CIBIL marketplace – Get Customised loan offers based your credit score

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CIBIL has introduced a new facility called “Cibil Marketplace“, which will act like a portal where a person can get customized loan and credit card offers based on his cibil score. Right now, what happens is – when a person applies for some kind of loan or a credit card, the lending institution checks his credit report and credit score and based on their internal criteria and rules, reject or accept the application and move to the next step .

cibil marketplace enter data

How does CIBIL marketplace work?

With CIBIL marketplace, the whole process is reversed. Here, you can find out which lending institutions are ready to give you different kind of loans, interest rates and other conditions based on your credit score. So a lot of lenders will participate in the cibil marketplace and will give their criteria and checklist, like what kind of customer they would like to offer loans. For example – A lender can say that they are ready to give Car loan @13% interest rate to a person having cibil score between 700-800 and @12% if cibil score is more than 800 . Thats one example .

Another lender can say that he is ready to give home loan to people who have credit score below 700 score, but on a condition that he should be working in a software job, however the interest rate would be as high as 15% – this is just an example of how it might look like. So this is how all the lenders will give their own criteria and when you enter the market place, after the filtering you will be shown only those lenders and loan offers which are exactly for your profile. So if you want to increase the number of loan offers, you need to improve your cibil score for that.

Right now the CIBIL marketplace is started with only Credit Cards. But very soon, you will see Home loans, Auto Loans, Personal Loans and even Business Loans on the portal. Just wait for some time or the next update from CIBIL on this.

How to Apply for Loan with CIBIL marketplace ?

Step 1 : You need to first visit Cibil Marketplace website. When you go there you need to fill in two information.

Step 2 : You need to enter your Control Number (which is 9 digit number that is mentioned at the top right of the CIBIL report) and your latest Credit Score, which should be maximum 2 months old. That means, if you had applied for a credit score long back (more than 2 months back) , you will not be able to use that data to enter CIBIL marketplace. You will first have to apply for a latest cibil score (You can get your cibil score online) and only then you will be able to enter the marketplace. One reason for this is that, cibil score and report keeps getting changed each month when banks update the customers information with CIBIL. So ideally if you know control number and cibil score of some other person, you can enter the cibil marketplace with that information and see all the data . Therefore make sure you dont share this data with anyone whom you dont rely.

cibil marketplace enter data

Step 3 : The next step is to go inside the marketplace. You can see different kind of loans section and how many lenders are ready to lend you in each section. For example you can see that only 1 lender is interested to lend in this example and that’s “credit card” section . As of now, only credit cards are offered as this is new facility. But in future you can see more lenders in different sections. All you need to do here is click on the kind of loan you want.

cibil marketplace enter data

Step 4 : After you choose the section, you can see the list of all the lenders individually with some information like Tentative Credit Limit offer, interest rate, fees, charges and other information. You can click on “Apply” button and instantly a small box will appear where you can apply for the loan there itself. Now this will be a kind of pre-approved loan because this is customized to your cibil score, but the next step will be the documentation check, which is part of the check in general . For those who would like to learn more about CIBIL and Credit Score etc, there is a detailed 40 min video course on our Wealth Club.

cibil marketplace enter data

So these are the 4 steps you need to do to take the benefit of CIBIL marketplace.

Few Important Points related to Cibil MarketPlace

  • You can choose only one offer in each category
  • While purchasing your CIBIL TransUnion Score (and CIR), please make sure you fill up your income details accurately. As this will ensure the offers that are displayed in your Market Place are the ones you are eligible for. Any incorrect income detail will mean incorrect offer eligibility and can be rejected by the lender at the time of verification.
  • It also depends how many lenders choose to participate in CIBIL marketplace. There might be lenders who choose not to.
  • Once you have selected an offer then the respective lender will get in touch with you. Please ensure the details entered by you in the CIBIL TransUnion Score (including CIR) purchase form is accurate. This will enable the lender to respond to you at the earliest. You can also provide alternate contact details while selecting and confirming the offer in the CIBIL Market Place.

Who will benefit with Cibil Marketplace ?

CIBIL marketplace is an innovative platform and will also be helpful to those people who have low cibil score and a bad credit report , but still want to go for some kind of loan, even if it means on certain terms and conditions. It may be the case that they might pay a little more interest, but that would be better than not getting loan at all. This platform might also be the first step in providing incentive to those customers who have excellent cibil score. They might get loads of loan offers from lenders with lower interest rates compared to normal customer. Only the time will tell how this platform will evolve.

Let us know what do think about CIBIL marketplace and is it useful for you ?

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  1. Ritu sahu says:

    My cibil score was 575 can i get cc loan against property modgage

    1. I think its going to be tough !

  2. shivani upadhye says:

    I have taken loan from fullerton India long back and paid the same. they have also given me NOC. But the same is still not updated in CIBIL records. My financials status is now good and I can pay loan installments regularly. I am good salaried and paying IT also regularly. Can this improve my CIBIL Score and Can I get Loan ?

    1. You then need to check with Fullerton on this. Ask them why they have not updated it !

  3. Pranjal says:

    my cibil score is 575. can i get credit card from icici bank?

    1. Depends on the ICICI bank.

  4. Sandosh says:

    Hi Manish.,
    My cibil score is 748 .. which credit card will be available for me..

    1. There is no answer to this.

  5. bhatta sriny says:

    Hai Manish I have two cc is over due and iam some means4loans all loans iamm making regular payment. Is happening. But only cc is having overdue now iam going clear all dues shall get housing loan after. Clearence

    1. So whats the query?

  6. Singh says:

    My score is 575. there were two credit cards for which dues were pending since 5 years. I had paid one of them. It was full payment and card was zeroised. For the another one it does not belonged to me and bank has reverted the updates from CIBIL.
    in how much time my score can increase to 700+

    1. There is no specific timeline for that. You can expect it in 6 months time

  7. vibin says:

    Hello Manish my CIBIL Score is 800 just got updated. i had an outstanding amount for CC which was clearly fully now. The Score was NH 45 days back after paying the outstanding amount it shows as 800. Year 2011,2112 and 2104 i did enquired for few loans or cards, and i can see all those entries are available in my CIBIL Report. i would like to know still i can apply any Loan ? My Cibil reports says the below, need your valuable help to proceed on the same

    27-02-2006 04-12-2006
    PAYMENT START DATE 01-07-2012 PAYMENT END DATE 01-06-2015
    2015 XXX 000 XXX XXX XXX XXX

    29-10-2004 26-08-2006
    PAYMENT START DATE 01-03-2010 PAYMENT END DATE 01-11-2011
    2011 000 000 000 000 000 000 XXX 900 900 900 900
    2010 900 900 900 900 900 900 900 XXX XXX 900
    ICICI BANK 08-12-2014 CREDIT CARD 10,000
    HDFC BANK 26-12-2013 PERSONAL LOAN 6,00,000
    HDFC BANK 04-10-2013 CREDIT CARD 1,000
    HDFC BANK 20-09-2013 TWO-WHEELER LOAN 44,000
    INDUSIND BANK 13-07-2013 CREDIT CARD 10,000
    MAGMA 27-06-2013 AUTO LOAN (PERSONAL) 4,20,000
    HDFC BANK 27-06-2013 AUTO LOAN (PERSONAL) 4,20,000
    HDFC BANK 09-03-2013 PERSONAL LOAN 4,85,000
    SBI CARDS 18-12-2012 CREDIT CARD 50,000
    HDFC BANK 19-11-2011 PERSONAL LOAN 2,75,000
    KOTAK BANK 05-10-2011 CREDIT CARD 40,000
    HDFC BANK 25-09-2011 CREDIT CARD 1,000
    HDFC BANK 13-08-2011 CREDIT CARD 1,000
    HDFC BANK 12-08-2011 CREDIT CARD 1,000
    KOTAK BANK 29-07-2011 CREDIT CARD 40,000
    HDFC BANK 06-08-2009 CREDIT CARD 1,000
    CITIBANK 06-07-2006 AUTO LOAN (PERSONAL) 1,00,000

    1. First check with you bank on why they have not updated that with the CIBIL

      1. vibin says:

        This is the updated CIBIl Manish, with this Can i apply for a Loan ? Score is 801 and details are above mentioned

        1. Yes, you can apply for loan. Its a good score.

          1. vibin says:

            Thank you manish , so my Report is ok now ?? i did pasted in forum. did you saw that as well.

            1. Looks ok to me .. Too many enquires are there , which is not good !

            2. vibin says:

              Yeah, I Agree, those were sometime back, do you think or chances for rejections for loans ? what else i need to do to see a better report ? i would really need a car loan …and thought to apply …please suggest. with these can i goahead ?

            3. If you dont have bad remarks like settled or default or clean DPD section, then you dont have to face any issues. ANyways, its a bank decision on how htey want to react on the high number of enquiries

            4. vibin says:

              ok, is my report shows clean apart from the Enquiry ? am really sorry i do not know how to check those.and Thnaks alot for your help always

  8. balabhuvana says:

    Hi Manish,

    Now i finished my HDFC Personal Loan. Am also using credit card past 5 months and paying the payment on date. Now my credit score is 772. Last 10 month i there no remark on report.In my whole history there is 4 DPT. One DPT Happened in July 2013 and other three happened in July,Aug, Sept 2014. now my salary is 46,000 working in gud MNC Company. i want to take personal loan for 4 Lakh. Is this wright time take loan ?. if i applied means can i get loan or not. In my report only problem is 4 DPT. please suggest me?.

    1. You can apply for it , but there is formula to tell that you will get it or not .

      1. balabhuvana says:

        Plz Say what formula is

      2. balabhuvana says:

        Thank you mainsh.. Please say the formula manish….

        1. Err .. I meant to say there is NO FORMULA . By mistake I said there is formula 🙂

          1. balabhuvana says:

            Thank for the reply.

  9. Gokul says:

    Hi manish,

    What will happen to my credit Score, if my credit got expired and there is no due is pending…..

    1. In that case your credit score will not get affected

  10. Sia Sharma says:

    Nice Article .
    Specially i like this Points related to Cibil Market Place.

    1. Thanks for your comment Sia Sharma

  11. balabhuvana says:

    HI Manish

    1. i taken credit card on 06-08-2011 and used for just 4 months and then closed on 25-12-2011.
    with full amounts(not settlement).

    2. i taken consumer loan for washing machine in bajaj finance in 11-06-2013 for 8 months.
    i closed this loan within 4 months with full amount.

    3. i taken personal loan 1,50,000 in HDFC for 3 years 0n 16-03-2012 emi due (Rs 5461).
    in the month of October 2013 am not able to pay that amount on time and i paid that amount on end of the october 2013.
    next issue is july,aug,sep 2014 again am not able to pay the amount because am not in job .
    but in the end of sept 2014 i paid all the due amounts(july,aug,sep 2014).
    from october 2014 onwards i paying loan on wright time.
    now hdfc loan is going to completed on march 2015(2 more dues is there).

    4. now am planning to get personal loan again. i taken my cibil report 31 dec 2014. my cibil point is 734 only.
    am working as software engineer in chennai in Grade C company. my salary in hand is Rs 31808 credited in axis bank.
    few freinds are saying you have bad record so they will reject you.
    if they rejeced means your cibil points also will come down so dont apply they are having fear to apply.

    in cibil market place only indusand is ready to give personal loan.

    So please suggest me is this wright time to apply loan ?
    how long i have wait to apply ?.
    is there any suggestion to clear on bad record ?.
    is there any way to imporve my credit score ?.

    1. 732 is an average score, More than score, you should look at your CIBIL report remarks. I am sure you must have some DPD entries as you have not paid things on time , so you can face an issue. I suggest that if you are getting personal loan from indusind , better go for it as of now .

  12. yogesh says:

    My cibil rating 804 can i get home loan ?

    1. Are there any bad remarks in your CIBIL report ?

      1. Amit More says:

        What is a Bad remarks

        1. Jagoinvestor says:

          Settled, Written Off.. these are all bad remarks!

  13. krish says:

    hi my cibil score is 801 can i get loans

    1. What are your CIBIL report remarks ? Are they clean ?

  14. Ranvijay says:

    Hi Manish!

    I had a Credit Card with HDFC BANK which was blocked due to Non Payment in the month of November 2013. Then I cleared all the outstanding at me end in Feb, 2014. I asked HDFC Bank if there is any dues remaining. They confirmed that No Dues are pending and everything is clear.

    I asked them to send me NOC, till now Aug 2014 I have not received that. I bought my Credit Score today & It doesn’t shows any account closure date. Its only showing Date of Disbursement, Date of Last Payment and Date of Reporting (31.07.2014). Apart from this the report is showing a High Credit amount of Rs 20000(The Outstanding) in High Credit section. Is it valid report? If I made all the payment, I think the account should be closed properly without any dues and higher credit.

    When I approached Bank (2nd SEP 2014). They are saying they have already closed the account. About Higher credit, they are saying that this is the format of Cibil reporting.

    Is this correct? KINDLY HELP ME OUT.

    Awaiting your early response.


    1. Yes, CIBIL report is fine .It mentions what was your highest credit usage . You cant do anything about it . However I think your report is clean , not much to worry if you have paid off everything . Just that make sure you have the NOC


  15. sachin grover says:

    My cibil score is 801 is it good or bad can i apply for loan

  16. srinivas says:

    Hi,, I cold see people score more than 700+ here in this blog..I am sure no one can help if the score is below 700. I am purchasing my report today and try today in marketplace.

    Can you see any possibility of getting a creditcard to below 700 points? I settled 5 cards this year and only one card left..

    please advice..

    1. Why cant one help if score is below 700 ?

      1. srinivas says:

        True Manish, I mean any banks which might have any kind of schemes for less than 700 points? with higher interest rate?

        I am close to other card as well. i am sure my cibil rating will be more than 700 points. if its >700 points will i be eligible for getting a loan or a card?? as i have a doubt these settlement of cards will reflect in the cibil report?

        1. Its only banks which can decide on what CIBIL score they would like to give loan . There can be companies which are ready to give loan at below 700 point, but then they will charge higher interest rates

  17. Niraj says:

    Has it been started for home loan, because it shows 0 in home loan offer. My score is 769. Pls reply.

    1. I am not sure what is the latest development on home loans

  18. Krish says:


    I have 3/4 credit cards with settled / write off status, but my score is 789. When I applied through cibil marketplace, my application got rejected. What could be reasons behind rejecting my application?

    1. Forget score .. its of no use unless your credit report remarks are cleaner .. Your applications are rejected, because your report contains all your history !

      1. Krish says:

        But, I am getting consumer loan / personal loan from Bajaj Finserve

  19. manjunatha c says:

    hi my cibil score is 804 is it good or bad i am having gold loans

  20. Arun says:

    Hi Manish,

    You are doing a wonderul job here for enlightening so many people who are not aware of these things.

    My question is, I had a personal loan with a bank which was showing as ‘Written Off” with some X amt in my previous CIBIL report in 2012 with 640 score. I cleared the amount in the same year (2012) and got the loan account closed.

    Now I just extracted the latest CIBIL report and found my score to be 823 with no loans / credit cards due..but the DPD of the closed loan account has impacted.

    Now am in need of PL. Will my latest CIBIL report with 823 score along with bad DPD make me eligible for loans.? please advice as i dont want to take any chances of “Rejection” again since it took more than 2 yrs to maintain a clean record.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Arun

      YOu can never guarantee a rejection. I think when you apply for loan, just talk to the agent about it and tell him that you do not want any rejections, he should be able to give his views on this topic

    2. balabhuvana says:

      Hi Arun ,

      Am also having same problem like you. Am having 4 DPT in my past 5 years record. did u got PL ?.

  21. Arif Kasmani says:

    Hi Manish

    I am working with Bank of America from last 8 years and my salary is 40000, but when ever i apply for a loan my loan gets rejected due to cibil problems, i have settled 2 personal loans as well as 4 credit cards, i am having all the settlement letters with me, 2 months back i pulled my cibil report and the score was 750. All the accounts were reflecting in that credit report and 1 account was showing as Write Off. could you please help how do i get a personal loan.

    1. thats the problem ! .. I assume that when you say you settled the loan , you mean you paid less than outstanding (settlement) . Thats something you need to fix – I suggest you read this –

  22. Kumar says:

    Hi Manish,
    Sharing my case here, There is a bank in my Cibil Report. Account is normally closed with no status , and they have stopped sending any update to Cibil also , i see last update by them on 11-2009. but in last DPD it’s 180 rather 000 or XXX.
    However , i don’t see this case with other bank memeber in CIBIL.
    Also this one is not impacting on score.
    I have raised Dispute with CIBIL too , but they didn’t get any update from BANK.
    Any advice.

    1. Is your Account closed with them ? Or the loan closed with them, because as my understanding, things are updated only for “Active” accounts

  23. D P SURESH says:

    Sir, I have received the Cibil Credit Information Report(CIR) just now. I was informed by one of the Finance Company that my Cibil Score is 00753. Based on this I tried to log into the Cibil Market Place, but unable to do so. Could you kindly let me know what should I do to get entry into the Cibil Market Place. This is because I am interested to procure a CREDIT CARD immediately for my use.

    KINDLY REPLY TO MY QUERY IMMEDIATELY VIA MY EMAIL ID or in the alternate kindly get in touch with me in my Mobile No.9677093912

    Thanks and kind Regards



    1. You can see that you have to mention a number which is there on your report . Did you put that number ?

  24. Samar says:

    Hi Manish,

    I have been working in improving my score from more than a year and just today got updated score as 769. It was less than 500 earlier and I just have a home loan which is re-payed normally since past 2 years now. I dont have any credit cards or PL right now.

    CIBIL Market place has 2 offers from Indusind back, one for a PL and other for credit card.

    Please advice, should I apply right now or will it be better if I wait few more days to improve score beyond 800?

    I am just being very cautions and I do not want to screw up again on my cibil score with another rejection.

    1. I think you are going correct ! . Just keep going like this

  25. Rajesh T says:

    I am having a credit score of 865 and under the markt place, I have been offered Personal/Housing Loans which is not my current requirement. I am looking for the credit card offer which is not being offered in the market place. Previously I have appled for credit card but not granted by the banks.

    1. So what is your question ?

  26. Sridhar Sahoo says:

    The CIBIL market place is of no use.Here is my experience. I had a very bad credit report. Back in 2008 i was going through a very bad financial condition and settled few credit card and personal loan. in 2011 My CIBIL score had gone down to 545. I tried to clear dues of credit card an loan and i had one personal loan coninuing for which i was paying EMI in time. Toward end of 2012 i check the score again and it was 749. quite good improvement. When i learned about the CIBIL market place last month i though to get the score again and bought the score. This time it was 792.When i checked the market place there are couple of Credit card, personal loan and home loan offer for me. I applied for Indus Ind credit card. The very next day i got a call from bank guy and he came to collect my documents and said as your case has directly come from CIBIL market place its type of pre approved card and you will get the card very soon. I had all the proper document and have a good monthly income. But to my surprise my card got rejected. So i think there is nothing in this market place offer.Its totally depends upon the bank.

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience. I am sure this marketplace is a primilinary level check and once you apply, the further detailed checking is done !

  27. Hi sir I have a small doubt, there is a credit card on my name which was taken on my name without my knowledge by one of my cousin who used to work with Barclays Credit Card Company at that time& was also a freelancer for some other banks. So at that time (2008) I signed few personal loan forms with him & which I took it for my personal purpose, but I was not aware that I also signed a form which was for Barclays Credit card and which was used by my cousin. All this matter came to lime light recently only when I re applied for credit card & home loan, both got rejected because of poor credit score (573), we had a big fight in our family, finally he agreed to return the actual amount of the credit card which was Rs.23000 at that time, but now in my cibil report it showing as Rs.44000 amount due. Now it’s my headache to clear my cibil report, so I’m ready to pay remaining amount due from my pocket. Now the problem is that Barclays CC company got shut down. When I google it I came to know that they have sold all the account to 3rd party collections & the name of the company is PHOENIX ARC (which belongs to kotek Mahindra bank). Now in my cibil report 1st PAGE showing as-
    Are they different accounts or both are one account, bit confuse about it. now when I am ready to pay off the balance, what precautions I need to take before making the payment and what documents should I ask them in written that there is no due with them. I also came to know that if there is written off or suit filed I won’t be eligible to get a loan, is that true? If it’s true what letter should I ask them keep my cibil report clean. Please help me because recently one person approached me that he would clear the cibil report & also help me in settling the credit card amount for lesser amount, for which he also took Rs,5,000 as advance to pay the lawyer fee. It seems i’m getting cheated in every step. Kindly please help no one there to guide me.

    1. You might be getting cheated again and again, becasue you are in RUSH !

      Slow down . First contact this new company and first check with them about the status of your pending dues. Once they acknowledge that they are the one who have your account. check with them, how to clear it off and will they update the status on CIBIL ?

      If yes, then move ahead .


      1. Hi Manish,
        thank you so much for your valuable suggestion, sir the only reason behind rush is that i want to pay off this amount due as soon as possible,so that i can improve my CIBIL Score. i really don’t know how much time will it take for my CIBIL Score look better,but i’m thinking may be within a year. don’t have much knowledge that’s why going with tough time sir. one more question say suppose if i contact the Phoenix ARC (recovery team), & suppose if they say both BARCLAY’S C.CARD & PHOENIX ARC are one account, how should i approach them i means to say, in the beginning itself should i inform them that i am ready to pay off the entire balance or should i ask for settlement on the account. suppose if i go with the settlement, will i be eligible to get future loans?????
        Suppose i go with full payment, apart from NO DUE CERTIFICATE, what else should i ask them in written to make my Cibil record clean & clear. and or should i ask them one more NO DUE CERTIFICATE on BARCLAYS LETTER HEAD.
        please help me sir.

        1. First you should check with them if they are responsible for all the loans which were written off by Barclays . Also tell them that you are ready to pay the dues and settle the matter PROVIDED they make sense to you . I am sure they will support you because that also means some recovery for them.

          The sad part is that you should not expect a QUICK recovery. Once they make the changes in CIBIL , it will take some good time for the report to get clean and your score to get better.

          Make the payment only when they are ready to give you NOC and also a clearly worded letter saying that they will update things with CIBIL within a month


          1. Rajiv Nischal says:

            Hi Manish, I just purchased my CIBIL report again and the score has improved from 629 to 825. CIBIL Market place – offering amex credit card with annual fees of INR500. Even though the score is decent now however, there is one credit card settled, 2 closed but payment default still reflects. In this scenario will it be advisable to apply for this Amex card as if it wil rejected will it again be considered as a enquiry which affects the cibil score again. can u assit ?

            1. Rajiv Nischal says:

              also, last time when i purcased the cibil in march, the loan details were till Dec 2012 and when i purchased this time in october 2 – 3 days back it is updated till march 2012. do i again have to chase my lenders of home loan (axis Bank) and ICICI (for which i have a instant credit card against a FD) to update my CIBIL?

            2. I still feel you should get a secured credit card against a FD !

  28. Praveen says:

    Hello all
    please dont believe IndusInd Bank even it is mentioned marketplace that IndusInd Bank will provide for a particular. And also there wont be a good communication with in there bank itself. Please dont apply for credit card or any laons by IndusInd bank.

    1. thanks for sharing your experience !

  29. Vikram says:

    Hi Manish, Glad to find your website. Great information.

    Question: How do I get a credit card?

    Scenario: I had settled all my credit cards. Although after which I had applied for a car loan and it went through and the loan is cleared now after 5 years without any blemishes. I have already been rejected by most banks for a credit card, but it seems when it comes to other products like loans I am ok for them. I have a credit score of 852.

    Please advise.

    1. Not sure . do you meet their criteria for credit card, I mean income wise ?

      1. Vikram says:

        Hi Manish, Thanks for your prompt answer.

        Yes, I do qualify in regards to the income criteria.

        1. Vikram says:

          Just wondering, credit score of 852 is decent right. Why would i have a credit score of 852 when i settled my previous credit cards. I mean it defies the whole purpose of the credit system, isnt it?

          1. Is it reported in your credit report ? Can you see it ?

  30. Praveen says:

    I have planning for applying for a personal loan but I have to clarify
    an issue before applying i.e. I have missed 2 EMI (@ Rs.6039) w.r.t to my auto loan @SBI and I was having an overdue of Rs.12078. I have
    transferred Rs.4411 on 22.06.13, on 24.06.13 Rs.1200 and on 06.07.13 Rs.6467 which is a total of Rs.12078.

    Will you please let me know if I can apply for the loan now as I don’t have any over dues now ( please check my attached statement ). It will
    be appreciated if you can suggest me in this issue and also please suggest me if I have to do something for a getting a personal loan.

    1. First you need to have everything cleared, but if your history is there for non-payment , then bank can reject your loan on that basis .

  31. john says:

    Hi Manish

    i bouth my CIR and the SCORE says 829, but there is a credid card non payment for past 7 years back which is available in my report .if i go thorugh CIBIL Market place can i get a CreditCard ? When i login in market place i see indusland is having an concern is if i apply will it get Rejected ?

    couple of months back i applied for a carloan and its got rejected ..

    i would like to know if i go throguh cibil market place can i get a CreditCard ?

    your suggestions grealty appreciated

    1. Even if market place is saying there is an offer, all it means is that you qualify as per their critieria , They will still look at your report and I think it will be rejected. The only thing you can do now is get rid of that 7 yr old debt

  32. prakash s says:

    Hi… i cleared all my personal loan,credit card and car loan thru settlement. iam working in dubai for more than 4 iam looking for NRI Home Loan…
    whether i will get home loan …pls clarify me…

    1. Its going to be tough for you . As per my epxerience, if you have gone for settlement , companies reject your application by even looking at it !

  33. Rahul says:

    Another clarification. Say a person is making Rs. 1000 purchase every month on his card. And his card statement for:
    Jan says – Total Due 1000; Min Due 50
    Payment made on this statement – Rs 500

    Feb says – Total due 1600; min due 80 (total due = 1000 + 500 (previous due) + 100 (interest, say)
    Payment made on this statement – Rs 600

    Mar says – Total due 2150; min due 110 (total due = 1000 + 1000 (previous due) + 150 (interest, say)
    Payment made on this statement – Rs 600

    Now will the DPD be considered on the revolving credit per month/statement (or) the entire outstanding irrespective of months?
    In the above case, the due from Jan has passed onto Feb (Rs. 500) and has been cleared in March buy the payment of Rs. 600. However, if you look at the entire cycle, credit has been passing on to following months.

    Now should the DPD be:

    Jan-0; Feb-30; Mar-0; Apr-30
    or will it be
    Jan-0; Feb-30; Mar-60; Apr-90

    I know that my questions are too exhaustive but your knowledge is very enlighting. I just want to extract the best out of your expertise so that I can educate most of my frends, who dont know the head and tail going on their monthly statements.

    Thank you again and trust me… you and your team is doing a very very fabulous job.

    We really appreciate your efforts…!!

    1. It will be for full outstanding balance. Its like how many months of debt you have not cleared 100% . Even if you pay 95% , you are defaulter !

  34. Gourab Chatterjee says:


    I am the director of SmartVisionexperts which basically revolves around ensuring financial freedom for all my clients and followers.

    Read couple of documents in your website.

    Would you mind, if i direct people to go through your blogs / messages etc. My ultimate goal is to make everyone aware of all these things.

    Loans / CCs / Home Loans looks lucrative..but people should know how to handle it.

    You are definitely doing a great job by making everyone aware…There are few which even I wasn’t fully aware…

    Lemme know your thoughts friend.

    1. Yea Gourab

      Please ask people to visit our site and learn more 😉

    2. Yes, please direct more and more people to this website 🙂

  35. gabriel saxon says:

    hi manish,

    im really looking for your help here

    i live in dubai with my family and we are planning to take nri home loan to purchase a flat in my wife name,i spoke with a bank representative and at the end of the call he simply asked whether she had any bad loan history coz bank will take the credit report, and i said “no” even i know that she had one auto loan and two personnel loans five years back and all three were totally messed up and finally auto loan was settled and about personnel loans, i dont know we actually never heard from them maybe they got sick with me

    im sure that her credit report will be my doubts are

    1)This defaulted loans was before our marriage, she now carries my name as her sur name,so now her surname and adress is changed in passport and all other documents asked for loan application is in her new name and address,(apart from the fathers name ie,previous surname mentioned in her passport) will that help?

    2) what all applicant details will the bank use to pull the credit report from cibil?

    please help me we this,


    1. They will ask for PAN card and Passport number or some other think with which she can be identified . Now if she is identified as the same person ,then surely her CIBIL report is messed up and she wont get a loan and if you are taking her as coapplicant or main applicant, she will not get it .

  36. sunitha says:

    I have a bad cibil score. and settled alomst of all my credit cards and loans, but for 1, which is running currently. I heard, if the loans “Settled” i will not get further loan in Cibil market place or outside. They said, I should have taken re-payment option rather. Is that true? I am plannign to buy a property now, and hence looking for a loan badly. Please advise.

    1. I dont think it will be easy for you , first you need to clear it all and only then you can get another one !

      1. christopher says:

        Hi. If u r in chennai and ur cibil score is below 700. Then just reply me. i can help u.

          1. christopher says:

            im working in a bank. There cibil score 650 is the minimum one.

        1. Raju says:

          Hi Christopher,

          I am raju residing in Chennai my CIBIL score is 732 could you please help me to get personal loan in any bank.You can send your details to mentioned mail id i will contact u.

  37. chethan says:

    manisha i have question i have an add on credit card under my father’s credit card these days due to some issues he is unable to pay on time does it effect my cibil report????

    1. Definately it does 🙂

      1. chethan says:

        thanks bro.when i called the bank they said it effects only my dads report.

  38. Gowrishankar says:

    Hi Manish, My score is 801. I am trying for home loan. When I check marketplace I found only one lender ready to provide loan for me. Is this score not enough to get home loan from SBI or any other low interest rate lender?

    1. First point is that its a new thing , so not all lenders are using it . Also there might be other criteria’s which they would need .

  39. Hemant says:

    I have a question here.. Does the loan offers shows up considering only theTransunion Score or entire credit history of the person? If a person has a good CIBIL score say 800 but has been a loan defaulter(has settled his loan etc) in past, so will the offers available in CIBIL marketplace portal will appear after considering this too? Or despite the good credit score they might reject the loan application for the defaulters?

    1. Everything considers your score + report .

  40. Roy Smith says:

    The CIBIL stands for Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited. It is 3 digit numeric summary of a person credit history which indicates the health of his/her financial & credit history. The Score is derived from the credit history as mentioned in the Credit Information Report [CIR] and its range is from 300 to 900 points. The credit score tells the Banks/lender how likely the person is to pay back loan or credit card dues based on his past repayment behavior. The higher your score, the more the chance of your loan application getting approved!

    1. Thanks for your comment Roy

  41. keshavnad says:

    superb article sir……. will definitely throw middle man out of the scene in case of business loan and unsecured loan.
    Waiting eagerly for the process to start.

  42. helloraghav says:

    Bankbazaar has been running a credit / loan marketplace for so many years now. In fact, they offer more loan products than CIBIL. No innovation here by CIBIL. Not sure if its a good move for a objective credit score provider to double as a broker for credit / loan products. Isn’t there a conflict of interest? As a marketplace, you want to process as many applications as possible, but as a credit score provider you should provide impartial score of the credit seeker that is to be used by the banks.

    1. I am not sure from where biasness is coming here ? Providing score and report is one part and having a service where a person can enter his score and see which all lenders are ready to lend him on the basis of his situation . How does biasness come into picture ? Can you explain ?

  43. Pankaj says:

    Thanks for the article Manish…

    CIBIL Marketplace is a good initiative and its definitely useful. Some 1.5 months back I have got Indusind Bank Credit Card which I applied via CIBIL. The process of card issuance thru this route was smooth, faster and hassle free as compared to normal application. Wish soon CIBIL have more lenders offering their products on Marketplace.

    Thanks for the educating financially illiterate soul like me. Since 2011 I started reading your blog and now I call myself financially enlightened… All thanks to you and team Jago Investor 🙂

    Keep writing!

    1. Thanks a lot for appreciation 🙂

    2. kumar says:

      Hey Pankaj, What was your score and how long it took for them to provide.

    3. Kumar says:

      Hey Pankaj, What was your score and how long it took for them to provide ?

      1. Pankaj says:

        @ Kumar,

        In Jan 2013 My CIBIL Transunion score was 800; and I applied for Indusind CC thru Market place. The card was issued to me within 20-25 days of my application.

  44. sandhu b says:

    mister hari
    do not worry
    let us learn
    and enjoy LAL PURREY ( whisky)
    this site has enhanced our fianacial knowledge
    thanks the creater, Mr Manish, the Masiha

    1. Dear Bhushan, here lies the problem. We (Manish, Nandish, Ashal, Ramesh,Pattu…..), are ordinary people & do not hold any intention to become Masiha or something like that. We are happy to help all of you. Now it’s your turn to help others either by spreading knowledge or bringing here to JI site.



  45. hari says:

    Hey manish,

    Fantastic article.However I have got a question.Do you have any affiliation with CIBIL.Anyways whatever be the answer can you pl add an disclosure if you are an affiliate.


    1. Hari

      Thanks for appreciation . What do you mean by affiliate and how will it add if I add a disclosure for the reader , I mean what I am and what if I am not , how is it going to change any steps for readers ?

      1. hari says:


        Sorry if you offended . The question was due you get paid if someone accesses the CIBIL score mentioning you as an reference(affiliate) .If you add an disclosure when you review an financial product saying that you have/dont have a link it improves your credibility and makes the user make a informed decision.

        Anyways my view and no offence intended.


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