The Journey of 10 part Plan F show (and youtube links)

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In this post we want to share our great experience till now working with CNBC 18 and DSP BlackRock Mutual Funds team on the show Plan F. We have been involved with the whole process from start. Me and Nandish keep going to CNBC Office every alternate week to shoot for our part which comes at end of each episode.

Shooting of CNBC show plan F

What you can learn from Each Episode ?

All the 10 episodes have been aired and we have got all kind of reviews about them, what was good, what could be improved, which part audience are liking and what they are not liking. I tell all of them that no one episode can fit someone’s expectations, but it surely has deep learnings for everyone. In one way or other one can surely learn from each episode’s. I am not talking about the numbers discussed or their portfolio, but from each episode’s case study financial life journey.

For example – in 5th episode, Mr Subodh Khare shares how he wants to make his daughter financially wise and wants to give them around Rs 50 lacs so that they can shape their life from there in a more powerful way.

In 2nd episode Sreekumari shared how she is operating from Financial Freedom and how she has already taken so many right decisions.

In 3rd episode Ramakumar shares, how all his life, he used 2nd income in family (his spouse income) only and only for saving and now he is almost financially free.

If you look at each episode, write down what is that one learning you can draw from the episode and you can take some actions to improve it. If you listen to IFA’s, they analyse the portfolio and give some 2-3 core insights they can think about. Either Me or Nandish give 3 tips of the week for all investors which you can apply to your financial life.

Episode 1 – Ramesh Jalan

Watch the first episode, where Mr. Ramesh Jalan talks about his investment journey with financial experts Sumeet Vaid (MD, Freedom Wealth Solutions) and Vijay Bhushan (Partner, Bharat Bhushan & Co.)

Episode 2 – Shreekumari Dholakia

Watch the second episode, where Ms. Shreekumari Dholakia talks about her investment journey with financial experts Lovaii Navlakhi (CEO, International Money Matters) and Surya Bhatia (Managing Partner, Assets Managers)

Episode 3 – Ramakumar Poothrikovil

Watch the third episode, where Mr. Ramakumar Poothrikovil talks about his investment journey with financial experts Ramkumar Barchha (Premium Partner, Ramkumar H Barchha) and Ashish Shah (MD, Wealth First Portfolio Managers)

Episode 4 – Himanshu Jain

Watch the fourth episode, where Mr. Himanshu Jain talks about his investment journey with financial experts Suresh Sadagopan (Founder, Ladder 7 Financial Advisories) and Brijesh Dalmia (Director, Dalmia Advisory Services)

Episode 5 – Subodh Khare

Watch the fifth episode, where Dr. Subodh Khare talks about his investment journey with financial experts Ashish Chadha (CEO,Chadha Investment Consultant) and Pallav Bagaria (Proprietor, Brand New Day)

Episode 6 – Sanjeev Singh

Watch the sixth episode, where Mr. Sanjeev Singh talks about his investment journey with financial experts Hari Kamat (Proprietor, Investment Avenue) and Ullas Shah (CEO, Madhuvan Securities)

Episode 7 – Kavita Sharma

Watch the seventh episode, where Ms. Kavita Sharma talks about her investment journey with financial experts Ranjit Dani (Co Founder, Think Consultants) and Krishnakumar Desai (Chief Investment Advisor, Sri Kotyark Investments)

Episode 8 – M Subrahmanyeswara Rao

Watch the eighth episode, where Mr. M Subrahmanyeswara Rao talks about his investment journey with financial experts Gajendra Kothari (MD & CEO, Etica Wealth Management) and N Krishnan (Director, Value Invest Wealth Management)

Episode 9 – Shefali Doshi

Watch the ninth episode, where Ms. Shefali Doshi talks about her investment journey with financial experts Mrin Agarwal (Founder, Mr investment) and Deepak Chhabria (CEO & Director, Axiom Financial Services)

Episode 10 – Cyrus Broacha & Ramesh Damani

In the Plan F finale (10th Episode), watch the key principles of investing that regular investors can implement in their investing strategy, summarized by the renowned market analyst and member of BSE, Ramesh Damani. These principles have been extracted from the many case studies that were featured over the course of the Plan F season. Also, watch the tables turn as Jagoinvestor takes on the role of the inquisitor, interviewing Cyrus Broacha on his personal finance journey.

Share about your views on Plan
Can you share your learnings from various episodes of Plan F ? Which were the points you learned and have started applied in your financial life ?

14 replies on this article “The Journey of 10 part Plan F show (and youtube links)”

  1. kuntal says:

    What happened to plan F?

    1. Hi Kuntal

      It was a 10 part series . It has come to end now .


  2. Venkatakrishnan says:

    Got my email id wrong in the previous post…
    I have always believed in mutual funds and i am happy when the market is down as that is an opportunity for me to accumulate more units so that i reap benefits later as its cyclic. The key is to pick the right fund and keep a tab on the performance. Just a suggestion for PlanF – While discussing the Plan it would be great if the experts suggest some names of fund , Term insurance policies, Health insurance policies with reasons why they are being recommended. That becomes more educative than just saying that one needs to invest more in MF, buy Term insurance and Health Insurance.
    When your guest says his goal is to accumulate 50 Lakhs to cover his childs education and marriage goals where the goal period is 25 years from now, would it not be great if the experts advise if the Goal value is appropriate or not and suggest what or how to arrive at a goal value. These are my thoughts….

    1. Thanks for the suggestions Venkatakrishnan

      I think there was some regulatory issue that you cant name a fund in a sponsored show . Thats the reason it was not named. Anyways, I think if the viewer has got the starting point, its also a good help , at the end , they have to take some steps to learn more and move ahead.


  3. sam marghade says:

    very good website and initiative,
    i am a medical doctor and was attracted to markets since long time. i feel it is very essential to diversify in the market.
    how much a financial managers charge for their services?
    how do i benefit by blindly following his advise?please elaborate.

    1. First you should never blindly follow someone . You need to invest through mutual funds , which is the best way to invest in markets for a common man who does have knowledge, patience and time to invest in markets directly !

  4. Srinivas says:

    I saw all episodes but for the last. The advise is same in all the cases, but relevant all the same.

    However, the issue is not the advise itself. The implementation, rather the resolve to implement, resolve to improve oneself, is the driver which can propel one into a path of becomming wealthy. For this one has to understand the financial concepts, understand ones goals and prepare a road map to achieve the same. This road map is to be made by self and not thrust upon by some consultant.

    This way, I feel one can achieve one’s goals.

    Good program. Congratulations JI team for nice work in investor education.

    1. Thanks for sharing your views about the program . I am sure there can be various things which can be added to the show and we will see how in future we can make it more better 🙂


  5. rahul123 says:

    You are right! Even , now days i am against those who give advise to everybody to invest in MF…..MF/ Equities are very risk, and the managers who manage the portfolio are not god…finding a good MF (and getting good return) is pure luck , no brain involved


    1. thanks for sharing your views. NOt sure if everyone here thinks on the same lines !

      1. Abhay Vaichalkar says:

        I think investment to be done in Mutual Funds thriugh SIP only not LumpSum and do not STOP SIP during lean phase also. should have long term Goal ie More than 5 years then only You can see Good Returns from MF Product.
        Even ULIP also will give Good Return if you opt for low Premium and do Top Up more then only you will get good return , Since for any TOP UP Charges will be Less and at the same time Since Low Premium (Less than 18000 pa) will not disturb your portfolio , Still ULIP is not advisable due to front loading charges

  6. vrknair says:

    I have watched your seventh episode today.
    Kavitha sharma invested 90% of her fund in Real estate and Gold. Only one Insurance policy and perhaps no medical insurance. She has no debt.
    It is good that she is not in the share market MF trap where the Fund manager, Fund house and the DP will make money at your cost. My unit linked policy with ING Vysya and Bajaj are 30% down . So far I lost more than 30000/-. The fund is not coming up at least to a level where I can surrender it without any loss.
    I saw a Smart and cheerful Kavita sharma..Let her happiness stays always Lord.. Let no one give her wrog advise against her convictions and beliefs.

    1. Surely ULIP will not serve you as its not a suitable product . Have you seen mutual funds long term returns ? I am talking about returns in different time frames !

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