Investors Bootcamp for 8 weeks – Report to Manish and Nandish Directly

Do you want to change your financial life in next 8 weeks and want to work with Manish and Nandish in a group oriented program online ? Read on ! . People get on our blog, buy our books, select our services and purchase our products because they want to live a “Good Financial life”. […]


Only 18% of single working women make their own investment decisions

I thought of sharing an interesting survey done by DSP BlackRock along with a research Agency. An overwhelming 77% of working women depend on spouse and / or parents for their investment decisions, says the new DSP BlackRock study conducted by global research agency Nielsen. Only a minuscule 23% of the surveyed working women claim to […]


Why Investors are from Mars and Financial Advisors are from Venus

This article is a must read for every investor and financial advisor. The best part of this article is that it is about YOU (the investor) and it is about them (financial advisors). I and Nandish always discuss how financial advisors cant live without investors and vice-versa, but still their world are very different from […]


Get your Income Tax Return Prepared by TRP at Home for FREE

Do you know that Income Tax Department offers your tax filing services at your door step with help of a trained and certified professional who can help you with tax filing and in many cases totally FREE of cost or at a small fees ? Let me introduce to the concept of TRPS (Tax Return Preparer […]


3 reasons why you enjoyed Pocket money more than your Salary !

Just put your hand on your heart and ask yourself what did you enjoy more! – Your Pocket Money which you used to get or your current Salary? I have asked this simple question to many people and the majority of them said “Pocket Money”. Yes, that is the answer I have got!. That small […]


10 tricks you can play to avoid unwanted marketing calls from Financial Companies

We all get unwanted calls related to credit card, insurance plans, newly launched policies, to upgrade our prepaid connection to post paid and god knows what all. I am generally regarded as a “super-cool” kind of guy within my group, these callers even try to break that good part of me. However, over the last […]


Why “Forced Investing” is really good for your financial life ?

A big reason why some financial lives are messed up is because there is no “accountability” factor in those financial life, you are not answerable to anyone, you are not required to report the progress of your financial life to anyone like you file your income tax returns each year. Because of this fact, most […]


4 reasons why you should avoid Health Insurance policies from Banks with cheap premiums !

Do you come across health insurance policies from Bank with surprisingly low premiums and with amazing features and benefits, which makes you feel you should not miss this offer? Today I will give you good enough ideas about those health insurance policies and will help you understand the limitations of those health insurance policies from […]


Should you become Priority Banking Customer? Are their any advantages ?

Have you ever thought of applying for Priority Banking with your bank (also called as Preferred banking)? A lot of banks offer something called “Priority Banking Solutions” to their customers who qualify the eligibility criteria. A priority banking customer is treated in a more special way and is taken care of priority by the bank. […]


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