How Multi Level Marketing (MLM) schemes with Pyramid Structure works ?

Today we are going to talk about MLM or Multi Level Marketing Schemes which have a pyramid kind of model. For years and decades, these kind of schemes are active and a lot of people get trapped in these Pyramid Schemes and lose their hard earned money. In this article, we will see the common mechanism they work on […]


Best bank in India – With survey & Customer reviews

Which is the best bank in India? Is it yours ? In this article, we will look at the top 6 parameters which define a good bank and look at various Indian banks and how they fared on those parameters. The best way to find out how good a bank is to ask the existing account holders. […]


CIBIL Score 2.0 – An Improved version of Credit Scoring

CIBIL has recently come up with Cibil Transunion Score 2.0 which it calls an improved version of the CIBIL Credit Score. This new Credit Score will help in a better identification of new borrowers (having credit history of less than 6 months) and help classify them into risky and not-risky categories. More about CIBIL Score […]


Jagoinvestor Wealth Club Starts today- India’s first online wealth club

Would you like to be a part of committed investors community to create more wealth? Would you like to be a part of structure that helps you live a good financial life? Why not join us to help you provide a structure that makes you a better Investor. For good health we go to health […]


RGESS Tax Saving Scheme – Too Complicated !

RGESS or Rajiv Gandhi Equity Saving Scheme is the new tax saving scheme, for saving taxes. This is mainly  for first time equity investors in securities market. The whole idea for introducing the RGESS scheme is to promote an ‘equity culture’ in India as well as widen the  retail investor base in the Indian securities markets. Look at the below video […]


How is interest on saving bank account is calculated ?

A lot of people do not know interest is calculated on their savings bank account.In this article I will explain all the aspects of interest on a savings bank account. Earlier all the banks had the same interest on their saving bank accounts, which was 4% , so a person had no choice in terms […]


Planning for Unexpected Expenses – Why it makes sense !

Have you ever heard someone say something like – “I had planned to buy a car from last 2 yrs and I was saving for it regularly with discipline, but I think I will have to delay my decision because some thing urgent and unexpected cropped up in between! . It happens all the time.” Here are some […]


IMPS – Online Money transfer in 30 seconds from your Mobile Phone

IMPS or Interbank Mobile Payment Service is a technology which offers an instant electronic fund transfer service through mobile phones between two banks in India. There are other two money transfer systems called NEFT and RTGS already in India, but they are not a mobile payment system like IMPS and they’ll  take some time to get settled. IMPS is […]


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