My Second Book – “How to be your own Financial Planner in 10 Steps”

I am happy to share this news with you all, that my 2nd book is going to release in next few weeks, whose title is “How to be Your Own Financial Planner in 10 Steps” . The book is published by CNBC 18. The book is now ready for pre-order, so you can order it […]


Days Past Due (DPD) section – What is the meaning in CIBIL Report ?

You might have seen a section in your Cibil Report which says DPD (Days Past Due). While Loan Status and Credit Score matter a lot when it comes to getting a loan approved or rejected, a big myth among people is that a clear report (without SETTLED or WRITTEN OFF status) and a credit score […]


Why Women dont ask for their Share in Inherited Property and Wealth ?

Let’s talk about Women and Inheritance today. Our Indian culture, has for thousands of years treated men as someone who lead families and be the heads of next generation and women as someone who will go to some other family after marriage and start a new life. This has been deeply rooted in all our […]


How you CHOOSE to mess your financial life and never realise !

Do you make a choice or take decisions in your financial life ? A lot of people have not taken lots of important actions in their financial life, which they should have taken long back!. You have to understand that you are making a choice by not taking those actions. When you take some action or do […]


Check your Income tax refund status online & Learn how to use RTI

Do you have any idea about your income tax refund status ? Have you filed your Income tax return long back, but have no idea when will you get your tax fund? This is one issue faced by millions of tax payers in India. They file an income tax return where they claim back their […]


10 Things to Complete before you become NRI

Are you leaving India in next few months or planning to move abroad sometime in future? Then you should be clear with a few points you should complete before you become an NRI. A lot of NRI readers come up with various issues they face, because they never thought about completing few tasks which could have […]


6 credit card myths – which can kill your financial life someday !

One of the most used financial products is the Credit card. We all spend so much time to get best credit card, but I have never seen someone, who has spend his time to fully understands the importance of the CVV number, One time password, Signatures on the back of credit card or how secure […]


Women and Money- Lets JOIN HANDS to empower and encourage women investors

Do you know that only 1% of world wealth is owned by women , while women constitute 40% of the global workforce ? – World Bank . This is a little disturbing fact, and question now is, when women are working so much, giving a lot, have equal capability, then why they have so much less owned on […]


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