Meet this 15 yr old youngest participant from our Mumbai Investor Workshop + Some Pictures

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We completed our Mumbai workshop just 2 days back on Sunday and it was a great experience overall to connect with our readers . However there were 2 most amazing experience which I want everybody else to know about.

Youngest participant was just 15 yrs old

Yes, you read it right .. One of the participants had booked a couple ticket and he choose to bring his young son who was just in school to make sure that he put the right seeds in his son’s mind about money and personal finance. We were really amazed seeing this and congratulated him on his attitude towards money and his commitment for this son future. The best part was that his son participated well and also shared what all he has learned from the session at the end.


One of the best things about the workshop was that a lot of couples attended the session together, one person came along with his mother, another guy came along with his best friend and many participants also came along with their siblings . It was an environment filled with learning and dedicated to do something for their financial life. We also had fun doing some group exercises, which everybody loved and had a great message.

There were conversations about Financial Freedom , Passive Income and many other amazing topics – which all the participants liked a lot. Here are some more pictures






Bangalore and Pune Workshop

We still have few seats left for the workshop in Bangalore and Pune. For those who always wanted to attend this workshop should come over, because mostly this will happen only once in year. The workshop will have some very deep conversations about various topics like Financial Freedom, Passive Income, your mindset about your financial life and how you can focus on next 5-10 yrs in designing your financial life.

10 replies on this article “Meet this 15 yr old youngest participant from our Mumbai Investor Workshop + Some Pictures”

  1. Pratik says:

    great work Manish and Nandish, Kudos to you both…. I think its high time that personal finance education in schools/colleges should be made mandatory and completely given to guys like you .. Respect sir .. 🙂

      1. Meghasyam says:

        Manish, when shall you arrange a workshop in Hyderabad?

        1. We are doing this on 1st NOV , We will publish the registration link soon

  2. Ramana says:

    pl let me know if you are having any programme/workshop in Kolkata.

    1. Not yet , but lets see in future !

  3. kaushik says:

    Are you people by any chance having any seminar/workshop in Hyderabad?
    I think for bigger interest you can record the whole session and give ACCESS to those videos at similar cost (of tickets). This way people who are not in these citys will indirectly have access to these workshops.


    1. No workshop in Hydrabad as of now .. Lets see in future

  4. Jig says:

    Dear manish,
    Why your post changed from people education to personnel wealth??
    I am very much surprised with the recent many month blogs where it is clearly visible about above words.
    well its your blog and your words. As a reader i wanted to share my view , i did.

    1. Hi Jig

      What do you mean by post changed? We have been doing the workshops from last 2-3 yrs now ! ..

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