6 Empowering Dimensions that can help you to grow your income- (Part 2/5)

POSTED BY Nandish Desai ON October 30, 2014 COMMENTS (32)

You are reading second article of “Increasing your income” series. The overall response to increasing income series is very encouraging. We got some interesting sharing in comments section and we also received personal emails from many of our readers. A lot of people are serious about increasing their income and we are happy our article series is helping them in moving forward. You can read the 1st part of the series – 8 reasons why your income level remains STAGNANT

Grow your Income

You are 100% responsible for the income you generate.

In today’s article we will change gears; we say that “You are 100% responsible for the income you generate – totally. The only question is – Will you acknowledge that or not?”.  We will explore some very important dimensions which are important to understand for you to increase your income. Your monthly bank balance or income is a reflection of how you express yourself or in other words how you show-up in the world.

Here is an inspiring video , which I must have seen  for over 60 times, it taught me several things and today’s article come’s straight from the notes I took while I repeatedly watched this man speaking and expressing himself. You may have already seen the video, this time I invite you to see this video with fresh pair of eyes and from the context of how you can change your conversation around increasing your income.

6 extremely powerful dimensions that can help you to grow your income

Reflection #1: Your bank balance is a mere reflection of your thought balance

If you want to increase your yearly income or your bank balance you will have to first expand your thought balance. Make a conscious effort each day to fill yourself with richer thoughts. Human being is a thought making machine and you always have a choice to be responsible for your thoughts that you give shape to. Good and bad thoughts will always strike you, but which thoughts you choose to give life to is always in your hands. Because it all starts at the thought level and then it (the thought) slowly starts to shape your reality.

What are our articles on jagoinvestor all about ? They are simply our (ie mine and Manish’s) thoughts, that we give language to. Your thought around money and income generation has to be empowering and inspiring. And so give life and energy to only those thoughts, which helps you to grow your thought balance, and this will eventually reflect in your bank balance. Check your thoughts around your boss (majority of people hate their boss or has some or other complaints with their management). Go have a conversation but do not let your thoughts get corrupted. Your organization is the source of your income and you cant afford to nurture dis-empowering thoughts.

Reflection #2: Income is reflection of your personal creativity

If you want to increase your income, then bring the ingredient of creativity to the dish called “your work”. Your work is the ultimate source of your income and your work assignment always gives you an opportunity to express the magic that you hold in you.

Income is a reflection of how much value you create for people/clients and for the organization you work for. You are never paid for spending a few hours in your cabin or company or to warm your chair or to check articles on different blogs or to find the best online deals.

Every day invest some time to figure out ways by which you can bring the creative force inside your work. The way there are more than 10 ways to draw a cat, there are many creative ways by which you can get the same job done. I personally feel that income generation is not a formula, but it is your personal creative process which you discover for yourself.

Reflection #3: Income is reflection of how innovative you get

I love reading books and biographies that are written on the life journey of Steve jobs. His overall body of work and innovative designs will continue to inspire people for years to come. A lot of times I address Manish as “Steve jobs of personal finance” not to flatter him but because he brings element of innovation inside our organization and in his articles and books. Out of working with him I have learnt that income is a function of how innovative you are as a professional?

Inside your current work or job profile check ways to innovate. There are always some or the other hidden ways by which you can enhance your performance or effectiveness. Innovation is an important dimension to ponder, if you are really serious about increasing your income. Innovative people always experience and see income as a byproduct. Their work speaks for itself and money/income simply flows into their life.

Reflection #4: Income is a reflection of how big difference maker you are

Finally, Let me teach you how you can actually increase your income. Let’s say, your current pay package is 10 lakh and you want your annual income to become 1 crore. The solution is simple but may not be easy for you. If you want your pay package to become 1 Crore all you have to do is first contribute inside your field worth 1 Crore. I and Manish care very little about our income or annual business turnover, our focus is always on how much contribution we can make in peoples’ financial world.

We take on new writing projects and constantly design our services by which we can make more and more difference. If you want to increase your income simply create or design your contribution plan for next 5 years inside your respective field. The more you will contribute the more your income will grow and expand.

Reflection #5: Income is reflection of outrageously sharing your GIFTS

There is always one thing in YOU which only you can share with the world. If you are good at singing, give more of that to the world. If you are good at writing, give more of that to the world and if you are good at painting – then share that GIFT with the world.

Whatever you are good at in life, they are your gifts and you have to share your gifts with more and more people.  The more you share them, the more it will reflect in your bank balance. Don’t be stingy in sharing your gifts, outrageously share your gifts. Income is a reflection of how big heartedly you are willing to share your gifts. A lot of advisors come-up to us or mail us saying, “If you will teach everything to investors who will become your client”. Well, in fact it increases flow of inquiries and we have seen our client list expanding year on year. We want to share our gifts and we ask our colleagues to do the same. In your field just continue to share your gifts, just STOP stopping.

Reflection #6: Income is a token of appreciation

Your Income is not a symbol of security, power or just a commercial transaction; it is also not a measure of how successful or unsuccessful you are in this world. Your income is a reflection, it is a mirror that shows you how you show-up in the world, it is a reflection of how much value you are adding into people’s life and how much contribution you make in your respective field.

Salary or fee is ONLY a token of appreciation that you receive when you share your magic and gifts with the world. When you start to see your work as a medium to express your love AND  in return people or organizations express their love by writing a cheque in your favor.

Work on increasing your income this week

In this week we want you to add new and empowering dimensions, which will help you to increase your income and of other people who surround you. We would love to have more and more sharing in the comments section. Lastly, we wish each one of you a very happy and exciting new year. We will continue to share our gifts with you for years to come. Stay tuned for remaining parts of increasing income series.

Let us know which new dimensions you think can help you best to increase your income !

32 replies on this article “6 Empowering Dimensions that can help you to grow your income- (Part 2/5)”

  1. Mohan says:

    really useful tips for generating additional income.

  2. Neha Mehra says:

    Can you please share some tips and tricks that can be used to increase the income..Thanks

  3. Lokesh Chandwani says:

    Hi Manish, Hi Nandish,
    I use to fear to share my ideas with seniors at times thinking it might get rejected. I use to think alot about WIFM while doing my work. This article has changed my view and I thank you both for it. Keep sharing these wonderful gifts with us, we really like them.

    1. YEs we give that service , please contact me ..

    2. Thanks for sharing that Lokesh ! .. good to know that !

  4. S.K.Sareen says:

    Dear Manish,
    Thanks for reply. I am not in tax bracket but wish to enhance my income with manageable risk. I have a gap still in minimum tax slab.

    1. I can see very less scope of income improvement, because you will anyways keep some percentage of your money in something better , which will marginally increase your income .

  5. S.K.Sareen says:

    I am 77 years old retired engineer. I have invested all my savings in FDR’s in the bank.what avenues are open for me to increase my income because of ever present inflation that is eating in to my savings.regards,

    1. Hi Mr. Sudershan

      At this age, I am not sure how comfortable you are in taking risks , But I think the best option you have is RD only .. Are you paying too much of tax ?

      1. Srinivas says:

        As Manish rightly indicated, this may not be the time to take risk. You may wish to discuss your investments with a financial planner, who may guide you after considering all inputs from you.

        First you can plan to maximise your yearly income from the current level. Please check the current level of various FDs and see if some can be reinvested in higher income earning instruments(FDs themselves). There is a scheme for senior citizens in post office POMIS which gives 9.5 % interest. Please check it.

        If you want to increase your returns, you can opt for debt funds or balanced funds based on your risk appetite.

        Better discuss with a financial planner, understand various instruments before investing in any one.

  6. abhijit says:

    Its a nice and perfect article. Most helpful. waiting for the next – 3/5

  7. Jatin Mehta says:

    Nice One (But where is part one?)

    Good Job

      1. Jatin Mehta says:

        Oh ! Thanks

  8. Bhabani says:

    I won’t forget this line told by one of my well wisher
    “Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds you plant”

    1. Thats a great thought !

  9. Srinivas says:

    Interesting ideas.

    I am in this process of transformation for the past 3 years and till date the going is great. As I do this after feeling the need, it(wealth creation) became a passion. Now I try to improve myself continuously and it is always fun learning new things. And as i search around as I came to learn new things. Implementing the new knowledge, will improve my passion and propel me forward.

    I this process, I am perpetually haunted by a question. Will positive thoughts per se propel one towards action. I try to impart my passion on my relatives and colleagues. On a regular basis, people come to me for inputs on financial management. But they wont stick to it. They will revert when they encounter next issue. I don’t complain, but wonder why a person doesn’t work for his benefit when things are so obvious.

    There is a good talk on Irrationality of human behavior on Youtube by Dan Airily. This partly explains this behaviour.

    Similar experience was narrated above, regarding marathon running. In out neighborhood, there is one person who is senior to me by 5 years and runs full marathon. My wish to run marathon or at least half marathon remained that, a wish. I know that marathon will be a great challenge and the training will help me improve my health. But why I don’t try it? This may be the answer for my question.

    Enjoyed reading.


    1. Nandish Desai says:


      Thanks for sharing your journey with us.

      According to me positive thoughts are not enough for getting into action. It can be helpful to a few people but only banking or betting on positive thinking does not work. There are many people who want to create wealth but they are not willing to do the required work. People are dam interested when it comes to wealth creation but they lack right kind of commitment. I think the main ingredient to get into action is commitment and not positive thinking or positive thoughts alone.

      When you talk to people or clients help them in become more committed. Everything is secondary, commitment is primary requirement. Commitment leads to action, a lot of action

  10. Shivaramakrishnan says:

    I am a marathoner and I have been running for more than 8 years. Then I came to know that this is my passion. Now I wanted to share this gift of mine with others and am doing that. Feel Proud have shared the gift with others. Am making a difference in people’s lives. A second income makes you feel secured. I keep doing this effortlessly.

    Thanks for your info. Manish and Nandish. Keep writing.


    1. Nandish Desai says:

      Hey Shivaramakrishnan,

      Thanks for sharing my friend. Extremely happy to know about how you are sharing your gifts with others.

  11. Mrs. Suraesh Pal says:

    Thank you very much for your precious article to increase the income, which is inspiring to increase the income. You have really said that though is the powerful energy for doing anything in the life. First everyone have thought in their mind, what I want and what I have to give in this world through their skills.

    1. Nandish Desai says:

      Mrs. Suraesh Pal thanks for sharing your views. Appreciate your sharing

      1. Mrs. Suraesh Pal says:

        Thanks Nandish Desi Ji, you are running for marathan for the last three years. It will inspire me as I have also run for the first time in CRPF’s fun race along with my daughter and learn that people have feeling for the unity of the country and shown their interests to run marathan of 21 KM and fun race i.e. 6 KM. I have met one lady who is about 65 years young in place of old, as she was saying that I am coming for many years to run unity. This is inspiration for me.

        1. Thats great to hear Suraesh !

  12. Harpreet says:

    Good work was waiting for this post for long time

    1. Nandish Desai says:


      Can you share some key insights and how the article will help you to increase your income. We are looking for some good sharing from our community so that some good learning takes place

  13. Smati says:

    Very nice and motivating series.
    Excellent work Guys 🙂

    1. Nandish Desai says:


      Can you share some key insights and how the article will motivate you to increase your income

  14. keyur_foryou says:

    Hi Nandish, Thanks for the article. I too believe that our income is reflection of our thought. The higher the bank balance in our thoughts higher will be our income or cash flow. We need to feel deep within our body, in our veins that we need more income then and only then we get the ultimate urge to increase and reach our income/bank balance goal. As for myself I am not earning to high and looking for ways to increase my income and I am in software field. I thing for sure I can do is learn more technology, become better at writing code/developing software and then only my current employer or future employer will pay me my desired income.

    Again Thank You So Much. Keep writing, Keep inspiring.

    1. Nandish Desai says:

      Thanks Keyur for being the first one to leave your comment and for sharing your heart with us

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