Is your Company Depositing your EPF money ? Are you Sure?

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I don’t want to shock you, but there are tons of cases where employer happily deducts your EPF amount from your salary, but they do not deposit it with EPFO. This goes on for years and one day you come to know that you are stuck ! , because there is no EPF money for you. Your employer has severe cash crunch or is about to shut down and now you have to run pillar to post to claim your money. The whole situation gets ugly and you feel cheated, because your company never deposited the Employee Provident Fund amount. Now you go to Police and file a case against employer. But this all can be avoided if you are careful a bit, from starting itself.

Employer not depositing EPF money

How about making sure your employer is depositing your provided fund  money into your EPF account ? Before I tell you, how you can do that, let me first share with you some REAL LIFE cases where employer failed to deposit EPF money and employees are suffering ! . These are some of the examples shared by readers of this same blog over comments section in various of EPF related articles.

Case 1 – How Abha’s company didnt deposit EPF money for 2 yrs

Dear Manish,

Thanks for such an informative post. At last i do see some hope. Here is my situation:

Worked for this company A for almost 4 years and left them in Nov 2011 as they were downsizing…yes it’s been more than a year and half of torture they have given me thus far. Company is kind of closed now as I don’t get any proper response from them, CEO is just not bothered. Company first asked us to wait for 2 months to file the claim as it is a rule, did that patiently. Later came the story of change of PF office from one (under which it was originally registered) to another and that went on for several months

They kept saying PF offices are not coordinating among themselves, the real reason was even shocking and more disappointing, PF guys were not updating because this company didn’t not deposit our PF amount for long time (2 yrs appx), they however kept deducting the same from our salaries (was surprised how come there was no annual audit by PF office and how this company could continue doing so for this long), anyways they cleared things in January this year and said we have applied again. When filed a grievance online, PF person says we haven’t received any claim whereas this X employer says they have already applied. Don’t know what the real truth is but on the basis on experiences I have… most certainly it is the X employer at fault.

Another strange thing is, when I checked by balance online in January this year it looked fine (updated up to 2012… I do have SMS proof) but from last 2 times it saying updated up to 2010, I am worried if this employer has dome some mischief here too, is it possible for a company to take back money from an employee’s PF account or it is the issue with PF website?

I don’t want to apply for my claim via options you suggested above unless I see the balance updated. Thank you so much for reading thru my query/concern. Appreciate your feedback.


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Case 2 – Balaji Company asked him to Wait till they deposit the Employee Provident Fund money

Hi Manish,

I switched jobs in August this year. Before I quit the job, I had submitted form with my previous employer for withdrawing the amount in my PF account. I had not received the amount due till December. When I called my previous employer, they told that they have not yet deposited the money and I will have to wait till March 2013.

My question is, is what my employer did legal? How frequently should the employer deposit the PF money with the EPFO? I have been working with the organisation for little more than a year now.

Thanks for clarifying.

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Case 3 – Sarabjeet Kaur company not replying her because they did not deposit EPF amount

I worked in an organisation for 2 years. They have not deposited the PF amount which they used to deduct it from our account. Its been 1 year I am asking them to refund the PF. They have stopped replying to the emails and have stopped answering everybody’s call. Is there any ways I can withdraw the amount? The firm is based out in Mumbai and I used to work in Delhi Branch.

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Employer can be Jailed if they do not deposit EPF money

An employer has no right to deduct the employee share from salary and not deposit it with EPF. There can be any excuse or justification for this, because its employee hard earned money. Once the employer deducts the Employee Provident Fund money from the employee salary, its their duty to deposit it with EPFO , and if they fail to do so for any reason, its a crime.

Whatever is the case, you can always complain about it with the EPFO department and the concerned officer has all the rights to proceed the legal complaint against the Employer and in the worst case, employer can also go to jail, because what they did is a criminal offence under section 405/406 of IPC .

Here is a real life case Shrikant Bangur And Ors. vs Shree Synthetics Shramik Union – where employer did not deposit the EPF money and there was legal battle going on . Here are the 3 things which you can do against your employer.

1. Complain to CVO officer – You can also email your situation and case to the CVO (chief vigilence officer) at EPFO, who is appointed by Ministry of labour for EPFO to look after these kind of irregularities. You can email them at . More at this link

2. File a Police Complaint – You can also file a criminal case, against the employer in police station which comes under the jurisdiction of your working office (not the registered one) . All you need to show them is the salary slip, which shows the EPF deducted, note that its always better to mail CVO about it anyways, so that the chances of local authorities influencing the matter will reduce.

3. Complain to  Regional Provident Fund Commissioner (RPFC) – You should also complain about the matter to the RPFC officer if under the EPFO office, which will be investigated by him/her.

How Employers Deposit your EPF contribution to EPF account ?

How exactly your EPF money gets deposited in your EPF account ? Here is what I found on this website

Employees’ PF a/cs are maintained under these two different methods are –

1) All accounts are with O/o the RPFC

Every registered employer remits the Employee Provident Fund contribution by challans to the RPFC’s Bank a/cs. which in turn gets accounted in the respective A/c No.of every such employee. And the employer submits monthly returns to the RPFC showing the details, employee wise of contribution thus remitted.

Every such money is maintained by the RPFC who in turn disburses, thro’ the employer towards refundable loans, F & F settlements together with accrued interest to the respective employees. Once in a year a ledger sheet showing the transactions of any employee for one full year is issued to the concerned. Similarly from the PF contribution pension contribution is divided and remitted to the Pension a/c. of the employees thro’ a separate A/c. code. This method is the largest.

2) The other method is called “Exempted Establishments (PF Trust)”

An employer/company who employs more 100 employees on roll is eligible to apply to the RPFC for “exemption” from maintaining the EPF under the above said (1) method. RPFC grants the “exemption orders” under certain conditions after examining various aspects. After which the Employer sets up a EPF Trust to be run by Employer (employer’s nominees & Employees’ representative (Union nominees) which manages all the contributions of employees & employer (excepting Pension Fund which is never maintained by the Trust). A set of Bye laws, in the lines of EPF Act & Rules is prepared & duly approved by the RPFC for running the Trust.

This PF Trust money is invested in the Govt.approved securities for earning the assured interest from which accrued interest to the employees’ PF a/cs is credited. The Trust once in a year prints the Employees’ PF ledger a/cs and distribute to the concerned. The Trust accounts are audited by the CA and submitted to the RPFC. RPFC also periodically inspects the Trust a/cs and oversee. Monthly, annual returns in the Forms have to be submitted. The convenience under the Trust is quick disbursement of loans, withdrawals and F & F settlements to the employees. Surplus, if any never distributed but any shortfall is made good by the employer.


How to find out if your employer is depositing your EPF contribution or not ?

Let me share with you some steps you should follow, to find out if your company is depositing your EPF contribution properly or not.

1. First thing is the do not rely on hearsay’s here and there. It might happen that you come to know from some one that your company is not depositing your EPF money, but it might not always be true . Delays happens at times .

2. Every month on 25th , your employer is suppose to send few documents to EPFO department to intimate them on

  • Form – 2 (for new member during the month)
  • Form – 5 (detail of new joinees during the month)
  • Form – 10 (detail of left employees during the month)
  • Form – 12 – (Details of money deducted from employees salary)

3. The best thing is to first contact your employer and ask them for a copy of these forms for last 2-3 months, do double check if they deposited the money or not.

4. As per my opinion, the best way for a common man and most convenient option is to file a RTI against EPFO and ask them all these questions . Mention your EPF account number, your employer Code and simply ask if your employer has been depositing your contribution or not.


Mostly the big size employers might be depositing the Employee Provident Fund money properly on time, but some of the companies which are small sized or whose owners and management teams are unethical might be into these illegal activities of not depositing employees hard earned money. Its always a good idea to spend some time to be assured, in-case you feel your company is one of those who are not depositing EPF amount with EPFO 🙂

Do you know of any case like this ? Also Please share this article with more and more people

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  1. Akhil says:

    Hi Manish,

    Are these above mentioned things applicable for US based companies in India? Though they have promised us about the PF money I am not so sure if they are depositing the money every month.

    Thank you

    1. I am not sure on that

  2. Siddhesh says:

    Hi Manish,
    Good Article !
    I would like to ask you that my company has been closed on March 2016 & now operating with different name.
    While frequent layoff due to financial crisis & downsizing the company could not deposit the pf amount in respective employees account regularly. Also they were giving excuse for delaying in salary schedule since August 2014. Suddenly they closed the company & announced that employees have to sign new contract where every employee will be treated as consultant & will be not entitled for employment benefits like pf,paid leaves & job security. They have not given proper notice period or compensation so that employee can think about the accepting or rejecting an offer as they hold salary every month. Hence employees have to sacrifice all the employment benefits due to new contract.
    I worked for the company almost 3 years & left them in October 2016 as there is more than one month delay in salary. Being only bread-earning person of the family it was difficult to manage my financial commitments therefore I decide to quit the job & gave proper one month notice expecting smooth transactions & time to find new job.
    Before I quit the job, I had submitted pf form with my employer for withdrawing the amount in my PF account. I had not received the amount due till now nor a salary (consultant fee) for the month August 2016, September 2016 & 6 days of October 2016.
    After closing the company first asked us to wait for 2 months to file the claim as it is a rule, did that patiently. Later came the story of they did not deposited EPF amount in pf account for more than year. When asking about it they kept saying PF offices are not coordinating among themselves, the real reason was even shocking and more disappointing, PF guys were not updating because this company didn’t deposit our PF amount for long time (more than 1 yrs approx), they however kept deducting the same from our salaries (was surprised how come there was no annual audit by PF office and how this company could continue doing so for this long).
    While asking they blame on consultant appointed by them for the matter & reply that they will show my updated copy of UAN passbook to the consultant & updates will be informed to me. However, nothing happened till date.
    Till now they have not able to deposit all the pf amount for employees which is already deducted from our salary.
    Full & final settlement for the previous company is still not done after six months working as a consultant with the name changed company. Also they promise that they will credit salary for August 2016 with other employees & full & final settlement with the new company will be done after 21 days of last day of the employment; but till date they have not credited salary. Almost all the employees received salary for August as well as September 2016. However, employee who left the company did not received salary till date.
    I would like to know what action I can take against the employer / company for not paying consultant fee (salary) / not depositing EPF amount to our pf account & not forwarding withdrawal forms of EPF to the concern authority.

    1. All you can do here is a police complaint .

  3. Arundhati says:

    My company which is a startup with less than 20 employees deducted pf from my salary, as per the terms of the Employment Agreement, but did not deposit or register with PF. The employees filed a complaint with PF Department. They visited the office and met the Director who told them that he did not register as there was less than 20 employees. The Inspector now says that he cannot assist us as there was never 20 employees. Can the Inspector say so? What remedies are available to me now?

    1. Yes, thats correct. The main question here is why did he deduct the EPF amount from salary when he is not registerd ?

      Check with police on fraud !

  4. Lalit says:

    Worked till June 2016 in a organisation and the time I left the organisation, my E-Passbook updated till Dec-15. I checked with establishment information search service to check whether my PF deposited or not and I got that company deposited my PF of Jan-16 and June-16 not updated in e-passbook though. I am in need of money so want to withdrawal the same please suggest what should I do to get the full PF amount.

    1. Lalit says:

      PF deposited for Jan-16 and June-16 (2 months only)

    2. Hi Lalit

      I suggest that you now take the RTI route. You can file the RTI and ask your queries to them. THey are bound to reply you on your queries.

      Its a bit long cut, but works well


      1. Lalit says:

        What should I ask in RTI ? Ask them to provide the details of payment by organisation or anything specific ? Please help !!

        1. Note that RTI is a law using which you can get INFORMATION . So you need to ask all questions for which you need answer. In your case, I think you want to know if you PF was deposited or not and if you can withdraw the money now or not !


  5. SankaramariSelvam says:


    I worked in Cognizant Technology solutions, Chennai and relieved on June 26, 2016. As of now, no response regarding my PF. Company says they have submitted on April 2016 and PF office will take another 6 to 9 months. Is it true? Will PF withdrawal take more than a year?

    If the company cheats, how could I escalate?

    1. At times it can be more than 6 months or a year. You should now file a RTI to find information about this.


  6. Abhijit says:

    I got a query: My employer is deducting both employers and employees money from my salary itself (PF amount is getting deducted twice every month). Is it the rule in case of EPFO ?

    1. They must have included their contribution in your CTC . As simple as that.

  7. FirdausAnjum says:

    I’m presently working in a school for past 1 year and now I have resigned due to some critical circumstances. Now my employer is not ready to give my PF no. They are saying they will provide it in the last working day of this school. I will go back to my native place from here,i.e. from Coimbatore to Kolkata which quite far off,hence I will not be able to come back here for any kind of paper work or help if I need so. Also they are purposely ending my session 1 week before the completion of my 1year. Thus they are saying your PF is dissolved still they will provide me the PF number on my last working day. Its a full time cheating I feel and thus I need your help. I want to know what should I get from this school before I leave this place ,along with the PF number so that I can withdraw my PF amount from the PF office.????

    1. Seems like they are not even depositing your PF to EPFO . Because if they do , there should not be any issue .

      Also the PF number should be printed in the salary slip. Why they are not doing so ?

      1. firdausanjum says:

        Thanx for replying .they don’t provide us any salary slip n that’s a fraudulent act.I’m about to leave this school in a months tym.i just want to know wat papers I shud collect before leaving the school so dat I can retrieve my pf amount along with the pf number????plz reply.

        1. All you need is your EPF number. Even if they dont give you , you can still file a RTI to EPFO and find it out. but then its going to take a little longer. My worry is that it might happen that they have not even applied for EPF registration and not depositing it ..

          1. firdausanjum says:

            So if dey are not depositing d EPF and give me a fake pf number,wat shud I do?file a RTI in EPFO? will that help me retrieve my amount.?

            1. No , it will not help you retrieve the amount, it will only tell you that the company has not deposited it. YOu will then have to take the matter with the organisation only

            2. firdausanjum says:

              The management is doing it purposely so even if I bring it to their knowledge its of no use.they will have an excuse ready.n after getting pf number Il be out of the is there no way to retrieve the amount???

  8. SumanBakshi says:

    Hi Manish,

    Need one clarification. i have joined a new company in June 20th,2015. They deducted X amount as PF from June salary. Obviously this amount is less as my working days are very minimum in June. From July onwards my PF deducted as normal. But when i checked my EPFO portal passbook i found that for June,2015 there is no such entry. Entry started from July,2015 and the amount showing for July is actually which was deducted from my June salary (less amount). So my query is , whether company deposit amount for a particular month reflect in subsequent month’s entry in passbook ? If my question is not clear to you please let me know but please guide me otherwise i will loose my hard earned money.

    1. I got your query , but then this is something you need to clarify from your employer only. They will give an explaination ..

  9. Rao says:

    Dear Manish,
    i have a query. recently i joined an organization which is a startup company. in the offer letter they showed PF as one of the items, but during payroll process, i realized that they don’t have PF subscription. they are simply reimbursing the PF amount as part of salary instead of deducting it.
    To me, it looks like a cheating. Ideally, they should be deducting the PF and maintain PF account number and all other procedures, but they did not do it like that.

    can we complain this also to EPFO CVC?

    1. Yes, you can think on that .. Ideally if they are mentioning it like that, they should deposit it too

  10. vikash says:

    dear manish, nice article…. i have one serious trouble in understanding one more thing that what shall be course of action for those people where the company has shut down and there is no one in the HR to contact to… and you need to claim your pf money and you are no longer in job but started a business of own.
    I have my UAN no, but as my company has shut its operations no one is there to help me to claim my EPF…. What should I do?

    1. In that case you need to fill up the EPF withdrawal form yourself and submit it to EPFO department . Then take help of RTI for further communication and checking the status !

  11. Tushar Jirage says:

    I am working in an organization .from January 2015. To current my basic salary 10800 my company deduct 25 % EPF from basic .and company give me payment slip but there no mention my EPF no but my deductin done from my salary I am ask to company about my EPF no company tell me we will submit from and also he not give me EPF no plz tell me solution

    1. I think you should complain it to EPFO on this now

  12. Rahul says:

    Is there a way to know your EPS balance? (Pension scheme) directly from EPFO?

    1. Hi Rahul

      I suggest that you now take the RTI route. You can file the RTI and ask your queries to them. THey are bound to reply you on your queries.

      Its a bit long cut, but works well


  13. sameer says:

    7 months i worked for the company from 1 jan to 30 july-15, now i left, but company not providing my PF number, how its possible he is depositing pf and he dont have pf no. he is asking time and time for pf number, what should i do, how can i know that company was depositing or not?

    1. Hi sameer

      I suggest that you now take the RTI route. You can file the RTI and ask your queries to them. THey are bound to reply you on your queries.

      Its a bit long cut, but works well


  14. Ankita says:

    Is it legal for a company to deduct 16%as of??

    1. No, only 12.5% of your basic can be deducted

  15. Pooja says:

    Thanks to you for replying me. You suggest me that Now I should take action through RTI against my employer. This is a private organisation where I work. Will your suggestion work n them.

    Pooja Gupta

    1. You can always file the RTI to EPFO and ask your query . Your company will be contacted by EPFO

  16. Pooja says:

    Sir, The cases which I have read above are not fulfuling my quries. What should I do contact you ? Please suggest
    Sir, the amount wich my employer is deducting as EPF amount, is not equal to the amount which deduct from my salary. He submit less thand which he deduct.
    What should I do ?

    1. Hi Pooja

      I suggest that you now take the RTI route. You can file the RTI and ask your queries to them. THey are bound to reply you on your queries.

      Its a bit long cut, but works well


  17. chetan says:

    hi manish,

    i have a query, that most of the employers deposit only the Minimum employer share. isn’t there a rule for this. for Example my pf deduction is 7000/month but my employer deposit only 289 Rs.
    any suggestion /advise on this

    1. He might be depositing it as per rules only. Ask them why they are depositing that much ..

  18. dinesh kurane says:

    I worked in an organization fromApril 2009 to August 2011.Company allotted me PF account no.(as per payslip) & deducted PF amount from my salary regularly for entire period of my service. I applied for PF withdrawal after resignation from organization. Since then I have not received my PF.
    I am continuously following with HR but not getting proper feedback. As per reply to my grievance on EPFO portal & RTI application with EPFoffice, PF account No. alloted to mr belongs to someone else whose case has already been settled in Feb 2012.I have sent registered letter & reminder to HR & CEO of company to explain this but haven’t got any reply.
    I also requested to PF office through grievance on EPFO portal to take necessary action against the organization for not depositing PF amount deducted from my salary for entire period of service ,for providing false PF account number & giving wrong information regarding PF withdrawal. But EPFO is asking for correct A/C no. & has asked to contact employer for the same.
    I filed an RTI with EPFO to get information for Form 3A and 6A and Form 12A but EPFO rejected to provide information saying its personal & cant be provided.
    I also submitted written letter to RPFC about 6 months back requesting them to take action against company but till the time i havent any reply from EPFO(I have acknowledgement copy of this)

    Also i have send two notice to company through my lawyer but company has not rplied.

    I visited local Police stn,they refused to file FIR in this case.

    Please help me, i want my PF because its hard earned money.

    1. File a case now against the company , meet a good lawyer on this .


  19. Roopali says:

    Sir mujhe Pf Office me bhejne latter type karna hai hamne Agust month 2013 me Epf production na hone k wajah se pay nahi kliya tha kis type ka latter submite karu pls help me sir

    1. Appka ko RTI letter file karna chahiye !

  20. Chandan Dey says:

    Dear Mr. Vishal Sharma, Date: 06/08/2013

    This is to inform you that I am already submit my P.F form in Indico Accounts before 5 (five) month. I was several times called & mails Indico Accounts & Admin but they are informed me PF form in your table.
    You are not received my calls, mails & appointments. So we are requesting to you kindly give me my F.P form with signature & all formalities if without signature all formalities.
    This is your responsibility (Mr. Vishal Sharma) because you leave my jobs on 7 Jan-2013 at 3.30 P.M in our Cabin.

    Please give me date & time when I come Indico Motors for receive P.F form.

    Chandan Dey, Kandra

    1. Hi Chandan

      To whom is your mail addressed , is there any question ?

  21. Vaddanam Venkata SrinivasaRao says:

    Hi Manish,
    One can follow these steps to check whethertheir employer is crediting the epf amount or not.
    1. Go to “”
    2. Select the link”Establishment search (Also View Remittances & Member Name)”
    3. Select the option “Show all estt. under this PIN Code”. Enter the location pin code of that company.
    4. Select the company name Ex: enter 400021 for offices in that location
    5. a table will be displayed and in the last column there will be an option called “payment”. Click that one and you will be redirected to a new page which has details of the amount paid by your company in the past 1 year or more.
    6. click on the employees count which has a hyper link to all the employee details for which the amount was paid.

    Thanks manish for providing a good article for us.


    1. Thanks for sharing that tip . It was given by someone else also in comments section

  22. Sambasivaiah K says:

    I approached DSP to register a case against defaulting company regarding PF. But expressed doubt whether they can do it or not? guide me.

  23. Chetan Ambi says:

    Dear Manish, this is really good article indeed. An eye opener article on EPF issue s with employer. Fortunately no issues with my employer 🙂 .. All is well!!.. Tnx again for nice article..

  24. Raja Reddy says:

    Did we have any article on gratuity? and year of limit on withdrawal of the same? Also do we have any article on withdrawing the EPF money even after 5years I left the company? Please share the details as I’m novice to this website. Thanks much!

  25. Jagruti says:

    Dear sir,

    I got a situation, I’ve downloaded the EPF passbook and one shocking thing seen by me, In my passbook, the installment for one month APR 2012 is not showing (near about 7000 total share)

    What should i do? Please give me the email id, I’ll share the screenshot. (Could not upload a file in the comment section)

    1. Please open a thread on our forum to discuss –

  26. CPS says:

    I am in a private company.My EPF Passbook shows continuous contribution from my employer and my deduction however I can see that the update column is not having any update details for a complete year in the middle.I am with the company for more than 10 years.Does that mean that the the submitted money for that period has been taken back from EPF fund??? Please advice?I am very concerned about it.???

    1. I think the only answer you can get is from employer or EPFO office , use RTI if needed

  27. SP CHATTERJEE says:

    Extremely Informative site with utmost possible details.
    People in any field can enhance their knowledge by reading the article.
    It’s a massive tutorial for personnel who are in HR and Account department of any company

    1. Thanks a lot SP 🙂

  28. PRADEEP AM says:

    Hello Manish,

    I have the same problem as my previous employer didn’t put my contribution and his contribution since 2 yrs it seems…!
    But the PF deduction was reflecting in my pay slip.I couldn’t withdraw my PF amount and Grievances says ” This is non-actionable due to Claim returned on 26-10-2012 for want of receipted challans for the period from 2009-2010.You are therefore requested to contact your ex-employer”.

    Please suggest me what I can do in this regard??


    1. Do the same things mentioned. FIle a police complaint against your employer .

  29. Pradeep A M says:

    Hello Manish,

    I have the same problem as my previous employer didn’t put my contribution and his contribution since 2 yrs it seems…!
    But the PF deduction was reflecting in my pay slip.I couldn’t withdraw my PF amount and Grievances says ” This is non-actionable due to Claim returned on 26-10-2012 for want of receipted challans for the period from 2009-2010.You are therefore requested to contact your ex-employer”.

    Please suggest me what I can do in this regard??


  30. Keshav Karunakar says:


    You can use ppinng!myPF app on Android to keep your own passbook. This app will help you in fighting your case. You can know how much should be your balance.
    Check the app.


  31. Annapurna says:

    This is shocking indeed. Was aware that such things do happen once in a while, but after reading your post, looks like it is more common that I thought. Thankfully with the EPFO now going online and offering the a/c balance and the statement through a simple registration, things have got more transparent.

    1. Yea .. this is much more than you thought !

  32. Sreeni says:

    My company is based out of chennai ( Tamilnadu ) and it has been giving only 780/- per month and there is no provision to increase same.

    It would be great if you provide some basic info regarding EPF

    Many Thanks, Sreeni

    1. Sreeni

      Yes, it has to be minimum of 780 , but generally this is a trick by employers to pay less as their contribution !

      1. NAGAMOHAN says:

        Actually this trick is employed by many Employers and this has a logic behind it,but I dont know whether it is legally ok or not. The Logic is as follows.

        Any EPF subscriber ,EPS(Pension) acccount is paid an amount of Rs.541/ every month irrespective of the salary or his position.A vice president in a company to an ordinary Employee who is drawing Basic pay more than Rs.6500 will be paid an amount of Rs.541/ towards his EPS account from the employer contribution.Since EPS account considers only Rs.6500/ as the basic wage the employers play his trick in extending it to EPF account also.

        CaseI with Contribution of Rs. 780 by Employer
        12% of Rs.6500 is Rs.780/ from Employee goes to EPF Account
        12% of Rs6500/is Rs.780 From Employer there will be a split of Rs.541(8.33% of Rs.6500) and Rs.239(3.67% of Rs.6500) to EPF account

        CaseII with 12% of Basic pay by Employer assuming Basic pay as Rs.30000
        12% of Rs.30000 is Rs.3600 from Employee goes to EPF Account
        12% of Rs.30000 is Rs.3600 from Employer tthere will be a split of Rs.541(8.33% of Rs.6500 consider it as Basic Wage) and Rs.3059(3600-541) to EPF account.

        The Employer would claim based on EPS account limit of Rs.541(ie. 8.33% of basic Wage Rs.6500) the total contribution of Rs.780 is maintained but whether is legally ok or not no body knows, both the above 2 cases are in existence.

  33. Manoj Dube says:

    Thanks a lot Manish and Jagoinvestor team to come up with such a great details. I have a question though, In my case I am working with MNC company who has Employee Provident Fund Managed through a “Trust”. We get EPF balance statement on Yearly basis but it has instruction written on top as ” Subjected to Audit”. Also when I checked for the online EPF balance I was not able to trace it. ( My working plant is in West of India were in the EPF trust for the company is registered in West Bengal. !!!Do you smell some thing here…!!1

    1. I wont say that there is any thing to smell , but just ask your company about the audit point anyways !

  34. NAGAMOHAN says:

    You can use the link below “” and enter the State Code and Office Code and Establishment code and do a serach. You would find a window which shows the following items 1. TRRN 2. Date of Credit 3. Amount 4. Wages Month 5.No. of Employees 6. ECR(Y/n) 7.Member Pass Book (Y/no). Also there will be a link in No. of Employee column if you click you can find the employee name list. With this you can ensure that the payment has been made by your Employer or not. Also you can find your Company Employee strength month by Month for the past 1 year.

    1. Thats a great trick Nagamohan ! .. amazing !

      1. Chandru says:

        Hi, thanks for sharing this… 🙂

        Here, once i given Establishment code and State Code, i see lot of entries (over 60) in payment history window and having different employee count in each one. am not sure which record to select and search for employee name? can u help?

        1. I think its time you file a RTI now and ask these questions to EPFO . Thats the best way to get the right answers !

          1. Chandru says:

            Thanks Manish.. I’ll do the same.

    2. Nagaraju says:

      This is not working. Esblishment code is Company’s establishment id and Name? I did enter my company details, but it didn’t work? I tried with PINCODE, it didn’t work. Are you sure, this work?

      1. NAGAMOHAN says:

        I tried today for my employer it works fine Usually i enter the following details

        Establishment under old office code – You can scroll down to select (ex-MH/TN/…)

        Establishment under office – You can scroll down to select (ex-Chennai/Bandramumbai-I…)

        I tick mark the I also know the establishment code (enter numeric part of code number only. Do not enter extension code) and enter my 7 digit establishment code of my company usually the first 2 digits are zero only hence you can enter 5 digits

        on entering these three details an window would display your Employer details with address and a Key like symbol at the end under payment column if you click that it will display the month wise contribution and the no. of employees.

        I never tried with pincode the above 3 details are sufficient. In case you have the problem continuing please let me know the above 3 details i will check and mail it to you if you provide me the email address.

        1. NAGAMOHAN says:

          Pin code option list all companies which were covered under that pincode .
          This also works

  35. sajeev says:

    All users whose PF is maintained at EPFO can download the EPFO passbook from EPFO website. This is free of cost service . user can visit for more information.

    1. Thanks for that info 🙂

  36. Wriju Bharadwaj says:

    Hi Manish,

    Good article very informative. Any suggestions on how to confirm this issue with private PF trusts?


    1. No idea on that. but minimum you can do is enquire with them !

  37. Reshma CB says:

    I left my previous employer in 2005 (8 years before) . I had worked there for 7 years. Due to some problems i could not close my EPF and cant transfer it either because both are in different states. 2 months before i filled in form 10c and form 19 and sent them to my previous employer. Last week i saw the claim status in the website stating claim has been rejected and that Rejection letter is under dispatch/ dispatched to address in claim form. I have not yet received the letter. What do you suggest. Is it because of the long gap? Will i get the amount?

    1. Mostly because your employer must not have signed!

    2. angan chandra says:

      you have to do lots of hard work, you have to get signed PF withdrawl form & get it signed by previous employer & submit it to your old PF office, i will not advise you to transfering PF because it will take much more time. Then on regular basis you will have to follow up with your old PF office for the updates. It will take time & you will have to visit many times to your PF office. So keep patience–

  38. Rahul says:

    Thanks for this information. Extremely useful for everyone.

    1. Good to hear that Rahul

  39. Rajesh Patel says:

    Your article is again very informative and helpful.

    I would like to know how can I know whether my company has opened EPF account or not ? I was working with PVT Ltd company but not aware whether they have EPF account or not. They have more than 45 employees, so I would like to know whether it is mandatory to deduct EPF for such company or not?

    I would be thankful if you reply for my query and guide me from where I can get such details.

    Thanks & regards,


    1. When you get your salary slip, if its not written that provident fund is getting deducted, then you dont have a EPF account.

      1. Rajesh says:

        Thanks for your reply.

        I would like to know whether it is not mandatory to provide PF if company is Pvt Ltd and have more than 45 employees.

        1. Nagamohan says:

          More than 20 Employees should have an Epf account

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