FREE Online Tax Filing Coupons from Taxspanner & Cleartax

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You can now enjoy FREE Online Tax Filing from taxspanner and clear tax websites. Tax filing season is on and I dont want jagoinvestor readers to wait till last moment. In all probabilities you have paid your taxes now and you are all set to file the returns now. We did Action Month last year were a lot of people completed a few important tasks in few days which were pending in their financial life. So now we are doing TAX FILING month where its an opportunity for you to file your returns online. So I have arranged for 1000+ Free tax filing coupons from 3 websites and you can file your taxes online for free. So Early action takers can file it for FREE, but later comers will have to bear there own cost.

Details of Free Online Tax Filing Coupons


Company Number of Coupons Coupon Code About 1000 JAGOINVESTOR

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ClearTax – Income Tax filing portal for Individuals. We aim to be the easiest to use & Perfect for first-timers. You can just upload Form-16 and ClearTax reads all the relevant values. Usable from any Mobile, Tablet or a Computer. 750 TSJAGO2012 (Almost over) Taxspanner is the largest online tax filing firm in India providing ITR1, ITR2 & ITR4 and they are the only portal which is certified for security and vulnerability by CERT-IN 50 Not available now Perfios is the Leading and the most Automated Online Money Manager in India with more than 250000 registered users. Perfios is offering FREE Online Tax Filing for the jagoinvestor readers – for the first 50 Sign-Ups! If you miss it, you still get to file at a very economical rate of Rs.125″ Hurry Sign Up now !!


Free Online Tax Filing using the Govt Website

One can also file the taxes online using the official tax website of govt using the following steps.

  • Login to
  • Download the appropriate software from the website as per your case. This software is nothing but a nice detailed excel sheet (enable the macros)
  • Once you have the excel sheet on your computer, fill up all the details (if you dont have form 16, you can still fill all the details manually).
  • Once you fill up all the details, verify it once again and then export it to XML (the export button is there in the software itself)
  • Once you have the XML file with you, you need to login to the website (you will have to register for it once).
  • Once you are logged in there will be an option called “Upload Return” on the left side. Click on it
  • There will be two options called “Digital Signature” and “No Digital Signature” . As most of the people would not have a digital signature, just choose the option. Upload your XML file and just create your acknowledgment form called ITR-V, You need to download it. Once you have the acknowledge form, just verify it once again.
  • Just send this acknowledgment form using a regular or speed post (no courier allowed) to“Income Tax Department – CPC, Post Box No.1, Electronic City Post Office, Bangalore – 560100, Karnataka”
  • You will get the receipt of your ITR-V receipt by email in some weeks (takes time), you can track its status here

You can read the step by step procedure to file online taxes that are mentioned here in this article. I hope you know that tax refunds are processed faster if you file your taxes online. Ask your questions on tax filing here on this thread and I will try to bring in few experts on taxation to answer all your queries. I hope you have completed your FREE Online Tax Filing through these websites.

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  1. jitun nahak says:

    Great article. I appreciate you effort to such a wonderful information

  2. Amar says:

    Hi Manish,

    I used via uploading Form 16 option. It has not ased for money or coupon while filing the returns. I got “Confirmation on submission of IT Return” email from

    Can I see in that I have filed for returns for 2015-16 year?

    1. They have a free service I guess.

  3. KUMAR says:

    last year I claimed LTA and got FD interest earned amounting to 15000. I also need refund under sectin 80G for donation made of Rs. 90000 ( 50% limit). Which form should I use?

    1. Hi Kumar

      You dont have to fill a new form, in the same tax filing form you can mention it in the relevent section

  4. Gautam Bhattacharya says:

    Hello Manish,
    I know I am a year late but there is an important issue which is being faced by a lot of I Tax filers. My sister had filed her I Tax through a local CA, who has withheld her login details and also not provided her with ITR-V acknowledgement. (I suspect that he has not filed her return at all and only taken the service fees). Barring purchase of a DSC, what other options are available for filing this years return and retrieve her login details?
    I read somewhere that filing on a site like Cleartax and using the acknowledgment generated to reset the login in I Tax eFiling site is one solution. But will the generated ITR-V go to the old email which would be the cheating CA’s?
    My sister is a salaried Central Government employee.

    1. I need to find a bit more on this and come back . Do not know the solution yet !

      1. Gautam Bhattacharya says:

        OK, Thanks a lot for trying to find out.

  5. Srikanth says:

    Manish, Last year Around this time you gave out thease ,

    Would you do the same this year as well 🙂

    1. Lets see . Will let you all know

  6. Vaibhav says:

    Hi Manish,
    A small query regarding tax filing –

    I have made an online payment of around 45k on behalf of a friend thru my credit card. Now if my friend pays this amt to my a/c thru online banking (fund transfer), then will it be considered as my income, and am I liable to pay tax for this? Bcoz as I understand, for a salaried person, anything coming in ur a/c is either ur salary income or investment/dividend income. Now in this case how will this amt be treated?

    I guess its a kind of loan made by me to my friend, which he’s paying me back. If so, then do I need to make any mention of this while filing my returns, or can I simply skip mentioning this amt?

    1. This will not be treated as your income, no need to worry !

      1. Vaibhav says:

        So you are saying I dont need to make any mention of it while filing returns, correct?

        Actually what I mainly want to understand is how does IT dept treat such transactions. Lets say (for argument’s sake) that IT dept decides to check my a/c to verify if I have filed my returns correctly. Then how will they understand that the credited amt in my a/c (by my frnd) is a repayment of what I had paid for him, and not really some payment made to me for certain services rendered by me (my income). So I wish to understand the Logic/method based on which IT dept will not treat this as my income. Can u please explain that? Thanks!

        1. Understand that when you give some friend some money and get back , that is NIL effect . So I was saying in general , You will have to give them proof that the amount which has come to your account is just a return money . Then you need to show them the credit card bill paid for something which was your friends . While it is little more complicated, still make sure you try to do things in more organised way.


          1. Vaibhav says:

            Thanks Manish!

  7. saurav says:

    Hi Manish,

    i was trying to login to the, site for filing my return, but the website is not opening..i have been trying this for the past week…is there any other way to file returns online…without a third party tax preparer….any other site or something….


    1. No , you need to file it from govt website or third party , there is no other alternative !

  8. Siba Prasad says:

    Can I get taxspanner coupon? Our indian govt. website – is not working.

  9. Sunil says:

    The issue has been solved.

  10. Sunil says:

    I have E-filed my wife’s ITR through Clear Tax on 18th of this month. However, there is not acknowledgement from Income Tax department (NO ITR-V) till date.

    I have sent several mails to Cleartax people but none of them answered.

    I want to know the status of the return that i filed.

    If that is not filed correctly i need to have enough time to file it through a CA.

    Can anyone here (may be Manish) can take this to cleartax people’s notice

  11. Kiran says:

    Filed returns using Very convenient!

    1. Good to hear your experience!

  12. Atul says:

    Hi Manish,

    Thanks for sharing the valuable information. I was able to submit using ClearTax and experience has been wonderful.



    1. Good to hear that !

  13. sunil says:

    Manish, the problem has been solved.
    Thanks for the support.

  14. sunil says:

    Manish, one elderly person in my office says that i need to now go for filing
    Revised Return filing?

    Is it necessary or just the ITR-2 will do the work for me (to get my refund and filinf returns)

    1. Do one thing then, just file the ITR1 for now so that you are on safe side !

  15. sunil says:

    Thanks Manish, you releived me…
    I have some huge amount to be coming as Refund hence i am worried.

  16. sunil says:

    Yeah, they have asked for the itrPDF summary form that they generate at the end.
    Sent them the form… waiting reply.

    But ingeneral will there be any problem if i file ITR-2 instead of ITR-1?? is it a crime????

    1. No no .. dont worry .. this not crime , you have just filed a higher level of form , which will also work !

  17. sunil says:

    Dear Manish,
    When i filled the tax through it went out smoothly and still they are doing it for free, nice to use their facilitywhich is very easy to move on..

    However, when i am done with the filing today, when can i expect the “ITR-V” (Acknowledge).
    However, i have logged onto “” and downloaded the ITR-V mentioned for financial year 2012-2013, is it enough???? or the mail which will be sent would be any different?

    Also, the ITR-V says as Form No. which has been electronically transmitted is ITR-2. IDEALLY it should be ITR-1 right??? what about my ITR-1 then?

    1. You will get a unique form for your filing process acknowledgement , you need to send that one . Wait for 2-3 days and then contact cleartax customer care !

      1. sunil says:

        Thanks Manish,
        I have already contacted the cstomer care of Cleartax, they say that
        “Did you specify co-owners for your House Property? That leads to an ITR-2
        getting filed.”

        But i have never filed for House Property on the Website…

        Will filing an ITR-2 in place of ITR-1 will lead to any action legally or financially?

        I am worried…


        1. Why dont you tell this to cleartax customer care itself , dont break the conversation with them ,they are best to help you on this , else you can open a thread on our forum –

  18. shridevi says:

    Hi ,

    I have shifted employment in oct 2011 ….Do I need to file Form 16 of both the companies….If yes how can I do so….

    1. Yes, you need to fill two Form 16 – here is the procedure

  19. Srinivas says:

    Just now filed using is very friendly.
    Thanks to Manish &

    [ offering Free e-Filing for Individuals till July 12. ]

    1. Srinivas

      Good to hear that !

  20. RRK says:

    Dear Archit (

    Does your software support brought forward losses and carry forward losses ?

  21. Hitesh says:

    Dear Archit,

    I have been filing returns through a CA till now. But i have seen my colleagues filing returns online and even i feel that i should file the returns online. I think so that the procedure will be easy enough.
    I have just received form 16 from my previous company for period from April 2011 to May 2011 and for June 2011 (previous company shifted me another group company in june 2011, so two form 16s for same parent company) . Also i have not yet received form 16 from my current company for period from july 2011 to mar 2012. However the tax has been deducted from july 2011 by current employer but its not appearing in form 26As on income tax’s website.
    1. So is there any option that i can file the returns without form 16 available ?
    2. Also is there any last date for filing returns ?
    3. Can i use info from salary slips to file returns ?



    1. Archit Gupta says:

      Hello Hitesh,

      I think the first thing to do is to talk to the Finance department of your company (the payroll manager).

      1. Explain to them that your Form-26AS does not reflect the TDS they have deducted.
      They may have made mistake in specifying your PAN number, etc. You will have to ask them to make the correct statement to the Income Tax Department in case of a mistake. They can additionaly verify the company’s TDS statements to make sure that your TDS is reported correctly.

      2. If your Form-26AS does not have the TDS reported, you will have tough time getting your refund back. The I-T Department may also send a demand notice. So it is important that you talk with the Finance Department of the company.

      3. ClearTax has support for multiple Form-16s (there is no limit, so you can specify all three form-16s). When you get to the “Salary” page in ClearTax, you will be shown option to click on “I have another Form-16” on the bottom right.

      4. Form-16 is a good way to get consolidated information. It also mentions explicitly the TDS deducted by the company which is very useful.
      However if you don’t have the Form-16, then you need to be able to find out your “Taxable Salary” amount. This is after the adjustment of HRA, Travel Allowance etc etc. So if you can identify your Taxable Salary from your Salary Slips, then there is no problem.

      5. Last date of filing tax return for Salaried Individuals is July 31st this year.

      I am happy to answer any other questions you may have!

      Archit from ClearTax

      1. Hitesh says:

        Dear Archit,

        Thank You for the informative reply.



        1. Hitesh says:

          Dear Archit,

          In addition to above information, also i would like to add that i have surrendered some lic policies and also redeemed some mutual funds, so will that refunded amount from surrender of lic policies and mutual funds also be considered white tax calculation ?
          With all these variety of figures to be taken into account while filing returns, which plan should i go for at clear tax ?
          I mean nothing should be left off while computing tax and filing returns.



  22. RRK says:

    I am posting the response I received from tax

    Ticket number:1000469629
    Dear customer, thank you for choosing

    Please note, at present does not have the facility
    of providing brought forward losses.

    Please let us know if you have further query on this.
    Best Regards, Support
    1) Manish, I had a conversation with customer support using online chat. They asked me to send an email to support team and I was told that they will incorporate this data offline. I was not comfortable, but still I decided to finish this off. So, I sent an email as below.

    >> In my last year return I had Rs.xxxx Short term capital loss carry over. I am unable to find the page to enter this details. Online chat asked me to send an email. So, I request you to include.

    For this I received above response. If you give me your email id, I will forward the entire communication I had with them.

    1) In which page of their website shows that the brought forward losses are supported by premium and plus package ? If this is correct, why I received no support response from customer service ?

    2) MF Units are issued in fractions. They did not allow the entry of MF units in fractions. This is also another thing I pointed out to them. Ticket – 1000466715.

    They should try to take criticism to improve their products.

    1. I have sent this to tax spanner guys, lets wait for their answer

      1. RRK says:


        We both received contradicting answers from customer support.
        And it has been 5 days, no answer so far. Looks like they are still looking for ‘spanner’ to fix it. 😉

        I think lot of them just offer form 16 support only. Anything complicated, they don’t want to touch.

        1. I had already sent your contact to them , they should be contacting you .

  23. RRK says:

    Pls impress upon them and tell them why it is important.

    Just for record, I used and completed my return. Their software accepts this information online. has simpler data entry interface.

    It is not free. Next time you should get some coupons from them for this forum readers..

    1. I mailed the co-founder of tax-spanner , he says

      We do offer ‘carry forward of losses’ feature in self-filing, even in our Salary eFile Standard package. ‘Brought forward of losses’ feature is also supported through our Plus and Premium packages.

      Are you saying that its not at all there or you dont feel its simple enough ?

  24. RRK says:

    I wasted my time with website.

    They dont have provision to enter the carry forward losses. On contacting the customer support, they told me their software does not have this feature yet.

    How can a website which claims to be number 1 online platform for tax filing can release a software without this basic feature ?

    And we are writing software for the world. Pathetic. And this is not explained anywhere. After wasting several hours I had to find this out in hard way.

    I hope taxspanner will soon correct this deficiency. Until then please avoid this site.

    1. THanks for sharing your views on taxspanner , I will forward this to their team .

      1. Alan says:

        TaxSpanner does offer ‘carry forward of losses’ feature in self-filing, even in our Salary eFile Standard package. ‘Brought forward of losses’ feature is also supported through our Plus and Premium packages.

  25. Srinivas says:

    I tried cleartax portal for filing my returns.

    The interface is OK. I could complete the data input and click on file tax return and expecting some prompt for fees etc. I was given a message that my return has been filed.

    Immediately i got a mail that my return was incorrectly filed, and i will be intimated the course of action in 48 hours. Subsequently i didnot get any info(even after my repeated trials).

    Not sure whether my return was filed or not.

    1. Archit Gupta says:

      Hello Srinivas,

      I believe the matter has been resolved and support is happy to help out anytime. I personally think the support team was quick to respond and was clear in its communication. However, we are always looking for ways to improve! You can shoot us an email – and we’ll take it up internally. 🙂

      Archit from ClearTax.

      1. Srinivas says:

        Concerned people from the company contacted me and indicated that there was some issue with my return filing and they are on the job to resolve the same.

        Subsequently they could resolve the issue and i was told that my ITR was submitted.

        Due to JI and Cleartax, I could file my tax free online.

        And the process on clear tax was easy and their service good and prompt.

        Thank you.

  26. Swapnil says:

    Thank you so much Manish!
    I filed my tax returns for free through TaxSpanner! 🙂
    The coupons really work!

  27. Vivek says:

    I was able to file the tax returns free of cost on taxspanner, Thanks a lot Manish.

    1. Nice to hear that Vivek ..

  28. Ajay says:

    cleartax has some error in it while processing. I uploaded my form16 in it. have nil tax to be paid.. it shows 32k something.. when i check it did not consider my 1lac 80c dedution. only my 20k infra bonds shown clearly in my form 16 by my employer.

    kindly verify/rectify or advise if i am wrong somewhere?

    1. Ajay says:

      dont mind. sent mail to Got immediate reply from

      Done in minutes! It did not ask for any coupons. Thank manish & cleartax. Always recommending jagoinvestors for friends. Now will recommend cleatax too for my friends & family members.

    2. Kindly check with cleartax customer care !

  29. Gopi Krishna G says:

    no the site did not ask for payment nor did ask for any coupon code.

    Got the ITR-V arrived in my mailbox on the same day.

    1. I think thats because you went from the link given on jagoinvestor

  30. Gopi Krishna G says:

    Hello Manish

    Thanks for the links and coupons.

    This has saved time and look out for agents. I had filed through cleaartax and the site is quite friendly. Waiting for the acknowledgment ITR-V.

    1. Nice .. did it allow for the payment of ITR-V ? I thought they will not 🙂

  31. Sylvestor says:

    I personally don’t see any merit in creating an account on the website for tax filing and remembering its password .. just for an activity which we do once a year. I would have loved to file it online, had I been able to generate full and final (stampped) acknowledgment online which is not the case.

    Filling up Saral form manually is quite easy. You can personally submit it in the IT Office and get an acknowledge there itself. If this is not possible, there are a lot of agents around who do this job for a nominal fees of Rs100-200 which is quite reasonable as compared to petrol expenses of going to IT office.

    However, I don’t want to discourage people who want to do it online.

    1. Yes agree that it might not be useful and of value to many , and they should go traditional way .. nothing wrong in it 🙂

  32. kumar says:

    Hi Manish..because of my company policies my entire interest component of House is not mentioned in TDS. Only 1,50,000 is mentioned. usually till now while filling returns manually, I used to submitt xerox copy of provisional certificate to CA and thus get the refund..can I do the same thing online too

    1. Yes you can do everything online which a CA can do , just get in touch with customer care of these companies !

  33. Tushar says:

    Hi Manish,

    I still haven’t recieved Form16 from my employer. So can I still use this free stuff just to create the account and file the return once from 16 is available?


    1. I am not sure if the coupons will be available till then .. Why do you need form 16 , it is needed to just extract the info .. if you know all the numbers , you cna file it online just with all information . contact cc for this

  34. Srikanth says:

    Thanks a lot Manish, I just filled it (for free !!! ) ,

    The ClearTax website seems good and the upload Form 16 option is a excellent thing to do. I had some changes form whats in the Form 16 , But other wise a usual person needs to nothing about his income etc, every things is auto populated.

    1. Great to hear the review about cleartax …

    2. Archit Gupta says:

      Thank you for the kind words Srikanth!

      Please recommend to your family, friends and co-workers 🙂

  35. sunil says:

    Dear Manish,

    During submission of Bils i forgot to give my ULIP premium paid certificate, hence tax got deducted for not shoing exact amount as ii mentioned in Estimated tax Declaration.
    How can i claim for that, do i need to attach any other Form? or how to proceed.
    Where to attach my ULIP Premum Paid Certificate for their Refrence?

    1. Sunil

      All you need to do is consider that you have those ULIP’s premium and calculated how much tax you are suppose to pay in a year .. now the actual tax you have paid is more than what you have paid , if you have paid more than what you should have, then you need to apply for tax refund when you file your returns . U dont need to disclose or attach your ULIP paid certificate anywhere !

      1. Sunil says:

        Thanks for that Manish,
        But i am not exactly sure of how much tax i would have saved..
        Let me check…

        Applying for Tax Refund – Does it require to fill in any additional Forms
        Thanks for your answer…

        1. No , when you file your returns there is a section where you need to mention if there is any Tax refund OR NOT !

  36. kalyan says:

    Thanks for the coupan. I used the code for filing through I think these sites though they are very convenient still can be improved. For e.g. it will be more convenient if there is provision to upload transactions file rather than entering each transaction (for Capital gains). If you have a SIP of 3,4 funds regularly every year, entering each transaction is very cumbersome. Anyway this years return is done. By next year hope it improves further.

    1. Kalyan

      I will try to give them feedback on this , thanks

  37. Ram says:

    I just submitted my Income Tax returns thru Cleartax. Interestingly it did not ask for any coupon code. I even got my ITRV Ack as well to my personal ID.

    Anything am I missing?

    Thank you,

    1. Ram says:

      Nevermind. Just saw one of the replies above saying the code is automatically taken when the link is clicked. Cool option.

      Thank you.

    2. Ok got to know that the coupon was already taken if you went through the link which was there on the site

  38. Shruti Mehrotra says:

    In ITR-1 where shall I show the income from saving bank account ? If I fill it in other income than tax is calculated on it. The amount is less than 10,000 and as per my knowledge interest income from saving bank a/c less than 10,000/- is not taxable for this financial year.

    1. Lalit Gandhi says:

      The limit of 10,000/- on savings bank interest is from current financial year (2012-13). And we are filing returns for FY 2011-12 now. So it would be included in your income for FY 2011-12 and taxable.

  39. Roop says:

    I have to file ITR4 this year as I have income from contractual assignments.
    Are the above coupons applicable for ITR4 as well ?


    1. Roop

      No , they are mostly for ITR1 only . How check taxspanner and cleartax on this !

  40. Jig says:

    Hello ,
    I am an NRI and investing in Security, Equity & Liquid Funds.
    My any indian income came after TDS & Wealth Tax. I wana file the return for filing the refund.
    What is the procedue ? Can i use this above mentioned site for filing?
    What are the documents required for the same?


    1. You can use it for filing , better catch the customer care of above companies and talk to them about what documents are required !

    2. Archit Gupta says:

      Hello Jig,

      ClearTax provides support for NRI tax returns.

      Can you please drop an email to:


  41. Lakshmipathy G says:

    Hello Manish,

    Thank you so much for the link. This is the first time i am trying through online for filling my tax returns. I submitted through ClearTax. It worked like a champ.
    I got the acknowledgement number from clearTax. Hopefully will get the acknowlegement from Income Tax Department as well. Thank you so much. It atleast saved 200Rs for me and the waiting for a queue in the company.

    1. Archit Gupta says:

      Hi Lakshmipathy,

      We are glad that you liked using ClearTax.

      Kindly recommend to friends, family and co-workers.


      1. lakshmipathy says:

        Sure Archit will recommend the same

    2. Good to hear that .. share about it with others too !

  42. Vinod says:

    Hello Manish

    One more query, I have relocated to a different city and dont stay anymore at the address which is there in IT dept records. Which address should I furnish while filing income tax returns?


    1. You should furnish your current address . You always need to do it in your jurisdiction

  43. Vinod says:

    Hello Manish

    Recently I read that it is not mandatory anymore to send the signed physical copy of ITR-V to CPC, Bangalore. from when is this going to be effective? do you have any update?

    Vinod N

    1. No idea on that . here did you read this , I assure you will get an answer for this on our forum

      This question is best suited for forum :

  44. Raj says:


    I have one question. My wife and me bought a home last FY and registered in both of our names. House is currently rented out and we are staying in a rented hours. While tax filing, can i claim 100% tax exemption on both principal & interest? and Rental income can be clubbed to my wife while filing tax return?

    To simplify, i want to claim tax exemption on Home loan principal & Interest but want to club rental income to my wife’s income instead of mine. Is this possible?


    1. Your interest payment can be claimed for unlimited amount ( no limit of 1.5 lacs) , but for principle amount it would have a limit of 1 lac . The rental income has to be divided between you and your wife

  45. Vijay Kumar says:


    Do people with pay of <5 L PA need to file returns?


    1. Yes .. but only if your taxable income is less than 5 lacs and only income from salary and saving bank interest , then you dont need to

      1. Vijay Kumar says:


        For the financial yr 2011-2012 I have not declared HRA in the system and my Company have deducted TDS. Now my question is can I get back the money if I enclose the rent agreement/documents when I submit returns? My package is <5 L.


        1. If there is any additional tax paid than you deserve , you can claim it back through return

  46. Vishnu says:

    Hi Manish,

    Thanks for the offer. One of the timely ones that too for filing using a really nice site like tax spanner.

  47. Lalit Gandhi says:

    Hi Manish,

    I have my salary income details, exemptions and deductions in Form 16. I have forgot to give details of my Other Income (Banks interest, etc.) to my employer but I can mention it while filing returns. Now I am liable to pay tax for this Other Income. Where do I pay this tax now and how shall I show that I have paid it during the filing?


    1. See how much more tax you have to pay first , get that amount and you can make the payment online using this website . Once you do that , make sure you get the acknowledgement number , it will also come to your email anyways . You can then give that info while filing the returns


      1. Srinivas says:

        Now a days banks are offering this online service. ICICI has this.

        After payment confirmation, system generates a form. That needs to be stored for record purposes. Also this gets reflected in form AS26.

  48. Divyesh Patel says:

    Hello Guys(and Gals),
    I am just wondering if there is any alternative to sending the signed form to the Bangalore office? I mean I do not want to send the signed form to the Bangalore office by post.

    1. Divyesh Patel says:

      Ok, I got the options(Digital Signature), but they are a little costly.

    2. No , thats something part of the process , you need to do that

      1. Srinivas says:

        Few days back there was a message from Income tax dept saying that they are working on an alternative to this(manual process), for authenticating the uploader.

        Hope IT will come out with a suggestion before July 31.

        1. sunil says:

          Dear Srinivas….
          Did you get any information on this front?
          I have filed the Tax Returns from Cleartax and still it says download the ITR-V (fater IT department sends it) and sens it to Bangalore office.

  49. Suresh Hari says:

    Thanks so much Manish. I filed my tax returns for free through taxspanner! 🙂

    1. Great .. congratulations !

  50. Archana says:


    After looking at this article, I rushed to the portal and created my id and updated all info from my form-16. But it never asked me to pay or any coupon code till the end. I even got a message at saying ‘We submitted your Income Tax Return but confirmation from Income Tax Department of India is awaited.’ They would mail me details on my email id.. Am I missing something here?

    1. Archit Gupta says:

      Hi Archana,

      There are no issues. The coupon was applied in the back-end for JagoInvestor website visitors.
      Your I-T return is submitted to the I-T department.

      For any queries, please send email to

      (We might not monitor this forum and miss out on your query)

      Archit from ClearTax


    Manish, Is Savings Bank A/C Interest Taxable ??

    1. Archit Gupta says:


      Saving bank Interest is taxable and should be declared in “Other Income”.

      Hope this helps,
      Archit from ClearTax

    2. Yes . but from this year .. upto 10k will not be taxable . but for last year , it is taxable

      1. Tribhuwan says:

        Correct, but it is only if your income is below certain threshold limit. I don;t exactly remember the limit – either 10Lac or 5 Lac

      2. Rama says:

        Hi manish,

        interest amount 10k limit will be for single savings account or more than one account ?

        if it is less than 10k either single or multiple account, still we should have to show it ‘other income’ ?


        1. It will be combined for all the saving bank account

  52. Sajna says:

    HI Manish,

    I have not provided one of the proofs that I were to provide for tax exemption while submitting the proofs through my company. Can I do it now? please help me.

    1. You dont need to , Its just for declaration purpose . All you need to do is consider the expense and file the return as per that , later in case tax department asks for it , just be ready with it .

  53. JIGNESH SWADIA says:

    This is in continuation to Mr. Jay’s problem. I have almost similar problem. During the time frame of filing return and receiving refund cheque, my bank account was changed, hence, I requested local ITO to make necessary changes and send the cheque back to SBI, Mumbai. Now, the IT Call centre advises me to contact local ITO and the local ITO says that we either not able to process your request in our system or there is no pending issue against your PAN. The matter is still handing and I don’t find right solution for it. One advise I would like to give to the users that if you receive cheque having your old / closed bank account number, pl. try to deposit it in your current bank account. If the bank returns the cheque, then and then proceed to send them for correction. Thanks.

  54. Deepika says:

    Hi Manish,

    I tried to file my returns using taxspanner. I used the coupon code also but they are asking me to make a payment of Rs 99. When I mailed their customer care they said no such scheme is there. Please find the mail details below:

    Dear Customer, thank you for choosing
    Sorry for inconvenience. But hereby we are clarify that we don’t have any tie up with such websites (Jago Investor) or else. Please ignore this kind of schemes and make the payment.
    Please let us know if you have further query on this.
    Best Regards, Support

    1. Deepika says:

      Hi Manish,

      I tried again and this time it worked. I was successfuly able to file my returns.
      Thanks for the freebie 🙂


  55. Ram says:

    Manish – Thanks for the info. Have a doubt though.

    I have been filling my returns free in the Incometax site( for some time now. Anything difference between this and the ones you have mentioned??

    Appreciate you time and info.


    1. Archit Gupta says:

      Hello Ram,

      I am from ClearTax and I’ll attempt to answer this question via a blog post we did some time ago:

      The main advantages are:
      1. Easier to use – especially if you have income from more than one source.
      2. Backup of tax return – you can download your I-T Return later when you need it for bank loan or visa application.
      3. Support is usually available with portals (for answering basic questions around taxation).

      Hope this helps,

    2. Convinience .. thats all

  56. Jay says:

    I have got a unique refund issue for AY08-09. I was following ITO Pondicherry office to track my refund and they gave me a snap shot of cheque payment details. But when I checked with and they say that “Refund Banker has not processed any such refunds. Get in touch with your ITO”. Income Tax officer says in our system it shows cheque has been paid on 1st Jan’10. If IT dept. is so lethargic about refund payment, then why should I pay tax. Can anyone help me?

    1. You should file an RTI for this !

      1. Jay says:

        Thanks Manish.

        But ITO, Pondicherry has already clarified that in their system it shows refund amount is paid. Then if I file RTI I will get the same reply. I now require clarification from the refund banker. To whom should I file RTI. Please help.

        1. Not neccessary . With RTI you will get the real answer , you need to find yourself which EPF office will be in your jurisdiction

          1. Jay says:

            EPF office? confused.

            1. Sorry I confused . All I am saying is dont depend on their verbal or email answers , check with RTI application , there you will get 100% authentic answers . It takes some commitment and Rs 10 to file it 🙂

            2. Jay says:

              Thanks 🙂

  57. Vinay says:

    Hi Manish,

    I learnt that e-filing is mandatory if someone is earning more than 10 lakhs p.a.
    Is this 10 lakhs the Taxable Income, or Gross pay ? Please calrify this for me.


    1. THis is taxable income .


    is this online IT RETURN filing acceptable by Bankers for Home loan or any problemoccure??

    plz suggest ?

    1. Archit Gupta says:

      There is no difference between using website like ours ( or filing directly via the Income-Tax Department.

      The I-T return is equally acceptable for home loans and visa purposes.

      Archit from ClearTax

  59. Anurag says:

    How can I use the coupon in Taxspanner website

  60. Anurag says:


    My Company has deducted TDS from my Salary .I am yet to claim HRA .I have not submitted the Rent Receipt to my Company.I want to claim that HRA in my IT return.Is it possible

    1. obviously .. u can do that while filing return

  61. Velan says:

    Hi ,

    I have shifted employment in June 2011 ….Do I need to file Form 16 of both the companies….If yes how can I do so….


    1. Archit Gupta says:


      I am from ClearTax ( – with cleartax, you can add both form-16 data by adding multiple salary return entries.

      You will be offered an option of “I want to add another Form-16”.

      Hope that helps!

      (Feel free to send in your questions to

    2. you can do that while filing tax online through these websites

  62. Sanjay Thorat says:

    Hi Manish,

    I already have a paid Perfios account. Do I still need a coupon to file free IT Returns?

    1. Aditya says:

      The tax filing offer mentioned here is exclusively for new and fresh registrations at Perfios through the link provided here at only! For offers running for existing paid users of Perfios, please write to
      Thanks, Adi

  63. Subhankar Das says:

    Great stuff !

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