Forget IQ – Have you ever thought about your Security Quotient (SQ) ?

Today, on Jagoinvestor, I will coin a new term – Security Quotient. Just as I.Q. (Intelligence Quotient) is a score that measures your overall intelligence, Security Quotient (S.Q.) measures how well you have managed the security of different areas of your financial life. By security I am taking about insurance against external factors. Imagine a […]


Recurring Deposits – How to get maximum benefit from them in your financial life !

Today I will talk about the simplest financial product known to me – the Recurring Deposit or RD as it is called. Most investors know about Recurring Deposits and have used them at some point of time. However, many investors are still confused regarding this straightforward product. Also, I will share tips on extracting the […]


How banks make money when you swipe your card and by lending your money to others !

During my school and college years, I often used to wonder– “How do Banks make money?”. I did not however put a lot of effort in understanding the subject and naively assumed that the government was running banks in order to provide services to its citizens and to shore up the country’s infrastructure. It was […]


2nd Batch of Investor’s Boot Camp starts on 25th Nov 2013

Let us remind you again that – Personal finance is not about knowing things, it is about getting things done in your financial life. In other words, It’s all about taking required actions and steps to be in control of your financial life. Now, we know that life throws several responsibilities at you and TIME […]


Missed 2nd Episode of Plan F – Watch it here !

Did you miss 2nd and 1st episode of the show Plan F – Your Financial Fitness Plan. We have been working from last few months with DSP Blackrock team, to create this personal finance show. Each week one of Jagoinvestor reader features in the show, where Cyrus Broacha talks to them about their financial life […]


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