Last Bootcamp Batch of this season from 19th May (Free Wealthclub membership worth Rs 4,999)

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It is said that all the good things come to an end; with this article we are announcing the last batch of our online Boot camp. Initially we planned to conduct such boot camps on regular basis but looking at our current schedule and projects on hand we won’t be able to conduct boot camps on regular basis.( It is not like we will never do them but yes it will take some time for them to re-start)

bootcamp environment

Last batch comes with a SPECIAL GIFT

Here is your LAST Chance to be a part of our BOOT CAMP

Kindly see this blog post as personal invitation from our team to participate in our upcoming boot camp. If you are someone who wants to be a part of committed investors mastermind group, you will create a lot of value for yourself. You will get a chance to work on your financial life and will be able to gain valuable insights.

If we (I and Manish) had to choose between financial planning and boot camp we would opt for boot camp because here you get a chance to learn from other investors, here you learn to get on driver’s seat and because boot camp is all about TAKING ACTION and moving forward.

Some of the highlights of Bootcamp

  • Bootcamp happens online on facebook group (closed)
  • Bootcamp is flexible in timings, so there is no fixed timings when you have to be available
  • Bootcamp is a group program which helps everyone to learn from group and move ahead each week collectively
  • Bootcamp is 6 weeks program
  • Every week bootcamp focuses on one area of your financial life
  • Bootcamp is an action oriented program, not knowledge oriented

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