Join Action Month – Take-up 30 Day Challenge to complete your Life & Health Insurance (Download E-BOOK)

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We are back with Action Month ! … You may be high on knowledge, but check if action is missing in your financial life or not ? If thats the case, action month will be of great help to you.  We invite you to see Action month as an opportunity for you to get into action.

Action month is a group campaign where you can choose to be a part of it and promise yourself to complete long time pending tasks in your financial life. This time we will provide full encouragement and support to bring a turnaround in your financial life.

If you are ready to take-up “30 DAY CHALLENGE” we would love to have you as action month participant.

We decided to bring back the action month in the month of Dec, 2015 and its mission is to help you in protecting your family.There are two area’s which you need to take care if you want to protect your family and yourself and they are

  • Life Insurance
  • Health Insurance

Top 5 Reasons – Why people remain under insured in Life and Health Insurance

  • Casualness: A lot of people are casual when it comes to buying health and life insurance cover. They are simply not present to the importance of this area and so they end-up without adequate life and health cover
  • Over analysis: A lot of so called “intelligent” investors choose to remain busy with their product over research habit.Because of this they continue doing analysis all the time. Over analysis keeps them away from taking right kind of action
  • Confusion: There are innumerable products available in the market and any investor can very easy fall into confusion trap. Confusion is one big reason why people fail at buying life and health insurance policy.
  • Procrastination: A lot of investors know they need to buy life and health cover but they are victim of procrastination. They continue to procrastinate and remain under insured
  • Fear: A lot of investors are afraid to approach companies and advisors. They are afraid of either getting wrong advice or they think they will be pressurized to buy wrong products. Inside this fear they do not initiate conversation of having life and health cover.

Bonus Reason to Join Action Month

I will give you one more reason for joining action month. Its already the month of Dec, and in next 1-2 months you would need to submit your investment receipts in your company to avail income tax benefits. If you complete taking life + health insurance in this month, you will have your recipts by Jan and you will be able to save income tax under sec 80C and 80D .

How will this Action Month Work?

Step 1

Calculate your Life Insurance and Health Insurance status by using the calculators below

Step 2

Register for the action month by filling up the form below we will send a joining kit which has 2 ebooks on life insurance and health insurance as GIFT in 48 business hours.

Step 3

You then become part of our 30 day challenge action month, where you promise yourself to complete your actions before the end of this year (within 30 days).You have choice to take actions on your own or take Jagoinvestor support in completing both the actions.Claim Settlement Assistance – Jagoinvestor Team will be providing claim assistance service to all the clients who will buy TERM PLAN under our guidance.

Calculate your Life Insurance and Health Insurance Status

Below is a simple life insurance and health insurance calculator, which will help you understand where you stand in these areas. Put your numbers and see the output, and then fill up the form below these calculators to be a part of this amazing action month.

Join the Action Month REVOLUTION and be part of 30 day challenge

Finally, fill up the form below to register yourself in the action month and be part of our 30 day challenge. When you fill up the form below, you  officially register yourself in Action month and after 1 month we will ask for your actions and what is the status. Once you get policy in your hand we will ask you for a picture of you holding your policy with your loved ones.


Welcome to the 100 crore Club

(We want to HELP over 100 families in having adequate life and health cover)

We really wish that in this action month, the combined sum assured taken crosses at least 100 crore. Even if 100 people take 1 crore sum assured, it will be total of Rs 100 crores, which we call as 100 crore club. Are you going to be part of it ?

If you have any doubts or issues regarding this action month, you can ask your question below in comments section.

39 replies on this article “Join Action Month – Take-up 30 Day Challenge to complete your Life & Health Insurance (Download E-BOOK)”

  1. Kishore says:

    HI Manish
    I have a Max life 65 lack assured term insurance, for which i pay around 10 k premium per month. Right now i am going through some financial crisis. I am in doubt whether to continue it or stop it. My salary is around 5 lacks per year.


    1. Kishore says:

      sorry i mean 5 L per year salary. Is the premium and cover taken too high for me. Should i downgrade it.

    2. I think rather than stopping your SIP , you should better withdraw form the same MF and reinvest so that SIP are continued !

  2. Kishore says:

    HI Manish
    I have a Max life 65 lack assured term insurance, for which i pay around 10 k premium per month. Right now i am going through some financial crisis. I am in doubt whether to continue it or stop it. My salary is around 5k per year.


    1. NO dont stop it , its a one time premium per year I guess .

  3. Sai says:

    Dear Manish,
    I guess I am late for the action month. But I want to take a good term insurance with maturity benefits. Last year, I bought a SBI Life cover with an annual premium of Rs. 9562. It is an endowment plan with a sum assured of Rs. 1 crore. Later, I came to know that it has no maturity benefits. Only if the insured dies during the term i.e., less than 60 years of age, the family gets 1 crore. Does it make sense to continue it or leave it and take another with the same cover and maturity benefits. I understand the premium will be higher. I think an equity linked plan or so. Please advice me.

    PS:I am a doctor and donot understand financial technical terms. The only financial knowledge I have is from jagoinvestor.

    Thank you so much.

    1. Sai

      What you have is a good policy from protection point of view. Do not see life insurance as an investment vehicle . As of now you are in right policy. For investment purpose, you can do FD /RD or mutual funds. If you need support in investing in mutual funds, let me know !


      1. diprajkuwar says:

        Dear Manish,
        Good work and I really appreciate your efforts and knowledge.
        I am a regular reader of your articles. But somehow I missed the “Action Month” article 🙁
        I am a IT professional and don’t have the know-how of finance or financial planning. You can consider me newbie in Finance World.
        It will be great if you can assist me in structuring / planning my investment.
        Please let me know how can we take this forward.
        Looking forward for your reply and help.
        Thanks & regards,

        1. Hi {name}

          You can look at our financial planning service for that

  4. Viral Charla says:

    Thanks Manish.

    Better Late than Never. But Manish, could you also suggest some good term plans.

  5. LN says:

    Hi Manish,

    IS there any plan to reopen the 30 day challange again? Missed out the earlier opportunity.

    1. Next Year now .

      But if you want to buy the plans, just let me know . I am putting up an email to you !

  6. Nilesh says:


    looks like there are some additional charges added into premium if I purchase term policy through your action month plan.
    Could you please clarify why is that so?


    1. What is the difference percentage ?

      1. Nilesh says:

        The difference is 2-2.5%

  7. Pradeep says:

    I wanted to participate in this, but I looked at this at the very last moment. Now I see that the option is closed. Is there a way to participate in this?


  8. ravi says:


    i wanted to take term plan for 1 crore. but not able to decide which to choose. i want cheap and best plan. my age in around 30 years. can you please guide me here

    thanks in advance

    1. Hi Ravi

      You can actually take HDFC , ICICI , Aviva etc .. BUt it would be better if we can understand your full requirement

  9. Pradeepkumar P.I. says:

    I have submitted a response to your 30 day action plan. Could u please confirm if you have received the same.


    1. Hi Pradeep , where have you exactly sent the mail , I have not got it .

  10. Pushparaj says:

    Hi Manish,

    First of all, I would like to thank you for sharing your knowledge. I applied for an Hdfc + online term insurance one month back. I haven’t heard any updates from them. I have submitted all my documents and completed medical examination.
    Can you help me in this regard?

  11. krish says:

    is there any fees for joining this action month

    1. No Krish

      There is no fees , only your commitment !

  12. pradeep says:

    This is the good initiatives taken up by you.

    Thanks for aware us by such medium.

    K Pradeep

  13. Muthuraman says:

    Hi Manish/Nandish

    I have enrolled myself in the above action week for term insurance. However i would like to know the contact number of the person who would be reaching me to discuss about this.

    I can’t use my mobile in office, 9 AM-9 PM. Is there a way they can reach me via email or can they share their number so i can reach them whenver i am free,


    1. I believe this is resolved over email

  14. Lakshmaiah says:

    Hello Manish/Nandish,

    I would like to do Term and Health Insurance during the month of Dec-14 during my visit to India. However I do not have mobile number right now.. Have requested you to link me with the facilitators thru email. Also submitted the form here. Please help in this regard


    1. Not an issue , they will connect with you over email ! . I will forward your details to them


  15. rajesh says:

    how to calculate asset and liability for calculating purpous ?

    1. Add all your assets on market value . For real estate, take exact market value . for other things like fixed deposits, mutual funds, shares , add all the values. That would be your assets worth

      Then Liabilities, add all your current loan outstanding value and it will be your liabilities amount.
      Give rough amount, not exact

  16. MADAN PAL THAKUR says:

    I am an Army Officer and i want to buy a health insurance for self , my wife and 3 year old son. Although Army offers medical cover but standards are not good and moreover where my family stays the Army medical facilities are far away in case of emergency when i am not their with them they will have to rush towards a good nearby hospital which will be private only and I will have to pay the bills from my pocket. My query is which company will offer me a health insurance with my family included as once I get it I will continue it throughout, If not can my wife take a health insurance with my kid covered along and also subsequently in which pregnancy also get included. I am an Army Helicopter Pilot, considering the expenses and latest trend even the insurance of 40 lacs sounds very less, so where can I buy insurance also for me? I guess my answers will be negative only…Still is there any way out?

    1. Hi Madan

      Lets do this . Fill up the form in this article, and we will help you on this . Lets first see all the possibilities.

  17. Kapil Gupta says:

    Great Initiative by Jago Investor ! this really helps ! It came in at good time for me, as I plan to buy Life Insurance and Health Insurance in this year. Thanks

    1. Thanks for appreciation Kapil ! .. Glad that you are part of this initiative !


  18. suman gayen says:

    Wonderful initiative. I think these are two most important things of personal finance, one should start with.

    1. Thanks Suman for sharing that !

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