What is form 26AS and how to view it online?

Form 26AS is a consolidated statement which reflects all the advance tax paid by you personally or through TDS way. The best part about it is that you can view Form 26AS online by just quoting your PAN Number. You can view your Form 26AS online or download it in PDF or Excel format, but […]


How much Health Insurance Cover is good enough?

How much health insurance a person should buy? Is 5 lakhs cover enough or it should be 10 lakhs? Should it depend on job profile, city and income level? These are the most common questions which pop up when a person starts thinking about health insurance. Anil had raised this question on comments section few […]


6 Best ways of gold investment in 2018

Gold recently crossed its Rs.31,000 per 10 gm mark. This is a historic moment and I am sure a lot of people want to get into gold investment for their own set of reasons. But how to invest in gold? There are so many ways of gold investment these days; most of the people are […]


Changes are required in Indian Taxation laws – Everything you want to know about income tax in India

A lot of people are trying to change our country. The way elections happen, the way schools run, the way govt. uses CBI for its own use, the way the judicial system works, etc. – the whole system needs to be changed! In the same way, Taxation is one aspect of personal finance which needs […]


Prepayment Charges abolished by RBI

This is a little old news. RBI has finally abolished Prepayment charges or penalty on home loans with floating interest rates. Borrowers can now transfer to new lender which provides them less interest rates without paying any kind of charges or penalty. Damodaran Committee on customer service in banks, RBI) has been observed that banks have […]


PPF Maturity rules for withdrawing your money

Do you know what are the rules on PPF maturity if you want to withdraw your money ? Do you know that you can extend your PPF account a block of 5 yrs after it’s initial maturity of 15 yrs? A lot of people think that once the PPF maturity is over, they get a […]


Relationship Manager – Who are they and what they do ?

In this article, we will discuss “Relationship managers” . I got an interesting comment about “Relationship Managers” on my facebook wall from Prasad when we were discussing recent HDFC Life offering on 100% Free Financial Planning through snapdeal. Here is Prasad’s sharing on his relationship manager and what happened with him. I am totally disappointed […]


FREE Online Tax Filing Coupons from Taxspanner & Cleartax

You can now enjoy FREE Online Tax Filing from taxspanner and clear tax websites. Tax filing season is on and I dont want jagoinvestor readers to wait till last moment. In all probabilities you have paid your taxes now and you are all set to file the returns now. We did Action Month last year […]


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