us something 🙂 . I need to also exercise more !

  3. sudhank says:

    Your articles are so much informative irrespective of the date it has been posted. Last year i’ve joined a gym but as usual same could not be continued more than a month. I am overweight 77 Kg and it should be 70. Now again feeling recharged and this time planning to join a club for table tennis (personally favorite game of childhood). Let’s see !!

  4. rakesh says:

    its finest an artical each one read & action about health sip .
    tx for gave most & first knowledge about health .
    before investment ., take first invest in health .

    1. Thanks Rakesh

      For your views !

  5. Pradeep Kumar G says:

    I joined the gym yesterday after reading this..

    Thanks Team,

    1. Pradeep

      That really great to hear !

  6. Rajeev says:

    Very good article….
    Problem with most of us (At least people who invest in health insurance but not in health) is they are unable to quantify the benefits of investment in health.
    Lets assume I go for 30 min (cutting from my leisure time) jog every day and this in result gives you following return
    (Numbers are just hypothetical just to show the picture)

    1. Less Health insurance claims (5-10% no claim bonus every year)
    2. Lesser term insurance premium (Insurance companies give discount for healthy people with healthy lifestyle)
    3. Longer work life
    4. Assuming the cost of a heart surgery going to be 10-20 years down the line

    Apart from quantitative benefits there are others as well which are numerous….

    Thanks Nandish again for this wakeup call…

    1. Good way of putting it Rajeev 🙂

  7. Hi Manish,

    Really nice article. Health Insurance + Regular exercise + Healthy food is best combination. Now lifestyle is changing, we all are part of fast paced world. Junk food, habits such as smoking, drinking etc. can deteriorate our Health. Only buying Health insurance is not enough. If we want to build corpus, we start regular investment (like SIP) and similarly, if we want good health, health SIP is also important.

    Keep it up.

    1. Thanks Sarvajeet for acknowledgeing the thoughts 🙂

  8. Jassi says:

    Awesome article. Thanks Nandish and Manish for sharing my view too.

    This is what my brother informed me when I shared this article to him;

    “This is a grt article; amazed with their contrarian thinking- very diff perspective……
    U cudnt have chosen a better financial advisor. ”



    1. Jassi

      Good to hear that 🙂

  9. Vinayak Gadkari says:

    Once again Manish/Nandish have written on a topic that has been lingering on my mind recently. Guys, do you practice black magic? 🙂
    Following the analogy, some more thoughts on a serious note…
    In this case there is no other alternative like a lump-sum investment and timing the market, one needs to stick to an ongoing SIP plan.
    VIP can be alternative where you vary your efforts as per the time on hand, your health etc.. It is definitely better than doing a lump-sum for few months and giving up.

    1. Yea Vinayak

      Even in Health SIP can vary from time to time and some breaks can be there , but over a long term some consistency has to be there !

  10. nandish says:

    Thanks Abhinav for sharing your experience about Art of living and nadi chikitsa…Different vehicles are available but the destination is same living a happy and fulfilled life…..you are doing a great job as a planner, keep up the good work

  11. CA Prashant says:

    I am 29 years bachelor and going to gym on regular basis. Yesterday, I have done thighs excercise and reading this article I was encourage me to go out of my office which is at 6th Floor by using stairs instead of Lift. Now, I have decided to use stairs most of the times only so that I can concentrate on my weight and ultimately reduce my fat.

    1. nandish says:

      wow that is called real action….remember where ever your attention goes all your energy will flow in that direction and results will follow……keep the attention on health day in and day out….tell everyone around you that you will not be using lift and if they find you in lift they can ask for 500 rs. from you….This is just a suggestion….the more you will share around you the more it will become real…it is possible that many will join you for stairs…….remember your wealth is a result of you doing something and not doing something same way your health is a result of something, get in touch with that something, tell the truth and keep your health promises…all the best and have a great life

    2. Thats really encouraging Prashant .. Looks like you should forward the Article to more people 🙂

  12. Abhinav Gulechha says:

    Hi Nandish

    Thank you. It really made me think…Really agree on what you said about parents. They just need some bit of our time, and to be with them. I sincerely appreciate your sensitivity and putting your thoughts on this point.

    I have just the following thoughts to add:

    • Managing the ‘visible’ is just 1%. Rest 99% (and which is often ignored) is how to manage the mind, and the associated emotions. There is no point doing gym everyday and taking care of the body, and not being able to manage the emotions like anger, greed and jealously..My personal experience is that after joining Art of Living foundation in 2006 and continuing the practices for some time, slowly my whole perspective changed..how I view people around me, my relationships….I think that’s far better than just having a very fit body..

    • We should not forget our ancient wealth, of Yoga and Knowledge. I just recently underwent “Nadi Chikitsa”…it was fascinating to know that how by this simple technique, one can know the diseases that one can end up with in some years, if one continues with the current lifestyle….

    Thanks again for the excellent post!

  13. Capt Sanjeev says:

    Hey very nice and eye opening ,, kindly continue to shine some light on us .. thanks

    1. nandish says:

      Thanks for the appreciation…We are addicted to giving so we have no other choice than to give till someone is ready to receive….We thank you for being a good receiver like always

    2. Thanks Capt 🙂

  14. gurdasvarma says:

    I feel Youngsters should spend more time / Exercise in open rather than in AC Gyms, where the air is likely to be stale due to perspiration of others, but smells fresh because of the Deods etc.
    If ur Office is on a higher Floor walk up the Stairs rather than in a lift (u have to plan to reach Grd Flr of ur office 10-15 early); this is a better Exercise than a Tread Mill. Consult ur Doctor first before starting on this Plan.
    If u can plan to breathe fresh Air in the Morning for about half an Hour, u can maintain ur Health; for reducing or gaining weight u must consult some specialist.
    Give it a thought – u can remain Healthy w/o spending a Penny.

    1. Gurudasvarma

      Good to get some real good suggestions from yourside. Open Air and brisk walking is much better than those tightly packed gyms 🙂

  15. manish says:

    Hi Nandish/Manish,

    Very welcoming and a very refreshing idea.Am generally a sporty person but off lately have become very careless on health matters…lots of eating and no exercise..

    will change for sure..

    1. nandish says:

      Good to see what you are creating….cause some pain and see the gain…..one of the thing that my coach does with me is variations……sometimes we jog, sometimes we go for a long walk, sometimes we do weights, sometimes we do yoga and sometimes simple stretching……..pick the one that you would love to do and JUST begin….also measure your progress…remember what gets measured gets done….measure what changes are happening….create a book where you will note what you ate and why you ate that thing…..did you exercise or not what was the experience when you exercised……just sharing a few things that would keep things moving…all the best

  16. Sachin says:

    satya vachan

    Im all geared up … will get new shoes today nd reduce that puffing to 2 a day nd kill that satiation for wills by my own will.

    1. Sachin

      Good to hear that. .I can see lot of excitement – Lets see whats the status in next 3-4 days !

  17. Wonderful and touchy.Yes we need to take of our self and parents.Thank you.

    1. thanks for acknowledging !

  18. mukesh sharma says:

    rReally, very good article thank you very much Mr. Nirdesh and Mr. Manish. I could not find word to express gratitude towards you.

    1. Thanks Mukesh

      What actions are you taking from now ?

      1. mukesh sharma says:

        Thank you for your reply. I am not doing any exercise since last six months. I will start exercise again and encourage parents & siblings to start exercise. I am under weight. My height is 6 feet and weight is only 62 Kgms. I am 30 years old.

        again thank you very much.

        Mukesh Sharma

  19. Prashant says:

    Again, very nice article Manish..infact I was also a victim like others for not buckling up gym belt and shoes… but as having said if you can continue new activity for 21 days then it becomes habit and I was lucky to experience it..!! infact I wrote in my wardrobe what all advantages I felt after doing a gym for atleast 30-45 minutes a day and see every day that notes which inspires me to go gym regularly and its been 2 months now and it really helped me to

    -make my stress level down significantly
    -more control on my emotions, conversations (not being frustrated anymore due to work)
    -changed my attitude to see difficult things differently and look for the opportunity to raise my bar by facing it 😉
    -FEEL GOOD factor
    -I’m a lean guy and wanted to increase weight as per my normal BMI so now m close to it by increasing 4 kgs (from 62 to 66 kg) in 2 months exercises and make diet on time
    -Last but not least after exercise just spend 10-15 minutes in yoga.. (esp breathing) it really helps you to focus on things/increase concentration power and finally relaxed mind

    btw keep posting such good articles Manish..thx brother.

    1. Prashant

      Thanks for experiencing what you created in your health life 🙂 . Many things to learn !

  20. pattu says:

    Dear Nandish,

    I recently wrote in Radhey’s blog: “health is the only investment your financial planner(read coach) cannot help you with”

    You have proved me wrong. Awesome.

    I reduced 25 kg myself without exercising. Obesity in many cases (not all) is a supply-demand problem where the supply exceed the demand. This has to be addressed before exercising. Exercising is for keeping fit, for vitality as you put it. Not for losing weight.

    1. Pattu

      So did you losse weight by not over eating 🙂 ? Is that correct .

      1. pattu says:

        yes 🙂 I also ended up saving a lot of money!

        I did it about 10 years ago in 6 months and gained it all back in the next 6 months. So this time I did over 2.5 years.

    2. nandish says:

      25 kgs is a big shift.It is like removing one person from your body. Doing exercise or hiring a coach in the area of money is not a compulsory thing….it is not a law that one has to exercise but it is a demand that one puts on himself by choosing to exercise or by choosing to hire a financial coach……thanks for sharing (always) on our (it belongs to you as well) blog, your contribution matters a lot……I may not be active much on the blog but I always am keen to see what pattu has to say…..all the best my friend and keep kicking peoples butt if they do not exercise

      1. pattu says:

        Thanks Nandish. I think given the present day stress levels and tension I think exercise is mandatory. I am also slowly realizing that for most people see a financial planner is also mandatory.

  21. nandish says:

    wow this itself is an article. I will ask manish to send this to all the readers. This is real advice straight from the heart, real lesson you are sharing with the world……This is simply awesome. If people do this kind of sharing on blog with an open heart we will really create a beautiful and healthy world around us……..this is one of the best sharings I have seen on the blog…….I bow down to your poem and to your commitment for people…. This was a real eye opener

  22. gurdasvarma says:

    I got a Heart Attack in 1990; didn’t know for 24 Hrs and the Heart was reduced to 55%. Studied the Subject, wrote a Poem ‘ On Heart Attack & After’; Followed it and carried on for 19 Yrs when It dipped to 45%. Went in for CABG in 2009, Heart restored to 55% and am normal at 71 Plus.
    Suggest device ur own routine to stay Healthy; don’t overexert (See Para “Gurumantra / Advice for All” of the Poem).
    Hum Kahte hai ek Ton (100 Kg)
    Sunte Hain ek Mun (40Kg)
    Grahan Karte hain ek Kan (weight of a straw)
    What is lacking is the implementation of what we Say or Hear / discuss & write about.


    Have you had a heart attack or problem, don’t you feel sorry
    Follow the golden rule; AVOID ‘Hurry’, ‘Worry’ & ‘Curry’
    Think of yourself, as child of 5 years & treat your body as such;
    Stop when the inner voice tells you, ‘you are overdoing’ or ‘it’s too much’
    Emotional stresses increase heart workload and heart – attack danger
    It’s best to avoid people and situations, which bring on Stress & Anger.

    If you take your Medicines regularly and follow the following ‘tips’;
    Good and uncomplicated recovery is possible in eight to twelve weeks.
    Sorbitrate dilates blood vessels and may give initially, a pain in the head;
    Attenolol / Beta-blockers decrease heart-work, Disprin dilutes the blood.
    If you get a throbbing headache, after taking a Sorbitrate,
    Take two biscuits, a cup of tea and lie down in bed to recuperate.
    5 to 6 hours of good sleep is adequate, to give rest to your body & mind,
    Cure the insomnia by removing anxiety; sleeping pills are best left behind.

    Protein rich 1800 calories per day in Cardiac Diet are indicated;
    Lime juice in plenty, fresh (not tinned) ‘Paneer’ (Cheese), Raw / Boiled vegetables is slated.
    Butter, pure Ghee, Hydrogenated Oil and Fried Foods, Whole milk and its products-
    Are to be AVOIDED and also Red Meat, Tinned / Vitaminised Supplement Foods and dried Nuts.
    ‘Besan’, Honey is ALLOWED and also White meat, fish, SKIMMED milk and its products,
    Take Food prepared in refined oil of Sunflower or Groundnut.
    Nibbling is better than Gorging; a large meal makes heart work faster;
    Eat four or five SMALL meals a day, to prevent heart attack disaster.
    Eat slowly and rest a while after partaking a meal,
    Limit Aerated drinks, Tea and Coffee, as they are stimulants having Caffeine.

    Alcohols do not help after a heart attack, and are best AVOIDED
    If you cannot stay without them, Two or Three Ounces may be provided.
    Smoking is strictly prohibited, after a heart attack
    Even inhaling such a smoke is equally conducive to, another attack.

    Lifting of buckets full of water or pushing HEAVY tables / objects & racks
    Rushing up a flight of stairs may result, in a SECOND heart attack.
    Don’t be ashamed to be carried on a chair, up a flight of stairs,
    After 4 to 5 weeks, you will be able to climb, on your own, without fear.
    You’ll feel giddy, if you suddenly stand up from lying / prone position,
    As heart has to work against gravity; so first sit up, & then come to standing position

    Exposure to EXTREMES of climate and Sauna Bath etc should be avoided;
    Fewer exercises in summer, OTHERWISE, in early morning / late evening be decided.
    WALKING is best; but some arm leg and trunk exercises can be of assistance,
    It’s better to AVOID any exercises; where you have to work AGAINST resistance
    Do NOT compete with others; and do NOT show your ‘Style’,
    If you feel fatigued, put a Sorbitrate under the tongue and Rest a while.
    Do not indulge in any exercise, which you do not do every day,
    Do not hold your breath, if you wish to live and go a long way.

    Driving is permitted after 3 to 4 months of complete recovery;
    Avoid peak traffic hours, if you do not wish to feel sorry.
    Do not hesitate to requisition help, if your vehicle breaks down,
    Changing wheels / pushing car can give another attack, and make you look like a clown

    Before traveling by Airplane, consult your personal physician-
    He may assess the state of your heart; and that the Aircraft does not lack oxygen.
    Travel light; avoid lifting baggage, when traveling by Air or Train;
    Reach airport / railway station well in advance, to avoid unnecessary strain.

    After 6 to 8 weeks, if you can climb, without breathlessness, TWO flights of stairs;
    You can have sex with your partner, without any fear.

    If you feel FAINT or SEVERE PAIN in chest radiating to shoulders & up into the Jaw Bone
    In TEN seconds you’ll LOOSE CONSCIOUSNESS, UNLESS you Revive yourself, if you are alone;
    Perform Deep, Prolonged, & Vigorous Coughing after taking a Deep Breath –
    As if Throwing Out Sputum from DEEP inside the Chest;
    Deep Breath gets Oxygen into the Lungs & Coughing squeezes the Heart –
    This keeps the Blood circulating; till Rhythm is regained by the Heart
    CONTINUE this Breathing & Coughing CYCLE every TWO Seconds Without Let Up,
    Until the Heart is felt to Beat Normally Again or till you reach Hospital / Get Some Help;
    (*Check inadvance with your Physician – if suffering from Lung Disease or undergone some Surgery)

    Since graveyards are full of ‘young’ bones, of ‘over-sincere’ and ‘indispensable’ men
    Relax and do NOT over exert, if you do not wish to be the next one.
    For 100 read 90 for every activity of your life,
    At the age of 50 do not feel, act or behave like 35
    Hence take the warning and slow down your life, but not too much,
    Take all precautions as given above, and live your life to the full as such.

    As each one of us is Unique; our Body may respond Differently to the same stimuli;
    One must consult one’s personal Physician before acting on any advice.
    Specialists / Cardiologists of Army Hospital & good Samaritans have given the above advice;
    If you pass on to others suffering from Heart / similar problem, it will be very nice.

    30 Sep 1990 IC -12575 Brig Gurdas Varma
    (Send Suggestions for IMPROVEMENTS to: gurdasvarma@gmail.com )

    1. This is really awesome 🙂

    2. Sahil Bhatia says:

      Awesome Poem sir !
      I have taken a printout of this poem to share it with My Dad (a heart patient).


      1. nandish says:

        Sahil happy to see you my friend….Share with your father with so much love in your eyes that he really gets what you are trying to say in a very deep and profound way… Wishing your father a great health

    3. dr kishan says:

      Dear Sir,
      This is one of the most fabulous way of expression I have seen. Being a cardiac surgeon I am faced with many such questions day in and day out. This poem compiles all of these into a single place. A very good method of patient education.

      I would like to spread this poem to all my patients, if permitted by you.
      Thanking you
      dr kishan

    4. Manuel Michael says:

      Sir this is awesome.. thank you very much..

  23. Pradeep Kumar G says:

    Nice article..

    The real time examples given in this article are very good and indeed a fact to most of the people.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Pradeep

      most of the people have same kind of reasons and then obviuosuly same kind of results (bad results)


    2. nandish says:

      Do share what are you creating so that we can share your results with the world

  24. Tapesh says:

    Dear Nandish…Very nice article….I have written a similar stuff a year back..I have named it SHIP ( Systematic Health Improvement Program ) .

    1. nandish says:

      wow that is good to know. We have to keep reminding people. Good to know about SHIP……

    2. Rakesh says:

      Dear Tapesh,

      Can you send SHIP for everyone’s benefit?

  25. B.Murali Mohan says:

    Dear Nandish,
    Thank you very much for intimating such nice information.
    I have invested a lot in SIP but never think of my health so deeply.
    Really, 4/5 answers are being told to my friends in connection with doing exercise.
    Thanks for alerting the shock treatment.


    1. nandish says:

      Two kinds of actions people take in the area of health. 1 surface actions and 2 core actions. surface actions are like watching baba ramdev on tv, planning to buy jogging shoes, they think of eating diet food . Core actions are the actions that happens on the field, they wake-up, they push themselves, they would not like to be in bed when the world is unfolding outside……Listen to the music of birds, see how nature unfolds every day…..

  26. Jignesh Shah says:

    Reading the right article at right time. I really envy people like Nandish who cares for others and spends time to share right information to people to help them help themselves. The article is really encouraging and links provided are informative for people like me who wants to start. Thanks…Great work!

    1. nandish says:

      Jignesh we are all blessed to make a difference. I have seen two kinds of people till date one thinks ” What can this person do for me?” other one thinks what Can I do for this person?, lets be in the other category always- The more you will love yourself and people around you the more you will be able to share and light-up peoples life. Start exercising and do share what you are creating in the area of health.

  27. What a refreshing article Nandish! So true to the core. The real insurance for old parents are their healthy and compassionate children. Bravo!

    1. nandish says:

      Thanks. Lets spread this message to as many people we can. Why build old age homes when we can create a old age home free world. Lets be the health of our parents, lets be the true wealth and strength of our parents

  28. Dr Prashant Dahire says:

    Very nice article Nandish, I am also doing exercise regularly after becoming your client, before that i am not doing it regularly but today i do brisk walk daily in morning for 4 km and loosed my weight from 73 to 66 kg in last 6 months.

    1. nandish says:

      Good to know prashant. Focus on fitness…….You are a doctor you know better than me but my coach taught me once that when you get any disease be it diabetes or blood pressure it means your mind has recruited your BODY……any disturbance first happens in your mind first. Very happy to know what you have created in the area of health. Any support needed always feel free to mail me

  29. TS Ashok says:

    Very nice article…

  30. Nandish says:

    Nandish :

    Many thanks for giving this information, as after reading this article I am really motivated and will start some excercise from today itself.



    1. nandish says:

      Good to see, translate your motivation into action all the time

  31. Bhushan says:

    Wake Up! Reminder…

    1. nandish says:

      Bhushan send it to many people because if we dont wake-up others we are not fully awake

      1. Bhushan says:

        That’s true!

  32. Hem says:

    Thanks for another wonderful article.

  33. Ashutosh Pathak says:

    Thanks. ThIt is the most relevant reminder.

    1. Welcome Ashutosh !

  34. nandish says:

    Awesome Aman to know this. Let me share something strange if a thin guys puts on weight he thinks basically I am a thin guy but these days I have out on weight. And a fat guys loses some weight he will say basically I am a fat person but these days I have lost some due to dieting……….Weight is a mental game than physical…. Never every focus on losing or gaining weight focus on BEING FIT, Focus on Vitality.

    When I exercise my coach puts a line and makes me push the line. It is all about causing pain. The more you cause pain the better you will feel after every workout….set daily goals, just bluff your body , tell your body everyone exercises that is how life works and your body will start following your instructions……..I have not mentioned in the article but one of our client reduced from 120 to 75, I am sharing this as if it is possible for him than it is possible for anyone.

    all the best, keep pushing your limits

    1. Shiv says:

      No pains no Gains !! … workout atleast 30min ! you dont have to go to gym.

      see bodyrock.tv , They use sand bags to do exercises..

  35. Aman Shukla says:

    Hi Everyone, I am 31 year old guy. Once I used to be in good shape. Then the meter started and I reached 108 kgs. About a month back I joined a gym and trust me this article has given an additional boost. I will really work hard now and will be fit again. Thanks and Tk cr guys.

    1. Nice to hear that Aman

      Would like to see you at 70 🙂

      1. Aman Shukla says:

        Thanks Bro. I am trying hard. The day I wwill be 70, we will go for drinks. 🙂

  36. nandish says:

    Mahavir I want to get on call with you as per the last communications we exchanged….

    To start with in the area of health pick some activity that you love to do and than build on it….Focus on 3 S- stretching, strength and stamina….it is said that 15 minutes of exercise every alternative day( i would prefer daily for you) is fine to live healthy for a normal person, for athletes it is different….

    When you will start exercising some part in you will start loving it. Initially the machinery will resist but than it will accept it……

    Also post what are you starting from today. I mean which exercise or which sport.

  37. S Gopal says:

    Thanks Nandish Desai, nice article

    Good wake up call for those – who thinking of fitness call.

    1. nandish says:

      Share this with as many people you can if you see it as wake-up post.

  38. Bhawin Jagad says:

    Nice Article Mr Nandish keep up the good work *thumsup* 🙂

    1. Thanks Bhawin .. whats your BMI ! 🙂

      1. Bhawin Jagad says:

        Still Figuring out 😛

  39. Ashish says:

    Nice article Nandish. A good one. Indeed health and wellness should be a priority.

    One of the easy way out of laziness is also to have small goals. I.e. instead of aiming to lose 10 kgs in a week – take it week by week and see the progress. I find it useful.

    Also – if you do something regularly for close to a month – it becomes a habit. So one needs to break that barrier and it will be easy afterwards.

    My two cents/calories.

    1. Ashish

      Correct.. what you are calling as “small steps” are called PROCESS Goals , which I have also talked about in my book . That really helps !

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