Jagoinvestor workshop in Bangalore on 2nd Aug (Sun) – Registration opens !

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Our investor workshop “Design your financial life” has been a great learning experience for us and for our past participants.  I and Manish always look forward to our live events because we get a chance to see many investors making fresh new commitments to bring a turnaround in their financial life. Wealth creation happens when an investor expands his or her capacity to take actions. Our workshop will help you to expand your action taking capacity; it will fill your financial life with new and empowering actions. you can skip this article and directly register for the workshop

2nd Aug – Jagoinvestor workshop in Bangalore (Sunday)

If you are from Bangalore we invite you to mark and block 2nd of August on your calendar (just one Sunday). Ask yourself – “Have you ever blocked one full day for your financial future?”

If the answer is NO, register and become part of our Bangalore event.  For creating a wonderful financial life the first thing you have to give your financial life, is your time. Here are some pictures from our Mumbai Workshop recently


mumbai workshop 2015



Why we conduct these workshops ?

We do offline workshops so that we can connect with some of our readers at a deeper level, round the year we write articles, reply to thousands of comments and work with a few hundred investors one on one and in that process we learn, grow and expand as an individual. Workshop gives us an opportunity to share outrageously all the knowledge and experiences that we acquire round the year. The program is an opportunity to get our readers more and more action oriented.

Why you should come for this workshop?

  • You will learn how to improve your financial life with your current set of resources and income.
  • You will learn how to plan for your financial life goals
  • You will interact and learn from other’s people’s financial life
  • You will dedicate one full day to get better with money management
  • You will learn to add new dimensions to your financial life
  • To understand that personal finance can also be fun
  • To give a whole new direction to your financial life

It’s time at add Jagoinvestor workshop to your financial journey

It has been a few years now conducting “Design your financial life” workshop and the experience has been amazing. It is a wonderful space to be in, in which the group learns and starts to fall in love with the process of wealth creation.  We do not teach tricks and tips to build wealth in fact we help you to discover your own personal process of creating wealth.

This time we want more and more couples to participate so that they can get on same page when it comes to personal finance. It is extremely important that husband and wife both take equal interest when it comes to money management. We are offering special discount to those who want to come with their partner. (You can even come with your parents, siblings or friends and can claim the discount)

The workshop we conduct are highly interactive, it has lots of activities and fun exercises which helps you to discover your relationship with money. The sessions are interactive and very easy to grasp for any kind of investor, beginner or advanced. In short there is something for everyone in this workshop.

Listen to workshop Participants who attended in Past



Register for Bangalore workshop on 2nd Aug, 2015 (SUNDAY)

Single Ticket Rs 4,200 Buy Single Ticket
Couple Ticket
(Discount of Rs 400)
Rs 8,000 Buy Couple Ticket
Venue and Timing Details8:30 am – 6:00 pm , 2nd Aug (Sunday) , 2015
IRIS HotelIRIS HotelNext to Eva Mall,
70, Brigade Road, Bangalore
Check Map

  • The hotel is walking from Eva Mall on Brigade Road
  • Lunch and Breakfast is included in the program fees

What you get as a workshop participant ?

  • One day workshop with some personal finance tools like budget sheet, Mutual fund tracker etc
  • Invitation to join our inner circle

Invitation to join and participate

From the bottom of our heart we invite you to join and participate in Bangalore workshop. Come alone or with your spouse or parents, siblings or friends but see that you do not miss this opportunity. Do not let time or money to get in your way and book your seat at the earliest because we will be taking only 35 participants this time and registration will close after some days.

This workshop is strictly for investors and not for advisors or finance professionals. If you have never participated in any personal finance workshop let this be your first experience.  If you have any questions you can write in the comments section or you can mail us.

23 replies on this article “Jagoinvestor workshop in Bangalore on 2nd Aug (Sun) – Registration opens !”

  1. Samrat says:

    Dear Manish,

    I am new to invest in mutual funds.
    I am confused about the company where I should open my mutual fund account; as of now I have considered (1) Aditya Birla Money MyUniverse and (2) FundsIndia. I request you to kindly suggest me the best company to open my mutual fund account with, in terms of quality customer support, best fund advisory etc. Please suggest other companies also if they are better than these two.

    My second question to you is that at present I am looking for investment in mutual funds for best return as well as 80C tax benefit. I request you to kindly let me know the best funds that I can choose to invest in. I am considering:

    I should also consider HDFC TAX SAVER, ICICI PRUDENTIAL TAX PLAN and SBI MAGNUM TAX GAIN 93, but the NAV for these 3 funds are on the higher side whereas the NAV of the previous 3 funds are on the lower side. I am also considering the NAV as my monthly investment amount would be only Rs. 5000. Please suggest the best options.
    Thanks a lot.

    1. All the companies have good and bad reviews .. SO I cant close on one .

  2. Sajith says:

    Dear Mr. Manish,
    I would like to attend the Bangalore workshop on Aug 02, along with my wife. But when i try to buy the ticket, the page in instamojo is not available. Do you have a spot registration on Sunday Morning. Else please guide.

    Thanks & Regards,

    1. Hi Sajith

      The workshop registrations are closed now as we have exceeded the limit of participants (the space constraint) . We dont take spot registrations

      We will do another workshop in coming months in Bangalore again, you can register that time.

      Sorry for inconvenience

  3. DeoMathews says:

    The pricing is too much yaar !!!

    1. Yogendra says:

      Dear Deo,
      If you are a layman in finance than this program is of enormous value.
      Sure they they won’t tell you secrets of being rich overnight.
      I have attended it on 2nd in Bangalore and found worth it.

      1. Thanks for your acknowledgement Yogendra !

  4. Somesh says:

    Hi Manish,

    I am a big fan and regular reader of your blog.
    Earlier I was in Bangalore and asked you for workshop and there you are …but now I am in Hyderabad asking again that are u planning any workshop in Hyderabad in near future.


    1. We will do it soon !

  5. Anand says:

    Hi Manish,

    Is there plan to conduct workshop in Chennai near future ?

  6. SarojKumar says:

    Hi Manish,

    Any plan for Hyderabad session?

    Saroj Kumar

    1. Hi Saroj

      Yes, we will do it soon

      1. Saroj says:

        Thanks. Plan it soon.

  7. Mona says:

    Hi Manish,

    The workshop seems good. I had a question: right now me and my husband are looking for financial planing advice, similar to what is mentioned in your services section. Could you guide me whether it makes sense to attend this workshop and then go for financial planning?

    Would goal setting be also talked about in workshop?

    1. Hi Mona

      Yes, Goals setting will be part of the session . I strongly suggest that you attend this workshop . YOu will benefit immensely !


  8. Hi Sir,

    Greetings of the day to you.
    Hope your spirits are high and you are leading a good life…!!

    Now now do we need to really learn about managing our own finances from complete strangers and also share with them and allow to look in to our confidential financial resources ??

    I guess morons are born each minute !!

    1. Hi Aparna

      Thanks for your comment . The workshop is not for those who can manage their financial life smartly .


  9. Nikhil says:

    Is there any session planned in Pune ?

    1. Hi Nikhil

      We just completed the Pune session 2 months back , Seems like you missed it . We had sent info about it and also posted on blog. It will now happen some time again next year starting !


  10. Amit says:

    when will u guys conducting a workshop in North !!!!

  11. Nitin says:

    I’m unavailable on 2nd Aug in Bangalore. Please have another session soon.

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