Plan F – Personal finance TV show on CNBC TV 18 powered by Jagoinvestor

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This Diwali is going to be special for us, for our readers and for all investors. It is special because for the next few weeks we will get a chance to step into investor’s living room (with their kind permission of course). From the last couple of months we have been working on a personal finance television show which is all set to roll out from this weekend (Saturday 7 pm and repeat Sunday 8 pm).

We are totally thrilled and excited to share about this new initiative, which we are sure, will light-up lives of many investors. The name of the show is “Plan F” which is an initiative by DSP Blackrock Mutual fund.

Why this show is SPECIAL? (Some highlights)

Here are some of the points we want to highlight.

1. Jagoinvestor Reader gets a chance to make a difference

All the people who are going to feature on the show are going to be readers of Some weeks back you send a mail to all the jagoinvestor readers (who are on our email list) to apply for appearing on show and fill up a form. We picked some readers who were truly leaders and they wanted to do some real sharing on the show and also met the criteria and profiles required for the show. We are extremely happy with the commitment and enthusiasm of all those who are going to feature.

The case studies are 100% real and from each episode you will find something that you will be able to relate to your financial life. If invite you to little bit rewind or fast forward your financial life so that you can relate to each episode and can draw some key learning’s.

2. This TV Show is powered by Jagoinvestor

We have been involved in the overall design of the show since its inception and the program has a wonderful structure;  It has fun element, powerful advice (from best 20 industry experts) and some jagoinvestor guidelines/insights at the end of each show. You will see either of us (Nandish or Manish) at the end of each show giving some powerful learnings from the episode.

Also the show viewers will get a chance to download some useful material at the end of each show. Here is the 1st Episode Promo to watch out on this Saturday 7:00 PM (26th Oct, 2013). Mr. Ramesh Jalan, a reader of jagoinvestor, who will be appearing on the 1st episode.

If you are not able to see videos on email, please Click here to visit the article on web

3. Personal Finance turns COOL from BORING

A lot of people think personal finance is boring and they tend to avoid watching or reading about personal finance show. This show is going to be a game changer. It has a strong fun element in it. This show has a segment of Cyrus Broacha, who is a TV anchor, theater personality, political satirist, columnist and author. He is best known for his show “MTV Bakra”, he is going to add a whole new dimension to “Plan F” show. After meeting Cyrus, we realized that personal finance can be the coolest thing on this planet. Cyrus is one of the most humorous person to watch and he is going to have ice-breaking conversation with all the show participants. Below is the promo for the show with him

DSP Blackrock Team truly ROCKS

The program “Plan F” is part of visionary Asset Management Company DSP Blackrock Mutual Fund. It has been more than a year we are in touch with this Mutual Fund House and they really want to make real difference in investor’s financial life. We have many friends in DSP Blackrock, who have put in a lot of hard work to make this show a reality. We thank the top management (Someone who is an inspiration) and the entire team of DSP Blackrock for making us part of this initiative. We also thank the creative team of CNBC TV 18 for all their creative inputs and effort. Below is a short promo done by Jagoinvestor Team (Manish & Nandish). Do watch it below

We NEED your support to make this show a grand success?

This show is made with a lot of honesty and effort and we really want it to reach more and more investors. Like a small budget good performance oriented movie, this show also needs your support and love so that more and more people watch the show. You can do your bit by sharing about this show and it’s timing with your close friends and family members with the help of social media, sms or email, whom you think will benefit from this show.

For Continuous Updates about “Plan F”:

We will keep sharing about the show updates with you from time to time but for regular updates you can click here and can be a part of our Jagoinvestor facebook Page. Here we will share some behind the scene pictures and we can also hear your key take-away from each episode.

For more information on Plan F show – Visit

Lastly, we thank all those who have been directly or indirectly part of this initiative. They say that at Disney even the babies who take birth during the making of any Disney movie are acknowledged at the end of the movie. We want to acknowledge all our readers and their love for making this show a reality and for sharing about the show with more and more people. You can share in the comments section how you intend to help us reach the show to more and more people, also you can be in touch with us on facebook group for regular updates.

48 replies on this article “Plan F – Personal finance TV show on CNBC TV 18 powered by Jagoinvestor”

  1. Raghu says:

    Thanks for the reply Manish.

  2. Raghu says:

    Can I know where can I download the whole show video?

    1. Hi Raghu

      Each episode will come on youtube after a few days of airing ! .. you can watch 1st episode here

  3. vrknair says:

    I think you are not enemy of the subscribers….No MF…means you will travel from 100 Rs. to 001ps. What a great foolishness indeed you lose even what you invested. Which fool found out this MF I d not know… The Fund houses/fund managers and the agents will be happy lots and the investors the floppy lots…

    1. Not sure what you want to say sir . please explain . what are you referring to ?

  4. Vishal Kapoor says:

    Heartiest Congratulations to both Manish and Nandish for this useful initiative. Just a question though. Would the episodes of the show be made available online?

    1. Thanks 🙂 . Yes, they will come on youtube !

  5. tejash says:

    congrats duos,

    it is good for all and that very few peoples can do for society.

    keep it up.



      1. Kuntal says:

        Hi to all at jagoinvestor-
        Just watched 1st episode of plan F. Good to hear Nandish give his expert comments. However, I felt that the portfolio of mutual funds could have been discussed in detail. The person had 20 funds. An alternative portfolio, according to his age & risk profile could have been suggested. But I guess, having a mutual fund company as sponser does make it difficult. And Cyrus to bring some comic relief- do you think it s needed for something as serious as financial planning?

        1. Kuntal

          Yes, we could have done that,. but given we have only 22 min overall , there are lots of things to do and we have to keep in mind overall audience who is not as savvy as jagoinvestor readers . So we keep things light and general discussion .

          Also Cyrus is brought so that people think about financial planning as fun thing , not a boring thing

  6. Mithra gk says:

    All the Best.. It would be a sure HIT 🙂

  7. Rajughote says:

    Dear Manish Sir,
    Great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I became your fan…… not only me…every investor who reads your article will become your fan……..realy great job… wish you good luck.

    I am putting reminder for watching the show………….


  8. Kiran V.Kulkarni says:

    Proud of U Manish and Nandeesh,this is really commendable. A rare initiative of basic knowledge sharing thru a practical video show and leading the common man (the real investor) to a Financial Free World. We all would contribute to make this show a grand success.

  9. bharat shah says:

    wish you all the best for your new initiative.

  10. Ajay says:

    Congrats Manish and Nandeesh. Will share this with all my friends. BTW is will there be a recording made available on the CNBC website that ppl can watch if they miss any episodes ?

    1. We will upload the episode video on youtube after a week of telecasting !

  11. George Joseph says:

    This is superb stuff Manish and Nandish. Congrats on this new show.
    Really happy to see this site and its activities grow over time, i have learnt quite a lot of number of personal finance lessons from Jago investor team and have implemented them. Now its time to see it on TV 🙂

    1. Thanks George 🙂 .

  12. sandeep says:

    Best of luck guys…

  13. Deepak says:

    Congrats team.

    Surely one you will be having a full time show on CNBC

    1. Thanks for support Deepak !

  14. Pingback: Plan F – Personal finance TV show on CNBC TV 18 powered by Jagoinvestor
  15. Jayaprakash says:

    Congrats Manish and team. All the best. I’ll spread the word as much as I can.

    1. Thanks Jayaprakash !

  16. Aniket says:

    Finally a show that won’t dwell on the usual stock market projections and forecasts or discuss economy and whole lot that a common man may not be able to follow. I hope this initiative empowers the common investor and clears up basic finance issues that they find hard to tackle. Have high hopes from this show…. cheers All the best!!!

  17. TUSHAR says:


    i hope this will help common man to make their financial better and secure……..

  18. Gaurav says:

    Congrats Manish and Nandish!!

    Happy that your fan base would also witness the power of compounding with this initiative:):)

    Best Luck guys!

  19. KRANTI says:

    Awesome….I will be eagerly waiting. Also will do my bit of passing through FB, my google groups. All the very best, and what a combo:


  20. davindersaini says:

    Davinder Saini

    Good luck

  21. Ruchika Rawat says:

    Gud Luck!

    Excited to watch the show!

  22. Ruchika Rawat says:

    Wish u gud luck!!!!

    Excited to watch the show 🙂

  23. Jig says:

    Good Luck and many congrats Manish & Nandish and all Jago…..Group
    I have passed info about show to my mate & person who are in finance field also.

    nJoy Diwali before Diwali 🙂

  24. Jwalant says:

    Very Good Idea………….
    An Idea can change your life………….
    I am not going to miss a single minute of episode.

  25. Srinivas says:

    Interesting initiative.

    Wishing you all the best in your efforts to make investors intelligent.

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