Download this Free Audio Conversation – Slow Down & Grow Rich

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We are giving away a Free audio on Slowing Down and Grow Rich which we created for our Jagoinvestor Wealth Club last week. The Audio is totally FREE for all our blog readers.

Slow Down & Grow Rich

For a moment look around and see you will find everyone is in RUSH (including you). You rush to reach office, you rush to meet your deadlines, and most people do the same when it comes to producing wealth. Everyone wants to make a lot of money as fast as they can. The truth is that Human beings are CRAZY for money. But tell me! . Will an artist who is in rush be able to create the best painting of his life? Will a chef, who is in rush be able to prepare the best dish of his life? Will a doctor who is in rush be able to perform his life’s most critical surgery?

The answer is NO.

Similarly, an investor who is in rush, is unable to produce desired wealth in his lifetime. Speed has become like an operating system that is installed in the machine called “Human Being”.  But Wealth is not a function of speed it is a function of depth. It is about how deep you engage yourself with the process of wealth creation.

Today, we have an Audio GIFT to share with you which is exclusively made for our Jagoinvestor Wealth Club members. With the help of this audio we want you to learn the principle of slowing down and apply it to your financial life. (Every month you get such audio files as club member and more stuff!). Wealth club material is priceless, still we have priced it in a way that anyone can become a member. We want every investor who gets in touch with us to slow down and to have an awesome financial life.

Download Audio

Cashflow/Networth Analyzer Tool

We have also released a nice calculator, which is going to help you understand your income/expenses and assets/liabilities in a much better way. It does some number crunching and based on your current numbers, gives you some detailed insights on your current situation. This calculator tries to give you insights on different parameters of your financial life and marks them as red, yellow and green, which represents “Bad” , “Average” and “Good” . So instantly you can see how well you are doing on various parameters. Watch the Video below to learn more about the calculator. In past we have also released Financial Freedom Calculator for our members.

Get this Calculator

Let us know if you listened to the audio and if you liked what you heard ? Are you also rushing in your financial life ? Do you think slowing down a bit and carefully moving ahead will help you to grow rich ?

14 replies on this article “Download this Free Audio Conversation – Slow Down & Grow Rich”

  1. Pradeep Pradeep says:

    Dear sir
    Some days before i watch on CNBC the interview of M.D. (Quantum Mutual Fund). He is saying that the fund managers are not taking care of investors money they are only looking for transaction of money (not managing) and misguiding his company and increasing own income .This is very disappointing. Manish sir kindly suggest us how to trace our fund is going on correct way.

  2. sunil says:

    Dear Manish,
    What all facilities shall be provided for wealth club members.. i keep hearing and reading this often on this website… but not sure what all benefits they get and what they have to pay for availing such benefits.

    Thanks in Advance,

  3. suresh says:

    Good article.

    Can you have some articles which focus on early retirement, to attain financial freedom.

  4. suresh says:

    Good article,

    Can you have more articles on debt instruments.

    Some articles which can focus on how one can retire early to attain financial freedom.

  5. suresh says:


    It would be really nice if you can have more articles on creating wealth using debt instruments.

    1. There are option like PPF , EPF , FD’s

  6. ashok says:


  7. Rashmi says:

    Hi Manish, I am not able to download the calculator given below the video 🙁

    1. Its only for Wealth Club members , The audio is FREE .

      1. Rajesh says:

        Your wordings in the article are misleading as you do not mention clearly that the spreadsheet is only for Wealth Club members. Please correct it.

        1. Rajesh

          You are new it seems . Anything for our wealth club members is only for them , unless mentioned that its for all , like its mentioned for the audio .

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