Emergency Fund – Helps you stay in Action !

How many times have you ever faced an emergency situation in your financial life? I am talking about some situations when you needed cash within a few hours or days and it turned out that you had to seek monetary help from your relative for it or some friends, whom you didn’t want to ask? […]


Should Income Tax limit be raised to 5 lacs ?

Do you know that 89% of tax payers in India have income of less than 5 lacs per year? Yes that’s true! Such is the case of most of the low earning people form the tax-paying population. However can you guess what is their share in total tax paid? It’s just 10%. why doesn’t govt […]


IRDA Fraud Calls – Beware of fake phone calls

There have been too many fake phone calls in the name of IRDA these days to many people. It have been noticed that these IRDA fraud calls are made by anonymous people claiming that they can help you get your money back for your Insurance policies which have become a big headache those those who […]


Which is the best bank for Home Loan ?

Taking a Home loan is a big task in itself and one of the biggest financial decisions. A home loan is the longest debt in our life. At times 10-20 yrs, which makes demands a long term commitment. Each month you have to pay your EMI, sometimes you have to prepay some part of home […]


Bangalore Workshop Testimonials and Pictures

With 45 people in a room at Shilton Royale hotel in Bangalore, the session started. Nandish started the conversation and then it just took off like it was a day made for a great interaction and huge learning for everyone. The session was highly useful for most of the participants and the biggest thing which […]


10 hidden EPF Rules which will blow your mind

We will discuss few EPF rules today. A small part of your salary (12% of your basic salary) is invested in something called EPF or Employee Provident Fund and an equal amount is matched by your employer each month. This is what 95% of people know, but there are many things which a lot of […]


Is looking for perfection killing your financial life ?

Do you know that looking for perfection for everything in your financial life can be one big reason why your financial life is a mess! . If you dont think so, read the story below. The Perfect Woman Once upon a time, an intelligent, attractive, self-sufficient woman in her late twenties decided that she wanted […]


Minimum Balance in Credit Card – How does it work ?

A lot of people have no idea on how their credit card works and what is the exact interest applications. Credit cards are in the market mainly to make money from customers by charging them huge interest because they overuse their credit limit or just fall for the minimum balance option and get into a […]


Mutual Funds Performance vs Benchmark Performance

How would you judge whether you have scored good marks in an exam? How do you define “good”? If you had a very very easy test and most of the questions were easy, would you call 80/100 a great score? NO. In the same way, if the exam was very very tough and made everyone […]


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