One Idiot – A fun & nice movie by IDFC on Financial Literacy

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IDFC foundation has released a small 30 minutes movie called “One Idiot” to spread financial literacy for today’s generation which feels that life is all about spending and looking “cool”. The movie is directed by Amol Gupte, who had also directed the movie “Taare Zameen Par”. The movie ‘One Idiot’, shows how a bunch of students who are in their early 20’s make fun of a guy who looks dumb and does not believe in showing off, only to find out later one day that he is actually a multi millionaire, living and enjoying his life. The overall message of the movie is that you have to be prudent and responsible when it comes to money and start your systematic investments however small they are and over a long term, you will be on path of financial freedom.

Direct link to Movie

I watched the movie few months back when someone from IDFC had asked for my comments on the movie. Overall I think you should watch this movie and also share it with your children who are in school and going to enter their working life. Watch the movie and share what you liked about the movie ? Do you think its able to give that message of “saving and investing that money is important from starting” .

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    Must shared movie and i have shared it

  2. Dr. O.P.Saxena says:

    A movie must share with all family members , friends and colleuge.

  3. Jhuma says:

    Wonderful. A recommended one to watch.

  4. Kiefer says:

    i guess this movie should have been more commercially promoted. Reason why? because i didnt know about this movie yet. im gonna watch this rite now and will give my feedback afterwards..

  5. pankaj tiwari says:

    Nice and cool short movie, initially i had a thought that it will be pure finance related movie with all those graphs and numbers…………but it came out be real good….i showed it to my wife and also have shared with my bros and family to watch it once…..its worth watching……..Also i will make sure my wife fills the latest survey.

    1. Good to hear that Pankaj !

  6. Lakshmipathy G says:

    Thanks manish for sharing this one.

    And thanks Amol Gupte for creating this beauty.

  7. Gaurav says:

    wow. good one. loved it

  8. Siva Mohan says:

    Excellent movie.. thank you for sharing.. I will share it with as many as I can..

  9. Ganesh says:

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful video. A fantastic way to start the new year. I showed this video to all my family members and I can honestly say, we have had a truly enriching experience. I believe this video should be shown to all young indians to inculcate the good habits of saving, fiscal prudence, power of compounding from a very early age.

    1. Good to hear that Ganesh ! ..

  10. Jayant says:

    Awesome documentary. Wish such movies and educational sites were there 14-15 yrs back as well. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Yea . it would have helped so much..

  11. ANAND says:


    Nice Movie. I was looking for a movie like this to show it to my children. Though I have been teaching them the virtues of long time investing, simple and happy life without any nooses around our necks, this move is quite opt at a right time for my children. As Chrles Darwin said, ” THE ONLY BREED WHO ARE GOING TO SURVIVE IN FUTURE IS NOT LITERATE, KNOWLEDGEABLE, PHYSICAL STRENGTH, BUT THE BREED WHICH IS WILLING TO CHANGE WITH THE TIMES. ” We must teach our children not to be buyoed by the Peer pressure, Implusive shopping, Spending unnecessarily to show off. Any way it is a good attempt from Institutions to educate the people.

    1. bemoneyaware says:

      If you want to teach your kids about money you can checkout our website bemoneyaware . You can download chapters or book too!

  12. vipin says:

    dear manish ji,
    I don’t know how to say thank you……thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful video. He just showed how to savor each moment of life. Seriously a masterpiece. When he said, ‘dal me sabji milake aisa logon ko do jo kuch nahi jaanta, mere pas mat aana’ was an awesome answer. Every young Indian should be capable of doing that.
    I am voting this the Best movie of 2012.

    1. Good to hear that Vipin ๐Ÿ™‚ . Spread the movie !

  13. Rohit Varma says:

    Very Nice initiative by IDFC as well as by you in re-inforcing the pillars of financial education.

  14. George Joseph says:

    super video!.i love the ending

    1. Good to hear that !

  15. KESAVAN says:

    Thanks a lot Manish. It is a very good film. I have already shared it with my facebook friends. I shall be using this film for educating my clients. Once again thanks for the link.

    1. Thanks for appreciation !

  16. thondai says:

    Thanks Manish. I liked the guys cool composed approach, successful yet simple and willing to share his wisdom with others.. He reminds me of a maxim – you can’t tell the depth of the well by the length of the handle on the pump.

    1. True ! .. I myself believe in what you said !

  17. pattu says:

    Very enjoyable! Chotu’s dad resembles a CFP from itrust!
    It certainly sends the message. But today’s young people want quick results. They want the tortoises networth and the hare’s lifestyle.
    It will take them a while to understand the magic of compounding is not like instant coffee.

    1. Yes , the guy name was Karthik from itrust ! .. He looks very much like him !

  18. harin dave says:

    There is no sound in the movie.

    1. Not sure why others can hear the sound them , including me !

  19. anon says:

    Nice movie.
    Amol gupte worked on Taare Zameen Par.

    1. Yea .. changed that !

  20. Thanks.. says:

    Hi Manish..
    Thanks for the this info. You are really doing great work by spreading financial literacy.
    Just one small thing Amol gupte was not the director of 3 Idiots. It was Rajkumar Hirani :).

    1. Yea .. that was my mistake , changed in the article !

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