Misselling or Misbuying – What’s your case ?

Misselling is a very common word used these days by everyone. It’s been projected in such a way for the last few years that people have started feeling all agents and companies are engaged in looting the public. But maybe there’s another angle to this and maybe we need think a bit & answer a big question – Is it […]


Can your assets support your for next 30 yrs ? Download this Calculator and Find Out !

If you have Rs 50 lacs with you and you want to generate some consistent income for next many years, how many years you can generate income? Think about it! Put some very high level calculations in your mind and try to come up with some numbers! . Will it be able to generate a […]


Worst 5 yr period in Stock markets – Are you happy with your Investments ?

Most of the people are worried about their Mutual funds, ULIPs and direct stocks returns. In the last 5 yrs, Stock Markets have been so bad that literally no mutual fund has given a good return in last 3-5 yrs , except few. I recently saw a reader asking this question I have been going through […]


Health Insurance Inflation in India – Have you planned for next 30 yrs ?

Lets talk about Health Insurance Inflation today ! . When you decide upon buying a health insurance policy, one of the pertinent questions that crops in your mind is the coverage amount – how much health insurance to buy? One of our readers Saket made an interesting comment on health care inflation, and how a […]


8 things I learned by quitting my full time job

Haven’t we all faced this at one time or the other? The pain of staying in your job getting worse than the pain of leaving your job ? If the answer is yes, this article is for you. I am writing this article after Sunil asked a related question on leaving a job and starting a […]


6 changes in mutual funds done by SEBI recently – Good or bad ?

Recently, SEBI has made some of the biggest changes in mutual fund regulations to revive the mutual fund industry.  Some of the measures which are made are said to be helping AMCs and distributors more than investors. We will look at 6 major changes done in the meeting and the full detailed circular will come […]


NEFT and RTGS – A detailed Guide

Lets try to understand what is NEFT and RTGS and what is the difference between them. NEFT and RTGS are two main mechanisms to transfer money from one bank to another bank in India. Transferring money between two accounts in same bank is pretty straight forword and its a internal matter of the bank, it does […]


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