End your 2012 with a BANG , Join Action Month

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How do you want your 2012 to end? We always have to much of pending tasks in financial life. We know that the time required to complete most of the tasks is pretty small one and if we just dedicated 1 full day, most of those tasks will be completed within no time, but we keep delaying it.

Action month is back !

yearl We are conducting an Action month called “How do you want to end your 2012” for our wealth club members. We wanted to do this action month for our wealth club and then realized that why not include everyone, as its such a big event after a long time, hence we thought of sharing it with everyone. Last time we had a hugely successful action month and hundreds of readers completed so many tasks in their financial life within few days time. Go to the main Action Month page on Jagoinvestor Wealth Club. Listen to the Action Month Audio to understand what it is all about This time its your turn to complete those pending things and also do a yearly review. The theme of this action month is “How do you want to end your 2012” . We want to make sure that when 2012 ends, you complete most important pending tasks which you have been delaying from long and also have a clear view about where you stand in your financial life.

How to be part of this Action Month ?

Step 1 – Register for Action Month Action Month is CLOSED now Step 2 – Review your 2012 and complete pending things The next step is to review your 2012 and see if you are on track or not and then list down the pending items you want to complete before 2012 ends. When you register, you get a support excel sheet also. Wealth Club members already have access to yearly review checklist sheet. Step 3 – Action Month ends and share your success story Once you complete your action month, you can then share your actions and what all you did, It would be a great thing to let others know of your success and how you ended your 2012 and have planned your 2013. Go to the main Action Month page on Jagoinvestor Wealth Club.

For all the Participants

The registrations are open for only next 4 days and this action month will run for only till 31st Dec 2012. Note that all the updates about what you are doing in action month has to be done on the main Action month page on Jagoinvestor Wealth Club. Also the best sharing at the end of the Action Month will get a surprise gift from us.

7 replies on this article “End your 2012 with a BANG , Join Action Month”

  1. George Joseph says:

    HI Manish

    I volunteer to make the most of the action month. In fact one of my “action” is to educate and help a friend of my to close useless policies.

    Thanks and Regards

    1. Thats great .. let us know if you need any help !

  2. Mahesh Patil says:

    Hello Manish,

    I don’t know how should I thank you for the kind of service you are providing. I have started reading your articles on this website around one and half month back, and I have almost finished reading almost all of them which are relevant to me. During this short span of time I have taken some of the most important decisions regarding my financial planning which I otherwise wouldn’t have taken. Some of them are as follows:

    1. I had started LIC Jeevan Mitra Triple cover endowment policy with 25 Lakhs SA (with hefty premium of 1,10,000 per annum), which would have paid me around 75-80 Lakhs at the time of maturity. I stopped it immediately after reading ‘How LIC policy works?’ and some other resources on internet. As I had done it within Cooling Off period of 15 days, I got back all the premium that I had paid.

    2. Now I am starting 2 life insurance policies, both term plans. One with LIC (70 Lakhs) and other one with HDFC life (40 Lakhs).

    3. I have invested in 18 different equities from 6 different sectors which amounts around 30 % of my salary. (I was doing equity investments earlier also but now I have a new view towards equity markets).

    4. I have also invested in two Tax Saver (ELSS) mutual funds, one in HDFC MF (G) and other in Reliance MF (G). (Though I am afraid of DTC coming into act, nevertheless I believe it’s a good equity investment)

    5. I have invested in two other equity mutual funds. One HDFC Top 200 (Large Cap) and other ICICI Pru Discovery MF (Mid-Cap and Small-Cap).

    6. I have opened PPF account in SBI.

    7. I am currently studying various options to invest in Gold. But, in most likely scenario I will be investing in Goldman Sachs Gold Exchange Traded Scheme.

    8. I am in process of transferring my EPF account from my previous employer to new employer.

    I am not investing anything in Health insurance as it is taken care by my new employer.

    I wouldn’t have done almost half of the things mentioned above unless I was made aware (by your articles) about essence and seriousness of financial planning which would have impacted me in a huge way in long run.

    Also, I would really like to read about investing in commodity and currency market if you write an article or two about them.
    (Though I am not a regulator commentator here, but I am a regular reader.)

    Again, keep up the good work.
    Your articles are priceless !!!

    Mahesh Patil

    1. Thanks for sharing your actions Mahesh .. Just keep reviewing them over the years ! . You will do great !

  3. Pankaj says:

    Hey Manish,

    Glad you have again started “The Action Month”… The previous Version of Action Month was very fruitful for me as I got health Insurance for my family, opened a Demat account.

    Still, few tasks remain to be completed like Term Insurance, Surrender of useless policies (Waiting for end of Lock in period – 23.12.2012), SIP etc etc. which I will surely complete before end of 2012.

    Request you to please write an update on Term Insurance Plans…


    1. Pankaj

      Please update your question on our main question page – http://www.jiwealthclub.com/action-months/dec-2012/ . We will help you identify a good term plan and then you can go ahead with the action and buy it !


    2. Great .. just keep asking your questions on the main page of action month , we will resolve your queries there !

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