5 major changes in life insurance policies from Jan 1, 2014 – How it affects you ?

Some major changes are going to happen in life insurance industry from Jan 1, 2014, especially in traditional policies like Endowment Plans, money-back plans and even ULIP’s. You will surely have a LIC policy or any other private sector traditional plans or might buy them in coming times. Here are 5 major changes which you […]


Merchants can’t charge 2% extra on Debit Card Payments – Says RBI

Have you ever faced this situation, when you were making payment through your debit card or credit card? “Sir How are you making payment ? Debit Card or Cash ?” “Card” “Sir, There will be 2% extra charges if you pay by Debit Card ? ” “Why extra charges ? I use it at every […]


3 parameters to look at before you pick your mutual fund house !

There are more than 40 mutual fund houses (AMC) in India and every investor has his own favorite mutual fund house to pick. We hear about best mutual funds on various websites, hoardings and even look at their performance on valueresearchonline and then choose them for lumpsum investment or starting our SIP. But on what […]


How Identity Theft can leave your financial life paralyzed !

I do not want to sound like a scaremonger, but it is possible that there is a personal loan or a credit card taken under your name by someone else and you are completely unaware about it. I know you must be thinking that I wrote that just to pique your interest in this article […]


What is “Undivided Share in Land” and why it should be in mentioned your agreement ?

You bought your “Dream Home” and you are on top of the world. The joy and pride you have after buying your home is amazing. The property is at great location and the prices are appreciating, and you feel you are the Hero ! . Now you want to sell your flat for some reason […]


Rs 10,000 Income Tax Exemption on Saving Bank interest – Sec 80TTA

You can now save tax on an additional Rs 10,000 that you earn from savings bank interest. In the financial bill 2012, A new section called 80TTA was added to the Income Tax Act – 1961. This section allows an income tax deduction of up to Rs 10,000 to an individual or a HUF for […]


The Scam called “Sample Flat” – Learn how builders trap property buyers

One of the biggest traps for real estate buyers are “Sample Flats”. When you visit properties sites to inquire about any under construction properties or ready for possession flats, the builder or the sales person there shows you a “Sample Flat”. The moment you look at a sample flat, something happens to you. The sample […]


Now you can Buy all 3 Jagoinvestor Books in Ebook Format

Me and Nandish were deligted yesterday when we got an email from our publisher CNBC18, that all our 3 books published with them is now available in ebook format at flipkart. So all those who wanted to buy our books in digital format and read it on their smartphones, tablets and even PC , its […]


Dont get fooled by High CTC offered by your employer

It was campus placement month, and although everyone declared that they wanted to do quality work once they were placed, they also harbored a secret desire to get placed at the highest salary. When we used to look at our pocket money and compare it with the salary “package” offered by companies, we used to […]


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