How Husband & Wife can create Magical Financial Life [Video]

What happens when husband and wife take equal interest in their financial life? – It helps in creating an ‘awesome’ financial life. Yes! When both create partnership and put efforts, it helps in creating magical results in their financial life. In the world of personal finance, husband and wife is considered as one entity. They […]


How Hindu Succession Law applies if written WILL is missing ?

Do you know that Hindu Succession Law applies for the division of wealth in case a person dies without a written WILL? I know you might have never thought about it because you are not aware of how ugly it gets when the will is missing. Money is so powerful that relations don’t take time […]


Joints Account , Nomination or Will – Which one to use ?

There are 3 ways one can pass on his wealth to someone – joint accounts, nomination and Will. A lot of people do not know which one is more powerful than the other and when to use which one. Today let’s discuss a few points about joint accounts, nominations and will and some scenarios which […]


How Axis Bank fooled a Home Loan Customer – Real life Case

This post is to bring to you notice how banks can get you in trouble while signing the home loan documents and use your casualness and trust to force-sell you some junk product. Recently one of our readers Nitin Mittal took a home loan from Axis Bank after a lot of research and study, but […]


Not disclosing your old Insurance policy can lead to Claim Rejection

Everyone makes mistakes and are not aware about it ! . A lot of people who buy more than one insurance policies, do not declare about their existing policies to the new company. Some do this because they are not aware about this “compulsory” rule, but some do it intentionally! & there are some who […]


Want a Loan ? Pay your phone/electricity bills on time !

Is there a way to determine whether or not it is risky to lend ‘You’ money? How do I know that you wont be a bad customer one day? Very simple – Just look at your credit history and see if you paid your dues on time or not; How many times you were late […]


Which Model of Financial Advice do you like ?

There are many different ways financial advisory runs in India (and worldwide). You must have encountered one of them for sure at some point of time. I have been able to pick 5 financial advisory models and wanted to highlight them and want you to tell me which advisory model you like and which one […]


Jagoinvestor Workshop in Bangalore -13th May [Video]

We conducted a paid workshop recently in Pune called “Design your financial life” . The idea was to take participants beyond financial products and involve them in the thinking process. It was a fun filled day with lot of participation and some really good money conversations which made people really think about their financial lives […]


8 tips to Improve CIBIL Score !

Is your CIBIL report and Score messed up ? Then the biggest question you must be having is “How to Improve CIBIL Score ?”. “Bad credit score” is really a scary phrase these days. Many people are stuck with a bad credit score/report due to their own or credit card company mistakes, but most of […]


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