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POSTED BY Jagoinvestor ON July 4, 2012 COMMENTS (44) – a tax filing portal has made tax filing for women totally free. Women all over India can now file their tax returns for free, sitting at home at . Women will have free access to its very user friendly tax filing website till July 26, 2012. The ClearTax platform is an easy to use to file one’s tax returns. The offer is an initiative by the company to invite women to take ownership of their finances.

Cleartax observed that  more men than women e-filed online with them and their team learnt that in aggregate, women spent significantly less time paying attention to tax planning and personal finance compared with men. Jagoinvestor had done an article on Women & Personal Finance which revealed how 88% or more of urban women (who are well educated and live in big cities) have Zero or very less personal finance knowledge. Most of the tax filing work is handled by their father or husband and they generally refrain from any taxation related work.

What you can do ?

You can spread a word about this into your office and share it with all the women employees, you can also use this opportunity to file taxes online for your wife, sister, mother or any female relative.

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  1. Shreyasta says:

    Thanks for the post. I have found these online portals extremely easy to use. I tried filing tax this year using and it is very simple & convenient. They also provided me with advise on planning my tax savings for next year.

  2. reeta says:

    Hai Manish

    i hv opened my fd a/c. my on dt:-17-11-12 fd amt is 3,25,000/- for 12 months. bank has filled form 15 G from me becoz of avoid tds. i m confuse pls guide me wht i do can i close my fd after 3 months or do it continue 12 months. pls help & guide.

    1. You will then have to go for premature withdrawal or closure and then again start it !

  3. Abhinav Gulechha says:

    Hi Manish

    Thanks. I recommended my brother in law and his wife to read your posts, they are really benefitting from it. Just came to know that they also used the free coupons provided by your site, to file returns on Cleartax, and it was quite hasslefree…he made certain mistakes the first time, but the website even allowed him to revise the return.

    1. Good to hear that Abhinav 🙂 . really appreciate it !

  4. help says:

    Hi , I recieved last year s IT refund but i did not recieve the full amount. Instead of 8k , i recieved only 800 rupees. someone told me that i have to contact AO and file it again. Plese advise if i can do it through any tax filing company

    1. I guess there was some manual mistake made, because there is difference of one 0 . instead of 8000, may be someone manually wrote 800 only. File an RTI !

  5. Vaibhav says:

    Hi Manish,

    I am 26 yrs old. I started working from FY 2008-09 and since then I have regularly filed my returns until FY 2010-11, since I was having taxable income all this time. However 1.5 yrs back, I left my job to pursue post-grad degree, as a result of which I have very little income during yr 2011-12 (only investment income, not even close to 1 lakh). Now I have completed my degree and started working again, as a result of which I will be having taxable salary for 2012-13 and will therefore pay taxes & file my returns next yr.

    Now my question is whether I should file returns for FY 2011-12 (for less than 1 lakh income)? My friend advised me that i should avoid any break from filing returns, and so should file them for 2011-12 even if the income is very low. Also I have heard that sometimes when we are taking loans, then banks ask for last 5/10 yrs return filing receipts. So I think I should go ahead and do it, what is your advice?

    Also, you know that as per latest IT rules, starting from 2012-13, one NEED NOT file returns if total income < 5 lakh. So considering this rule, if I had similar situation (of less than 1 lakh income) in 2012-13 (rather than in 2011-12), then what would have been your suggestion ?

    PS: I know am asking this Q. quite late since there are only 4 days left for filing, but I'll b filing online so m sure i'll be able to do it on time, if at all I decide to file. Waiting for your advice before going ahead.

    Thanks in advance 🙂

    1. Vaibhav

      Yes you should file it for same reason of “banks ask for last 5-10 yrs of returns” . As it does not cost a lot these days, its always a prudent thing to file it , That rule of “below 5 lacs no need to return” is a choice, one can choose not to file it, but you should ! . Go for taxspanner or cleartax for FREE – grab the coupon here

      1. Vaibhav says:

        Thx for that super quick reply Manish 🙂 Yes, I’ll be filing thru Taxspanner. In fact I started using taxspanner 2 yrs back after u posted about it on your blog. I found it quite simple and have been using it since then.

  6. larov says:

    Hi Manish

    Does one use the same form to file returns if unsalaried and living on income from interests? I have not been paying TDS till now as I was below tax bracket and had been submitting Form 15H. This year, my flat has been rented out so I come under payable bracket, but i have invested 1 lakh in tax saving bank deposit so that after deductions, i will not need to pay tax. Do I use the same form – Form 16 to fill in?


    1. But you said you are not salaried ? So you dont have form 16 , right ?

      However note that you need to file the returns even if your tax liability is 0

      1. larov says:

        this is the first time i will be trying to file returns on my own without going to a CA. So not sure how to go about it. When i checked the form on cleartax, it seemed it was more relevant for salaried women. So am confused.

        From your query, i gather Form 16 is only for the salaried. How do i file my returns even tho my tax liability is 0?

        1. Did you contact the customer care of clear tax ? they will guide you on this !

          1. larov says:

            thank you, will do that

  7. Zubeda says:

    This is great and so simple. The complexity in tax filing has always deterred me from filing my returns. Since I am freelancing, I did not really take this seriously. However, now I want to file both my previous year’s and this year’s returns. Can I also file my previous year’s returns through ClearTax?


    1. Zubeda

      That should be possible , Just contact their customer care !

  8. RAJAKUMARI says:

    Hi Manish,

    Thanks a lot. I just filed my tax and immediately shared with my friends.

    1. From which company you filed it ?

  9. PRABHU says:

    Thank you Sir. Indeed my friend was wondering how to make e filing. I told her
    about your website today.

    1. Good to hear that .. thanks

  10. sreekumar menon says:

    Hi Manish,

    Does NRI need to file tax returns? I have FD’s in NRE accounts that get interest and TDS is cut for the interest . Does this mean I need to file the returns?


    1. Only if you are earning taxable salary or above in India or if you have any asset abroad !

  11. Rahul says:

    Hi Manish,

    I am a regular visitor of and I love your blogs very much. It has not only transformed my investment decision but also helped me in setting my financial goals. I have a question regarding Income tax returns. My brother invested some Rs. 30000 amount in Kisan Vikas Patra (Post Office scheme) on my name in may 2010 without my knowledge. So, When I filed the income tax return in 2010-2011, I didn’t declare the above investment and didn’t get any relief. However, the investment came into my knowledge now.
    My question is, Can I declare the above investment of Rs. 30000 (Kisan Vikas Patra) in 2011-2012 income tax return? Also, I have 1 year fixed deposit in PNB. Can I also declare it in Income Tax return and expect to get some tax relief?

    1. No , you cant declare it once the time is gone . Also that 1 yr fixed deposit does not have any tax benefit !

  12. Manu says:

    Hi Manish

    Thanks very much for the wonderful information. I have one query that I heard that from this year the person who has salary more than 10 L have to file the return electronically. For e filling do the digital certificate is a compulsory requirement ?

    1. Archit Gupta says:

      No digital signature is not compulsory in ordinary tax return cases.

  13. rajiv says:

    Folks, is given free IT return submission till Jul 7. I just submitted mine.

    1. Good to hear that !

  14. Vinod says:

    Hi Manish ,
    Thanks for valuable information , I shared it with my colleagues

  15. smitha says:

    I appreciate the company effort, but I prefer doing the job myself as I’ve done last year.

    Manish, Just want to ask you a question, I’ve long term cap. gains on debt funds, and all taxable income is well below the taxable limit. Do I still need to pay 10% LTCG? or can this LTCG be offset?

    1. In that case you dont need to pay the tax on LTGC

    2. Archit Gupta says:


      Just a minor suggestion: You can try filling in the information with ClearTax. In case your LTCG does not cross the basic exemption, no tax will be due. ClearTax does all this calculation automatically.

      I respect your opinion, and I am not advertising, you can try the ClearTax option risk free and see if you find it useful. We are always looking to improve ourselves and you can write in any time to us:

      Archit from ClearTax Support.

  16. raja says:

    Hope the Women’s/Wife’s who have recieved or are recieving money from Alimony or One time settlement or getting monthly maintance from their ex-husbands or who’s court cases are in proceeding will also fil TAX and mention all the secretly held gold ornaments and money extorted from In-laws / ex In-laws. And they must be submitting originals/ proofs for the cost incurred to them. Also showing their hidden assets too to the IT Dept. I dont think so, they will be doing that.

    1. Raja

      I am not clear on the CONCLUSION part of your comment , what is the point you are making finally ?

      1. raja says:

        Women also have a higher ceiling for income exempted from tax..
        Danger in questioning the reasonable provisions granted to women is that you run the risk of losing the moral high ground that is essential to fighting gender biased laws like 498a, DV etc.
        As highest percentage of Income Tax payers are Men, but Y not anything done for them, Y only Womens do get favouraizsm, IS this just a Feminst bent or gender specific.. All reservations bended for womens specific only???Y?

        1. Now from this year , they are not into higher limit , its 2 lac for both of them .

  17. Rupanjali says:

    Hi Manish,

    Thanks for the good piece of information. This is indeed a good initiative to make the women have their own personal finance awareness but do u think it would really affect them? Won’t the husbands and the fathers use this platform to file the taxes of their wives and daughters to file it for free? Since 88% of the Urban Women are not aware, inspite of being educated and earning, when their father or husband manages their accounts and at times operates bank accounts as well, will this initiative affect them in any way?

    1. Yes Rupanjali

      You are right , many people will use this thing on behalf of women , but atleast a small percentage of women will take initiative and file it on their own , over next few years we can see improve ment, we cant expect just one initiative to change things 🙂

  18. Chirag says:

    This is awesome to encourage women’s to file tax online 🙂

  19. Dhaval says:

    Nice Information indeed !!!
    Thanks Manish


    Manish, I will send this Information to my sister. Thanx for the same.

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